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A. INDEX of early 'SILVAN & WANDIN' - Wandin Yallock Pioneer Family SURNAMES - with origins, or other details


For a History of the early 'SILVAN' Pioneers at WANDIN SOUTH, Families, who settled in the southern reaches of the Parish of Wandin Yalloak, south-eastern areas of the Parish of Mooroolbark, to the northern areas of the Parish of Monbulk

- showing some obvious overlap of the surrounding regions of Wandin, Seville, Yellingbo, Macclesfield, Emerald diggings, Monbulk, Olinda, Mt Dandenong, Kalorama, Mount Evelyn and Lilydale.

William Robert Easdown - looking back out of the past -
one of the early 1870s pioneers of Wandin South (Silvan)

First Settlers of SILVAN, Victoria, Australia
early times,

1865 ~ 1917

when it was called



John Henning Thompson family picnic.

Wedding of Katie Jane McCLELLAND of South Wandin to David LEARMONTH, 12 Aug 1909 Brunswick


Thompson family of 'Molina' Kew, Boroondara, and 'Larnoo' Wandin South - Here's Mrs John Henning Thompson in the phaeton at 'Molina' Kew, Victoria, with Jack, Val and May Thompson in the window of 'Molina' - May Grattan Thompson was a diarist when she was about 14 years of age at 'Larnoo' Wandin South (now Silvan).

- Settlers garden & hut, South Wandin 1880s - J. H. Thompson collection.

- Thompson Family making the trip from 'Larnoo' South Wandin to Seville Township in the back of an American wagon: In wagon from left: Bee Thompson, Mr Oakden, Miss Williamson & Ada Glass. Holding horses Tom Cochrane. Riding: May Grattan Thompson.


South Wandin – Silvan Girls Guild, about 1919 Leader: Miss Alice Huston of Lilydale, who later became Mrs Arthur Briggs of East Wandin. -
Back Row - Standing: Doris Johns, Mary Chapman, Myra King, Dorothy Wilken, Miss Huston, Vera Mattingley, Lottie Wilken, Beatrice Callcott – in front Florence Mattingley.
Kneeling: - on either side of Miss Huston - Olive Knoll & Hilda Johns
In front: Barbara Knoll, Doris Mattingley, Florence Henderson, Dora Chapman
Sitting: - Mavis Briggs, Nellie Binstead, Edith Parker

- Which ones? I am related to ten of the girls. One of them is my grandmother.

You may find their details below.

ALPHABETICAL - Not in Historical Order


ABBERLEY, John -b.abt 1813 - son of John & Hariet ABBERLEY - d.1861 Victoria @ 48yrs
ABBERLEY, Betsy ASLET /ASLETT - former wife of James Lemon EVANS, Adelaide, SA - ABBERLEY? widowed ?- -
EVANS, James Lemon ?
ABBERLEY, George James (aka George James EVANS) -b.30 April 1852 Norwood, Adelaide South Australia - son of James Lemon EVANS & Betsey ASLET - Proprietor from 1884 of Allotment in Wandin Yallock -- (m. Vic.1906 Henriette Harriet WYATT)
ABBERLEY, Henriette Hariett WYATT
ABBERLEY, Annie (aka Ann EVANS) -b.13 June 1850 North Adelaide, Sth Australia - daughter of James Lemon EVANS & Betsey ASLET - -(m.Vic.1878 Thomas Coote WILDMAN) - see WILDMAN
ABBERLEY, Alice Aslett (aka Alice Aslett EVANS) - b.1857 Mt Ararat, Victoria - daughter of James Lemon EVANS & Betsey ASLETT - -(m.Vic.1898 David CONNELL of Kyneton )
ABBERLEY, Lucy - b.1860 - d.1862 Inglewood, Vic.
ABBERLEY, Mary Ann - b.1860 Inglewood Vic. - (m.Vic.1883 John Chappell WILDMAN) - see WILDMAN

A'BECKETT, Malwyn - son of William A'BECKETT & Emily HAYLEY -
A'BECKETT,Emily b.1858 London, England (m.1884 B.T.P.BACKHOUSE) d.1923 Kew, Vic @ 65yrs- see BACKHOUSE
ABECKETT, Albert Reginald -b.1866 Carlton - d.1925 Alexandra @ 58yrs
A'BECKETT, Emily Matilda -b.1868 Emerald Diggings - f.1953 Nth Blawyn @ 85yr
A'BECKETT, Alfred Howard-b.1869 Melb - d.1950 Heidelberg @ 81yr
A'BECKETT, Malwyn Hayley b.1872 Prahran, Vic. -son of Malwyn A'Beckett & Affra Ann Robinson - "Larnoo" Parker Rd, Silvan, Orchardist 1922 - d.1959 elmore @ 87yrs
A'BECKETT, Mary Edith ELMS -b.1874 Merino, Vic. - daughtr of Alfred Hastings ELMS & Janet BEVERIDGE - (m.1907 Vic. M.H.A'Beckett "Larnoo" Parker Rd, Silvan, 1922
A'BECKETT, Florance Affra - b.1874 Prahran - d.1944 Cheltenham @ 70yrs
A'BECKETT, Mabel Emma -b.1875 Prahran (m.Vic.1904 James Turner McNAUGHTON) -d.1905 Dandenong @ 29yrs
A'BECKETT, Marion Ethel - b.1879 Prahran (m.Vic.1910 James Turner McNAUGHTON) d.1928 Sandringham @ 89yr

ABSOLON, David Thomas - Berry-grower 1926 Mt Evelyn Road - - b. abt 1902 Elsewhere ? - - Emigrated from Elsewhere to arrive Melbourne in August 1922 @ age 20 on the ship 'EURIPIDES" (m.Bowral, NSW 1938 to Bessie May DAVIS) - d.25 January 1984 Goulburn, NSW @ 82yrs - late of Bowral, New South Wales

ADAMS, Mary - Married Woman Olinda Vale d. 9 Nov 1906 Olinda Vale & 61 yrs - dghtr of David Edward & Margaret HYLAND WILL/PROBATE

ADAMS, Thomas - b. abt 1836 - (m.Vic.1857 to Jane WILSON) - d.1912 Monbulk - Sherbrooke @ 75yrs
ADAMS, Jane WILSON - b.abt 1837 - dghtr of Samuel WILSON - d.1910 Monbulk, Sherbrk @ 73yrs
ADAMS, Mary Ann - b.1857 Fryers Town, Vic. - d.1863 Goldfields
ADAMS, Alfred George -b.1860 Inglewood -(m.Vic.1886 Mary Ann FLACK)
- ADAMS, Alfred Francis -b.1887 Richmond
ADAMS, Jessie Elisabeth - b.1863 Richmond - (m.Vic.1888 Arthur George PLOWMAN)
ADAMS, Frederick James - b.1864 Richmond - (m.Vic.1897 Emily Mary HOOPER)
ADAMS, Lucy Alice - b.1866 Ballarat East - (m.Vic.1887 John Thomas Allan Fearn WANNAN)
ADAMS, Thomas Albert -b.1868 Ballarat - at Olinda vale - fruitgrower 1909, labourer 1914
ADAMS, Jane Mary - b.1870 Ballarat - (m.Vic.1890 Frederick Wiliam NEW)
ADAMS, Amy Hannah - b.1872 - d.1875 Richmond
ADAMS, Thomas William - b.1875 - d.1875 Richmond
ADAMS, Arthur Thomas - b.1881 Richmond - - (m.Vic.1903 Jessie DALE) -

ADAMS, W. J. - manager on Cresswell's Fernydale Estate 192?

ADAMS, Frederick (m.Nellie Blanche COLMER)
ADAMS, Nellie Blanche COLMER
ADAMS, Ethel May - b.1913 - d.1913 Wandin Yallock

AGER, Albert - Reverend- Anglican - (m. Mary Maria SMITH) - d.
AGER, Mary Maria SMITH
AGER, Francis Theodore - b.1883 Lilydale
AGER, Helene Esther b.1877 - (m.1.Vic. DAVIDSON) - (m.2. Vic. JOY) d.1950 Camberwell @ 83yrs - see DAVIDSON - see JOY

AITKEN, James -b.8 June 1801 Largo, Fifeshire - SCOTLAND - -son of David AITKEN & Agnes BLYTHE -(m.Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotlad 10 July 1837 to Annie McKAY) Emigrated: ? - d.9 Dec 1889 Redlands - Wandin Yallock @ 88 yrs
AITKEN, Ann McKAY - b.1905 Gladswood, Mertoun, Berwicks, Scotland - daughter of Daniel McKAY & Ann McGREGOR - ? ~ d. 19 Feb 1865 25 Newark Street, Greenock West, Renfrewshire, Scotland

AITKEN, William Smith -b.17 Feb 1839 Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND - son of James AITKEN & Ann McKAY - Emigrated ? (m.Vic.1867 Margaret Mary BROWN) -Full Proprietor of 10 March 1882 land at Lot 55, Wandin East, Parish of Wandin Yallock d.7 Aug 1911 Corowa, New South Wales (while visiting - Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery
AITKEN, Margaret BROWN b. 1843 Stewarts Town, County Tyrone, Ulster, Northern IRELAND - daughter of William Nelson BROWN & Mary THOMPSON ~ 9 Aug 1906 Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery
AITKEN, Mary b. 1867 Dandenong (m. Mrs Jack LEWIS) d.1942 - see LEWISAITKEN, Anne b. 1872 Carlton (Mrs Llewellyn JONES) d.1947
AITKEN, James Nelson - b. 1876 Sth Wandin (m. 1902 Martha HUNTER)
AITKEN, Martha HUNTER - see HUNTER-AITKEN, Dorothy Martha Margaret b. 1903 North Fitzroy
-AITKEN, William Robert b. 1905 Lilydale, Victoria
-AITKEN, Jessie Lilian b. 1906 Lilydale, Victoria
-AITKEN, Alexander Nelson b.1909 Lilydale, Victoria
AITKEN, Margaret - b. 1879 Wandin Yallock (Mrs W.J.LEWIS)d.1958 - see LEWIS
AITKEN, Martha Jane b. 1882 Wandin Yallock (Mrs J.N.BROWN) d.1960
AITKEN, Harriet Lillian b. 1886 Wandin Yallock (Mrs George JOHNSTON)d.1969 - see JOHNSTON

AITKEN, Henry Blyth b.23 October 1847 Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND - son of James AITKEN & Ann McKAY -(m.Vic. 11 April 1876 Isabella Allan COXON) d. 9 June 1924 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
AITKEN, Isabella Allan COXON b.16 October 1854 Adelaide, South Australia (m.11 Oct 1976 Vic.) d.30 May 1931 Richmond, Melbourne, Vic.
AITKEN, Sarah Anne -b.1879 - died 1882 Wandin Yallock, age 3
AITKEN, James Coxon b.abt 1881 in Wandin Yallock - October 1962 Kilsyth, Vic.
AITKEN, John Osborne b. 26 Dec 1882 Wandin Yallock - 1963 in Parkville, Melb.
AITKEN, Alice Annie b.1884 Wandin Yallock -1941 in Wandin North, Vic.
AITKEN, Isabella May b. 1887 Wandin Yallock - d.1949 Bendigo, Victoria
AITKEN, Daniel Henry b.1889 Wandin Yallock - d. 1969 Sale, Gippsland, Vic.
AITKEN, David Blyth b.1889 Wandin Yallock - d.1969 Seville, V ic.
AITKEN, Fanny Mabel b.1892 Wandin Yallock - 1980 Surrey Hills, vic.

AITKEN, William (son of Glasgow-born Robert Lockhart AITKEN & Eliza HOPPER)b.1884 Sandridge, Pt Melb. d.1951 Silvan @ 68 yrs

ALDER, Charles Holmes, 'Frith Lea' Silvan 1931 - retired Engine Driver - b.1962 Geelong -son of Henry William ADLER & Sarah HOLMES (m.Vic.1888 Mary Emma BOND) - d.1950 Middle Brighton age 88
ALDER, Mary Emma BOND -b.Geelong - dughter of Jonathan BOND & Sarah JACKSON -'Frith Lea' Silvan 1931 - d.1948 Murrumbeena age 90
ALDER, Albert Henry b.1889 Flemington-Kensington (m.1920 May Anne HOLLAND) d.1964 Fitzroy
ALDER, Charles William b.1891 Kensington Hill - d.1958 Malvern
ALDER, Sarah Louisa b.1892 Kensington Hill (m.1916 William Robert BLAKELEY)
ALDER, Harold Frank Hastings b.1895 Melbourne West - d.1962 Cheltenham
ALDER, Mary Ida b.1901 Kensington Hill (Mrs SHARP d.1979 Dandenong

ALEXANDER, James Thomas -b.1867 Richmond, Vic.(son of Joseph Alexabnder & Jane Campbell) a Mt Evelyn Carpenter 1926
ALEXANDER, Harriette STEVENS, b.1863 St Kilda -dghtr of Alfred STEVENS & Eliza PRATT- (m.1899 J.T.Alexander) - Mt Evelyn 1926 - d.1938 Melbourne
ALEXANDER, Horace Alfred, farmer, Mt Evelyn b.1900 Prahran-1972 Dona,
ALEXANDER, William Joseph James Thomas b.1900 Prahran- (m.1929 Florence Catherine McGAIN) d.1969 Boronia @ 69yrs
ALEXANDER, Roy Thoburn b.1902 Prahran, Vic. - d.1971 Croydon @ 68yrs

ALFORD, Robert John - b.1880 Collingwood - son of Cornwall-born John ALFORD & Limerick-born Ann O'BRIEN - d.1909 Melbourne @ 29yrs
ALFORD, Alice Maude Mabel JOHNSON - b.20 June 1882 Wandin Yallock - Daughter of William JOHNSON & Martha HUNTER - d.16 May 1910 Wandin Yallock
ALFORD, Lauris Alice - b.1908-1909 Wandin Yallock
ALFORD, Lorna Martha -b.1909 Wandin Yallock

ALLARDYCE, William Tanjore / Langer, Silvan, Engine Driver, 1931 - b.1904 Port Campbell, Vic.- son of Edwin Edward Allardyce of Gippsland & Alice Mary BOYCE of Gippsland - (m.Vic.1930 Ida Alice WIDGER)
ALLARDYCE, Edwin John - Silvan, Fireman, 1931 - b.1905 Port Campbell, Vic. - son of Edwin Edward Allardyce & Alice Mary BOYCE - d.1983 Fitzroy @ 78yrs
ALLARDYCE, Ada Mary - b.1907 Port Campbell, Vic. -(m.Vic.1927 Leslie Charles MOORE)

ALLEN, Albert Edward, Hunter Road, farmer 1926 - d.1979 Box Hill @ 81yrs (son of Albt Edwd ALLEN)
ALLEN, Lillian Florence GARDENER - Hunter ROad, 1926 d.1984 Ivanhoe @ 88 yrs (daughtr of Albert & Ellen Gardener)

ALLEN, Ernest John, - Hunter Road, farmer 1926 - b.1863 Sandridge, Port Melbourne -son of George ALLEN & Henrietta Elizabeth LULHAM who married in Melbourne in 1855 - -(m.Vic.1883 Emma Eliza SHELDRICK) -d.1940 Prahran @ 77yrs
ALLEN, Emma Eliza SHELDRICK - b.1864 Gaffney's Creek - dgtr of Alonzo SHELDRICK & Eliza Elizabeth MAY - d.1934 Prahran @ 69yrs
ALLEN, Elsie Mary - b.1884 Sandridge, Pt Melb. (m.1908 George James ADLINGTON ) d.1971 Box Hill @ 87yrs
ALLEN, George Alfred -b.1885 Port Melb. (m.1912 Emily Eliza JEFFERYS) - d.1977 Cheltenham @ 92yrs
- ALLEN, Nancy Jean -b.1919 Elsternwick
ALLEN, Ada Elizabeth -b.1890 Pt Melb. (m.1910 Benjamin Crawford BUDDEN)
ALLEN, Hettie - 1893-1893 Pt Melbourne
ALLEN, Hilda -b.1897 Pt Melb (m.1920 Frederick Adlington MOSS)

ALWAY, Robert - b.abt 1824 Wiltshire, (or Gloucerstershire) England - son of Robert ALWAY & Sarah SMITH - (m.Vic.1861 Mary Eliza Wilson) - d.1894 Wandin-Lillydale @ 70yrs
ALWAY, Mary Eliza WILSON -
ALWAY, Emily Florence - b.abt 1862 d.1867 Gardiners Crk
ALWAY, Caroline Eliza - b.1865 Gardiners Creek
ALWAY, Robert Ernest - b.1866 Gardiners Creek - (m.Vic.1895 Clara SULLY)
ALWAY, Susanna Martha - b.1869 Gardiner, East Malvern -(m.Vic.1893 John HUTCHINSON)
ALWAY, Harold Smith - b.1871 - Gardiner's Creek, Malvern - (m.Vic.1896 Christina Rose ALLCHIN) - d.1896 Malvern @ 28yr
ALWAY, Christina Rose ALLCHIN - b. abt - widowed - (remarried Vic.1902 Albert RAVENS)
-ALWAY, Robert Edward - b.1898 Lillydale -d.1898 Poowong, Gipplsnad
ALWAY, Herbert Wilson - b.1873 Gardiner's Crk, Malvern - d.1893 Wandin Yallock @ 20yr

ALWAY, John James - b. Wiltshire, England son of Robert ALWAY & Sarah SMITH - -(m.Vic. Mary Ann ALWAY
ALWAY, Mary Grace Beatrice - b.1876 Gardiners Creek - (m.Vic.1896 Thomas Edward BANTON)
ALWAY, John Adolphus - b.1877 Gardiners Crk, Malvern

AMALFI, Luigi Guiseppe - b.20 August 1903 Oppido, Callabria, Italia - - son of Luigi AMALFI & Teresa BARBARO - -EMIGRATED: Arrived 4 March 1926 per ship "REGGINADA ITALIA" (married.Vic.1936 Stella Veronica PEEK) Alien Registration 28 Sept 1939: when working as a Fruiterer in 219 Ligar Street, Ballarat -Resident in Burleigh, Silvan South in 1940-1944. Hhis address was later c/- Diggers Road, Werribee South - d.1959 Cheltenham @ 56yrs
AMALFI, Stella Veronica PEEK
AMALFI, Keith John -b. 1937 d.1939 Campbellfield
AMALFI, Giovanni 'John' b. 1938
AMALFI, Annetta b.1939
AMALFI, Dulcie May (2nd wife) b.25 October 1912
AMALFI, Alan b.1940
AMALFI, Marie b.1941
AMALFI, Isabella - b.1942
AMALFI, Enrico - b.1944

AMESS, John Smith -b. 1864 Melbourne (son of Andrew Amess & Margaret Smith) Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1912. Died 1950 Clifton Hill @ 50yrs

ANDERSON, George b.abt 1816 ? - early Port Phillip Melbourne & then the Goldfields at Amherst , Talbot Vic. (m. Jane Dunbar) - d. 1887 South Wandin Yallock @ 70 yrs
ANDERSON, Jane DUNBAR - b. abt 1820 - ?
ANDERSON, Mary Jane - b. 1849 Melbourne, Port Phillip - (m.Vic.1866 Thomas Henry MITCHELL)
ANDERSON, Eliza - b.1851-1852 Melbourne
ANDERSON, George -b.1853-1853 Melbourne
ANDERSON, Thomas - b.1857 Dunolly- (m.Vic.1886 Caroline Christina BETTS)
ANDERSON, Caroline Christina BETTS - b. Lamplough
- ANDERSON, Susan Isabella b.1887 Amphitheatre
- ANDERSON, Ethel May b.1888 – 1889 Amphitheatre
- ANDERSON, William George b.1891 Amphitheatre –
- ANDERSON, Thomas Edmond b.1894 Amphitheatre – 1966
ANDERSON, George Dunbar -b.1859 Amherst, Talbot, Vic. - (m.1.Vic.Alice Violet MURPHY, from Lexton)- widowed. (re-married Vic.1893 Emma Spiller ROBERTS d.1954 Ocean Grove
ANDERSON, Alice Violet MURPHY b. Lexton 1858 – d.1886 Talbot @ 27yr)
- ANDERSON, Mary Agnes- b.1884 Talbot
- ANDERSON, Jessie - b.1886 Talbot
ANDERSON, Emma Spiller ROBERTS (1869 Ampitheatre – 1949 Yallourn)
- ANDERSON, George Robert b.1894 Bairnsdale, Gippsland
- ANDERSON, Edwin James 1896 Bairnsdale, Gippsland
- ANDERSON, Frank Thomas 1898 Bairnsdale, Gippsland
- ANDERSON, Winifred Emma 1900 Bairnsdale, Gippsland
- ANDERSON, Flora May 1904 Bairnsdale, Gippsland
ANDERSON, John- b.1862-1862 Avoca
ANDERSON, Susann - b.1862 Mountain Hut,Ampitheatre-d.1946 Maryborough @ 82yr

ANDERSON, Archibald -fruitgrower in the Wandin Yallock 1906 - -b. abt 1866 Collingwood - son of Archibald ANDERSON & Janet PAUL - (m.Vic.1908 Florence Madeleine POULTON) d.1944 Fitzroy Nth @ 79 yrs
ANDERSON, Florence Madeleine POULTON - b. Launceston, VDL, Tasmania

ANDERSEN, Johann Eduard [aka - 'John Edward ANDERSON']- b.130 June 1872 Hotham, West Melbourne - son of Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 - -(m.Vic.1906 Sarah THOMSON) d. 23 October 1951
ANDERSON, Sarah THOMSON -b.1874 Sandhurst, Bendigo Goldfields - daughter of George THOMSON & Selina ARMITAGE - d.1933 Belgrave, Vic. @ 58yr

ANDERSON, Edith - b.1907 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk
ANDERSON, George Edward - b.1909 Essendon (m.Vic.1940 Alexandrina Margaretta THEISSEN) d.17 Aug 1956 Melb.
ANDERSON, Alexandrina Margaretta THEISSEN - d.1973 Sandringham @ 63yrs - dghtr of Carson THIESSEN & Margaret Victoria KIDD-
ANDERSON, Frank William - b.1911 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk - (m.Vic.1941 Eva Gladys SEAMER)
ANDERSON, Eva Gladys SEAMER b.1917 Monbulk, Sherbrooke - dghtr of George SEAMER & Sarah Eva SMITH - d. see SEAMER
ANDERSON, John 'Jack - b.1913 Essendon - (m.Vic.1932 - Coraline Daphne SEAMER) -d.3 July 1971 Melbourne
ANDERSON, Coraline Daphne SEAMER -b.1914 Wandin South - dghtr of George SEAMER & Sarah Eva SMITH - d. see SEAMER

ANDERSON, Theodore - b.abt 1900 son of Edward ANDERSON - d. 1964 Burleigh @ 64yrs

ANDREWS, James (1803 – 1891 Dandenong)
ANDREWS, Clara 'Clarey' MAPLE (1843 – 1893 Dandenong)
ANDREWS, Henry Maple b.1870 Dandenong ~ 1961 Vic.
ANDREWS, Sarah Elizabeth Newman EASTHER (1878 (m.1903 Dandenong – 1955)
ANDREWS, Bessie Emily (1904 Dandenong – 1953)
ANDREWS, George Alfred (1905 Dandenong –9mWandin 1 April 1939 Edna Linda Mavis SEBIRE) d.1992 Nhill, Vic.
ANDREWS, Edna Linda Mavis SEBIRE - see SEBIRE
ANDREWS, Ellis Alice May (1906 Dandenong –(m.Vic.1941 William Alwyn Basil BRITTON) d.2005 - see BRITTONANDREWS, Beatrice May (1912 Dandenong – 1954 Mornington) m. Reginald James JOHNS of Burleigh - see JOHN/JOHNS
ANDREWS, Fredrick Henry (1916 Dandenong –(m.Vic. Martha Lauris CAMPBELL ) – s. 2000
ANDREWS, Violet Olive (1921 Dandenong – 2007

ANGUS, Elspeth - b.abt 1845 - dghtr of Alexander ANGUS & Agnes WEBSTER - d.1900 Wandin Yallock @ 55yrs

ANKER, Wilhelm b.1827 Ins, Bargen, Lake Neuchatel, Canton Bern, Switzerland (son of Abraham ANKER & Maria Elisabeth JENNE) - d.1890 Wandin Yallock
ANKER, Emma HAND b. 1835 Nottinghamshire, England, daughter of Richard Morton HAND & ELizabeth KING [m.1866 Wilhelm Anker] d.1905 Seville, Wandin Yallock @ 70yrs
ANKER, Elisabeth b.1868 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (Mrs STEPHENS) d.1953 Kew
ANKER, Ernst 'Ernest' b. 1869 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - d. 1948 Wandin South
ANKER, Selina b.1871 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (Mrs STEPHEN) d.1937 Kew
ANKER, Wilhelm Abraham 'William' b. 1876 Wandin Yallock (m.1905 Ada Elizabeth ADDIS) d.1953 Lilydale @ 77 yrs
ANKER, Ada Elizabeth ADDIS b.1878 Lilydale (daughtr of Thomas Addis & Annie Goodall) - d.1958 Wandin @ 88yrs
ANKER, Phyllis Isabel -b.1906 Lilydale -(m.Vic. EVANS ) -d.1978 Parkville, Melb @ 78yr
ANKER, Roy William -b.1908 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1937 Ruby Gertrude OKE) - d.1972 Wandin @ 63yrs
ANKER, Ruby Gertrude OKE - - - see OKE
ANKER, Stanley Morton -b.1901 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1937 Alice Wilhelmina BLANKSBY)
ANKER, Alice Wilhelmina BLANKSBY - - - - see BLANKSBY
ANKER, Ada Emma -b.1912 Wandin Yallock - d.1917 Wandin Yallock
ANKER, Mavis Selina -b.1914 Seville, Wandin Yallock
ANKER, Emily Florence - b.1919 Wandin Yallock
ANKER, Lorna Marion -b.1919 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic. JAMES) d.1864 Hughesdale @ 43yrs

ANKER, Johannes 'John' - brother of Wilhelm, above, died 1884 Wandin Yallock, age 64 (son of Abraham ANKER & Elizabeth JENNE)

ARMSTRONG, Samuel - "Larnoo" farmer d. 1928 @ 86 yrs Belgrave (son of Geo Armstrong & Alice Haughton)
ARMSTRONG, Anna Maria DOD " Larnoo" 1926 - d.1929 @ 79 Camberwell (dghtr of Charles Dod & Anna Maria Smith)
ARMSTRONG, Florence Alberta - d.1939 @ 60 yrs Heidelberg
ARMSTRONG, William Hayman - d. 1949 @ 73 Yrs Canterbury, Vic
ARMSTRONG, Arthur Richard - d.1948 @ 67 yrs Heidelberg
ARMSTRONG, Leslie Pameroy. - Emerald-Lilydale Rd, Monbulk North,1922 "Larnoo' farmer 1926 - d.1952 @ 66 yrs Heidelberg, Vic.
ARMSTRONG, Frances Elizabeth b. 1889 Sth Melbourne - d.1920 Caulfield
ARMSTRONG, Kathlyn Blanche b. 1892 Albert Park- "Larnoo" 1926 [m.1928 Cecil Henry Wellington] - d.1977 @ 85 yrs Dandenong

ARNESEN, Carl Levin Ludwig - Farmer @ Monbulk North Sth Wandin 1913
ARNESEN, Earling Norton d. 1911 St Kilda @ 27
ARNESEN, Arner Scales b. 1892 St Kilda

ARTSO, Emily Martha - Monbulk North, Nurse d.1975 Geelong @ 90yrs

ASLING, Edward 1813 Bennington, Lincolnshire (son of Edward ASLING & Elizabeth RAGSDALE) – 1892 Brunswick, Melbourne, Vic.
ASLING, Alice b.1830 Bennington, Lincolnshire, - daugt of Edward ASLING & Elizabeth RAGSDALE (m.abt 1852 Midlands England to Joseph JOHNSON) d.1912 Wandin Yallock

ATKINS, Thomas Edward - Queens & Monbulk Rd, Silvan, 1926 driver
ATKINS, Alice May HEINZ -b.1891 Hay, Riverina, New South Wales (dghtr of Hugo Oskar Emanuel HEINZ & Alice AWORTH) -Cnr Queens & Monbulk Rd 1926 d.1971 Geelong @ 80yrs

ATKINS, James - Silvan, Bootmaker from West Coburg
ATKINS, James A. L. b.1921 West Coburg
ATKINS, Gertrude M. b.1923

ATKINSON, John Anderson - b.abt 1844 Sunderland, Durham, England -son of Robert ATKINSON & Mary ANDERSON - (m.Vic.1870 Mary Ann MORRIS) - d.1916 South Fitzroy @ 71yrs
ATKINSON, Mary Ann MORRIS - b.1845 Plenty River, (Heidelberg-Eltham, Yarra Valley - Port Phillip, NSW - daughter of John MORRIS & Jane ELLIOTT whom married in 1842 at St JAmes Church of England, Melbourne - later of Heidelberg, Plenty Valley & Eltham- - d.1926 East Malvern @ 80yrs
ATKINSON, William Anderson -b.1871 Seymour, Vic
ATKINSON, Margaret Jane -b.1873 Seymour - (m.Vic.1897 James Frederick BANTON)
ATKINSON, Charles Watson -b.1875 Bacchus Marsh - (m.Vic. Alice Maud BOND) - d.1949 Richmond @ 74yrs
- -ATKINSON, Charles Everard - b.1904-1905 Mildura
- -ATKINSON, Enid Kathleen - b.1908 Warragul
- -ATKINSON, Audrey Margaret -b.1910 Warragul
ATKINSON, Albert Robert -b.1876 Collingwood -son of John Anderson ATKINSON & Mary Ann MORRIS --(m.Vic.1896 Amy Eva SMITH) -d.Will/Probate - Labourer, Wandin West - death 1 Dec 1921 Wandin Yallock @ 44yrs
ATKINSON, Amy Eva SMITH - b.10 March 1878 Franklin, Van Diemens Land, Tasmania - daughter of David SMITH & Mary Ann COVENTRY - (Re-married.Vic.1924 Theodore Harcourt Herbert GREY) - d.1945 Gembrook @ 66yrs - -see also GREY
- -ATKINSON, Claude Albert Charles - b.1897 Coburg
- -ATKINSON, William Reginald -b.1898 Ascot Vale -(m.Vic.1925 Caroline Ann COLLOM) -
- -ATKINSON, Ruby Alice -b.1899 H'ton - (m.Vic.1926 Henry Thomas SEBIRE) -see SEBIRE
- -ATKINSON, Eva Myrtle -b.1909 H'ton - (m.Vic.1921 Edward Alexander GREY) -see GREY
- -ATKINSON, John Anderson -b.1906 Clifton Hill
- -ATKINSON, Lilian Margaret - b.1910 Lilydale -(m.Vic.1932 Jack Edward TURNER)
- -ATKINSON, Stanley Maurice -b.1911 Lilydale
- -ATKINSON, Eric Aubrey -b.1913 Lilydale
ATKINSON, John Percival -b.1880 Collingwood - (m.Vic. Alice Mabel HILL) -d.1923 East Melb.@ 43yr

ATKINSON, Mary b.1857 Geelong, daughter of John Atkinson & Bridget Carroll (Mrs John HUSTON, m.1879 Vic.)

ATKINSON, Stephen Edward Herbert b.abt 1873 - Queens Rd farmer 1931 - d.1939 Belgrave @ 66yrs

ATWOOD, Alban b.abt 1867 ~ d.1930 St Arnaud (son of Alban Atwood & Elizabeth George)
ATWOOD, Maud Caselli CARTY, b.1871 Ballarat -dghtr of Enoch Samuel CARTY of Wexford, Englnd & Elisabeth Maria CASELLI of Kent, England - Mt Evelyn Rd, Silvan 1926
ATWOOD, Alban Caselli b.1893 Ballarat
ATWOOD, Dylis Caro Georgie 1894 Ballarat - 1907 Bairnsdale
ATWOOD, Alys Carty b.1899 Ballarat
ATWOOD, Audrey Gwynne b. 1901 Bendigo
ATWOOD, Roland Henry Caselli 1903 Bairnsdale ~ 1943 Dimboola, Vic.

AUGER, William John (1883 south Yarra, Melbourne - son of John AUGER & Laura Emma BRAZENDALE - -(m>Vic.1911 Winifred Harriet ELiza MAYON) Storekeeper 1926 Silvan - d.1948 Healesville
AUGER, Winifred Harriet Eliza MAYO -b. 1886 Prahran - d.1964 Glen..? Vic.
AUGER, Charles Ray - b.1913 Armadale (m.Vic.1939 Peggy SEYMOUR) -d.1973)

AXFORD, Shem b.abt 1804 Frome, Somerset, England. d.13 September 1881 in Lilydale, Vic.
AXFORD, Mary Ann HURLEY b. abt 1814 Somerset, England. d.8 September 1889 Lilydale, Yarra Valley,
AXFORD, Jane -b. 1839 Phillipstown, Brunswick, Port Phillip, NSW. (m.1855 William PARR)- see PARR
AXFORD, William b.1841 Phillipstown, Brunswick, Port Phillip, NSW. (m.1868 Elizabeth BURRELL)
AXFORD, Mary Ann b.1843 Phillipstown, Brunswick, Port Phillip, NSW. (m.1881 Franz RAIMS)
AXFORD, Elizabeth (dghtr of Shem & Mary Ann AXFORD)b. 1845 Phillipstown, Brunswick, Port Phillip, NSW. (m.1866 William James REXTER) d.1928 Collingwood @ 84yrs - see REXTER
AXFORD, Emma b.1847 Phillipstown, Brunswick, Port Phillip, NSW. (m.1870 William Thomas RATCLIFF) see RATCLIFF
AXFORD, Martha b. 1849 Heidelberg, Port Phillip, NSW. (m.1871 William Henry WILSON) - See WILSON
AXFORD, Eliza (1852-1853) Victoria, Australia
AXFORD, Louisa b.1853 Heidelberg, Port Phillip, Vic. (m.1877 John Brammes HUGHES - see HUGHES -

AYLETT, Mark - Silvan, labourer 1931 - b.29 July 1873 Deloraine, Tasmania - son of William John AYLETT & Ann HITE - (m.1.Sassafras, Tasmania 22 June 1896 to Elizabeth LUNSON 1877-1896) - (remarried 4 Jan 1899 Emu Bay, Tasmania to Amanda Florinda Agnes HARRIS) - d.13 May 1939 Beechworth, Vic.
AYLETT, 1st wife Elizabeth LUNSON b.9 Dec 1877 Port Sorell, Tas. - d.4 dec 1896 Mersey, Tas.
AYLETT, Edith 1896-1896 Mersey, Tas.
AYLETT, Amanda Florinda Agnes HARRIS b.1881 Emu Bay, Tas. - dgthr of Thomas John HARRIS & Florinda Agnes HOWE - d. 1 July 1930 Melbourne
AYLETT, Gladstone Clements -b.6 June 1901 Wynyard, Tasmania (m.NSW.1926 Marjorie Dora BAKER) - d.6 July 1955 Redfern, NSW
AYLETT, Bertha Eileen AYLETT -b.17 Sept 1903 Wynyard, Tasmania (m.Vic.1927 Frank STEERS) - d.9 August 1974 Yarra Junction, - 3 STEERS children - see STEERS
AYLETT, Thomas Mark -b.19 April 1906 Wynyard, Tasmania -(m.Vic.1929 Ethel Hannah LAWSON) - d. 1 Jan 1966 Cowes, Phillip Island, Vic.
AYLETT, Doreen Amanda -b.29 Oct 1908 Elizabeth Town, Tasmania –(m.Silvan, Vic. 11 April 1936 to Harold Mansfield ROBINSON) - d.17 Oct 1959 Sunshine, Vic
AYLETT, Rosalyeen Alvina -b. 17 Mar 1911 Sassafras, Tasmania -(m.Silvan 30 Mar 1929 Bror Sven 'Jack' OSTERMAN) -d.3 Aug 1965 Parkville, Melb - see OSTERMAN
AYLETT, Edna Frances b.1912 Sassafras, Tasmania (m.Lilydale, Vic.1921 William Henry STEERS) d.1968 Kyneton, Vic. - see STEERS
AYLETT, Vera Venetta - b.21 August 1914 Gilbert ST, Latrobe, Tasmania - (m.Vic.1933 William CLARK ) - see CLARK

BABIDGE, Charles Gordon b.1885 St Kilda - son of Charles Henry BABBIDGE & Mary BURCHETT
BABIDGE, Edith May WEGENER, b.1997 Richmond (m.1908 C.G.BABIDGE) -see Wegener, below
BABIDGE, Henry Gordon Charles b.1909 Carlton
BABIDGE, Edith Mary Livingstone b.1919 North Monbulk (Sherbrooke), Vic.
BABIDGE, Thomas George Francis b.1916 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb.

BACH, Johann Lorenz 'John Lawrence' - b.1825 Pennsylvania, USA ~? son of Johann BACH & Veronika WIMMER ? d. Suva, FIJI
BACH, Anne Mary 'Maryanne' MIDGELY- b. Ireland, EIRE - d.

BACH, Johann John Midgely b. Suva, Fiji - d.1939 St Peters, Sydney, NSW

BACH, Francis Lee 'Franz or Frank' -b.1868 Suva, Fiji - d.1963 Preston, Vic.

BACH, Laurence Alexander - b.1875 Suva, Fiji Islands - d. in Tree-falling accident 7 October 1908 Turnbull's Farm, Queens Rd, SoutH WAndin - see INQUEST
BACH, Ellen Jane WADDINGHAM-b.1871 Clunes, Vic. -dghtr of Robert WADDINGHAM & Hannah CONELLAN or CONLON - (Mrs L.A.Bach) -d.1965 Sandringham. Vic.
BACH, Eustace Alexander b.8 Aug 1900 South Wandin -(m.Sandringham.1932 Frieda Maria AXNICK) - d.March 1902 Lakes Entrance
BACH, Frieda Maria AXNICK b.1911 Hawthorn, Melb. - dghtr of Mecklenburg-born Carl Joachim Peter Friedrich AXNICK & Melbourne-born Luise Mathilde KOCHENDORFER - d.1989 Lakes Entrance
BACH, Florence Annie b. 1903 South Wandin
BACH, John Lawrence b. 1905 South Wandin - (m.Vic.1940 Elsie May BARRETT)
BACH, Ellen Helen b. 1908 South Wandin - (m.Vic.1935 Thomas William CONDICK) -d.10 Nov 2004 Nambour, QLD

BACH, Charles Richard -b.1871 Suva, Fiji Islands - - (m.CAmberwell, Vic.1900 Winifred Annie TROTT) - d.1962 Kew, Boroondara
BACH, Winifred Ann TROTT - b.1874 Nth Melb. - dghtr of Surrey-born Alfred Yeandle TROTT & Annie McLaughlin McCLENNAN - (Mrs C.R.Bach) - d.8 May 1945 Box Hill, Vic.
BACH, Agnes Ellen Isobel b.1900 South Wandin -(m.Vic.1927 William Edward BUTTERWORTH) - d.1968 Ascot Vale, Vic.
BACH, Dorothea Evelyn Mary b.1902 South Wandin -(m.BREMNER) - d.1972 Aspendale, Port Phillip BAy
BACH, Mary Ann Midgely b.1905 South Wandin - - d.1962 Moonee Ponds, Vic.
BACH, Annie Georgina Eileen b.1907 Surrey Hills, Vic. (m.Vic.1934 Harold Corrin FLEMING)

BACH, Ellen Katherina Marthe - from Fiji Islands (m.Melb.Vic.6 April 1898 to Otto Julius SCHÖBER of Boroondara)

BACKHOUSE, Benjamin Talworth Paine b.1850 Bolton, Midlands, England (son of Benjamin Backhouse & Isabella Carol Burder) d.1921 Malvern @ 71yrs
BACKHOUSE, Emily Elizabeth A'BECKETT b.1858 London, England (m.1884 B.T.P.Backhouse) d. 1923 Kew, Vic @ 65yrs
BACKHOUSE, Isabella Emily A'Beckett -b.1885 Berwick, Vic. (m.1906 Harold Dudley Hay)
BACKHOUSE, William Talworth A'Beckett (1887-1887) Berwick, Vic.
BACKHOUSE, Nigel A'Beckett Talworth b.1888 Berwick, Vic. (m.1919 Harriet May Hordern)
BACKHOUSE, Geoffrey De Talworth b.1890 Malvern, vic
BACKHOUSE, Herbert Arthur - b.1892 Malvern, Vic. - d.1961 Mornington
BACKHOUSE, Ellen Beatrice Yolande - b.1893 Sand..? Vic. @ silvan 1922 -d.1974 Melb.
BACKHOUSE, Emma Constance -b.1895 Bairnsdale - Silvan 1922
BACKHOUSE, Marguerite -b. 1898 Brighton, Vic. -Silvan 1922 (Mrs Grant) d.1966 Malvern

BAILEY, John - markt grdnr of Wrangle, Lincolnshire, Eng.
BAILEY, Rosamund KYME b.1789 Lincolnshire ~ 1854 d. Melb. Vic.
BAILEY, John Jnr. - markt grdnr of Wrangle, Lincolnshire, Eng. d. 13 May 1881 South Wandin Yallock @ 59 yrs leaving 120 acres in Wandin South valued at £ 620 to his wife Margaret
BAILEY, Margaret FARQUHAR, b. Aberdeen, Scotland
BAILEY, Maggie - b. 1876 Sth Wandin (Mrs Henry DENNIS)
BAILEY, Jack - b. 1878 Sth Wandin
BAILEY, Rosamund Jane - b. 1880 Sth Wandin (Mrs Jim JOHNS)

BAILEY, William - Blacksmith, b. 24 September 1824 Wrangle, Boston, Lincolnshire, Eng. d. 26 March 1901 Sth Wandin Yallock
BAILEY, Mary STRACHAN b. 27 April 1840 in Brechen, Forfarshire, Scotland (m.1858 Mrs Wm Bailey) d. 1886 Wandin Yalloak @ 46 yrs
BAILEY, Elizabeth Dryden b.1860 Dandenong Crk, Mulgrave (m.1884 Thomas HOGG) - d.1898 Wandin Yallock,
BAILEY, William James b. 1862 Dandenong Crk, Mulgrave - 1879 Mulgrave
BAILEY, Douglas b.1863 Dandenong Crk, Mulgrave - d.1934 Prahran
BAILEY, Alice b.1864 Dandenong Crk, Mulgrave (m.1885 Nicholas GAUDION) d.1944 Wandin Yallock
BAILEY, William Henry b. 1865 Dandenong Crk, Mulgrave (m.1889 Amelia MILES) d.1950
Age: 84 Springvale, Oakleigh
BAILEY, Albert b.1868 Dandenong Crk, Mulgrave (m.1900 Edith Florence ERREY) - d.1925 South Yarra
BAILEY, John - b.1870 Dandenong Crk, Mulgrave -(m.1898 Harriet ROBINSON) d.1944 Frankston,
BAILEY, Rose Barbara b.1873 Oakleigh, Mulgrave - d.1969 Box Hill,
BAILEY, Pinniel Mary b. 1877 Oakleigh, Mulgrave - d.1883 East Melbourne Hospital
BAILEY, Myrtle Mabel b. 1879 Oakleigh, Mulgrave (m.1896 Albert Friedrich Haag) d.1898 Wandin Yallock
BAILEY, Violet Charlotte 'Lottie' b.1881 Oakleigh, Mulgrave (m.1901 Albert Friedrich Haag) d. 1963 Caulfield, Vic.
BAILEY, Evelyn Bertha b. 1882 Wandin - d.1960 Mount Albert, Vic.
BAILEY, Pinniel Minnie Mary b.1886 Wandin Yallock (m.1921 Glenelg William Henry Beauglehole) d.1941 Prahran

BAKER, James Edwin-b. 1836 'Cleaveland,' Cambridgeshire, Eng. Early Postmaster, Baker Rd, Wandin Yallock, died. 1898 'Cleveland' Wandin Yallock
BAKER, Hannah HOBSON b.1844 Wrangle, Lincolnshire, Eng.(Mrs Jim Baker m.1864 Vic.) d. 1923 Lilydale, Vic.
BAKER, Frederick William b.1866 'Cleaveland' Heidelberg, Vic. - Fruitgrower @ Wandin Sth 1903, 1908 ~ d. 1937 Lilydale
BAKER, Lucy Alexandra (1867-1907) [Mrs Edward Woods]
BAKER, Ellen Constance -b.1869 Heidelberg ~ 1962 Camberwell
BAKER, Beatrice Jane b.1871 Wandin Yallock ~1943 New Zealand (Mrs Jonathan F POMEROY)
BAKER, James Edwin - b. 1873 Wandin Yallock Fruitgrowers 1903 d. 1964 Brunswick
BAKER, Agnes BARTLETT b.1872 Tower Hill, Koroit, Vic. -daughter of Josiah BARTLETT (1834-1872) & Jane McMANUS (1839–1914) - (Mrs J.E.Baker Jnr m.1900 Vic) -d.1945 Melbourne
-BAKER, James Robert b. 1902 Wandin Yallock
-BAKER, Ethel May 1907-1910 Hawthorn
BAKER, Mildred Caroline b. 1873 Wandin Yallock ~1966 Warrnambool (Mrs Michael Walter POMEROY)
BAKER, Arthur - b. 1877 Wandin Yallock ~ 1950 Camberwell
BAKER, Elizabeth Walton ASTLE (Mrs Arthur Baker)
-BAKER, Beryl - b. 1919 Wandin Yallock
BAKER, Francis - b. 1878 Wandin Yallock ~ 1956 Bendigo
BAKER, Helena May - b. 1881 Wandin Yallock ~ 1916 Balwyn
BAKER, Margaret Annie - Queens RD, Silvan 1926 Forewoman
BAKER, Annie ELizabeth

BAKER, Henry - miner @ Sth Wandin by 1912

BALDACCHINO, Luigi 'Lou' - b. abt 1872 Italia – Emigrated from Marseilles, France per ship ”AUSTRALIEN” arriving Melbourne, Victoria on 6 Jul 1912 @ age 40 yrs. - Farm Labourer for C.A.Knoll @ Burleigh, Silvan South 1933

BALDACCHINO, Rosario – b.abt 1894 Italia– (m.Tasmania 1917 to Catherine Mary Murphy)

BALL, Sarah Ann -b.abt 1860 - dghtr of Temple BALL & Sarah PELL - (m.Samuel CLIFFORD) -d.8 Oct 1923 Richmond @ 63 years - from Olinda Vale

BALL, George Norman - Main Rd, Wandin, Railway employee 1931
BALL, Lillian Grace- Main Rd, Wandin 1931

BALL, Charlotte May - Quayle Rd, Wandin Yallock, schoolteacher 1931 - [ Teacher Registration No. 23349] - b.1902 Wycheproof, Vic. dayghter of William BALL & Edith Harriet BLOORE

BALL, Frederick George -b.1867 Newstead, The Loddon, Victoria - son of John Weeks BALL & Jane TUCKER (m.1886 Hannah McGillvray) d.1928 St Kilda @ 60yrs
BALL, Hannah Hanorah McGILLVRAY - dghtr of John McGILLVRAY & Sarah SNOWDEN - d.1914 Prahran @ 46yrs
BALL, Frederick George b.1887 St Kilda (m.1910 Susan Elizabeth JENKIN) - d.1979 Blackburn @ 92yrs
BALL, Susan Elizabeth JENKIN -b.abt 1883 - dghtr of Samuel JENKIN & Emma BAXTER - d.1966 Oakleigh @ 83yrs - see BAXTER
- BALL, Lyla Gerte b.1911 Melb Sth
- BALL, Alan Frederick b.1912 St Kilda
- BALL, Edna Gwendoline b.1915 St Kilda
- BALL, Olive Victoria b.1918 Prahran
- BALL, Aveline Isabel b. 1920 Murrumbeena
BALL, Percival Clarence (1890-1890) Prahran
BALL, Herbert Leslie -b.1891 South Yarra - Silvan Road, (m.1915 Florence Melba WARD) Mt Ev labourer 1931 - d.1957 Heidelberg @ 65yrs
BALL, Florence Melba WARD - Silvan Rd, Mt Ev
- BALL, Nancy Irene (1918-1918) Prahran
- BALL, Doreen Mavis b.1920 Prahran
BALL, Elsie May b.1893 South Yarra (m. Thomas SAUNDERS)
BALL, William John b.1895 St Kilda
BALL, Leonard Finley (1897-1898) South Yarra
BALL, Florence Grace b.1899 South Yarra (m.1923 Clive Henry FRANCIS)
BALL, Laurence James Douglas, McKillop Rd, Carpenter 1931
BALL, Iris Muriel FRANCIS - b.1898 Darnum, Bacchus Marsh (m.1928)- McKillop Rd, 1931 - d.1953 Lilydale @ 55yrs
BALL, Ernest Adrian -b.1903 St Kilda (m.1935 Alice Edna ELizabeth FRANCIS) - d.1968 Seville @ 64yrs
-BALL, Alice Edna Elizabeth FRANCIS b.1911 Yandoit, Vic.(m.1935) d.1950 Royal Park @ 39yrs
BALL, Linda Margueritta b.1905 St Kilda (m.1927 Jack Ingliston WHITE) d.1978 Mortlake @ 72yrs
BALL, Sylvia May b.1909 St Kilda (m.1936 Keith Donald CUMMING)

BANFIELD, Harry Norman b.1865 Sandhurst, Bendigo, Vic. (son of James Gay Banfield & Sophia Clayton) - d.1957 Preston @ 93yrs
BANFIELD, Lily Elizabeth JACKS b.1866 Quarry Hill, Sandhurst, Bendigo, Vic. -dghtr of Edward Jacks & Annie BAll - (m.1889 Vic. H.N.Banfield) - Mt Evelyn Rd, 1922 - d.1943 East Melb. @ 75yrs
BANFIELD, Edward James Norman b. 1889 Williamstown
BANFIELD, Ethel Maud b. 1890 Williamstown (m.1913 William Alfred BÖHM / BOEHM)
BANFIELD, Winifred Clayton b. 1892 Essendon (m.1930 Priamo BRUZZO) d.1964 Kew @ 72yrs
BANFIELD, William Gay -b. 1897 Essendon (son of Harry Norman Banfield & Elizabeth Jacks) Mt Evelyn Rd, Orchardist 1922 - d.1977 Kew @ 79yrs
BANFIELD, Nancy Margaret -b.1903 Newport, Vic. (m.1933 John Strahan BOTHROYD)

BANKS, William James - (1855-1942) Son of James BANKS & Sarah LEDMAN - from Richmond /Prahran d.1942 Camberwell @ 86yrs
BANKS, Mary Eliza Elizabeth JONES(1855-1939) (daughter of Edwward JONES & Elizabeth LOMAS) d.1939 Camberwell @ 84yrs
BANKS, Charles Edward - b.1877 Richmond (m.1909 Mary Lloyd BOYS) d.1946 auburn @ 68yrs
Mary Lloyd BOYS, dghtr of William Macfarlane Boyes & Harriet Birchall- d.1933 Hawthorn East @ 46yrs
-BANKS, Charles Macfarlane b.1911 Kew, Vic.
-BANKS, Oliver Lloyd b.1913 Kew, Vic.
-BANKS, Peter - b.1915 Kew, Vic.
-BANKS, Hilda - b.1917 Kew, Vic.
BANKS, William James b.1882 Prahran (m.1919 Catherine Charlotte Elizabeth Napier) - - d.1963 Mornington @ 81yrs
BANKS, Catherine Charlotte Elizabeth NAPIER, dghtr of Thomas Napier & Charlotte Ann Jackson, d.1874 Heidelberg @ 75yrs
-BANKS, John Thomas -b.1919 Footscray
BANKS, Thomas Ledman Linnaeus b.1885 Prahran (m.1913 Grace Sophie Nelson) d.1967
Toor. @ 82yrs
BANKS, Grace Sophia NELSON (dghtr of Walter & Mary NELSON)d.1983 Surrey Hills @ 93yrs
-BANKS, Donald Nelson b.1914 Armadale, Vic.
-BANKS, Dory Nelson b. 1917 Malvern East,

BARBER, George Page b. Norfolk (son of George Simpson Barber & Elizabeth Carol Page)- TRY SOCIETY & GORDON INST. d.1914 @ 75 Yrs Essendon, Vic.
BARBER, Eleanor NAPIER b. Essendon, Vic. m. G.P.Barber 1869 Vic.
BARBER, George Napier b.1869 Essendon, Vic.
BARBER, Norman Charles b.1871 Essendon
BARBER, Edwin Ottway b.1873 Sth Melbourne
BARBER, Jessie (1878 Warrnambool - 1878 Heywood, Vic)
BARBER, Jessie Ellen b. 1879 Warrnambool
BARBER, Amy Eleanor b.1882 Warrnambool
BARBER, Lorraine b.1882 Warrnambool
BARBER, Irene Victoria b.1888 Warrnambool
BARBER, Matilda Jane COCHRANE (2nd wife of G.P.Barber) m.1904 Vic.

BARBER, Charles Dynes b. Norfolk (son of George Simpson Barber & Elizabeth Carol Page) - TRY SOCIETY & GORDON INST. Fernydale Try Farm & fruitgrower - died 1902 Hawthorn @ 52 yrs
BARBER, Margaret Ann McLEAN b. NSW m. C.D.Barber 1882 Vic.
BARBER, Consuelo Mary (1883-1884) d. Warrnambool
BARBER, Bessie Elanor b.1885 Warrnambool
BARBER, Charles Stanley b.1888 Hawthorn, Boroondara, Vic.

BARBER, George - b. 1856 Essex, England -Olinda Ck.
BARBER, Sarah Ann RICHARDSON (1861 – d. 1945 Canterbury, Vic.)
BARBER, Ethel Sarah (1901 Olinda Crk, Sth Wandin – 1982 Canterbury, Vic.) [Mrs STEVENSON]

BARKE, Thomas Woolrich b. Shropshire, England (son of Thomas BARKE & Jane WOOLRICH) Occ: Manager; owned part of Wandin Yallock Allotment 38A, of 107 Acres d. 24 August 1910 Brunswick, Vic.
BARKE, Lucy SIMMONDS [daughter of John Simmons & Ann Pond] 1852-1929 d.Kew, Vic. -(Mrs T.W.Barke m.1876 Vic.) Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1912
BARKE, Leslie Woolrich b. 1877 Hawksburn, South Yarra (m. Sarah Amsden)
BARKE, Sarah Emily AMSDEN (m.1908 Mrs L.W.Barke)
BARKE, Lillian Lydia b. 1879 Prahran - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 (Mrs William John Gray TURNER jnr m. 1914)
BARKE, Gertrude Louisa b. 1881 Prahran (Mrs Harold Owen WATSON m.1912)
BARKE, Miriam Elizabeth b.1882 Prahran - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 [Mrs Percival Andrew WISEWOULD m.1915]
BARKE, Hedley Simmons (1883 Prahran - 1884 Hawthorn)
BARKE, Lucy b. 1884 - 1884 Brighton, Vic
BARKE, Gerald Pond (1888-1889 Brighton, Vic.)
BARKE, Horace Charles b. 1890 Brighton, Vic. - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1911
BARKE, Olive Eleanor TURNER 1887-1978 d. Macleod, Vic. [daughter of William John Gray Turner of Adelaide & Eleanor Ann Doherty of Richmond, Vic.] (Mrs H.C. Barke)
-BARKE, Peter Woolrich b. 1916 Camberwell, Boroondara
-BARKE, Margery Eleanor - b. 1917 Wandin Yallock South

BARKER, Stanley Alfred b.1902 South Yarra, Prahran - son of Walter John BARKER & Louisa HITCHCOCK - at "Carinya" Wandin East-Silvan South / Burleigh by 1929. Farmer & Acting Corporal in the A.I.F. Service No. VZ41773 presumed dead: 22 January 1942 @ age 39 in Malaya, World War II - Search abandoned - Reg.No.314WD
BARKER, Annie Elizabeth BECK b.1906 South Yarra, Prahran - dghtr of Benjamin Wilhelm BECK of Nar-Nar-Goon & Amy Elizabeth BREAKWELL of Richmond who married in1 903- (Annie married 1928 S.A.Barker) at "Carinya" Wandin East d.1946 Sth Melbourne @ 40yrs
BARKER, William Stanley b. 1929 "Carinya" Wandin East
BARKER, Margaret Joan b. 1933 "Carinya" Wandin East
BARKER, John Walter b. 1939 "Carinya" Wandin East

BARKER, Amy - - (m.Vic.1920 Charles Anderson D'ARGAVILLE)

BARNARD, Charles Frances - 'Frith LEA' SILVAN 1931 - b.abt 1885 - son of James O'Connor BARNARD & Isobelle MUMFORD - d.1955 Melb.@ 70yr
BARNARD, Beryl 'Frith LEA' SILVAN 1931

BARNES, George Breedon - b. abt 1885 - son of George lee BARNES & Jennie BREEDON (m. Page LE) - d.1941 Lilydale @ 56yrs
BARNES, Frank Lee - b. abt ? - (m.Vic.1930 Lily Blanche HOLLEY)
BARNES, Eileen ELisabeth - b.1909 Carlton
BARNES, Alfred George - b.1911 Wandin Yallock
BARNES, Jack Lee -b.1914 Lillydale
BARNES, Phyllis May -b.1917 Lillydale
BARNES, Arthur Ernest - b.1919 Lillydale

BARNES, David -b.1882 Blackburn, Lancashire, England, son of the jobbing gardener, John BARNES (b.1850) and his wife, Elizabeth nee BANKS (b.1851) - (married 1907 Blackburn, Lancashire to local girl, Elizabeth SEED), Emigrated after having at least one child, Harold BARNEs, born in England AT Wandin as a Fruitgrower by 1931, 1937 - Remoed to work in the Chemical factorie sof Alton during World War Two. - Died 1962 Parkville, Melbourne, late of Altona, Vic.
BARNES, Elizabeth SEED -b.1882 Blackburn, Lancashire, England - dghter of a Cotton Mill Laboring family, father Peter SEED, Cotton Twister and mother, Emma nee WOODS, Cottor Winder, her elder brother William SEED was already worjing in the mills as a Cotton reacher by age 11 - (married 1907 Blackburn, Lancashire to David BARNES) - Holyrod Rd, Wandin, 1931) During world war two moved to Queens street, Altona where David Barnes found, and sons found work in the Chemical Factories - d. 1973 Altona, West of Melbourne, Victoria @ age 92 yrs
BARNES, Harold -b.1909 Blackburn, Lancashire, England - Educated at Wandin Primary schools- Motor Driver at Holyrod Road, Wandin by 1937 - Fruiterer at Alton in 1942 - d.1943 Williamstown, VIC. in a tragic accident?
BARNES, girl ? - Educated at Wandin Primary schools
BARNES, Lionel -b.abt 1916 ? Educated at Wandin Primary schools -Labourer at Altona in 1942 - (married abt 1843 to 'May' Adelaide May HIATT) -d.1847 Williamstown, VIC in a tragic accident
BARNES, 'May' Adelaide May HIATT b.1921 Australia -dghtr of Cecil Goodwin HIATT (1890 – 1965) and Adelaide Louise Elizabeth MOORE (1894 – 1972) - (remarried Altona 1953 to Kenneth BODE)– d.2004 Ipswich, QLD
- BARNES, child -born 1945 Altona, Vic.
BARNES, girl ? - Educated at Wandin Primary schools

BARRACLOUGH, Major Henry -b.abt 1873 son of Luke Barraclough & Susannah Highnett- a Wandin East farmer 1931 - d.1941 Bendigo @ 68yrs
BARRACLOUGH, Martha WALKER (1st wife) -b.abt 1877 -dghtr of Geo & Martha WALKER d.1916 Mildura @ 43yrs
BARRACLOUGH, Elizabeth Mary MAYNE -b.abt 1879 dghtr of Thomas A MAYNE & Mary WRIGHT -(m.1919 M.H.Barraclogh) - at Wandin East 1931 - d.1956 Bendigo @ 77yrs

BARRINGTON, Charles Sylvester -b.abt 1877 -son of John Peel BARRINGTON & Isabella WOODAL - Mt Evelyn Rd, orchardist 1920 /1922 - d.1933 Prahran @ 56yrs
BARRINGTON, Anna Cruikshank GREEN b.abt 1876 - dghtr of William GREEN & Jacobina SMITH - at Mt Evelyn Rd, 1920/ 1922 - d.1964 Kew @ 86yrs
BARRINGTON, Margaret Isabella b.1914 Prahran (m.1936 Harold Andrew MacNAMARA)
BARRINGTON, Charles Robert b.1918 Prahran

BARTLETT, Josiah b.1834 Pitney, Somersetshire, England -son of Charles BARTLETT (1808-1874)& Mary Ann HOOPER (1808–1850) -(m.Warrnambool 28 Dec 1856 to Jane McMANUS) -d.31 January 1895 Northcote, Vic.
BARTLETT, Jane McMANUS b.1839 County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland -daughter of James McMANUS & Mary McHUGH - d.25 Aug 1914 Warrnambool, Vic.
BARTLETT, Mary Jane b. 1857 Woodford, Warrnambool (m.Vic.28 Jun 1877 John PICKETT ) -d.Feb 1924 Bushfield, nr Warrnambool
BARTLETT, Sarah Jane -b.14 March 1859 Burrells Flat, Koroit - (m.Vic 1880 Mrs David Edwin BIRTLES m.1876 Victoria) d. 10 July 1945 Balwyn, Boroondara - - see BIRTLES
BARTLETT, Elizabeth -b. 1861 Burrells Flat, Koroit -(m.Vic.1882 Thomas James COONERTY) -d.1887 Richmond, Vic.
BARTLETT, Margaret -b.1863 Koroit (m.Fitzroy, Vic. 6 Feb 1880 Jacob CLEGG) d. 2 June 1928 Fremantle, WA - - see CLEGG
BARTLETT, James b. 1865 Koroit, Warrnambool - (m.Vic.1890 Bridget WARD) - d.1940 Fitzroy, Melb.
BARTLETT, Josiah b.1867 Koroit, Warrnambool - (m.Vic.1908 Jessie Elizabeth THOMPSON) - d.26 May 1938 Canterbury, Boroondara, Vic.
BARTLETT, Jessie Elizabeth THOMPSON -
BARTLETT, Thomas -b. 1869 Koroit - d.1887 Warrnambool, Vic.
BARTLETT, Robert -b.12 June 1871 Tower Hill, Koroit - (m.Vic.1898 Rosanna BIRMINGHAM) - d.1 Oct 1901 Perth, Western Australia
BARTLETT, Agnes -b. 26 July 1872 Koroit, Warrnambool, Vic. (Mrs James E. BAKER Jnr m.1900) - d.1945 Melbourne -- see BAKER
BARTLETT, Catherine b. 1872 Tower Hill, Koroit - d.1872 Koroit, Vic.
BARTLETT, Sarah BARTLETT, Sarah b. Tower Hill, Koroit - (1898 Mrs Price Henderson WALL)
BARTLETT, John Henry 26 Dec 1874 Tower Hill, Warrnambool - (m.Melbourne,Vic .27 Oct 1909 Mavis Ravenall DOUGLAS) - widowed - (re.m.Melbourne 28 Aug 1910 Norah Julia SAUNDERS) - widowed - (re-m. 1917 Ellen Pigot BRYANT) - d.
BARTLETT, Charles b. 1877 Tower Hill, Koroit

BASSETT, John Joseph - m.1927 Vic. C.I.R.Fluck) @ 'Wandin Vale' -Bakers Road, farmer
BASSETT, Clara Isabel Ruth FLUCK

BASSI, Giacomo Luigi - Wandin Yallock labourer 1931
BASSI, Giovanna Mariana POLETTI by 1931
BASSI, Natale Guiseppe b.1895 Italy (m.Vic. 1925 Graziosa DAGOSTINI) d.1979 Traralgon @ 84yrs
BASSI, Luigi b.1899 Italy - d.1963 Box Hill @ 64yrs

BATH, Benjamin b. abt 1820 - Proprietor from 10 February 1865 of land in Wandin Yallock - d.1899 Burwood, Vic @ 69yrs
BATH, Elizabeth WHALE - b.abt 1826 - - daughtr of William WHALE & Ann HENLEY - d.1897 Burwood @ 70yrs
BATH, Evaline - b. - (m.Vic.1888 Jame Augler PEPPERELL) -
BATH, Maria Elisabeth - b.1857- 1857 Melbourne
BATH, Selina Allen -b.1859 Norwood, Boroondara d.1859 Norwood/ Burwood)
BATH, Helena Mary - b.1862 Boroondara - d.1863 Norwood
BATH, William - b. 1863 Norwood - Ballyshannassy -(m.Vic.1888 Agnes Carol FIELD)
BATH, Agnes Caroline FIELD
-BATH, Mary Elizabeth - b.1888 Burwood
-BATH, Cornelius William - b.1890 Burwood
-BATH, Frederick Allan - b.1896 Burwood
-BATH, Marjorie Gerte - b.1899 Burwood

BATH, Louisa Ann - b. 17 April 1852 Adelaide South Australia - daughter of the Cornish-born parents Thomas BATH & Mary HILL, of Adelaide, SA & St Arnaud, Vic. (m.Vic. Maximilian BROWN of Olinda Farm, & Fernydale, South Wandin ) - d. 1940 in St Arnaud, Vic. - see Max BROWN

BATH, George - b. 26 Dec 1878 McBeans Pond, Riverland, South Australia - Son of Joseph BATH & Mary O'SHAUNASSEY -(m.aboard the Etona Chapel Launch, Renmark, Riverland, South Australia on 7 Sept 1904 to Edith Emilie Clifton CONNER from Wandin Yallock) - d.26 Nov 1953 Mannum, Riverland, South Australia
BATH, Edith Emilie Clifton CONNER - see CONNER

BATH, Russell - b.15 Oct 1869 North Rhine, South Australia - Son of Joseph BATH & Mary O'SHAUNASSEY - (m.Wentworth, NSW 1889 Anna ELisabeth CONNER from Wandin Yallock) - d.30 Apr 1954 Mildura, Victoria -
BATH, Anna ELisabeth CONNER - see CONNER

BAXTER, Joseph - b.abt 1823 - son of William & Hannah BAXTER - d.1897 Burood, Nunawading @ 73yrs
BAXTER, Elizabeth BAXTER - b.abt 1828 - dghtr of William Joseph BAXTER & Maria HOGG - d.1899 South Yarra @ 80yr
BAXTER, Hannah -b.abt 1847 - (m.Vic. CLARK) - d.1925 Camberwell @ 78yrs
BAXTER, Mariane -Mary Ann - b.1851 Mooroolbark - (m.Vic.1867 George CHECKLEY)
BAXTER, Lucy - b.1851 Mooroolbark - - d.1909 Burwood, Nunawading @ 57yr
BAXTER, Elizabeth - b.1853 Boroondara (m.Vic.1871 John Andrew MACE) -d.1891 Burwood, Nunawading @ 37yrs
BAXTER, Betsey - b.1854 Damper Creek, Nunawading
BAXTER, Catherine - b.1856 Boroondara - (m.Vic.1878 Cunningham WEBSTER)
BAXTER, Emma - b.1857 Hawthorn, Boroondara - (m.Vic.1877 Samuel JENKIN)
BAXTER, Susan - b.1860 Boroondara (m.Vic.1883 David HUBBARD) -d.1941 Hawthorn East @ 82yr - - see HUBBARD
BAXTER, Millicent -b.1862 Boroondara (m.Vic.1881 William HUBBARD) d.1927 Richmond @ 64yrs - see HUBBARD
BAXTER, F - b.1864 Boroondara
BAXTER, Alice - b.1868 Dandenong Creek, Mulgrave - d.1904 Burwood, Nunawading @ 35yr
BAXTER, William Joseph - b.1871 Hartwell, Boroondara - (m.Vic.1899 Margaret GLEW) - d.1932 East Melb. @ 61yrs
BAXTER, Margaret GLEW -b.1879 Prahran - dghter of Alfred GLEW & Margaret MILLS -
- BAXTER, Grace -b.1897 Malvern - d.1913 Camberwell
- BAXTER, William James - b.1899 Ashburton
- BAXTER, Charles William - b.1900 Burwood - d.1979 Mt Evelyn @ 78yrs
- BAXTER, Amy Lilian - b.1902-1902 Burwood
- BAXTER, Nancy Lydia - b.1909 Burwood
- BAXTER, Frederick Neal -b.1917 Surrey Hills
- BAXTER, Kathleen - b.1920 Surrey Hills
BAXTER, John - b.1873-1873 Boroondara

BEASLEY, Noble Joseph, farm manager, McKillop Road, (m.Vic.1927 Ivy O'BRIEN) - b.1904 Essendon, Vic. - - son of Frederick William BEASLEY & Evelina Alice Maude GUY - d.1930 Essendon @ 26yrs
BEASLEY, Ivy O'BRIEN - b.1904 Broadmeadows, Vic. - dghtr of John Thomas O'BRIEN & Emily Amy HOWARD - d.1934 Melbourne @ 29yrs

BEAUMONT, Henry Linnil Watson (b.1885 Malmsbury ~d.1959 Lilydale, Vic.) son of Henry Stuart Beaumont & Mary Caroline Grace Constance Ffrench) "Moresby". sILVAN, Orchardist
BEAUMONT, Lillian Alice YELLAND (1893-1961)dghtr of George & Annie Yelland (Mrs Hy Beaumont m.1917 Vic.) "Moresby" Parker Rd, Silvan d. Silvan
BEAUMONT, Glynne Linnell b. 1917 St Kilda, Vic.

BEDFORD, Thomas - b.abt 1830 Yorkshire - (m. Yorkshire? to Mary Ann Lockhart )- Emigated from England on the ship "MATILDA" arriving Melbourne in July 1864 with wife and young son: Matilda: July 1864: BEDFORD, Thomas 33, Mary A 33, and Tom 4. - - d.1897 Wandin Yallock @ 67yrs
BEDFORD, Mary Ann LOCKHART - b.abt 1831 Yorkshire - daughter of James LOCKHART - d.1880 Victoria, Australia @ 49yrs - see LOCKHART
BEDFORD, Thomas Lockhart 'Tom' b.1860 Yorkshire, Eng. - (m.Vic.1884 Elizabeth Sarah BETTS) - d.1945 Blackburn @ 85yr
BEDFORD, Elizabeth Sarah BETTS - b.abt 1856 - dghtr of Joseph BETTS & Sarah ELLIS - d.1934 Malvern @ 78yr
-BEDFORD, Eleanore Josine Margaret - b.1888 Wandin-Lilydale - (m.Vic.1917 William Claude BRUNNING) - see BRUNNING
-BEDFORD, Stanley Thomas George - b.1890 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1917 Dora Isabel Josine GOOD)
-BEDFORD, Dora Isabel Josephine GOOD - b.abt 1893 - dghtr of Edward John & Dora Emma GOOD - d.1982 East Melb @ 89yrs
- - BEDFORD, Wallace Stanley - b.1919 East Malvern
- - BEDFORD, Ismae jean -b.1920 Glenhuntly
BEDFORD, Ellen Augusta - b.1865- d.1866 Buninyong, Vic
BEDFORD, Margaret Elizabeth -b.1865-1866 Buninyong,

BEGLEY, John Harrison (or John Allison) - Farmer @ Sth Wandin 1909 - b.abt 1854 - - d.1924 Box Hill @ 70yrs

BELL, George b.1861 Clunes - son of William Henry BELL & Maria ARNOLD (m.Vic.1881 Elizabeth Ann PARSONS) - d. 1936 Wandin @ 75 yrs
BELL, Elizabeth Ann PARSONS -b.1863 Richmond - dghtr of James PARSONS & Ellena SPENCER

BELL, Gavin -b.abt 1867 Scotland - son of George BELL & Margaret SEMPLE - (m. Cecelia ROBERTSON) d.1952 Lilydale @ 85yrs
BELL, George - b. abt 1890 - - - d.1981 Caulfield @ 91yr
BELL, Margaret Semple - b.1892 Fitzroy Nth - d.1969 Brunswick @ 67yrs

BELL, George Regdon or Rigdon - b.1887 Richmond, Vic. - son of Clunes-born, William BELL & Melbourne-born, Marion nee MILLER who married in Victoria in 1879. -(m.Vic.1918 Caroline Jane Fanny ASTON) - d.1947 Wandin South @ 60yrs
BELL, Caroline Jane Fanny ASTON - b.abt 1890 - dghtr of Thomas H ASTON & Alice Mary WADE - d.1955 Parkville @ 65yrs

BELL, Thomas
BELL, Elizabeth WALSH - b. abt 1881 dghtr of John & Susan WALSH - d.1963 Wandin @ 82 yrs
BELL, Thomas -b.abt 1911 d.1951 Parkville @ 40 yrs

BELL, Albert Edward b.1870 Sandhurst, Bendigo son of Henry BELL & Mary Ann GOODCHILD - Fruitgrower 1903 - d.
BELL, Annie Agnes EDWARDS b.1869 Carlton Melbourne, - dghtr of Thomas EDWARDS & Elizabeth BRABHAM - (Mrs A. E. Bell m. 1897 Vic)
BELL, Doris b.1899 South Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1927 Albert Edward ARNOTT)
BELL, Elizabeth Grace b. 1903 Lilydale (South Wandin)

BELL, William Webb b.1884 Mt Doran, Mooroobool, Elaine, nr Geelong, Vic. - son of William BELL & Kezia BENHAM -(m.Vic.1908 Elsie M Denny) - @ Sth Wandin by 1913 d.1923 Camberwell @ 38
BELL, Elsie Maud DENNY b.1882 Brighton, Vic.- dghtr of Samuel DENNY & Charlotte Mary HINTON - (Mrs W.W.Bell m.1908 Vic) - Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1930 Fitzroy @ 48yrs
BELL, Donald Samuel Webb b. 1911 Armadale, Vic (m.Vic.1936 Mavis Olive DUNGEY)
BELL, Mavis Olive DUNGEY
BELL, Jack Herbert - b. 1919 Camberwell - (m.Vic.1942 Joan Elsie HOPGOOD)

BENDING, Victor - Silvan Dam, labourer 1931 - b.abt 1907 - son of Thomas & Edith BENDING - d.1984 Preston @ 77yrs

BENHAM, John James (1835 Uxbridge, London - 1919 Brighton, Victoria) land broker
BENHAM, Agnes Mary Matilda NESBIT - by 1908, frutgrowing 1913 @ Main Road
BENHAM, Doctor Rosamund Agnes, b.1874 Glenelg, Adelaide, S.A. South Wandin Physician by 1906 - died 1923 Lilydale
BENHAM / TAYLOR, Thomas Gilbert, Agent, Perth W.A.
BENHAM-TAYLOR, Lalage Rosamond Agnes b. 1904 Adelaide
BENHAM-TAYLOR, Anthea Allison b. 1906 Adelaide
BENHAM, Clarence Booth (1876 Adelaide-1949 Heidelberg) - Manager, Silvan Rd, 1931
BENHAM, Victor Rosmond Campbell (14 Oct 1898 Macclesfield, S.A.-1982 Lilydale, Vic.) - [son of John CAMPBELL & Elizabeth Bridget O'KEEFE] Adopted by the BENHAMS? m.1923 Amy Luckhurst, lived @ cnr Bamfield Rd.
BENHAM, Amy Minnie Norah LUCKHURST (1901-1983) Mrs Vic Benham
BEHHAM, 9 children

BENNETT, Annie - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1896 [ Teacher Registration No.939]

BENNETT, Richard Ernest -b.1882 Kilmore, Vic. - son of Victorian-born Richard BENNETT & Stirlingshire-born Allison YOUNG who married in Victoria in 1875. - (m.1910 Charlotte Marie STOVE or STAVE) - d.1869 Korumburra @ 86yrs
BENNETT, Charlotte Marie STOVE - b.1885 Brunswick -dghtr of Melbourne-born William Henry STOVE & Yorkshire-born Maria HILL - - Wandin Yallock - d.1969 Korumburra @ 83yrs
BENNETT, Rubie Charlotte -b.1912 Kilmore - (m.1935 George HANSTOCK)
BENNETT, Beryl Christina Grace - b.1913 Kilmore (b.1935 Harold Lewis CRUIKSHANK)
BENNETT, Doris Maria - b.1916 Kilmore - (m.1939 Victor Sydney CHAFFEY)
BENNETT, Mavis Emily -b.1917 Frankston - (m.1939 William Leonard BROADWAY)
BENNETT, Alison - b.1919 Richmond
BENNETT, Marjorie Joyce -b.1920 Wandin Yallock (m.1939 Hans WEGENER)

BERNSTEIN, Joseph, Travelling Hawker of Fitzroy d. 8th March 1912 @ 'Lilydale'
BERNSTEIN, - parents of May

BERRY, Joseph -b.abt 1821 Gomersal, Yorkshire, England - son of Joseph BERRY & Grace PAGETT - m.Melbourne, Vic.1855 Catherine BERRY) -(Proprietor of Crown Lot 77) - d. 12 May 1883 Abbotsford, Collingwood East, Melb. (NOTE: Probate/Last WILL: - Ammount of Prinicpal & Interest due by Joseph CLEGG of Lilydale. to the decease on a Mortgage registered 18th August 1888 - 500 pounds]
BERRY, Catherine BERRY - ( Lots 40 & 77) b. abt 1824 - dghtr of James BERRY & Alice ELLIS - d. 1910 Abbotsford, Collingwood @ 86yrs
BERRY, Catherine - b.1858 Collingwood - d.1932 Clifton Hill
BERRY, Alfred - b.1860 Abbotsford (m.Vic.1885 Annie SMITH) -d.1917 East Melb.
BERRY, Annie SMITH - b. Wellington, NZ
- BERRY, Alfred Ernest b.1887 Essendon – 1947 Vic.
- BERRY, Alice Ethelwyn -b.1890 Essendon –
BERRY, Alice - b.1861-1863 Collingwood
BERRY, Joseph - b.1863 Collingwood - Occ: TEACHER ? (m.1897 Agnes Girdwood MORRISON)
BERRY, Agnes Girdwood MORRISON b.1870 Bylands, nr Kilmore - daughter of William MORRISON & Margaret McNEILL - ( a sister of Daniel McNeil MORRISON of Wandin Yallock /Mt Evelyn) - d.
- BERRY, Horace Joseph -b. 1898 Collingwood –
- BERRY, Norman Frederick -b.1900 Collingwood– 1961
- BERRY, Agnes May -b.1901 Collingwood–
- BERRY, Florence Alice -b. 1903 Collingwood–
- BERRY, Allan Ernest Morrison -b.1905 Collingwood– 1980
- BERRY, Catherine Margaret -b.1911 Collingwood– 1911
- BERRY, Eric William -b.1912Collingwood – 1961
BERRY, Emma - b.1866 Collingwood
BERRY, Horace - b.1869-1871 Abbotsford/Collingwood

BERRY, Arthur - fruitgrower, Monbulk 1931 - b.1874 Emerlad Hill, Sth Melb. - son of George BERRY & Fanny BUNCE - (m.Vic.1896 Katherine WALL) - d. 1943 Monbulk @ 69yrs
BERRY, Katherine 'Kate' WALL - b.1876 Richmond, Vic. - dghtr of John Birds WALL & Louisa AMOR who married in 1862 in Victoria. - d.1941 Richmond @ 65yrs
BERRY, Florence Maud - b.1896 Richmond, Vic. (m.1925 Herbert Walter ROBERTSON) - d.1978 Heidelberg @ 81yrs
BERRY, Arthur James, Emerald Diggings Road, Farmer 1931 - b.1899 Richmond, Vic. - (m.Vic.1923 Lucy Annabelle WOLTER) - d.1974 Caulfield @ 75yrs
BERRY, Lucy Annabelle WOLTER - @ Monbulk 1931 - b.1898 Blackwood, Vic. - dghtr of Mt Blackwood-born, Friedrich Wilhelm WOLTER, & Ceres, Geelong-born, Priscilla Sarah GILL - d.1982 Hallam @ 84yrs
BERRY, William John - b.1901 Richmond, Vic. (m.Vic.1921 Mary RENNIE)
BERRY, Elizabeth Mary RENNIE -dgtr of William RENNIE & Ellen GRANT - d.1971 Parkville @ 79yrs
BERRY, Mabel Louisa - b.1902 Richmond, Vic. - (m.Vic.1921 Arthur Howard DICKINSON) - d.1981 Beac...? @78yrs

BETHUNE, Malcolm - b.abt 1824 - son of John BETHUNE & Margaret McLEOD (m.Vic.1854 Catherine CUMMING) - d.1899 Wandin Yallock @ 74yr
BETHUNE, Catherine Mary CUMMING - b.abt 1831 -daughter of John CUMMING & Mary McLEOD - d.1907 Wandin Yallock @ 76yrs
BETHUNE, Mary -b.abt 1857 Geelong - (m.Vic.1882 Donald MATHESON) - d.1935 Terang @ 78yrs
BETHUNE, John - b.1859 - - - d.1834 Cheltenham
BETHUNE, Isabella Ann - b.1866 Gheringap, Geelong
BETHUNE, Archibald - b.1862 Gheringap, Geelong (m.Vic.1892 Margaret CECIL)
BETHUNE, Margaret CECIL - b.1875 Wooroonooke, Charlton, Vic. - dghter of Charles James Sutton CECIL & Janet SMART - d.1939 Wandin Yallock @ 65yrs
BETHUNE, William Cecil -b.1891 Wycheproof, Vic.- (m.Vic.1920 Annie McGREGOR) - d.1957 Parkville @ 66yrs
BETHUNE, Jessie Catherine b.1893 Grenfell, NSW - (m.Vic.1919 George HASTIE)
BETHUNE, Archibald Malcolm - b. 1894 Grenfell, NSW ( son of Archibald BETHUNE & Margaret CECIL - (m.Vic.1921 Dorothy HUNTER) - d.1 Dec 1966 Seville, Wandin YAllock
BETHUNE, Dorothy HUNTER - b.1901 WAndin Yallock - dghter of Edward HUNTER Elizabeth BUCK - d.17 Aug 1983 Seville, Wandin Yallock - see HUNTER
BETHUNE, Donald Malcolm - b.1922 - d.1929 Carlton @ 7yrs
BETHUNE, Bruce Alexander - b.1923 - d.1943 WW2 - PNG = South Pacific War
BETHUNE, Margaret - b.1924 - (m.Vic.1951 George Leslie 'Les' JOHNSON) - see JOHNSON
BETHUNE, John P - b.1896 Grenfell, NSW
BETHUNE, Alexander Cecil - b.1901 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1939 Dorothy Jean KENT)
BETHUNE, Dorothy Jean KENT - b.1918 Wandin Yallock -dghtr of William Joseph KENT & Marjorie Sarah HIAM- d. - see KENT
BETHUNE, Norman Gordon - b.1905 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1936 Muriel Lillian McCARTNEY) - d.1963 Essendon @ 63yrs
BETHUNE, Muriel Lillian McCARTNEY - - dghtr of Joseph McCARTNEY & Alice Mary SLATER - d.1969 Esssendon @ 66yrs

BEURLE, Friedericke Margarette Harriet - b.4 October 1829 Clerkenwell, London, England - dghter of Mark Ludwig Luis BEURLE & ELisabeth THOMPSITT - (m. Milton bt Gravesend, London 18 March 1847 to Edward DONEY) Emigrated to Melbourne: Eight DONEY children born in Prahran & Boroondara-Hawthorn- d. Christmas Day 1873 in Victoria. - see DONEY

BEURLE, Carl 'Charles' [son of Mark Ludwig Luis BEURLE, Publican & Elisabeth THOMPSITT] b.1831 St James, Clerkenwell, London, via Prahran, Vic. OCCUPATION: Cabinetmaker & Carpenter - (m.St Edmunds, Prahran 5 Dec 1863 to Annie IZETT)- Residence and Farm @ 'THE CHESTNUTS' Emerald Diggings Road, South Wandin (Properties, with Post Office and Store, later became known as "BEURLES" or "BURLEIGHS" - which became "BURLEIGH HOUSE" - and afterwards, simply "BURLEIGH." - d.1917 Malvern, Vic @ 86yrs
BEURLE, Annie IZETT b.5 Dec 1840 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - daughter of Andrew IZETT & Ann RODGERS - d.23 Oct 1935 @ 17 Cressy ST, Malvern, Vic.
BEURLE, Andrew Izett - b.1865 Daylesford - d.1866 @ 11m Daylesford
BEURLE, Charles Izett -b.1867 -1868 Prahran

BEURLE, William Ludwig Luis b. 1873 Prahran - d.1873 Prahran

BEURLE, Norman Luis b.1876 Sth Yarra - Educated at SoutH Wandin PS- later Melbourne, Teacher's College Schoolteacher in various upstate schools. (later Baptist Reverend for many decades & then Pres. of the Baptist Union ) Minstered at South Perth, WA, Camberwell, Vic.; Adelaide, SA. - (m.Northam, WA 1909 to Adelaide-born Jeannie May ACKLAND - d.14 June 1931 Adelaide Railway Station, South Australia
BEURLE, Jeannie May ACKLAND 1 Jan 1889 Mitcham, Adelaide, SA - dghter of John Barnes ACKLAND & Edith May RANDALL - d.
- BEURLE, John Charles Louis - b.12 Feb 1911 Camberwell, Vic. -Scholarship Teacher Trainee - d.1933 Onkaparinga River, Adelaide Hills, SA- atempting to save a drowning boy
- BEURLE, Edith Marion - B.1916 Hawthorn, Boroondara, Vic.
- BEURLE, Cecil Norman Izett - b.5 Jan 1919 Riversdale Rd, Hawthorn

BEURLE, Margaret Louise 'Madge' b. 1878 South Yarra -Prahran - (m.2 Sept 1902 @ St Michael & All Angels Church, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa, to Thomas Curtis SUTCLIFFE) Thomas Curtis Sutcliffe died 1937 Heidelberg, Vic @ 67yrs - their daughter - Enid Madge Beurle KNUCKEY - nee SUTCLIFFE - died in 1973 at Surrey Hills @ 68yrs

BEURLE, Olive Marion b.1880 Prahran - d.1966 Malvern @ 85 yrs

- Mrs Beurle - Helen Jessie Beurle - nee Buller - photo J H Thompson collection
BEURLE, Charles Ernest
- b.1874 Sth Yarra (m. Jessie Helen BULLER) - till 1912 - moved to Farm at SWAN HILL - d.12 July 1949 Melbourne
BEURLE, Jessie Helen BULLER b. 1866 Lilydale -daughter of Edward John BULLER & Mary YOUNG of the Upper Yarra Valley ~ d.7 May 1945 Dun Aros Hospital, Swan Hill, Vic
BEURLE, Charles Edward Izett b. 1905 Ascot Vale, Vic. (m.1933 Sydney,NSW to Florence Grace Mary DICKMAN) - d.10 Feb 1883 Wagga Wagga, NSW @ 87yrs
BEURLE, Florence Grace Mary DICKMAN -b.1906 Sydney, NSW - d.16 Dec 1995 Wagga Wagga NSW @ 89yrs

BEZICH, Vjekoslav 'Victor' born 5 May 1897 Grohote, Island of Šolta, Dalmatia d. 1972 @ 75 yrs Ferntree Gully
BEZICH, Slavka nee CECICH b. 1898 Grohote, Island of Šolta, Dalmatia -(Dghter of Visco Cecich & Marija Buktenica d. 1955 @ 58 yrs Lilydale
BEZICH, Marija 'Maria' born 1924 Grohote, Island of Šolta, Dalmatia
BEZICH, Stefanica 'Stefica' b. 1925 Grohote, Island of Šolta, Dalmatia [married Marin SEPAROVICH b. 1924 Blato, Korčula Island, Dalmatia]

BIBRA, Charles Benedict VON DE - See VON BIBRA

BINDING, Henry b. 1829 Bramwell, Somerset, England. @ Queens Road by 1868 - d. 1908 South Wandin Yallock @ 79 yrs
BINDING, Elizabeth Ermina HEYWOOD b.1850 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, NSW
BINDING, Mary Ann 'Polly' b.1881 Sth Wandin Yallock (m.1911 Mrs Alfred Heny CLEGG) d. 1957 Sandringham, Vic.
BINDING, Constance Ermima b. 1884 Wandin South~ 1974 Kew, Vic. (Mrs Arthur Griffith BUNNETT m.1909 Vic)
BINDING, Ethel Rose b.1889 South Wandin - (m. 1910 Mrs Charles Henry LITTLEWOOD) d. 1977 Brighton, Victoria

BINSTEAD, William b.1856 Collingwood -Fitzroy -son of George Binstead & Elizabeth Trottman who married Hobart Town, VDL 1838 - (m.Vic.1877 Ellen Jane LEVERSHA) -d.1937 Brunswick, Vic.
BINSTEAD, Ellen Jane LEVERSHA -b.1859 Barkers Creek, Mount Alexander Goldfields, nr Castlemaine - daughter of Somersetshire-born, John GEORGE LEVERSHA & Martha MASCELL or MAXALL - d.1952 Alphington, Vic.(Mrs W. Binstead
BINSTEAD, George b.1878 Fitzroy -(m.Vic.1907 Florence Mary HANCOCK) ~ 1945 Blackburn
BINSTEAD, Florence Mary HANCOCK (Mrs George Binstead)
BINSTEAD, William - b.1878 Fitzroy -1881 Nth Fitzroy
BINSTEAD, Charlotte b.1882 Fitzroy - (m.Vic. Cecil Monahan WOOSNAM)
BINSTEAD, Ellen b.1884 Fitzroy - (m.Vic.1902 Victor Maurice BARNARD)
BINSTEAD, Minnie - b.1887 Fitzroy (m.Vic.1906 David Michael MORGAN)
BINSTEAD, Martha - b.1890 Brunswick East, Vic. - d. 1918 Brunswick Nth @ 28yrs
BINSTEAD, Arthur b.1893 Brunswick, Vic - (m.Vic.1918 Myrtle STOLL) -d.
- BINSTEAD, Frank Ernst -b.1919 Brunswick Nth
BINSTEAD, Margory 'Madge' -b. - (m.Vic.1923 Rubert Powell GIBB)
BINSTEAD, Ethel b. 1900 Brunswick, Vic -(m.Vic.1920 Robert William ALLOTT)
BINSTEAD, Alma May -b. - -(m.Vic.1933 Henry George POYNTON) - see POYNTON

BIRD, Meadows - from Kent, England d. 9th Aug 1923 @ Harmony Vale, South Wandin Yallock (SYLVAN)
BIRD, Martha RICHARDSON, b. 1853 Saffron Walden, Essex (Mrs Meadow BIRD)

BIRD, Charles Gray b.abt 1830 - son of Henry BIRD & Mary Ellen BAKER - (m.Vic.1865 A.Hayes) d.1917 Fitzroy North @ 86yrs
BIRD, Anastasia Maria HAYES b.abt 1847 -dghtr of Mr Hayes & Margaret McNAMARA) d.1932 Fitzroy North at 84yrs

BIRRELL, John Alexander - b.1844 London -son of Robert BIRRELL & Sarah SEARLE -(m. Vic. Emma Grindley YOUNG) - widowed -(m.Vic.1884 Elizabeth McEWIN of South Wandin) - - d. 1926 Hawthorn, VIC.
BIRRELL, Elizabeth McEWIN, b.5th October 1854 Heidelberg - Lizzie McEWIN was the seconde-wife of the widower Birrell, who had six children to his first wife Emma Grindley YOUNG who died in Heidelberg where she was born and where McEWINS were then. - d.1894 Berwick - see McEWIN
BIRRELL, Emma Grindley YOUNG - b.1852 Heidelberg, Vic - daughter of Leith, Edinburgh-born James YOUNG & Kircudbrightshire-born Margaret Hester McEWIN (1830-1869) a sister of Joseph Nash McEWIN - and so, also first cousin of Elizabeth McEWIN . -d.1879 Heidelberg-on-Yarra
BIRRELL, John James -b.1871 Richmond
BIRRELL, George Alexander -b.1873 Richmond
BIRRELL, Alice Grace - b.1874 Richmond
BIRRELL, Harriet Maria -b.1877 Richmond
BIRRELL, Margaret Emma - b.1879 Richmond
BIRRELL, Joseph Douglas - b. 1883 Hawthorn

BIRTLES, David Edwin - b.1851 Chester, Eng. - son of James BIRTLES & Jane RHODEN - d.14th April 1926 - (then a boot & shoe Merchant) Canterbury - Surrey Hills @ 75 yrs
BIRTLES, Sarah Jane BARTLETT b.14 March 1859 Burrells Flat, Koroit, Vic - daughter of Josiah BARTLETT & Jane McMANUS - (Mrs D.Birtles m.1876 Victoria) d.10 July 1945 Balwyn @ 86, - see BARTLETT
BIRTLES, Francis Henry b.1877 Fitzroy ~ d.1881 South Wandin Yallock
BIRTLES, Edith Jane b.1879 South Wandin Yallock
BIRTLES, Francis Edwin ADB - b.1881 Fitzroy (Pioneer Cyclist, Motoring Adventurer, Writer,& Documentry Film Maker.WIKI) - (m.Vic.17 Nov 1920 Frances KNIGHT - - Remarried 11 Feb 1935 Sydney, NSW to Nea McCUTCHEON) - d.1 July 1941 Croydon, Sydney, NSW
BIRTLES, Frances KNIGHT - b.1881
BIRTLES, Nea McCUTCHEON - b.1895 Sydney NSW
BIRTLES, Florence Amelia b.1884 Collingwood [m.1915 William David PEACOCK] d.1970 McKinnon, Vic.
BIRTLES, Elsie Adeline b.1886 Collingwood [Mrs WATSON] d.1968 Box Hill
BIRTLES, Ida Victoria b.1890 Collingwood (1911 John ORTON) d.1929 Balwyn
BIRTLES, Clive Irwin David b.1894 Collingwood (m.1919 Olive Selina McGANN)
BIRTLES, Olive Selina McGANN
BIRTLES, Vernon Beresford b.1897 Collingwood (m.1927 Florence Harlene STEWART)
BIRTLES, Florence Harlene STEWART
BIRTLES, Iris Valinda b.1907 - (m.Vic.1928 Wilhelm Robert WEHSACK) -widowed (remarried.Vic.1928 James Henry WATTS)
BIRTLES, Edith b. Chester, England (m.1869 Richard Herbert MERCER)

BISHOP, parents of Ian

BLACK, John Stirling b.abt 1832 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - son of John BLACK & Janet STIRLING - (m.1868 Elizabeth Joyce BLAIR) - d.1913 Wandin Yallock @ 81yrs
BLACK, Elizabeth Joyce CARDEN BLAIR - b.Liverpool (daughter of John CARDEN & Anne MOSS) - d.1916 Melbourne East @ 79yrs
BLACK, John William Carden b.1873 Sandhurst, Bendigo (m.1899 Agnes Hamilton DORMAN) d.1939 Marysville @ 66yrs
-BLACK, Agnes Hamilton DORMAN - b. Bendigo - (daghtr of George Marshall Dorman & Agnes Hamilton) d.1942 Richmond @ 61yrs
- BLACK, John William Stirling -b.1904 Collingwood (m.1929 Helen Margaret COWAN) d.1967 Pascoe Vale @ 62yrs
- BLACK, Agnes Joyce - b. 1910 Collingwood (m.1934 Allan Mills CAMERON)
BLACK, Jonathon Percy Moss b. 18766 Collingwood, Vic. (m.1913 Hilda Caroline HÖLSCHER) d.1942 Dromana @ 67yrs
-BLACK, Hilda Caroline HÖLSCHER b.1877 Ballarat (daughter of August Ernst HÖLSCHER & Margaret Lyle BELL) d.1930 Melbourne East @ 53yrs
- BLACK, John Ernst - b.1914 Prahran, Vic.
- BLACK, Margaret Jessie - b.1915 Horsham (m.1933 Frederick William Robt PITMAN)
BLACK, Jessie Lilly b. 1878 Collingwood, Vic. (m.1916 Harry Stuart HOPKINSON) d. 1945 Royal Park, Melbourne @ 67yrs

BLAIR, Matilda -from Scotland (m.1864 Mrs James McCLELLAND)

BLAIR, Elizabeth Joyce CARDEN, from Liverpool, widow of George Henderson BLAIR (m.1868 J.S.BLACK)
BLAIR, George Henderson (BLACK ?)- b.1864 Sandhurst, Bendigo (son of George Henderson BLAIR & Elizabeth Joyce CARDEN - later BLACK)

BLANKSBY, John b. 1847 Sutton-Cum-Duckmanton, Matlock, Derbyshire, England - son of William BLANKSBY (1820-1899) & Millicent HOLMES (1823 - 1908) - Emigrated to arrive Melbourne May 1853 per the ship "BRITISH QUEEN" - (m.Vic.1867 Priscilla SMITH) - d.1899 Healesville, Vic
BLANKSBY, Priscilla SMITH -b.1849 Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW - dght of James John SMITH & Susanna MAWBEY - d.1923 St Kilda, Vic @ 74yrs
BLANKSBY, William - b.1870 Hawthorn, Boroondara - (m.Vic.1898 Sara McLAUCHLAN)
- BLANKSBY, Leonard John Malcolm - b.1906 Healesville
BLANKSBY, James - b.1871 Hawthorn - (m.Vic.1901 Bertha Winifred TYLEE) - widowerd - (m.1.Vic.Emma Alfrida BYLES) - d.
BLANKSBY, Anne - b.1872 -(m.Vic.1894 James ROUGET) - d. 1941 WAndin Yallock - see ROUGET
BLANKSBY, Priscilla - b.1876 - - (m.Vic.1897 Robert John MITCHELL) d.1935 Wandin YAllock - see MITCHELL
BLANKSBY, Harold - b.1880 Hartwell-(m.Vic.27 April 1910 Wilhelmine Emily MITCHELL) - d.1935 Wandin Yallock
BLANKSBY, Wilhelmina Emily MITCHELL - b.12 Nov 1886 Wandin Yallock - daughr of William MITCHELL & Mary Ann CLAY - d.1971 Wangaratta - see MITCHELL
- BLANKSBY, Harold
- BLANKSBY, Alice Wilhelmine -b.1911 - 1999
- BLANKSBY, Evelyn Beatrice 0 b,1913
- BLANKSBY, Priscilla - b.1916 - d.2008
-BLANKSBY, Gwenneth Mary -b.1925
BLANKSBY, Ernest - b.1882 Boroondara - (m.Vic.1909 Sarah Louisa Florence ATTWOOD) - d.1942 Melbourne
BLANKSBY, Sarah Louisa Florence ATTWOOD - b. 1882 Tylden, Upper Coliban-Campaspe - dght of - d. 1921 Oakleigh
- BLANKSBY, Margaret Priscilla Rita b.1910
- BLANKSBY, Arthur John - b.1912 - 19177
- BLANKSBY, Frank William - b.1912 - d.1994
- BLANKSBY, Ernest Walter - b.1913 - d.1948
- BLANKSBY, Alfred Stephen - b.1916 - d.1916
- BLANKSBY, Harold Attwood - b.1917 - d.1980
- BLANKSBY, Florence - b.1921- 1921
BLANKSBY, Leslie - b.1884 -1885 Boroondara
BLANKSBY, Alice - b. 1886 Boroondara - (m.Vic.1012 Gilbert Albert AMOS)
BLANKSBY, Beatrice - b.1888 Wandin Yallock - d.1946 East Brunswick
BLANKSBY, Alfred - b.1892 Wandin Yallock - d.1933
BLANKSBY, Elsie Millicent - b.1894 - d.1896 Wandin Yallock
BLANKSBY, Susannah May - b.1894 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1917 Charles Thomas HOLDEN) -d.1969 Heidleberg - see HOLDEN

BLANNIN, Alfred - Major- -b.abt 1853 Sydney, NSW - son of William BLANNIN & Kate PHILLIPS - (m.Vic.1966 Elizabeth ATTRILL) - proprietor by 1886 of Lot 7 of abt 5 acres in the Township of Wandin Yallock - d.1898 East Melbourne @ 45yrs
BLANNIN, Elizabeth ATTRILL b.abt 1844 Sydney, NSW - dghter of John ATTRILL - d.1974 Yarra Valley @ 30 yrs
BLANNIN, Katherine Kate -b.1867 Schnapper Point, Mornington Peninsula, (m.1890 Thomas FERGUSON)
BLANNIN, Walter Arleigh -b.1869 Melbourne - d.1909 Sandringham @ 39yrs
BLANNIN, Emily Marian - b.1871 Melbourne - d.1876 Melb.
BLANNIN, Arthur Lyndhurst -b.1872 Melbourne (m.1896 Alicia Mary SPROULE)
-BLANNIN, Alfred Lyndhurst b.1899 Armadale (m.1933 Sylvia Maud HOUGH)
-BLANNIN, Alicia Marian (1897 Carlton -1898 Woodend
-BLANNIN, Arthur Kingsley b.1901 Melbourne (m.1923 Nellie GAULWAY)
BLANNIN, William Temple -1874-1876 - South Melbourne

BLEASBY, Richard - b.abt 1828 Oldham, England - son of Frederick BLEASBY @ Eliza LEES- (m. ? Jane GRIME ) - d.1899 Victoria, Australia @ 71yr - Proprietor of 1869 of Allotment Section 42 Wandin Yallock - widowed - (Remaried 1897 Rosina Henrietta COUPER)
BLEASBY, Jane GRIME - b.abt 1830 - dghtr of Ellis GRIME & Elizabeth WALNSLEY - d.1886 Richmond, Vic. @ 55yr
BLEASBY, Elizabeth -b.abt 1bt 1846 - d.1904 East Melb. @ 48yrs
BLEASBY, Grime - b.1852 at Sea, Melbourne- (St James Anglican Registration) - - (m.Vic.1883 Mary Elizabeth JONES) - d.
BLEASBY, Annetta - b.1854 - d.1855 Richmond (St James, Melb. Registration)

BLOCK, Samuel Jacob b.London (via Dookie) d. 1903 Numurkah @ 54 yrs
BLOCK, Hannah HAYNES (1860-1938) - McKillop Road

BLOMFIELD, George – Sth Wandin 1906– Printer - b.1869 Spring Creek, Vic. - son of Benjamin William BLOMFIELD & Janet Wilkie WILSON - (m.Vic.1900 Lilian Rhoburta HOLMES) - d.1910 Melb.East @ 41 yrs
BLOMFIELD, Lillian Rhoberta HOLMES Sth Wandin by 1906 b.1878 Melbourne - dghtr of Robert HOLMES & Helen FURLONG - (Remarried in 1912 to Arthur Ernest STANBRIDGE)
BLOMFIELD, George Neville -b.1905 Brunswick (m.1936 Elsie Gwendoline BROWN)
STANBRIDGE, Arthur Ernest
STANBRIDGE, Ivy Alphreada -b.1913 Carlton
STANBRIDGE, Ronald Ernest -b.1915 Carlton
STANBRIDGE, Marjorie Helen -b.1919 Carlton Centre

BLYTH, John - b.abt 1823 Haddingtonshire, near Edinburgh (East Lothian) SCOTLAND - son of William BLYTH & Christina CRUIKSHANK - of 'Blythswood'- atop Birmingham Hill, Mt Evelyn -(m.Vic.1871 Helen Richards) d.1908 Lilydale @ 84yrs
BLYTH, James -b.1872 Brighton Nth, Vic. (m.Vic.1901 Marran Malvina POTTER)
BLYTH, Robert -b. 1873 Brighton, Vic.
BLYTH, Beryl -b.1875 Brighton, Vic. (m.1903 Andrew Hassall CUNNINGHAM)
BLYTH, Ruby -b.1879 Brighton, Vic.
BLYTH, Beatrice b.1881 St Kilda/Elsternwick (m.1902 Joseph BELL) d.1966 Toorak
BLYTH, Norman -b.1882 Brighton, Vic.
BLYTH, Dorothy -b.1888 Caulfield

BOANAS, Thomas
BOANAS, Eliza JONES b, London? d.1884 South Wandin Yallock @ 79 yrs
BOANAS, Thomas William - b.1834 London, England -son of Thomas BOANAS & Eliza JONES - d.1911 Surrey Hills @ 77yrs
BOANAS, Mary NAUGHTEN (m.1859 Victoria
BOANAS, William - from London, England (m.1870 Vic. Adelina Elizabeth EDGEWORTH) d.1920 Clifton Hill
BOANAS, Adelina Elizabeth EDGEWORTH d.1884 South Wandin Yallock @ 79 yrs - d.1909 Clifton Hill @ 63yrs
-BOANAS, William John b.1871 Ballarat
-BOANAS, Thomas (1873-1873) South Melbourne
-BOANAS, Eliza b. 1874 South Melbourne
-BOANAS, Rose b.1876 Melbourne (m.1901 John William COONAN)
-BOANAS, Walter b.1878 Fitzroy
-BOANAS, James Stewart (1883-1883) Fitzroy South
-BOANAS, Adelina b.1885 Creswick (m.1909 Henry Charles MILLER)
-BOANAS, Edward (1886-1887) Clifton Hill
-BOANAS, Clifton Edgeworth b.1887 Clifton Hill
BOANAS, Samuel b.1846 London, England -son of Thomas BOANAS & Eliza JONES - (m.Eliza Annie Payne) d.1907 Ballarat @ 61yrs
BOANAS. Eliza Annie PAYNE - from London, England - d.1910 Ballarat @ 62yrs
-BOANAS, George William S b.1872 Melbourne (m.1899 Alice May GREENOUGH)
-BOANAS, William Henry Thomas b.1873 Melbourne Nth (m.1892 Minnie STEWART)
-BOANAS, Mary Eliza L b. 1874 Melbourne Nth
-BOANAS, Samuel William b.1877 Ballarat d.1883 @ 15yrs Fitzroy Nth
BOANAS, George b.abt 1843 London, England son of Thomas Boanas & Eliza JONES (m.1871 Vic. Mary Maria PAYNE) d.1889 Brighton, Vic @ 45yrs
BOANAS, Mary Maria PAYNE - from London, England
-BOANAS, Lillian Laura b.1879 Ballarat
-BOANAS, Edgar Ernest b. 1882 Ballarat (m.1913 Kathleen ANDREWS)
-BOANAS, Archibald Gordon b.1884 Ballarat (m.1909 Elsie DAW)
-BOANAS, Arthur Thomas b.1886 Ballarat

BOARD, Thomas William Henry - b.1909 Echuca - son of William Vile BOARD & Madelene Matilda GOODARD - d.1983 Cobram, Vic @ 74yrs
BOARD, Rosemond Mary Avis 'Rose Jean' HAZEN - b. abt 1912 - dgtr of William HAZEN & Isabel MILLER - (m.1929) @ Silvan 1931 - d.1950 Cobram, Vic., @ 38yrs

BOARDMAN, William -b.abt 1828 - of Mt Blackwood & Geelong, died 1888 Wandin Yallock, age 59 yrs
BOARDMAN, Honoria 'Hannah' CARTE -b.abt 1830 widow of William (m.1856 Vic.) d.1900 East Melbourne Hospital @ 70 yrs
BOARDMAN, Mary Jane b.1863 Bran? Hamilton, Vic. (m.1886 Frederick STAFFORD) d.1943 Melb
BOARDMAN, Frances b.1866 Blackwood Diggings -1869 Mt Blackwood
BOARDMAN, William James 1868-1868 Melbourne

BÖCK, Karl Friedrich -b.1863 Pleasant Creek, Stawell, Goldfields, Vic. son of Werben, Schleswig-Holstein-born, Jes Peter Wilhelm BÖCK & Illfelt, Hannover-born, Maria Wilhelmine Caroline KIRCHNER (m.25 Nov 1890 at Nhill, Wimmera, Vic. to Emilie Anna ROGASCH) - d. 18 April 1939 Northcote, Victoria [also BOECH or BOECK]
BÖCK, Emilie Anna 'Amelia' ROGASCH b.24 July 1868 Siegersdorf, Barossa Valley, South Australia - dghtr of Johann Gottlieb Ferdinand ROGASCH (1846–1875) & Johanne Luise SCHILLING (1829–1875) - d. 20 Nov 1948 Leeton, Riverina, New South Wales
BOECK, Maria Martha Auguste b.1891 Nhill Vic. - d.1920 Holbrook, Germantown, NSW
BOECK, Wilhelm August -b.1893 Nhill Vic. (m.Rockdale, NSW 1919 Elsie A. VAUGHAN) d.6 Dec 1965 Sydney, NSW
BOECK, Anna Clara -b.1895 Goroke, Vic. (m.1921 Holbrook NSW to Thomas B ELBORN) d.1967 Preston, Victoria
BOECK, Lydia Victoria -b.1897 Goroke, Vic.(m.1918 Wellington, NSW to Harold A. JONES)
BOECK, Clara Cecelia -b.1900 Netherby, Wimmera, Vic.
BOECK, Evelyn Catherina -b.1901 Wandin Yallock (m.1927 Junee, NSW to Walter LIDDEN)
BOECK, Franz Alfred Karl -b.1903 Wandin Yallock
BOECK, Carrie Karoline Lily - b.1908 Wandin Yallock
BOECK, Leslie Eric - b.1909 Wandin Yallock (m.1935 Griffith, NSW to Ethel May PITTS)


BOLDT, Richard Heinrich Karl b.19 Dezmbr 1889 Pommern, Prussia (Pomerania) Deutschland [son of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm BOLDT & Wilhelmine GRUBBKE] d.1969 Silvan @ 78 yrs
BOLDT, Alice Maud JOHNSTONE - b.1896 Collingwood, Vic. - daughter of Richmond-born, John James McPhall JOHNSTONE & Melbourne-born, Anna Elisabeth SCHILLING - (Mrs R.H.Boldt m. Vic.) d.1956 Lilydale @ 60 yrs
BOLDT, Doreen Mavis b.1917 South Wandin Yallock (m. ? JOHNSTONE)
BOLDT, Alice Maud b. 1920 Silvan [Mrs Colin Douglas NEVEN m.1939]
BOLDT, Richard Allen b. 1922 Silvan
BOLDT, Reginald R b.1923 Silvan
BOLDT, Donald Arthur b. 1925 Silvan - 1953 Launching Place
BOLDT, Walter Ernest (1927-1968) d. Orbost

BOLITHO, Samuel the Elder–b. 20 July 1842 Helston, Cornwall, Great Britain - son of Simon BOLITHO (1803 – 1862) & Mary ROBERTS (1806 – 1858) – (m. Helston Cornwall to Mary Jane RICHARDS) – Emigrated with children prospects at Ballarat and the Talbot Goldfields at Clunes, Victoria, = Immigrated to the Upper Yarra Valley in about 1880. –d, 1888 Lilydale, Upper Yarra Valley,
BOLITHO, Mary Jane RICHARDS –b. September 1841 in Helston, Cornwall, Great Britain – dghtr of Saul RICHARDS - d. 1910 Ivanhoe-on-Yarra, Victoria, Australia

BOLITHO, Samuel the younger- b. 30 May 1863 Helston, Cornwall, G.B.- (m. Lillydale, Vic.1890 to Elizabeth WYE) - – d. 21 January 1929 Sale, Gippsland
BOLITHO, Elizabeth WYE –b. 1868 Morses Creek, Clunes, Victoria – dghter of William WYE & Margaret SCULLY – d. 1942 Caulfield, Victoria
-- BOLITHO, Ernest –b.1893 Lilydale, Upper Yarra, Vic. – d. 24 Nov 1975 in Rosebud, Vic.
-- BOLITHO, Adella Myra –b.1894 Lilydale, Upper Yarra, Vic. –d. April 1983 Hawthorn, Vic.
-- BOLITHO, Alice Ida –b.1895 Lilydale, Upper Yarra, Vic. –d. 1969 Ballarat,
-- BOLITHO, Harold –b.1900 Sale, Gippsland –d. 14 June 1960 Melbourne
-- BOLITHO, Stanley –b.1902

BOLITHO, Elizabeth Mary – b. 1867 – 1867 Ballarat Goldfields,

BOLITHO, Henry -b. 1868 Ballarat Goldfields, Vic - (m.NZ to Ethelred Francis BUSH 1875 – 1958) – d.1945 Epsom, New Zealand

BOLITHO, William –b. 1870 Clunes, Goldfields, Vic - Educated @ Wandin Yallock Common School between 1870-1887 - (m.Vic. Annette SHIELS ) – d. 13 August 1941Tuart Hill, West. Aust.
BOLITHO, Annette SHIELS –b. 1870 Portland, Vic. –- 2 children born Yarra Vlley & 4 more in Perth, W.A. – d. 1917 Perth, WA
- - BOLITHO, William Norbert b. 1894 Balwyn, (Yarra Valley, Vic.– 1960 W.A.
- - BOLITHO, Ernest –b. 1896 – d.,1896 Lilydale, Upper Yarra, vic.

BOLITHO, Mary I –b. 1873 Clunes, Goldfields, Vic – 1876

BOLITHO, James –b. 1875 Clunes, Goldfields, Vic – 1879

BOLITHO, Mary Jane –b. 1877 Clunes, Goldfields, Vic – 1963 - - Educated @ Wandin Yallock Common School between 1870-1887 –-(m.Vic. Francis Young McROBERTS 1875 – 1934) – one son and two McROBERTS daughters born Victoria –d. 1963 Victoria, Australia

BOLITHO, Thomas James –b. 1879 Clunes, Goldfields, Vic. - Educated @ Wandin Yallock Common School between 1870-1887 –Slaughter of Geelong in 1919, d. 15 May 1942 Sth Aust.

BOLITHO, Thomas Charles -b. 1901 in Carlton, Melbourne Victoria - son of David BOLITH & Minnie SMITH – Engineer,- (m.Vic.1930 Cecilia Elsie GUNNING)- of Seville, Wandin Yallock & Oban Road, North Ringwood in 1936. – d, 1982 in Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula,
BOLITHO, Cecilia Elsie GUNNING –b. 1902 in Carlton, Melbourne – dghter of Patrick GUNNING (1868 – 1928) & Annie IVERY (1868 – 1943) -Womens' & Social Campaigner - of Seville, Wandin Yallock & Oban Road, North Ringwood in 1936. – d. 1985 Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula

BOND, Emma b.Fulham, London (Mrs J.W.HUNT m. 1873 Vic)

BOND, Charles, from Welsden, UK (m.1882 Maria Westford 1882 Vic.)
BOND, Maria WESTFORD - died 1886 Wandin Yallock Age 28 (born: Collingwood, daughter of John & Agnes WESTFORD)
BOND, Charles (1884-1884) Carlton, Victoria - d.1886 South Wandin Yallock aged 28 yrs

BOND, Annie Elizabeth 'Emma Jane' - b. abt 1836 - dghtr of Jonathan BOND & Mary SNELL - (m.1867 Victoria to Joseph FRITH 1932 Shropshire-1869 Geelong - son of Thomas FRITH & Betty LEA) - at Wandin South by 1906 d.1916 South Wandin @ 80yrs
BOND, Emma Jeanie [FRITH] - b.1863 Ashby, Geelong (Mrs Abe STODDART)
BOND, Mary Emma b.Geelong (m.Vic.1888 Charles Holmes ADLER of Geelong)-'Frith Lea' Silvan 1931< br />

BONETTI, Charles Ernest Maximilian 'Carlo Ernesto' b.1869 Richmond, Victoria - son of Italian-born, 'Joseph Andrew' Guiseppe Angelo BONETTI & Dublin-born, Maria Florence COWEN. d.1914 East Melb. @ 43yrs
BONETTI, Ada O'CONNELL - (m.1893 C.E.M. Bonetti) Silvan Rd, Storekeeper 1931 - b.abt 1874 Collingwood - dghr of James O'CONNELL & Julia MAHON -d.1950 Ferntree Gully @ 76yrs
BONETTI, Ernest - b.1894 Richmond, Vic.
BONETTI, Percy William Charles - Silvan Rd, Storekeeper 1931 - b.1898 East Melbourne -son of Ernst Charles Bonetti & Ada O'CONNELL (m.1926 Florence Hannah Barry) - d.1960 Ferntree Gully @ 62yrs
BONETTI, Florence Hannah BARRY - Silvan Rd, Storekeeper 1931 - b.abt 1904 - dghtr of William & Florence BARRY - d.1967 Box Hill @ 62yrs

BONNEY, Edith Boroondara b.1870 Burwood, Boroondara -daughtr of Samuel Beswick BONNEY & Mary CLARK - (m.1907 F.S. WYLIE - see below) -South Wandin Schoolteacher 1913, 1914 - [Teacher Registration No. 10833] d.1959 Mentone @ 89yrs

BOOL, Albert Henry son of Frederick BOOL & Elizabeth Helen HOCKEY - - Silvan Postmaster 1928 (b. 1891 Tarnagulla - d.1970 Bendigo, Vic.
BOOL, Eva May BAKER (m. 1919 Mrs A.H.Bool)
BOOL, Joan
BOOL, James

BOOM, Richard Guillaume - aka 'Dick The Frenchman' - b.1840 ? Dept of Nord, FRANCE - son of Renato BOOM & Mathilde REYNELL - (m.Vic.1868 Elizabeth Ann SHADDOCK) - Fencer, Gardiner, Dummy, General Dogsbody & Caretaker on John FRASER's Allotment on the Olinda Creek at South Wandin -now Silvan Dam area - d.1898 Prahran @ 58yrs
BOOM, Elizabeth Ann SHADDOCK -b.abt 1846 - daughter of George SHADDOCK & Eliza HIGHLAND - d.1897 Prahran @ 52yrs
BOOM, Mathilde Anna - b.1869-1869 Prahran @ 6wks
BOOM, William Henri -b.1870 Prahran - (m.Vic.1896 Ida WALKERDEN) -d.1929 Carlton Nth @ 59yr
BOOM, Ida WALKERDEN - b. 1870 St Arnaud, Vic. daughter of Staffordshire-born William WALKERDEN & Enniscorthy-born Louisa Rose COBURN - d.1954 Parkville
BOOM, Richard Renato -b.1872 Prahran - (m.Vic.1897 Ethel Augusta DAWSON) - d.1948 Essendon @ 76yr
BOOM, Ethel Augusta DAWSON -b.1876 Ararat, Vic. - dgtr of Tasmanian-born Frank DAWSON & London-born Alice Mary HINTON- -d.1962 Brighton
- BOOM, Roy Richard - b.1899 - d.1983 Prahran @ 84yr
- BOOM, Irene Alic e- b.1901 (m. McEVOY) - d.1978 Hampton @ 77yrs
BOOM, Alfred Ernst -b.1874 Prahran
BOOM, Frederik - b.1876 - 1876 Prahran @ 10d
BOOM, Frederick Marmaduke -b,1882 Prahran (m.Vic.1908 Alice Maud STYNES) -d.1955 Melb. @ 73yr
BOOM, Alice Maud STYNES - b.1885 Murtoa, Vic. -dghtr of Geelong-born Robert STYNES & Wickcliffe-born Mary Anne SOMMERS - d.1956 Melb.

BORRIES, Walter - b. 18th November 1882 at Celle, in Stadt Hannover, by then incorporated into the Reich of Deutsch Reich. Emigrated1906 by way of England, where he spent the next seven years, and from there embarked on the Nord Deutscher Lloyd steamship "FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE" Arr: Melb 3rd March 1913. Maturalised 10th Nov 1913 at Glenferrie. Borries was then working as a a Gardener and Florist. By 1925 he was at 'Lazy Nook' Monbulk, where he was a pioneer Telephone Mechanic - He died in 1971 at Emerald.

BOWDEN, Edwin John b.7th Feb 1861 Brisbane, QLD, son of Thomas BOWDEN & Hannah ROTHWELL - d.1944 Camberwell @ 84yrs
BOWDEN, Laura SMITH b. abt 1860 N.S.W. daughter of Edward SMITH & Alicia DIXON - (Mrs E.J.Bowden m.1888 Vic) -d.1915 Clifton Hill, Vic. @ 55yrs
BOWDEN, Edwin Thomas b. 1890 Brunswick West
BOWDEN, Lilian Rothwell b. 1891 Northcote
BOWDEN, Francis Albert - b. 1892 - d.1893 Sth Wandin Yallock @ 4 yrs
BOWDEN, Alicia Hannah b.1895 Launching Place
BOWDEN, Laura Sophia -b.1897 Launching Place
BOWDEN, Ellen (1901-1901) Drouin

BOWMAN, William -b.1869 Marham, Norfolk, England (m.2.Vic.1904 Jane Smith-Mackie) orchardist, Monbulk 1931 - he died,September 1953 in Bentleigh, Vic.
BOWMAN William Richard b.1899 Melb Sth
BOWMAN, Jane SMITH-MACKIE - orchardist, Monbulk 1931
BOWMAN, Thomas James -b.1905 Prahran
BOWMAN, Edward Percival -(m.1925 D.M. Mattingley) 'Norfolk' Silvan orchardist 1931
BOWMAN, Doris May MATTINGLEY - 'Norfolk' Silvan orchardist 1931
BOWMAN, John Alexander - (m.1927 F.M.Mattingley) Silvan, orchardist 1931
BOWMAN, Florence Mary MATTINGLEY - 'Norfolk' Silvan orchardist 1931
BOWMAN, William Richard - Silvan, (m.1921 H.D.Clarkson) orchardist 1931
BOWMAN, Helena Doris CLARKSON - Silvan, 1931

BOYES, Ellen Josephine, schoolteacher, Silvan South 1931 [Teacher Registration No.20547] - b.1868 Kingston, nr Creswick, Vic. dgtr of James BOYES & Margaret BLAIR - d.1945 Ballarat @ 76yrs

BOYD, Daniel Robert - Wandin, Grazier- 1931 - b. Tasmania -son of David Thomas BOYD & Sarah Jane IVES - (m.Vic.1901 Mary Josephine DANAHER) -d.1945 Lilydale @ 77yrs
BOYD, Mary Josephine DANAHER -b.abt 1876 Carlton - dghter of Dorian & Ellen DANAHER
BOYD, Mary Kathleen - 1914-1914 Wandin, Lilydale

BOYS, Walter Mould Anderson -b.14 June 1886 Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia - son of Walter BOYS & Elizabeth SAUNDERS - (m.Melb.Vic.1905 Jane Margaret MATTHEWS - nee FLEMING - widow of Ralph MATTHEWS - Residence 1914 Seville, Yarra Valley (-re-m.Vic. abt 19945 Ethel Georgina NIGHTINGALE) d.1967 Ferntree Gully, Victoria,
BOYS, Jane Margaret MATTHEWS - nee FLEMING -b.11 October 1872 Oatlands, Midlands, Tasmania - dghtr of Richard FLEMING (1835–1903) & Eliza BARWICK (1839–1914) - d.July 1943 Chelsea, Victoria
BOYS, Walter Neil -b. 1906 Newport – d.1973 Vic.
BOYS, Alfred Saunders -b. 1907 Prahran –(m.Vic. Catherine Ann RESUGGAN) d.1969 Prahran
BOYS, Catherine Ann RESUGGAN - of Cockatoo
BOYS, Anne Elizabeth -b.1909 Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic.1935 Hillas John CLARK) 1989
BOYS, Jean Margaret -b. 1911 Wandin Yallock –
BOYS, Vida May -b.1913 Wandin Yallock –
BOYS, Clarence Edwin -b.1915 Seville, Wandin Yallock – 1961
BOYS, Ethel Georgina NIGHTINGALE -b.1887 Berwick, West Gippsland - dghtr of John NIGHTINGALE & Emma Augusté Metzenthen THOMPSON (1859 – 1949) -d. 11 April 1972 Murchison, Vic.

BRABHAM, William - bricklayer @ Sth Wandin 1903 - d.1908 Hawthorn @ 72yrs - son of William BRABHAM & Elizabeth MORRIS -

BRADLEY, Sydney Cousins - Blacksmith, Silvan, 1931 - b.1880 Coburg, Vic. -son of Thomas Isaac BRADLEY & Louisa BAXTER -(m.Vic.1812 Nelliew Stewart) d.1948 Brunswick @ 68yrs
BRADLEY, Nellie Helen STEWART, b.1884 Carlton - dgtr of Nth-Melbourne-born, Bryce STEWART & Collingwood-born, Ellen Susan HADLEY - (Mrs S.C.BRADLEY m.1912 Vic) Silvan 1931 - d.1975 Greensborough @ 91yrs
BRADLEY, Stewart Sydney b.1912 Carlton
BRADLEY, Edna May Louise - b.1914 Carlton (m.1936 Ronald Warrender VENN) - see VENN
BRADLEY, James Robert Arthur b.1917 Carlton

BREEDIN, Walter William -b.abt 1865 - son of William BREEDIN & Margaret PATTERSON - d.1939 Prahran @ 73yr
BREEDIN, Emma Jean PLUMMER or PLUMBER - b.abt 1885 - dghtr of Robert PLUMMER & Emma Jane GREEN - d.1959 Melb. @ 73yrs
BREEDIN, Alma Rita - b.abt 1913 - d.1926 Sandringham @ 14yr
BREEDIN, Gordon Arnold - b.1915 Wandin Yallock - d.1918 Inglewood
BREEDIN, Jeffrey Murray - b.1917 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1942 Lorna Jessie MUIR)
BREEDIN, Lorna Jessie MUIR
BREEDIN, Norman George - b.1919 Boort-Boort

BRIERTY : First Family on the Wandin Yallock
BRIERTY, Robert - b.1814 Sydney, New South Wales - son of Owen BRIERTY aka McBRANTY (m.Jan 1844 Yarra Valley, Port Phillip to Annie McKAY) -widowed (m.Presbyterian Kirk, Campbellfield, north of Melbourne, Port Phillip District on Oct 1844 to Violet Gordon McKAY) - d.17 Oct 1895 Gruyere, Lillydale, Yarra Valley
BRIERTY, Violet Gordon Mackay McKAY
-b.1824 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland -daughter of John MACKAY & Violet Malvina LAWSON (1784–1856) d.18 May 1880 ?
BRIERTY, John -b.1844 Yarra Valley – 1923 Healesville, Victoria,
BRIERTY, Robert Mackay -b.1846 Yarra Valley – 1875 Gruyere, Lillydale
BRIERTY, James Douglas -b. 1847 Steels Flat Station, Wandin Yallock Creek, Yarra Valley –(m.Vic.1867 Annie FISHER) 1887
BRIERTY, Annie FISHER -b.1847 Whitehaven, Cumberland, England - dghtr of Allan FISHER (1816–1869) & Jane PATTESON (1817–1863) -d.7 Nov 1892 Lillydale, Yarra Valley - see FISHER
--BRIERTY, Robert Allan -b.1867 Lillydale
--BRIERTY, Edwin Charles -b.1870 Lillydale
--BRIERTY, Violet May Robina -b.1873 Lillydale
--BRIERTY, Frederick Alexander -b.1876 – 1920
--BRIERTY, Jane Pattison -b.1878
--BRIERTY, Blanche Margaret Fisher -b.1881 Lillydale –
BRIERTY, Edwin -b.1849 Steels Flat, Wandin Yallock Creek, Upper Yarra–
BRIERTY, Charles Henry -b.1851 Upper Yarra –(m.Qld.1891 Margaret FITZGERALD)d.1945 QLD
BRIERTY, Alexander -b. 1854 Upper Yarra (m.Qld.1892 Julia Mary HORRIGAN)– 1909
BRIERTY, Samuel Ernest -b.1856 Upper Yarra -(m.Vic.1890 Lilly Maria GARFORD) – 1925
BRIERTY, Frederick William -b.1860 Steels Flat, Wandin Yallock Creek (m.Qld.1888 gnes Kathleen PHARR)– d.19 April 1936 Queensland, Australia
BRIERTY, Agnes Kathleen PHARR -b.1862 Ballarat East - daughter of Robert Elam PHARR (1828–1903) & Elizabeth O'SULLIVAN (1837–1897) - d.1920 Queensland, Australia

BRIGGS, Isaac -b.1 June 1815 Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire, Eng. - son of Thomas BRIGGS and Anne WAINMAN- (m.10 Feb 1838 Dalton in Furness, Lancashire, to Elizabeth HELME or HOLME) - Occupation: Carpenter-Cabinetmaker --Emigration 1841 to Melbourne, Port Phillip, Australia on the ship "FRANCES" Residence 1844: Carpentry Workshop& dwelling, off Bourke Street, Melbourne. Residence 1856 and Franchise: Freehold land in LITTLE ELTHAM - d.1894 Little Eltham, Diamond Valley, Vic.
BRIGGS, Elizabeth 'Betty' HELME or HOLME - b.15 July 1821 Dalton, Lancashire, Eng. -daughter of Richard HELME & Betty SALE -d.1891 Little Eltham, Vic.
BRIGGS, Thomas - b.28 July 1838 - d.1840 Dalton in Furness, Lancashire

BRIGGS, George - b.21 January 1840 Dalton in Furness, Lancashire - son of Isaac BRIGGS & Betty HELME - Emigrated on the ship "FRANCES" - Reel 2144. Item 4/4814, Page 112 -Briggs, Isaac, Betty & Family. - Occupation: Frontiersman and Builder - d. 2 November 1863 Gruyere, Yering Parish, Lillydale Shire, Yarra Valley,

BRIGGS, Thomas Christopher b.19 April 1844 Flagstaff Hill, Melbourne, Port Phillip District, New South Wales. -son of Isaac BRIGGS & Betty HELME - (m.May 1878 Heidelberg, Vic. to Maria HOUGHTON) -Occupation: Pioneer Horticulturalist and Fruitgrower. First Grower of Passion Fruit in Victoria - d. 8 September 1916 South Wandin, Wandin Yallock, Vic.
BRIGGS, Maria HOUGHTON -b.1859 Ivanhoe-on-Yarra, Heidelberg -dghter of George HOUGHTON & Caroline BARROWS - d.1940 Wandin Yalloak, see HOUGHTON
BRIGGS, Alfred Ernest -b.1879 Wandin Yalloak, (m.Vic.1903 Emma May SEBIRE) - d.1943 Wandin Yallock
BRIGGS, Emma May SEBIRE- b.30 Dec 1882 Wandin Yallock - dghtr of William Joseph SEBIRE & Marie Anna RIHOY -one child - d.30 Sept 1949 West Footscray -see SEBIRE
- BRIGGS, Albert William b.1905 South Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1930 Beatrice Olive KAY) - d.1973 Bendigo
- BRIGGS, Beatrice Olive KAY b.1908 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk -dghtr of James Allen KAY & Catherine Jane Ethel BORTHWICK – d.1973 Golden Square, Bendigo,
BRIGGS, John Thomas - b.1880 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1907 Mary Ann HUSTON) -d.1943 Lilydale @ 63yrs
BRIGGS, Mary Ann HUSTON - b.1885 Warburton, Vic. - dghtr of John HUSTON & Mary ATKINSON - d.1961 Croydon - see HUSTON
- BRIGGS, Eva Mavis -b.1908 South Wandin (m.Vic.1936 Harold BAKER) –b.1954 Heidelberg
- BRIGGS, Kathleen Grace -b.1913 South Wandin –
- BRIGGS, John Huston 'Jack' -b.1917 South Wandin –
BRIGGS, 'Emily' Emma Ada (m.Vic.1902 Mrs Wandin Thomas SEBIRE) -d. 7 Sept 1957 Melbourne. Buried: Lilydale -see SEBIRE
BRIGGS, George Edwin - b.1883 Wandin Yalloak - (m.Vic.1917 Mabel KIMPTON) - d.1962 Parkville, Melbourne
BRIGGS, Mabel KIMPTON - b.1886 Melbourne - dghtr of John KIMPTON & Margaret ANDERSON - d.1959 Lilydale, Yarra Valley
- BRIGGS, Helen Margaret b.1918-1918 Coburg, Vic.
BRIGGS, Arthur b.1886 Wandin Yalloak - (m.Vic.1919 Alice HUSTON)- residence: 'Fern Acres' Wandin East - d.1964 Lilydale, Vic
BRIGGS, Alice HUSTON- b.1887 Warburton, Vic - dghtr of John HUSTON & Mary ATKINSON - Residence4: 'Fern Acres' Wandin East - d.1960 Lilydale, Vic. - - see HUSTON
BRIGGS, Mabel - b.1904 Sth Wandin, Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1925 Charles Arthur KNOLL) - d.16 January 1931 Burleigh, Silvan South in tragic accident. Buried: Lilydale Cemetery - Charles Arthur KNOLL remarried 1933 to Catherine Winifred 'Kit' THOMPSON (1915–2006) - see KNOLL

BRIGGS, Elizabeth Annie - b.1846 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, New South Wales - dghtr of Isaac BRIGGS & Betty HELME - (m.Vic.1869 Samuel WALL from Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire)- eight WALL children born Heidelberg & Eltham - d.1914 Essendon, Vic. @ 68yrs

BRIGGS, Mary - b.1850 Heidelberg, Nillambik, Port Phillip District, NSW -dghtr of Isaac BRIGGS & Betty HELME - (m.Fitzroy 27 May 1876 to William MANEFIELD (b.1846 Sheffield, Yorkshire- d.1920 Neerim South) - ten MANEFIELD children, seven daughter sand three sons, born in Brunswick, Eltham & Neerim, Gippsland d.9 Feb.1926 Neerim South, West Gippsland Victoria

BRIGGS, John - b.1851 Eltham, Nillambik, Diamond-Yarra Valley - son of Isaac BRIGGS & Betty HELME - Occupation: farmer-settler - (m.Vic.1878 Amelia JOHNS) Residence: Farmer at Cowwarr & Toongabbie, Central Gippsland - d.1908 Sale, Central Gippsland @ 57yrs
BRIGGS, Amelia JOHNS - b.1858 Sandhurst Goldfields, Bendigo - daughter of William JOHNS & Mary O'TOOLE - eleven BRIGGS children: five sons & four daughters - d.1916 Sale, Gippsland

BRIGGS, Isaac - b.1854 Eltham, Nillambik, Yarra Valley - son of Isaac BRIGGS & Betty HELME - d.1900 Neerim, West Gippsland @ 43yrs

BRIGHTON, Bertha 'Corio' Hunter Rd, Wandin Ylk 1931

BRITTINGHAM, Walter Edgar b.1867 Newstead, The Loddon, Vic. -son of Toronto-Canadian-born, William BRITTINGHAM & Ann Amelia LEE - who married in Victoria in 1857. - (m.Vic.1902 Ada Fagg SCOTT) -d.1945 Melbourne @ 78yrs
BRITTINGHAM, Ada Fagg SCOTT -b.1881 Benalla - dgtr of John SCOTT & Amy FAGG of Berwick, Vic. - d.
BRITTINGHAM, Dorothy Alice -b.1903 Berwick, Vic. (m.Vic.1924 Rex Edward WALKER)
BRITTINGHAM, Frank Ellison -b.1905 Berwick
BRITTINGHAM, Margery Constance Frances -b.1913 St Kilda
BRITTINGHAM, Adelaide Lucie Nancy - b.1915 Murrumbeena - d.1922 Clifton Hill @ 7yrs
BRITTINGHAM, Walter Lloyd -b.1917 Wandin Yallock

BRITTON, Jabez - b.8 September 1850 in Hartland, Devon, England - son of John BRITTON & Mary LITTLEJOHNS - (m.Hartland, Devon 16 Apr 1874 Margaret Ann HOPPER) -Emigrated: to arrive Melbourne October 1889 @ age 38 on the ship "LIGURIA."
BRITTON, Margaret Ann HOPPER -b.June 1855 in Hartland, Devon = daughter of Richard Achton HOPPER & Rosa COLWILL - -Emigrated: to arrive Melbourne October 1889 @ age 34 on the ship "LIGURIA." - d.14 January 1924 in Seville, Wandin Yallock
BRITTON, John Hopper - b.1875 Hartland, Devonshire - d.16 January 1950
BRITTON, Frederick William - b.18 June 1876 in Hartland, Devonshire - -Emigrated: to arrive Melbourne October 1889 @ age 12 on the ship "LIGURIA." -(m.Vic 9 Sept 1903 Clara Celine FAIRLESS) - d.27 December 1961 in Croydon, Vic.
BRITTON, Clara Celine FAIRLESS -b.10 January 1875 in Yandoit, nr Guildford, Loddon Diggings -daghter of William Samuel FAIRLESS & Mary Ann MARTIN -d. 2 April 1957 in Ascot Vale, Vic. - see FAIRLESS
-BRITTON, Frederick John - b.1904 Wandin Yallock - d. 2 November 1965 Artarmon, New South Wales
-BRITTON, William Alwyn Basil - b.1906 Wandin Yallock
-BRITTON, Mary Ann - b.1907 - 1907 Wandin Yallock
-BRITTON, Kenneth Fairless - b.1909 Wandin Yallock
-BRITTON, Herbert Ernest - b.1911 Wandin Yallock
BRITTON, Ernest -b.12 November 1879 in Hartland, Devonshire -- -Emigrated: to arrive Melbourne October 1889 @ age 10 on the ship "LIGURIA." - (m.Vic.18 Jun 1907 Adelaide Louisa COUCH) widowed -(m.Vic.1912 Ada Alice Victoria WILLETT) - widowed (m.Vic. Ruby Jane Rose BRITTAIN) - d. 27 October 1965 Redcliffe, Queensland
BRITTON, Adelaide Louisa COUCH -b.1882 Templestowe, Bulleen-Bulleen - dghtr of David Tamblyn COUCH & Margaret Anne QUAYLE- d.7 April 1910 in Wandin Yallock @ 27yrs - see COUCH
-BRITTON, Ernest Leslie - b.1908 - 1908 Wandin Yallock
BRITTON, Ada Alice Victoria WILLETT - b.21 June 1883 in Fitzroy, Melbourne - dghtr of - d.28 January 1917 in Dalby, Queensland
BRITTON, Rosa Jane b.6 April 1882 in Hartland, Devonshire - -Emigrated: to arrive Melbourne October 1889 @ age 7 on the ship "LIGURIA." -(m.Vic1907 Frederick John PROUT) -d. 22 April 1951 in Seville, Wandin Yallock
BRITTON, Stanley 'Herbert' b.1886 Hartland, Devonshire - -Emigrated: to arrive Melbourne October 1889 @ age 3 on the ship "LIGURIA." (m.Vic.1912 Blanche Florence YOUNG - d.2 August 1973 in Seville, Wandin Yallock
BRITTON, Blanche Florence YOUNG
-BRITTON, Ethel May - b.1914 Wandin Yallock
-BRITTON, Arthur Stanley - b.1916 Wandin Yallock
-BRITTON, Florence Myrtle - b.1917 Lilydae
BRITTON, Emily Maud 1893 Seville, Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic.1916 Perrin Norris WALLACE) d. 21 April 1944 in South Melbourne - see WALLACE

BRODBY, Walter Reginald- farmer Wandin East 1931
BRODBY, Hilda Annie - Wandin East - home duties 1931

BROMLEY, Arthur William - b.abt 1864 Essex, England, (m.Vic.1896 Adeline HARRIS) - d.1949 Warragul @ 85yrs
BROMLEY, Adeline HARRIS - b.abt 1873 Vic. dghtr of Samuel HARRIS & Julia MABER - d.1935 Yarra Junction
BROMLEY, Ethel - b. 1897 Coongulmerang, Vic. - (m.Vic.1918 Marshall Thomas DAVIS) - d.1968 Yallourn @ 71yrs
BROMLEY, Arthur William Harris - b.1899 Coongulmerang -(m.1922 Gladys HARDY) - d.1964 Heidelberg @ 64yrs
BROMLEY, Edward Alfred - b.1900 Coongulmerang - (m.1925 Rebecca May PORTER) - d.1924 Warburton @ 23yrs
BROMLEY, May - b.1902 Coongulmerang, Vic. - (m.1926 William Stephen JENKINS) - d.1976 Trafalgar @ 74yrs
BROMLEY, Ronald - b.1903 Coongulmerang (m.1928 Lillian Ida NELSON)
BROMLEY, Brassie - b.1907 Coongulmerang, Vic
BROMLEY, Horace John - b.1909 Wandin Yallock (m.1933 Aileen Inez LIDGERWOOD)
BROMLEY, Eliza Belle - b.1914 Warburton -- (m.Vic.1938 Clarence Henry TELFORD)
BROMLEY, Nette - b.1915 Warburton, Vic.


BROTHERSON, Mary Isabella SORRELL - b.1874 Bealiba, Vic. - daughtr of Robert SORREL & Catherine STEELE- @ Sth Wandin 1903
BROTHERSON, Joseph William GRAY -b. Northcote - (m.1908)
BROTHERSON, Joseph Grayy - b.1904 - d.1904 Prahran
BROTHERSON, May Gray - b.1905 Prahran
BROTHERSON, Reuben Ernest d.1968 Armadale @ 70yrs (m.Vic.1920 Annie REILLY)
BROTHERSON, Cecil David -b.1920 St Kilda

BROWN, Francis -b. Forfarshire, SCOTLAND - - (m.Vic.1881 Helen 'Ellen' PULLAR) - d.
BROWN, Helen PULLAR -b. Perth, Perthshire, Scotland - d. - see PULLAR
BROWN, Francis Ward - b.1868 Footscray
BROWN, Jessie -b.1869 Footscray
BROWN, Dorothy Laura -b.1872 Melbourne
BROWN, Edith -b,.1879 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
BROWN, Victor Edwin -b.1882 Carlton
BROWN, Lillian Helen -b.1885 Footscray - d.1885 Footscray @ 10m
BROWN, Olive Blanch -b.1887 Footscray

BROWN, James Kerr - Silvan State Schoolteacher 1931 - [Teacher Registration No. 2513] - b. Beechworth, Vic. - - (m.Vic.1901 Euphemia Greene) -d.
BROWN, Euphemia Cameron GREENE - Silvan school 1931 - [Teacher Registration No. 5178] b.1874 Lexton, Vic. -dgtr of William Henry GREENE & Bethia McCOLL - d.1949 Belgrave @ 74yrs
BROWN, Mary Bethia -b.1902 Avoca, Vic. (m.1930 Edward Charles JENKINS) - d.1975 Box Hill @ 72yrs
BROWN, Eunice Sarah -b.1904 Landsborough, Vic. [ Teacher Registration No. 22742] (m.1934 Edward William GLADMAN) -d.1958 Serpentine @ 54yrs
BROWN, Euphemia Flora Jane -b.1905 Landsborough, Vic- @ Silvan School 1931 [Teacher Registration No. 22245] - (m.1933 William James CRISP)
BROWN, John William Henry -b.1908 Landsborough - d.1969 Mornington @ 60yrs

BROWN, Frederick - b.abt 1860 England - son of John Charles Louis BROWN & Eliza GREGORY - (m.Vic.1889 Ida WILD / WILDE) d.1932 South Yarra @ 72yrs
BROWN, Ida WILDE b.abt 1864 Yorkshire, Great Britain - dgtr of Charles WILDE & Lucy TAYLOR - d.1951 South Yarra @ 87yrs -
BROWN, Jessie Victoria -b.1890 Hawthorn, Boroondara (m.1920 Reuben WILLIAMS) - d.1946 Richmond @ 55yrs
BROWN, Ida Frederica - b.1895 Hawthorn, Boroondara (m.1921 Albert Hermann LAUER b.1894 Collingwood - son of Gottfried Heinrich LAUER & Friedericke KOCH)

BROWN, Frederick George Edison b.1897 Hawthorn, Boroondara (m.1922 Olive Stella HINDMARSH) - d.1970 Caulfield @ 72yrs
BROWN, Olive Stella HINDMARSH -b.abt 1899 - dgtr of Edward & Mary HINDMARSH - d.1982 Essendon @ 83yrs
- BROWN, Reginald b.1922 - attended South Silvan Primary School
BROWN, Reginald Alfred -b.1899 Richmond, Vic. (m.1927 Olive Marian PROWD) - d.1967 Jolimont @ 68yrs
BROWN, Olive Marian PROWD - b.abt 1900 -dgtr of James PROWD & Florence JOHNSTONE - d. 1979 Ringwood
BROWN, Gordon Stanley -b.1901 Richmond, Vic. - orchardist Silvan 1931 - (m.1924 Eva Maud ADAMTHWAITE) - d.1960 Geelong @ 59yrs
BROWN, Eva Maud ADAMTHWAITE -b.abt 1903 - dghtr of Charles ADAMTHWAITE & Emily Harriet NEWLING - at Silvan 1931 - d.1976 Geelong @ 73yrs
- BROWN, Gwenda P. - b.1924 attended South Silvan Primary School
- BROWN, Maxwell Gordon - b.1931 attended South Silvan Primary School
BROWN, Irene Elsie -b.1904 Richmond (m.1927 Rudolph Eberhardt LAUER- b.1897 Collingwood- son of Gottfried Heinrich LAUER & Friedericke KOCH)

BROWN, Maximilian - Max & Louisa were 'Parents' @ the Olinda Creek Farm with the Try Boys Society - b. 1837 England - son of John BROWN & Maria JOHNSON - d. 24 March 1922 in St Arnaud, Vic.
BROWN, Louisa Ann BATH - b. 17 April 1852 Adelaide South Australia - daughter of the Cornish-born parents Thomas BATH & Mary HILL, of Adelaide, SA & St Arnaud, Vic. - d. 1940 in St Arnaud, Vic.

BROWN, M. H. -Proprietor of Allotment No. on the Olinda Creek, Parish of Wnaidn Yallock, McKillop - Mary Hannah BOLTON BROWN
BROWN, Arthur - b. Ballarat
BROWN, Mary Hannah BOLTON - b.23 October 1856 Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land (later Tasmania) - daughter of Jonathon BOLTON & Annie Jane SMITH who immigrated to Melbourne after her birth and were in Williamstown, Vic. by 1858 - d.1935 Hawthorn, Vic @ 78yrs - [NOTE: her elder brother William Henry BOLTON was born 2 July 1851 on Norfolk Island]
BROWN, Ethel May Bolton - b.1880 Kew, Boroondara - (m.Vic.1919 Athelstan Wharton Dodge BROWN)
BROWN, Bertha Emma - b.1881-1882 Kew @ 3m
BROWN, Florence Gertude - b.1883 Kew - (m.Vic.1917 Robert Richard PERKS) - d.1970 Camberwell @ 88yr
BROWN, Hilda Elsie - b.1884 Hawthorn, Boroondara
BROWN, Lilian Constance - b.1889 Hawthorn (m.Vic.1917 Ivan Dudley TIBBITS) - d.1978 Glen..? @ 89yrs
BROWN, Harold Arthur Dethrick- b.1893 Hawthorn - -(m.Vic.1924 Louise DUNSTONE) - d. 1978 Hawthorn @ 84yrs

BROWN, Mary Margaret -from Scotland (Mrs William Smith AITKEN)

BROWN, William Thomas Henry -b.1869 Bullarook, Mt Prospect, East of Ballarat - son of Thomas Henry BROWN & Rebecca WILLIAMs - (m.Vic.1894 Emma WICKHAM) - d.1925 Melb.East @ 58yrs
BROWN, Emma WICKHAM -b.1874 Little Hampton, nr Trentham, vic. - daughter of Lawrence WICKHAM & Letitia Rebecca Louisa BABBINGTON - d.1913 Yarra Junction, Vic.
BROWN, William Henry -b.1895 Blue Mountain, Newbury, North Blackwood Goldfield, Trentham< Vic. –
BROWN, Ada Rebecca -b.1900 Healesville, Upper Yarra– (m.Vic.1916 Tipperary-born Thomas HICKEY)
BROWN, Mabel Ethel -b.1904 Healesville, Upper Yarra– (m.Vic.1928 Cecil HARVEY)
BROWN, Dorothy Letitia -b.1906 Healesville, Upper Yarra–
BROWN, Eileen Emma -b.1913 Yarra Junction, Upper Yarra –(m.Vic.1935 Harold Anzac WRIGHT)
BROWN, Horace Richard Laurence 'Smiler'-b. 29 May 1910 Yarra Junction - son of William Thomas Henry BROWN & Emma WICKHAM - (m.1938 - 2nd husband of Olive Ada KNOLL) - lived at Wiseman Road, Burleigh and at Monbulk-Lilydale (Silvan) Road, McKillop d.8 May 1970 Frankston, Vic.
BROWN, Olive Ada KNOLL b.10 May 1902 'Hohenheim' Parker Rd, South Wandin - dghter of K Wilhelm KNOLL & Ada Jane HOLLIS - d. 28 February 1981 Frankston, Vic.
BROWN, Linda Christabel - b. 1937 Wiseman Rd, Burleigh –(Linda was crippled with polio, and suffered much hospitalization and treatment as a child d. 2003 Frankston, Vic.

BROWN, Foress Laslie - Silvan, grocer 1931 - - b. abt 1850 - Emigrated to arrived Melbourne Feb.1922 @ 71 yrs per the ship 'DEMOSTHENES' - d.1931 Murrumbeena @ 81 yrs - son of George & Mary BROWN
BROWN, Foress Laslie - b.abt 1909 -(m.Vic.1938 Mary Victoria GINN)- d.1984 Kew, Boroondara @ 75yrs
BROWN, Mary Victoria GINN

BRUCE, Sydney Thomas 'Sid' -b.6 April 1861 Collingwood, Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria - son of Lewisham, Kent-born John Benjamin BRUCE (1826 – 1882) & Great Yarmouth, Norfolk-born Mary Eliza COOK ( 1829 – 1904) - (m.Vic.26 Jan 1888 Fitzroy to Marie Louisa GEDGE) residence 1903 91 Islington street, Barkly Ward, Yarra, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia - PLASTERER - -d. 1 August 1909 Collingwood, Yarra, Melbourne,
BRUCE, Marie Louisa GEDGE -b.25 January 1870 in Sebastopol, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia - dghter of Hoxton, London-born William Benjamin Walter GEDGE (1845 – 19310 & London-born Jane Webster Robinson BUTCHER (1846 – 1870) - widowed 1909 - (remarried Vic.1911 Charles Henry -the Elder- OATEN (1866 – 1951)) -d. 30 November 1945 in Mentone, Melbourne, Victoria
BRUCE, Ada Elizabeth -b.1888 Collingwood, – 1890 Collingwood, Vic.
BRUCE, Mary Eliza Cook -b.1890 Collingwood, Vic. (m.Northcote, Vic. 26 June 1915 Robert Vincent AUSTIN)–five AUSTIN children born 1916-1926 -d.28 November 1977 in Ivanhoe, Melbourne, Victoria
BRUCE, Norman Thomas Benjamin -b. 1893 Collingwood, Vic. -(m. Emma Eliza ? ) – d.1951 Creswick, Vic.
BRUCE, Emma Eliza ?
BRUCE, Ida Louisa Hughina -b.1895 Collingwood, Yarra, Vic. - (m.Vic.1919 Charles Henry the Third OATEN) - Five OATEN children born 1920-1930 - Residence 1980 No.8 Steedman street, Oakleigh, Mordialloc East, Isaacs, Victoria, Australia -FRUITERER's mother – d.1984 Moroka, Avon-Mitchell Valley, Gippsland
BRUCE, William John Gedge 'Willie -b.1898 Collingwood, Yarra, Vic–(m.Vic.1922 Lila Mary POPE) -d.1969 Yarra, Melbourne
BRUCE, Lilla Mary POPE -b.1900 Stanley, Victoria, Australia -dghter of Henry POPE & Margaret COE -
-BRUCE, son -b.abt 1924
-BRUCE, daughter -b.abt 1926
BRUCE, Edith Kate Jane -b.1900 Collingwood, Vic.– (m.Vic.1924 Frank Baden REEMAN (1900 – 1975)) -d. 4 January 1987 in Camberwell, Vic.
BRUCE, Annie Vera Sidney -b.1904 Collingwood, Yarra, Melbourne –(m.Vic. Herbert Wesley 'Bert' CAREY (1905 – 1994)) - CAREY chidren - -d.14 August 1995 Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
OATEN, Charles Henry -the Second -b.1866 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -son of Charles OATEN (1843 – 1914) & Harriet Louisa ROBERTS (1848 – 1884) - -d.12 April 1951 in Reservoir, Melbourne
OATEN, Winifred Amelia -b.1911 Collingwood, Yarra, Melbourne –(m.Vic.1938 Carl Christian 'Charles' OLSEN (1905 – 1989)) - d. 1995 Keilor, Melbourne

BRUNNING, Charles - b. London, England (m.Vic.1878 Maryanne COOPER)
BRUNNING, Mary Anne COOPER - b.1861 Nunawading - daughter of John COOPER & Hannah POCKET - d.
BRUNNING, James John - b.1879 Lilydale - d.1888 Lilydale
BRUNNING, Charles George - b.1881 Lilydale - d.1888 Lilydale
BRUNNING, Emily Hannah - b.1883 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1903 Herbert Harold DOLPHIN) d.
BRUNNING, Camelia May - b.1886 Lilydale - d.1888 Yering
BRUNNING, William Claude -b.1889 Lilydale - son of Charles BRUNNING & Mary Ann COOPER _ (m.Vic.1917 Eleanore Josine Margaret BEDFORD)
BRUNNING, Eleanore Josine Margaret BEDFORD - b.1888 Wandin-Lilydale - - dghter of Yorkshire-born Thomas Lockhart 'Tom' BEDFORD & Elizabeth Sarah BETTS
- BRUNNING, Joyce Elizabeth - b.1918 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1939 Frederick George PELL)
- BRUNNING, Mary Josephine - b.1920 Lilydale
BRUNNING, Ethel Ormuz - b.1891 Lilydale - (m.Viv.1913 Henry John BINKS)
BRUNNING, Hedley Arthur - b.1893 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1932 Alice Rose CALLAWAY)
BRUNNING, Stanley Cooper - b.1895 - 1895 Lilydale
BRUNNING, Oruba Victoria - b.1897 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1919 Sidney LOMAS)
BRUNNING, Herbert Henry - b.1899 Lilydale (m.Vic.1937 Janet Isobel McPHERSON)
BRUNNING, Leonard Stephen - b.1903 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1935 Jessie Bird MATTHEWS)
BRUNNING, Vida Mary - b.1906 Lilydale

BULLER, Edward John -b.25 Jan 1841 St Annes, Oxfordshire, later London Eng. (m.Vic.1861 Mary YOUNG) + Lilydale & Warburton - d. 7 October 1908 in West Warburton [Wesburn] - Buried: Wesburn
BULLER, Mary YOUNG - b. abt 1831 Haddington, Edinburgh, East Lothian, Scotland - dghtr of James YOUNG (1796 – 1883) and Mary McCRIE (1793 – 1865). d.23 June 1911 in West Warburton [Wesburn]
BULLER, Elisabeth Ellen -b.1862 Heidelberg - d. 1967 Heidelberg [Wesburn]
BULLER, Edward James -b.1864 Heidelberg, Vic. - (m.Vic.1890 Catherine Helena SPEERS) - d. 23 September 1933 Yarra Junction
BULLER, Catherine Helena SPEERS - b.1871 Hoddles Creek - dghtr of William SPEERS & Ann Hipkin PARKER - d.29 October 1934 in Wesburn, Yarra Junction
-BULLER, Helen Catherine -b.1890 – 1972
-BULLER, John Alexander -b.1892 – 1916
-BULLER, Arthur Archibald -b.1894 – 1917
-BULLER, Charles Edward -b.1896 – 1917
-BULLER, Leonard Gordon -b.1897 – 1966
-BULLER, Hazel Emily Ann -b.1901 – 1926
-BULLER, Ivy Francis -b.1904 – Wandin Yallock Post Mistress - (m.Vic. Bror Sven 'Jack' OSTERMAN (1904 – 1993)) d.1 January 1974 Wandin - see OSTERMAN
-BULLER, Hector Stanley -b.1909 – 1984
BULLER, Helen Jessie - b.1866 Lilydale (mVic.1902 Mrs Charles Ernest BEURLE) First Postmistress @ South Wandin - at BEURLE's - (BURLEIGH) - d.7 May 1945 Dun Aros Private Hospital, Swan Hill, Vic. - see BEURLE
BULLER, Archibald George b.1869 Lillydale - (m.Vic.1896 Margaret Catherine Cecilia KELLY) - widowed - (m.Vic.1909 Georgina Ellen GAIRN) - d. 25 February 1932 Wesburn, West Warburton
BULLER, Margaret Catherine Cecilia KELLY -(1877 – -d.23 Oct 1908 West Warburton )
-BULLER, Archibald Edward 1897 Healesville – 1918
-BULLER, Albert Michael 1899 Healesville, Vic. – 1985 Bruce Rock, WA
BULLER, Georgina Ellen GAIRN - (1884 – 1941)
-BULLER, Ronald Blair 1910 Malvern –
-BULLER, Jean Mary 1912 Malvern –
-BULLER, Keith George -b.1915 Wandin, Lillydale –
-BULLER, Winifred Anne - b.7 Sep 1918 West Warburton –(m.Warby,Vic.1940 Noel Stephen SIPPE) -d.18 Nov 1976 Merridin, WA
BULLER, Ernest Arthur b.1871 Wandin Yallock- Lillydale -1874 Warburton
BULLER, Annie Blanche b.1873 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale -Occupation: MUSIC TEACHER - d.4 May 1915 Malvern, Vic
BULLER, Mabel Catherine b.1876 Warburton - (m.Vic.1902 James Charles HERMON) - d. 1952 Warburton - see HERMON

BUNT, Leonard - b.1891 son of Frederick William & Annie BUNT (m.Vic.1925 E.M.E.Handmer) orchardist at Wandin 1931-1966 - d. 1986 Samaria, Vic.
BUNT, Edith Mary Ellen HANDMER b.1899 Heathcote, Vic. -dghtr of Charles Thomas HANDMER of Adelaide & Emily Eliza AYLETT of Bulla-Bulla, - at Wandin 1931-1966 = d.?
BUNT, Helen Louise -b.1926 Wandin- d.2003 Melbourne
BUNT, Alan Leonard b.1930 -d. 2008 Samaria, Vic.
BUNT, James Laurence 1934 -1961 d.Heidelberg

BURCHALL, Thomas Frederick - b.7 Dec 1880 Marjorca- Craigie Vic - son of Calne, Wiltshire-born, William BURCHALL & Marion Arminell Henrietta DAVEY - who was born at sea on the ship 'MARION' on 28 Dec 1848 of emigrant Cornish Parents - of Acheron, Alexandra, Vic. - (m.Vic.1919 A.J.Jacobson) - Garage Proprietor, Silvan 1931 & 1937 & 1943 - Commission Agent - d.1967 Box Hill @ 87yrs
BURCHALL, Alice Jane JACOBSON b.11 June 1896 Launceston, Tasmania - dghtr of Lanceston-Tasmanian-born, George JACOBSON & Mary Jane ABBERTON who married in Launceston in February 1888. - @ Silvan 1931 - d.1949 Healesville @ 52 yrs
BURCHALL, George Thomas b.1919 Alexandra, Vic - d.1930 Lilydale
BURCHALL, Thomas Frederick Jnr. -proprietor Silvan 1954
BURCHALL, Shirley Kathleen
BURCHALL, Jack' John -b. 24 Sept 1922 Alexandra, Vic. soldier 1954, Silvan
BURCHALL, Harold Victor d.1932 Melbourne
BURCHALL, Allan Carl William -b.
BURCHALL, Daphne Irene

BURCHALL, Emily Ann b.1901 - daughter of John BURCHALL & Sarah Harriet (m.Vic.1923 Ian Ivan Hermann GRABOWSKY) - d.1961 Kew, Vic. @ 60yrs

BURGI, Johannes 'John' b.1824 Switzerland (m.Lillydale 1864 Mary TYNE) - d.1904 Wandin Yallock
BURGI, Mary TYNE - b.1843 Ireland - daughter of Mr TYNE & Mary DORAN - D.1904 Wandin Yallock
BURGI, Mary Ellen - b.1864 Yering - 1866
BURGI, Edmund - b.1866 Lilydale (m.Vic.1910 Mary KIERNAN )-d.1924 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 58yrs
BURGI, Mary Lily KIERNAN - b.1877 Gruyere, Lillydale, Yarra Valley - daughter of John KIERNAN & Margaret BURKE - d.1976 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 99yrs
- BURGI, Bernhard Joseph - b.21 April 1913 Wandin Yallock
- BURGI, Mary Teresa -b.1916 Wandin Yallock
- BURGI, Edmund Leopold -b.12 January 1919 Wandin Yallock
- BURGI, Moira - b. Wandin Yallock
BURGI, Mary Ellen - b.1867 Stobies Nob, Lillydale - (m.Vic,1892 Louis KÖLLING)-d.1954 Ferntree Gully @ 86yrs - see KÖLLING
BURGI, Anne Elisabeth - b.1869 Lillydale - (m.Vic. Bart MAGEE)
BURGI, 'Emma' Emily Theresa - b.1871 Lillydale - d.1903 Lillydale
BURGI, John Thomas Tyne - b.1872 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1912 Margaret SLEVIN) - d.1948 Wandin Yallock @ 75yrs
BURGI, Margaret SLEVIN - b.1874 Lilydale - duaghter of Tipperaray-born John SLEVIN & Ann FEENANE - d.1946 Wandin Yallock @ 72yrs
- BURGI, John Francis -b.1912 - - d.1977 Wandin Yallock @ 64yrs
- BURGI, Mary -b.1913 - d.1977 Wandin Yallock @ 63yrs
- BURGI, Anne - b.1918 Wandin Yallock - d.1938 Fitzroy @ 19yrs
BURGI, Samuel I - b.1874 - 1876 Wandin Yallock
BURGI, Samuel II - b.1876 Wandin Yallock - - - d.1947 Ferntree Gully
BURGI, Catherine -b.1876 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1905 Alfred MEIER of Box Hill ) - see MEIER
BURGI, Lily Margarette -b.1881 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1920 Peter Albert MEIER)-d.1965 Boronia @ 81yrs - see MEIER

BURNE, John -b.1862 Axe Creek, nr Strathfieldsaye, Bendigo, - son of English-born gold miner John Thorpe BURNE (1819 – 1891) and Kentish-born Charlotte MASTERS of Strathfieldsaye, Sandhurs - -Occupation, Railwayman and STATION MASTER at Bendigo District, St Arnaud, Pyalong, KIlmore, Wallan Wallan, Donnybrook, Moonee Ponds - by 1929/1930 Retired S.M./ STATION MASTER on berry farm in Wandin Yallock, - 1934 Queens Road, Wandin -d.1941 Elsternwick - Buried. Lilydale Pioneer Cemetery
BURNE, Harriet Agnes LAPTHORNE -b.1861 White Hills, Sandhurst, Bendigo Goldfields - dghtr of Devonshire-born gold miner John Petherick LAPTHORNE (1819 – 1903) and Charlotte EMERY (1832 – 1905) of Sandhurst district - d.11 July 1931 Queens Road, Wandin-Silvan, Wandin Yallock - Buried. Lilydale Pioneer Cemetery

BURNE, Ethel Charlotte -b.1887 St Arnaud, Pyrennes Goldfields, Vic- Occupation: TYPISTE- Residence- Queens Road, Wandin 1931, 1934, 1937 - d.1971 Glen Eira, Melbourne
BURNE, Elsie Amelia b.1889 Strathfieldsaye, Bendigo Goldfield, Victoria - Occupation TYPISTE, - Queens Road, Wandin, Typiste 1929, 1938, 1934, 1937, - d.1971 Glen Eira, Melbourne
BURNE, Bessie Harriet 'Drew' -b.1891 Kilmore, Hume Gap, VIC - (married Vic. to Alexander Penham DREW, SOLICITOR (1897-1963) - son of Alexander Penham DREW the elder, of South Caulfield, Elsternwick) - - d.1963 Elsternwick, Melbourne,
BURNE, Annie Florence -b.1894 Pyalong, Victoria, Australia
BURNE, John Thorpe -b.1894 Pyalong, Victoria, Australia - Occupation: FITTER - Residence: Donnybrook, Wallan, Moonee Ponds, Wandin Yallock, Oakleigh, Windsor-Prahran, Elsternwick -(m. Vic. Annie Martha WARD) - d.1952 Elsternwick, Melbourne
BURNE, Annie Martha WARD b.1902 Bairnsdale, Gippsland -dghtr of Michael WARD and Sarah E JEFFERSON – d.1968 South Yarra, Vic.

BURROWS, Nathan -from Eumemmering, Dandenong (m.Vic.1883 E.J.Carson) -b.abt 1858 Hawthorn, Boroondara - son of Joseph BURROWS & Johanna O'HALLARON - - d.1947 Wandin South- Silvan @ 85 yrs
BURROWS, 'Ellen' Eleonore Jane CARSON -see CARSON
BURROWS, Joseph Ernest -b.1884 Wandin, Lilydale (m.1906 Mary Elizabeth WORLLEY)
BURROWS, John - b.1887 Wandin, Lilydale (m. Ellen Amelia WORLLEY) -d.
- BURROWS, Freda Ellenore Jane - b.1914 Yarra Junction
BURROWS, Ellenore -b.1888 Wandin, Lillydale (m.Vic.1916 Gustav FELDTMANN)
BURROWS, Margaret -b.1890 Lillydale (m.Vic.1915 Percy Leonard COUCH)
BURROWS, Nathan - b.1893 Launching Place - (m.Vic.1914 Bertha Amelia OCKWELL) - d.1980 Lilydale @ 87yrs
- BURROWS, Dorothea Jane -b.1914 Yarra Junction
- BURROWS, Nathan Henry - b.1916 Yarra Junction - 1917 Carlton
- BURROWS, Arnold Charles -b.1918 Yarra Junction
- BURROWS, Lorna May -b.1920 Yarra Junction
BURROWS, Evelyn Mary -b.1895 Launching Place (m.Vic.1917 Frederick Smith MILLS)
BURROWS, Ida May -b.1898 Launching Place
BURROWS, Elsie Dorothea -b.1900 Launching Place

BURROWS, A & M. (lot 76A)

BUTLER, Walter William - (m. Agnes Elliot McLEISH)
BUTLER, Agnes Elliot McLEISH - d.? 1922 Carlon @ 43yrs?
BUTLER, Amy - b.1909 Wandin Yallock
BUTLER, Henry William - b.1912 Carlton

CALLCOTT, Victor Walter -b.abt 1861 Cowes, Isle of Wight, Great Britain - son of Robert CALLCOTT & Alice Eddy WEST - (m.Vic. 1898 Jessie Rose PARKER)
CALLCOTT, Jessie Rose PARKER b.3 January 1868 Widford, Hertfordshire- daughter of James PARKER & Martha LETCH of Parker Road, South Wandin- d.1905 East Melbourne Hospital - NOTE: When their mother died in 1905, and with their father absent? dead? or disappeared? the Callcott children came to live with their PARKER Grandparents in Parker Road, South Wandin (Silvan).
CALLCOTT, Victor James Hercules -b.1899 Brunswick
CALLCOTT, Elsie Rose Clarissa - b. 1901 Ascot Vale
CALLCOTT, Gilbert Osmond Ralph -b.1903 Ascot Vale -(m.1923 Maud Margaret CLIFFORD - nee CROWLE ) - see CLIFFORD
CALLCOTT, Maud Margaret - widow CLIFFORD - CROWLE- b.abt 1882 - dghtr of Thomas CROWLE & Jane Ann BYNG - d.1945 South Melb. @ 63yrs
CALLCOTT, Beatice Martha Maria b.1904 Ascot Vale - (m.1925 Reginald Donald DUGGAN) d.1928 Heidelberg @ 28yrs

CALLCOTT, George Bradeley - b.abt 1863 Ballarat - son of Robert CALLCOTT & Alice Eddy WEST - (m.Vic.1891 ELizabeth JONES) - d.1942 South Melbourne @ 78yrs
CALLCOTT, Elizabeth JONES -b.abt 1871 - dghtr of Thomas JONES & Lydia MORRIS - d.1950 Elwood @ 79yrs
CALLCOTT, Alice - b.1892 Scoresby - d.1974 st Kilda @ 84yrs
CALLCOTT, Robert Arthur - b.1894 Scoresby - d.1968 Heidelberg @ 74yrs
CALLCOTT, George Thomas b.1896 Scoresby - (m.1924 Charlotte May RIDER) - d.1958 McKinnon @ 61yrs
CALLCOTT, Lydia - b. 1898 Scoresby (m.1933 Alfred Charles WINWOOD)
CALLCOTT, Laurena Elizabeth - b.1906 Scoresby
CALLCOTT, Elizabeth Jane - b.1910 Sherbrooke/ Monbulk (m.1934 Alec Malcolm ALLEN)

CALVERLEY, Thomas Louis -b.abt 1900 son of George & Ethel CALVERLEY- (m.1927 C.I.WELLS) Silvan Rd, Silvan 1931 - Plate layer - d.1972 Footscray @ 71yrs
CALVERLEY, Corrie Irene Isabel WELLS

CAMM, John Albert (m.1924 I.C.Close)
CAMM, Ivy Caroline CLOSE -b.1907 Orbost - dghtr of John James CLOSE & Alice FROST- at Silvan 1931

CAMP, Albert Ernest -n.1867 Geelong - son of Josiah CAMP & ELizabeth KING- - (m.Vic.1889 Elizabeth Johnston McKENZIE) - Commercial Travellor @ Sth Wandin 1903 - - d.1910 Surrey Hills @ 43yrs
CAMP, Elizabeth Johnson / Johnston McKENZIE - b.1865 Freshwater Creek, Duneed, Geelong, Vic. - daughter of John McKENZIE & Margaret BROWN - @ Sth Wandin 1903 - widowed 1910- (re-married Vic.1913 John COLEMAN) - Elizabet Johnstone COLEMAN died 1920 Surrey Hills @ 54yrs
CAMP, Adrian Ernest Athol -b.1890 Geelong - (m.Vic.1926 Mabel Eva CLARKE) - d.1980 Warragul @ 90yrs
CAMP, Mabel Eva CLARKE -b.1893 Moe, Gippsland - dghtr of London-born John Stonewall Jackson CLARKE & Amherst-born Mary Ellen LAMPARD or LAMPERD - d.1964 Caulfield @ 72yrs
CAMP, Hazel Eileen Maria (Hazea) b.1891 Geelong - (m.Vic.1920 Valentine DONELAN) - d.1957 Warragul @ 67yrs

CAMPBELL, Neil - b. Scotland - (m.Vic.1883 Ann Anderson SAUNDERS) @ Seville 1914 - d.1914 Echuca @ 58yrs
CAMPBELL, Annie Anderson SAUNDERS - @ Sth Wandin 1909 - -b. Ports..? (Portsmouth, England?) - dghtr of Alfred SAUNDERS & Elizabeth BROADBENT - d.1924 Echuca @ 74yrs -

CAMPBELL, Thomas -b.1871 Glengower, Joyce's Creek, Smeaton, Upper Loddon Valley -son of William CAMPBELL & Bridget CUMMINS - (m.Vic.1898 ELizabeth Mary Crayze HOLMAN)
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth Mary Crayze HOLMAN -b.1880 Clunes - daughter of Cornish-born Thomas Craze HOLMAN & Emily KNEEBONE
CAMPBELL, James - b.1898 Clunes, Vic. - (m.Vic.1918 Grace Ann PHILLIPS)
CAMPBELL, Thomas Holman - b.1899 Clunes - (m.Vic.1920 Gladys May ANDREWS)
CAMPBELL, William Edward - b.1902 Talbot -(m.Vic.1937 Margaret OWENS) - d.1978 Wendoorie @ 76yrs
CAMPBELL, Ethel Maud - b.1904-1905 Talbot
CAMPBELL, Albert Andrew -b.1906 Talbot - - d.1973 Ballarat @ 67yrs
CAMPBELL, Percival - b.1907-1907 Talbot
CAMPBELL, Ernest Edwin - b.1909 Talbot
CAMPBELL, Dulcie May - b.1910 Avoca, Vic. (m.Vic.1939 Alex Richard FOSTER)
CAMPBELL, Eunice Myrtle Annie - b.1913 Wandin Yallock

CAMPBELL, George Lowther -b.abt 1845 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire - -son of William CAMPBELL & ELizabeth LOWTHER (1895 Ipswich -1880 Collingwood) - (m.Vic.1871 Mary HIYES) - widowed - (m.Vic.1880 Ann Richardson SHANNON) b. Collingwood - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913 - d.1928 South Wandin Yallock @ 83yrs
CAMPBELL, Mary HINES b.abt 1846 Manchester, England - dghtr of Michael HINES - d.1878 Collingwood, Vic. @ 31yrs
CAMPBELL, William George 1872- 1878 Collingwood
CAMPBELL, John Powers -b.1874-1875 melbourne
CAMPBELL, Edward George 'Ted' -b.1875 Collingwood @ Sth Wandin 1914 - d.1954 Chelsea @ 77yrs
CAMPBELL, Annie Richardson McPherson SHANNON - @ Sth Wandin 1914 - b.1854 Collingwood - dgtr of Thomas SHANNON & Margaret McPHERSON - d.1951 Silvan / Lilydale @ 96yrs
CAMPBELL, James Lowther -b.abt 1878 - 1889 Collingwood @ 11yrs
CAMPBELL, William Thomas Lowther -b.1881-d.1883 Collingwood
CAMPBELL, Duncan Walker -b.1883 Collingwood (m.Vic.1906 Effie Rosetta WALLACE) - d.1923 Inglewood @ 40yrs
CAMPBELL, Caroline Margaret -b.1884 Collingwood - d.1953 Malvern @ 69yrs
CAMPBELL, George Thomas -b.1886 Collingwood (m.Vic.1908 Annie MOATE) - d.1927 Mordialloc @ 41yrs
CAMPBELL, Annie MOATE -b.1889 Collingwood - dgtr of London-born Frederick MOATE & Victorian-born Mary CRAGGS -
- CAMPBELL, Irene Annie -b.1909 Collingwood
- CAMPBELL, Keith George -b.1911 Collingwood
- CAMPBELL, Jean Cara - b.1913 Collingwood
CAMPBELL, Jessie Annie - b.1889 - d.1910 Collingwood @ 21yrs
CAMPBELL, Thomas Harold -b.1891 Collingwood -(m.Vic.1918 Clarice Maud COLSON) d.1927 Talbot, Vic. @ 35yrs
CAMPBELL, Clarice Maude COLSON -b.1895 Geelong - dghtr of Charles Fage COLSON & Clara Annie THATCHER -
- CAMPBELL, Linda Iona -1919-1919 Northcote
- CAMPBELL, Harold Edward -b.1920 Northcote
CAMPBELL, Mabel Irene -b.1894 Collingwood (m.1917 Sydney Richard BUSHNELL) - d.1979 Malvern @ 85yrs
- BUSHNELL, Phyllis Eveline -b.1919 Kew, Boroondara

CAMPBELL, James -b.abt 1856 Kirkudbrightshire, SCOTLAND - son of Edward CAMPBELL - d.1920 Lilydale @ 66yrs
CAMPBELL, Mary O'MEARA b. Collingwood
CAMPBELL, Mary Ann -b.1878 Carlton (m.1908 Edwin WILLIAMS)
CAMPBELL, Margaret Elizabeth b.1879 Lilydale (m.1901 Edmond GILBERT)
CAMPBELL, Isabella -b.1881 Lilydale (m.1907 Samuel STOREY)
CAMPBELL, Mabel - b.1883 Lilydale (m.1901 Edward McDONALD)
CAMPBELL, Annie Evelyn -b.1885 Lilydale
CAMPBELL, Edward William -b.abt 1887 - son of James CAMPBELL & Mary O'MEARA - farm labourer @ Sth Wandin 1914 (m.1913 Evelyn Lilian Jean FEELEY) -d.1963 Lilydale @ 76yrs
CAMPBELL, Evelyn Lillian Jean FEELEY - b.abt 1888 - dgtr of James FEELEY & Henriette PETCH - d.1966 Croydon @ 77yrs
- CAMPBELL, James Francis -b.1914 Lilydale
- CAMPBELL, Thelma May -b.1917 Lilydale
CAMPBELL, Nellie May -b.1890 Lilydale (m.1905 John William McDOUGAL)
CAMPBELL, Edith Alice -b.1892 Lilydale (m.1914 William GILBERT)
CAMPBELL, Amy Emma Victoria -b.1899 Lilydale (m.1918 John Henry TOSH)

CAMPBELL, John Louis b.abt 1878 St Kilda - son of Charles CAMPBELL & Annie BIRRELL - (m.Vic.1907 Elizabeth Susan SLADE) - d.1956 Lilydale @ 78yrs
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth Susan SLADE - OLinda Creek, MtDandenong - b. abt 1867 Bendigo - dghtr of John SLADE - d.1953 Lilydale @ 86yrs

CAMPBELL, Arthur - Mt Dandenong 1924 fruitgrower - d.
CAMPBELL, Ada Elizabeth COLES - Mt Dandenong 1924 - b.abt 1870 -dgtr of Alfred COLES & Emily WEBBER - d.1925 Belgrave @ 55yrs

M CANAVAN - Frontier Surveyor of Wandin Yallock & nearby Districts
CANAVAN, Malachy Cranan L.
- b.1862 Sandhurst Diggings, bendigo - son of Patrick CANAVAN & ELizabeth WHEATLEY - (m.Vic.1882 Mary Ann ANCOTE)

CARLSEN, Glen Huntly- - farmer, Macclesfield Rd - b.abt 1912 Port Adelaide, South Australia - son of Anton Marensius CARLSEN & Edna Violet MARTIN -(m.Vic.1938 Winifred Gertrude STENNER) d.1969 Fentree Gully @ 56yrs
CARLSEN, Winifred Gertrude STENNER - see STENNER
CARLSEN, Stephen Leslie - b. 1942

CARPINELLI, Pietro 'Peter' - b. abt 3 September 1902 Italia - (m. Italy - Maria Rosa ESPOSITO) - Departed from the Port of Naples 13 Aug 1926 - Arrived per ship "SS CARIGBANO" at Port Melbourne 2 October 1926
CARPINELLI, Maria Rosa ESPOSITO- Arrived 1932
CARPINELLI, Guiseppe 'Joe' - b. abt 1924 - Arrived 1932
CARPINELLI, Grazia - 'Grace' - b. abt 1935 Silvan, Victoria (m,.1953 Carlton, Vic. to Carmelo 'Charlie' FARAONE) -
CARPINELLI, Franco 'Frank' - b.abt 1937 Silvan
CARPINELLI, Nancy - b, abt 1939 Silvan

CARRICK, Felix Peter - b.1867 Richmond, Vic. - son of William James CARRICK & Louisa Adealide BARTLETT -(m.Vic.1902 Anastasia BILLS) - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903 -d.1952 Bairnsdale @ 84yrs
CARRICK, Anastasia 'Annie Stasia' BILLS - b.1875 Lucknow, Bairnsdale - daughter of Robert BILLS & Mary Jane McCORMACK - d.1942 Bairnsdale
CARRICK, William Robert - b.1902 South Yarra (m.1942 Freda Eugenie DANIEL)
CARRICK, Elsie Mary Adelaide - b.1908 Wandin South, Lilydale
CARRICK, Reginald Felix - b.1909 Bairnsdale -(m.Vic.1940 Mona Merle CALVERT) d.1981 Bairnsdale @ 72yrs

CARROLL, Charles - Silvan 1931, Labourer
CARROLL, Annie Elizabeth - Monbulk Nth 1931

CARSON, John Henry -b.abt 1832 Elton, Derbyshire, England - Son of John Ernest Christian CARSON - from Eumemmering, Dandenong (m.Vic.1862 Margaret McMAHON ) - d.1891 Wandin Yallock,
CARSON, Margaret Carson McMAHON -b.1843 Staffordshire, England -dgtr of Joseph McMAHON & Sophia Dorothea PETZ - d.1942 Wandin Yalllock, Lilydale
CARSON, Annie - b.1864 Lyndhurst, Dandenong (m.1886 Horatio DOUTHIE 1862–1933) - -d.1944 Mornington see DOUTHIE
CARSON, Eleanora Jane Ellen - b.1865 Eumemmering, Cranbourne (m.1883 Nathan BURROWS 1862–1947) -d.1952 Wandin Yallock see BURROWS
CARSON, William John -b.1867 Healesville (m.1912 Eliza MUNDEY) -d.1918 Fitzroy South
- CARSON, Edward - b.1915 Healesville
CARSON, Thomas James -b.1869 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale -(m.1900 Florence GILLESPIE) sawmiller @ Sth Wandin 1913 - d.1940 Malvern
CARSON, John Henry - b.1872-1874 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
CARSON, Joseph Ernest -b.1873 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m.1912 Mary GILLIS) -d.1930 Heidelberg-on-Yarra
CARSON, Margaret -b.1875 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m. William Joseph STEPHENS) d.1941 Camberwell
CARSON, Dorothea -b.1877 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m.1902 William John PULFORD) d.1965 Greensborough,
CARSON, Matilda -b.1880 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m.1903 Albert Henry RYLAND) d.1960 Broadmeadows
CARSON, Sophia Elizabeth -b.1882 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m.1911 Frederick John DALEY) - d.1962 Parkville, Melb.
CARSON, James John - b.1884 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - d.1953 Wangaratta
CARSON, Charles Henry -b.1887 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - d.1946 Lilydale

CARTER, John - - Crown Allotment in Hunter Rd
CARTER, Sophia Eliza - b.1882 Lilydale

CARTER, Samuel James - b.1871 Sandridge, Pt Melb. - son of Samuel CARTER & Jemima WARREN - d.1936 Wandin Yallock @ 64yrs

CARTER, Marion - b. abt 1851 -dghtr of John William CARTER & Jane KEIR - d.1938 Wandin Yallock @ 67yrs
CARTER, George - b. abt 1858 Adelaide - son of John CARTER & Jane KEIR - d.1861 Vic. @ 40 mnths

CARTER, John James - d.1975 Lilydale - @ 76yrs -son of William DOLAN & Mary CANAVAN

CASELLA, Alessandro - b.1895 Castelletto d'Alba, Piemonte, Italy (m.abt 1922 Castelletto d'Alba, Piemonte, Italy to Maria Angela PIANA) - Emigrated to arrive at Port Melbourne in 1923 on the ship "POLENSIO"
CASELLA, Maria Angela PIANA - b.1895 Castelletto d'Alba, Piemonte, Italy
CASELLA, Rene - 'Rina' b. abt 1930 Silvan, Victoria, Australia (m. Maggiorino PIANA)
CASELLA, Alessandro - 'Alec' - b.1932 Silvan, (m. Nazzarena CASCIANELLI)
CASELLA, Luigi ' Louis'
CASELLA, Franco ' Frank'

CASHIN, John - b.abt 1794 Isle of Mann, Celtic Sea, Great Britain (m. Catherine SHUMNIN) - d.1874 Victoria, Australia @ 80yrs
CASHIN, Catherine SHUMNIN b.abt 1801 Isle of Mann, Celtic Sea, Great Britain -dghtr of John & Jane SHUMNIN
- d.1874 Victoria @ 73yrs

CASHIN, James -b.1912 Rushen, Isle of Man - son of William CASIN & Ann CREER - (m.Andreas, Ayre, Isle of Man 8 Dec 1838 to Ann TEARE) - d.19 April 1873 Wandin Yallock - Lilydale
CASHIN, Ann TEARE -b.13 Mar 1820 Andreas, Ayre, Isle of Man -daughter of William and Annie TEARE of Andreas, Ayre, Isle of Man, - d.8 Oct 1892 Tarwin Lower, South Gippsland @ 72yrs
CASHIN, Robert b.1839 Malew, Isle of Man -d.2 Sept 1848 Isle of Man
CASHIN, James Teare -b.22 April 1841 Malew, Isle of Man - (m.Vic.1911 Ellen Bridget CARBERRY) -d. 4 Novr 1919 Kyogle, NSW)
CASHIN, William -b.16 Novmbr 1845 Malew, Isle of Man -d.1923 Leongatha
CASHIN, Ann LEES -b.1855 Maryborough-Amherst, Talbot, Victoria - dghtr of Thomas LEES (1829–1905) & Jane CRICHTON (1832–1922) - d.1938 Leongatha, South Gippsland
-CASHIN, William Lees -b.1878 Wandin-Lilydale– 1946 Leongatha (m.Vic.1908 Elizabeth Wright BOAG)
-CASHIN, Elizabeth Wright BOAG -b. Boort-Boort, Vic.
-- CASHIN, William McIndoe -b.1910 Leongatha
-- CASHIN, Thomas Allan -b.1912 Leongatha
-CASHIN, Jane Ann -b.1880 Griffiths Point, San Remo – 1906 Prahran
CASHIN, Ann Jane b.1848 Malew, Isle of Man - (m.Vic.1869 to London-born William HOWES - of Lilydale) -see HOWES
CASHIN, Catherine - b.1850 Malew, Isle of Man - (m.Vic.
CASHIN, Robert -b.1854 Fitzroy-Collingwood - (m.Vic.1879 Naomi HILL) -1927)
CASHIN, Naomi HILL -b.1869 'W Creek' or West Creek, Boroondara (now Hartweel-Surrey Hills - daughter of Rowland HILL (1828–1860) & Elizabeth COLLINS (1823–1905) - d. 31 Jan 1938 Manly, Sydney, NSW
-CASHIN, Annie Mona -b.1880 St Kilda - (m.Vic.1909 James Edward SAVILLE)-d.1958 Kyogle, NSW
-CASHIN, Dora Naomi -b.1992 Lilydale -(m.Vic.1910 George William BEARD) - d.25 Feb 1960 Burwood
-CASHIN, Robert Teare-b.1884 Kew, Boroondara - d.1962 Gladesville, NSW
-CASHIN, Ann Elizabeth -b.1885 Kew, Boroondara - -d.1959 Milsons Point, Sydney, NSW
-CASHIN, Walter Henry Gordon -b.1887 Kew, Boroondara - d.1968 Parramatta, NSW
-CASHIN, Elsie May Henrietta -b.1890 – 1892
-CASHIN, Maude Mary -b.1892 – d.7 May 1962 Kirribilli, NSW
-CASHIN, Clarence Collins -b.1892 (m.1928 Eva Mary E EXTON) –d.25 Jun 1948 Ballina, NSW
-CASHIN, Rowland James -b.1893 –(m.1923 Eva Mildred MCLEAN) -d.17 Dec 1970 Pennant Hills, NSW
-CASHIN, Eva Mildred MCLEAN (1898-1944)
CASHIN, Charles Teare (1861-1861) Collingwood
CASHIN, John Thomas (1862 Fitzroy -1918)

CHAMBERLAIN, Richard - b.abt 1841 Surrey, England - (m.Vic.1867 Tamar CLEGG) -d.1891 East Melbourne @ 49yrs
CHAMBERLAIN, Tamar CLEGG b. Halifax, Yorkshire - dghtr of Joseph CLEGG & Ann PARKER - d.1890 Preston @ 43yrs
CHAMBERLAIN, Alice Jane b.1868 Collingwood -(m.Vic.1890 Edward CROSLAND)
CHAMBERLAIN, Hannah -b.1871 Collingwood
CHAMBERLAIN, Emma 1871-1872 Collingwood
CHAMBERLAIN, Minna -b.1874 Collingwood
CHAMBERLAIN, Edith -b.1877 Collgwood (m.1898 Robert James MITCHELL) d.1945 Sth Melb @ 69yrs
CHAMBERLAIN, Lily -b.1879 Collingwd
CHAMBERLAIN, Leah -b.1880 Collgwd (m.1904 John Edward BARKWAY) d.1965 Hughesdale @ 84yrs
CHAMBERLAIN, William George b.1882 Preston
CHAMBERLAIN, Clara -b.1884 Preston -1889 Preston
CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest 1885-1885 Preston
CHAMBERLAIN, Olive -b.1886 Preston-d.1888
CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest -b.1888 Preston
CHAMBERLAIN, Frederick 1889-1889 Preston
CHAMBERLAIN, John Carlisle 1890-1890 Preston

CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas Henry m. Carol JOPE

CHAMP, Willam Butler Napier - of 'Banool' Wandin Yallock, farmer 1931 - b.1887 Armadale, Prahran - son of John Knox CHAMP & Clara SMYTH -(m.Grafton, NSW 1916 Rubt Gertrude WITHERS) d.1961 Frankston @ 74 yrs
CHAMP, Ruby Gertrude WITHERS - 'Banool' Wandin Yallock, farmer 1931 - -b.1890- Emmavile, nr Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia d.1956 Melbourne @ 66yrs
CHAMP, Knox Alfred Butler CHAMP -b.1916 Grafron NSW -(m. Mildred Florence HANCOCK) - d.1991 Carrum, Vic.
CHAMP, Mildred Florence HANCOCK -b.1909 Oakleigh – d.1997 Carrum
CHAMP, 'John' - b. 1918 NSW -d

Reverend William Carlaw CHAPMAN Family

CHAPMAN, William Carlaw - M.A. from the Univeristy of Edinburgh, later Reverend b.2 May 1845 Bathgate, West Lothianshire, Scotland - son of James CHAPMAN & Margaret CARLAW - (m.Vic.1872 Elizabeth REYNOLDS) - First Selector of Wandin Yallock Allotment 123 on the Upper Stringybark Creek (now Queens Road, central Siilvan - William Carlaw CHAPMAN left pioneer-farming at Wandin to be Ordained as a Presbyterian Clergyman -so the Land was Forfeited -Ministered at Lilydale, Portland & Hamilton, Vic. W.C.Chapman died suddenly, tragically young while still a dynamic young minister - d.1st September 1876 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @ 32 years- after a ministerig trip to Bourke, New South Wales -

Wife: CHAPMAN, Elizabeth REYNOLDS - b.abt 1836 County Cavan, IRELAND - daughter of John REYNOLDS and ? - d.1913 Hotham Hill, North Melbourne @ 77yrs

CHAPMAN, James - b.1873 Wandin South, Lillydale - by 1909 he became a FARMER at Dooen, South Horsham - appears to have remained a batchelor - d.1954 Horsham, Wimmera @ 81yrs
CHAPMAN, David M.A. (Reverend Doctor) -b.1875 Port Melbourne - ( the Residence of Farquhar MacInnes, Binnum, South Australia22 June 1910 to Isabella MacINNES) - Ordained as a Presbyrterian Minister in South Austalia - - d.19 Oct 1947 Sanderston, late of Mount Pleasant, Angaston, South Australia
CHAPMAN, Isabella MacINNES -b. 1885 Bordertown, SA - daughter of Farquhar MacINNES & Isabella MAcDOUGALL) - d.16 June 1924 Goodwood, Adelaide, Sth Australia.

The next (unrelated) South Wandin CHAPMAN famiy


CHAPMAN, William - b.1856 Carisbrook, Tullaroop Ck, Vic. - son of Corpusty, Aylsham, Norfolk-born blacksmith, Francis Stimpson CHAPMAN & Emma nee WILLIAMSON from North Repps, Norfolk who, soon after marrying in Norfolk in March 1849 emigrated as a new couple and arrived in Melbourne, Port Phillip District, New South Wales (later Victoria) on the 7th November 1849 on the ship 'JAMES THOMAS FOORD" out of the Port of Plymouth, England - and who both died and are buried at Amherst, Vic. (m.1894 Estella Jane HUNTER ) d. 27 Apr 1943 Silvan, Wandin Yallock
CHAPMAN, 'Stella' Estella Jane HUNTER b. Heidelberg - daughter of Robert HUNTER & Roseanna Dale HAMPTON
CHAPMAN, William 1894-1894 South Wandin Yallock

CHAPMAN, Francis Robert 'Frank' b.31 Mar 1896 South Wandin Yallock -son of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER -(m.Vic. Florence Annie COLVIN) OCCUPATION: Chapman Bros- Produce Marketeer. Res: Parker Rd, Silvan -widowed (re-ma.Vic.1950 Hetty Henriette BRITTON) d. 25 April 1974 Silvan, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Florence Annie COLVIN -b.1902 South Melbourne –daughter of James Terance COLVIN (1877–1965) & Caroline Rebecca JENKINS (1877–1961)- d.23 April 1946 Ballarat
CHAPMAN, Francis James 'Jim' -b. 1924 Silvan –(m.Vic.1948 Joan Muriel BELL) 2003
CHAPMAN, Philip Arnold -b. 1926 Silvan –(m.Vic.1950 Betty McCARTHY) -d.2011 Lilydale, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Laurel Estella Florence -b.1927 Silvan (m.Vic.1949 Ken GIBSON) - –
CHAPMAN, Maxwell Arthur -b.1929 Silvan, Vic - (m.Vic.1953 Frances McCLURE) –
CHAPMAN, Norman Colvin -b. 1931 Lilydale, Vic.–
CHAPMAN, Lorna Dorothy -b.1933 Lilydale, Vic. –
CHAPMAN, Neil Maurice -b.1934 Lilydale, Vic. (m.Vic.1957 Patsy LANGMAID) – 1995
CHAPMAN, Ailys Irene -b.1940 Lilydale, Vic. (m.Vic.1965 John DONOVAN) –
CHAPMAN, Hetty Henriette BRITTON (1902 – 1972)

CHAPMAN, Ernest Albert - b.13 March 1898 South Wandin -son of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER - (m.Silvan 26 Oct 1926 Beryl PARKER) Resided 1931 Kwolyin, West of Bruce Rock, Western Australia -d.
CHAPMAN, Beryl PARKER - b.1904 South Wandin - dghtr of Albert Charles PARKER & Janey MARTIN of Burleigh, South Wandin -Resided 1931 Kwolyin, West of Bruce Rock, Western Australia d.8 Dec 1991 late of East Wandin, Vic. - see PARKER
CHAPMAN, Beryl L. Mavis -b.1927 Kwolyin, Beverley, West.Aust.(m.Vic.1951 Roy NORRIS)
CHAPMAN, Allan Robert 'Bob' -b.1930 Kwolyin, Beverley, West.Aust. – d.24 April 1994 East Wandin
CHAPMAN, Leslie Ernest -b.1931 – (m.Vic.1957 Violet May PIKE) - see PIKE
CHAPMAN, Albert William -b.21 Dec 1933 Silvan – d.19 Jan 1998 late Wandin East

CHAPMAN, Estella MARY -b.17 Jun 1901 South Wandin -dghtr of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER -(m.1922 Karl Allan KNOLL) eight KNOLL children born at Burleigh -d.26 Jun 1942 Lilydale Bush Nursing Hosp.-late of Burleigh -see KNOLL

CHAPMAN, Ralph Leslie -b.12 Sept 1903 South Wandin -son of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER - (m.Silvan 1928 Florence Christina 'Bunny' HENDERSON) - d.15 Apr 2005 Lilydale, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Florence Christina 'Bunny' HENDERSON - b.1907 South Wandin - dghtr of Henry HENDERSON & Christian ORMISTON- d.26 Aug 1989 Lilydale - see HENDERSON
CHAPMAN, Nola Eveline -b.1929 Silvan, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Gordon Ralph -b.1931 Silvan, Vic. (m.1954 Linda SEBIRE) -
CHAPMAN,Joy Isobel -b.1933 (m.1955 Ian CRICHTON)-
CHAPMAN, Jean Ann -b.1935 Silvan, Vic. (m.1958 Norman DAY) -
CHAPMAN, Una Florence -b.1936 Silvan, Vic. (m.1960 Victor HENNEY) -
CHAPMAN,Graham Leslie -b.1941 Lilydale, Vic. (m.1964 Pauline PAINTER) -
CHAPMAN, Stanley Murray -b.1946 Lilydale, Vic. (m.1967 Lorraine JONES) -

CHAPMAN, Dora Amelia CHAPMAN, Dora Amelia b.29 Oct 1905 South Wandin -dghtr of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER - d. Sunday 27 Sept 1936 Silvan - at the organ of the Methodist Church, Silvan, during the Hymn. Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery

CHAPMAN, John Henry b.1907 South Wandin -son of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER - (m.12 Aug 1836 Elsie Irene Collie BLACK) - d. 3 Apr 18994 Mooroopna, Shepparton, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Elsie Irene Collie BLACK -b.18 June 1915 Kyabram, Vic. -dghter of Charles James Gordon BLACK (1888–1979) & Eileen Evelyn 'Lena' CHAPMAN (1889–1969) d.21 Oct 1988 Mooroopna -see BLACK
CHAPMAN, Kevin John -b.1937 Shepparton, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Athel Gordon -b. 1939 Shepparton, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Ross Clifford -b.1941 Shepparton, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Janette Eileen -b.1943 Shepparton, Vic. (m.Vic. Derek COLEMAN) - -

CHAPMAN, Charles Eric b. 9 Dec 1909 South Wandin -son of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER -(m.Vic. Clara Florence SCHRAM) Occupation: BUILDER -d.29 March 1998 Box Hill, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Clara Florence SCHRAM 1912 Deans Marsh –dghtr of Ernst Alfred SCHRAM (1882–1954) & Sophia PARKER (1887–1948) -d.12 Oct 1973 Templestowe, Vic. - see SCHRAM
CHAPMAN, Marie Jillian -b.1937 –
CHAPMAN, Colin Charles -b.1941 –

CHAPMAN, Jessie Emma -b.14 Aug 1911 South Wandin -dghtr of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER -(m.1.Vic.Gilbert ROY HAYNE (1912–1938) widowed- (re-married his brother Stanley Joseph 'Stan' HAYNE (1903–1967) - -d.9 Aug 1998 Trafalgar, West Gippsland see HAYNE

CHAPMAN, Walter Joseph -b.23 June 1913 South Wandin -son of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER - (m.Vic. Ida Jane JOHNSON) -d.16 April 2006 Tudor Village, Lilydale
CHAPMAN, Ida Jane JOHNSON -b.29 May 1921 Wandin Yallock –dghtr of Edward William JOHNSON (1880–1941) & Bertha Martha Beatrice SCHRÖDER (1881–1952) - d.10 Sept 2004 Tudor Village, Lilydale - see JOHNSON -& see SCHRÖDER
CHAPMAN, Valerie Bertha -b.1939 –
CHAPMAN, Margaret June -b.1942 –
CHAPMAN, Kenneth Walter –
CHAPMAN, Helen Gail –
CHAPMAN, Gregory William –

CHAPMAN, Amy Christina -b.1914 South Wandin -dghtr of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER - (m.Silvan Methodist Church 19th Sept 1936 to Reginald Graham MOON) -d. 3 January 2005 Yarra Junction, Upper Yarra Valley- see MOON

CHAPMAN, Ada Louise -b.1916 South Wandin -dghtr of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER - (m. Harold Lemuel TAYLOR) - - see TAYLOR

William & Stella Chapman's children, about 1910 : (before Jessie Chapman was born) - Left to right - with approximate ages- John (sitting at front) age 5, Ralph (leaning) age 7, Ern (standing) age 12, Charlie (sitting) age 2, Mary (sitting) age 9, Frank (standing) age 14, Dora (lounging) age 6.

CHAPMAN, Walter - b.1861 @ 'Riversleigh' Lillicur, Amherst, Talbot district, Victoria - son of Corpusty, Aylsham, Norfolk-born Frances Stimpson CHAPMAN & Emma WILLIAMSON from North Repps, Norfolk -who, soon after marrying in Norfolk in March 1849 emigrated as a new couple and arrived in Melbourne, Port Phillip District, New South Wales (later Victoria) on the 7th November 1849 on the ship 'JAMES THOMAS FOORD" out of the Port of Plymouth, England, who settled in the Talbot district of Victoria - and who both died and are buried at Amherst, Vic. (m.Bung Bong, Vic. 9th June 1886 to Maria ROBARTS) - d.1950 Box Hill, Vic.
CHAPMAN, Maria Mary ROBARTS-b.13 November 1865 Bung Bong, Avoca Goldfields, Vic. - eldest child & daughter of London-born Welshman, Charles Thomas ROBARTS & his wife Catherine Mary GILSENAN who both died in Healesville, Victoria. - Died 1946 Surrey Hills - see ROBARTS

CHAPMAN, Edith Mabel -b.1887 Sth Wandin Yallock -dghtr of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS –(m.Vic.1922 to Crewton, Derbyshire-born Alfred Henry PILE) - d.1976 Canterbury, Vic.

CHAPMAN, Eileen Evelyn 'Lena' -b.1889 Sth Wandin Yallock -dghtr of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS –(m.Vic.1911 Charles James Gordon BLACK) d. 1969 - see BLACK

CHAPMAN, Arthur Francis -b.1891 Sth Wandin Yallock - -son of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS –A.I.F. Soldier DIED -6 August 1917 WW1 Western front in Belgium, Europe

CHAPMAN, Catherine Emma -b. 1896 Sth Wandin Yallock -dghtr of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS –(m.Vic.1921 to Schnapper Point, Mornington Peninsula, Victorian-born Harvey Armstrong CROOKS - Framers at Cooma' via Byrneside, Kyabram and then settler farmers of Babakine & Bruce Rock, Western Australia -d.1960 Perth, WA

CHAPMAN, Percival Charles 'Perce' -b.1898 – Sth Wandin Yallock --son of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS- (m.Vic.1936 Winifred Mary ERREY) - d.14 February 1978 in ?
CHAPMAN, Winifred Mary ERREY -b. October 1907 Lambeth, London, England -dghtr of Benjamin Henry ERREY (1866-1945) & Catherine Jane COPPINS (1870-1960) - d. 20 September 1999

CHAPMAN, Cyrus Vernon -b. 1901 Sth Wandin Yallock -son of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS - –(m.Corowa, NSW 1926 to Elsie May Balldale MITCHELL) - d.1969 Young, NSW
CHAPMAN, Elsie May Balldale MITCHELL -b.5 May 1905 in Queensland, Australia - dghtr of Thomas Pearce MITCHELL (1878 – 1949) & Elizabeth Jane BLACK (1878 – 1956) - d. 1977 ? NSW, Australia
-CHAPMAN, Joyce Isobel -b. Young, NSW
-CHAPMAN, daughter
-CHAPMAN, son?

CHAPMAN, Adah Amelia 'Wendy' b.1905 Sth Wandin Yallock -dghtr of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS - (m.Vic.1923 Queensland-born musician Burnett Wilhelm WENDORFF, of Surrey Hills, Vic. Musician & Teacher) - d. 30 March 1975 Surrey Hills, Box Hill

CHAPMAN, Walter Gordon b.1909 Sth Wandin Yallock -son of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS - occupation: CARPENTER - (m.Vic.abt 1945 Ellen Amelia WINZIL or WENZEL ?) d.1992 Box Hill, VIC.
CHAPMAN, Ellen Amelia Emilie WINZIL -b.21 Dec 1901 Bismarck, Tasmania, Australia -dghtr of Carl Wilhelm WINZIL / WENZEL (1874 – 1939) & Mary Ann LAUGHER (1879 – 1934) - d.1981 Surrey Hills, Melbourne @ 79 yrs
-CHAPMAN, Phillip Andrew -b.1945 Box Hill –
-CHAPMAN, Eunice Ruth -b.1947 Box Hill –
-CHAPMAN, Ian David -b.1949 Box Hill - Architect – d. 2004 Melbourne

CHAPMAN, Elma Maria Robarts -b.1913 Surrey Hills-Box Hill, Vic.-dghtr of Walter CHAPMAN & Maria ROBARTS -(m.Vic.1938 Noel LINLEY 1913 – 1975) -d. ?

-Another (unrelated) Chapman family -

CHAPMAN, Horace Leslie b.1892 Fitzroy Sth - son of Joseph CHAPMAN of Woodend & Jessie SWEETMAN of Carlton - (m.Vic.1915 M.T.G.Laffan) d.1952 Caulfield @ 59yrs
CHAPMAN, Mary Teresa Gladys LAFFAN - b.1893 Richmond dghtr of James Michael LAFFAN & Catherine COFFEY - d.1932 Wandin Yallock @ 39yrs
CHAPMAN, Beryl Catherine Ruby b.1919 Richmond

CHARLESWORTH, Frederick Constantine Hope -b.abt 1861 England (m.Vic.1900 Sarah Ann SHAW) - d.1940 Melbourne @ 79yrs
CHARLESWORTH, Sarah Ann SHAW - b.15 Nov 1863 Fingal, Tasmania - dghtr of William Thompson SHAW & Eliza TRIMBY - d.1926 Wandin Yallock @ 63yrs
CHARLESWORTH, Frederick George William Victor Laurie - b.1902 Wandin Yallock - d.1902 Launching Place

CHARTERIS, Samuel Patterson - b.abt 1827 County Down, Ireland - son of Robert CHARTERIS & Mary PATTERSON - -(m.1.?Ireland - to Elizabeth WILSON) - (m.2.Vic.1881 Margaret McCARTNEY) -d.1914 Fitzroy Nth @ 87yrs
CHARTERIS, Elizabeth WILSON -b.abt 1830 Glasgow, Scotland -daughter of John WILSON & Mary McCOMBE- d.1880 Victoria @ 50yrs
CHARTERIS, John - b.1856 - 1856 Collingwood @ 4wks
CHARTERIS, Horatio- b.1857-1858 Collinwood @ 1yr
CHARTERIS, Samuel Patterson - b.1859 - 1861 Collingwood @ 2yrs
CHARTERIS, Jane - b.1861 Collingwood - d.1869 Collingwood
CHARTERIS, James - b. 1864 Collingwood - - -d.1927 Melb.East @ 62yrs
CHARTERIS, Christina -b.1866-1869 Collingwood @ 2yrs
CHARTERIS, Robert - b.1873 -(m.Vic.1898 Daisy Australina REES) - d.1925 Collingwood @ 72yrs
CHARTERIS, Daisy Australina REES - b. Abbotsford
- - CHARTERIS, Alexander Rupert -b.1898 Collingwood
- - CHARTERIS, Eva May -b.1901 Collingwood
- - CHARTERIS, Daisy Australina -b.1905 Collingwood (m.Vic. MARTIN) - d.1983 Mt Evelyn @ 78yrs
- - CHARTERIS, Robert James -b.1908 Collingwood
- - CHARTERIS, Ruby Isabel - b.1911 Collingwood
- - CHARTERIS, Ivy Nellie - b.1913 Collingwood
- - CHARTERIS, Albert Victora -b.1916 Collingwood
- - CHARTERIS, Doris Lillian -b.1919-1920 Collingwood
- - CHARTERIS, Alice Beatrice - b.1924 Collingwood - 1920 East Melb. @ 6yrs
CHARTERIS, Samuel - b.1868 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1903 Elizabeth Catherine McCARTNEY) - d.1961 Blackburn @ 91yrs
CHARTERIS, Elizabeth Catherine McCARTNEY - b. South Yarra -dghtrof James McCARTNEY & Jane IRVINE - d.1949 Collingwood @ 81yrs
- - CHARTERIS, Samuel Patterson Leslie -b.1905 Clifton Hill - (m.Vic.1927 Hilda Alice JAMES) widowed? - (re.m.Vic.1931 Kathleen Mathilde MANUELL) -d.1982 Caulfield @ 75yrs
- - CHARTERIS, Irene Doris - b.1907 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1935 Arthur Roy JEMMESON)
CHARTERIS, Eva Blanche -b.1872 Collingwood
CHARTERIS, Margaret McCARTNEY - b.abt 1849 County Tyrone, Ireland -daughter of Thomas MacCARTNEY & Elisabeth WRIGHT - d.1927 Fitzroy Nth @ 77yrs
CHARTERIS, William Edwin Patterson -b.1882 Collingwood - d.1953 East Brunswick @ 70yrs
CHARTERIS, Elizabeth Mary Esther - b.1886 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1920 George EARNEY) -d.1964 Melbourne @ 78yrs
EARNEY, George Thomas - d.1939 carlton @ 75yrs
EARNEY, George Charteris - b.1922m - 1977 Yarra -
EARNEY, Charles Willai - b.1920-1920 Ringwood
CHARTERIS, Reginald McCartney -b.1888 Collingwood -(m.Vic.1919 Winifred Mary PLOWMAN) - d.1964 Sassafras @ 80yrs
CHARTERIS, Winifred Mary PLOWMAN -b.abt 1895 -dghtr of Arthur PLOWMAN & Jessie Elisabeth ADAMS - d.1973 Parkville @ 78yrs
CHARTERIS, George Frederick Thomas -b.1888 Collingwood -(m.Vic.1926 Ivy Augusta Grace LINDSAY) -d.1969 Lilydale @ 80yrs
CHARTERIS, Ivy Augusta Grace LINDSAY - b.abt 1892 -dghtr of Arnold George LINDSAY & Mary Ann BARNES- d.1974 Monbulk @ 82yrs
CHARTERIS, Robert - - (m.Daisy Australina REES)

CHECKLEY, George - b.1826 Warwickshire son of John CHECKLEY & Hannah STONEYCROFT - (m.Vic.1867 Mary Ann BAXTER) -d.1916 Fairfield @ 80yrs
CHECKLEY, Marriane - Mary Ann BAXTER - b.1849 East of Melbourne - dghtr of Joseph & Elizabeth BAXTER - d.1914 Sth Melb @ 64yrs- see BAXTER
CHECKLEY, Hannah - b.1868 Gaffney's Creek
CHECKLEY, Fanny Frances - b.1870 Gaffney's Creek - (m.Vic.1890 Collingwood NEWHAM)
CHECKLEY, George - b.1872 Diamond Crk
CHECKLEY, John - b.1874 Diamond Creek
CHECKLEY, William - b.1876 Diamond Crk
CHECKLEY, Thomas - b.1881 Burwood, Nunawading
CHECKLEY, Joseph- b.1884 Oakleigh
CHECKLEY, Leslie - b.1886 Oakleigh
CHECKLEY, James - b.1889 Oakleigh - d.1893 Sth MElb
CHECKLEY, Alice - b.1893 Oakleigh

CHILD, Sarah Lavena - b.abt 1828 - Daughter of Francis CHILD & Mary Ann WADE - d.1902 Lillydale @ 74yrs

CHILD, Matthew Francis -b.1839 Shoreham, Petersfield, Hampshire, Sussex, Eng. - son of Francis CHILD & Mary Ann WADE - (m.Vic.1875 Martha JEEVES) - Pionner on the Olinda Creek, 'The Mountain' - d.1933 @ 94yrs Harmony Vale, Stoneyford, Olinda Creek, West Silvan, Lilydale
CHILD, Martha Margaret JEEVES - b. 25 March 1857 Franklin River, Van Diemens' Land, (Tasmania) - dghtr of Isaac GEEVES or JEEVES & Ann THEOBALD - d.1926 East Melbourne - see JEEVES
CHILD, Mabel Emmeline - b.1876 Olinda Crk, Wandin South, Vic. (m.Vic.1895 to London-born, Joseph WATSON) -d.1935 Lilydale @ 60yrs
CHILD, Frank Henry - b.1876 Olinda Crk, Vic. (m.Vic. - d.1950 Healesville @ 73yrs
CHILD, Arthur Edward 'Ted' - b. 1878 Olinda Crk, Vic. (m.Vic.Ethel May MADDEN) - d.1964 Ballan @ 85yrs
CHILD, Ethel May MADDEN - b.1888 Hotham, North Melb. - dghtr of James J MADDERN & Lerderderg-born, Alice BALDECKER - d.1970 Shoreham, Mornington Penisula
- CHILD, Ivy May - b.1910 Carlton
CHILD, May Eva - b.1880 Olinda Crk, Vic. - (m.Vic.1917 Bertram COURT - d.1962 Surrey Hills @ 80yrs
CHILD, Hubert 'Bert' - b.1882 Olinda Crk, Vic. (m.Vic. Marie MADDEN) - died by 1928
CHILD, Marie MADDEN b.1891 Maidstone, Footscray -dghtr of James MADDEN & Alice BALDECKER - - remarried 1929 William John SEARLE - d.1973 Box Hill @ 83yrs
- CHILD, John Arthur - b.1911 Lillydale (m.Vic.1932 Ina Joyce BEST)
- CHILD, Hubert Matthew - b.1913 Lillydale
- CHILD, Leonard - b.1915 Lilydale (m.Vic.1936 Jean SPENCER)
- CHILD, Irene Marie - b,1920 - 1921 Lilydale
CHILD, Alice Annie - b.1884 Olinda Crk, Vic. (m.Vic.1914 William Thomas HOSKING)
CHILD, Charles Percival - b.1889 Olinda Crk, Vic. (m.Vic.1917 Dorothea LUCAS) - d.1968 The Mountain, Registered Croydon, @ 79yrs - see LUCAS
CHILD, Dorothea LUCAS - b. 1888 Lilydale -dghtr of William LUCAS & Catherine Mary CHILD - d.1936 Lilydale

CHILD, Catherine Mary - b. Hampshire, Eng. - daughter of Francis CHILD & Mary Ann WADE (m. William LUCAS) - d.1933 Silvan West, Lillydale @ 86yrs - See LUCAS

CLANCY, Daniel - b. abt 1914 IRELAND -son of Michael CLANCY & Bridget BOURKE - d.1895 Northcote Convent @ 81 yrs
CLANCY, Mary WALSH -b.abt 1822 - daughtr of James & Julia WALSH - d.1882 Richmond @ 60yrs
CLANCY, Catherine - b.1850 Richmond, Port Phillip District - d.1885 Richmond, Vic. @ 32yrs
CLANCY, James - b. 1853 Richmond, Vic. - (m.Vic.1883 Bridget MORGAN)
CLANCY, Daniel - b.1857 Richmond, Vic. - - d.1889 Richmond, Vic.@ 22yrs
CLANCY, Thomas - b. 1858 Richmond, Vic. - (m.Vic.1890 Mary FRAWLEY) - d.1924 Hawthorn, Boroondara @ 64yrs
CLANCY, Mary FRAWLEY - b.1866 Sandhurst, Bendigo - dghtr of James FRAWLEY & Ellen CONNELL - d.1952 Thornbury, Vic @ 86yrs
- CLANCY, Ellen - b.1894 Sandringham (m.Vic.1916 Thomas BOWDERN) -d.1964 Fitzroy
- CLANCY, Thomas - b. 1895 Sandringham, Vic.
- CLANCY, Mary -b.1899 Wandin-Lillydale, Vic.
- CLANCY, James -b.1902 - 1902 Wandin-Lillydale, Vic.
- CLANCY, Joseph -b.1905 Wandin-Lillydale, Vic.
CLANCY, Mary - b. 1860 Brighton, Vic. - (m.Vic.1881 Evan WILLIAMS)
CLANCY, William - b.1862 Richmond, Vic. - d.1930 Kilmore @ 68yrs

CLANCY, Daniel - b.abt 1825 Ireland, EIRE - Son of Daniel CLANCY - (m.Vic.1858 Mary HOWARD) - d.1899 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale, @ 73yrs
CLANCY, Mary HOWARD - b. abt 1835 Ireland- EIRE- dghtr of Patrick HOWARD & Mary ROUHIN - d.1905 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale - @ 79 yrs
CLANCY, Mary Ann b.1859 Collingwood - d.1861Collingwood @ 2yrs
CLANCY, Thomas - b.1860 Collingwood - d.1861 Collingwood @ 1yr
CLANCY, Mary Ellen b.1862 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1885 Henrik ALLEN from SWEDEN) - d,1945 East Malvern, Vic. @ 83yrs
ALLEN, Henrik 'Henry'
- ALLEN, James Henry -b.1886 Port Melborune -(m.Vic.1897 Maggie CARNIE) -d.1954 Essendon
CLANCY, James --b.abt 1867 ? - Farmer @ Sth Wandin 1903 - d.1926 Lillydale, Vic. @ 59yrs
CLANCY, Patrick - b.1871 Richmond, Vic - Farmer @ Sth Wandin 1903 - d.1935 Malvern East @ 64yrs

CLARK, William Frazer b.1907 Carlton Vic. son of William James CLARK & Elsie Lavinia HAYES - (m.1933 Vera AYLETT) - d.1952 in Mildura, Victoria
CLARK, Vera Venetta AYLETT b.21 August 1914 Gilbert ST, Latrobe, Tasmania - daughter of Mark AYLETT & Amanda Floriana HARVIS - - see AYLETT
CLARK, Barry b. 1934 - attended Silvan South Primary School
CLARK, Ronald Frazer b.1936 - attended Silvan South Primary School
CLARK, Mervyn Leslie b.1937 - attended Silvan South Primary School

CLARKE, George - b. abt - Occupation Agent Hawker - d.26 Jul 1922 Silvan, South Wandin

CLAY, John - b.1802 Petrockstowe, Devonshire, England - son of Zaccharias CLAY & ELizabeth YOULDEN - (m.1833 Devonshire, England Agnes MOASE) - d.16 Jul 1871 Doncaster, Vic.
- d.16 July 1871 Doncaster, Victoria
CLAY, Agnes MOASE -b.1814 Frithelstock, Devonshire – daughter of Rowland MOASE & Catherine MULLINS - d.6 April 1881 Wandin Yallock @ 67yrs
CLAY, William - b.1835 Petrockstowe, Devonshire - d.1910 Doncaster
CLAY, John b.1873 Petrockstowe, Devonshire - d.8 March 1894 in Hoddles Creek,
CLAY, Mary Ann -b. 31 October 1839 in Petrockstowe, Devonshire (m.18 may 1865 Doncaster to William MITCHELL) d. 18 March 1932 in Wandin Yallock - see MITCHELL
CLAY, Richard -b.1842 Petrockstowe Devonshire - (m.Vic.1873 Mary Ann CARNEGIE) d.1922 Doncaster
CLAY, Joseph - b.1844 Petrockstowe, Devonshire -(m.Vic.1870 Lucy Steed CROSSMAN) d.29 Jan 1914 in Victoria
CLAY, Frederick - b.1846 Petrockstowe, Devonshire -(m.Vic.1872 Mary JONES) - d.1883 in Victoria
CLAY, Elizabeth 1848 Petrockstowe, Devonshire – 1853
CLAY, Eliza 1850 Petrockstowe, Devonshire–(m.Vic.1873 Thomas PETTY (1845-1923) of Doncaster) - d. 1928 Doncaster
CLAY, Catherine Elisabeth -b.1853 Collingwood, Vic. (m.Vic.1873 Robert Edward WILSON) – 1924

CLEARY, Mary Ann -b.1919 Co.Tipperary, EIRE (Mrs John LEWIS)

CLEELAND, Horace Edwin - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1903 - b.1878 Glen? Woollert-Epping, Vic. - son of Francis Moore CLEELAND & Sarah Jane MOORE -(married at Morphett Street Methodist Church, Adelaide, South Australia, to Lillie Susannah MORTON on the 17th Oct 1907. He age 29. She age 28) d.1957 Ivanhoe, Vic. @ 79yrs
CLEELAND, Lillian Susannah MORTON daughter of Robert & Susannah Alison MORTON - d.1957 Kew, Vic @ 78yrs
CLEELAND, Horace Frederick George b.1909 -(m.1932 Beatrice Marion HANDLEY) d.1972 Port Melb. @ 63yrs
CLEELAND, Lilian Myrtle b.1910 Carlton Nth (m.1934 Edward Roy BIRD)
CLEELAND, Robert Frank Morton b.1911 Brunswick East (m.1935 Joy Hilda WITCOMBE)
CLEELAND, Daphne Violet b. 1913 Brunswick East (m.1932 Arthur Henry WITHY)

CLEGG Family - The family of Joseph and Ann CLEGG originate in West Yorkshire. The woollen trade and the woollen mills of Bradford and Leeds then dominated the economy of the regions whence they came. In fact in April 1851 the Cleggs were living at No.37 Woolshops Street, Halifax, where Joe Clegg had work in the industry as a Tailor. The Cleggs emigrated from Yorkshire in the ship "STAR OF THE EAST" to arrive in Melbourne in January 1857 - The Unassisted Shipping Record of ship's manifest lists them as: Joseph 38, Ann 38, Jane 11, Peter 10, Elizabeth 9, James 7, Hugh 5, Faith 3, Enoch 1. - It seems that the eldest, Paul Clegg, then about fourteen years old, must have been indentured, and emigrated on a separate voyage. - Note: -Mrs Clegg snr is no known relation to the South Wandin-Silvan Parker family

CLEGG, Joseph b.6 Jun 1819 Birstall, now a part of Batley, south of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England - son of James CLEGG & Mary WALKER (He married abt 1841 Yorkshire to Ann PARKER) d.26 Sept 1885 Footscray, Vic.
CLEGG, Ann PARKER b. 9 July 1820 Emley village, below Emley Moor, south of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire England - daughter of John PARKER & Elizabeth EPPLESTONE - d.11 Jan 1906 Hotham West, North Melbourne - Thirteen children:

CLEGG, Paul -b.abt 1842 Halifax, Yorkshire, England (Mary Elizabeth PAPWORTH) d.3 Oct 1890 Wandin Yallock-Lilydale
CLEGG, Mary Elizabeth PAPWORTH -b.1850 Warboys, Huntingdonshire, Eng. - d.8 Feb 1894 Wandin Yallock

CLEGG, Jane -b.1844 Halifax, Yorkshire, England (m.Vic. Edwin / Edward SPICER)

CLEGG, Peter -b.1846 Halifax, Yorkshire, England (m.Vic.1867 Janet MARTIN) -(remarried 1919 Laura Eva WELTON) - d.4 April 1930 Balwyn, Boroondara
CLEGG, Jane MARTIN b.1844 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland - dgtr of John MARTIN & Janet BARR - d.18 May 1918 Canterbury, Boroondara
- CLEGG, Ernest
- CLEGG, Frederick
- CLEGG, Janet
CLEGG, Laura Eva WELTON b.1857 Collingwood - d.25 August 1925 Canterbury,

CLEGG, Elizabeth -b.1847 Halifax, Yorkshire, England (.Vic.1864 James HERBERT) d.1921 Brighton, Melb. - see HERBERT

CLEGG, Tamar -b. 9 Oct 1848 Halifax, Yorkshire, England -(m.Vic.25 Mar 1867 Richard CHAMBERLAIN) d.29 August 1890 Preston, Melb. She died young, leaving 13 children, and her widowed husband died a year later. The children came to family in The Wandins - See CHAMBERLAIN

CLEGG, James -b.1849 Halifax, Yorkshire, England - d.1908 Wagga Wagga, NSW

CLEGG, Joseph -b.1850 Halifax, Yorkshire, England - (m.Vic.1875 Elizabeth Barbara PARR) - (re-married Vic.1895 to his widow's sister Susannah Isabella PARR) - d. Mordialloc, Vic.
CLEGG, Elizabeth Barbara PARR -b.1856 DandenonG Crk, Mulgrave - dgtr of William PARR & Jane AXFORD - d.1895 Wandin Yallock
- CLEGG, Alice Jane 1876 Prahran, Melb
- CLEGG, Alfred Henry 1877 Wandin Yallock – 1932 Managatang
- CLEGG, Georgina Elizabeth 1879 Wandin Yallock – 1915 Ultima
- CLEGG, Daisy Beatrice 1881 Wandin Yallock – 1942 Chelsea
- CLEGG, Joseph 1883 Wandin Yallock – 1946 Chelsea
- CLEGG, Rose Mabel 1885 Wandin Yallock – 1961 Caulfield
- CLEGG, Peter 1887 Wandin Yallock – 1968 Vic.
- CLEGG, Charlotte Ann 1889 Wandin Yallock – 1979 Dandenong
- CLEGG, James Herbert 1891 Wandin Yallock – 1917 Western front, Great War, Belgium WW1
- CLEGG, Paul 1893 Wandin Yallock – 1968
CLEGG, Susannah Isabella PARR
- CLEGG, Albert William 1896 Wandin Yallock –
- CLEGG, Shem - 1898–1898 Wandin Yallock

CLEGG, Hugh -b.1852 Halifax, Yorkshire, England

CLEGG, Faith -b.1853 Halifax, Yorkshire, England (Mrs TAFFS) - see TAFFS

CLEGG, Emma -1854-1855 Halifax, Yorkshire, England

CLEGG, Enoch -b. 9 Feb 1856 Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng, (m.Vic.1875 Agnes Anderson MARTIN) d.1933 Hawthorn, Boroondara
CLEGG, Agnes Anderson MARTIN
- CLEGG, Charles Edward 1876 – 1878
- CLEGG, John Alexander 1877 – 1957
- CLEGG, Olive Isabel 1879 – 1885
- CLEGG, Herbert Wallace 1882 – 1948
- CLEGG, Florence Myrtle 1884 – 1971
- CLEGG, Walter Gladstone 1888 – 1956

CLEGG, Jacob -b.19 Augst 1858 Collingwood, Melb. (m.Fitzroy 6 Mar 1880 Margaret BARTLETT) - d.8 Oct 1895 Wandin Yallock
CLEGG, Margaret BARTLETT -b.29 July 1863 Koroit, Vic. - Daughter of Josiah BARTLETT & Jane McMANUS -d. 2 June 1928 in Fremantle, WA - see BARTLETT
- CLEGG, Lilian Ann 1881 – 1926
- CLEGG, Walter Henry 1883 – 1954
- CLEGG, Percival James 1885 – 1952
- CLEGG, Francis Josiah 1886 – 1979
- CLEGG, Eveline Amelia 1888 – 1979
- CLEGG, Charles Oliver 1890 – 1980
- CLEGG, Wilfred Lawson Peter 1893 – 1987
- CLEGG, Stanley Jacob 1895 – 1980

CLEGG, Leah -b.1863 Collingwood (m.1884 Karl Joseph SIES) - see SIES

1900 Cleggs to WA. Around the time of Federation, the younger CLEGG brothers moved on from Wandin Yallock to participate in the western Australian goldrush. It seems they did not so much as prospect for gold, but rather, went into the business of provisioning the boom with goods. They opened a store selling furniture in Freemantle, which proved a great success.

CLEGG's FURNITURE EMPORIUM, Freemantle, Western Australia

CLEMENTS, Mark William - b.1860 Clunes Vic. - son of Mark CLEMENTS & Eliza MAUNDER who married in Victoria in 1859- (m.Vic.1884 Mary PEARCE) - d.1933 Lilydale @ 73yrs
CLEMENTS, Mary PEARCE - b.1865 Clunes - daughter of James PEARCE & Mary GODDON - d.1938 Lilydale @ 73yrs
CLEMENTS, Mark William - b.1885 Boolara- (m.Vic.1906 Rose Louisa Henrietta COPLAND) - d.1960 Mount Dandenong @ 75yrs
CLEMENTS, Rosa Luise Henriette COPLAND - b.2 Nov 1886 North Adelaide, South Australia - daughter of Jasper Robert COPLAND & Rosie Viner Henriette ROSENTHAL -
- - CLEMENTS, Viena May - b.1907 Wandin Yallock
- - CLEMENTS, William Percival - b.1909 Wandin Yallock - - d.1967 Bull..? @ 57yr
- - CLEMENTS, Frederick George - b.1911 Wandin Yallock
- - CLEMENTS, Edith Irene - b.1913 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1932 Alfred Edward ROSE) - see ROSE
- - CLEMENTS, Lorraine - b.1914 Lilydale
- - CLEMENTS, Harold Louvane - b.1918 Lilydale
CLEMENTS, Albert Gordon - b.1886 Daylesford
CLEMENTS, Fredrick George -b.abt 1887 - d.1971 Lilydale @ 59yrs
CLEMENTS, Ethel May Pearce - b.1888 Yarra Flats, Upper Yarra - (m.Vic.1918 Robert STEWART) - d.1964 Box Hill @ 76yrs
CLEMENTS, Harold Leslie - b.1889 Yarra Flats - d.1889
CLEMENTS, Lily Gertrude -b.1890 Lilydale - - d.1956 Lilydale @ 66yr
CLEMENTS, Ruby Hilda - b.1892 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1919 Norman Campbell REID) - d.1966 Lilydale @ 74yrs
CLEMENTS, Leonard Edward - b.1894 Lilydale
CLEMENTS, Percival James - b.1894 Lilydale -(m.Vic.1919 Louisa Myrtle REID) - -d.1954 Brig..? @ 60yr
CLEMENTS, Louisa Myrtle REID

CLEMENTS, Thomas - b.1862 Clunes - - son of Mark CLEMENTS & Eliza MAUNDER who married in Victoria in 1859 - d.1933 Glenhuntly @ 70yrs

CLEMENTS, William - b.1871 Clunes - son of Mark CLEMENTS & Eliza MAUNDER who married in Victoria in 1859 - (m.Vic.1887 Margaret Jessie DAVIDSON)
CLEMENTS, Margaret Jessie DAVIDSON - b.1865 Collingwood -dghtr of William DAVIDSON & Maragret FERGUSON -
CLEMENTS, Norman Roy - b.1890 Yarra Flats - (m.Vic.1919 Grace Ann VAIL)
CLEMENTS, Herbert Stanley -b.1892 Yarra Flats -(m.Vic.1913 Lillian Alma BISHOP)
CLEMENTS, Dorothy May - b.1894 Yarra Flats (m.Vic.1912 Harold Charles Gillott GOURLEY)
CLEMENTS, Henry Davidson - b.1903 Yarra Glen

CLIFFORD, William - b. ? - (m.1847 Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, to Margaret ELizabeth JACKS) - d.
CLIFFORD, Margaret Elizabeth JACKS
CLIFFORD, Jane b.1847 Emerald Hill,Sth Melbourne - (m.Vic.1874 George SYME) d.1924 Kew, Boroondara
CLIFFORD, Robert -b.abt 1851 Prahran (m.Vic.1871 Jane CLIFFORD of Armagh, Ireland) d.1929 Ballarat @ 77yrs
CLIFFORD, Elisabeth 1853 - 1857 Prahran
CLIFFORD, Mary Ann - 1855-1855 Prahran
CLIFFORD, Sarah Ann - b.1856 Prahran -(m.Vic.1878 Henry CHARLESTON of Bristol)
CLIFFORD, Samuel James -b.1860 Prahran -son of William CLIFFORD & Margaret Elizabeth JACKS (m.Vic.1883 to Sarah Ann BALL) @ Olinda Vale 1907 - d.1928 Lilydale @ 70yrs
CLIFFORD, Sarah Ann BALL b.abt 1860 Lincolnshire - dghtr of Temple BALL & Sarah PELL - (m.Samuel CLIFFORD) -d.8 Oct 1923 Richmond @ 63 years - from Olinda Vale
- CLIFFORD, William Temple J - b.1885 Lilydale
- CLIFFORD, Samuel Rupert Vivian Nimmo - b.1887 Lilydale (m.1916 Emilie Ida WAY) - d.1945 Camberwell East @ 57yrs
- CLIFFORD, Arthur Richard Stanley P. -b.1890 Scoresby Nth
CLIFFORD, Mary Ann - b.1864 Prahran (m.1881 Patrick CLANCY)
CLIFFORD, James - b.1865 Scoresby North/ Olinda Creek
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth - b.1869 Prahran
CLIFFORD, Joseph - b.1870 Hawthorn

CLOUSTON, E. Bessie - b.1825 Deerness, Orkney Islands, Scotland (Mrs J.N.McEWIN)

CLUNING, William Patrick - b.1877 Elaine, Vic - son of Simon CLUNING & Bridget MULLINS - (m.Vic.1899 Rose CONNORS) - d.1934 Yarra Junction @ 69yrs
CLUNING, Rosie Roseanne CONNORS - b. East Trentham - dghtr of Patrick CONNORS & Mary DWYER - d.1948 Warburton
CLUNING, Edward William - b.1900 Bullarto - 1902 Blue Mount, Trentham
CLUNING, William Patrick - b.1902 Bullarto - d.1939 Middle Parl @ 37yr
CLUNING, Daniel - b.1904 Foster, Sth Gippsland - (m.Vic.1935 Elizabeth Joyce SCOTT)
CLUNING, Mary - 'Scotswood' Wandin 1931 - b.1905 Warburton - (m.Vic.1938 Arthur Ernest COBURN)
CLUNING, Bridget - b.1907 - d.1909 Warburton
CLUNING, Eileen - b.1908 Warburton
CLUNING, Michael - b.1910 Warburton
CLUNING, Simon - b.1912 Warburton -(m.Vic.1940 Alma Mary LOVELL)
CLUNING, John - b.1916 Warburton
CLUNING, Lillian Rose - d.1972 Fitzroy @ 49yrs

COATES, Charles Sleath b.abt 1840 -son of John COATES & Eliza SLEATH - Land in the township (Lots 20 & 21) of Wandin Yallock 1885 d.1896 Armadale, Prahran @ 56yrs

COCHRANE, Thomas 'Tom' -b.abt 1882 in County Donegal, IRELAND -son of Samuel COCHRANE & ? BROWN - Occupation: teacher, Schoolmaster - (m.VIC.1903 May Grattan THOMPSON) Residence 1903-1909 Thoresby Grove, Ivanhoe, Vic. Summer Residence 1903-1914: 'LARNOO' cnr Parker Road, South Wandin
COCHRANE, May Grattan THOMPSON - b. 1881 Kew, Boroondara, Victoria - daughter of Schoolmaster John Henning THOMPSON M.A. J.P. and his wife Louisa Elizabeth GRATTAN - (m.Vic.1903 Thomas 'Schoolmaster' COCHRANE) - Residence 1909 Thoresby Grove, Ivanhoe, Vic. Summer Residence till 1914: South Wandin - Three COCHRANE children - Residence 1942: 27 Lisson Grove, Hawthorn, Vic. -d.1978 in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia - see THOMPSON
COCHRANE, Thomas Grattan -b. 1908 Hawthorn, Boroondara, Melbourne, Victoria - Occupation: Chemist
COCHRANE, 'Betty' Elizabeth H. -b 1910 Hawthorn, Boroondara,
COCHRANE, George Robert -b.1917 Ararat, Ballarat District, Victoria, Australia
- Thomas Grattan Cochrane at South Wandin, c.1908

COGHLAN - COUGHLAN, George Frederick Mr - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1912 [ Teacher Registration No. 16568]

COLE, parents of Edie 1916

COLEMAN, Patrick John - Silvan timberworker 1931 - b.1885 Fitzroy, - son of Michael COLEMAN & Anna Sophia BLACKMAN -(m.Vic.1925 Annie WHITE) - d.1947 Alexandra @ 62yrs
COLEMAN, Annie WHITE - b.abt 1885 Balwyn - dghtr of Thomas Henry WHITE & Mary CAFFYN - d.1929 Yea, Vic. @ 44yr - See WHITE

COLLARD, Caroline - (Mrs WILSON)

COLLARD, James Halford - b.abt 1858 Liverpool, Lancashire -son of Edward Harold COLLARD & Elizabeth WATSON - (m.1.Vic.1879 Isabella McDONALD)- widowed - (m.2.Vic.1896 Edith LEWIS) - widowed - (m.Vic.1910 Alice Maud DICKINSON - d. 1913 Oakleigh, Vic. @ 55 yrs -(executers. J.Patterson, E.E.Matthews)
COLLARD, Isabella McDONALD - b. Petershead,
COLLARD, William Alexander -b.1879 Carlton - d.1910 Kew, Vic. @ 31yrs
COLLARD, Edith Annie -b.1881 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb. (m.Vic.1896 Alexander John HOWARD)
COLLARD, Harold Walter - b.1882 Emerald Hill< sth Melb. - - d.1955 Heidelberg @ 72yr
COLLARD, James Herbert - b.1884 - 1998 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb
COLLARD, Margaret Isabella - b.1886-1886 Melbourne
COLLARD, Norman Leslie - b.1887 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1924 Frieda Veronica LUBRANKSY) - -d.1948 Richmond @ 60yr
COLLARD, Frieda Veronica LUBRANSKY -
COLLARD, Edith LEWIS - b.1868 Ballarat - dghtr of William LEWIS & Margaret FLYNN - d.1910 Prahran Hospital (Alfred), Vic. @ 42yrs
COLLARD, Hubert James - b.1898 Richmond - d.1925 Glenhuntly @ 27yr
COLLARD, Kathleen Margaret - b.1901 Caulfield - (m. BROUGHTON) -d.1983 Mornington @ 83yr
COLLARD, Alice Maud DICKINSON -b.abt 1869 Port Melbourne, -dghtr of William DICKINSON & Jane ROBERTSON - d.1958 Melb. @ 89yrs

COLLIER, John - b. abt 1832 from ? IRELAND - son of John COLLIER & Elizabeth PEEKIE - (m.Vic.1858 Ellen Helena 0'Brien) - d.1916 Olinda Creek, Valinda-Mt Evelyn,
COLLIER, Ellen O'BRIEN - b.abt 1836 IRELAND - dghtr of Michael O'BRIEN - d.1917 Olinda Creek, Valinda, Mt Evelyn
COLLIER, Helena Maria - b.1859 Pentridge Village on Merri - (m.Vic.1881 Samuel John WILSON of South Yarra & Lilydale district) d.1939 Prahran @ 79yrs - see WILSON
COLLIER, John - b.1861 Pentridge Village on Merri
COLLIER, Mary Jane -b.1863 Pentridge Village on Merri - d.1921 East Melb.
COLLIER, Michael - b.1867 Melbourne - 1867 Hotham
COLLIER, Susan - b.1868 Melbourne
COLLIER, Louisa -b.1869 Olinda Creek, Wandin Yallock - d.1940 Lilydale, Vic. @ 71yr
COLLIER, Terence - b. 1871 Olinda Creek, Lillydale - d.1938 Ballarat, Vic.
COLLIER, Francis -b.1873 - d.1882 Olinda Creek, Lilydale
COLLIER, Nellie - b.1875 - (Mrs McKAY) - d.1939 Ascot Vale @ 63yr

COLLINGS, Thomas George - b. abt 1830 Thames Valley, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire -son of Thomas COLLINGS - Farmers @ Sth Wandin 1903 - d. 1909 Ringwood @ 78yrs
COLLINGS, Clara Elizabeth PEARCE b.abt 1835 England - dghtr of William PEARCE & Elizabeth COPE - d.1909 St Kilda @ 80yrs
COLLINGS, Emily Clara b. abt 1856 London, Middlesex, England - (m. 1882 Thomas Mayo DAVIS ) d.1936 Caulfield @ 80yrs - See DAVIS
COLLINGS, Frederick Bruce - b.1865 Englnd - (m.Vic.1900 Mary Wilmot BRUMLEY) - d.1905 Balwyn @ 39yrs
- COLLINGS, Clara Charlotte - b.1902 Balwyn
COLLINGS, Alfred George -b.13 Dec 1867 Adelaide, South Australiia - (m.Vic. 1889 to Sarah Hannah AYLWIN of Prahran) - d.1895 Prahran @ 27yrs
COLLINGS, Sarah Hannah AYLWIN -b.1867 Collingwood - dgtr of John Townsend AYLWIN
- COLLINGS, Alfred Bruce -b.1890 Prahran
- COLLINGS, George John - b.1892 Prahran
- COLLINGS, Mary ELizabeth - b.1894 Prahran
COLLINGS, Amelia Madeleine -b.1870 St Kilda - (m.1890 Alfred Thomas HUNT) - d.1943 Bentliegh @ 73yrs - see HUNT
COLLINGS, Florence Mary - b.1873 St Kilda (m.Vic. John James COVENTRY) d. 1940 Box Hill @ 66yrs - see COVENTRY
COLLINGS, Agnes Gertrude -b.1874 Colchestor, England -(m.Vic.George Henry JAMES) d.1948 Box Hill @ 73yrs - See JAMES
COLLINGS, Ada Laura b. 1878 -(m.1914 Samuel John KENNEDY) d.1934 Ringwood @ 55yrs

COLLINS, Robert H. - - Olinda Vale 1907

COLLISHAW, George - b. abt 1879 South Kyme, Lincolnshire, England - son of William Emerson COLLISHAW & Mary SNEATH or SNAITH - ( He was married in Victoria in 1910 to Alice Louisa HARRIS) listed as a Sth Wandin fruitgrower by 1913 - d. 1965 registered at Croydon @ 85yrs
Alice Louisa HARRIS b.19 January 1872 Pasco Vale, Vic. - dugher of Bedfordshire-born Richard HARRIS & Harriet Louisa OWEN - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913 - – d.1956 in Fairfield, Melb.
COLLISHAW, Daisy Alice -b.1911 Carlton (m.1941 Edward MULRONEY) d.1956 Springvale @ 44yrs
COLLISHAW, Jessie Winifred b.1913 Wandin South (m.1938 Leslie SPENCER)
COLLISHAW, Lillian Emerson b.1919 Wandin South (m.4 Oct 1939 at Silvan Methodist Church to Jack Huntly PROCTOR) - see PROCTOR

COLLOCOTT, - McKillop Road
COLLOCOTT, - McKillop Road
COLLOCOTT, - McKillop Road

COLVILLE, Walter - (m. Lousia Emily WILLIAMS) - b. abt 1884 - son of Walter & Mary COLVILLE - d.1969 Geelong @ 85yr
COLVILLE, Lousia Emily WILLIAMS - b.abt 1886 - d.1952 Geelong @ 66yr
COLVILLE, Lillian Lincoln - b.1913-1913 Lilydale
COLVILLE, Walter Leonard - b.1914 Wandin Yallock - d.1975 Geelong @ 61yr
COLVILLE, Lucy Emily - b.1915 Wandin Yallock - (m. RENDLE) - d.1967 Geelong @ 52yr
COLVILLE, Violet Amy - b.1916 Wandin Yallock
COLVILLE, Edward John - b.1920 Wandin Yallock- d.1975 Geelong @ 61yr
COLVILLE, Gladys Mary - b.1923-123 Carlton

COLWELL, Thomas - b.1861 Oakleigh, Vic -son of James COLWELL of Oakleigh & Mary REID - (m.Vic.1885 Rebecca BREEN) - d.1942 Oakleigh @ 81yrs
COLWELL, Rebecca BREEN - b.1857 Erinskillen, IRELAND -dghtr of Henry BREEN & Mary Ann WILSON - d. 1945 Oakleigh @ 88yrs - see BREEN
COLWELL, James - b.1886 Oakleigh
COLWELL, Margaret - b.1889 Oakleigh
COLWELL, Matilda May -b.1892 Oakleigh
COLWELL, Thomas Henry -b.1901 Oakleigh

COMPTON, Henry - (m. Jane TOZER) d.1867 Victoria @ 62yrs
COMPTON, Jane TOZER -b. Mald...? - daughter of Charles TOZER & Susanna STEPHESN - d.1874 Victoria @ 70yr
COMPTON, Anna Maria Hoyles - b. - daughter of Henry COMPTON & Jane TOZER -(m.Vic.1862 Justice Sir Edward Dundas HOLROYD) d.7 May 1917 St Kilda - see HOLROYD

CONNER, Wilhelm -b.1837 København, Danmark (Copenhagen) son of Pietr CONNER & Elisabeth ÖLSEN - Emigrated - In Wandin Yallock by 1870 - (m. 24 Dec 1875 @ Methodist Church, Warrandyte - to Sarah Amelia CLIFTON) - d.26 Nov 1819 Swan Reach, Murraylands, South Australia
CONNER, Sarah Amelia CLIFTON b.13 November 1854 in Melbourne, Vic. dghtr of George CLIFTON & Frances Fanny STRATFORD. – d. 1 June 1940 Boundary Bend, Nyah West, Swan Hill

CONNER, Wilhelm George b.1876 Wandin, Lilydale – d.1888 Wandin, Lilydale
CONNER, Johann 'John' David b.1878 Wandin, Lilydale – d.1941 Swan Hill, Vic.
CONNER, Anna Elisabeth b.1880 Wandin, Lilydale –(m.Wentworth, NSW 1899 to Russell BATH of Sth Aust) d.1962 Robinvale, Murray Valley,
CONNER, Albert Alexander b.1882 Wandin, Lilydale
CONNER, Edith Emily Clifton b.19 February 1884 in Wandin Yallock - (married 17 Dec 1904 aboard the Etona Chapel Launch, Renmark, Riverland, South Australia, to George BATH of Sth Australai) – d.26 October1958 in Swan Reach, Riverland, SA
CONNER, Archibald Henry b.1886 Wandin, Lilydale –(m.Vic.1914 Alice May HEYWOOD) - ( m. Vic.1921 Louisa Annie DOBSON) d. 1981 Swan Hill, Victoria
CONNER, Alice May HEYWOOD 1895 Swan Hill – 1915 Balranald NSW - daughter of Henry Stewart Johns HEYWOOD & Ellen Alice KIRK
CONNER, Louisa Annie DOBSON b.1896 ? dghtr of Leonard DOBSON & Alice Abigail GUTTERIDGE - d.1973 Nyah Swan Hill, VIc
- CONNER, Alexander -b. Nyah Swan Hill
- CONNER, David
- CONNER, Joyce May
- CONNER, Leonard
- CONNER, Lavinia Joyce 1920 – 2001
CONNER, George Alexander b.1888 Wandin, Lilydale (m.Vic.1917 Mary Bell Stuart HEYWOOD) – d.1918
CONNER, Mary Bell Stuart HEYWOOD b.1896 Swan Hill, Vic. -daughter of Henry Stewart Johns HEYWOOD & Ellen Alice KIRK (re-married 1919 John Wilmot SYKES) - one child Geoffry SYKES 1919 – 1950. She died 1921
CONNER, William Albert b.1890 Wandin, Lilydale – d.1911 Mooroopna, Goulburn Vally
CONNER, Lucy Lavinia May 'Eskey' b.1891 4 Nov 1891 Wentworth, New South Wales –(m.1929 Rockdale, Sydney, NSW to Friedrich ESKEY) 1991

COOMBS, Mr Uriah - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1876 [Teacher Registration No.949] 0 (m.Vic.1856 Anne HARBOUR)
COOMBS, Annie HARBOUR [Schoolteacher Registration No.948]
COOMBS, William Green -b.1857 Eaglehawk (m.1888 Mary Amanda BILLINGHAM) - Schoolteacher reg No.990)
COOMBS, Emelia Annie -b.1859 Eaglehawk (m. William Louis HENDLEY)
COOMBS, Alice Elizabeth May -b.1861- 1861 Eaglehawk
COOMBS, Alice Matilda -b.1862 Eaglehawk..? Vic. (m.1880 Thomas WILSON)
COOMBS, Clara Louisa b.1864- 1865 Carlton
COOMBS, Horace Buckland b.1865 Carlton -1866 Melb.
COOMBS, Florence Augusta -b.1868 Warrnambool


COOPER, Albert Christopher (m. Olive Ellen Lister BROOKE
COOPER, Olive Ellen Lister BROOKE
COOPER, Walter George - b.1909 Richmond - d.1910 Wandin Yallock, Vic.

CORNELL, Frederick Jacob - b.abt 1874 England - son of Edmund CORNELL & Mary Ann FISHER - (m.Vic.1897 Ellen JACOB) - Fruitgrower & Jam-maker at Wandin Jam Factory - d.1937 Wandin Yallock @ 62yrs
CORNELL, Ellen JACOB - b.1869 Batesford, Geelong -daughter of Canton De Vaud, Switerzerland-born, Elie JACOB & Annett, Switzerland-born Barbara WEBER -d.1977 at Evelyn @ 99yrs - see JACOB
CORNELL, Edmund Frederick Douglas -b.abt 1900 - (m.Vic.1918 Beatrice Pauline Lawer SMITH) -d.1934 Melbourne @ 34yrs
CORNELL, Beatrice Pauline Lawer SMITH - dghtr of Harold Belrgave SMITH & Polly U'REN -d. Healesville -see SMITH
- CORNELL, Edna (1919 Lilydale - )
- CORNELL, Dorothy (1923 Lilydale-2007 Healesville)
CORNELL, Barbara Ellen - b.1910 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1938 Arthur Edwin BODY) - d.1974 PArkville @ 64yrs
CORNELL, Eleonore Elizabeth - b. 1912 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1933 Henry Roy EDWARDS)

COTTINGHAM, Samuel b.abt 1830 Kent, England - son of William COTTINGHAM & Charlotte HARRIS on the Victoria Goldfields about 1853 at Ararat - married in Victoria in 1855 to Sarah Elisabeth WATSON) Samuel COTTINGHAM emigrated with at least one brother, William COTTINGHAM who married Jane HILL in Victoria 1864. They had two children William Thomas Cottingham (1866- ) and Jane Hill Cottingham (1869- )born in the Raglan - Beaufort district, west of Ballarat. William COTTINGHAM died in 1870 in Victoria at age 31. His wife Jane afterward married Samuel PROVIS. About then Samuel COTTINGHAM emigrated from Victoria with his young family to New Zealand [about 1866 -1867] where more children were born. When he returned from New Zealand in about 1900 he came out east of Melbourne to Wandin Yallock . He Died: 1904 Mt Evelyn, Lillydale, Vic. @ 73 yrs - children:
COTTINGHAM, Sarah Elizabeth WATSON - b. abt 1837 - dghtr of Thomas WATSON & Hephzibah SHERIDEAN. at Pleasant Crk, Stawell in the Goldrush. Died: 1920 Olinda Creek, Mt Evelyn, Lilydale @ 83yrs
COTTINGHAM, William Thomas -b.1856 Raglan, Beaufort, Vic. (m.Vic.1895 Elizabeth Dowling WHITTINGHAM) -d.1927 Cheltenham, Vic. @ 71yrs
-COTTINGHAM, John Ethelbert b,1895 Port Melb. - d.1947 Birchip
-COTTINGHAM, Arthur Charles b.1897 Ringwood
-COTTINGHAM, Robert Victor b.1901 Scoresby North
COTTINGHAM, Elizabeth Charlotte -b.1858 Pleasant Crk, Stawell - d.1924 Croydon, Vic. @ 65yrs
COTTINGHAM, Samuel Henry -b.1861 Pleasant Crk, Stawell - d.1862 Stawell
COTTINGHAM, Edith Sarah Watson -b.1865 Pleasant Crk, Stawell - d.1897 South Yarra @ 32yrs
COTTINGHAM, Eva Catherine -b.1867 Otago, NZ (m.NZ
COTTINGHAM, Charlotte Jane -b.1869 Otago, NZ (m.1892 NZ CRAWLEY)
COTTINGHAM, Rhoda Mary -b.1871 Otago, NZ (m.Vic.1903 Edgar Oswald FOSTER) d.1959 Glen? Vic. @ 88yrs
COTTINGHAM, Walter Henry -b.1873 Otago, NZ
COTTINGHAM, George Ernest -b.1874 Otago, NZ - d.1941 Colac @ 68yrs
COTTINGHAM, Ethelbert Hadlow -b.1876 Otago, New Zealand
COTTINGHAM, Frank' Francis Samuel -b.1878 Otago, NZ (m.Vic.1911 Emily Frances MASON) -d.1956 Colac @ 78yrs
- COTTINGHAM, Masie Dorothy -b.1913 Colac
- COTTINGHAM, Francis Reginald b.1914 Colac
- COTTINGHAM, Gladys Thelma b.1919 Colac
COTTINGHAM, Emily Ruth -b.1881 Otago, NZ - (m.Vic.1912 Charles Clondestry Lyttleton ELMORE) -d.1965 Canterbury, Vic. @ 84yrs
- ELMORE, Harold Lawrence - b.1913 Murrumbeena - see ELMORE -
COTTINGHAM, Sarah - Fruitgrowers 1903
COTTINGHAM, Ernest - Mt Evelyn Rd miner 1924

COUCH, David Tamblyn - b. Sept 1850 St Columb Major, Cornwall - Emigrated ? - (m.Vic.1876 Margaret Anne QUAYLE) - d.15 Sept 1915 Surrey Hills-
COUCH, Margaret Anne QUAYLE -b.1855 Eaglemont-on-Yarra - dghtr of Thomas QUAYLE & Margaret MYLES - d.1924 Camberwell, Boroondara see also QUAYLE
COUCH, David Tamblyn -b.1877 Bulleen – (m.Vic,1912 Bertha Adelheide VORWERG) 1948 Sandringham
COUCH, Bertha Adelheide VORWERG
- COUCH, Jack Tamblyn - b.1 September 1920 Caulfield,
COUCH, Samuel Thomas Bate -b.1879 Templestowe-On-Yarra, –(m.Vic.1912 Elizabeth Jane 'Lizzie' HAND) 1955 Vic.
COUCH, Elizabeth Jane 'Lizzie' HAND b.1883 Wandin Yallock - dghtr of John HAND and Eliza Jane CAMPBELL of Seville- d.Oct 1957 Kew, Boroondara -see HAND
COUCH, Frances Edith -b.1880 – 1887 Templestowe
COUCH, Adelaide Louisa -b.1882 Templestow - (m.Vic. 18 June 1907 Somerset-born Ernest BRITTON of Seville ) – d. 7 April 1910 Wandin Yallock see BRITTON
COUCH, Annie Margaret -b.1885 Templestowe (m.Vic.1906 Frederick James BRIDGER) – 1976 Kew, Boroondara
COUCH, Florence Emily -b.1887 Clifton Hill – 1908 Wandin Yallock
COUCH, Elsie Ethel -b.1890 Brighton, Vic. – 1918 Fairfield, Vic.

COULSON, William Athol - b.1862 Chilwell& Ashby, Geelong - son of Jonathan COULSON & Jane HILLIAM - -(m.Vic.1890 Sarah Alice STINTON) - d.1900 Sherbrooke-Monbulk @ 39yr
COULSON, Sarah Alice STINTON - b.1864 Fitzroy - dghtr of Thomas STINTON % Mary Ann BEAUMONT - d.1926 C'field @ 61yr
COULSON, Daisy Beaumont -b.1891 Richmond - (m.Vic.1915 Wallace Arthur PICOT) - d.
PICOT, Wallace Arthur
-PICOT, Donien Athol - b.1917 Prahran
COULSON, Harold Hilliam - b.1894 South Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1922 Mabel Annie ROSE_ -d.
- COULSON, Leslie Harold - b.abt 1923 Bald Hills
- COULSON, Dorothy May - Bald Hills
COULSON, Constance Emily MILLS - Bald Hills - -daughter of George H & Emily MILLS -d.1968 Ferntree Gully @ 72 yrs
COULSON, Clare Ascot -b.1895 -d.1895 Ascot Vale
COULSON, John Henry - d. 1952 Belgrave @ 65yrs

COUNSELL, Mary Ann- Proprietor from Sept 1880 of Allotment in Wandin Yallock -- b. Bermingham - -(m.Vic.1883 William DENHAM - from Bradford, England) - see DENHAM

COVENTRY, John James - b.1869 South Yarra - son of John COVENTRY & Martha BEECH - (m.Vic.1893 Florence Mary Collings)
COVENTRY, Florence Mary COLLINGS - b.1873 St Kilda - daughter of Thomas George COLLINGS & Clara Elizabeth PEARCE of south Wandin - d. - - see COLLINGS
COVENTRY, John George - b.1894 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale -(m.Vic.1928 Margaret DUGGAN)
COVENTRY, Henry James - b.1896 Prahran - (m.Vic.1921 Dorothy Jean CLARK)
COVENTRY, Theodore Alfred- b.1899 Elsternwick -(m.Vic.1927 Mary HOLDSWORTH)
COVENTRY, Albert Gordon - b.1902 Balwyn, Boroondara -(m.Vic.1933 Ida Jean WATSON)
COVENTRY, Roy Thomas - b.1903 Surrey Hills, Vic.- (m.1926 Evelyn Kathleen HERBERT)
COVENTRY, Frederick Bruce - b.1906 Surrey Hills - (m.Vic.1929 Grace HINDLE)
COVENTRY, Florence Martha - b.1912 Surrey Hills

William Rooke CRESWELL as a young Naval Officer

CRESWELL, William Rooke, Sir - Vice-Admiral K.C.M.G K.B.E. -b. 20 July 1852 Gibraltar, Spanish English Colony, Great Britain - son of Edmund CRESWELL & Margarat Mary Ward FRASER - from Sydney via Melbourne - (m.@ age 36 St Jude's Church of England, Port Elliott, South Australia 29 Dec 1888 to 28 yr-old Adelaide Elisabeth STOW) - Rear Admiral Sir William Creswell - Transferred to the Retired List 1917 - Residence from 1912: 'Fernydale' South Wanidn /Silvan - d. 20 April 1933 Armadale, Prahran district. Alternative Residence 1919: 'Woorneet' Balmerina ave, Toorak. - Buried: Brighton Old Cemetery
CRESWELL, Adelaide Elisabeth STOW -b.31 May 1860 Adelaide, South Australia - daughter of Chief Justice Randolph Isham STOW (1828–1878)& Frances Mary MacDERMOTT (1836–1914) - (Mrs W. R.CRESWELL 1888) – d. 14 Feb 1945 Toorak, Prahran District
CRESWELL, Edmund Lindesay Gordon -b.13 March 1890 Largs Bay, Port Adelaide, South Australia - (m.Vic.1929 Alison Irma DEARDEN) - d.1966 Heidelberg, Vic. @ 76yrs
CRESWELL, Randolph William - b.13 March 1890 Largs Bay, Port Adelaide, South Australia - MILITARY- Enlisted 27 April 1913- NOK Admiral Sir W R CRESWELL, Ferndale, Silvan, Vic. earlier in the 1st University Rifles- OCCUPATION: Land Surveyor- Mining Engineer -Regiment: 1. 29th Infantry Battalion -Staff Lieutenant> 2. 3rd Battalion I.C.C. First Camel Brigade -(Imperial Camel Corps). AWARDED the "White Eagle Fifth Class by HM the King of Serbia for Distinguished service during the MEF Campaign. Orders given to be promoted Captain of the 3rd Battlion's Imperial Camel Brigade - but was by then reported killed in action in the region of Tel el Khuweilfe. –d.6 Nov 1917 Tel el Khuweilfe, off Gaza, towards Beersheba, Palestine - Buried by Chaplain T.Scott LITTLE in the Imperial Camel Corps Section, Beersheba Military Cemetery, Palestine.
NOTE: Randolph Road, off Ferndale Road, Burleigh - South Silvan is named for Lieutenant Randolph William Creswell - after the occasion of his death in 1917 near Beersheba, Palestine in the First World War.
CRESWELL, Margaret Adelaide -b.8 Jan 1893 Largs Bay, Adelaide, South Australia – d. 27 April 1912
CRESWELL, Colin Fraser -b.12 September 1894 Largs Bay, Port Adelaide, South Australia –- Military: 10 June 1913- Midshipman, Royal Navy. Appointed: 15 May 1915 Sub-Lieutenant of the P.N.F. (Pacific Naval Force) of the Royal Navy on the ship "ENCOUNTER" -Appointed: 30 January 1916 Sea-going Acting Sub-Lieutenant of the P.N.F. (Pacific Naval Force) of the Royal Navy -d. Lieutenant Colin Fraser Creswell RN was killed in submarine E. 47. in the North Sea, off Suffolk, England - New York, United States of America on 20 August 1917
CRESWELL, Frances Marie Noel -b.19 Dec 1898 Largs Bay, Port Adelaide, South Australia –(m.Vic.1941 Phillip Winchester Fenn PERRY)
PERRY, Phillip Winchester Fenn -b.1905 Armadale, Prahran -son of Richmond-born, William PERRY & Brighton-born, Leila Madeline Winchester WILMOT -d.1857 Heidelberg @ 52yrs
CRESWELL, Peter Beverley b.14 August 1904 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - - Occupation 1930: Book-keeper for Calaba-Curlewis, Gunnedah, Gwydir, New South Wales. -Occupation 1936: Station Overseer at the Granite Peak Pastoral Company Ltd, Wiluna, Mt Leonora, Western Australia. - (m.Chatswood, Sydney, NSW 1940 to Ruth Margaret DICKSON)

The elder Admiral Sir William Rooke Creswell

CROFT, Mr Albert Arthur George, South Wandin Schoolteacher 1913 - [Teacher Registration No.7333] - b.1860 Growelers Creek, Yackandandah - son of George CROFT & Fanny Ada BALL - (m.Vic.1882 Edith Sarah TEWKSBURY) d.1943 Melbourne @ 83yrs
CROFT, Edith Sarah TEWKSBURY [Teacher Registration No. 1627] - b.1859 Yackandandah, Vic. - daughter of John Eward TEWKSBURY & Edith Sarah CROFT - d.1945 East Malvern @ 85yrs
CROFT, Hilda - b.1883 - 1885 Growlers Creek
CROFT, Bertram Ross - b.1886-1887 Bright, Vic
CROFT, Arnold Faulkner - b.1888 Bright, Vic.
CROFT, Alphonso Walter - b.1893 Bright, Vic. (m.Vic.1920 Lorna Violet ENGLAND / EAGLAND)
CROFT, Reginald John -b.1895-1895 Bright, Vic
CROFT, Albert George -b.1897 Bright, Vic. - d.1957 Box Hill @ 58yrs
CROFT, Ina Estelle - b.1899-1899 Bright

CROFTS, Annie Gertrude - (Schoolteacher at South Wandin ) - Teacher Registration No. 15546] - b.1891 Wandiligong, Vic. - daughter of John CROFTS & Elizabeth SNELL - d.1966 Brig..? Vic. @ 75yrs



CROSS, Caroline 'Carol' (Mrs Alfred Henry KING)

CULVERHOUSE, William Alfred -b.abt 1885 England - son of William Alfred & Ethel CULVERHOUSE - (m. Evelyn May LONG) - d.1962 Footscray, Vic. @ 76yrs
CULVERHOUSE, Evelyn Mae LONG - b.1884 Inglewood, Loddon Goldfields, Vic. - dghtr of Willie George LONG & Sarah Maria Elizabeth CROCKFORD(SOMERVILLE) - d.1957 Melb. @ 73yrs
CULVERHOUSE, William Alfred -b.1913 Wandin Yalloak
CULVERHOUSE, Frederick Taylor - b.1919 Lilydale, Vic.

CUTHBERTSON, Thomas Ralph - b.1863 Queenscliff -son of John CUTHERBERTSON & Jane Eleanor HUDSON nee RYDER - (m.Vic.1892 Catherine Frances HUTCHINSON) - d
CUTHBERTSON, Catherine Frances HUTCHINSON - b. Drysdale, Geelong
CUTHBERTSON, Arthur Henry - b.1893 Wandin Yallock
CUTHBERTSON, Stanley - b.1895 Wandin Yallock
CUTHBERTSON, Irene Isabella - b.1899 Wandin Yallock
CUTHBERTSON, Percival Ralph - b.1901 Wandin YAllock
CUTHBERTSON, Ellen Jean - b.1904 Drouin

DAGON, Pierre Luis - born Neuchatel, Switzerland - (m.Vic.1856 Mary Jane NAUGHTON) - d.1893 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale @ 60 years
DAGON, Mary Jane NAUGHTON - b. Ulster, Ireland -
DAGON, Mary Jane - b.1857 Mt Duneed, Germanton, Geelong (m.Vic.1882 Edward MORRAN)
DAGON, Francois - b.1859 Duneed, Germantown, Geelong (m.Vic.Elizabeth Sarah Dudney HAYWARD) d.1927 Lilydale @ 68yrs
DAGON, Elizabeth Sarah Dudney HAYWARD - d. 1937 Lilydale @ 75ys
DAGON, John Louis - b.1862 Duneed, Germantown, Geelong (m.1886 Norah FARRELL)
- DAGON, John Peter -b.1887 Richmond
- DAGON, Francois - b. 1888 Richmond -d.1889
- DAGON, Jean John b.1889 Richmond
- DAGON, Ernst Henri -b.1891 Williamstown - d.1911 Prahran Hosp.
- DAGON, Lily -b.1893 Williamstown
- DAGON, Percival Francis -b.1897 Williamstown
DAGON, Eleanor - b.1863 Barrabool Hills, Geelong (m.1891 William Minie WILSON)
DAGON, Annie - b.1866 Mt Moriac, Geelong
DAGON, Marie Ellen -b.1868 Melbourne
DAGON, Norah Kathleen b.abt 1872 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m.1894 James TRAWIN)
DAGON, Lilly Maude - b.1875 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale (m.1894 Charles Henry ROBBONS)
DAGON, Alfred - b.1877-1877 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale
DAGON, Ellen - d.1902 @ 68yrs Lilydale

DALEY, Alfred William - Olinda Vale 1907 -b.1876 Preston -son of Dublin-born Robert James DALEY & Wells-born, Hesterella DAVENPORT - (m. Vic Lillian Eva HOBSON) d.1956 Beaumaris @ 80yr
DALEY, Lillian Eva HOBSON - b.1878 Sale, Gippsland - dghtr of William HOBSON & Jane WILSON - d.1944 South Melb. @ 65yr
DALEY, Alan Joseph -b.1905 Bairnsdale - d.1983 Kew @ 76yr
DALEY, Kathleen Hesterella -b.1907 Sale (m.Vic.1933 Ernest Frank RICHARDSON)

D'ARGAVILLE, Robert Arthur Webb -b.14 July 1868 Port Sorrell, VDL, Tasmania - son of Anderson D'ARGAVILLE & Mary Emma WEBB of Port Sorrell, TASMANIA (m.6 April 1892 Mersey, Tasmania to Irene Evelyn Violet 'Rene' HOWARD of Tasmania - Labourer @ Silvan by 1924 - d.1929 south Yarra @ 61yr
D'ARGAVILLE, Irene Evelyne Violet Blanche HOWARD - b.18 Dec 1870 Launceston, Tasmania - dghtr of Hobart-Town-born, Edmund HOWARD & Margarette Harland WILSON - d.1939 Prahran @ 61yr
D'ARGAVILLE, Elsie May - b.28 July 1893 Lefroy, Tasmania (m.Vic.1911 Frederick George JOLLY) - d.1935 Carlton @ 41yr
D'ARGAVILLE, Irene Gertude Mary - b.15 May 1896 Lefroy, Tasmania - (m.Vic.1908 Hugh KNOX)
D'ARGAVILLE, Percy Anderson - b.24 April 1898 Lefroy, Tasmania - (m.Vic.1920 Myra KING) -d. 1921 Prahran @ 23yrs - see KING
D'ARGAVILLE, Myra KING - b.1904 Ballarat East - dghtr of Alfred henry KING of Clarendon, Ballaret & Caroline Agnes CROSS of the Otway Coast, Geelong - widowed - ( re-married Vic.1929 Magnus Ormiston HENDERSON) -d.1985 Kew, Vic. - see HENDERSON
- D'ARGAVILLE, Geoffrey Waldergrave b.12 February 1921 Silvan - d.25 October 1994 Vic.
D'ARGAVILLE, Anderson Charles -b.1900 Lefroy, Tasmania(m.Vic.1920 Amy BARKER) - d.1958 Kew, Boroondara
D'ARGAVILLE, Alice - b.1902-1902 Leongatha
D'ARGAVILLE, Arthur Wellesley -b.1905 Hastings, Vic. - - - d.1985 Parkville @ 79yr
D'ARGAVILLE, Connie Amy - b.1907 Hastings, Vic. (m.1928 James NICHOLLS) -
D'ARGAVILLE, Frederick John - b.1909 Hastings, (m.Vic.1931 Clarice May WATERS)
D'ARGAVILLE, Robert Clarence -b.1914-1915 Malvern
D'ARGAVILLE, Gertrude Ellen -b.22 Sept 1874 Port Sorrell, Tasmania -dghtr of Anderson D'ARGAVILLE & Mary Emma WEBB of Port Sorrell, TASMANIA - (m.Vic.1909 Theodore Alick GOODWIN)

DAHMS, Gustav Ferdinand Friedrich,-b. Hamburgh, Deutschland -EMIGRATED 1930 - @ Main Rd, Silvan 1931 - labourer - b.abt 1894 - son of Ferdinand DAHMS & Mathilde SOBEL - d.1955 Ballarat @ 61yrs

DALE, William Edgar - b.1851 Parramatta, NSW - son of William & Ann DALE - (m.Vic.1880 Elisabeth Madeleine Jane VONARX) - d.
DALE, Elisabetha Madeleine Johanne VONARX - b.1859 Wangaratta - dghter of Johann VONARX & Anna Christiane GROSSMANN - d.
DALE, Lindsay Villiars Dodd - b.1882-1884 Wangaratta
DALE, Edgar William - b.1883 - d.1884 Wangaratta - (d.1945 Cheltenham @ 85yrs

DAL-SANTO, Ermenegildo, Silvan 1931 - labourer - b.abt 1899 son of Giovanni & Santa Dal Santo - d.1971 Carlton @ 72yrs
DAL-SANTO, Maria - Silvan 1931 -

DANAHER, Kathleen - South Wandin Schoolteacher - Teacher Registration Number 18261

DANESE, Adriano - Silvan labourer 1931 - b.abt 1908 son of Adriano DANESE & Lucia FACCIO -(m.Vic.1935 Alba Malerbi) d.1971 Silvan @ 62 yrs

DANESE, Lucia CICCODEMARCO b.abt 1918 - dghtr of Cesidio & Nunciata Ciccodemarco - d.1980 Melbourne @ 58yrs

DAVIDSON, Frances 'Fanny' - (m. McALEESE

DAVIDSON, Henry -b.abt 1856 - (m.VIC.1877 Martha Ann Raith EDWARDS) - occupation: CARPENTER / Small Farmer in the Wandin Yallock - d.1938 Greensborough, North of Melbourne, Victoria
DAVIDSON, Martha Ann Raith EDWARDS -b.abt 1849 _ dghter of Edward EDWARDS - d. 1934 in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
DAVIDSON, Henry II - b. 1878 Emerald Hill, Sth Melbourne- d.1879 Sth Melbourne
DAVIDSON, Henry III - b. abt 1880 - d.Wednesday 10th August 1892 Wandin Yallock @ 12 years - Killed by a falling tree on the Davidson farm at Wandin
DAVIDSON, Edward Edwards -b.1882 Seymour, Goulburn Valley, Victoria -Occupation: CARPENTER (m.Vic.1905 Lilian VERNEY) - separeted (spouse ? Eva Myrtle) - (m.Spouse ? Mary)
DAVIDSON,Lilian VERNEY -b.1877 – 1959
DAVIDSON, William Raitt -b.1884 Collingwood –(m.Vic.1913 Hedwig MEYER) - Occupation: CARPENTER - d.1947 Parkville, Melbourne
DAVIDSON, Hedwig MEYER - b.abt 1894 Deutschland - dghter of Andreas MEYER & Kagunde PUTTNER - - Emigrated April 1912 per SCHARNHORST to Port Melbourne at age 17 - d.1922 Melbourne @ age 28 yrs
- DAVIDSON, Elsie Caroline -b.1913 ?
- DAVIDSON, Heding -b. 1915 ?
DAVIDSON, Annie -b.1886 Terang, Corangamite, Western Victoria -(m. d. ?
DAVIDSON, John -b.1890 Fitzroy, Vic. – 1891 Fitzroy, Vic.

DAVIDSON, Robert - b.abt 1856 - d.1891 East Melb. @ 35yrs
DAVIDSON, Ellen Helen Esther AGER -b. abt London, ENG.- - widowed - (m.1896 'Jack' John Robert JOY) -see JOY
DAVIDSON, Olive Gladys - b.1890 Richmond
DAVIDSON, Stanley Theodore -b.1891 Wandin Yallock

DAVIES, Lucy, b. South Wandin - (m.Vic.1895 Thomas McDONALD)

DAVIES, Thomas Myrddin b.1843 Llandevilog, Carmarthenshire, Wales -son of William DAVIES & Sarah PARRY - (m.Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales 16 Sept 1880 Christiana TAYLOR) - d.1920 Balwyn, Boroondara
DAVIES, Alice Maud - b.abt 1882 Wales? - (m.Vic.1913 William Frederick LAYCOCK) - d.1929 Springvale @ 47yr
DAVIES, Albert Essex Morris - b.abt 1886 - d.1887 Box Hill< Nunawading
DAVIES, May Hettie -b.1888 Box Hill, Nunawading
DAVIES, Evelyn Douglas - b.1890 Box Hill, Nunawading -(m.Vic.1928 Sydney Herbert KEELING) - d.1970 Mt Martha @ 80yrs
DAVIES, Chrissie Osyth - b.1891 Wandin Yallock - (Mrs CANTLAY) d. December 1971 Montmorency,
DAVIES, David Taylor Morris -b.1893 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1919 Ethel COOK) - d.1941 East Melbn @ 48yr
DAVIES, William John - b.1894 Wandin Yallock - - - d.1979 in Brighton, Vic.
DAVIES, Hilda Orris - b.1896 South Wandin Yallock
DAVIES, Marjory Jean - b.1899 Balwyn, Boroondara

DAVIES, John Mark, Sir (1840–1919) -pronounced 'DAVIS" - Occupation: Solicitor, Politician (MLC)* Member of Upper House. - East Wandin at "Mountain View" - in what is now Charteris Road, East Wandin - b. 8 Feb 1840 Halstead, Essex, England -son of Ebenezer DAVIES and his wife Ruth, née BARTLETT. -Religon: Presbyterian. (m.Vic.1865 Emily Frances SCALES) - :Educated in Geelong, articled at 18 and admitted to the Supreme Court as a solicitor and proctor in December 1863... Like his brothers he had attended the Bible-class of James Balfour and was a regular worshipper in the Presbyterian Church. In 1865 he married Emily Frances Scales; they had six sons and eight daughters. He won profit and repute in the legal profession, and bought twenty-five acres (10 ha) at Malvern where he started to build the large mansion which later became Malvern Grammar School." by R. D. Freeman- from ADB ONLINE -
-d.12 Sept 1919
Malvern, Melb.- "Without ostentation he supported many charities and served on many committees such as that of the Austin Hospital. In January 1918 he was appointed K.C.M.G. He died at his home in Malvern on 12 September 1919 and was given a state funeral. He was survived by his wife and by four sons and five daughters of their fourteen children." by R. D. Freeman- from ADB ONLINE
DAVIES, Emily Frances SCALES -d.
DAVIES, F -b. 1867-1867 South Yarra
DAVIES, M -b.1867-1867 South Yarra
DAVIES, M - b.1868-1868 South Yarra
DAVIES, F -b.1869-1869 South Yarra
DAVIES, Arthur John -b.1870 SY, Melb.- (m.Vic.1905 Carol Grace Sophia MERRY) -d.
DAVIES, Carol Grace Sophia MERRY
DAVIES, Alfred Ebenezer -b.1871 Melbourne -(m.Vic.1907 Hazel Winifred HORWOOD) - d.1952 Malvern @ 80
DAVIES, Hazel Winifred HORWOOD
- DAVIES, Llewellyn Alfred -b.1908 Caulfield
- DAVIES, Gladys Hazel -b.1910 Caulfield
- DAVIES, Winifred Nancy -b.1911 Caulfield
- DAVIES, John Mark -b.1913 Caulfield
DAVIES, Ruth Constance -b.1873 South Yarra - (m.Vic.1906 Charles HAMILTON) -d.
DAVIES, Marion Ethel -b.1876 Toorak -(m.Vic.1911 David STEEL) -d.1866 Malvern @ 90
DAVIES, Frances Lillian -b.1878 South Yarra - Toorak - - d.1955 Fitzroy @ 78
DAVIES, Francis Lethicullier -b.1879 Toorak
DAVIES, Norman Wilfrid -b.1881 Toorak -(m.Vic.1911 May Irene Maud SMITHWICK) - d.1939 East Malvern @ 58
- DAVIES, Frances Ethel -b.1912 Carlton
- DAVIES, Francis Christopher Henry -b.1913 Malvern
DAVIES, Howard Erskine -b.1882 Toorak
DAVIES, F - b. 1883 Toorak
DAVIES, Gordon Eva Margueritta - b.1885 Toorak, Vic. - - d.1967 Box Hill @ 82
DAVIES, Emily Mary Vivian -b.1888 Armadale, Prahran - (m.Vic. STEEL) - d.1968 Box Hill @ 81

DAVIS, Emma - b.3 August 1843 Launceston, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)- daughter of Richard Theodore DAVIS & Elizabeth TONKIN - (m.25 Oct 1865 Evandale, Morven, Tasmania to James TACEY - He aged 30; she aged 22.) -widowed 1882 (m2.Vic.1883 George GILBERT) widowed 1884- (m.3.Vic. George Henry TUCKER) - d.1890 Lilydale, Vic. @ 46yrs - - See TACEY - see GILBERT - see TUCKER

DAVIS, Thomas Mayo -b. 1861 Prahran, Vic. - son of Ross on Wye, Herefordshire-bron, Edwin DAVID & Walford, Herefordshire-born Caroline MAYO - (m.Vic.1882 to Emily Clara COLLINGS) - d. 1952 South Melbourne
DAVIS, Emily CLara COLLINGS - b. 1856 London, England - dgtr of Thomas George COLLINGS & Clara ELisabeth PEARCE - d. 1936 Caulfield @ 80 yrs - See COLLINGS
DAVIS, Constance Amelia b.1889 St Kilda - d.1898 Wandin Yallock @ 9yrs
DAVIS, Emily Louise -b.1894 Wandin Yallock (m.1917 Sale, Gippsland-born Franz Friedrich 'Frank' TROST)
DAVIS, Thomas Alfred - b, 1896 Prahran - 1896 Prahran
DAVIS, Nellie Barbara -b.1908 Essendon, Vic. (m.Vic.1937 David Hedley THOMAS)

DAWSON, George - - orchardist Wandin East, 1931

DAWSON, Thomas, labourer, Wandin, 1931

DEANE-FREEMAN, Joseph -b. - d. Australa
DEANE-FREEMAN, Anastasia 'Anna' MAHONEY - b. -d. Australia
DEANE-FREEMAN, Henrietta - b.1877 Auckland, New Zealand [1877/6818] - daughter of Joseph DEANE-FREEMAN & Anastasia MAHONEY -(m.Vic. Hemming HENDRICKSEN, HENDRICKSON from Abo, Finland, and of "Burbaank" Queens ROad, South Wandin, Silvan) "Burbank" 1926 Queens Road, Orchardist - d.1955 Burwood, Vic - SEE HENDRICKSON
DEANE-FREEMAN, Mary Anne -b. 1879 New Zealand -[1879/4087]
DEANE-FREEMAN, Edith Maud -b.1880 New Zealand - [1880/19517]
DEANE-FREEMAN, Frederick Joseph -b. 1882 New Zealand [1882/5456]
DEANE-FREEMAN, Eva -b. New Zealand? daughter of Joseph DEANE-FREEMAN & Anastasia MAHONEY(m.Vic. Charles Henry GLOVER of 'Tally-Ho' Burwood and "Burbank' Queens ROadn, South Wandin, Silvan d.1967 Melbourne @ 78yrs -children and Silvan South State School SEE GLOVER

De MOEL, Reӱer - b.5 Sept 1861 St Martin Provinz, Nord Holland, Netherlands, - son of Johannis Reӱer De MOEL -EMIGRATED per the Barque "CORANNA" arrived 29 May 1888 at Port Adelaide from Rotterdam, Holland. Resided Adelaide & Sth Aust 9 yrs, Melbourne district 5 yrs (Olinda Creek), Sydney Distruct 4yrs & melbourne again. (m.Wesleyan Parsonage, Peterborough, South Australia on 1st April 1891 - to Kate WEAR - he age 29 & she age 20 ) -Naturalized: 13 Aug 1914 @ 609 Drummond ST, Carlton while Employed in business as a Boot Polish Manufacturer - d.1922 Collingwood @ 61yrs
De MOEL, Katherine 'Kate' WEAR - b.abt 1871 - daughter of Samuel WEAR & Jane PASCOE - d.1919 Fitzroy Sth @ 48yrs
De MOEL, Reyer Laurence - b.6 Dec 1892 Adelaide, Sth AUST - (m.Vic.1915 Eileen Valda SMITH) - widowed - (re-married .Vic.1941 Valerie Nell COWAN) - d.1948 Heidelberg @ 56yrs
- De MOEL, Reӱer Lawrence - b.abt 1914 - d.1981 Bendigo @ 67yrs
- De MOEL, Herbert George - b.1917 Carlton, Vic. (m.Vic.1941 Ethel Veronica OSWIN)
- De MOEL, Ethel Veronica OSWIN
- De MOEL, Cartherina
De MOEL, Myrtle Gertrude - b.23 Sept 1895 Adelaide, Sth Aust. - (m.Vic.1909 Henry SHADFORTH of Toolamba) -
De MOEL, Gertrud Trudy - (m.Vic.1918 Joshua LANNAN)
De MOEL, Valerie Nell COWAN

DEMPSEY, James - b. Auckland, NZ
DEMPSEY, Eloise Ethel LE HURAY - b.1881 Williamstown - dghtr of Albert Alexander LE HURAY & Anna McLEAN - (m.Vic.1903 James DEMPSEY) - d.1927 West Melb. @ 45yrs
DEMPSEY, Bertram James -b.1907 Fitzroy North

DENHAM, George - b.1805 Bradford, England - d.1885 Lilydale @ 79yrs
DENHAM, William - b. Bradford, England - (m.Vic. 1883 Mary Ann COUNSELL) - d.1891 East Melb @ 57yrs
DENHAM, Mary Ann WALKER (COUNSELL?) - b.1887 Lilydale, Vic @ 45 yrs
DENHAM, Elisabeth Colville b. 1841 Melbourne - St James Church - (m.Vic.1867 Alexander McARTHUR - of Maldon)

DENNIS, Henry Charles - b. 22 February 1863 Upper Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire, England - son of Solomon DENNIS & Jane KEFFORD - Occupation: Benford - Crow & Rook Scarer - Stone picker - Emigrated to arrive May 1890 on the ship "ESSEN" from London - came to Wandin South via TRY EXCELSIOR SCOIETY of Sth Yarra - Became A Worker with the boys at the FERNYDALE TRAINING FARM (m.Vic.1895 Margaret BAILEY of Wandin Yallock) d. 18 Dec 1948 South Melbourne, Vic.
DENNIS, Margaret 'Maggie' BAILEY - b. 14 September 1876 Wandin Yallock - dghtr of John BAILEY Jnr from Linclolnshire, and Margaret FARQUHAR from Aberdeen. d.24 July 1945 in Hampton Park, Vic.
DENNIS, Archibald Hugh -b.1897 WAndin Yallock, Lilydale - (m.Vic.1920 Kathleen Ellen ROBERTS
DENNIS, Kathleen Ellen ROBERTS
DENNIS, Ruth - b.1899 Sherbrooke, Monbulk
DENNIS, Elsie Margaret -b.1902 Sherbrooke, Mnblk - d. 1920 Monbulk
DENNIS, Ivy Winifred =b.1902 Monbulk 'Sherbrooke',
DENNIS, Una Kathleen 1913 – 1920 Monbulk 'Sherbrooke',
DENNIS, Allan Roy - b. 1916 Monbulk 'Sherbrooke' - (m.Vic. Bonnie HATCH)

DENNIS, Charles - b. abt 1860 - Son of ? DENNIS & ? WALKER - d.1935 Melbourne @ 75yr
DENNIS, Elizabeth Ann MOYLE - b.abt 1866 - dghtr of Thomas MOYLE & Elizabeth ANDREW - d.1934 East Brunswick @ 77yrs
DENNIS, Alfred - b.abt 1884 - d.1931 Yarram @ 47yr
DENNIS, Seville - b.1890 Wandin Yallock - d.1890 Wandin Vale @ 8yr
DENNIS, Sydney - b. abt 1893 - d.1898 Wandin Vale @ 5yrs
DENNIS, Percival - b.1900 Wandin Yallock

DEPPELER, Friedrich - b.1842 Degerfelden, Lorrach, (now Württemberg) Switzerland -son of Johann DEPPELER & Anna Maria HAUENSTEIN - (m.Vic.1869 Rosine WEBER) - d.1873 Batesford, Geelong @ 30yrs
DEPPELER, Johanne Rosine WEBER - b.abt 1838 Switzerland - or Württemberg, Deutschland - daughter of Johannes Rudolph WEBER & Elisabetha KUIKER - (Re-Married Heinrich ZOEBEL ) d. 22 May 1909 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia - see WEBER - see ZOBEL
DEPPELER, Rosina - b.1870 Gherangap, Batesford, Geelong (m.Wandin Yallock to James ROSE) - see ROSE
DEPPELER, Friedrich - b.1871 Gherangap, Batesford, Geelong
DEPPELER, Jakob - b. 1873 - - - d.1951 Healesville @ 78yrs
DEPPELER, Rebecca MADILL - b.abt 1869 - dghtr of John MADILL & Elizabeth Ann HUESTON - d.1945 Healesville @ 76yrs
DEPPELER, Johannes 'John' b.1880 - - d.1933 Lilydale @ 53yrs

DEPPELER, Friedrich Johannes - b.abt 1844 Switzerland - d.1918 Dandenong @ 74yrs
DEPPELER, Jacob - b.abt 1871 - d.1934 Heidelberg @ 63yrs

DEPPELER, Heinrich 'Henry' - b. Queensland, Aust. (son of Gottfried DEPPELER & Marie ROSE LE FEUVRE - m.Vic.1911 Lillian May NIGHTINGALE)
DEPPELER, Dorothy Hannah May - b.1912 Colac
DEPPELER, Kathleen Lillian - b.1916 Penshurst
DEPPELER, Percival Henry Geoffrey - b.1919 Yarra Junction

DERVAN, Richard Anthony b. abt 1876 Footscray -son of County Galway-born, Thomas DERVAN & County Tipperary-born, Johanna CASS - @ Silvan 1924 (m.Vic.1906 Johanna Elizabeth SCANLAN) - d.1927 East Melb. @ 50yrs
DERVAN, Hannah Elizabeth SCANLAN -b.abt 1876 Ireland -dghtr of Mr SCANLAN & Mary DOHERTY - d.1955 Melb. @ 78yrs

DEVENEY, Augustus - - b. abt 1878 Prahran - son of John DEVENEY & Ann STREET -(m.Vic.1907 Mary Ellen BREW) - d.1921 Brunswick @ 42yrs
DEVENEY, Mary Ellen BREW - b.South Ham..ton - (re-maried 1924 James MAHON)
DEVENEY, George Brew - b.1905-1905 Carlton
DEVENEY, Irene Lilian Mary - b.1907 Maffra, Gippsland (m.Vic.1941 Francis Joseph WARD)
DEVENEY, Frank Augustus Arthur - b.1910 Wandin Yalloak (m.Vic.1939 Olive Dorothy HUDSON)

DE VINCENTIS, Amedeo - b. 4 June 1899 Rocco Caramanica, Pescara, Italia Italia :Emigration: Date of Arrival - 1926: Arrived per "QUEEN OF ITALY" Certificate Number 10: Date of Issue - 20 September 1939 b. 3 September 1902
DE VINCENTIS, Annunziata - arrived 1838
DE VINCENTIS, Corinda 'Chris' b. Rocco Caramanica, Pescara, Italia Arrived. 1938
DE VINCENTIS, Emilio 'Jim' - b.24 Feb 1923 Rocco Caramanica, Pescara, Italia (m. Camilla )
DE VINCENTIS, Camilla - b.1927 Rocco Caramanica, Pescara, Italia Arr.1937

DICK, Alexander - born 1863 in Fyansford Geelong, Victoria, Australia, son of John Dick & Barbara Archibald. (m. Jessie Simpson 1891)- died 1946. Buried: 13 June 1946, Bunyip, West Gippsland.
DICK, Jessie Jane SIMPSON (daughter of Henry Millar Simpson & Jane Spalding) see below
DICK, John b.1891 Wandin South, Lilydale
DICK, Archibald Spalding b.1893 Wandin South
DICK, Henry - b. 1895 Camberwell
DICK, Laura Elizabeth b. 1900 Korumburra
DICK, Alexander William b.1902 Korumburra

DICK, CHarles - labourer in the Wandins 1906

DICKENS, William Thomson -b.1860 Richmond, Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1912
DICKENS, Emma Mary BENSON b.Ballarat(Mrs W.T.Dickens m.1895 Vic)
DICKENS, Charles Vernon b.1896 Brunswick East
DICKENS, Jabez Campbell b. 1897 Brunswick East
DICKENS, Elliot Thomson b. 1899 Preston
DICKENS, Jeannie b. 1904 Preston, Vic.

DITE, Walter - b. England (m.Vic.1909 Minnie Wilding) d.1938 Belgrave @ 78yrs
DITE, Minnie WILDING b. Wahgunyah, Vic. - At Monbulk d.1943 Belgrave @ 67yrs - dghtr of James Baldwin Wilding & Emma Curley
DITE, Charles b. (m.1930 Ethel Ruby Jennes DUNDAS) d.1979 Alphington @ 78yrs
DITE, Masie b.1905 Brighton - Monbulk (m.1926. Ernst Reginal Parish NANCE)

DI VECCHIA, [DE VECCHIO] Franco 'Frank' - b. 13 September 1909 Santa'Eufemia-a- Maiella, Italia - Date of Arrival - 1937: Arrived per ship "VININALLE" at Victoria Dock, Port Melbourne : Certificate Number 24: Date of Issue - 21 September 1939: First Registered at Lilydale - Victoria
DI VECCHIA, -Arrived Melbourne per Napoli 21 October 1948
DI VECCHIA, Fiore - b. 1937 Santa'Eufemia-a- Maiella, Italia - Arrived Melbourne per Napoli 21 October 1948
DI VECCHIA, Nola Maria - b.1939 Santa'Eufemia-a- Maiella, Italia -Arrived Melbourne per Napoli 21 October 1948


DIXON, Henry Creswick b.1855 Creswick, Vic - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1911
DIXON, Kate WILKIN - b. 1864 Castlemaine; @ Sth Wandin by 1911
DIXON, Ethel Ruth b. 1890 Castlemaine
DIXON, Ivy May b. 1892 Castlemaine
DIXON, Frank Allen b. 1894 Castlemaine
DIXON, Stella Kate b. 1896 Kerang
DIXON, Ronald Henry b. 1900 Kerang
DIXON, Charles Edward b.1902 Barrapoort, Vic.

DONEY, Edward -b.1811 in St Pancras, Middlesex, London, England -son of William DONEY - (married Milton by Gravesend, London 18 March 1847 to Friedericke Margarette Harriet BEURLE) - Residence 1851 5 London street, Islington, Middlesex, England - occ. PENCIL MAKE - - EMIGRATED ? RESIDENCE: Prahran and Berwick district, Emerald Diggings and FARMERS IN THE PARISH OF NAREE NAREE WARREN AT HARKAWAY, and BELGRAVE SOUTH, REGULAR VISTORS TO THE BEURLE FARMS AND STORE AT WANTIN SOUTH and YDE's Corner - d.25 October 1906 in his residence "Telkah," Boyle-street Mosman NSW
DONEY,Friedericke Margarette Harriet BEURLE, - b.4 October 1829 Clerkenwell, London, England - dghter of Mark Ludwig Luis BEURLE & ELisabeth THOMPSITT - - and SISTER to CARL 'CHARLES' BEURLE of WANDIN SOUTH - (m. Milton by Gravesend, London 18 March 1847 to Edward DONEY) Emigrated to Melbourne: Eight DONEY children born in Prahran & Boroondara-Hawthorn- . d. Christmas Day 1873 in Victoria. - see BEURLE

DONEY, Edward Addis -b. 1846 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, London, ENG -Residence 1851 Islington, London. - d.1873 South Wandin Yallock, Vic.
DONEY, Robert Mark William -b.1850 Islington, London, ENG. -d.1929 Gilgandra, New South Wales, Australia
DONEY, Ernst Charles 'Ernest' -b. 1855 Prahran, VIC. - (m. ELiza) -d.1901 Temora, New South Wales, Australia
DONEY, Alfred Francis Louis -b.30 January 1861 in Prahran, Victoria - OCCUPATION: ARTIST - 1906 Manager, Sun Portrait Co, Shepherd, NSW (m. NSW to Marion F S BATE ) - d. 31 December 1938 in Girraween, NSW
DONEY, Marion Frances Septima BATE -b.1872 – 1954
DONEY, Heinrich Arthur Howard 'Henry/ Harry' -b.1863 Prahran, -(m.1881 Hartley, NSW (m. Mary J TOMLINSON)
DONEY, Frederick Gottfried Harold -b.1865 Prahran -d.1947 Kew, Boroondara
DONEY, Carl Septimus 'Charles' -b.1867 Boroondara, (Hawthorn) [m.Woollahra 1907 W Beatrice M. STEWART] -d.1945 Mosman, New South Wales
DONEY, Beatrice M. STEWART -b.
DONEY, Eustace Herbert -b.1871 in Boroondara, [Hawthorn], -(m.1902 Katoomba, NSW to Margaret Gwendoline Levick) - d.1947 QLD
DONEY,Margaret Gwendoline LEVICK -b. NSW - mother of six DONEY children born NSW
DONEY, Friederica Wilhelmine -b.1873-d.1873 Boroondara, (Hawthorn, VIC.

DONOVAN, Annie 1861-1939)b. Maryborough (Mrs W. BOWMAN) d.Dunolly Vic.

DORGAN, John Joseph - b.1888 Williamstown - son of Kyneton-born, John DORGAN & Williamstown-born, Annie RAYMER - (m.Vic.1911 Elsie Alice QUILTY)
DORGAN, Elsie Alice QUILTY -b.1889 Carlton -dghtr of Patrick QUILTY & Annie PERCIVAL
DORGAN, Sydney John Francis b.1914 Carlton Nth - (m.Vic.1942 Evelyn May WOOLLS)
DORGAN, Aileen Annie - b. 1919 Wandin South - (m.Vic.1942 Ernest Charles TAYLOR)

DORRINGTON, Charles Wing Egerton - b.1872 Mt Egerton, Gordon, Ballarat Goldfields - son of William Joseph Dorrington & Augusta Franpton Tanner. (m.Vic.1897 Carrie PITT) - d.1902 Clifton Hill @ 24yrs
DORRINGTON, Caroline Margaret 'Carrie' PITT b.1878 Williamstown, Victoria -- dghtr of James PITT & Caroline HOLDEN - Olinda Vale Rd by 1909 - d.1944 Meredith, Vic. @ 65yrs
DORRINGTON, Carrie Phoebe b.1897 Williamstown, Vic- (m.1927 Michael William CONNELL) d.1966 Ballarat @ 66yrs
DORRINGTON, Charles Basil b.1899 Williamstown, Vic.
DORRINGTON, Clyde Edgerton b.1902 Williamstown, Vic. (m.Vic.1924 Elsie May HIND) - d.1961 Mornington @ 59yrs

DOWD, Thomas - farmer - Wandin Yallock - d. 25 Mar 1884 Wandin Yallock WILL/PROBATE

DOWNHAM, Anthony - b. 1829 Tatham, Lancashire, England - son of Robert DOWNHAM (1796 –1885) and Margaret DEARDEN (1800–1867) - a single man per the ship "JAMES CARSON' arriving Melbourne 1854 - Earl Australia Residences: 1. Fryers Creek (Fryerstown); 2. Bendigo - Returned to Lancashire - (m. Lancashire 1858 to Jane SMITH_ Emigrated with wife: per ship "EAGLE" arriving Melbourne in 1858 .Married Australian Residences: A.Heidelberg - B. Wandin Yallock -d.21 Nov 1920 at 'Elmhurst' Wandin Yalloak,
DOWNHAM, Jane SMITH - b.abt 1832 Lancashire, England -daughter of Francis SMITH & Ellen SKIRROW - d.18 Mar 1901 Seville, Wandin Yallock- Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery
DOWNHAM, John -b. 1861 Heidelberg-on-Yarra -(m.Vic.1899 Margaret Susan ROUGET) – 1940 Prahran
DOWNHAM, Margaret Susan ROUGET -b.1861 Yering, Upper Yarra -dghtr of Jéan 'John' ROUGET (1824–1914) & Susanne Le PAGE (1826–1870) -d.20 October 1958 Silvan, Wandin Yallcock - see ROUGET
DOWNHAM, Charles George -b. 1863 Heidelberg-on-Yarra– 1920 Maryborough, Vic. Buried: Maryborough Cemetery
DOWNHAM, Edith Ellen -b.1864 – 1866 Heidelberg-on-Yarra
DOWNHAM, Joseph Smith -b.1866 Heidelberg-on-Yarra –(m.Wandin Yallock 18 June 1902 Emily Jane DUCK) - -d.14 November 1906 Wandin Yalloak,
DOWNHAM, Emily Jane DUCK -b.4 August 1873 in Beenak Rd, Redlands (later Seville) - dghtr of Thomas DUCK (1849–1928 & Mary Jane ALBURY (1849–1928) - d.3 October 1942 Wandin Yallock - see DUCK
DOWNHAM, Agnes Elizabeth -b.1868 Wandin-Lilydale – 1939 Caulfield
DOWNHAM, Mary Ann -b.1870 Wandin Yalloak –(m.Vic.1903 Arthur James WARING) d.8 October 1942 in Malvern - see WARING
DOWNHAM, Margaret -b.1872 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1912 George Henry DUCK) - d.1952 Kew - see DUCK
DOWNHAM, Ellen Jane -b.1877 Lilydale – (m.Vic. Thomas 'Tom' BRUCE) -d.1955 Carnegie

DOUGLAS, Frederick Alfred -b.abt 1870 - labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 (m.? Amy Matilda NICHOLS ) - d.1957 Parkville, Melb. @ 87yrs - son of Catherine Ann PEACOCK
DOUGLAS, Frederick b.abt 1905 - d.1977 Ballarat @ 72yrs
DOUGLAS, Minnie Florence b.1913 Ballarat

DOWLING, James - M.M.B.W Camp, South Mooroolbark - labourer 1926

DOUTHIE, John William - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1917 / 1924

DRUMMOND, Thomas Charles b.1875 Collingwood, Melb. -son of John DRUMMOND & Jane SOMERVILLE - (m.1903 E.R. Gowling) d.1959 Lilydale, Yarra Valley
DRUMMOND, Elizabeth Rutherford GOWLING b.1880 St Kilda - d.1932 Wandin Yallock
DRUMMOND, David James 1908 Wandin Yallock – 1976
DRUMMOND, Thomas Henry Robert 1914 Wandin Yallock – 1983
DRUMMOND, John Rutherford b.1917 Lillydale -d.1945 Camberwell

DRYBURGH, John Thomas - b.1864 Spring Creek, Ovens, Beechworth - son of Robert DRYBURGH @ Margaret SCOTT - (m. . Ann Alvina Isabella HARGREAVES) - d.1947 Wandin Yallock @ 83 yrs
DRYBURGH, Anna Alvina Isabella HARGREAVES - daghter of Robert HARGREAVES & Emma BERTSCH) - d.1952 Surrey Hills, Vic. @ 84yrs
DRYBURGH, Bertie - b. abt 1896 - (m.Vic.1921 - Lillian Beryl HARRISON) d. 1956 Heidelberg, Vic.
DRYBURGH, Daisy Alice - b.1901- 1901 Everton, Vic.

DRYSDALE, John -b.abt 1832 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - son of John DRYSDALE & Annie PURDY Occupation: BLACKSMITH - Metal MOULDER - IRONWORKER - Residence. Hotham Hill, West Melbourne, South Yarra, "Cluth" No.7 Athol Street, Moonee Ponds, and at Russell Street, Camberwell. - -(m.Vic.1859 Margaret SLOAN) -In 1886 John Drysdale took over Duncan McPHERSON's failed Lease Selection on South Wandin Yallock, after an interlude when Arthur SMITH attempted to save the holding, later again, the Chapman family, and others made good on what had been a poverty place. -
d.12 Jan 1905 at his daughter Maggie FOULIS's house in Inkerman Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, Vic. Died Intestate - a Gentleman - Public Trustees Probate. At the the time of his death he had "a one half interest in ALL THAT PIECE OF LAND Crown Allotment 128 Parish of Wandin Yallock containing 101 acres 3 roods and 20 perches. Dysdale also owned 316 acres in Yarragon - and town allotments in Preston (Jika Jika) & in Kensington as well as a house & land in Moonee Ponds (Douta GAlla).
DRYSDALE, Margaret SLOAN - b.abt 1834 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - daughter of John SLOAN & Margaret MILLER - d.1894 Moonee Ponds, Essendon @ 59yrs
DRYSDALE, John - b.28 June 1860 Melbourne West - (m.Vic.1885 Elizabeth Hannah BENNETT) -d.5 June 1947 Vic.
DRYSDALE, Elizabeth Hannah BENNETT -b.25 Feb 1862 Campbells Creek - dghtr of Cornish-born Frank BENNETT & his Cornish-born wife Mary Ann HOCKING - d.10 January 1894 Melbourne
- DRYSDALE, John Francis -b. 1886 South Yarra -(m.Vic.1909 Kate Wilmot BAKER) Melb– 1967
- DRYSDALE, Alexander Joseph -b.1887 South Yarra, Melb– 1948
- DRYSDALE, Annie -b. 1889 South Yarra (m.Vic.1910 John HILL) - d.1953 Parkville, Melb @ 65
- DRYSDALE, Laura -b. 1892 Kensington Hill, Melb. –
DRYSDALE, David Smith -b.1863 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1883 Jane Emily WILLS) - d.1912 Yarrawonga,
DRYSDALE, Emily Jane WILLS -b.1865 Bullarook- Barkstead, Ballarat Hinterland - daughter of George Edward WILLS & Mary Ann McNEIL - d.1917 Nyngan, NSW
- DRYSDALE, George James - b.1885 Yarrawonga - d.1965 Yarra..? @ 80yrs
- DRYSDALE, John David Jack b.1888 Yarrawonga –
- DRYSDALE, Janet Mary -b.1890 Yarrawonga (m.Vic. BOAG) d.1985 Yarra..? @ 95yrs
- DRYSDALE, Charles Herbert -b.1892 Yarrawonga
- DRYSDALE, David - b.1894 Yarrawonga - d.1947 South Melb. @ 52yrs
- DRYSDALE, William Neil -b.1896 Yarrawonga
- DRYSDALE, Edward Neil -b.1898 Yarrawonga - d.1981 Williamstown @ 83yrs
- DRYSDALE, Alexander - -b.1900-1900 Yarrawonga
- DRYSDALE, Donald Hugh -b.1902 Yarrawonga -1912
- DRYSDALE, Emily Jean Helen - b.1909 Yarrawonga -1982 Junee, NSW
DRYSDALE, Ann -b.1865 Melbourne -(m.Vic.1889 George RIDDELL of Riddell's Creek) – d.5 Jan 1937 Murrumbeena,
DRYSDALE, Alexander James - b.1868 Melbourne -(m.Vic.1891 Mary Jane 'Parrett' PARKER) - d - d.1953 Parkville, Melb. @ 86yrs
DRYSDALE, Mary Jane 'Parrett' PARKER - b.1871 Amphitheatre, Central Goldfields -daughter of John PARKER & Euphemia CUTHBERT d.1942 Malvern, Vic
- DRYSDALE, John - b.1891 Richmond –
- DRYSDALE, Euphemia Gladys -b.1893 Moonee Ponds, Essendon–
- DRYSDALE, Alexander James b.1896 Preston – 1937 Geelong
- DRYSDALE, Albert Leslie -b.1902 Preston – 1979 Prahran
- DRYSDALE, Lorna Florence b.1910 Northcote – 1981 Armadale, Vic.
DRYSDALE, Mary McGregor-b.1870 Melbourne - d.1872 Melbourne
DRYSDALE, Margaret Brown 'Maggie' -b.1872 Melbourne West- (m.Vic.1894 Colac-born Hector ARCHER) - widowed - (m.Vic.1899 Collingwood-born James English FOULIS) Resided: Inkerman Street, St Kilda] - d.1936 Prahran @ 64yrs
J. Drysdale land application, Gippsland Times, 13 October 1886

DUCK FAMILY of Wandin Yallock : Beenak Rd & Seville
DUCK, Henry -b. 1 Feb 1815 Calne, Wiltshire, England - son of Henry DUCK - (m.abt 1837 Wiltshire England to Elizabeth SCOTT) EMIGRATION: Arrived Nov 1849 Melbourne, Port Phillip, Melbourne, NSW, Australia on the ship "NELSON" @ age 33- d.22 Nov 1899 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
DUCK, Elizabeth SCOTT -b. 20 Nov 1815 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, ENG. - Emigration: Arrived Nov 1849 at Port Phillip, Melbourne, NSW, Australia on the ship :NELSON" @ age 36. - d.8 June 1863 Richmond, Melbourne

DUCK, Henry -b.1838 Calne, Wiltshire, England - son of Henry DUCK & Elizabeth SCOTT - Arrived Port Phillip, Melbourne, NSW, Australia on the ship NELSON @ age 11 - (m.Vic.1864 Susanna Susan NUNN) -d.1920 Perth, Western Australia
DUCK, Susanna Susan NUNN -b.1843 - d.1925 South Yarra, Melb.

DUCK, William - b.1840 Calne, Wiltshire, England - son of Henry DUCK & Elizabeth SCOTT - Arrived Nov 1840 Port Phillip, Melbourne, NSW, Australia on the ship "NELSON" @ age 9 - (m.Vic. 1965 Margaret Martha WATKINS) -d.1904 Wandin Yallock
DUCK, Margaret Martha WATKINS -b.abt 1835 - d.1900 Wandin Yallock, Yarra Valley

DUCK, Mary Ann 'Marianne' -b. 2 Feb 1844 Calne, Wiltshire, England - daughter of Henry DUCK & Elizabeth SCOTT - - Arrived Nov 1840 Port Phillip, Melbourne, NSW, Australia on the ship "NELSON" @ age 5 - (m.Richmond, Vic. 18 Oct 1860 to Thomas MacINTYRE) -d.23 Feb 1914 Lillydale, Vic.

DUCK, Thomas - b.1848 Calne, Wiltshire, England - son of Henry DUCK & Elizabeth SCOTT -- Arrived Nov 1840 Port Phillip, Melbourne, NSW, Australia on the ship "NELSON" as a babe in arms - age 1. - (m.Vic.1872 Mary Jane ALBURY) - d.19 July 1928 Wandin Yallock -Seville
DUCK, Mary Jane ALBURY -b.Oct 1849 Devon, England - daughter of - Emigrated - d.1923 Beenak Rd, Wandin Yallock

DUCK, Emily Jane -b.4 Aug 1873 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.18 June 1902 to Joseph Smith DOWNHAM - son of Anthony DOWNHAM & Jane SMITH of Wandin Yallock) – d. 3 Oct 1942 Wandin Yallock - see DOWNHAM

DUCK, George Henry -b.18 April 1875 Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic.1912 Margaret DOWNHAM) d.
DUCK, Margaret DOWNHAM -b.1874 Wandin Yallock - daughter of Anthony DOWNHAM & Jane SMITH of Wandin Yallock - d.1952 Kew, Boroondara see DOWNHAM

DUCK, Charles Edward -b.1876 – 1965

-DUCK, Thomas William -b.20 Sept 1878 Beenak Rd, South Seville, Wandin Yalloak -son of Calne, Wiltshire-born Thomas DUCK (1849-1928 Seville) & Devonshire-born Mary Jane ALBURY (1849-1928) -(William Thomas DUCK married 1907 Luise Maria OTTO) - d.1959 Box Hill
DUCK, Luise Maria OTTO b.23 March 1882 Walkerville, Adelaide, SA - daughter of Magdeburg, Saxon-Anhalt-born, Hermann OTTO & Marie MICHAELIS. - Louisa Marie died 1966 Balwyn, Boroondara.
DUCK, Phyllis Hazel -b.1909 Wandin Yallock (m.1930 Henry Anton MONASH)
DUCK, Ivy Norma - b.1911 Wandin Yallock
DUCK, Ernest Victor DUCK b.1914 Wandin Yallock
DUCK, Queenie Mavis b.1915 Wandin Yallock (m.1936 George Alfred WILLIAMS)
DUCK, Allan Thomas b.1919 Wandin Yallock

DUCK, Edith Mary -b.17 Aug 1881 Wandin Yallock– (m.Vic.1908 John STEWART (1872-1933)) -d.2 July 1940 Melbourne -see STEWART

DUCK, Alfred Richard -b.31 May 1883 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1907 Miriam Hancock MATTINGLEY) - –d.1947
DUCK, Miriam Hancock MATTINGLEY -b.1885 Wandin Yallock - daughter of Alfred Joseph MATTINGLEY (1848–1908) & Emma Elizabeth SCOTT (1854–1907) -d.1 May 1947 West Warburton, Upper Yarra - see MATTINGLEY

DUCK, Albert Ernest -b.3 Aug 1885 Wandin Yallock – (m.Vic. 21 Dec 1911 Elisabeth Ada BAULCH) - d.1952 Oakleugh
DUCK, Elisabetha Ada BAULCH b.Lexton, Glenthompson, Vic. -dghtr of Carl BAULCH & Lucy Maria PALMBY -d.197 Belgrave, Vic.
--DUCK, Sylvia May -1910 Glenthompson, Vic -(m.Vic.1932 Ernst Wilhelm CRUSE) d.18=-982 Ferntree Gully

DUCK, Margaret Elizabeth -b.26 August 1887 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1916 Wallace Arthur McILROY)

DUCK, Harry Robert -b.7 Sep 1889 Wandin Yallock– (m.Vic.1930 Louisa Emily BERRY
DUCK, Louisa Emily BERRY - b.abt 1892 - daughtr of Edward Charles BERRY & Mary LAWRENCE - d.1931 West Melbourne, Vic.

DUCK, Elsie May -b.1890 Wandin Yallock– (m.Vic. George Leonard 'Len' READ
(1890–1952)) - d. - see READ

DUCK, Florence Lillian -b.25 Aug 1892 Wandin Yallock – (m.Vic.1917 Arthur Thomas PARKER (1890–1963) of Coburg, South Wandin & Prahran) - d.1973 Prahran - see PARKER

DUCK, Mabel Grace -b.1894 Wandin Yallock–

DUCK, Wandin Yallock

DUCK, Sarah Ann -b.1852 Richmond, Victoria - daughter of Henry DUCK & Elizabeth SCOTT -(m.Vic.1883 Gilbert GRAY) -d.1 Oct 1918 Lilydale, Upper Yarra - - see GRAY

DUCK, George - b.1854 Richmond, Melbourne - son of Henry DUCK & Elizabeth SCOTT -d. 1860 Richmond, Melbourne @ 6yrs

DUCK, Elizabeth -b.1857 Richmond, Melbourne - daughter of Henry DUCK & Elizabeth SCOTT -

DUCROW, James - b.1868 Bonnie Doon - Alexander, Vic - son of Thomas Richard DUCROW & Jane HUTCHINSON - (m.Vic.1890 Eva KNOWLES) - d.1931 Footscray @ 63 yrs
DUCROW, Eva Eveline KNOWLES - b. Melton - dghtr of William Thomas KNOWLES & Jane Ann FRASER - d.1943 East Camberwell @ 77yrs
DUCROW-KNOWLES, Henrietta MANN -b.1889 Wandin Yallock -d.1889 Footscray @ 6m
DUCROW, Eveline Jane - b.1891 Footscray
DUCROW, Christina -b.1894 Footscray - (m.Vic.1915 Arthur ELLICE) d.1980 Footscray @ 85yrs
DUCROW, Elsie May - b.1897 Bonnie Doon - (m.Vic.1917 Richard John McCARTHY)
DUCROW, 'Nellie' Eleonore - b.1900 Footscray -(m.1925 Richard Henry John FLIGHT) d.1947 Richmond @ 46yr
DUCROW, James - b.1902 Footscray - (m.Vic.1938 Nancy Veronica McKAY)
DUCROW, William Thomas - b.1905-d.1907 Footscray
DUCROW, Eva - b.1909 Footscray - (m.Vic.1936 Gordon Alexander NEWMAN)

DUFF, William H - b. Carop, Vic (m.Vic.1896 Lillian Alice Daisy SARTI)
DUFF, Lillian Alice Daisy SARTI - nee WATSON -b. England - dghtr of William & Lilian WATSON - d.1967 Sydney, NSW
DUFF, Leslie E. - b.1896 Bathurstm NSW - (m. Sydney NSW 1918 Mildred McLEAN)
DUFF, Florence Maud Gertude - b.1897 Wandin Yallock - (m.Marrickville, NSW 1913 Herbert C E IRISH)
DUFF, Lucy Mathilde - b.1899 Wandin Yallock

DUFF, Ann - dghter of John DUFF & Lizzie TAYLOR -(m. ? LINDSAY) d.1918 Wandin Yallock

DUNCAN, Caroline Louisa 'Carrie' DUNCAN b. Kings County, Ireland (Mrs R.B.KELLY) m.1861 Vic.) d. 20th May 1921, Aged 83, at "Wicklow Hills" Croydon, Vic.

DUNSTAN, William Henry b.1863 Happy Valley/Linton - son of Wm Dunstan & Serena Cornish -Manager @ Wandin South 1905 d. 1921 Tallyho, Burwood
DUNSTAN, Sarah Willis HOWCROFT b.1863 Lucky Womans / Happy Valley -daughter of John Howcroft & Emma Griffiths (Mrs W.H.Dunstan m.1891 Vic)

DÜSCHER, Herbert Franz Mabin - b.1880 Melbourne - son of Johannes DÜSCHER & Margaret BRUCE nee CONLAN
DÜSCHER, Esther May DAVIS - Wandin Yallock
DÜSCHER, Sylvia Mabin - b.1909 Wandin Yallock

William Robert Easdown

EASDOWN, William Robert b.1843 Higham, Kent, England - son of William EASDOWN (1811–1874) & Ann BARNS (1816–1870) both of whom died in Melbourne. In 1851 William EASDOWN senior was by OCCUPATION a Market Gardener of 24 Acres employing 4 men & one boy in Higham, Kent, England.
W.R Easdown was the brother-in-law of Walter Wiseman - He was many things: Market Gardener, Nurseryman /Horticulturalist / Inventor /Writer/ Speculator, Prospector/ Engineer - d. 28 July 1908 Moruya, NSW
EASDOWN, Katherine Esther FORWARD (Mrs W. R. Easdown) - b. 17 June 1850 Battersea, London, England - daughter of Charles Rossiter FORWARD (1827–1890) & his wife Catherine Esther Jacobs DE YOUNG (1828–1859). - d.23 July 1927 in 2 Winnie Street, Cremorne, North Sydney
EASDOWN, Catherine Emmeline 'Kate' - b.1871 Richmond, Vic. -(m.Captains Flat, Shoalhaven Diggings NSW 6 Feb 1889 Richard Hardman NANCARROW) - d.1925 Drummoyne, Sydney, NSW
EASDOWN, William Charles Rossiter - b. 1873 Queenstown /St Andrews, Vic. -(m.Mulgunnia", Trunkey Creek,NSW 9 Nov 1897 Lena Louisa Kathleen SMITH) - widowed - (m.Orange, NSW 1912 Edith Maxwell COLYER) - widowed (m.Lithgow, NSW 1942 Clarissa Maud McDONALD) - d.30 Aug 1946 Corowa, New South Wales
EASDOWN, Louisa Kathleen 'Lena' SMITH - 1877 – 1912 NSW
- - EASDOWN, Laura Kathleen -b.1898 – 1984 NSW
- - EASDOWN, William Thomas -b.1900 Moruya – 1988 NSW
- - EASDOWN, Ida Catherine -b.1903 Moruya – 1995 NSW
- - EASDOWN, Ruth Esther -b.1908 – 1991 NSW
EASDOWN, Edith Maxwell COLYER - 1885 – 1941 NSW
- - EASDOWN, Maisie Edith -b. – 1924 NSW
- - EASDOWN, Maud b.– 1921- NSW
- - EASDOWN, William Charles Rossiter -b.1913 NSW– 1979
- - EASDOWN, Roy Roland Colyer -b.1914 NSW– 2004 NSW
- - EASDOWN, Mary Adelaide Ethel -b.1917 NSW – 1990
- - EASDOWN, Kenneth Maxwell -b.1919 NSW– 1988
EASDOWN, Clarissa Maud McDONALD - 1894 – 1976 NSW
EASDOWN, Roland Henry 'Role' - b.1875 South Wandin Yallock - (m.1 Dec 1914 Alice May HÖHNEN) - d.1946 Kinglake, Victoria
EASDOWN, Alice May HÖHNEN -b. 16 May 1887 Sydney, NSW - dghtr of Carl HÖHNEN & Mary Ann MURPHY - d.19 August 1948 Kinglake, Victoria
- - EASDOWN, Roland William -b.1914 Sydney, NSW – 2000 British Columbia, CANADA
- - EASDOWN, Phillip Charles -b. 1920 Sydney – d.April 1940 Fitzroy, Vic.
- - EASDOWN, Bruce Sydney -b. 1925 Sydney NSW – 27 July 2008
EASDOWN, Eva Bertha Louisa - b.12 Nov 1880 South Wandin Yallock, Vic. (m.Kempsey, NSW 1909 Thomas Proctor SMITH) -d. 13 September 1943 Chatswood, Sydney, NSW
EASDOWN, George Cavill -b. 1882 Australia? or New Zealand ?–
EASDOWN, Ethel Elizabeth -b.5 July 1884 Mount M'Donald, Carcoar, NSW – d.1912 Pymble, Sydney
EASDOWN, Ruby Florence -b. 1888 Carcoar, NSW – 1911 Kogarah, Sydney
EASDOWN, Pearl Sarah -b.1888 Carcoar, New South Wales - (m.NSW.1931 Edward Samuel Facey BOLD) – d.17 July 1944 Mosman NSW

EASDOWN, Catherine 'Kate' - b. 21 July 1849 in St Mary, Higham, nr Rochester, Kent -daughter of William EASDOWN (1811–1874) & Ann BARNS (1816–1870) both of whom died in Melbourne.(m.1871 Melbourne to Walter WISEMAN) - see WISEMAN

'Role' Easdown, born Wandin South 1875

EASTMAN, Preacher- later Reverend - Samuel Arthur --Pioneer Methodist Missioner at South Wandin for the Monbulk Mission. b.1887 Shepparton - son of Thomas EASTMAN & Mary Ann COOKE - (m.Vic.1911 Martha Jane LEACH) - d.1976 New South Wales
EASTMAN, Martha Jane LEACH - -b.1888 Diamond Creek - dghtr of William LEACH & Rosalie WHATMOUGH - d.1928 Newtown, Sydney, NSW
EASTMAN, Rosalie Winifred -b.1913 Maffra, Gippsland
EASTMAN, Arthur Wilbur - b.1918 Coburg, Vic.

EASTON, James b.1864 Hobart, Tasmania - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
EASTON, Winifred Mary GEEVES b.1873 Sebastopol -daughter of William Price Geeves & Ophelia Elizabeth Radford (Mrs Jim Easton m.1892 Vic)
EASTON, James Alfred - b. 1900 Hotham West, Nth Melb
EASTON, William Price Geeves b. 1902 Hotham West
EASTON, Frederick Charles b. 1907 Carlton

EDE, Joshua - b.abt 1844 Bristol, England (m.1882 S.A.Ellis) storekeeper at Wandin Yallock d.1915 Lilydale @ 71yrs
EDE, Sarah Ann ELLIS nee GARDINER - b.abt 1842 -dghtr of Thomas GARDINER & Ann WELL - died 1923 Footscray @ 81yrs

EDWARDS, Robert Campbell b.Ireland [TRY SOCIETY & GORDON INST.] d. 1946 @ 84 yrs Camberwell, Vic.
EDWARDS, Gwendolyne PRITCHARD b. Emerald Hill, Sth Melb. m. 1905.
EDWARDS, Campbell Pritchard b. 1906 Camberwell - 1982 Melbourne

EDWARDS, Frederick Charles, Queens Rd, labourer

EDWARDS, Alan William b.1904 Fairfield - son of Birmingham-born George Berry EDWARDS & Harriet WADLEY, also born in Birmingham. Allan Edwards died 951 Hampton, Melb. Mixed Farmer
EDWARDS, Ivy Pearl STANLEY - b.1905 Hawthorn, Vic. -daughter of John STANLEY & Sarah Elizabeth BLAKEY, who were both born in Collingwood. - (Mrs A.W. Edwards 1926)
EDWARDS, Pearl, b.abt 1927
EDWARDS, Marjorie b.abt 1929
EDWARDS, Greta b.abt 1931
EDWARDS, Allan b.abt 1933

ELLERY, Sydney William - b.abt 1933 son of John ELLERY & Carol POTTER -(m. 1880 Albury, Riverina, NSW to Ada Millicent PARSONS) Resident on the Olinda Creek, The Mountain, South Wandin 1891 – d. 1902 Prahran, Victoria, Australia @ 69 yrs
ELLERY, Ada Millicent PARSONS –b. abt 1860 in Southampton, All Saints, Hampshire, England dghter of George PARSONS & Mary Ann GAMLIN – (m. Albury 1889 Sydney William ELLERY – widowed - Occupation: BOARDING HOUSE KEEPER Of St Kilda – (re-married VIC. 1920 Thomas MUIR ) - d. 1937 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia
ELLERY, Miss Lena Lillian Gaudin Caroline -b. 1881 Cheltenham, Port Phillip Bay - TEACHER - -Piano Duetist to bagpipe accompaniment @ South Wandin on 6th March 1914 – d. 1954 in St Kilda, Melbourne
ELLERY, Miss Emma Lisle Louisa –b. 1883 Cheltenham, Port Phillip Bay - -Piano Duetist to bagpipe accompaniment @ South Wandin on 6th March 1914 - TEACHER – d. 1968 in Elwood, Port Phillip, Melbourne
ELLERY, Ivy Mary - b. 1884 – d. 1884 Cheltenham, Port Phillip Bay
ELLERY, Sydney Osmond George Robert –b. 1889 Wandin-Lillydale, Victoria, Australia - d. 1905 St Kilda, Melbourne @ age 16 yrs
MUIR, Thomas - see MUIR

ELLIOTT, George - b.abt 1833 Ballinasloe - son of Thomas ELLIOTT & Ann HENDERSON - (m.Vic.1869 Phoebe Elizabeth TIBBETS - d.1915 Wandin Yallock @ 82yrs
ELLIOTT, Phoebe Elizabeth TIBBETS -b.1852 Fitzroy (Reg. St Marks Church of England, Collingwood) -daughter of Ambrose Charles TIBBITS or TIBBETTS & Mary Craig KELLY -d.1939 Wandin Yallock @ 86yrs
ELLIOT, George -b.1870 Elphinstone, Mt Alexander, Vic. (m.Vic.1895 Edith Emily PRYOR_
ELLIOTT, Edith Emily PRYOR -b.1873 Faraday, Chewton, Mt Alexander - dghtr of Richard PRYOR & Christina DUNSTAN -d.1951 Wandin- Lilydale @ 78yrs - see PRYOR
-ELLIOTT, Richard George - b.1896 Castlemaine
-ELLIOTT, Evelyn May -b.1897 Chewton - (m.Vic.1935 Cedric James PATTERSON)
-ELLIOTT, Percival James - b.1900 Sherbrooke/ Monbulk - (m.Wandin.1932 Vera Mabel HAAG) - d.1977 Lilydale @ 76yrs
-ELLIOTT, Vera Mabel HAAG - see HAAG
-ELLIOTT, Thomas Alfred - b.1903 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1921 Dorothy Adeline COOKE / COOK) d.
- ELLIOTT, Dorothy Adeline COOKE - see COOKE
-ELLIOTT, Phoebe ELizabeth - b.1906 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1930 Thomas Stanley RUSSELL) - see RUSSELL
ELLIOTT, Thomas - b.1872 Taradale - - - d.1943 Melb. @ 72yr
ELLIOTT, Harriet -b.1875 Taradale - (m.Vic. THOMPSON) - d.1951 Parkville, Melb @ 76yr
ELLIOTT, Frederick Ambrose -b.1877 Taradale -d.1877 Elphinstone @ 8dys
ELLIOTT, Mary Elizabeth -b.1879 Taradale -(m.Vic.1904 Henry McNABB) -d.1967 Traralgon @ 87yr
ELLIOTT, John Alexander -b.1881 Taradale - (m.Vic.1904 Jane ELLWOOD)
ELLIOTT, Joseph Henry -b.1886 Blue Mount, Trentham - (m.Vic.1920 Effie Ruth McNABB)
ELLIOTT, Ambrose Witmah / Whitmer -b.1886 Blue Mount, Trentham - - - d.1960 Wandin Yallock @ 75yrs
ELLIOTT, James - b.1888 Blue Mountain, Trentham - d.1888 Lyonville

ELLIS, Angell - from St Kilda b.1831 Sydney, NSW (son of Elias Ellis & Rebecca Levy), Founder of the Shakespeare Society of Victoria, Accountant & Early Postmaster @ South Wandin
ELLIS, Maurice Elias b. 1865 Fitzroy
ELLIS, Adele 'Ada' - b. 1866 Fitzroy, Professor of Literature, Melb.Uni.
ELLIS, Hannah b. 1867
ELLIS, Louis Mondle b. 1869
ELLIS, Cicely b. 1869 St Kilda
ELLIS, David Solomon (1870-~1952)
ELLIS, Rebecca 'Ray' b.1872 St Kilda, Assist Postmistress Sth Wandin (Mrs Morris Mondle Phillips m.1894)
ELLIS, Mondle Samuel Emmanuel
ELLIS, Eleanore 'Nellie' b. 1874 St Kilda (Mrs Herbert WRAY)
ELLIS, Solomon Asher Phillips 'Alfred' b. 1875 St Kilda -- storekeeper @ Sth Wandin 1903 ~ d.1941 Glen Iris
m. ELLIS, Jessie Alice Mabel BARKER -b. New Zealand (Mrs S.A.Ellis m.1912 Vic)
ELLIS, Caroline Phillipa Esther PHILLIPS (Mrs A.S.P.Ellis m.1913 Vic)
ELLIS, Mondel Emanuel b. 1873 St Kilda
ELLIS, Francis Samuel 'Frank'- b. 1877 St Kilda ~ d. 1943 Nth Brighton
m. ELLIS, Ethel Irene STANES b. Adelaide SA (Mrs F.S.Ellis m.1909 Vic)
ELLIS, Victor Barnard b. 1879 St Kilda -storekeeper @ Sth Wandin 1903
ELLIS, Rosetta Lydia 'Posie' b. 1881 St Kilda -store assistant 1903, 1913 - d.1936 Malvern @ 54 yrs
ELLIS, Deborah 'Dora' b. 1882 St Kilda @ Sth Wandin 1903 (Mrs Cornelius 'Neil' EAST)d. 1959
ELLIS, Arthur Abraham b. 1884 St Kilda ~ d. 1966
m. ELLIS, Blanche Matilda 'Bardie' MOORE d. 1972

ELMORE, Frederick - b.abt 1854 - - d.1930 'Herrnhut', Mount Rouse, Penshurst, Vic.@ 75yr
ELMORE, Louisa RÖHR - b.abt 1850 - dghter of Johann Samuel RÖHR (1810 Lusatia - 1890 Penshurst, Vic) & Anna Dorothea PETRAS (1822 Lusatia - 1911 Penshurst, Vic)- d.1927 Hamilton, Vic
ELMORE, Charles Clondesby Lyttleton - b.abt 1880 Myamyn -Condah, Portland - (m.Vic.1912 Emily Ruth COTTINGHAM) - d.1959 Box Hill @ 79yrs
ELMORE, Emily Ruth COTTINGHAM - b. 1881 Otago, NEW ZEALAND- daughter of Samuel COTTINGHAM & Sarah Elizabeth WATSON of the Olinda Creek, Wandin Yallock - see COTTINGHAM -
- -ELMORE, Harold Laurence -b.1913 Murrembeena
- -ELMORE, Hebert Frank -b.1915 Murrembeena
- -ELMORE, Stanley Raymond Charles -b.1917 Murrembeena
ELMORE, Edith Anna Dorothea -b.abt 1876 Myamyn -Condah, Portland - (m.South Wandin January 1907 Duncan McINTYRE -of Tunstall, Nunawading -) - d.1952 Hamilton @ 61yrs
ELMORE, Lydia Lousia -b.abt 1872 - d.1947 Fitzroy @ 74yrs
ELMORE, Samuel Montague Marsden -b.abt 1874 - d.1935 Hamilt0n @ 61yrs
ELMORE, Ernst Theophilus Scott b. Myamyn -Condah, Portland - -(m.Vic. Anne Elisabeth MURRIE) widowed 1917 - -(re-m.Vic.1919 Ellen Editha DUDENEY) - d.1950 Frankston, Vic
ELMORE, Annie Elisabeth MURRIE - b.abt 1885 - daughter of John MURIE & ELizabeth HOWE - d.1917 Dandenong @ 32 yrs
- -ELMORE, Edith Mervynne / Marylyne -b.1911 Dandenong
- -ELMORE, Ralph Theophilus RhÖr -b.1912 Dandenong
- -ELMORE, Lionel Kenneth M - b.1915 Dandening
ELMORE, Septimus -b.1884 Char Myamyn -Condah, Portland- (m.Vic.1932 Irene Beatrice KAY)
ELMORE, Irene Beatrice KAY
ELMORE, Algernon John - b.abt 1882 - (m.Vic.1913 Fanny Louisa HUNTER)
- -ELMORE, Jack Johannes - b.1914 Box Hill, Nunawading
ELMORE, Friedrich -b.abt 1884 - - d./1958 Heidelberg @ 71yrs

ELMS, Mary Edith -b.1874 Merino, Vic. - daughtr of Alfred Hastings ELMS & Janet BEVERIDGE - (m.1907 Vic. M.H.A'BECKETT, "Larnoo" Parker Rd, Silvan, 1922
ELMS, Elsie Florence - "Larnoo' Parker Rd, Silvan (siste of the above)

George Richard EMBREY - son of Richard Embrey - d.1953 Footscray @ 72 yrs
EMBREY, Evelyina Frances NORMAN b.1886 Carlton daghtr of Thomas Norman & Frances Cecilia O'Neale.(m.1914 G. Embrey) d.1945 North Melbourne @ 58 yrs
EMBREY, Elsie Evelyina b.1915 Malvern, vic.
EMBREY, Raymond George Richard b.1916 Malvern - d.1972 Bendigo @ 55 yrs
EMBREY, Douglas b. 1921 Vic.

ENGLAND, George b.8 November 1856, Waiuku, Auckland, New Zealand - proprietor of 'Burleigh House & Coach service - @ Sth Wandin by 1912 d. 25 May 1943 Toongabbie, nr Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
ENGLAND, Florence Marion DAVIES b. 12 June 1864, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England -(m.1 July 1885 Stanley, Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia to Geo ENgland)
@ Sth Wandin by 1912. Died 11 December 1944, Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ENGLAND, Clara Martha - b. 28 October 1886 Kilcoy, Darling Downs, Queensland. d.11 June 1938 in Heidelberg, Melbourne, Victoria
ENGLAND, Maud Annie (1887-1894) Kilcoy, Darling Downs, Queensland
ENGLAND, Florence Marion (1889-1890) Kilcoy, Darling Downs, Queensland
ENGLAND, Katie Katherine - b. 27 September 1891 Kilcoy, Darling Downs, Queensland. (m.13 January 1917 at Presbyterian Church, Chalmerston St., Sydney, NSW to Walter Charles ANDERSON) d. 18 December 1943 in Auburn, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
ENGLAND, Miss Daisy - telegraph & postmistress at 'Burleigh House - b. 22 October 1893, Kilcoy, Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia (m.1917 Thomas Luford HEMSWORTH ) d. 10 September 1984 in Kew, Boroondara, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ENGLAND, David - b. 17 June 1896, Kilcoy, Darling Downs, Queensland. d. 14 October 1967 in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
-ENGLAND, Verdi Miriam LODGE b.Queanbeyan, NSW (m.1925 Lidcombe, NSW Mrs David England)
ENGLAND, John - b. 10 December 1898 Kilcoy,b.Darling Downs, Queensland. - Quarryman & Railway Chainman d. 1 October 1958 in Camperdown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-ENGLAND, Annie RELF (m.1929 Parramatta Mrs John England)

ERITH, Eliza - from Wales, Great Britain (Mrs Thomas Hand)

ERCK, Josia Burd Vincent - Fruitgrower 1922 - (son of Josiah Erck & Sophia Mary Ann Sampson) Died @ 83 yrs 1946 Lilydale

ERWIN, Harold Henry - Silvan, orchardist 1926 - (son of William Henry Erwin & Isabelle Jane Black) d.1972 @ 70 yrs Surrey Hills


ESPOSITO, Guiseppe - 'Joe' - bought land at Silvan 1944 - Naturalised 1949

EVANS, Charles - farmer at Monbulk Nrth by 1913

EVANS, David Charles b.1874 Collingwood -son of Owen William EVANS & Elizabeth Ann HOCKIN - - Olinda Vale 1907 - South Wandin fruitgrower - by 1908 d.1926/1962 Cwood
EVANS, Marie Louise CROSS b. Collingwood(Mrs D.C.Evans m.1901 Vic) -1908 d.1962 Camberwell @ 88 yrs -dghtr of Charles CROSS & Maria BOWER
EVANS, Rachel Dorothy b. 1902 Fitzroy North (m.1928 Henry Joseph MORGAN)
EVANS, Elsie Leah Bower b. 1909 Fitzroy Nth (m.1934 Lyle Davies BULL) d.1971

EVERARD, Harold Breedon - b.1863 Kew, Boroondara - son of John EVERARD -son of Thomas EVERARD & Mary BREEDON -(1825-1886) & Mary MOSS -who were in Melbourne by the 1850s- (m.Vic.1899 Monica SINCLAIR) - d.1928 Melb.East @ 65yrs
EVERARD, Monica SINCLAIR - b.1865 Coleraine, Vic. -dghtr of George William SINCLAIR & Jeanette YOUNG - d.1952 Malvern @ 87yrs
EVERARD, Mona Victoria - b.1900 South Yarra
EVERARD, John St Clair - b.1902 South Yarra
EVERARD, Blanche Russel - b.1904 South Yarra _(m.Vic.1928 Walter Thomas MAXWELL)

EVERY, John Fraser b. Echuca - in 1914 Olinda Reservoir, Lilydale
EVERY, Eleanor Ellen Nellie CAIN b. Huntly, Bendigo - in 1914 Olinda Reservoir, Lilydale
EVERY, John Fraser b.1911 Bendigo - in 1914 Olinda Reservoir, Lilydale
EVERY, Vera b.1913 Bendigo - in 1914 Olinda Reservoir, Lilydale
EVERY, Ellen b. 1914 Lilydale - (Olinda Reservoir)
EVERY, William James b.1916 Bendigo
EVERY, Eleanor v.1918 Bendigo
EVERY, Frederick William - b. Bendigo -in 1914 Olinda Reservoir, Lilydale
EVERY, Sarah MORRISON -b. Phillip Island - - in 1914 Olinda Reservoir, Lilydale

EWART, John (1830-1908)
EWART, Catherine MORRISON (1817-1900) d. Launching Place
EWART, Thomas (m.Vic.1864 Jane LITHGOW)
- EWART, Walter John b. 1864 Warburton Yarra Valley
- EWART, Henry - b.1866 Lilydale, Yarra Valley
EWART, Mary Eliza Ross b.1841 Melbourne, Port Phillip (m.Vic.1864 Thomas Brownlie GILROY)
EWART, David b.1845 Gardiner's Station, Mooroolbark, (m.Vic.1867 Annie Landers)
EWART, Anne LANDERS (Mrs Dave Ewart) d. 1922 Upper Yarra
- EWART, Mary Eliza b.1868 Lillydale
- EWART, Lucy Catherine b.1869 Lillydale
- EWART, Eleanor Maud b.1872 Lillydale
- EWART, Jessie b.1873 Lilydale
- EWART, Annie Mabel b.1875 Lillydale
- EWART, Ethel Edith b.1878 Warburton
- EWART, David Morrison b.1878 Warburton
- EWART, Gertrude b. 1884 Healesville
- EWART, Evelyn b. 1886 Helesville
- EWART, Henry Vernon b.1888 Williamstown
EWART, John b.1847 Gardiner's Station, Mooroolbark (m.Vic.1879 Mary Usher)
EWART, Henry b.1848 Gardiner's Station, Mooroolbark -d.1862 Mooroolbark @ 14yrs
EWART, William b.1851 Elgars Special Survey, Nunawading
EWART, b.1853 Gardiner's Station, Mooroolbark,
EWART, Charles MacGregor b.1855 Yarra Valley, Boroondara

EWEN, Thomas James Cooper - b.1893 Richmond - son of Thomas EWEN & Lucy Mary COOPER - (m.Vic.1914 Helena Alice ROYLANCE) - d.1956 Ringwood @ 63yrs - of EWEN ROad - Yellingbo - Silvan Downs
EWEN, Helena alice ROYLANCE - b.abt 1892 - dghtr of James ROYLANCE & Alice Ann ? - d.1981 Croydon @ 88yrs
EWEN, Gordon James b.1915 Northcote - (m.Vic.1939 Iris Isobel PURTON
EWEN, Iris Isobel PURTON
EWEN, Thomas - b.1916 Northcote
EWEN, Joyce b.1918 Nortchote
EWEN, Bruce Stanley -b.1924 - d.1970 Fitzroy @ 46yr

FACCINE [FACCINI], Pietro 'Peter' - naturalised 3 Feb 1936 Silvan
FACCINE [FACCINI], Elva -b.abt 1922

FAIRLESS, William Samuel - b. 11 May 1833 Northumberland, Great Britain - son of John FAIRLESS & Ann TODD -(m. Forest Creek Diggings, Castlemaine 11 Sept 1856 to Mary Ann MARTIN) d.1892 Numurkah @ 59yrs
FAIRLESS, Mary Ann MARTIN - b.13 January 1836 Truro, Cornwall, Great Britain - dghtr of John MARTIN & Mary Ann GILBERT - d.1912 Numurkah @ 76yrs
FAIRLESS, John Bate - b.1856 Forest Creek, Diggings, Castlemaine - d.1935 Shepparton @ 78yrs
FAIRLESS, Dorothea Ann - b. 1859 Specimen Gully, Castlemaine - (m. WILSON - d.1924 Moonee Ponds @ 66yrs
FAIRLESS, Mary Ada - -b.1861 Yandoit, nr Guildford - d.1932 Melbourne Nth @ 71yrs
FAIRLESS, William Arthur - b.1863 Yandoit, nr Guildford - (m.Vic.1901 Lily Mary DOYLE) - d.1941 Sandringham @ 76yrs
FAIRLESS, Ernst Augustus -b.1865 Yandoit, nr Guildford - (m.Vic.1889 Frances Amelia DOYLE) - d.1946 Nth Melb @ 81yrs
FAIRLESS, Frances Amelia DOYLE
FAIRLESS, Linda Caroline - b. 1870 Yandoit, nr Guildford - (m.Vic.1902 Thomas SEBIRE) - d.1917 Wandin Yallock - see SEBIRE
FAIRLESS, Joseph Edwin - b.1872 Yandoit, nr Guildford - (m.Vic.1899 Clara SHOVELTON) - d.1950 Essendon @ 77yrs - see SHOVELTON
FAIRLESS, Clara Celine - b.1875 Yandoit, nr Guildford (m.Vic.1903 Frederick William BRITTON) - d.1957 Ascot vale, Vic. @ 82yrs - see BRITTON
FAIRLESS, Lillian Eveline - b.1876 Yandoit, nr Guildford - (m.Vic.1912 Robert Archibald FRASER) -

FALCO, Benito Enrico Arturo FALCO - b.1888 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain - son of the Barcelona-born builder, Pedro FALCO OMS & Maria Cruz BERAZA - and of Yarraville, Vic. - Emigrated via France on the "Messengeurs Marine Ship "SYDNEY at age four with his parents and siblings arriving in Sydney, NSW on the 22 December 1892. His father was Naturalised on the 12th octobr 1914 at Melbourne while living at "BENITO" Williamstown Road, Yarraville. Benito Falco was a construction worker in the Upper Yarra valley for much of the early 20th Century. (m.1917 Vic. Esther Bewley HOLLIDAY of Wandin South ) - widowed - (Remarried Vic.1933 Francis Bridget Rosebelle PARKS) d.1962 Parkville, Melb.
FALCO, Esther Bewley HOLLIDAY -b.1889 South Wandin Yallock - Daughtr of John Bewley HOLLIDAY & Margaret Ann LITTLE - d.1926 Richmond, Vic. - see HOLLIDAY
FALCO, Sheirley Bewley - b.1917 Richmond
FALCO, Esterre
FALCO, Arthur - b.1926-1926 Richmond
FALCO, Francis Bridget Rosebelle PARKS

FALKINGHAM, Charles Henry - b.abt 1863 Yorkshire, England - son of Charles Minto FALKINGHAM & Martha STOCKDALE of Yorkshire, - d.1946 Lilydale @ 86yrs
FALKINGHAM, Mary Jane KNEESHAW - b.abt 1864 - dghtr of William Edward KNEESHAW & Rachel WILSON - d.1947 Lilydale @ 83yrs
FALKINGHAM, Ruth -b.1888 West Melbourne - (m.Vic.1912 Frank Robert WHITE)
FALKINGHAM, William - b.1890 Lang Lang, Vic.

FALKINGHAM, Alfred (m.Vic.1916 Emily Jane HOWELL)
FALKINGHAM, Emily Jane HOWELL - b.abt 1886 - dghtr of William & Emily Jane HOWELL - d.1919 Heidelberg @ 33yrs
FALKINGHAM, Alfred William -Olinda Vale 1916 - b.1912 Collingwood - son of Alfred FALKINGHAM & Emily HOWELL - d.1965 Box Hill @ 53yrs
FALKINGHAM, Henry Edward - b.1913 Richmond - brother of above - (m.Vic.1937 Phllis Myrtle Anita CASLEY)

FALKINGHAM, Albert Joseph - b.1885 Footscray - son of Alfred FALKINGHAM & Elizabeth Ann SMITH - (m.Vic.1909 Florence Caroline LIDSTON)
FALKINGHAM, Florence Caroline LIDSTON - b.1888 Abbotsford, Collingwood - D.1962 Mt Evelyn @ 74yrs
FALKINGHAM, Albert Charles - b.1910 Collingwood
FALKINGHAM, Eileen May -b.1912 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1931 William Joseph POLKINGHORNE)
FALKINGHAM, Alan Lancelot -b.1914 Collingwood
FALKINGHAM, Avon Douglas -b.1916 Clifton Hill - (m.Vic.1941 Lorna Helen SHELL) - see SHELL
FALKINGHAM, Elizabeth - b.1918 Clifton Hill

FALL, Albert Edward -b.abt 1868 London, Eng. -son of Daniel FALL & Elizabeth LEVERINGTON - (m.Vic.1894 M.M.Ferguson) - at Clegg Road, - Engine Driver - d.1949 Kew @ 81yrs
FALL, Martha Matilda FERGUSON b.1876 Kyneton, Vic. -dghtr of Alexander FERGUSON & Martha Matilda McPHEE - Clegg Road, home duties - d.1929 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 49yrs
FALL, Ivy Agnes -b.1895 Melb.Sth. - at Clegg ROad, student (m.1923 George Edward JOY)
FALL, Alexander Ferguson b.1903 Fairfield, Melb. (m.1929 Sarah May LANE)
FALL, Albert Edward -b.1909 Elsternwick, Melb.
FALL, Eric Charles b.1911 Newport, Melb. - d.1973 Brig? @ 62yrs

FARQAHAR, Robert b.1791- -son of d. Aberdeen, Scotland
FARQUHAR, Jane Elisabeth McDOUGAL - from b.abt 1812 Aberdeen, Scotland - daughter of Finlay McDOUGAL & Isabel Jane MURRAY (as a young woman Jane McDOUGAL was a governess or somesuch at Balmoral Castle) (Mrs Robert FARQUHAR dec.] Emigrated: Unassisted passage on the ship 'GLENDOWER' arriving Melbourne Oct 1865. - d.29 June 1903 Wiseman Road, South Wandin Yalloak @ 91 yrs
FARQUHAR, Elizabeth Jane 1837 Aberdeen, Scotland –(m.1862 Aberdeen, Scotland to Alexander EDDIE). Emigrated: Unassisted passage on the ship 'GLENDOWER' arriving Melbourne Oct 1865. d.1906 Port Melbourne, Vic.
FARQUHAR, William Alexander b.1838 Aberdeen, Scotland – Emigrated: Unassisted passage on the ship "CAMERONIAN" arriving Melbourne May 1864 (m.Vic.1873 Mary Ann FRASER) d.1911 Kew
FARQUHAR, Mary Ann FRASER b.abt 1845 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland d.1921 Kew,
-FARQUHAR, William Alexander b.1874 St Kilda, Vic. (m.1899 Kate Anne WEIR) -d.1942
FARQUHAR, Margaret 1840 – 1842 Aberdeen, Scotland
FARQUHAR, Robert 1842 – 1860 Aberdeen, Scotland
FARQUHAR, Ellen Helena - b.1846 Aberdeen, Scotland. Emigrated: Unassisted passage on the ship 'GLENDOWER' arriving Melbourne Oct 1865. (m.Vic.1867 John Frederick HOLMES) d.1895 Sth Wandin @ 49 yrs - see HOLMES
FARQUHAR, Margaret Ann - b.1847 Aberdeen, Scotland - Emigrated: Unassisted passage on the ship 'GLENDOWER' arriving Melbourne Oct 1865.(m.Vic.1873 John BAILEY Jnr) d.1894 Sth Wandin Yallock @ 46 yrs - see BAILEY

FAY, Miss Marion Emily - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1895 [Schoolteacher Registration No. 10896] - b.1870 Warrnambool - - dghtr of Henry William FAY & Phoebe WARHAM - d.1941 Melbourne @ 71yrs

FEAR BROTHERS Raspberrymen of Wandin Yallock
FEAR, Leonard - b.abt 1851 Bristol, Somerset son of Edward FEAR & Charlotte BOARD - Emigrated: on the the vessel "SOBRAON" arriving Melboourne Dec 1884. (m.Vic.1888 Mary Elizabeth HARRISON) of 'KEEYUGA', Wandin Yallock - - d.1931 Blackburn, Nunawading @ 70yr
FEAR, Mary Elizabeth HARRISON -b. 1857 Gardiner's Creek, East of Melbourne, - dghter of William HARRISON & Harriet RUSHER -Res. 'KEEYUGA' Wandin Yallock - d. 1930 Blackburn, Nunawading @ 73yr
FEAR, Mary Charlotte - b.1889 Hawthorn, Boroondara - -(m.Vic.1918 Noman Robert Archibald PETER) - d.1969 Glen..? @ 80yr
FEAR, Edith Harriet - b.26th January 1896 at 'KEEYUGA', Wandin Yallock -d.1973 Kew, Boroondara @ 77yr

FEAR, Albert Edward -b.abt 1855 Bristol, Somerset - son of Edward FEAR & Charlotte BOARD - Emigrated : on the the vessel "SOBRAON" arriving Melboourne December 1884. - RETURN Embarked on the ship "CUZCO @ age 39 in March 1895 bound for London - Returned to England

FELLOWS, Edward Forrest - b.abt 1848 Dudley, Black Country, Midlands, England - -(m.Vic.1870 Sarah Ann TIMMINS) [Divorced Vic.1884 - Vic.Reg.1861-84/554] (m.Vic.1898 Euphemia Isabella CLARKE) d.1932 Fitzroy @ 83 yrs
FELLOWS, Sarah Ann TIMMINS - b. Dudley, Black Country, Midlands, England - (m.1870 Vic.) [Divorced Vic.1884 - Vic.Reg.1861-84/554]
FELLOWS, Sarah Jane - b.1863 Richmond - dghter of henry FELLOWS & Sarah Jane TIMMINS? -
FELLOWS, Caroline Anne - b. 1873-1874 Richmond
FELLOWS, William George - b.1874 Richmond - d.1878 Richmond @ 3yrs
FELLOWS, Edward Forrest - b.1876 Richmond, Vic. - (m.Vic.1903 Rachel Marion BEECROFT) d.1960 @ 84yrs
FELLOWS, Rachel Marion BEECROFT - b.1885 Carlton North - d.1962 Kew, Boroondara @ 77yr
- - FELLOWS, Frances Marion Alice - b.1903 Collingwood
- - FELLOWS, George Henry -b.1907 Collingwood - d.1981 Caulfield @ 73yrs
- - FELLOWS, Frederick Charles -b.1908 Fitzroy Nth
- - FELLOWS, Walter Alfred/Albert - b.1910 Fitzroy Nth - -d.1924 East Melb. @ 13yr
- - FELLOWS, Roy Joseph Randolph -b.1912 Fitzroy Nth
- - FELLOWS, Charles Leslie - b.1915 Carlton Nth
- - FELLOWS, Ernest Robert - b. 1918 Carlton Nth
- - FELLOWS, Myrtle Elizabeth Marjorie -b.1919 Carlton Nth
- - FELLOWS, Harold Percy Frederick -b.1923 - d.1923 Carlton
FELLOWS, George Phllip Aldous - b.1878-1878 Richmond @ 3m
FELLOWS, Priscilla Alice - b.1880 Carlton - (m.Vic.1897 David Walter FISHER) -
- FISHER, Roy, b.1898 South Yarra
FELLOWS, Priscilla Alice - b.1881 Richmond - (m. Henry Walter SIMKIN)
- SIMKIN, Edith Yvonne - b.1900 Richmond

FELLOWS, Edward Forrest - b.abt 1848 Dudley, Black Country, Midlands, England - -(m.Vic.1870 Sarah Ann TIMMINS) [Divorced Vic.1884 - Vic.Reg.1861-84/554] (m.Vic.1898 Euphemia Isabella CLARKE) d.1932 Fitzroy @ 83 yrs
FELLOWS, Euphemia Isabella MARSH / CLARK - - b.1864 Ballarat - daughter of Charles CLARK & Margaret LAURENCE - widow of ? - d.1942 Footscray @ 78yrs
-FELLOWS, Edward Arthur MARSH -b.1894 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1915 Essy Mary PURVES) - - d.1969 Heidelberg @ 74yr
- - FELLOWS, Jessie Rot - b.1917 East Melb.
-FELLOWS, Charles Joseph Marsh - b.1897 Carlton- -(m.Vic.1920 Mabel Katherine HULBERT) - d.1950 South Melb @ 53yrs
- FELLOWS, Mabel Katherine HULBERT
- - FELLOWS, George Frederick Charles - b.1920 Richmond
Alfred George - b.1898 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1938 Ida Janet Amelia SANDS)- - d.1959 Williamstown @ 61yr
-FELLOWS, Ida Janet Amelia SANDS - - see SANDS
-FELLOWS, Isabella Myrtle - b.1900 Wandin South, Lilydale - (m.Vic.1922 Cahrles Lees WARD) - d.1962 Fitzroy @ 62yr
-FELLOWS, Frances Marion Alice - b.1903 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1925 Joseph MIZZI)
-FELLOWS, Leslie Clark -b.1906 Surrey Hills -(m.Vic.1925 Letitia Grace Gertrude PEATLING) - -d.1966 Heidelberg @ 62yr
-FELLOWS, Letitia Grace Gertrude PEATLING

FELLOWS, James - (1839-1921) d. Clifton Hill

FELLOWS, James (tinsmith) (1872-1933)d. West Heidelberg
FELLOWS, Hannah BELL (1877-1939)d. West Heidelberg
FELLOWS, William - b. 1899 Fitzroy south
FELLOWS, Elias - b. 1902 Fitzroy souith
FELLOWS, Benjamin - b. 1904 Clifton Hill
FELLOWS, Albert b. 1906 Clifton Hill
FELLOWS, James - b. 1908 Clifton Hill
FELLOWS, Leonard b. 1910 Clifton Hill
FELLOWS, Thelma b. 1913 Clifton Hill

FELLOWS, Leonard Henry - b.abt 1888 d.1948 Lilydale @ 59yrs
FELLOWS, Lillian Maud ELLIS - b. 1894 Maidstone, Vic. d.1945 Lilydale @ 51 yrs
FELLOWS, Margaret Elizabeth (1926-1927) Lilydale

FENCHAM, Thomas Greatorex - labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 -b.abt 1842 (m.Vic.1913 J.E.Brown) d.1929 Preston @ 87yrs
FENCHAM, Jane Elizabeth BROWN -nee STAINES - "Hill Crest" Evelyn, - b.abt 1854 -d.1923 Eltham @ 69 yrs - dght of Mr Staines & Jane Lewis.
FENCHAM, Christopher

FERMI, Pietro 'Peter -b. abt 1849 Italia -THE FIRST ITALIAN IN THE WANDINS ? - labourer @ Wandin Yallock by 1906 - d.1914 South Wandin Yallock, registered Lilydale, Buried Lilydale

FIELD, Herbert Salkald - Photographer @ Monbulk North by 1913

FISHER, Allan - b.1816 Lancashire, England - of Mr FISHER & Mrs nee SMITH -(m. ? Jane PATTESON) d.26 April 1869 in Ringwood, Nunawading district
FISHER, Jane PATTESON - b.1817 Cumberland, England - dghtr of Joseph PATTESON & Jane NEWTON - d. 30 July 1863 in Mooroolbark, Yarra Valley
FISHER, Allan -b.1840 Lancashire or Cumberland (m.Vic.1881 Eliza Le PAGE) -d.1889 Lilydale, Vic.
FISHER, Eliza Le PAGE b. 1862 Lilydale District - daughter of 'John' Jéan Le PAGE & 'Betsey' Elizabeth SEBIRE - d.
- FISHER, Eliza Jane -b.1881 Lilydale
- FISHER, Mary - b.1882 Lilydale
- FISHER, Marie Ellen - b.1884 Lilydale
- FISHER, Lilly Vale - b.1886 Lilydale
- FISHER, Nelly Caroline - b.1888 Lilydale
FISHER, Robert (1844 Cumberland, England- (m.Vic.1 June 1863 Charlotte WATSON) - d.1900 Melb.Sth
FISHER, Charlotte WATSON- b.14 August 1843 in Launceston, Van Diemens Land - dghter of William WATSON & Emma 'Wells' STEWART - d.Lilydale, Upper Yarra
- FISHER, Emma Harriet Jane -b.1863 n Lilydale-Mooroolbark– (m.Vic.1895 George Henry LOGAN) - d.
- FISHER, Violet Rosedale -b.1866 – 1867 n Lilydale-Mooroolbark
- FISHER, Alice - b. 1867 n Lilydale-Mooroolbark–
- FISHER, Jane - b.1870 n Lilydale-Mooroolbark– (m.Vic.1896 William Oliver RUTHERFORD) - d.
- FISHER, Gracedale -b.1872 Gracedale Creek, Healesville, –
- FISHER, William Newton - b. 1875 –
- FISHER, Albert Ernest Edward - b. 1877 –
- FISHER, Robert Ray Victor Leopold -b.1884 –
FISHER, Jane 'Peters' (1845- (b.Vic.1869 David Stormond PETERS) -d.1931 Wellington, NSW
FISHER, Annie (1847- - (m.Vic.1867 James Douglas BRIERTY) - d.1892
FISHER, Ruth b.1851 Richmond Flat (Reg.St Peters Melb.- d.1852 Richmond @ 1m (Reg.St Marks, Collingwood
FISHER, Christopher John b.1855 Richmond Flat, - (m.Vic.1878 Lydia CHANDLER) - d.Leongatha
FISHER, Lydia CHANDLER - b.1855 Merriang Creek, Myrtleford - daughter of John CHANDLER & Sarah LONG
FISHER, William b.1858 Richmond Flat, -d.1858
FISHER, Margaret b.1860 Richmond Flat

FISHER, Ernest William -Queens Road, Wandin 1926 Labourer - (m.Vic.1929 Ruby Eileen McCarthy) - d.1962 Croydon @ 60yrs - son of Henry FISHER & Maude nee MELTON
FISHER, Ruby Eileen Mary McCARTHY - b.1903 Richmond - dghtr of Henry William McCARTHY & Jessie Margaret WHITE - d.1980 Kilsyth @ 76yrs

FITCH, Richard Frederick -b.abt 1847 - Silvan Road, Mt Evelyn - 1926 - d.1928 Mt Evelyn @ 81yrs

FITZGERALD, Elizabeth TRAVERS / TRAVES/ TRAVIS - b.abt 1860 - dghtr of William TRAVIS & ? ffrench d-.1929 Fitzroy @ 68yrs
FITZGERALD, William - b.abt 1883 ? - d.1889 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
FITZGERALD, Nicholas - b.1885 Numurkah - (m.Vic.1906 Ellie O'CALLAGHAN)
FITZGERALD, John - b.1889 Wandin- Lilydale
FITZGERALD, Joanna -b.1889 South Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1911 Donald McCRAE) - d.1925 Fitzroy Sth @ 36yrs
FITZGERALD, Alice Mavis - b.1896 Grantville - (m.Vic.1919 Sydney Charles STIMPSON) - d.1974 Thornbury @ 78yrs
FITZGERALD, Elizabeth - b.1897 Grantville, Sth Gippsland
FITZGERALD, Thomas Francis - b.1899 Grantville - - d.1910 Powlett River @ 10 yrs
FITZGERALD, William Patrick b.1891 Bass -(m.Vic.1924 Eileen Catherine THOMAS /THOMPSON) - - d.1946 C'field @ 55yrs
FITZGERALD, Catherine - b.1892 Bass, South Gippsland - d.1976 Thornbury @ 83yrs

FLAIME, Constantino 'Con' - b. 21 Oct 1902 Revo (Revoe) Trento (Trentino, Italia ) Trent, Italy - Arrived Sydney NSW 2 sept 1926 per ship "S.S.ORAMA" from Naples, Italy. -First lived in Lithgow, NSW for 3 1/2 years - Naturalised 31 May 1934 Queens Road, Silvan @ 31yrs - Share Farmer in Silvan with Alessandro Casella & Luigi Ragno - Moved on to Werribee, Victoria

FLEMING, Jane Margaret -b.11 Oct 1872 Oatlands, Midlands, Tasmania - dghtr of Richard FLEMING (1835–1903) & Eliza BARWICK (1839–1914) - (m.Vic.19 Feb 1892 Ralph MATTHEWS) - widowed 1903 (-re-m.Vic.1905 Walter Mould Anderson BOYS) - d.July 1943 Chelsea, Victoria - see MATTHEWS - See BOYS

Eric FLEMING Family of the Woori Yallock Creek-Stony Creek Junction on the borders of South Wandin Yallock-Monbulk, Woori Yallock & Nangana
FLEMING, Eric James - b. 1885 Tasmania (m. Nellie Marjorie MAYNE) - d. 1953 Monbulk / Belgave @ 63
FLEMING, Nellie Marjorie MAYNE - b. 1898 - -d.1960 Ferntree Gully
FLEMING, Connie Jean - b.1919 Woori Yallock Creek-Stony Creek Junction - (m.1938 Arthur William Wyatt GAMBRELL)
FLEMING, Vincent James b.1920 Prahran
FLEMING, Leonard James b. abt 1922
FLEMING, Kenneth Herbert -b.1924 Woori Yallock Creek-Stony Creek Junction -d,1985 Ferntree Gully
FLEMING, 'Don' Eric Donald - b. 1835 Woori Yallock Creek-Stony Creek Junction
FLEMING, Maurice b. Woori Yallock Creek-Stony Creek Junction
FLEMING, Beryl b. 1939 Woori Yallock Creek-Stony Creek Junction (m.Vic. Murray JAMES of Silvan)
FLEMING, Joyce Helen - Woori Yallock Creek-Stony Creek Junction
FLEMING, Woori Yallock Creek-Stony Creek Junction

FLINTOFF, Margaret Alice b.Lancs,Eng.(Mrs W.Proctor) d.1923 Silvan@88

FLUCK, Edward b.1876 Fitzroy (son of John Prouse FLUCK & Sarah CARNELL ) d.1964 Lilydale at 88 yrs
FLUCK, Clara Rachel FRANK m. 1903 Vic. (daughter of Theodor FRANK & Jane REEVES) d.1959 Surrey Hills @ 80 yrs
FLUCK, Clara Isabelle Ruth b.1905 Northcote (m.1927 John Joseph BASSETT)
FLUCK, Thelma Victoria May b.1907 Northcote [m.1928 Arthur John HAAG 1904 – 1967]
FLUCK, Dorothea Gerte Ray b. 1912 Port Melbourne (m.1934 Chas Downham WARING)
FLUCK, Albert Roy Edward - (son of Edward FLUCK & Clara Rachel FRANK) b. 1909 Carlton Nth > 'Claremont' Wandin East, farmer d
FLUCK, Emily Pearl MATTHEW -'Claremont' Wandin East, farmer -Dghtr of Hannibal & Agnes Elizabeth MATTHEW - (m.1934 Vic. A.R.E.Fluck) d.1984 Bulleen @ 76 yrs

FLYNN, Michael = WILL/PROBATE - Farmer - d. 4 May 1917 WANDIN

FORBES, William - labourer @ Wandin Yallock 1906

FORSTER, William Mark - from Rothbury, Eng. (Founder & Director of The Try Society & agent @ Fernydale Farm.WIKI)

FORWARD, Katherine Esther b. 17 June 1850 in Battersea, London, England - daughter of Charles Rossiter FORWARD (1827 – 1890) of Tiverton, Devon, England & Toorak, Vic. and his first wife Catherine Esther Jacobs DE YOUNG (1828 – 1859) who was born in the British Protectorate, Gibraltar, Spain. -her father's second wife was Prudence De La FONTAINE of Melborune. Katherine Estehr EASDOWN died 23 July 1927 at 2 Winnie Street, Cremorne, North Sydney, NSW married Hawthorn Vic 1849 William Robert EASDOWN) at South Wandin from 1868.

FOSSEY, Thomas Wood baptised 29 Feb 1836 at Launceston, Van Diemens Land, (later Tasmania)- son of Joseph FOSSEY & Cumberland-born Elizabeth WOOD (1893 Cumb.-1875 St Kilda)- via St Kilda, (m.Vic.1866 to Mary Ann EXCEL) - d.1902 Brighton, Vic @ 66 yrs
FOSSEY, Mary Ann EXCELL nee SPENCE b. Ireland, EIRE - dghtr of William SPENCE & Mary McMAHON -by 1860 widow of William Edward EXELL -d.1922 St Kilda @ 90yrs
EXELL, William Edward b.1825 Gloucester -d.1859 Melbourne -d.@34yrs -son of Henry EXELL & Annie TOWNSEND
EXELL, Mary b.abt 1855 - d.1861 Melb @ 6yrs
EXELL, William Edward jnr b.1857 Melb. -d.1859 Melb.
EXELL, William Edward jnr.II. b.1859 Brighton, Melb (m.Vic.1896 Maria Jane HORNE) ~ d.1938 Elsternwick @ 78yrs
EXELL, Maria Jane 'Minnie' HORNE b. Melbourne
- EXELL, Mary -b.1897 St Kilda (Mrs SULLIVAN) d.1928 Melb.
- EXELL, Eileen Bridget Ellen b.1899 St Kilda (Mrs BRENNAN) d.1963 Melb.
- EXELL, William Edward -b.1903 St Kilda - d.1962 Kew
- EXELL, Margaret b.1905 St Kilda (Mrs TYMMS) d.1965 Fitzroy
- EXELL, Stephen John b.1909 St Kilda - d.1976 Fitzroy
FOSSEY, Elizabeth Mary (1868-1871) St Kilda
FOSSEY, Joseph Thomas b. 1872 St Kilda, Vic. (m.1900 Stella Harriet FAWCETT)
FOSSEY, Stella Harriet FAWCETT b. South Melbourne
FOSSEY, Joseph Thomas George b.1901 Brighton, Vic. (m.1925 Phyllis Elaine GOWER)
FOSSEY, Phyllis Elaine GOWER -

FOSTER, Edward Edgar Oswald b.1863 Collingwood -fruitgrower 1903, 1905
FOSTER, Rhoda Mary nee COTTINGHAM - b. Otago, New Zealand

FOWLER, J (J & H FOWLER - shared Allotment in Wandin Yallock

FOWLER, H -(J & H FOWLER - shared Allotment in Wandin Yallock

FOWLER, Edward Carleton, - Sawmiller, Wandin Yallock 1906

FRANCIS, Ernest b.1863 Whroo, Goulburn Goldfields, Vic. -son of Henry & Julia FRANCIS - (m.1895 Vic. Elizabeth BEASLEY) d.
FRANCIS, Elizabeth BEASLEY b.1865 Lancefield, Vic. dghtr of Joseph Noble BEASLEY & Ann SEYMOUR - - 1926 - Silvan Road, Mt Evelyn
FRANCIS, Ernest Noble, b.1896 Darnum, Bacchus Marsh -son of Ernest FRANCIS & Elizabeth BEASLEY - - Orchardist, 1926 Silvan Road, Mt Evelyn (m.1925 Madeliene Ethel MAY) d.1965 Malvern @ 69yrs
FRANCIS, Madeleine Ethel MAY b.1899 Brunswick East - dght of Frank MAY & Sarah Amelia Rosella MONOHAN - 1926 - Silvan Road, Mt Evelyn
FRANCIS, Iris Muriel b.1898 Darnum, Bacchus Marsh - 1926 Silvan Road, Mt Evelyn (m.1928 Lawrence James Douglas BALL) d.1953 Lilydale @ 55yrs
FRANCIS, Clive Henry b.1901 Elaine, Vic. (m.1923 Florence Grace BALL)
FRANCIS, Florence Grace BALL
FRANCIS, Alice Edna ELizabeth b.1911 Yandoit, Vic. (m.1935 Ernest Adrian BALL) d.1950 Royal Park @ 39yrs

FRANK, Emilie Christiane -b.1876 Broadford (daughter of Theodor Heinrich FRANK & Jane REEVES) Mrs H.H. GARTH d.1969 Preston
FRANK, Clara Rachel b.1879 Collingwood, (daughter of Theodor FRANK & Jane REEVES) (m. 1903 Vic. Edward FLUCK) d.1959 Surrey Hills @ 80 yrs

FRASER, John - b.abt 1831 Scotland - son of Simon FRASER & Elizabeth MYLES - An Iron-founder with Foundry in South Yarra, Prahran District, Melbourne - d. 9 October 1901 in South Yarra, Prahran
FRASER, Sarah NELSON - b.abt 1834 Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland - daughter of John NELSON (1811-18?)& Elizabeth PHILP (1915-1892)- (m.1861 Vic. Mrs John Fraser)- [Executor of John Fraser - with J. Drysdale?] d.1905 in South Yarra, Prahan
FRASER, Elizabeth Nelson (1862 – 1864) South Yarra, Prahran
FRASER, Christina Laing b.1863 South Yarra (m.1885 James Thomas GRAY) d. 1934 Goulburn NSW
FRASER, Sarah Ann (1865 – 1866) South Yarra, Prahran
FRASER, John Price (1870 – 1875) South Yarra, Prahran
FRASER, Sarah Nelson b. 1872 South Yarra (m.1898 James Wm CLEGHORN) d.1942 East Brunswick, Victoria
FRASER, Elizabeth Ann b. 1875 South Yarra

FRAZER, William Couser - b. Armagh, Ireland (Wiseman Rd)
FRAZER, Amy WELLS - b. Riddells Crk, Vic (Mrs W. C. Frazer)
FRAZER, Thomas Henry 'Tom' - b. 1903 Poowong, Vic.
FRAZER, William Ernest 'Bill' - b. 1905 Avenel Vic.

FRITH, Joseph - b.abt 1832 Shropshire, England - d. 1869 Geeling, Victoria @ 39 yrs - son of Thomas FRITH & Betty LEA
FRITH, Annie Elizabeth 'Emma Jane' BOND - b. abt 1836 - dghtr of Jonathan BOND & Mary SNELL - (m.1867 Victoria to Joseph FRITH) Wandin South by 1906 d.1916 South Wandin @ 80yrs
FRITH, Emma Jennie BOND b.1863 Ashby Geelong (m.1881 'Abe' Abraham Lea STODDART)
FRITH, Thomas Joseph Shaw - b.1869 Geelong, Vic Carpenter - died 1952 Canterbury @ 82yrs
FRITH, Maria Maud TONKIN - b. Sth Australia (m.1909 Vic) @ Sth Wandin by 1912
FRITH, Cyril Tonkin b.1910 Prahran,
FRITH, Reanie Tonkin b.1912 Balywn, Vic.
FRITH, Raymond Tonkin b.1915 Balwyn (m.1938 Winifred Ada BARNES)
FRITH, Eric Bellamy b.1917 Balywn, (m.1942 Edna Marion HOUGHTON)

FROCKJAR, parents / mother of Emanuel - born Denmark

FUCHS, Benoir 'Bernie - b.1838 Deutschland - Vigneron d.18 Sep 1887 Gruyere - Lilydale @ 48yrs - WILL/ PROBATE
FUCHS, - Gruyere

FULTON, Robert Barr b.1864 Melbourne (son of Robert FULTON & Jane Spence BLACK) > Wandin, Farmer 1922 - d.1944 Wandin Yallock @ 80yrs
FULTON, Margaret McLACHLAN b. abt 1867 in SCOTLAND (daughtr of John McLACHLAN & Janet FULTON - (m.1891 Rob Fulton d.1941 Lilydale @ 74 yrs
FULTON, Janet b.1892 Clifton Hill, Collingwood -d.1972 Ballarat @ 78yrs
FULTON, Mary Margaret b.1894 Collingwood (m.1916 Frederick George HOOK) d.1961 Ballarat @ 66yrs
FULTON, Robert John b.1896 Collingwood - Queens Rd, 1922 - d.1968 Carr. vic.@ 71yrs
FULTON, William Methuen Barr b.1900 Collingwood (m.1924 Lillian Jane NEWSTEAD) d.1957 Box Hill @ 56yrs
-FULTON, Lillian Jane NEWSTEAD -
FULTON, Agnes Young b.1903 Clifton Hill, Collingwood (d.1960 Wandin Yallock @ 57yrs

GALLETLY, Minnie - in the Wandins, 1906

GARDINER, Thomas (1814-1889) d.1889 sth Wandin Yallock @ 75 yrs [or GARDNER]

GARDINER, John -(1834-1895) son of Michael Gardiner & Ann McCAHON) d.1895 Sth Wandin Yallock @ 61 yrs
GARDINER, Mary CAUGHLAN b. abt 1835 - daughter of James & Margaret CAUGHLAN (m.1861 Vic. J, Gardiner) d.1899 Wandin Yallock @ 63yrs
GARDINER, Honora b.1863-1865 Fyansford, Geelong
GARDINER, Michael b.1864 Bald Hills, Daylesford (m.1890 Eleanor 'Ella' O'MAHONY) b.Sandhurst, Bendigo
-GARDINER, Eleanor O'MAHONY b.Sandhurst, Bendigo (dghtr of James O'Mahony & Nora O'Leary)-d.1919 Essendon @ 52yrs
-GARDINER, Mary Eileen b.1901 South Yarra
-GARDINER, John James b.1894 Lilydale / Wandin Yallock
-GARDINER, Honora Beatrice b.1896 Wandin Yallock
-GARDINER, Michael Arthur b.1899 Essendon
-GARDINER, Thomas Joseph b.1903 Essendon
-GARDINER, Fran Josephine Imelda b.1905 Essendon
GARDINER, Mary Ann b.1866 Daylesford -(m.1900 John SMITH of Lilydale) d.1952 East Melb. @ 86yrs
GARDINER, John b. 1869 Daylesford
GARDINER, Thomas b. abt 1871 - d.1962 Surrey Hills @ 91yrs
GARDINER, James Henry b. 1873 Seville, Lilydale (m.1910 Clara RITCHIE of Pakenham) d.1942 Kew @ 68yrs
-GARDINER, Clara RITCHIE b.1885 Pakenham (dghtr of William RITCHE & Mary Ann BROWN)
GARDINER, Margaret b.1875 Lilydale

GARRETT, James - fruitgrower in the Wandins, 1906
GARRETT, Mary - home duties in teh Wandins 1906

GARTH, Henry James -b.25 July 1847 Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land, Australia - son of James GARTH & Elizabeth GARTH who married on the 5th Jan 1843 in Hobart Town. (He m.5 Sept 1884 Hobart Town, VDL Tasmania to Ruth Stewart WILSON ) - d.1929 Brunswick, Vic. @ 85yrs.
GARTH, Ruth Wilson STEWART -b. 3rd Oct 1849 Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land, (Tasmania) - dghtr of William James STEWART & Eliza MILES - d. 1924 Carlton Nth @ 74yrs
GARTH, Harold Henry - b. 22 April 1885 Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania - son on Henry James GARTH & Ruth Stewart WILSON (m.Vic.1909 Emilie Reeves FRANK)~ d.1967 Melbourne
GARTH, Emilie Reeves FRANK - b.Euroa
GARTH, Linda Irene b.1910 Outtrim, South Gippsland d.1998 Epping
GARTH, Elva Gertrude b.1911 Melbourne, Vic. d. Preston
GARTH, Thelma Jean b.1912 Powlett River, South Gippsland d. Doncaster
GARTH, Geoffrey Harold b. 1914 Outtrim, South Gippsland d. 2002 Bendigo
GARTH, Raymond Henry -b. 1916 Wandin South
GARTH, Ralph Stewart b. 1917 Wandin South, Vic. d. 1941 Gaza, Palestine
GARTH, Stanley Frank b. 1919 Wandin South - 2000 Horsham
GARTH, Edgar James - b.11 Jan 1887 Pt Cygnet, TAS - d.1960 Altona, Vic. @ 74yrs
GARTH, Irene Grace - b.26 April 1888 Pt Cygnet, TAS - d.1968 South ? @ 79yrs
GARTH, Ralph Bernard - b.27 Aug 1889 Port Cygnet, Tasmania - - son on Henry James GARTH & Ruth Wilson STEWART -WW2 Enlisted @ Wandin - d.1981 Kilsyth, Vic. @ 82yrs
GARTH, Norman Stuart b.29 Dec 1890 Port Cygnet, TAS -(m.Vic.1916 Lucy May ANDREWARTHA) d.1977 Elsternwick @ 86yrs

GAUDION, Nicolaus 'Nicholas' b. 2 August 1821 St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Isle -Son of Daniel GAUDION & Marie FALLA -(m.St Sampson, Guernsey 30 Mary 1850 to Marie Constance LE PAGE) - Emigrated - d.30 June 1891 Wandin Yallock
GAUDION, Marie Constance LE PAGE b. 10 December 1824 in The Câtel, St Sampson, Guernsey - daughter of Samuel Le PAGE & Margarette CARRE - (m.1850 St Sampson, Guernsey) - d.11 March 1911 in Wandin Yallock, Vic. - Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery
GAUDION, Lydia Maria b.1856 Running (Olinda) or Stringbark Creek, Yering (m.1881 John Joseph HUNTER) -d.28 Aug 1923 Wandin Yallock -Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery - see HUNTER
GAUDION, Nicholaus b.1858 Yering Station, Lillydale (m.1885 Alice BAILEY) d.1903 Wandin Yallock
GAUDION, Alice BAILEY -b.1864 Dandenong Creek, Mulgrave - daughter of William BAILEY & Mary Margaret STRACHAN - d.1944 Wandin Yallock see BAILEY
-GAUDION, John Thomas -b.1887 Wandin Yallock– (m.Vic. Addie ORR)
-GAUDION, James 1890 – 1890 Wandin Yallock
-GAUDION, Lily Bernice 1891 Wandin Yallock – - d.1941 Ballarat @ 49yrs
-GAUDION, Mary Catherina 1891–1891 Wandin Yallock
-GAUDION, Ada Mary - b.1892 Wandin Yallock
-GAUDION, Alice Christina b. 1893 Wandin Yallock - d.1981 Wantirna @ 87
-GAUDION, Eva Bertha 1896 – 1897 Wandin Yallock
-GAUDION, Elsie May b.1897 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1920 Arthur James ROUGET) d.1935 Melb. @ 37yr - see ROUGET
-GAUDION, Myrtle Mabel - b.1899 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1942 David WILLIAMS) - d.1953 East Melb. @ 53yr
GAUDION, Amelia Emily b.1860 Running or Olinda Crk, Yering, Yarra Vly (m.1886 Absalom WATSON (1862–1898) of Emerald Diggings -Macclesfield) - see WATSON
GAUDION, Daniel Henry b.27 March 1862 Lillydale, Yarra Valley (m.1.Vic.30 July 1884 Agnes Jane MITCHELL) widowed - (m.2.Vic.1891 Elizabeth PAYNE) - widowed (m.3.Vic.6 Feb 1901 Margaret Jane CARSON) - d.11 Dec 1921 Wandin Yallock - Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery
GAUDION, Agnes Jane MITCHELL b. 29 May 1866 1866 Wandin Yallock - daughter of William MITCHELL & Mary Ann CLAY – d.1885 Wandin Yallock - see MITCHELL
-GAUDION, Daniel Henry - b.1885 Wandin Yallock – 1885
GAUDION, Elizabeth PAYNE 1858 Prahran - daughter of Thomas PAYNE & Maria ROSE – d.1896 Wandin Yallock - see PAYNE
-GAUDION, Arthur Thomas -b.1892 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1933 Lydia FULTHORP)– d.1952
-GAUDION, Frances Maria 'Cis' -b.1894 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1923 Ebenezer Charles GRAY) – b.1982 - see GRAY
GAUDION, Margaret Jane CARSON 1866 daughter of Richard CARSON & Mary SERGEANT – d.1950 Healesville @ 84 - see CARSON
-GAUDION, Leslie Stuart - b.1902 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1928 Ellen CLARKE)
-GAUDION, Stanley Victor -b. 1903 Wandin Yallock – (m.Wandin, Vic. 20 Sept 1930 to 'Mena' Wilhelmena Lillian MITCHELL ) 1985
-GAUDION, 'Mena' Wilhelmena Lillian MITCHELL -b. 5 Feb 1909 in Wandin Yallock dghtr of Robert John MITCHELL & Priscilla BLANKSBY - d. 5 Mar 1995 Croydon, Vic.
-GAUDION, Cyril Henry - b. 1905 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1920 Maud FREAKE
GAUDION, John Samuel 'Jack' b.1864 (m.Vic. Clara Kate SUTTON) - 1921
GAUDION, Clara Kate SUTTON 1864 Waldau, Doncaster - daughter of Robert SUTTON (1827–1900) & Martha Louisa Elizabeth BRUNNER
(1833–1893) – d.1948 Box Hill, Vic.
-GAUDION, Harold Alexander -b.1902 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1924 Marion Emily MAUGER – 1973
-GAUDION, Marion Emily MAUGER - b.abt 1897 - dghtr of Edward J. & Eliza Mary MAUGER - d.1984 Ringwood @ 87
GAUDION, Thomas 1867 –(m.Wandin Yallock 17 May 1888 Mary Helena MITCHEL) - d. 1958
GAUDION, Mary Helena MITCHELL - b.1870 Nunawading - daughter of William MITCHELL & Mary Ann CLAY - d. September 1814 in Wandin Yallock - see MITCHELL
-GAUDION, Dora Mary -1889 Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic.1921 John Henry HENDERSON) - d.1972 Croydon, Vic.- see HENDERSON
-GAUDION, Nellie Helena -1892 Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic.1922 Thomas SEBIRE) d.1981 Croydon - see SEBIRE
-GAUDION, Thomas William -1893 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1922 Agnes Adeline HOLZGREFE–ORR) - d.1951 Wandin East @ 58yrs
-GAUDION, Agnes Adeline HOLZGREFE (ORR) - b.1897 Sheep Hills, Murtoa, Wimmera - daughterof Wilhelm HOLZGREFE & Agnes GARDINER -
- - GAUDION, Henry Percival -b.1930 - d.1964 Brighton
- - GAUDION, Reginald Arthur - b. 1829 - d.1974 Parkville
-GAUDION, Edwin -1895 Wandin Yallock – 1995
-GAUDION, Annette Isabel -1899 Wandin Yallock –(m. HENDERSON)-d.1983 Erin...
-GAUDION, Emily Mabel -1899 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1925 William PAYNE) – 1984 - see PAYNE
-GAUDION, Martha Victoria -1901 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1929 Harry DANN) – 1985
-GAUDION, Percival George -1904 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1935 Veronica Kathleen MOONEY) – 1989
-GAUDION, Veronica Kathleen MOONEY - b.abt 1914 - dghter of James J & Mabel MOONEY - d.1985 @ 71
-GAUDION, Agnes Pearl -1907 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1927 Darrel Norman SMITH) – 2007
-GAUDION, Frank Ronald -1910 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1939 Violet Grace RISEBOROUGH) –
-GAUDION, Ruby Sylvia -1912 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1935 George Henry DOWER) – 1996
-GAUDION, Lawrence Basil -1914 Wandin Yallock – 1993

GAY, Mr William Wilson - - Schoolteacher @ Sth Wandin 1903 [Reg. No.13361] - b.1879 Rosedale, Gippsland - son of Andrew GAY & Mary WILSON - (m.1916 Frances FITZJOHN) - d.1962 Elsternwick @ 83yrs

GEDDES, Thomas - b. Ballarat - (m.Vic.1904 Isabella RUSSELL)
GEDDES, Isabella RUSSELL - b. Collingwood - dghtr of Henry RUSSELL & Ellen WALLACE - d.1946 Fairfield @ 65yrs - see RUSSELL - see WALLACE
GEDDES, Isabella Doris May - b.1905 Richmond (m,Vic.1926 William Royston TANNER)
GEDDES, Robert Russell - b.1906 Richmond - (m.Vic.1929 Mabel Jane LANNING)
GEDDES, George Francis - v,1908 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1928 Gladys Mabel GREEN)
GEDDES, Gladys Mabel GREEN'
GEDDES, Inez Edna - b.1909 Clifton Hill - (m.Vic.1930 William Ronald THOMAS)
GEDDES, Roy Wallace - b.1913 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1940 Adeline Ruby WRAGG)
GEDDES, Adeline Ruby WRAGG

GHIRARDELLA, Pietro 'Peter' -b.27 March 1898 Beganze, Vicenza, Italia (m.Maria ? - EMIGRATED TO ARRIVE 1923.
GHIRARDELLA, Giovanni 'John' b.abt 1920 Begenze, Vinzenza, Italia (m.Carlton, Vic. Alfonsina SAVARIS)
GHIRARDELLA, Marco - 'Mak' - b.abt 1922 Beganze, Vicenza, Italia (m. Vic. Sylvia CASSU / SESSU)
GHIRARDELLA, Luigi ' Luis" b. 1924 Victoria, Austraia - (m.Vic.'Bin' Berndadette O'CONNER)

GIBSON, J. (Allotment 74)
GIBSON, John Moore - b.1901 Fitzroy (m.Ruby Collier)

GILBERT, George(1862~1884) d.1884 @ 32 yrs South Wandin Yallock - son of George Gilbert & Catherine Jane Hall]

GILBERT, George - b. Manchester, Midlands, England- (m.Vic.1883 Emma TACEY nee DAVIS) -d.abt 1890 Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Melbourne
GILBERT, Emma DAVIS -- b.3 August 1843 Launceston, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)- daughter of Richard Theodore DAVIS & Elizabeth TONKIN - (m.25 Oct 1865 Evandale, Morven, Tasmania to James TACEY - He aged 30; she aged 22.) -widowed 1882 (m2.Vic.1883 George GILBERT) widowed 1884- (m.3.Vic. George Henry TUCKER) - d.1890 Lilydale, Vic. @ 46yrs -- See DAVIS - See TACEY - see TUCKER

GILBERT, Allen "Larnoo" Parker Road, Silvan 1926 farm labourer

GILBERT, Charles Henry "FAIRLANDS", Queens road, Wandin 1926
GILBERT, Nellie, Queens Rd, 1926

GILCHRIST, Adam, Parker Rd - Labourer

GILES, John Henry - b. c.1851 London fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903, 1905 - Occupation Saddler's Ironmonger -Address; No.398 Little Bourke Street, Melbourpower
ne -
GILES, Mary Jane LEWIS b. Ballarat (Mrs J.H. Giles m.1879 Vic) fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903, 1905
GILES, Celia Evelyn b. 1873 Bendigo - daught. of J H Giles & 1st wife Marion McLennan (m.1910 Mrs Johann Richard STUCKENSCHMIDT)
GILES, Annette Elma b. 1880 St Kilda (m.1904 Mrs Frank Lansdowne Kennedy)
GILES, Horace Lewis b.1881 St Kilda - son of John Henry Giles & Mary Jane Lewis - farmer @ Sth Wandin 1903
GILES, Hilda Mary WILCOCK b.Ballarat (Mrs H.L.Giles m.1906 Vic)
GILES, John Roland b. 1909 Armadale, Vic
GILES, Joyce Evelyn b. 1915 Clifton Hill

GILES, George Ernest (1864-1905) son of Ann Brain d. Prahran Hospital

GINN, John
GINN, Mary
GINN, Ellen Martha - b.abt 1905 - (m. HOWE ) - d.1982 Dandenong @ 77yr
GINN, May Victoria
GINN, Elizabeth May - (m.Vic.1933 'Harry' Henry JOHNSTONE) - South Silvan -see JOHNSTONE

GLOVER, Charles Henry -b. 1887 Burwood, Vic. (son of Adelaide-born George Glover & Brighton, Vic.-born, Martha Hope Slater, married 1875 Vic.)- Farmer, Plant grower - "Burbank' Queens Rd, Wandin 1926 - d.1969 Hughesdale @ 82yrs
GLOVER, Eva DEANE-FREEMAN -b. - (m.1916 Vic. C.H.Glover) "Burbank' Queens Rd, Wandin 1926 E/R (daughter of Joseph DEANE FREEMAN & Anastasia O'MAHONEY) d.1967 Melb.@ 78yrs
GLOVER, Joseph Derrick Dean b. 1918 Camberwell
GLOVER, Alan Sydney b. 1923
GLOVER, Bruce b. 1925
GLOVER, [DEANE-FREEMAN, Betty R. b.1917] from Burwood East Home

GODFREY, Rowland Tapley - from London via Prahran, Vic.
GODFREY, Maria Elizabeth (nee WILLIAMS) from England (Mrs R.T.Godfrey)
GODFREY, Rowland Tapley - b.1881 Prahran
GODFREY,Mabel Mary - b.1884 Prahran (Mrs T.L.Williams)
GODFREY, Roseanna Victoria - b. 1887 Prahran (Mrs W.G.Parker)
GODFREY, Annie Louisa - b.1887 St Kilda (Mrs H.J.May)
GODFREY, Rupert Charles - b. 1892 St Kilda
GODFREY, Maria Elizabeth - b. 1894 Wandin South (Mrs H.R.Taylor)
GODFREY, Maggie May - b. 1896 Wandin South (Mrs S.Semmens)
GODFREY, Grace Winifred - b. 1899 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk (Mrs A.W.Taylor)
GODFREY, Laura Bertha - b. 1900 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk (Mrs A.J. Shaw)
GODFREY, Archibald Clarence - b.1903 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk
GODFREY, Mervyn Lawrence - b. 1907 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk
GODFREY, Malcolm Ernest - b. 1910 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk

GOODALL, Thomas -b. 3 May 1866 in Yering, Victoria, Australia - son of William GOODALL (1822 – 1873) & Mary FITZGERALD (1832 – 1915) -(m.28 Dec 1887 Steels Creek, Yarra Valley, Vic. Susan FLETCHER (1866 – 1944)) d. 27 May 1952 in Lilydale, Victoria, Australia
GOODALL, Susan FLETCHER -b.4 Jul 1866 in Steels Creek, Victoria, Australia - dghter of George FLETCHER (1830 – 1917) & Margaret O'CONNOR (1834 – 1921) – d.6 Nov 1944 in Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia
GOODALL, Edith June -b.1888 – 1891
GOODALL, Thomas Henry -b.1890 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia– 1917 25 Oct 1917 in Passchendaele, Ypres, Belgium - WESTERN FRONT WW1
GOODALL, Annie Lillian -b.1892 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia - (m.1.Vic.1912 Malcolm Allen RANKIN (1882 – 1917)) - widowed 1917 - (m.2.Vic.1919 Charles JELL (1888 – 1973)) - d.29 Apr 1951 in Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia
GOODALL, Florence May -b. 1895 Lilydale, Victoria, - (m.Vic. Carlton-born Wilfred Eustace SMITH (1894-1960)) -d.1951 Melbourne
GOODALL, Ella Margaret -b.1897Lilydale, Victoria, Australia - (m.Vic.her cousin, William Henry GOODALL (1885 – 1952)) – -d.8 Jul 1991 Lilydale, Victoria
GOODALL, Harold Alfred -b.1901 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia - (m.Vic.1922 Violet Anne LAWREY) – -d.13 Jan 1993 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
GOODALL, Violet Anne LAWREY -b.1899 in Queenstown, St Andrews, Victoria, Australia - dghter of James William LAWREY (1865 – 1946) & Hanorah Nora Mary McMAHON (1894 – 1967) – d.23 Aug 1990 in Melbourne Victoria Australia
- GOODALL, Pearl -b. 1924 Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia
- GOODALL, Dora Kathleen -b.1926 Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia – 2009 Knox, Vic.
- GOODALL, Keith Raymond -b.1931 Kinglake, Victoria, Australia – 1993 Healesville
GOODALL, Leslie Charles -b.1902 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia - (m.Vic. 1925 Lavinia BARBER) – d.10 Sep 1961 in Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia
GOODALL, Lavinia BARBER -b.1904 in Macclesfield, Gembrook, Victoria, Australia - dghtr of John BARBER & Lavinia FOUNTAIN (1885 – 1913) of Yde's corner/ White's Corner, South-Wandin/Monbulk - d. 23 Sep 1968 in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia - see BARBER - see FOUNTAIN
- GOODALL, Audrie
- GOODALL, Evelyn
- GOODALL, Laurence Edgar(1923 – 2008
- GOODALL, Leslie Thomas (1926 – 1980)
GOODALL, Gordon Stanley -b.1904 – (m.1925 Lilydale, Vic to Edith Florence VARTY) -d.31 Mar 1987
GOODALL, Edith Florence VARTY -b.1907 in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia - dghter of Joseph VARTY (1876 – 1954) & Edith PARKER 1883 – 1978) - d.1995 Victoria - see VARTY
- GOODALL, Doreen -b.Lilydale, Victoria
- GOODALL, Elizabeth -b. Lilydale, Victoria
- GOODALL, Pamela -b. Lilydale, Victoria
- GOODALL, Roselie -b. Lilydale, Victoria
- GOODALL, Royce -b. Lilydale, Victoria
GOODALL, Alvina Marjorie -b.12 Dec 1907 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia - (m.24 April 1926 Lilydale William Charles HUNTER) –d.11 Jan 1992 in Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia - see HUNTER
GOODALL, Walter Albert -b.1911 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia (m.VIC.1931 Mabel Irene CUNNINGHAM (1913 – 2003) ) – 1987
GOODALL, Mabel Irene CUNNINGHAM -b. 1913 – 2003
- GOODALL, Marianne -b.abt 1932 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia -
- GOODALL, Lindsay Thomas -b.1934 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia – 2006

GOOSE - GOSS, Henry - b.1839 Yarmouth, Norfolk, England (son of William GOOSE & Hannah BREEZE GOSS)builder d. 22 Oct 1899 Hawthorn
GOOSE- GOSS, Elizabeth HUGO -b.abt 1843 daughter of James HUGO & Selina LEE (Mrs Henry Goose m. 1863 Victoria) d.1930 Camberwell @ 86yrs
GOOSE- GOSS, Matilda Elizabeth b. 1864 Richmond [m.1886 Vic. George Walter REID) d.1948 Geelong
GOOSE-GOSS Willam Henry b.1866 Richmond,Vic. (m.1888 Vic. Emilie McEWIN) d.1950 Sorrento
GOSS, Emily McEWIN d.1956 Williamstown @ 94yrs
-GOSS, William Henry b.1888 Hawthorn - d.1968 Victoria
-GOSS, John Norman b.1890 Hawthorn
-GOSS, Dorothy Elizabeth 1893 Hawthorn - 1970 Rosebud
-GOSS, Colin Ernst b.1903 Point Nepean (m.1932 Janette Mackie Barrin THOMSON)
GOOSE- GOSS, Ellen - b.1867 Richmond,Vic. (m.1891 Carl Friedrich Wilhelm DREYER) d.1933 Camberwell
GOOSE- GOSS, Harold Frederick b.1870 Richmond -REVEREND Church of England CLergyman (m.1911 Arabella Lillian BULL) d.1943 Bethesda Hospital, Richmond, Vic.
GOSS, Arabella Lillian BULL b.
-GOSS, Elsie Isabel b.1912 Bairnsdale
-GOSS, daughter
-GOSS, daughter
GOOSE- GOSS, Frederick b.1973 Richmond (m.1900 Vic. Margarette Dagmar TORNOE)d.1955 Brighton
-GOSS, Margaretta Dagmar TORNOE b.1871 Nth Melb.(dghtr of Sophus Wenzel TORNOE & Anna Margretha JENSEN)
-GOSS, Stanley Frederick b.1903 Pt Nepean
-GOSS, Gordon Harry b.1906 Point Nepean
-GOSS, Geoffrey Charles Irving b.1912 Hawthorn
GOOSE- GOSS, Ernest Alfred b.1876 Richmond (m.1905 Ethel Bertha HALL) d.1955 Camberwell
GOOSE- GOSS, Selina Lilian - b.1878 Richmond Vic. (m.1906 Henry Edward LASLETT) (later Mrs BUCKLAND) d.1943 Camberwell
GOOSE- GOSS, Walter Edward -b.1882 Hawthorn, Vic.(m.1915 Annie Victoria MORRISON) d.1958 Melb.
GOOSE- GOSS, Emilie Kate b.1884 Hawthorn (m.1910 Norman Wellesly WILKIE) d.1963 Kew

GOWLING, Henry b.1841 Middleton Tyas, North Riding, Yorkshire -son of the Master Gardener, William GOWLING & Sarah STEAD of Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire -(Married 12 August 1862 in Richmond, Yorkshire to Elizabeth RUTHERFORD) Emigrated 1863 with wife and child. d.1930 Wandin Yallock
GOWLING, Elizabeth RUTHERFORD b. 1844 Rothbury, Northumberland, Eng. - daughter of then Labourer at the Thrunton Tile Works, Whittingham, Northumberland, William RUTHERFORD and Ellen Eleanor CLEMETSON of Rothbury, Northumberland. She emigrated with young husband and infant child on the ship 'CHAMPION OF THE SEAS from Liverpool, England, arriving Melbourne 26 Sept 1863. Died: 3 Aug 1912 Wandin Yallock
GOWLING, Sarah Ellen b.1863 Barnard Castle, Durham, Eng. - d.1937 Surrey Hills, Vic.
GOWLING, Mary Ann b.1864 St Kilda, Melb. (m.1893 Henry Thomas PAYNE) d.1955 Kalorama
GOWLING, Thomas b.1870 St Kilda, Melb. (m.1899 Emily Mary Jane READ) d.1958 Cheltenham, Vic.
-GOWLING, Emily Mary Jane READ b.1879 Lilydale - d.1952 Hampton (dghtr of Frederick READ & Mary Anne HUSSEY) see READ
- GOWLING, Mary Isobel 1900 Wandin Yallock – 1980 Prahran
- GOWLING, Doris May 1902 Wandin Yallock –
- GOWLING, Freda Elizabeth 1904 Wandin Yallock – 1968
- GOWLING, Lilian Ella 1907 Wandin Yallock
- GOWLING, Lilla Emily 1913 Wandin Yallock
GOWLING, Hannah b.1872 St Kilda, Melb. - d.1969 Cheltenham, Vic.
GOWLING, Alfred b.1878 St Kilda, Melb. (m.1907 Sarah KELLY) d.1958 Parkville, Melb.
-GOWLING, Sarah KELLY b. 1882 Collingwood - dghtr of Irish-born Hugh & Alice KELLY of Seville - d.1955 Preston, Vic.
- GOWLING, Hugh Henry 1908 Collingwood – 1982 Tootgarook
- GOWLING, Alfred William 1910 Collingwood – 1976 Box Hill
- GOWLING, Sarah b. abt
GOWLING, Elizabeth Rutherford b.1880 St Kilda, Melb. (m.1903 Thomas Charles DRUMMOND) - d.1932 Wandin Yallock

GRABOWSKY, Dr. Carl Adolph Stanislaus De GRABOWSKI 'Count' )- b. POLAND - Australia Alien Registration Certificate No 41 issued at Port Augusta in 1920 - Arrived Melbourne per S.S."Balranald" 12 October 1924
GRABOWSKY, Mary Manly Raikes McCARTHY) -b. abt -dghtr of Edward McCARTHY & Maud FITZGERALD - d.1932 Wandin Yallock @ 63yrs
GRABOWSKY, Rebecca - (m. Samuel LEWIS)
GRABOWSKY, Christiane (m.Vic. Michael ROWLAND)
GRABOWSKY, Eduard Wilhelm Bucknell -b.1885 H'ton, Vic.
GRABOWSKY, Emma Carolina Augsute (m. William Henry RAWLINGS)
GRABOWSKY, Ian Ivan Hermann - b.1899 (m.Vic.1923 Emily Ann BURCHALL) - d.1972 Kallista @ 72yrs
GRABOWSKY, Carl Adolph - b.1901 - d.1973 Orbost @ 73yrs
GRABOWSKY -Allister Kay -b.abt 1908 -(aka ATHERSTONE) - d.1978 Melbourne @ 69yrs

GRAHAM, Dr George Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine - born 1829 from Cavan, Ireland- via 'Lynedoch', Church St, Richmond. Died 1893 At Sea nr Cape Leeuwin, W.A.,on the ship "S.S. Thermopylae" enroute to London, England.
GRAHAM, Sydney BOYD b. 1836 Fermanagh County, Northern Ireland (Mrs Geo Graham)
GRAHAM, Frances Elizabeth Lytton Margaret b. 1862 Richmond, Vic. (Mrs Charles Beamish DUIGAN) died Warragul, West Gippsland
GRAHAM, Josephine Emily -b.1863 Richmond, Vic.
GRAHAM, Luduvena Marion b.1865 Richmond, Vic
GRAHAM, James Sidney Boyd - b.1866 Richmond, Vic.

GRAHAM, William Archibald Eyre b. 1872 Richmond, Vic.
GRAHAM, Edgar Gerald Hastings b.1873 Richmond, Vic.

GRAHAM, James William - Queens Road, orchardist by 1919

GRASS, William -b.abt 1806 Plymouth district, Devon, England - EMIGRATED to Melbourne by 1841 - (m.1841 ST Francis Chruch, Melbourne to Anne Brothers) WIdowed 1949 -(Re-married 1851 Theresia 'widow WENDLINGER' RILEY) - Residence & Occupation:1856: Rowena Parade, St Stephen's, Richmond, Victoria, Australia [DRAYMAN] - -d.1868 Melbourne, Victoria,
GRASS, Ann BROTHERS -b.1819 Ulster, Northern Ir land, IRELAND - Emigrated to Arrive Melbourne January 1841 at age 22, Protestant, housemai, on the ship SALSETTE' = (married 1841 St Francis Church, Melbourne, Port Phillip to WIlliam GRASS) - d.1849 Melbourne
GRASS, Ellen Margaret -b.1842 Melbourne, Port Phillip ?

GRASS, William Henry -b.1844 Richmond, Melbourne, Port Phillip District - son of William GRASS & Ann BROTHERS - Occupation: Drayman, Carter - (m.1867 Fitzroy, Edith Rachel HOLLIS) - Made regular cartage dray trips between South Wandin Yallock and Melbourne - Left his wife for a vagabond wife as a Chronic Alcoholic. Found dying in alcohic and ulcerated distress in stables behind a pub in Richmond, transferred to South Melbourne where he died 19 January 1883 at age 39 years. Two children.
GRASS, Edith Rachel HOLLIS -b. 1846 Burghfield, below Reading, Berkshire, England -daughter of John Frederick HOLLIS and Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE -rendered FATHERLESS: Jan.1854 -ORPHANED 1860 declared a WARD of the state under Mr Septimus Martin J.P. of Richmond - (married 1867 @ the Office of the registrar of marriages A.N. Mortimer, 174 Gertrude Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - With the written consent of Mr Septimus Martin, J.P. (Guardian of Minors). Witnessed by her elder brother, Hubert John Hollis & sister, Fanny Elizabeth Smith, married to early-Melbourne-born carrier, William Henry GRASS b.1844 –who died of alcoholism in 1883) two GRASS children born in Richmond, Vic. - d.2 October 1892 Richmond, VIC @ 46 yrs - see HOLLIS -
- GRASS, Lucy Edith 'GLASS' -b.12 January 1869 Tanner Street, Richmond, Vic. dghter of William Henry Grass and Edith Rachel Hollis - Baptised 5th August 1869 St Stephens Church of Engand, Richmond, (Melbourne) Victoria, Australia by the Very Reverend Canon Dr G. O. VANCE, Dean of Melbourne. - (m.Richmond 1893 as 'Lucy GLASS' to Labourer William Charles IRELAND (1863 – 1928) of Richmond).- One Ireland son born 1901 died 1901. - -d.1936 Ballarat, Victoria
-GRASS, William John -b.1871 Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria - Son of William Henry Grass and Edith Rachel Hollis - Occupation and Residence- GARDENER and FARM LABOURER in the parishes of Wandin Yallock, Yering, Mooroolbark, and Scoresby - Residence 914 Ringwood, Victoria, [LABOURER]- With Mary Jane GRASS - Residence from 1919 Sherbrooke, Sassafras/ Ferntree Gully, [LABOURER]with Mary Jane GRASS? - Died 1952 Ferny Creek, Sassafras, The Dandenongs
-GRASS, Mary Jane - ?? wife or defacto of William John Grass, Resident with him at Ringwood and Ferny Creek

GRASS, John Thomas -b.1845 Melbourne, Port Phillip – 1848 Melbourne, Port Phillip

GRASS, 'Kate' Catherine Elizabeth -b.1846 Richmond, Melbourne, Port Phillip- dghtr of William GRASS & Ann BROTHERS - (married 1869 St Ignatious, Richmond in Richmond to John David HARRIS b.1846) – 7 HARRIS children born Richmond 1870-1887 - - d.1916 in Richmond, VIC.

GRASS, Theresia 'widow WENDLINGER' RILEY -b.1816 London, Middlesex, England -(Married St Pancras, London, Pianoforte Maker, Josef Anton WENDLINGER, of London) widowed St Pancras, London 1849 _ (Re-married 1851 Melbourne to William Grass) -d. 1867 Richmond, Victoria,
-GRASS, Ellen - b. 1852 Melbourne, Vic. - dghter of William Grass and Theresia Wendlinger Riley- d.1864 Geelong

GRATTEN, Louisa Elizabeth - b.1839 Ireland (Mrs J.H.Thompson)
GRATTEN, Isabella Victoria -b.1841 Ireland (Mrs T.K.Thompson)

GRAY, Alexander (1826-1917) Aberdeenshire, Scotland -son of of Alex Gray & Helen Hold > land @ Wandin Yalloak by 1868 (Lot 30)
GRAY, Mary Ann THOMPSON - b. 1842 Collingwood, Vic.(m. 1866 Mrs Alex Gray) d.1954 Richmond @ 92
GRAY, Alexander b.1867 Geelong
GRAY, Mary Ann b. 1869 Geelong
GRAY, Margaret b. 1870 Lillydale district
GRAY, John - b. 1871 Lillydale district
GRAY, William Andrew b.1873 Wandin Yallock
GRAY, Annie - b. 1876 Torrumbarry
GRAY, Jane - b. 1878 Torrumbarry
GRAY, James - b. 1880 Torrumbarry

GRAY, Jane - b.abt 1835 -daughter of Andrew GRAY & Mary BURNS - (m.Vic.1863 Henry William PAUL of Yering & Lilydale) -d.1917 Lillydale @ 82yrs - see PAUL

GRAY, Joseph - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1903, 1905

GRAY, George (1817-1887) d.1887 South Wandin Yallock @ 70 yrs

GRAY, Isaac Robert b. abt 1862 ? (m. ELizabeth PEARCE) - d. ? 1931 St Arnaud ? @ 69yrs?
GRAY, Elizabeth PEARCE
GRAY, Ethel - b. abt 1885 - d.1890 Balwyn, Vic @ 5yr
GRAY, Isaac Albert - b.abt 1880 - - d.1965 Horsham @ 85yrs
GRAY, Lottie Charlotte Tamson b. 1886 Melbourne (m.Vic.1907 Arthur Samuel FISH) - (m. WHEATON) - d.1940 Nhill, Wimmera @ 53yrs
GRAY, Ebenezer Charles b.1886 Melbourne -(m.Vic.1923 Francis Maria GAUDION) - - d.1970 Healesville @ 84yrs
GRAY, Francis Maria GAUDION - see GAUDION
GRAY, Rachel Nellie -b.1888 Brunswick - (m.Vic.1911 Archibald GRIFFIN)
GRAY, Henry Thomas - b.1892 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1915 Nellie Eila Maria BRUNT- d.1978 Preston @ 86yrs
GRAY, Nellie Eila Maria BRUNT
GRAY, Edward Alexander - b.1893 Lilydale -(m.Vic.1921 Eva Myrtle ATKINSON) - d.1956 Heidelberg @ 63yr
GRAY, Eva Myrtle ATKINSON - - - see ATKINSON
GRAY, Theodore Harcourt Herbert - b.1899 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1924 Amy Eva ATKINSON) - d.1979 Clematis @ 80yrs

GREY, Gilbert b.18 Nov 1841 Branxton, Preston, Northumberland, Great Britain (son of Andrew GRAY & Mary BURN)- d.8 October 1920 Lilydale, Vic.
GREY, Sarah Ann DUCK b.1852 Richmond, Vic.( daughter of Henry DUCK & Elizabeth SCOTT) d. 7 October 1918 Lilydale, Vic.
GREY, Esther Scott b.1884 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale,
GREY, Albert Ernest b.1887 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale,
GREY, Mary Elizabeth b.1889 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale,

GREEN, David D. -b. abt 1833 Glasgow Calton, Lanarkshire Scotland (son of Benjamin GREEN & Jeanie GRAHAM) - d.1892 Hotham, West Melb
GREEN, Jeanie Jane WILSON b. abt 1834 Gorbals, Lanarkshire, Scotland (daughter of John WILSON & Agnes MORTON) - d. 1926 Elsternwick, Melbourne.
GREEN, William b.1857 Glasgow, Scotland - ?
GREEN, Elisabeth Graham b.1860 Glasgow, Scotland d.1890 West Melb. Vic.
GREEN, Robina -b. 1866 Glasgow, Scotland (m.1893 William SNELL) d, 1943 Surrey Hills, Vic. - see below
GREEN, David b.1867 West Melbourne - d.24 Sept 1943 in Queensland
GREEN, Helen Wilson b.1870 Melb. (Mrs Ernst August YDE) d.1941 Perth, WA -see below
GREEN, Jeannie Wilhelmina Wilson b.1873 Hotham, West Melb. (m.1897 John RICHARDSON) d.? Queensland? - see below

GREEN, Frederick Charles - -Sth Wandin Labourer 1908

GRIFFIN, Kate - b. 1860 Wales or Ireland (Mrs Tom Lewis)

GÜNTHER, Valentin b.1803 Cusel, Bavarian Rhineland (now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz) Germany - d.1884 Collingwood, Vic.
GÜNTHER, Karoline 'Carolina" GEUER or GEYER or GEIER. b.abt 1804 Cusel, Bavarian Rhineland (now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz) Germany -d.? maybe At Sea or in Transit?

GÜNTHER, Karl or Carl 1830 Cusel, Bavarian Rhineland (now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz) Germany - son of Valentin GÜNTHER & Karoline GEUER - (m.Vic.1858 Eliza KNOWLES) – d.1875 Yering, Upper Yarra Valley
GÜNTHER, Eliza KNOWLES - b.abt1834 - dghtr of Richard KNOWLES & Mary COPPERTHORN - d.1896 Fairfield, Vic.
- GÜNTHER, Caroline Eliza -b.1859 Geelong (m.1879 James John Robinson McBRIDE)
- GÜNTHER, Louise Albertina b.1860 Yarra Valley - d.1944 Blackrock @ 83yrs
- GÜNTHER, Carl Friedrich -b.1862 Doncaster (m.Vic.1886 Christina Elise HANKIN) -d.1935 Fairfield
- GÜNTHER, Christina Eliza HANKIN b.1864 Epsom, Bendigo Goldfields - daughter of William HANKIN & Louisa Wilding BARNES. d.1949 Fairfield
- - GÜNTHER, Richard Leslie b.1892 Clifton Hill (m.1921 Vera Florence DALGLEISH)
- - GÜNTHER, Alfred Arthur b.1895 Clifton Hill (m.1918 Lucy Violet FOX)
- - GÜNTHER, Vera Blanche b.1898 Clifton Hill (m.1924 Frank Springfield BOWDLER)
- GÜNTHER, Alphina Theodora b.1865 Yering, Upper Yarra (m.1881 Joseph Samuel EMMOTT) d.1842 Windsor
- GÜNTHER, Eliza Theresa -b.1865 Gruyere, Upper Yarra (m. HILL) d.1948 Melb.
- GÜNTHER,'Ellen' Eleanore Marie b.1866 Doncaster (m.1886 Robert McBRIDE) d.1955 Fairfield
- GÜNTHER, Gustav Adolph -b.1868 Doncaster - d.1875
- GÜNTHER, Valentin Knowles 1870-1870 Carlton, Melb.

GÜNTHER, Philippine 1834 Cusel, Bavarian Rhineland (now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz) Germany - dghtr of Valentin GÜNTHER & Karoline GEUER - (m. Karl Friedrich SCHNEEBERGER) - see SCHNEEBERGER d.1924 Notting Hill, Mulgrave, Vic.

GÜNTHER, Friedrich 1838 Cusel, Bavarian Rhineland (now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz) Germany - son of Valentin GÜNTHER & Karoline GEUER - (m.Vic.1872 Eva Alice Marie STONE) – d.30 Nov 1892 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale
GÜNTHER, Eva Alice Marie STONE b.29 June 1843 – d. May 1923 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale
- GÜNTHER, Eva Marie b.1873 Lillydale
- GÜNTHER, Sarah Jane b.1875 – 1876 Lillydale
- GÜNTHER, Caroline Annie b.1876 Lilydale (m.Lilydale 1896 William George MILLER) - d.
- GÜNTHER, Anna Elisabeth b.1878 Lillydale –(m.27 Jun 1900 to Gustave Luis OSTROM
1871–1960) d.30 Sept 1942 in Moonee Ponds

GÜNTHER, Valentin 1843 Cusel, Bavarian Rhineland (now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz) Germany - son of Valentin GÜNTHER & Karoline GEUER - d.1866 Yarra Valley @ 21yrs

GÜNTHER, Jakob Christoph b.1845 Cusel, Bavarian Rhineland (now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz) Germany - son of Valentin GÜNTHER & Karoline GEUER - –(m.Vic.1879 Frances Elizabeth ORENSHAW) d.1939 Oakleigh, Vic.
GÜNTHER, Frances Elizabeth ORENSHAW 1854 Hawthorn, Boroondara – daughter of Edward ORENSHAW & Sarah MUSKET – d. 1850 Notting Hill, Mulgrave -See ORENSHAW
- GÜNTHER, Anna Philippina 1874-1875 Collingwood
- GÜNTHER, Georg Richard 1876 Wandin Yallock –(m.1902 Louisa Langley FAIRHURST) d.1948 Northcote
- GÜNTHER, Ellen Amelia b.1878 Wandin Yallock –(m.1901 George Alfred ROBINSON) d.1965 Heidelberg
- GÜNTHER, Agnes Caroline b.1880 Wandin Yallock –(m.1904 Thomas Clem Allan DENNING) 1974 Cheltenham, Vic.
- GÜNTHER, Friedrich Charles b.1882 Wandin Yallock –(m.1910 Ellen May BROOKS) (m.1942 Helen Nellie WALLIS) 1967 Dandenong
- GÜNTHER, Edward Christian b.1885 Wandin Yallock –(m.1912 Margaret Edith BEGG) d.1972 Glenhuntly
- GÜNTHER, Esther Maria b.1886 Wandin Yallock –(m.1910 William John McGill BEGG) 1969 Melbourne
- GÜNTHER, Henry Valentine 'Harry' b.1889 Wandin Yallock –(m.1914 Eva Sophia HORNER) 1961 Melbourne
- GÜNTHER, Winifred Franzesca b.1899 Wandin Yallock – 1907 Prahran

GÜNTHER, Auguste Amelie 1845 Cusel, Bavarian Rhineland (now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz) Germany - son of Valentin GÜNTHER & Karoline GEUER -?
GÜNTHER, Maria Magdalene KRICHBAUM b.1816 Deutschland - daughter of Karl KRICHBAUM & Elisabeth BLUMENSCHIEN - Married Victoria 1859 to Valentin GÜNTHER Snr (1803 – 1884) as his second wife. Died 1889 Hotham, North Melbourne

GUTHRIDGE, Nehemiah b. Fermanagh, EIRE d. 1878 Melborune
GUTHRIDGE, Richard (1833-1891)
GUTHRIDGE, Margaret 'McCutcheon' LITTLE ( d.1922 Healesville @ 86 yrs)
GUTHRIDGE, Nehemiah b.1849 Melbourne
GUTHRIDGE, Annie Susannah GERVIS (Mrs N. Guthridge m.1884)

GUTHRIDGE, Charles Frederick b.1858 son of Richard GUTHRIDGE & Margaret LITTLE -(m.1897 ELizabeth Allan MATHESON) - d.1938 Elsternwick @ 70yrs
GUTHRIDGE, Elizabeth Allan MATHESON -dghtr of Alex MATHESON & Elizabeth ALLAN - d.1951 Canterbury @ 84yrs
GUTHRIDGE, Richard Alexander, farmer, Wiseman Road, 1926 - b.1902 Essendon - son of Frederick GUTHRIDGE & Elizabeth Allan MATHESON -(m.1932 Eleanor Mary RAYNHAM) d.1977 Maffra, Vic. @ 74yrs
GUTHRIDGE, Eleanor Mary RAYNHAM b.abt 1896 -dgtr of Frank RAYNHAM & Ellen GAGE -d.1966 Maffra
GUTHRIDGE, Margaret Jean Allan b.1904 Essendon

HAAG, Johann Christian -b.abt 1829 in Württemberg, Deutschland. Occupation: Blacksmith. Emigrated about 1847 to Port Adelaide, South Australia. Naturalised 1848 Adelaide, Sth Australia at age 36. (m.Vic.1868 Emma Martha HAYNES) - d.28 May 1913 Wandin Yallock,
HAAG, Emma Martha HAYNES b.1847 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, NSW - daughter of London-born Joseph HAYNES & Madras, British India-born Isabella READER -herself the dghtr of Sergeant Josiah READER & Catharina OTTO) -d. 27 April 1916 in Lilydale - Wandin Yallock
HAAG, Heinrich Johann b.1869 Richmond, Vic. (m.1920 Elsie May KANN) – d.1952 Lilydale
HAAG, Elsie May KANN 1896 – 1981 Mordialloc @ 85yrs -dgtr of Mustafa & Ellen Mary KANN
HAAG, Albert Friedrich b.1871 Oakleigh, Mulgrave –(m.1896 Myrtle Mabel BAILEY) - as widower then married her sister (m. 1956 Violet Charlotte 'Lottie' BAILEY) d.1956 Sandringham
HAAG, Myrtle Mabel BAILEY 1879 – 1898 Caulfield - See BAILEY
- HAAG, Alma Mary 1897 – 1898
- HAAG, Vera Mabel 1898 – 1978 (m.1932 Percival James ELLIOT)
HAAG, Violet Charlotte 'Lottie' BAILEY 1881 – 1963 - See BAILEY
- HAAG, William Clarence 1901 –[m.1927 Phoebe Elizabeth ELLIOT] d.1929 East Melb.
- HAAG, Phoebe ELizabeth ELLIOT
- HAAG, Osmond Albert 1903 –[ Winifred May MOULD m.1928] 1986
- HAAG, Winifred May MOUL
- HAAG, Arthur John 1904 –[ Thelma Victoria May FLUCK m.1928] d.1967 Lilydale
- HAAG, Thelma Victoria May FLUCK
- HAAG, Arthur Maxwell d.1945 Carlton
- HAAG, Leslie James b.1905 –[ Edna Beryl RICE m.1935] d.1983 Ferntree Gully
- HAAG, Edna Beryl RICE
- HAAG, Myrtle Louisa b.1907 – [ Alexander PHILLIPS m.1926]
- HAAG, Ernst Henry 1910 –[ Edith Evelyn NANCARROW 1941] d.1982 Kerang
- HAAG, Edith Evelyn NANCARROW
- HAAG, Mervyn Basil 1913 –[ Ivy May ROBERTSON m.1940] d.1988
HAAG, Emma Maria b.1873 – 1875 Oakliegh, Mulgrave
HAAG, Luise Rosanna b.1876 – [m.Daniel McNeil MORRISON – 1931] d.1946 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - see MORRISON
HAAG, Rudolph Herbert Joseph -b.1879 – [m.1926 Eva Penelope FOSTER] d.1957 Essendon
HAAG, Eva Penelope FOSTER
HAAG, Wilhelm Richard -b.1881 –(m.1921 Anna Alice DUFFIELD) 1958 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale

HAGBOOM, Edvard Carl Jakob - b.abt 1840 Tammisaari, Etela-Suomen Laani, FINLAND - -son of Stockholm, Sweden-born, Johann Jakob HAGBOOM & Vaassi Vaasa, Finland-born, Anna Maria LINDQUIST - - (m.Vic.1877 Anna LAGAR) - d.23 June 1894 in the Dandenong Ranges Settlements, South Wandin Yallock - Sherbrooke-Monbulk area @ 54yrs - Registered at Scoresby. Killed in their tent in the night in a Treefall Accident
HAGBOOM, Annie Maria LAGAR -b.abt 1852 Stonall, Lichfield, Shenstone Parish, Staffordshire County, England -daughter of Gotthard LAGAR & Ann SMITH - d.23 June 1894 @ 42yrs in the Dandenong Ranges Settlements, South Wandin Yallock - Sherbrooke-Monbulk area- Registered at Scoresby. Killed in their tent in the night in a Treefall Accident
HAGBOOM, Johann Jakob Edvard - b.1878 Echuca - d.1878 Echuca
HAGBOOM, Anna Caroline -b.28 Aug 1879 Echuca -(m.1903 Fremantle, WA to Charles OXLEY) - - d.24 June 1967 Perth, Western Australia
HAGBOOM, Carl Andreas -b.1881 Richmond - 1881 Richmond
HAGBOOM, Augustus Robert -b.1882 Melbourne - (m.1916 Northam, WA to Nellie SCUTTER) - d.1954 Northam, Western Australia @71yrs
HAGBOOM, Nellie SCUTTER - b.abt 1892 - dghtr of Eli SCUTTER & Martha L. -d.1954 Northam @ 61yrs
- HAGBOOM, Eduard Carl -b.1919 Perth, WA
- HAGBOOM, Kenneth G - b.1921 Perth, WA
- HAGBOOM, Willian Robert -b.1926 Perth, WA
- HAGBOOM, Elva G -b.1927 Northam, WA
- HAGBOOM, Stella E -b.1931 Northam, WA
- HAGBOOM, Gustav Gottard - b.1832 Northam, WA
HAGBOOM, Berta Luise -b. 1887 – 1889
HAGBOOM, Florence Jessie -b.1889 Melbourne - (m.Vic. DONALD) -d.1965 Carlton @ 75yrs
HAGBOOM, Georg Wilhelm Ferdinand -b.1892 South Wandin-Sherbrooke - Reg. Berwick - (aka George William Ferdinand BROWN)- (m.Vic.1918 Victoria Margaret Talbot TYRER) - d.1974 Leopold, Geelong @ 82yrs
BROWN (HAGBOOM), Victoria Margaret Talbot TYRER - b.1890 Balmoral, Vic - dghtr of Belfast, Irish-born, Robert Edward TYRER & Victorian-born, Margaret HUNTER - d.1963 Geelong @ 73yrs
- BROWN (HAGBOOM), Elva Victoria -b.1919 Heidelberg, Vic. (m.Vic.1942 Colin KING)-

HAGEN, Alexander August Friedrich Wilhelm -b.1868 Stettin, Oderhaven, Pommern, Prussia, Deutschland (Pomerania, Germany) - now Szczecin, (near German Border) Western Poland -son of Wilhelm 'Schneider/ Tailor' HAGEN & Luise BRANDSHAGEN - Emigrated about 1890. Naturalised 1904. (m.Marriage 11 May 1904 @ Age 36 in Wamboola, Moama, Riverina, New South Wales to Bessie Sutor 'HUGHES' nee PLATT of Nagambie, VIC). > Wandin Yallock - Farmer & Labourer at Silvan by 1922 - b. abt 1868 - d.1940 Melbourne @ 71yrs
HAGEN, Bessie Suter PLATT - b.abt 1860 in Leadburn, Scotland, Great Britain -dgtr of James William PLATT & Mary DARBY @ Wandin Yallock, 1922 - (married Engand to Evan HUGHES (1813 – 1888) and produced a daughter before being widowed - - Emigrated to Australia and become a shopkeeper at Nagambie, Goulburn Valley, Victoria, Australia. - Remarried 11 May 1904 Alexander August Friedrich Wilhelm HAGEN) -- d.1942 Cheltenham @ 81 yrs
HUGHES (HAGEN), Gladys Courtney HUGHES -b. 22 September 1886 in Bootle, Liverpool, Lancashire, England -daughter of Evan HUGHES & Bessie Suter PLATT - stepdaughter of Alexander August Friedrich Wilhelm HAGEN - (m.VIC.1910 Franz Hermann Reinhold KÖRSTEN (KOERSTEN)1869 – 1955] d. 7 June 1949 in Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria - See KÖRSTEN (KOERSTEN) -
HAGEN, Alexander Warburton -b.20 April 1906 in Nagambie, Goulburn Valley, Victoria, Australia (m.Vic.St. Peter's Eastern Hill, Melbourne,Victoria, Australia 1st November 1930 to Ivy Eleanor May 'Helena' WALKER) - farmer at Hunter Road - d.6 November 1993 in Yarra Junction, Upper Yarra, Victoria, Australia
HAGEN, Ivy Eleanor May 'Helena' WALKER -b. 27 December 1907 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - daughter of Irish-born James WALKER (1874-1961) & Emma Kathleen or Catherine Emma GILL (1878-1929) - d. 24 July 1992 in Yarra Junction, Victoria
HAGEN, Lesley Marion 'Roxburgh' -b.1931 Wandin, Lilydale, Yarra Valley, Victoria - (m.St. John's Church or England, Blackburn, Victoria 30th August 1952 Rason George 'Ray or Rocky' ROXBURGH of Woori Yallock - see ROXBURGH 1927 – 2001 HAGEN, HAGEN, HAGEN, Brian Alexander 1935-1935 Lilydale

HAINE, Herbert Norris - b. Drysdale, Vic. 9 M. Vic.1888 Alice HOUGHTON)
HAINE, Alice HOUGHTON - b. Bulleen, Templestowe
HAINE, Charles Norris - b.1889 Lillydale

HAINES, Chester Henry
HAINES, Adelaide Lillian Valentin - b.abt 1885 - (m.Vic.1915 William Robert JOHNSTON) - d.1973 Croydon @ 88yrs - see JOHNSON
HAINES, Edmund Sydney - b.1888 Wandin Yallock -d.1923 Wandin Yallock @ 35yrs

HAKATAIVALMAKI, Iisak b. 9th May 1900 Jalasjärvi, Finland, - see MAKI, Frank

HAMILTON, James Clow b. abt 1837 Victoria - son of William HAMILTON & Margaret CLOW -(m.Vic.1887 Zoe Helen FRASER) Evelyn by 1913 - d.1924 Melb.East @ 76yrs
HAMILTON, Zoe Helen FRASER, b. abt 1866 - dghtr of Ground FRASER & ? - 1913 Evelyn ROad, d.1962 Malvern @ 96yrs
HAMILTON, Helen Clow - b.1887 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - d.1955 Malvern @ 68yrs
HAMILTON, Iver Clow - b.1889 St Kilda
HAMILTON, Margaret Clow -b.1891 St Kilda - d.1981 Malvern @ 89yrs
HAMILTON, Zoe Claire Clow, b.1894 Mortlake - 1913 Evelyn Road
HAMILTON, Maude Clow b. abt 1895 - (m.1920 Allan Flores STEVENSON) -d.
HAMILTON, Winifred Moira Clow - b.1897 Mortlake (m. McROBERT) - d.1980 Yarra Vly @ 83yrs

HAMILTON, Herbert Henry, b.1878 Durham Ox, Vic. son of Kinross-shire-born George HAMILTON & Cambridgeshire-born Ann Rebecca WORLAND -(m.Vic.1909 Lilley Agnes HUTTON 1913 Wandin South - d.1956 Ouyen @ 78yrs
HAMILTON, Lilley Agnes HUTTON , b.1882 Raglan, nr Beaufort, Vic. -dghter of John HUTTON & Eliza Jane LILLEY - Silvan by 1913 - d.1971 Geelong @ 89yrs
HAMILTON, Roy Herbert - b.1910 Warburton, Vic.
HAMILTON, Eliza Jean - b.1913 Beaufort, Vic. (m.1940 John Grey PATTERSON)
HAMILTON, Hazel Lilley -b.1915 Beaufort, Vic. (m.1939 Thomas Keith EDWARDS)
HAMILTON, Ivy Jessie - b.1917 Beaufort, Vic.

HAMPTON, Rosanna Dale -b. Norfolk (Mrs Robert Hunter)

HANCOCK, Joseph - b.abt 1817 Redruth, Cornwall -(m. Cornwall to Mary JOHNS) - d.1897 Wandin Yallock @ 80yr
HANCOCK, Thomas - b.abt 1835 Redruth, Cornwall - d.1876 Vic @ 46yrs
HANCOCK, George - b.abt 1824 - Cornwall - d.1889 Lilydale, Vic @ 64yr

HANCOCK, Henry -b. 9 November 1865 in Fletcher Street, Castlemaine, The Loddon Goldfields, Victoria, Australia - son of English-born printer and sometime goldminer, George Henry HANCOCK (1827 – 1893) & Louisa MIDDLETON (1839 – 1922) -(m.Vic.1893 Georgina Sarah 'Gina' VARCOE) - Dairyman at 31 Barrett Street, South Melbourne at Federation. Farmer at South Wandin, Wandin Yallock from about 1903 - till about 1912 - parents of Will, Alice & Ern Hancock - Grocer in Northcote from 1914 - d. 28 November 1946 in Victoria, Australia
HANCOCK, Georgina Sarah 'Gina' VARCOE -b. 1 May 1864 in Ballarat West, Victoria, Australia - dghtr of St Stephen-in-Brannel, Cornwall-born William Edward VARCOE (1835 – 1907) & Emily BUCKINGHAM (?-?) - d. 11 May 1945 in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
HANCOCK, William Henry 'Will' -b.1894 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - (m.VIC.1920 Elizabeth Emily 'Lizzie' ALLEN) -d. 1968 in Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria
HANCOCK, Elizabeth Emily 'Lizzie' ALLEN -b. abt 1896 in Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia - dghtr of Christo ALLEN & Matilda PRINGLE -d. 1969 in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria
HANCOCK, Alice Ruby -b.7 August 1898 in ? - daughter of Henry HANCOCK (1865 – 1946) & Georgina Sarah 'Gina' VARCOE (1864 – 1945) – m.22 April 1921 St. Phillips Church of England, Collingwood, Victoria to John William GIBSON (1896 – 1981) three GIBSON chidren born in Melbourne -d. 23 June 1981 in West Preston, Melbourne, Victoria -
HANCOCK, Ernest Frederick 'Ern' -b.1900 in Albert Park, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - (m.Vic. Vera ?) - Grocer - d. 1971 in Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Melbourne, Vic.
HANCOCK, Vera ? -
- HANCOCK, Frank Winston - b. abt 1932 Melbourne, Vic. - Linesman

HAND, Thomas b.1839 Bingham, Nottinghams. d. 1888 Olinda Crk, Vic.
HAND, Eliza ERITH, from Wales, Great Britain (Mrs Thomas Hand)
HAND, Eva Frances - b. 1863 Prahran, Vic.
HAND, Alice Jane - b. 1864 Windsor, Prahran
HAND, Eliza Henrietta b. 1865 Olinda Crk (Mrs Ellis JEEVES m.1885)
HAND, Kate Ellen - b. 1868 Olinda Crk, The Mountain (Mrs Wm WOOLRICH)
HAND, Frederick Charles - b. 1872 Olinda Crk, The Mountain
HAND, Florence - b. 1875 Olinda Crk, The Mountain (Mrs Carl I. BOTSMAN)
HAND, Mabel Ida - b. 1880 Olinda Crk, The Mountain (Mrs Ernst BADENHOP)

HAND, John from Nottingham, England - Res. Seville, - Farmer on land on Olinda creek
HAND, Eliza Jane nee CAMPBELL
HAND, Irwin Edwin John - b.1870 Lilydale - d.1901 Wandin Yallock
HAND, Henry b. 1872 Lilydale
HAND, Arthur b. 1874 Wandin Yallock
HAND, Charles - b.1878 Lilydale - son of John (land @ Olinda Crk)
HAND, Emma b. 1876 Wandin Yallock
HAND, Eliza Jane b.1883 Wandin Yallock (Mrs COUCH)
HAND, Edith Mabel b. 1888 Wandin Yallock (Mrs POMEROY)

- Storekeeper Hand of Seville on a weekly visit to 'Larnoo' South Wandin - 'I always forgot something' - J. H. Thompson collection

HANDT, Friedrich [aka Friedrich HAND - Frederick HAND), b. abt 1824 ? Deutschland? - son of Jakob HANDT OR HAND & Luise STAMM (m.Vic.1856 Charlotte CORNWALL) [HAND] - Proprietor from 1870 of Allotment 39B in Wandin Yallock on the Olinda Creek
HANDT, Maria Mary [HAND]- b.1857 Buninyong
HANDT, Johannes 'John'[HAND] -b.1859 Blacklead, Ballarat
HANDT, Charlotte [HAND]- b.1861 Buninyong - d.1862 Buninyong
HANDT, Charlotte Christiane 'Lottie' [HAND]- b.1862 Buninyong -(m.Vic.1889 Charles Sherlock HOWE) - remarried Georg Philipp HEINKE - d.1943 Heidelberg @ 75yrs
HANDT, Florence M. [HAND] b.1865 Buninyong - d.1943 Perth, WA
HANDT, Alfred [HAND]- b.1870 Camberwell, Boroondara
HANDT, Mary Eleonore Ellen [HAND] b.1872 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - d.1872 Lilydale
HANDT, Carl 'Charles' [HAND] - b.1873 Lilydale - d.1961 Sydney, NSW
HANDT, Margarette Anna [HAND] b. 1876 Wandin South - d.1878 @ 2yrs
HANDT, John Thomas [HAND] - b.1879 Carlton -
HANDT, Ernst 'Ernest [HAND] -b.1870 - 1871 Blackburn

HANDT, Karl ['Charles HAND'] [aka HAND]- b.abt 1828 ? Deutschland? - son of Jakob HANDT or HAND and Luise STAMM - (m.Vic.1857 Marianne CORNWALL) - Proprietor from 1872 of Allotment 39C parish of Wandin Yallock - on the Olinda Creek -Residence 1884 - Settler's Track, South Wandin, Wandin Yallock - Occupation: Selector - d. 2 Dec 1884 Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Victoria @ 55yrs
HANDT, 'Marianne' Mary Ann CORNWALL [HAND] - remarried after she was widowed

HANNAH, George - McKillop Rd, Olinda Vale - d.1928 Dandenong @ 61yrs - son of Thomas HANNAH & Sarah BROOKING

HANSEN, Heinrich 'Henry' - Son of Hans Hansen & Ada Ellefsen - d.1913 Wandin Yallock @ 72yrs

HANSEN, Johannes 'John' - b.abt 1827 Scandinavia? - (m.Vic.1852 Jane Jennet EDMONDSON) - Goldminer @ bendigo Digging - later his family settled on the Olinda Creek @ South Mooroolbark - from South Mooroolbark he went to d.1897 at Eaglehawk @ 75yrs
HANSEN, Jane Jennet EDMONDSON - b.abt 1835 - dghtr of George EDMONSON - @ South Mooroolbark bt 1905 - d.1920 South Mooroolbarl -Croydon @ 84yrs
HANSEN, Anna Christiane - b.1855 Sandhurst (m.Vic.1878 Alfred Skeates JONES ) -d.1917 Bendigo @ 62
HANSEN, Johannes 'John' 0 b.1857 Sandhurst - d.1946 Olinda Creek, Lilydale @ 87
HANSEN, Janet -b.1859 Sydney Flats, Bendigo - d.1935 Melb.Sth @ 75yrs
HANSEN, Maria Elisabetha-b.1862 Nerring, Bendigo - (m.Vic.1888 Samuel Jackson CRAWFORD)
HANSEN, George -b.1865 Eaglehawk - (m.Vic.1896 Emma BRANKIN)
HANSEN, Robert -b.1868 Eaglehawk - d.1887 Melb.East @ 20yrs
HANSEN, Albert - b.1871 Eaglehawk - (m.Vic.1896 Anna HELM) - d.1947 Moonee Ponds @ 76ts
HANSEN, Arthur - b.1873 Sydney Flat, Nerring - (m.Vic.1901 Emily Louise RICHARDS) - d.1910 Eaglehawk @ 36yrs
HANSEN, Charlotte Marie - b.1876 Nerring, Bendigo - - d.1969 Croydon @ 92yrs

HANSLOW, James Edward Murray - b.abt 1874 -son of Edward Eden HANSLOW & Louise MURRAY - d.1957 Ringwood @ 84 yrs
HANSLOW, Clara Elsie JACKSON -b.abt 1883 - dghtr of Mr Jackson & Anna Chambers - d.1968 Dandenong @ 85yrs
HANSLOW, Dorothy

HARMAN, Robert - (m.Vic.1858 Mary Ann WILLIAMS)
HARMAN, Harriet Eliza - b.1860 Hamilton, Vic. (m.Vic.1878 William John JACK) - d.1930 Brighton @ 69yrs - see JACK
HARMAN, Susanna - b.1863 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1887 James LEACH) - see LEACH
HARMAN, Lilly - b.1865 Lilydale - (m.Vic. Herbert Edwin DAVEY)
HARMAN, Ernest Alfred Edward - b.1868-1868 Lilydale
HARMAN, Grace - b.1870 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1893 George PODGER)
HARMAN, Jessie - b.1877 Carlton
HARMAN, Gertrude May - b.1879 Lilydale

HARRIS, William George - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1903

HARRISON, James - of Dandenong Creek
HARRISON, Eliza LAVIDGE - of Dandenong Creek

HARRISON, 'Frank' Francis Thomas -b.1860 Dandenong Creek, Mulgrave, Vic. -son of James HARRISON & Eliza LAVIDGE -(m.Vic.1888 Agnes McEwin) d.1936 Walhalla, Vic.
HARRISON, Agnes McEWIN b.1858 Heidelberg -dghter of Joseph Nash McEWIN & Bessie CLOUSTON) d.1942 Belgrave - see McEWIN
HARRISON, George Francis - b.1890 South Wandin Yallock - (m.1924 Dorothy Margaret LYTTLE) - d.1837 Terang, Vic.
HARRISON, Muriel Elisabeth - b.1891 South Wandin Yallock (m.1915 George Hewitt GRAY) - d.1972 Terang @ 81yrs
HARRISON, Jessie Adrienne Agnes - b. 1892 South Wandin Yallock
HARRISON, James Edward - b.1893 South Wandin Yallock (m.1925 Eileen Jeannie WATSON) - d. 14 March 1978 Port Fairy
HARRISON, Charles Joseph - b.1895 South Wandin Yallock
HARRISON, Ruth Eliza Lavidge - b.1896 South Wandin Yallock - (m.1932 Kenneth Edward MARKWICK) -d.1967 Ballarat @ 71yrs
HARRISON, Elisabeth Bessie Regina - b.1898 South Wandin Yallock (m.1929 Clive Francis McCAUSLAND) - d.1970 Dandenong @ 72yrs
HARRISON, Geoffrey Clouston - b.1899 South Wandin Yallock - (m.1926 Lislea Kathleen O'BRIEN) - d.1968 Heidelberg @ 68yrs
HARRISON, Keith Thomas - b.1901 Sth Wandin Yallock -(m.1937 Lillian Mary GOSNEY) -d.

HARRISON, Edith - b.abt 1866 - dgtrof William HARRISON & Harriet RUSHER - d.1895 WAndin Yallock @ 28yr

HARRISON, Edna "Frith Lea" Silvan 1922

HARRISON, Louis Roland, -b. Prahran -son of Frederick Roland HARRISON & Georgina WADDELL (m.1910 Maudie Violet WATSON) Fruitgrower, Mt Evelyn Rd by 1919 - d.1950 Hampton @ 68yrs
HARRISON, Maudie Violet WATSON .b.AP Prahran? -dughter of Mr Watson & Violet SANTLEY - d.1961 Hampton @ 80yrs
HARRISON, Viola Georgina Santley -b.1912 South Yarra (mrs ASHWORTH) d.1961 Sandringham @ 48yrs

HASAN, Ibrahim - Head Road, Wandin Yallock, farmer
HASAN, Rhami - Head Road, Wandin Yallock, market gardener

HATSWELL, Thomas - b. 1822 Devondshire, Eng - (m.Vic.1862 Anna Auguste BERGER ) d.1906 Yarra Junction @ 83yrs
HATSWELL, Anna Auguste BERGER (by 1862 the widow of Michael GLYNN) -b. Deutschland -
GLYNN, Michael
HATSWELL, Thomas - b.1863 Heidelberg-on-Yarra - d.1917 Lilydale @ 54yrs
HATSWELL, William - b.1865 Heidelberg-on-Yarra - (m.Vic.1886 Margaret Elizabeth McCABE) d.1933 Moonee Ponds @ 67yrs
HATSWELL, Margaret Elizabeth McCABE - b. Malmsbury, Vic.
HATSWELL, Georg - b.1870 Heidelberg-on-Yarra - d.1874 Heidelberg

HAWKINS, Samuel Melville b.1867 Portland, Vic. - Orchardist - by 1912 - 'Larnoo' - Silvan,
HAWKINS, Ida Hay MANN b.1871 South Yarra (Mrs S.M. Hawkins m.1899 Vic) - "Larnoo" by 1912
HAWKINS, Elizabeth - by 1909

HAWORTH, Charles b.abt 1875 England - don of James HAWORTH - -Olinda Vale 1907 - (m.Vic.1906 Maragret DEAR) -d.1957 Camberwell, Vic.. @ 82yrs
HAWORTH, Margaret DEAR -b.1882 Batesford, Geelong - daughter of John DEAR & Mary CONNELLY - (Mrs D. Haworth m.1906 Vic) Silvan by 1914 -0 widowed - (Remarried - STRAKER) d.1970 Box Hill @ 88yrs
HAWORTH, Margaret (1906-1906) Hawthorn
HAWORTH, Mabel Stella b. 1909 Balwyn, Boroondara - (m.Voic.1932 John Ross RENNIE)
HAWORTH, Margaret b. 1913 Wandin Yallock

HAYES, of old Burleigh House (cousins of Edwards family)
HAYES, children attended SSSS

HAYLOCK, Herbert Horace (Blacksmith) b.1881 Harrow, Western Victoria son of Charles Haylock & Emily Thomas; Arrived SW after Federation
HAYLOCK Amy Estella E MARSH (Mrs H.H.Haylock) d.1908 Fitzroy Sth @ 25 yrs
HAYLOCK, Ruby Alice Maud BRYAN (Mrs H.H.Haylock) b.Colac, Vic.
HAYLOCK, Herbert - b. 1912 Carlton, Vic
HAYLOCK, Eric Lindsay b. 1913 Carlton North, Vic.
HAYLOCk, Marian Hilda b. 1914 Carlton North, Vic.

HAYMAN, Russell - motor driver, Silvan (m.1927 J R Sinclair) d.1966 Emerald @ 64yrs
HAYMAN, Jessie Raechel Rae SINCLAIR d.1969 Kew @ 63yrs

HAYNE, Joseph -b.1867 Honing, Aylsham District, Norfolk, England - son of James HAYNE & Elizabeth POYNTER - (m.South Wandin, Vic.1894 Jane 'Jeanie' ROGERSON) - d.1940 Ferntree Gully @ 72yrs
HAYNE, Jane 'Jeanie' ROGERSON b.1869 Glenarua, Kilmore, Vic. - daughter of James ROGERSON & Ellen RICHARDSON - d.1943 The Patch, Monbulk (Reg.Belgrave) @ 73yrs - see ROGERSON
HAYNE, James Norman - b.1895 - d.1895 Pakenham @ 5wks
HAYNE, Francis Rupert -b.1897 Pakenham - d.1913 The Patch, Monbulk (Reg.Scoresby)
HAYNE, James Leslie -b.1900 Sherbrooke-Monbulk -(m.Vic.1936 Ida Mercy POLKINGHORNE) - d.1977 Malvern @ 76yrs
HAYNE, Stanley Joseph -b.1903 Hawthorn - (m.Vic.1939 his brother Roy's widow Jessie Emma CHAPMAN)- d.25 Nov 1967 Trafalagar
HAYNE, Jessie Emma CHAPMAN b.14 Aug 1911 South Wandin -dghtr of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER -d.9 Aug 1998 Trafalgar, West Gippsland
- HAYNE, Lois Estella -b.1940 –
HAYNE, Jessie Clorinda-b.1906 Sherbrooke-Monbulk -(m.Vic.1924 Wiltshire Joseph BOSCOMBE)
HAYNE, Dorothy Florence -b.1908 Hawthorn -(m.Vic.1935 Alfred Henry BROWN) -d.1976 Geelong @ 68yrs
HAYNE, Charles Gordon -b.1910 Sherbrooke-Monbulk - (m.Vic.1941 Molly Irene WEAVERS)
HAYNE, Gilbert Roy -b.1912 Berwick, Vic. (m.Vic.1936 Jessie Emma CHAPMAN) -d.1936 The Patch-Monbulk-Silvan
HAYNE, Jessie Emma CHAPMAN b.14 Aug 1911 South Wandin -dghtr of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER -d.9 Aug 1998 Trafalgar, West Gippsland
- HAYNE, Francis Arthur -b. 1938 –

HAYNES, James Thompson - Silvan Schoolteacher by 1914 [Teacher Registration No. 8703] -b. Heidleberg - (m.1883 S.A.Adamson) d.1930 Kew, Boroondara @ 77yrs - son of Joseph Goddard HAYNES & Janet Harbourne THOMPSON
HAYNES, Sarah Alice ADAMSON -b. Portland, Vic. [Teacher Registration No. 5546] (Mrs J.T.Haynes) 1917 - d.1942 Campberwell @ 86yrs - dghtr of William ADAMSON & Alice MORRIS
HAYNES, Vera Winifred b.1885 Prahran
HAYNES, Cimon Aubrey b.1888 Heywood, Vic.
HAYNES, Eileen Merle b.1889 Heywood, Vic. [Teacher Registration No. 16977]
HAYNES, James Mercie b.1891 Heywood

HEAD, Edward, b.1841 Borooondara, Melbourne, NSW
HEAD, Isabella McPherson MOWER d. 1922 @ 82 - ? parents of Jack
HEAD, Walter Hamilton - b.1881 Mullegandra, NSW

HEAD, Bertie -b.abt 1861 (son of John Head & Anna Stangar) - (m.Toowoomba, Queensland 5th JUne 1886 to Ina SUTHERLAND) - Residence 1903 Addis street Kalgoorlie, MINE MANAGER; Residence 1910 Kalgoorlie, Western Australia -FIREMAN - d.1923 Silvan Wandin Yallock @ 62 years
HEAD, Ina SUTHERLAND - b.abt 1865 / - daughter of Donald SUTHERLAND & Barbara McCREA - -(married 5th June 1886 Queensland, Australia) - to Kalgoorlie > d. 1937 in Toorak, Prahran, Victoria, Australia

HEAD, John 'Jack' b.7 September 1886 Toowoomba, Queensland -son of Bertie HEAD & Ina SUTHERLAND - - @ "Westralia Farm' Wandin farmer 1922 -1949 Engineer, Malvern (m.Vic.1913 Ottilie NEILSEN) - d.1960 Malvern, Prahran, Victoria, Australia
HEAD, Ottolie NEILSEN - b.30 December 1894 Queensland - dghtr of Henning Otto NEILSEN & Rachel Elizabeth WILLIAMS - @ -"Westralia Farm, Wandin, 1922 - d.1979 Geelong @ 85yrs
HEAD, Ottolie Rachel -b.1914 Kalgoorlie, East Coolgardie, Western Australia
HEAD, John Merton -b.1918 Carlton (from Albert Park)
HEAD, Herbert 'Bert -b.1922 Wandin Yallock - 1949 Malvern, Mechanic
HEAD, Donald -b.1923 Melbourne
HEAD, June -b.1925 Tasmania - 1949 Malvern, NURSE
HEAD, Ina Emily-b.1926 Wandin Yallock - 1949 Nurse - (m. LLOYD)
HEAD, William 'Bill' - b.1929 Kew, Vic.
HEAD, Richard -b.1933 Wandin Yallock

HEAD, Donald -b.21 June 1888 in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia -son of Bertie HEAD & Ina SUTHERLAND - - Residence 1924 No.36 Mathoura Road, Toorak, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia - Draughstman, Residence 1943 No.36 Mathoura Road, Toorak, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia - ENGINEER -d.1969 Toorak, Victoria, Australia

HEAD, Jessie -b.10 June 1890 in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia - -daughter of Bertie HEAD & Ina SUTHERLAND -(m.1915 East Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie Goldfields, Western Australia to Albert Robert HARSE (Electrician) -d. 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

HEAD, Bertie -b.26 December 1892 in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia -son of Bertie HEAD & Ina SUTHERLAND - ENGINE DRIVER -(m.1919 Perth, Western Australia to Zetta Catherine Mary MOYLE) d. 1957 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia
HEAD, Zetta Catherine Mary MOYLE -b. - d. 1954 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia

HEAD, Thomas -b.1898 in Kalgoorlie, East Coolgardie, Western Australia -son of Bertie HEAD & Ina SUTHERLAND - - Residence 1924: 36 Mathoura Road, Toorak, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia - TRAVELLOR / SALESMAN d.1925 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

HEANEY, John McVicar b.1854 Collingwood -son of Thomas HEANEY & Margaret McVICAR - (John & Martha of Brighton & Flinders) - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903 d.1915 Ferntree Gully @ 59yrs
HEANEY, Martha Eliza CHAMBERS b.1859 Malmsbury, Vic. -dghtr of John Chambers & Sarah Dodd (m.1883 Vic to J McV HEANEY) d.1938 Middle Brighton @ 79yrs
HEANEY, Margaret Ann b.1884 Brighton ~ d.1943 Brighton Bay @ 59yrs
HEANEY, Thomas Moore b.1886 Flinders (m.1920 Harriet Ann LEWIS) d.1960 Mont Albert @ 72yrs
HEANEY, Catherine McVicar b.1894 Flinders (m.Thomas Charles WESTLEY)

HELDING, The three Swedish HELDING Brothers were in WANDIN in the late 19th century : Johann, Erich & August- Erich died there in 1900. The remaining brothers moved east up into the Nayook- Neerim district of West Gippsland and then to the Warragul district.
HELDING, Johannn 'John' - b.1862 Sweden - son of Johann Hagen HELDING - (m.Vic.1888 Kate RUBY) was in Wandin in 1890s - he then bought land at Mirboo North and Warragul - d.1941 Warragul
HELDING, Kate RUBY - b.abt 1863 Ireland - -dgtr of John RUBY & Kate SCANLON - d. 1949 Warragul
-HELDING, Ruby Anna - b.1888 Kew, Boroondara (m. Vic. James WADE) > Nayook
-HELDING, Johanne Hannah 'Annie' -b.1890 SoutH Yarra - (m. Vic. Heirnich Henry KLASON) > Nayook
-HELDING, John/Johann -b.1892 Kew - (m.Vic. Dagmar) > Drouin
-HELDING, Arthur - b. 1892 Kew
-HELDING, Alfred - b.1893 Kew - (m.Vic. Annie JONES) - Deepdene, Vic.
-HELDING, Herbert - b.1895 Balwyn, Boroondara - (m. Vic. Elsie McDORNAN) - Hawthorn
-HELDING, Eleanore 'Nellie' b.1897 Yarra Valley - (m.Vic.Jack DEMPSEY)
-HELDING, Hilda - b. 1899 Yarra Valley - (m.Vic. Carlson WILLIAMS) > Rushworth
-HELDING, Isabelle - b.1900 Yarra Valley - (m.Vic. James WHITE) > b.1985 Neerim South
HELDING, Erich b. abt 1863 Sweden (son of Hagen Hocken HELDING & Amelie ASKER) d.1900 Wandin Yallock,
HELDING, Emily STACEY b. England (m.1898 Eric HELDING)
HELDING, August b.1865 Sweden - (son of Hagen Hocken HELDING & Amelie ASKER) d.1906 Garfield @ 41yrs
HELDING, Karoline 'Carrie' SCHNOME b.9 Juli 1867 Christiania (now Oslo), Norway - Emigrated from Christiania on the ship "HOHENZOLLERN" to arrive in Melbourne on the 25 October 1889. Lived at Kew for 11 years, and at Iona, Boolarra, Gippsland for 10 years d. Port Melb.

HENDERSON, William - b.1817 Northumberland, Great Britain -son of William HENDERSON & Ann YOUNGER - (m.abt 1851 Northumberland to Charlotte CARSS) - Emigrated Dec. 1859 Arrived via ship "LILLIES" at Melbourne, Port Phillip Bay -d.1880 Wandin Yallock
HENDERSON, Charlotte CARSS - b.1821 Warkworth, Northumberland - dghtr of Robert CARSS (1773–1842) & Elizabeth DOBSON (1775–1834) -Emigrated Dec. 1859 Arrived via ship "LILLIES" at Melbourne - d.9 October 1896 Wandin Yallock
HENDERSON, William Henry - b. 20 June 1853 Northumberland, Great Britain (m.1884 Mary Ann Judith Sebire) -d.29 July 1901 'Belle Vue', Wandin Yallock
HENDERSON, Mary Ann Judith SEBIRE - by 1914 - b. - dghter of Henry SEBIRE & martha RIHOY - d.1944 Wandin Yallock @ 85yrs
HENDERSON, Henry William -b.1885 Wandin Yallock
HENDERSON, Francs Leopold -b.1888 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. Alma Edith SAUNDERS)
HENDERSON, Alma Edith SAUNDERS - b. 1895 Wandin Yallock -daughter of William Henry SAUNDERS & Annie JOHNSON - see SAUNDERS
- HENDERSON, Mavis Alma - b.1918 Wandin- Lilydale (m.Vic. Victor George RISEBOROUGH) - see RISEBOROUGH
HENDERSON, Arthur John - b.1891 Wandin Yallock
HENDERSON, Elizabeth 1856 Northumberland, G.B. -Arrived via ship "LILLIES" at Melbourne Dec 1857 -d.1858 Melbourne district
HENDERSON, Ann Elisabeth -b.1858 in Richmond, Melbourne - d.1926 Wandin Yallock
HENDERSON, Mary Jane -b.1861 Yering, Yarra Valley -(m.Vic.1881 James WALLACE) d.10 August 1936 Seville, Wandin Yallock - see WALLACE

HENDERSON, Henry - b.13 March 1875 in 135 Rose street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland -son of Magnus HENDERSON & Georgina Elizabeth Gordon Turnbull SMITH -(married 15 April 1899 in 135 Rose Street, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND at 7.40pm to Christian Gunn ORMISTON) - Arr: South Wandin abt 1905, I believe by way of links with the FERNYDALE TRY Society Training Farm -from the TALLYHO Home in 'HARKAWAY' as East Burwood was then called, having Emigrated on the 12 July 1905 out of London, England on the ship 'OMRAH' arriving Melbourne in late July 1905. The 'OMRAH' Ships Register Lists: HENDERSON: Mr Henry -30, Christian -27, Isabella I -5, Magnus O -3, and Magnus G -21 years. I presume the later to be Henry's brother?
HENDERSON, Christian Gwen ORMISTON, b. 8 July 1877 Edinburgh, Scotland -daughter of David ORMISTON & Christina BELL - (Mrs H.Henderson) Emigrated at age 27 1905 on the 'OMRAH' - d.19 February 1959 Croydon Park Hospital, Ringwood
HENDERSON, Isabella Jean -b.1899 Edinburgh, Scotland, (m.Vic.1925 Joseph Samuel RICHARDS) - d.1966 Ashburton, Vic. @ 66yrs
HENDERSON, Magnus Ormiston 'Sandy' - by 1914 - b.17 August 1901 Edinburgh, Scotland (m.Vic.1929 Myra KING D'ARGAVILLE - widow of Percy Anderson D'ARGAVILLE -
HENDERSON, Myra KING -b.1904 Ballarat East -dghtr of Alfred Henry KING of Clarendon, Ballarat & Caroline Agnes CROSS of the Otway Coast, Geelong -married 1920 Percy Anderson D'ARGAVILLE - widowed 1921- (re-married Vic.1929 Magnus Ormiston HENDERSON) -d.1985 Kew, Vic. -see D'ARGAVILLE & - see KING
- HENDERSON, Alexander - 'Halcrow', Silvan, market gardener
- HENDERSON, Raymond Magnus b.1942 – 1999
HENDERSON, Florence Christina 'Bunny' b.1907 South Wandin Yallock (Mrs Ralph CHAPMAN) -d.1989 Lilydale, Vic. - see CHAPMAN
HENDERSON, Nancy Bell -b. 29 October 1913 South Wandin - (m.Vic.1933 Richard REES)
HENDERSON, Henry James 'Jim' -b.29 January 1918 South Wandin- (m.Vic. Josephine Florence STONE - d. 3 January 1988 Vic.
HENDERSON, Josephine Florence

HENDERSON, Magnus George by 1914 - Queens ROad - b. abt 1885 Edinburgh, Scotland -son of Magnus HENDERSON & Georgina Elizabeth Gordon Turnbull SMITH - emigrated 1905 on the OMRAH - with the above- d.1950 Parkville @ 65yrs

HENDRICKSON, Hemming -b. 23 april 1863 Abo, Finland - son of Franz & Eve HENDRICKSEN. Emigrated from Finland via Norway, and embarked on the ship 'ELIZABETH' to arrive in Melbourne in November 1886. Resided in Melbourne and then Brighton after disembarking. He was Naturalised on the 3rd February 1922 at Queens Road, South Wandin Yallock - No Children - [ He was known as William J. ELLIS for 16 years ] At "Burbank" 1926 Queens Road, Orchardist - d.1944 Kensington @ 81yrs -
HENDRICKSON, Henrietta DEANE-FREEMAN b.abt 1876 Auckland, New Zealand - daughter of Joseph DEANE-FREEMAN & Anastasia MAHONEY - "Burbank" 1926 Queens Road, Orchardist - d.1955 Burwood, Vic @ 79yrs

HENDY, I. - OLinda Vale 1907

HENNING, Karl Ernst Richard - aka Charles Ernest - b.1860 Norwood-Burwood, Nunawading, East of Melbourne - son of Heinrich HENNING & Caroline HAWKINS who married in Melbourne in 1859. - (m.Vic.1894 Janet ANDERSON - Olinda Vale 1914 - d.1938 Camberwell, Borooondara @ 78 yrs
HENNING, Jane 'Janet' ANDERSON - b.abt 1850 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND - daghtr of John ANDERSON & Agnes THOMPSON (Mrs C.R.Henning) - Olinda Vale by 1914 - d.1930 C'field @ 80yrs

HERBERT, E. - proprietor of Land - Allotments 1 & 2 & 5 in the township of Wandin Yallock

HERBERT, James -b.abt 1840 - son of James HERBERT & Marth LAMBETH - (m.Vic.1863 E.CLEGG) @ Wandin 1903 - 1909 Independent Means - d.1920 Wandin Yallock @ 79yrs
HERBERT, Elizabeth CLEGG -b. 1848 Halifax, Yorkshire - at Wandin 1903 - d.1921 Brighton @ 74yrs
HERBERT, Isaac - 1864-1864 Collingwood
HERBERT, Emily Blanche b. Bellarine (m.1908 Andrew James O'REGAN)

HERMON, Benjamin - b.1868 Collingwood, Vic. ( son of & (m.Vic.1894 E.C.Jackson) d.13 October 1951 Ferntree Gully
HERMON, Eva Constance JACKSON b.1870 Brighton, Vic.
HERMON, Horace Lancelot b.1895 Prahran
HERMON, Harold Aubrey b. 1897 Korumburra
HERMON, Gerte Hilda b.1899 Scoresby
HERMON, Allan Edward -b.1901 St Kilda - son of Benjamin HERMON & Eva Constance JACKSON -(m.Vic.1923 V.A.E.Mattingley) at Silvan, 1922 Mill Hand, 1926
HERMON, Vera Annie Elizabeth MATTINGLEY, b.1902 Longwood, - Silvan 1926
-HERMON, Mary Florence (1930-2005)

HEWISH, James b.1851 Templestowe, Bulleen-Bulleen - son of Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devonshire-born, James HEWISH (1812 – 1868), & Honiton, Devonshire-born, Maria WRIGHT (1811 – 1870) of Bulleen, Templestowe.
HEWISH, Emily HOUGHTON -b.1857 Ivanhoe, Heidelberg -daughter of George HOUGHTON & Caroline BARROWS - (m.Vic.1876 James HEWISH)
HEWISH, Emma Maira -b.1877 Lillydale
HEWISH, James -b.1879- 1884 Lillydale
HEWISH, George -b.1881-1881 Lillydale
HEWISH, Thomas Oliver 0 b.1883 Lillydale

HEWISH, John Thomas - b. Templestowe (nephew of the above James ) - son of Collingwood-born John Thomas HEWISH (1846-1901), & Anne ALLEN - Fruitgrower at North Monbulk by 1913 - d.1914 @ 39 yrs
HEWISH, Catherine FITZGERALD (1888 Hotham, Nth Mellb-1969 Monbulk )daughter of Thomas Fitzgerald 8 Mary Murphy [Mrs J.T.Hewish m. 1909] > Sth Wandin by 1913 (married 1915 Flores Patrick McCARTHY 1873~1944)

HEYWOOD, James Hill Joseph b.1815 Rochdale, Lancashire, Eng.
HEYWOOD, Eliza WAUGH b.1815 Lancashire, Eng. -dghtr of James WAUGH & Alice COCKCROFT ~ d.1896 Wandin Yallock @ 85yrs

HEYWOOD, Ephraim -b.1842 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, NSW d.1908 Carpendeit, Colac @ 65yrs
HEYWOOD, Eliza RICHENS (Mrs E.Heywood m.1869 Vic.)
HEYWOOD, Eliza Carolina b. 1869 Pomborneit, west of Colac, Vic.
HEYWOOD, Elizabeth Ermina b. 1875 Carpendeit, Victoria
HEYWOOD, Joseph Charles Benson b. 1877 Carpendeit, Victoria
HEYWOOD, George Henry James b. 1879 Carpendeit, Victoria
HEYWOOD, Annie Susan Hannah b. 1881 Carpendeit, Colac, Victoria
HEYWOOD, William John Thomas b. 1885 Carpendeit, Victoria
HEYWOOD, Emily Jane b. 1887 South Wandin Yallock
HEYWOOD, Sarah Henrietta - b. 1890 South Wandin Yallock

Ephraim HEYWOOD Family of Wandin Yallock & Carpendeit, seen here at Carpendeit, Vic.
From left : Billy Heywood, Emma Heywood, Sarah Heywood, Edie Heywood in her mother's arms, Mrs Eliza Richens Heywood, Mr Ephraim Heywood, & Annie Heywood on horseback. The Heywood house was built from slabs cut from trees on their property. Similar frontier accommodation was the ordinary for Wandin Yallock.
- Photo courtesy of the Camperdown Historical Society.

HEYWOOD, James-b.1843 Melbourne, Port Phillip - (m.Vic.1892 Mary Florence HUGHES) -d.1930 in Richmond
HEYWOOD, Mary Florence HUGHES - b.1874 Mulgrave, Vic. - daghtr of Ephraim HUGHES &
-HEYWOOD, William James Ephraim b.1893 Scoresby
-HEYWOOD, Mary Florence -b.1894 Scoresby - Ferntree Gully
HEYWOOD, Elizabeth Ermima b.1850 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, NSW (Mrs Henry BINDING m.1879 Vic.) - see BINDING

HICKS, Daniel - Occupation: Grazier, Wandin Yallock - d. 28 May 1923 Wandin Yallock - WILL/Propate online

HIDER, Sarah Anne -b.1830 Seal, Kent, England (m.abt1852 England Mrs William SMITH) d.16 May 1905 Richmond, Vic. Australia - see SMITH

HILL, George - labourer, South Wandin by 1914

HILLI, Edvard Jakob 'Ted' b. 7 March 1902 at Jeppo, Nykarleby, Suomi, FINLAND. Jeppo is around the elbow into the northern crook of the Gulf of Bothnia, and 444 km north of Helsinki.- Hilli arrived: abt 1922 Naturalised: 1939 (finalised 16 April 1940) at Burleigh, Silvan South - Enlisted WW2 at Caulfield 1939- Service Number - VX26846 - Died: 1956 on the Mornington Peninsula, Vic.
HILLI, Emma Agnes 'Aggie' HOLLIS b.1913 Cape Town South Africa - dghter of Wandin South-born son of pioneers Edward Arthur HOLLIS & south African -born Emma Elizabeth KOOPMANN nee REID- (-m. 1930 to 'Ted Jakob Edvard HILLI) d.1999 Hoddles Creek, Vic. - see HOLLIS -
HILLI, Arthur Edward (1931 Burleigh – 1936)
HILLI, Eleanor Alice b. 1932 Burleigh (Mrs Bill KNOLL)
HILLI, John Alfred b. 1933 Burleigh
HILLI, Beverley Dawn (1935 Burleigh – 1956)
HILLI, Ralph David b. 1937 Lilydale, Vic
HILLI, Karl Francis b. 1942 Lilydale, Vic
HILLI, Kenneth Maxwell (1945 Lilydale, Vic– 1983)
HILLI, Lester Noel b. 1948 Lilydale, Vic

HIND, George Francis - Farmer - 1926 "Pine Lodge" McKillop Road - b. abt Carlton - (m.Vic.1900 Annie Amelie PEARCE) -d.1946 C'field @ 80yrs
HIND, Annie Amelia PEARCE - - 1926 "Pine Lodge" McKillop Road - b. Fitzroy -dghtr of George PEARCE & Sarah Ann SHELLDRICK - d,1958 Parkville @ 76yrs
HIND, Elsie May -b.1903 Fitzroy (m.Vic.1924 Clyde Egerton DORRINGTON)
HIND, Eric George - (m.1939 Lillian Margery MUNROE)

HIRST, the Teacher's mother - in residence at Wandin Yalloak South 1878 - 1879 - or HURST
HIRST, Eva Elizabeth or HURST ? - South Wandin schoolteacher 1878 - Victorian Teacher Registration Number 8463 -in residence at Wandin Yalloak South 1878 - 1879

HOBAN, Leslie Paul [HOBAN-TOLD] -SCHOOLTEACHER AT SILVAN, 1931 -b.1910 Balham, London, England -son of John Doyle HOBAN & Secretary and single mother, Lillian TOLD -b.1853 – TRained Teacher, Emigrated at the outbreak of the Great Depression, came to Silvan to teach the influx of worker's children during the building of Silvan Reservoir. (married abt 1931 to Elsie Dorothea JONES) taught elsewhere in Sandringham, Cheltenham, Norinbee, Orbost - d.1985 Echuca, Vic.
HOBAN, Elsie Dorothea JONES [HOBAN-TOLD] -b.1913 London, England – d.1970 Vic. Australia
HOBAN-TOLD, Leslie - b.23 December 1936 Vic. -d.October 2011 in Sale, Gippsland, VIC.

HOBSON, Robert 'Bob' -b. December 1812 in Greetham, Lincolnshire, England– son of Charles John HOBSON & Mary RICHARDSON - (m.? Lincolshire to Jane DUFFIN) d.1890 22 April 1890 in Greensborough, Vic.
HOBSON, Jane DUFFIN b.2 Dec 1812 Wainfleet St Mary, Lincolnshire, Eng. - daughter of David DUFFIN & Mary DEERING – 1890
HOBSON, Betsey Elizabeth -b.1840 Wrangle, Lincolnshire (m.Vic.1863 Alfred PADGHAM) – d.6 Mar 1895 Greensborough, Vic.
HOBSON, Selina Maria 1841 Wrangle, Lincolnshir, Eng. (m.Vic.1858 William THOMPSON) – 1891
HOBSON, Emma - 1843 Wrangle, Lincolnshire, England – 1911
HOBSON, Hannah -b.1844 –Wrangle, Lincolnshire, England (m.Vic.1864 James BAKER) d. 1923 Wandin Yallock - see BAKER
HOBSON, Garlick -b.1846 Wrangle, Lincolnshire - (m.Vic.1869 Amelia ELizabeth MARTIN) – 1910
HOBSON, Amelia ELizabeth MARTIN
HOBSON, Mary Jane -b.1847 Wrangle, Lincolnshire, Eng. (m.Vic.1866 Marcus Henry CHAPMAN) –d.1931
HOBSON, Frances 'Fanny'-b.1849 Wrangle, Lincolnshire, England – 1922
HOBSON, Eliza Margaret - b. 1851 Wrangle, Lincolnshire- (m.Vic.1870 Thomas BLACK) – 1922
HOBSON, Ebenezer 1853 Heidelberg, Vic. (m.Vic.1876 Mary Jane KERR) – 1935
HOBSON, Martha E -b.1855 – d.1858 Heidelberg, Vic.

HOCKING, John - from New Zealand? - - Silvan Road, Mt Evelyn- Merchant 1926 - b.abt 1875 - son of Joseph HOCKING & Mary THOMAS - d.1949 Lilydale @ 74yrs
HOCKING, Elizabeth Kate KENNEDY - Silvan roAd, Olinda Vale- 1926 - b.abt 1883 - daughtr of William KENNEDY & Mary Ann BARKER- d.1962 Lilydale @ 79yrs
HOCKING, LLoyd Gilmore - b. abt 1916 - d.1966 Melb @ 49yrs

HODGSON, Charles William -b.1859 Williamstown, Vic. - son of Thomas Walsh HODGSON & Elizabeth ADAMS - (m.Vic.1883 Ellen LEGG) -> Seville - d.1918 St Kilda @ 59yrs
HODGSON, Ellen 'Nellie' LEGG - b.1856 Croydon -daughter of George LEGG & Nellie Ellen BOWDEN - d.1930 Brighton @ 74yrs
HODGSON, Alice Maud - b.1884 Hawthorn, Boroondara (m.Vic.1911 Henry Ritchie LIND) -d.1965 Surrey Hills @ 81yr
HODGSON, Charles Pervival - b.1887 Balwyn, Boroondara - d.1956 Richmond @ 68yr
HODGSON, Olive Elizabeth -b.1890 Balwyn, Boroondara
HODGSON, Nellie Selina - b.1892 Hawthorn, Boroondara - (m.Vic.1919 John CLay JUST) -d.1966 Kew @ 74yr
HODGSON, Victor Thomas - b.1897 Box Hill, Nunawading
HODGSON, Albert CLaude - b.1900 Box Hill, Nunawading - d.1965 Melb @ 65yr

HOGG, Thomas -b.1822 Mertoun, Berwickshire, Scotland - son of Alexander HOGG & Isabella RICHARDSON - (m.4 June 1847 Melrose, Roxburgh, Scotland to Mary DODDS) - d.23 November 1892 Wandin Yallock, Vic.
HOGG, Mary DODDS b.28 February 1818 Newstead Medine, Roxbourgh, Scotland - dghtr of John DODDS & Galasina ELLIOT - d.11 November 1894 Wandin Yallock @ 75yrs
HOGG, Alexander 1850 North Lothian, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland – (m.1875 Barwon Heads to Hannah JOHNSTON 1850 – 1879)
HOGG, Galasina -b. 1851 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland –
HOGG, Thomas - 1858-1858 Brighton, Port Phillip, Vic.
HOGG, Janet -b.1861 St Kilda, vic, - (m.18 May 1882 Wandin Yallock to Thomas Henri ROUGET) – d.25 December 1896 in Wandin Yallock - see ROUGET
HOGG, Thomas b.1862 Warringal, Heidelberg (m. 1885 Elizabeth Dryden BAILEY) - see BAILEY
HOGG, Elizabeth Dryden BAILEY b.1860 Mulgrave dghtr of William BAILEY & Mary Margaret STRACHAN) – d.1898 Wandin Yallock @ 38yrs
HOGG, Thomas William - b.1886 Wandin Yallock,
HOGG, Isabella - "Merton" Queens Road
HOGG, James -b.1888 Wandin Yallock, Queens Road, 1926 Labourer – d.1970

HOGG, Hubert Herbert b.1889 Wandin Yallock, - Queens Road (m.1924 Elsie Victoria HUNTER)
HOGG, Mary Galasina b.1890 Wandin Yallock – (m.1932 Giovanni Andrea PIRAS)
1890 –
HOGG, Rose Jessie b.1893 Wandin Yallock – (m.1916 Leslie James HODGES)

HOGG, George Henry -b.Wandin Yallock (m.1921 Wandin to Lily Blanksby Concord ROUGET)
HOGG, Lily Blanksby Concord ROUGET - Queens road - see ROUGET

HÖHNE, Friedrich Johann - son of Carl August HÖHNE & Auguste Pauline Leisel SEIFERT b. 1872 Franklin, Tasmania - Related by marriage to the JEEVES family of the Olinda Creek. Farmer & Fruitgrower @ Sth Wandin 1903. Died 1946 Melbourne
HOHNE, Helene Truran Susan RISELY - b.1872 Zeehan, TAS (m.1896 Zeehan, Tasmania - Mrs F J Hohne) Musician and Composer of several Musical works, som of which respond to the news of the Great War, and many of which were copyright in 1914 and 1915 - Died: 1924 Hobart, Tasmania

HOILES, Joseph - b.1871 Coghills Creek, nr Smeaton/ Clunes = son of Adelaide-born, William Henry HOILES & Adelaide-born, Mary SELLWOOD - (m.Vic.1910 Louisa HOLBROOK) - d.1931 Lilydale @ 75 yrs
HOILES, Louisa HOLBROOK - b.1890 Allansford, Warrnambool - dghtr of James HOLBROOK & Elizabeth Howe BURLEIGH of Mepunga - d.1973 Silvan @ 83yrs
HOILES, Mary ELizabeth - b,1911 Sea Lake, Vic. - (m.Vic.1936 Reginald John ROUGET) - see ROUGET
HOILES, Caroline Louisea - b.1912 Berriwillock
HOILES, Daisy Irene - b.1915 Sea Lake
HOILES, William James - b.1918 Sea Lake
HOILES, Francis Trevor - b.1931 - 1931 Lilydale

HOLDEN, George - An Earliest Pioneer on the Olinda Creek @ at THE MOUNTAIN- Pit-sawyer, Lath-Splitter, Shingle-Splitter, Woodsman - b.1936 Kensing, Kent, England - (m.Vic.1859 Caroline BAGNELL) - d.1894 Doncaster Registration, 'Mt Dandenong, Victoria @ 58yrs
HOLDEN, Elizabeth Caroline -b.1859 Bulleen-Bulleen –
HOLDEN, Mary Ann - b.1860 –(m.Vic.1879 John James PYLE) d.1902 Doncaster @ 41yrs
HOLDEN, Helene 'Ellen' -b.1862 –(m.Vic.1881 William SELL of Doncaster ) d.1943 Doncaster
HOLDEN, George -b.1863 – d. 1894 Doncaster @ 30yrs
HOLDEN, Master Mark -b.1865 Doncaster– -(m.Vic.1881 Charlotte MAYS) - d.1904 Doncaster
HOLDEN, Charlotte MAYS
- HOLDEN, Alice Maude - b.1886 Doncaster
HOLDEN, Priscilla -b. 1867 - (m.Vic.1897 William WHITE) – 1896
HOLDEN, Luke -b. 1869

HOLDEN, Richard Herbert Hopetoun b.1890 Carlton North [son of Charles Richard HOLDEN & Caroline Ann AINSWORTH]
HOLDEN, Ellen Eliza BACKHOUSE b.1893 Kew, Vic. [daughter of William Paine Bateman HOLDEN & Margaret Elizabeth DOHERTY](Mrs R.H.H.Holden m.1912 Vic)
HOLDEN, Charles Henry (1912-1913) Wandin Yallock
HOLDEN, Edward/Edwin William Carson b.1914 Carlton North (m.1942 Babette Fielding HAMSTEAD)
HOLDEN, Thomas Richard 1916-1917 South/East Wandin Yallock
HOLDEN, Caroline Minna b.1918 Lilydale

HOLDEN, Charles Thomas -b.1893 Carlton, Vic. [son of Charles Richard HOLDEN & Caroline Ann AINSWORTH] - (m.1917 Susanna May BLANKSBY) Orchardist 1920 - d.1963 Parkville @ 70 yrs
HOLDEN, Susannah May BLANKSBY - b.abt 1894 - daughter of John BLANKSBY & Priscilla SMITH - Wandin 1920 - d.1969 Heidelberg @ 75yrs
HOLDEN, Richard John -b.1918 Carlton Nth (m.1942 Ivy Jean SMITH)
HOLDEN, Elsie Beatrice - b.1919 Carlton North (m.1942 Allan Victor BILLING)

HOLE, Edmund - b. Winchelsea > gardener @ Sth Wandin 1903 d.1941 Winchelsea
HOLE, Kate Kathleen McLOUGHLAN b. Melbourne (m.1901 Mrs E.Hole)
HOLE, Kathleen - b. 1902 Carlton

HOLLIDAY, Benjamin - b.9 April 1829 Launceston, Van Diemens Land -son of William & Martha HOLLIDAY - d.1954 Yarra Valley @ 25rs
HOLLIDAY, Abraham- b.1850 Evelyn, Yarra Valley
HOLLIDAY, Susanna - b.1852-1853 Bulleen-Bulleen

HOLLIDAY, John Bewley b.1839 Holm Low Abbey, Hulme Cultran, Cumberland, Eng. {Occ: MARINER) d.1905 Richmond, Vic. [the first three offspring are those of him & his first wife Jane GRAHAM] - proprietor by 8 May 1888 of Lot 107 of 62 about acres in the Parish of Wandin Yallock
HOLLIDAY, Margaret Ann LITTLE (Mrs J. B Holliday) b.1848 High Stand, Cote Hill, Wetheral, Cumberland, End. - d.1902 Richmond, Vic.
HOLLIDAY, John Watson Bewley b.1862 Whitehaven, Cumberland - d.
HOLLIDAY, Edward Graham Bewley b.1865 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland [ Occ: Steam Engineer - Engine Fitter] (m.Vic. Emily Elizabeth
HOLLIDAY, Joseph Bewley b.1868 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland - (m.Vic.1909 Caroline Elizabeth LAMBE) - d.1928 Melbourne, Vic.
HOLLIDAY, Caroline Elizabeth LAMBE
HOLLIDAY, John William Little - b.June 1872 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland - (m.Vic. 7 Oct 1893 Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON) - d. 1935 Melbourne, Vic.
HOLLIDAY, Richard Bewley b.1875 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland - d.1935 Perth, WA
HOLLIDAY, Francis Bewley b.1880 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland - d.1909 Paradise valley, Clematis, Emerald, Vic. @ 29yrs
HOLLIDAY, Mary Pingney Bewley -b.abt May 1882 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland (m.Vic.1907 Albert Percy FLOWER) -d.
HOLLIDAY, George Bewley - b.1885, d.1890 South Wandin Yallock @ 5yrs
HOLLIDAY, Frederick Bewley b. 1886 At SEA d. 1887 Western Australia
HOLLIDAY, Esther Bewley - b. 1889 South Wandin Yallock (Mrs Benito Arturo Enrico FALCO m.1917 Vic.) d.1926 Richmond, Vic. - see FALCO
HOLLIDAY, James Edward Bewley -b. Australia - d. Death 27 Oct 1968 South Australia


HOLLIS, John Frederick -b.abt 1807 Cane End, Caversham, Oxfordshire, England -(Baptised 3 august 1809 at Goring Heath, Ox. with his sister Mary Eliza Hollis)- second son of William 'Holles' HOLLIS Esquire (1762 – 1828) - Gentleman and Yeoman Farmer of 'Cane End', working farm estate of 350 acres, with 25 servant - and his wife Elizabeth POTTINGER (1773 – 1857) - - - [married 8 July 1840 Old Church, Saint Pancras, London to Frances Elizabeth CLOASE or CLOSE of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire) - - Occupation and Residence: 1841, FARMER at Long Crendon, Thame, over the then border of Oxfordshire, in Buckinghamshire (now again in Oxfordshire); - - 1851 Former-farmer, Albert Cottages, Albert terrace, off Oxford Road, St Giles, Reading, Berkshire - - [NOTE: neighbours with the MATTINGLEY family] - - - - EMIGRATION, with wife and six children - from Gravesend, London, 25 July 1852 per the ship "CHALMERS" to arrive in Melbourne, Australia in November 1852. - Died, a pauper, 11 January 1854 in Brunswick, Melbourne - Buried: in a pauper's grave, Melbourne General Cemetery.

HOLLIS, Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE or CLOSE -b.28 Decmbr 1813 Sonning, nr Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England –dghtr of Auctioneer and Wine Merchant of Henley-on-Thames, James the Younger CLOASE (1778 – 1816) and his formerly-widowed wife, Mary Ann late SWINLEY nee BULLOCK (1779 – 1846) who was formerly the wife of George SWINLEY, bringing six surviving SWINLEY children into the CLOASE household, including her brother, Major-General George Henry SWINLEY (1806-1867) of British India who raised his family in India, and died in Simla- - - EMIGRATED, with J.F.HOLLIS & six children from Gravesend, London, 25 July 1852 per the ship "CHALMERS" to arrive in Melbourne, Australia in November 1852. Widowed January 1854. (Re-married St Stephens Church of England, RIchmond, Vic to Pennsylvania-born 1860 Thomas 'No-Good Yank' SIMMONDS, who soon deserted her) -Died in a tent in poverty 4th June 1860 at Crown Street, Yarraberg, Richmond, Vic.- Buried in a bought-out former-pauper grave, with J.F. Hollis in Melbourne General Cemetery

Hubert John Hollis (1841~1888)

HOLLIS, Hubert John - b.1841 Long Crendon, Thame, Oxfordshire -son of John Frederick HOLLIS and Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE -
Thames Valley nr Reading, Berkshire, Eng. via Collingwood - Arr: Melbourne 1852 - -Fatherless: Jan.1854 -ORPHANED 1860 and declared a WARD of the state under Mr Septimus Martin J.P. of Richmond -early occupation- Groom and Coachman workingd for the Wiseman Brothers of Yarra Street, Collingwood, and Flinders Lane, Melbourne. - RESIDENCE 8th November 1860 at 39 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, from where he took this Advertisement in the Melbourne ARGUS - [[Thursday] WANTED, small FARM, cheap, five miles from town. Address by letter, HOLLIS, 39 Smith-street,Fitzroy] - (married @ Registry Office, 23 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, 5th January 1867 to Widford, Hertfordshire-born orphan and , Eliza SUCKLING, who also worked for the Wiseman Brothers of Yarra Street, Collingwood)- -Pioneered and fenced the Wiseman Selections in South Wandin Yallock, living on Albert WIseman's Selction, clearing and building and farming on the site near the Middle Creek and Ferndale Creek junction which later became FERNYDALE HOUSE, and the Try Society's Training Farm , lated own by Admiral Sir William Creswell. - Selcted his own Crown Allotment of abt 68 acres on the Stoney Creek accessed by what later became Hollis Road and Knolls Lane. - Occupation: RASPBERRY GROWING PIONEER, Raspberry Marketeer and Property Manager - - Died 14 November 1888 in Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Melbourne @ age 47 yrs - Buried: Melbourne General Cemetery, with infant daughter, Annie Frances Hollis.
HOLLIS, Eliza SUCKLING b.1837 Widford, nr Ware, Hertforshire. - daughter of Widford-born Blacksmith Charles SUCKLING (1805 – 1846) and his Widford-born wife Eliza RISTE (1812 – 1849) - Orphaned of both parents in Epidemics of 1846-1849, - Residence 1851: THE WARE UNION (THE WORKHOUSE, WARE), Ware, Hertfordshire. (Mrs H.J.Hollis) Residence: Fernydale, Wandin South, Hollis Road, Silvan South, and South Yarra, Prahran - Died - 11 February 1924 in Burleigh, Wandin South (Silvan) - Buried: Methodist Section, Lilydale Old Cemetery - see SUCKLING -

HOLLIS, Annie Frances (1867-1868) Fitzroy -dghtr of Hubert John HOLLIS and Eliza SUCKLING - [B.Melb.G.Cem]

HOLLIS, Charles Frederick - b.13 March 1869 Blanche Street, Richmond, VIC. -son of Hubert John HOLLIS and Eliza SUCKLING -Baptised 10 June 1869 13 @ St Stephens Church of England, Richmond, Victoria by the Very Reverend Canon Dr George Oakley VANCE, Dean of Melbourne - OCCUpATION :-Coppersmith and Blacksmith - Apprenticed to his uncle Charles SUCKLING of Greville Street, Prahran -(married 1900 South Yarra to Rosa Alice LANGLEY) - Residence 1901 @ 29 Balmoral St, South Yarra - Died.29 June 1905 South Yarra, Victoria, Australia @ 36 yrs
HOLLIS, Rosa Alice LANGLEY -b.1865 Melbourne, Victoria - dghtr of William John LANGLEY (1834 – 1914) & Eliza Isabella FEALY (1835 – 1877) - WIDOWED 1905 - (re-married 1908 at Bendigo to Edwin COLE) -d.1948 in Melbourne, Victoria.
- HOLLIS, Leslie Charles -b.1901 South Yarra - d.1903 South Yarra, VIC @ 2 yrs

HOLLIS, Emily Florence -b.1871 Yarra Vly - dghtr of Hubert John HOLLIS and Eliza SUCKLING - (married South Yarra Victora to New Zealand-born mining Engineerm Albert STEWART) d.1907 Campbells Crk - see STEWART -

HOLLIS, Ada Jane -b. 1874 Yarra Vly - dghtr of of Hubert John HOLLIS and Eliza SUCKLING - (married 23 July 1897 at the Hollis farmstead on the Stony Creek 'Casades' below Hollis Road, South Wandin, to German-born K. Wilhelm KNOLL of Parker Road, South Wandin) -By Methodist minister, Rev. John Barningham. Witnesses: - Charles Frederick Hollis and Emily Florence Hollis d.24 Oct 1947 'Knolls Hill' Wiseman Road, Burleigh, Silvan South - Buried: Methodist sectn, Lilydale Pioneer cemetery - see KNOLL -
Ada Jane Hollis (1874-1947) - Mrs K. Wilhelm KNOLL

HOLLIS, William (1875-1875) A TWIN - TWIN UNNAMED -son of Hubert John HOLLIS and Eliza SUCKLING - born/died & buried @ South Wandin

HOLLIS, George Hubert, - b. 1877 Sth Wandin - son of Hubert John HOLLIS and Eliza SUCKLING - Boer War Soldier (Bushveldt Carbineers) - (married at Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, Africa- (now Zimbabwe) abt 1906 to English-born 'Nellie' Sarah Helen BOWLES ) - Pioneer Missionary in NYASSALAND, now MALAWI, Central Africa, - LATER OCCUPATION; CAB PROPRIETOR AND PROPRIETOR of Tenaments called 'SILVAN HAZE' in Cape Town, South Africa - d. 23 February 1955 in 'Bullwood,' Cape Town, South Africa, Africa,
HOLLIS, 'Nellie' Sarah Helen BOWLES -b.April 1887 Stoke Newington, Middlesex, London, England - dghtr of worker and commerical traveller in glass and china, Alfred BOWLES and Sarah Elizabeth HARKOM– -Missionary with her Husband in Nyassaland by 1913- - Died 13 Decmbr 1950 Cape Town, South Africa
HOLLIS, Alfred Bowles -b.25th September 1912 Cape Town, South Africa -(married Cape Town, abt 1934, Miriam Irene LOCKE) - -d.1948 Cape Town, South Africa
HOLLIS, Miriam Irene LOCKE -b.abt May 1912 Mile End, Old Town, London, England - d.23 March 2009 Meadowridge, Republic of South Africa
--HOLLIS, Malcolm Peter -b.1935 Cape Town, South Africa
HOLLIS, Hubert -b.abt 1913 Nyassaland, Africa - (married abt 1934 Cape Town to Iris SILK)
HOLLIS, Iris SILK - b. ? - d. South Africa
HOLLIS, Florence -b.abt 1914 Nyassaland, Africa
HOLLIS, Frederick -b.abt 1915 Nyassaland, Africa
HOLLIS, Robert -b.abt 1916 Cape Town, South Africa
HOLLIS, Helen -b.abt 1918 Cape Town, South Africa

HOLLIS, Edward Arthur - b. 1878 Sth Wandin - son of Hubert John HOLLIS and Eliza SUCKLING - Boer War Soldier (Bushveldt carbineers); Urban Policeman, Cape Town, d. 1945 Wiseman Rd, Burleigh
HOLLIS, Emma Alice Elizabeth REID (Mrs Edward A. Hollis) born South Africa @ Sth Wandin in 1912-13 & again after 1925

-HOLLIS, Winnie Florence b.1911 South Yarra (Mrs B. OSTERMAN) see OSTERMAN -

-HOLLIS, Emma Agnes 'Aggie' b. 1913 Cape Town (Mrs Edvard HILLI) d.2000 Hoddles Crk - see HILLI -

-HOLLIS, Charles Suckling b. 1915 Cape Town, Sth Africa (m. Helga JANS)
-HOLLIS, Helga JANS - see JANS

-HOLLIS, Henry Warneford 'Mac' b. 1919 Cape Town, Sth Africa
-HOLLIS, William George 'Bill' b. 1922 Woodstock, Cape Town, Sth Africa (m. Joan Dingle) - gARDENER, And CARETAKER, of MELBA COTTAGE, Coldstream
-HOLLIS, Joan DINGLE - - of Coldstream
-HOLLIS, Barbara Evelyn b. 1924 Cape Town Sth Africa d. 2008 Lilydale (Mrs K.A.KNOLL) - see KNOLL -
-HOLLIS, Helen Elizabeth 'Nellie'b. 1926 Silvan, Vic (Mrs L.R. ADAMS) - see ADAMS -

-HOLLIS, Beatrice May b. 1928 Silvan Vic (Mrs Charles FRAZER) - see FRAZER -

HOLLIS, Alfred Henry - b.1881 South Wandin - son of Hubert John HOLLIS and Eliza SUCKLING - d. 1952 Wiseman Rd, Burleigh, Silvan South

HOLLIS, Arthur - b.1842 Long Crendon, Thames Valley, Ox. - -son of John Frederick HOLLIS and Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE -Fatherless: Jan.1854 -ORPHANED 1860 and declared a WARD of the state under Mr Septimus Martin J.P. of Richmond - via Collingwood Arr: Melbourne 1852 (brother of Hubert Hollis, & worker on the Wiseman Selections) RESIDENT @ SOUTH WANDIN YALLOCK 1880 & 1890s. Occupation: Carter, Labourer, Carrier - d.1909 Melbourne East, Victoria, Australia @ 67 yrs

HOLLIS, Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' -b.March Quarter 1843 in Long Crendon, near Thame, Buckingham-Oxfordshire, England -daughter of John Frederick HOLLIS and Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE -Fatherless: Jan.1854 -ORPHANED 1860 and declared a WARD of the state under Mr Septimus Martin J.P. of Richmond - (married 8 August 1864 @ Hawthorn, Melbourne -with a declaration forwarded from the Guardian of Minors to the London-born Brassfounder, John Thomas SMITH of Clifton Hill) - FIVE SMITH CHILDREN BORN COLLINGWOOD OR RICHMOND - Later Resident at Windsor, Prahran. d.1928 Armadale, Prahran, @ 85 yrs - Buried with husband 4 August 1928 @ St Kilda Cemetery, Dandenong Rd, St Kilda East - See SMITH -

HOLLIS, Edward Payne -b.Sept 1845 in Long Crendon, nr Thame, Buckinghamshire-Oxfordshire, England -son of John Frederick HOLLIS and Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE -Fatherless from January 1854 -ORPHANED 1860 and declared a WARD of the state under Mr Septimus Martin J.P. of Richmond - Imprisoned about 1863 - Admitted to Ararat Asylum 20 April 1871 ENTRY BOOK READS - From Ararat Gaol - A Prisoner of the Crown -Note: Has friends residing near Richmond; Date of Removal: - to Beechworth (ASYLUM) 20 June 1883; Resident at Beechworth Asylum 20 June 1883– 1892, - Died 9 July 1892 of previously unsuffered Epilepsy in a said 'Epileptic Fit' (a one-time institutional euphemism for bashing) at the Lunatic Asylum, Beechworth, Victoria

HOLLIS, Edith Rachel -b. 1846 Burghfield, below Reading, Berkshire, England -daughter of John Frederick HOLLIS and Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE -Fatherless: Jan.1854 -ORPHANED 1860 declared a WARD of the state under Mr Septimus Martin J.P. of Richmond - (married 1867 @ the Office of the registrar of marriages A.N. Mortimer, 174 Gertrude Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - With the written consent of Mr Septimus Martin, J.P. (Guardian of Minors). Witnessed by her elder brother, Hubert John Hollis & sister, Fanny Elizabeth Smith to early-Melbourne-born carrier, William Henry GRASS b.1844 –who died of alcoholism in 1883) two GRASS children born in Richmond, Vic. - d.2 October 1892 Richmond, VIC @ 46 yrs - see GRASS

HOLLIS, Lucy -b.1848 Hurley, Cookham District, Berkshire, England -daughter of John Frederick HOLLIS and Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE -Fatherless: Jan.1854 -ORPHANED 1860 and declared a WARD of the state under Mr Septimus Martin J.P. of Richmond - (married Gertrude Street Fitzrpy 17 March 1871 to London-born brewer, John CURTIS (1850 – 1892)) - -d.1891 Richmond, Vic. Australia @ 43 yrs - see CURTIS

HOLLOW, Alfred Mervyn (Schoolteacher @ Silvan South (m. Hilda Johns) {Reg. No. 21221] - b. 5 Dec 1902 Rutherglen, Vic. - son of Alfred HOLLOW & Margaret Ann LEITCH - (m.17 May 1941 Hawthorn, vic. Hilda M JOHNS of Burleigh, South Silvan) - d. 5 Jun 1962 Box Hill, vic.
HOLLOW, Hilda Margaret JOHNS b.19 Aug 1907 Emerald, Vic. - dghter of James JOHNS & Rosamund Jane BAILEY - d. 11 Apr 1974 Vic. - See JOHNS - See BAILEY
HOLLOW, Roslyn Margaret b.1942 Leongatha (m.Vic. Peter FOX)

HOLMES, James Frederick - b. 1838 Westbrook County, Nova Scotia, CANADA (m. Ellen Farquhar)Carpenter d. 1888 South Wandin Yallock @ 49 yrs
HOLMES, Eleanor Jane 'Ellen' b. 1868 Melbourne > Sth Wandin > Nurse, Kew Asylum
HOLMES, Margaret Parker Anne Farquhar b. 1870 Melbourne, Vic. > Sth Wandin
HOLMES, Susan Maud - b. 1872 South Wandin Yallock
HOLMES, Janie Elizabeth - b. 1874 South Wandin Yallock

HOLMES, John E, South Wandin fruitgrower 1905

HOLROYD, Justice Sir Edward Dundas - b. 6 June 1828 Wimbleton, Surrey, England - son of Edward HOLROYD & Caroline PUGSLEY - Emigrated. - (m.Vic.1862 Anna Maria Hoyles COMPTON) - d.5 January 1916 @ "Fernacres' St Kilda. Had his 'Country Retreat' in the Wandins.
HOLROYD, Anna Maria Hoyles COMPTON - b. - daughter of Henry COMPTON & Jane TOZER - d.7 May 1917 St Kilda
HOLROYD, Catherine Compton - b.1863 Williamstown, Vic. - (,Vic.1888 John James O'Hara WOOD) - d.1954 Camberwell @ 90yr
HOLROYD, Arthur George - b.1865 St Kilda - d.1931 Heidelberg @ 66yr
HOLROYD, Ethel Hardman - b.1864 Williamstown, Vic. - (m.Vic.1890 Oscar Joseph Francois Guillame Van ASCHE) -
HOLROYD, Spencer Edward - b.1867 St Kilda - - -d.1923 East Melb.
HOLROYD, Sophia Marion 0 b.1870 St Kilda - (mVic.1895 Charles Edward Stephenson WEBB-WARE) - d

HOLT, John Armitage - b. Balaclava, Vic.
HOLT, Isla Ann Louise JORDAN - b.1880 Phillip Is. Vic. - daughter of Andrew Richard JORDAN & Anna Gertrude Auguste PAAR (m.1911 Ethelbert Gladstone SMITH)
HOLT, Ilsa Mary b.1903 Carlton, Vic.

HOLTER, Henry Thomas b.1830 Sussex, England d.1869 Yarra Valley @ 38 yrs
HOLTER, Sarah SAWYER b. Kent, ENgland (m.1859 Melbourne, Henry Holter) - d.1915 as Sarah NOTT, St Kilda
HOLTER, John (1861 -1862) Collingwood
HOLTER, William Henry b.1862 Nunawading
HOLTER, Mary Ann (1864-1865) Nunawading
HOLTER, George (1866-1886) Nunawading-Box Hill
HOLTER, Thomas b.1868 Wandin Yallock (m. Ellen JACKSON) d.1929 Brunswick @ 65yrs
HOLTER, Ellen JACKSON -dghtr of John & Catherine JACKSON d.1929 Lilydale @ 73yrs
HOLTER, Sarah SAWYER (widow) (m.1870 James KNOTT) d. 1915 St Kilda - see NOTT
KNOTT, James b. Hyde d.1916 East Melb. @ 53yrs (son of William Knott & Susannah Cock)
KNOTT, Martha b.1873 Sexton, Wandin Yalock Vic. (m.1893 James Edwin BUCKLAND)
KNOTT, James b.1877 Wandin Yallock

HOLZER, Percival Frederich Clyde b.1897 Richmond, Vic. (son of Friedrich Holzer & Florence Walker)
HOLZER, Una Isabel CORNELL - Silvan Rd, Mt Evelyn. (m.1923 Mrs P.F. Holzer) d.1959 Heidelberg, Vic. @ 53 yrs (daughtr of William Cornell & Ethel Maud Boyle)

HOOK, Mr George - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1882 [Teacher Registration No. 7178] - b.1862 Collingwood- son of George HOOK & Ann SUTTON - (m.Vic.1885 Margaret Ann McLELLAND of Wandin South) - d.1931 Fitzroy @ 68yrs
HOOK, Margaret Ann McLELLAND - b. - See McLELLAND b.1866 Melbourne, dghter of Scotland-born James McLELLAND & Matilda BLAIR -d.1942 Fitzroy @ 75yrs - see McLELLAND
HOOK, Frederick George - b.1887 Collingwood -(m.Vic.1916 Mary Margaret FULTON) -d.1959 Ballarat
HOOK, James Joseph -b.1890 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1917 Ada Ethel JENKINS) -d.1924 Richmond
HOOK, Walter Leslie -b.1892 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1916 Minnie Boase MUDIE)
HOOK, William Theodore -b.1896 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1917 Minnie ? HOOK) d.1968 East Melb.
HOOK, Margaret Lilian -b.1899 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1920 George EARL)-d.1985 Cast.Vic.
HOOK, Myrtle Ethel 1901-1901 Collingwood
HOOK, Edith Marion -b.1904 Collingwood - (m.1930 Henry Herbert EDNIE)
HOOK, Winifred Mary -b.1909 Fitzroy North (m.1934 Archie Adrian THOMPSON

HOOPER, William James -b.1843 Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng.
HOOPER, Elizabeth - b.1871 Collingwood (Mrs J.J.Spry)
HOOPER, Mary Matilda 'Annie' b.1871 Collingwood
HOOPER, Ada Amelia b. 1876 Collingwood (Mrs G.G.Macey)
HOOPER, Mary Jane b. 1878 Collingwood (Mrs G.G.Gordon)
HOOPER, Penelope - b. 1879 South Wandin Yallock
HOOPER, William James - b.1880 South Wandin Yallock
HOOPER, Ellen Georgina - b. 1883 Melbourne
HOOPER, Victoria - b. 1885 Melbourne
HOOPER, Walter George Tanner - b.1887 Melbourne
HOOPER, Selina Night - @ South Wandin by 1909

Walter George Tanner Hooper, born 1887

HOOTON, Charles b.1854 (Baptist Registration) Brighton, Port Phillip Bay (son of John HOOTON & Eliza PATCHETT) - (m.1.Vic.1878 Amelia McARTHUR) -widoed - )m.1.Vic.1887 Emma FIRTH) d.1931 Melb.East @ 77yrs
HOOTON, Amelia McARTHUR -b.abt 1856 -dghtr of John McARTHUR - d.1886 Prahran Hospital @ age 29yrs
HOOTON, Eliza - b.1878 Brighton, Vic. (m.Vic.1905 William SOUTER)
HOOTON, Alice -b.1880 Prahran - (m.Vic.1905 Thomas Charles LADD)
HOOTON, Lily -b.1883 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1903 Thomas Ernest LAVER)
HOOTON, Emma Jane FIRTH b.1858 Derrimut, Keilor Plains, Vic. -daughter of William FIRTH & Harriet BLACK - (m.1887 Charles HOOTON ) d.1926 Melb.East @ 69yrs
HOOTON, George b.1888 Wandin Yalloak (m.1913 Eleanor TEPPETT) d.1977 Parkville @ 87yrs
HOOTON, May b.1890 Wandin Yalloak (m.1912 Charles Augustus SIMPSON)
HOOTON, Ruby b.1892 Wandin Yalloak (m.George Frederick Charles MOSELEY)
HOOTON, Ada b.1893 Wandin Yalloak (m.1920 Albert LUXFORD)
HOOTON, Henry b.1894 Wandin Yalloak (m.1912 Camelia KLEINITZ) d.1973 Bairnsdale @ 76yrs
HOOTON, Elsie b.1898 Wandin Yalloak (m.1918 Frederick Albert SCARFFE) d.1973 Thornbury

HOPE, Robert Octavius (1849~1915) from England via Daylesford (son of Stephen Charles Hope & Francis Richardson). d.Yarragon, Vic.
HOPE, Agnes SIMPSON (Mrs R.O.Hope) (more children born Yarragon)
HOPE, Stanley Charles b. 1884 Wandin South'
HOPE, Francis b. 1884 Wandin ~ d.1887 Yarragon, Gippsland
HOPE, George Duncan b. 1887 Yarragon

HOPKINSON, Harry Stewart -b.abt 1871 - labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1909 - d.1945 South Melbourne @ 74yrs

HORDERN, William b.abt 1862 ? son of William HORDERN & Cecilia MONGER who died 1914 Hawthorn @ 79yrs) - at Valinda Hills, Olinda Vale, Evelyn - d.1911 Kew, Boroondara @ 49yrs
HORDERN, Harriet BULL d.1947 East St Kilda @ 78yrs - daughter of Cecil GARDNER & ?
HORDERN, Harriet May b.1888 Hawthorn, Boroondara (m.1919 Nigel A'Beckett Talworth BACKHOUSE) - see BACKHOUSE
HORDERN, William Guy -b.1889 Hawthorn, Boroondara - d.1924 Bendigo @ 33yrs
HORDERN, Cedric -b.1890 Hawthorn, Boroondara (m.1913 Louise Hyacinth Mary KNIBBS)
HORDERN, Louisa Hyacinth Mary KNIBBS
HORDERN, Edith Marjory b.1892 Hawthorn, Boroondara - d.1922 Malvern @ 30yrs

HORNE, Walter Leslie HORNE - b.1890 Berwick, West Gippsland - son of George Benjamin HORNE & Susan Sarah DARBY - (m.Vic.1914 Margaret Nelson 'Mag' DICKSON)- Divorced -(m.2.Vic.1938 Beatrice Pauline Lawer CORNELL nee SMITH - widow of Edmund Frederick Douglas CORNELL of Wandin Yallock) - d.1969 Nunawading @ 79yrs
HORNE, Margaret Nelson 'Mag' DICKSON - b.abt 1887 -dghter of William DICKSON & Mary Dorward SELBIE - d.1969 Kew, Vic @ 82yrs
HORNE, Doris Mary -b.1914 Port Melbourne - (m.Vic.1936 William JACKSON)
HORNE, Beatrice Pauline Lawer CORNELL- nee SMITH -b.1894 Richmond - daughter of Harold Belgrave SMITH & Polly U'REN - -d.24 Augt 1970 Murchison, Goulburn Valley -see CORNELL & see SMITH

HORNER, Elizabeth KELLY b. abt 1806 - died 1884 Wandin Yallock, Age 78 yrs (daughter of Thomas & Annie KELLY-
HORNER, Jacob b.abt 1846 - d.1890 Prahran @ 43yr
HORNER, William James - b.abt 1848 - d.1943 Malvern @ 95yrs
HORNER, John - b.abt 1842 - d.1900 Loch, Gippsland @ 57ys
HORNER, Isabella - b.abt 1836 - (m. GOODSON) d.1901 Launching Place @ 64yrs - see GOODSON

HOSKING, William Thomas - Farmer- Silvan 1926
HOSKING, Alice Annie - Silvan 1926

HOUGHTON, George b.1824 Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England - son of Edward William HOUGHTON & ELizabeth FARR - (m.October 1853 Kings Norton, Worcs.,to Caroline BURROWS ) - d.1912 Olinda Crk, Sth Mooroolbark, Croydon
HOUGHTON, Caroline BURROWS / BARROW - b.abt 1829 nr Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England - dghtr of William & Mary BURROWS - d.1898 Olinda Crk, Lillydale dist. - Children:
HOUGHTON, Emma - b.1853-1853 Heidelberg
HOUGHTON, George -b.1854 Heidelberg - (m.1881 Heidelberg, Vic. Annie OFFLER ) - - d.1928 Lillydale
HOUGHTON, Anna Catherine 'Annie' OFFLER (or OFFICER) b.abt 1861 ? - daughter of Henry OFFICER- - d.1933 Lilydale, Vic.
-HOUGHTON, Florence b.1882-1883 Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, Jessie -b.1883 Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, Rose -b.1887 Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, Bessie b.1891 Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, Benjamin b.1896 Lilydale
HOUGHTON, Emily -b.1857 Ivanhoe, Heidelberg (m.Vic.1876 James HEWISH) - see HEWISH
HOUGHTON, Maria (Mrs Christopher Thomas BRIGGS) d.1940 Silvan @ 80 yrs (daughter of George Houghton & Caroline Burrows) - see BRIGGS
HOUGHTON, John -b.1862 Heidelberg - (m.Vic.1884 Annie Elizabeth WEEKS) - - d.1943 in Prahran, Vic.
HOUGHTON, Annie Elizabeth WEEKS -b.abt 1864 Heidelberg -dghtr of John WEEKS & Agnes McNEIL - d.1941 Lillydale @ 76yrs -see WEEKS
-HOUGHTON, Emily May -b.1885 Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, William John - b.1891 Lillydale
HOUGHTON, James -b.1864 Heidelberg, Yarra- (m.1886 Ophelia Eliza JEEVES)
HOUGHTON, Ophelia Eliza JEEVES - b.Olinda Creek, The Mountain, South Wandin, - see JEEVES
-HOUGHTON, Ethel Marion - b.1887 Olinda Crk, Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, Arthur George b.1890 Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, Florence Ada b.1893 Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, Walter James b.1895 Lillydale
-HOUGHTON, Olive Blanche b.1900 Lillydale
HOUGHTON, Mary Ann -b.1867 Templestowe, Bulleen (m.1890 Thomas Henry PIERCE b.County Kildare, Ireland) - see PIERCE
HOUGHTON, Alice - b.1870 Templestowe (m.1888 Herbert Norris HAINE b. Drysdale, Vic.) - see HAINE
HOUGHTON, Anna Alice b.1871 Bulleen

HOWARD, Andrew Robert - farmer, Macclesfield Rd, North Monbulk
HOWARD, Maudie Fedora JANS b.1912 South Melbourne - daughter of Harry Herald Johann JANS of Warburton & Hetta COSHAM - Macclesfield Rd, North Monbulk - see JANS
HOWARD, Gladys Amy b.1931 - at Silvan South SS
HOWARD, Gwenllian Hazel b.1933 - at Silvan South SS

HOWARD, Mr. Basil - Schoolteacher @ Silvan 1935 [Teacher Registration No. 17719] - b. 1894 Talbot, Vic. - son of Matthew Henry HOWARD & Mary TAMBLYN - (m.Vic.1937 Annie F L MILLS) d.1958 Kew, Boroondara @ 64yrs
HOWARD, Annie Florence Latona MILLS -

HOWARD, Robert Archibald- Engine Driver, Silvan 1926
HOWARD, Myrtle Irene, Silvan
HOWARD, parents of Bill

HOWCROFT, Sarah Willis b.1863 Lucky Womans, Happy Valley -daughter of John Howcroft & Emma Griffiths (Mrs W.H.Dunstan m.1891 Vic)

HOWE, Henry - Silvan, Butcher - b. abt 1897 - son of George & Isabel HOWE - (m.Vic.1929 Ellen Martha GINN) - d.1981 Boronia @ 84yrs
HOWE, Ellen Martha GINN - Silvan - b.abt 1905 - dghtr of John & mary GINN - d.1982 Dandenong @ 77yr

HOWELL, Amelia -b.abt Feb 1843 Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, daughter of James & Mary ELizabeth of HOWELL (m.Chippenham, Wiltshire 22 May 1866 William HOOPER) - see HOOPER

HOWELL, Isaac b.1821 Burrington, Somersetshire, England- an agricultural Labourer (son of Agricultural Labourer, Robert HOWELL & Elizabeth PLUMLEY)-(married Axbridge, Somersetshire May 1855 to Ann Tutton REED). Emigrated to arrive in Melbourne in April 1857 per the ship SABRINA from England at age 36 years. -Died 11 June 1887 Wandin Yallock, age 66 yrs
HOWELL, Ann Tutton REED b.1835 Wedmore, Somerset, England - dghtr of Butler ,John REED & Sarah DOLE of Compton Bishop, Somersetshire - (m.1855 Axbridge, Somerset, Eng. Isaac Howell) - Emigrated to arrive in Melbourne in April 1857 per the ship SABRINA from England at age 20 years.
HOWELL, James b.abt 1856 ? England - Emigrated to arrive in Melbourne in April 1857 per the ship SABRINA from England at age 1 year. - (m.Vic.1888 Johanne Paulina WITTIG of Doncaster) - d.1933 Melbourne,
HOWELL, Johanne Pauline WITTIG (b.4 July 1869 Waldau German Settlement, Bulleen-Bulleen (later Doncaster) - dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Ernst Samuel WITTIG & his wife Anna Rosina HEINECKE - Paulina Howell died in Wandin in 1954.
-HOWELL, James (1891 Wandin Yallock -1979
-HOWELL, Gordon Herbert (1892 Wandin Yallock -1934)
-HOWELL, William Henry (1894 Wandin Yallock -1975
-HOWELL, Edith Jane 1895 Wandin Yallock -
-HOWELL, Ernst Charl (1897 Wandin Yallock -1966)
-HOWELL, Alvina Grace (1898 Wandin Yallock -1959
-HOWELL, Ethel May (1904 Wandin Yallock -1968)
-HOWELL, Marjory Erica (1907 Wandin Yallock -1932)
HOWELL, Isaac - b.1859 Kew Boroondara - d.1878 Wagga Wagga, NSW
HOWELL, William Henry -b.1861 Yering, Yarra Valley- died 1888 Wandin Yallock @ 26 yrs
HOWELL, John - b.1863 Lillydale - d.1876 Yarra Valley
HOWELL, Sarah Ann - 1865-1865 Yarra Valley
HOWELL, Charles 1867-1869 Yarra Valley
HOWELL, Jane b.1868 Wandin Yallock, Yarra Valley (m.Wandin 24 March 1888 to William OCKWELL) d.1947 Wandin Yallock - See OCKWELL
HOWELL, Ellen b.1870-1876 Yarra Valley
HOWELL, Charles II b.1873-1876 Yarra Valley
HOWELL, Henry b.1875-1878 Yarra Valley
HOWELL, John b.1877-1878 Yarra Valley

HOWLING, Richard William - b.1868 Clunes, Ballarat Goldfields -son of Richard Matthew HOWLING & Janet CLARKE who married in Victoria in 1862. (m.Vic.1893 Nellie Ellen READ) - d.
HOWLING, Nellie Ellen READ -b.1871 London, England - dghtr of John READ - d.1946 Croydon Vic. @ 75yr
HOWLING, Harold George -b.1894 Surrey Hills, Nunawading - (m.Vic.1920 Eleanor Margaret LARKE) - d.1960 Prahran @ 74yr
HOWLING, Eleanor Margret LARKE
HOWLING, Doris Anne - b.1899 Wandin Yallock -
HOWLING, Nellie Victoria - b.1896 Ringwood - (m.Vic.1920 William Goldie GIBSON) s.1984 Ferntree Gully @ 87yr
HOWLING, Richard Robert -b.1897 Ringwood - (m.Vic.1921 Hannah Melba HARRIS)
HOWLING, Robert John Henry - b.1900. Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1927 Vera Rebecca BARTLESON) -d.1971 Airport West @ 71yr
HOWLING, Arthur Herbert -b.1903 Lilydale (m.Vic.1920 Ivy Edith DAVIDSON) - d.1978 Croydon @ 75yrs
HOWLING, Jessie Lillian - b.1905 Carlton - (m.Vic.1928 Robert Heron BYRON) d.1980 Caulfield @ 74yr
HOWLING, John Edgar - b.1909-d.1909 Calton

HOYLAND, James Old Willow - Hunter Road, 1926 - Plumber

HUBBARD, David b.abt 1818 - son of Robert HUBBARD & Kezia BRACAM - (m.1847 St James Church of England, Melbourne, Port Phillip District, NSW- to Elizabeth MAWBEY) - d.1893 Prahran @ 75yrs
HUBBARD, Elizabeth 'Betsey' MAWBY - b.abt 1828 - dghter of Thomas MAWBY & Mary HALES - d.1900 Prahran @ 71yrs

HUBBARD, Robert -b.1850 Richmond-on-Yarra - (m.Vic.1871 Ellen RYAN) - d.1922 Sandringham @ 73yrs
HUBBARD, Ellen RYAN - d.1909 Sandringham @ 63yrs - dghtr of John RYAN & Anne CALLAGHAN-
- HUBBARD, Amy - b.1873 South Yarra - d.1877 SY
- HUBBARD, Mary Ann - b.1874 South Yarra - (m.Vic.1906 James THRESHER) -d.1952 Morwell @ 78yrs
- HUBBARD, Robert Francis Frank -b.1876 Melb. -(m.Vic.1899 Florry CORNEILLE) -d.1959 Melb.@82yrs
- HUBBARD, Florence Alvena 'Florry' CORNEILLE - b.abt 1880 - dghtr of Henri CORNEILLE & Albana Juliana ? - d.1960 Ringwood @ 80yrs
- HUBBARD, Charlotte Margaret -b.1880 South Yarra - (m.Vic.1907 Thomas Henry DENT)
- HUBBARD, David William - b.1882 Melbourne - - -d.1962 Hampton @ 82yr

HUBBARD, Mary Ann - b. 1852 Melb. / Prahran - (m.Vic.1875 William SKINNER)
HUBBARD, Charlotte - b. 1854 Prahran - (m.Vic.1885 George Ronald INGRAM)
HUBBARD, Kezia - b.1856 Prahran - d.1858 Prahran

HUBBARD, David - b.1861 Prahran - (m.Vic.1883 Susan BAXTER) - d.1944 Hawthorn, Vic. @ 83yr
HUBBARD, Susan BAXTER - b.1860 Boroondara - dghtr of Joseph & Elizabeth BAXTER - - d.1941 Hawthorn East, Vic. @ 82yrs
- HUBBARD, Alice Mary Ann - b. 1884 Wandin Yallock -Seville (m.Vic.1912 Joseph Taggart BLAIR) - d.1957 Fairfield @ 71yrs
- HUBBARD, Kezia Mary -b. 1885 Wandin - - d.1951 Surrey Hills @ 65yrs
- HUBBARD, Alfred Irwin - b.1887 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1914 Delia Josephine PAYNE) -d.1961 Frankston @ 74yrs
- HUBBARD, Eva Charlotte - b.1889 Wandin Yallock /Seville- (m.Vic.1911 Robert PINE) - d.1974 Surrey Hills @ 83yrs
- HUBBARD, Fanny Louisa - b.1891 Wandin Yallock
- HUBBARD, Mabel Jessie - b.1893 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1919 Clive FRASER) -d.1969 Caulfield @ 76yr
- HUBBARD, Frances Hannah -b.1895 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1922 Arthur Erskine McMILLAN) d.1977 Box Hill @ 82yr
- HUBBARD, Percival - b.1899 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1923 Annie Edna May LODWICK) -d.1967 Kew @ 68yr
- HUBBARD, Annie Edna May LODWICK - b.abt 19000 - dghtr of Benyamin LODWICK & Elisabeth COOL - d.1966 Hawthorn @ 65yr
- HUBBARD, Stella - b.1901 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1923 William Thomas MORGAN) -d.1975 Frankston @ 74yr

HUBBARD, William - b.1862 Prahran - (m.Vic. 1881- Millicent BAXTER) -d.1924 Prahran @ 61yrs
HUBBARD, Millicent BAXTER -b.1862 Boroondara - dghtr of Joseph & Elizabeth BAXTER - d.1927 Richmond-on-Yarra @ 64yr
- HUBBARD, Albert William - b.1882 Prahran
- HUBBARD, Leslie - b.1884 Prahran - (m.Vic.1903 Florence Lillian TAYLOR) - d.1946 Melb. @ 61yr
- HUBBARD, Florence Lillian TAYLOR - b.abt 1884 - dghtr of Edward TAYLOR & Maria Shaw PARKER - d.1971 Windsor, Prahran @ 87yr
- HUBBARD, Norman Frederick - b.1887 Wandin Yallock - d. 1887 Prahran
- HUBBARD, Harold Reuben - b.1889 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1911 Florence May WOODRUFF) - d.1941 Reservoir @ 52yr
- HUBBARD, Ethel May - b.1891 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1916 Leonard Lorne ROBERTSON)
- HUBBARD, Alice Myrtle - b.1893 Wandin Yallock- Lilydale -(m.Vic.1920 John Walter GOULD) -d.1923 Prahran @ 29yrs
- HUBBARD, Ivy Elizabeth - (m.Vic. GOULD) - d.1930 Preston @ 33yrs

HUGHES, John Brammer b. London, England (m.Vic.1877 - Louisa AXFORD) -d.
HUGHES, Louisa AXFORD b. Melbourne
HUGHES, Violet Mary 1878 Prahran – (m. Vic.1908 Albert Lincoln LEEMON) - 1944 Glen Iris
HUGHES, John Brammer (1879-1880) Prahran
HUGHES, John Thomas Brammer b.1881 Lilydale
HUGHES, Maria (1884-1884) Richmond
HUGHES, Rose Louisa Harley -(1885-1887) Wandin Yallock, age 1
HUGHES, Francis Ernest Edward - b.1889 Lilydale (m.1918 Sybil BURNS)
HUGHES, Arthur William Henry - b.1895 Lilydale (m.Vic.1926 Margaret Agnes CROWLEY)
HUGHES, Margaret Agnes CROWLEY

HUGHES, Edith Mary b. 1888 Collingwood - Nurse, South Wandin 1914 daughter of Richard Hughes & Sarah Ann Phillips(Signed Last Will & Testament of Angell Ellis @ Wandin, 1915) d. 1981 Eltham
m.1919 HOUNSLOW, Ernest William b. 1888 Northcote ~ d. 1975 Rosanna

HUGO, Elizabeth - b.1843 (Mrs Henry Goose/Goss)

HULME, Arthur James - b. abt 1844 ? -son of William Chuff HULME & Hephzibah LAND - d.1931 Wangaratta @ 87yrs
HULME, Albert Ernest (1884 son of arthur HULME & Louisa LODER -1964) - Fruitgrower @ Sth Wandin by 1913 d.1964 Heidelberg @ 80yrs
HULME, Sophie Royle OLIVER (Mrs A.E. Hulme 1920 Vic) - b. abt 1888 - dghtr of Albert OLIVER & Sophie Caroline HUNTER - d.1978 Footscray @ 89yr

HULME, Frank (1885-1964)- fruitgrower South Wandin by 1913 - d.1864 Warrigal @ 79yrs
HULME, May CARTER (Mrs F. Hulme m.1916 Vic) - b.abt 1885 - dghtr of James CARTER & Henriette BRACEWELL - d.1974 Spot..? @ 88yrs
HULME, Ettie - b.1920 Williamstown, vic.

HUMPHRIES, Alan Ashton -b.1912 Coalville, Narracan, LaTrobe Valley, Gippsland - son of Herbert William Ernest HUMPHRIES (1880 – 1983) and Phoebe ASHTON (1880 – 1976) -[married Wandin 1930 Ethyl Ada 'Ethel' MITCHELL) - RESIDENCE 1929 SILVAN, 1931 SEVILLE, Occupation; Earth mover, Engineer, Roller Driver - d.2005 Mooroopna, Shepparton, Victoria
HUMPHRIES, Ethyl Ada 'Ethel' MITCHELL -b.1914 Yarra Valley - dgtr of John MITCHELL and ? Shannon? - d.1962 Carlton, Melbourne,
HUMPHRIES, Albert John "Jack" HUMPHRIES -b.1930 Silvan, Vic. – d.1980
HUMPHRIES, Gwynn 'Nicholson' HUMPHRIES - b.1931 Seville
HUMPHRIES, boy -b. 1933 Lilydale
HUMPHRIES, son -b.1935 Lilydale

HUNT, James William b. Wiltshire, England (Queens Rd) Wandin South Postmaster 1893 d. 1913 SY @ 73

HUNT, Emma BOND b. Fulham, London (Mrs J.W.Hunt m. 1873 Vic)
HUNT, Edith Annie Louisa b. 1876 Hawthorn (daughtr of J.W.Hunt & Emma Bond) by 1909 (Mrs Ellis PRYOR m. 1909 Vic) d. 1910 Hawthorn @ 34

HUNT, Alfred Thomas - b.1867 Collingwood - son of William Henry HUNT & Margaret BEATTIE - (m.Vic.1890 Amelia Madeline Collings) - d.1911 Brighton @ 45yrs
HUNT, Amelia Madeline COLLINGS - b.1870 St Kilda - dghtr of Thomas George COLLINGS & Clara Elizebth PEARCE - d. 1943 Bentleigh - see COLLINGS
HUNT, Harold Alfred - b.1891 Prahran - (m.Vic.1921 Matilda Jane McCRAW) - d.1975 Oakliegh @ 84
HUNT, Leslie Thomas - b.1897 Glen Alvie - (m.Vic.1935 Gerte Esther HEWLETT) -d.1956 Ormond @ 58
HUNT, Arthur Robert b. 1904 Korumburra - (m.Vic.1925 Eileen veronica O'CALLAGHAN) -d.1948 Blackburn @ 43yr
HUNT, Amelia Madeline b. 1907 Korumburra (m.1934 Matthew Herbert SKEWES) -d.1968 McKinnon @ 61yrs


HUNTER, Edward b. 24 Feb 1817 Low Weetsled, Longbenton, Northumberland, England - son of Robert HUNTER & Martha REED of Low Weetsled - (m.Bedlington, Northumberland 25 May 1845 to Jane PATTISON) - Emigrated per the ship 'EMIGRANT" from Sunderland, Durham - to arrive Melbourne - - d. 12 Jan 1895 Wandin Yallock
HUNTER, Jane PATTISON -b.25 Dec 1820
Bedlington, Northumberland, England -daughter of William PATTERSON & Jane TEMPERLEY - d. 7 Jun 1907 Wandin Yalloak, Victoria.

HUNTER, Jane Ann - b.4 Jun 1846 Seaham Harbour, Durham, England -daughter of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON -d.1 Apr 1848 Seaham Harbour, Durham

HUNTER, Robert - b.5 Oct 1847 Seaham Harbour, Durham, England (nr Northumberland) -EARlY RESIDENT of Heidelberg, Vic. Nurseryman-Farmer & Pioneer Sawmiller of South Wandin Yallock - d.8 Mar 1894 Wandin Yalloak - Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery
HUNTER, Rosanna Dale HAMPTON b. 16 Mar 1828
Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England - daughter of Attwood HAMPTON, carpenter & Anna DALE) from Norfolk & Hoddeston-Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, Eng. (Mrs Robert Hunter) - d. 28 Jan 1905 - Buried : Lilydale Old Cemetery
HUNTER, 'Stella' Estella Jane - b. 1873 Heidelberg (Mrs William CHAPMAN )
HUNTER, Joseph Henry 'Joe' - b.1875 Heidelberg, Victoria (m. Edith PARKER)
HUNTER, Martha Rose Jane - b.1876 Heidelberg (Mrs J. M. Aitken)
HUNTER, Margaret Dora - b 1879 Wandin Yallock (Mrs H. W. Miles)
HUNTER, Jessie - b. 1886 Wandin Yallock (Mrs F. A. Willoughby)
HUNTER, William Robert b. 1891 Wandin Yallock

HUNTER, William - b. 29 Dec 1849 Seaham Harbour, Durham - son of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON - d.10 Jun 1851 Seaham Harbour, Durham, England

HUNTER, Edward -b.18 Sep 1851 Seaham Harbour, Durham, England - son of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON - (m.Vic. Eliza BUCK) -d.4 Nov 1938 Wandin Yalloak
HUNTER, Eliza BUCK - b.1963 Sandridge, Pt Melbourne - daughter of Birkenhead, Cheshire-born William BUCK (1839-189?) & Bedfordbury, London-born Mary BARRY (1943-1881) - d.29 Jul 1940 Wandin - Lilydale
HUNTER, Edward - b. 16 Apr 1882 Collingwood, Vic. (m.Vic. Adelaide POPE) - d.18 Nov 1951
HUNTER, Mary Jane - b.7 Jan 1884 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic. Thomas COWIE) d.31 Dec 1953
Lilydale, Vic.
HUNTER, William Charles - b.8 Apr 1885 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. Alvina GOODALL) - d. 22 Feb 1969 Blackburn, Vic.
HUNTER, Maria - b.1 Jan 1887 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic. William FIRTH) - d.10 Jan 1926
Wandin Yallock - see FIRTH
HUNTER, James Henry - b. 6 Aug 1888 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic. Miriam SMITH) =- d. 5 Dec 1978 Wandin Yallock, Vic
HUNTER, Miriam SMITH - - - see SMITH
HUNTER, Eliza b.11 Aug 1891 Wandin Yalloak - (m.Vic. Frederick CRUIKSHANK) - d.16 Jan 1962 Lilydale, Vic. - see CRUIKSHANK
HUNTER, Martha - b.8 May 1893 - d. 3 Jul 1893 Wandin Yallock, Vic.
HUNTER, Jane Temperley - b.3 Jul 1894 Wandin Yalloak, Vic. - (m.Vic. Thomas WEAR) - d. 7 Mar 1947 Melbourne
HUNTER, Christina - b.1 Mar 1896 Wandin Yalloak, Vic. - (m.Vic. Jens PEDERSEN) - d.14 Aug 1973 Box Hill, Vic. - see PEDERSEN
HUNTER, Robert - b. 5 Mar 1898 Wandin Yalloak, Vic. - (m.Vic. Annie KING) -d.8 Jul 1962 Lilydale, Vic.
HUNTER, Annie KING - - - see KING
HUNTER, Martha - b.2 Jan 1900 Wandin Yalloak, Vic. - (m.Vic. Frederick LORD) - d.5 Jun 1983 Dandenong, Vic. - see LORD
HUNTER, Dorothy - b.18 Dec 1901 Wandin Yalloak, Vic. - (m.Vic. Archibald BETHUNE) - d.17 Aug 1985 Wandin Yallock - see BETHUNE
HUNTER, Alfred Norman - b.29 Oct 1903 Wandin Yalloak, Vic. - (m>Vic. Ethel FURNISS) - d.9 Sep 1960 Box Hill, Vic.

HUNTER, William Thomas -b.29 Nov 1853 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Vic. - son of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON - (m.Vic. Sabina BURTON) -d.10 Jun 1912 Prahran
HUNTER, Sabina BURTON -b.1 Mar 1854 Lancashire, England -dghtr of Worthington, Lancashire-born William BURTON & Burnley, Lancashire-born Margaret KNOWLES - of Toolern Vale, nr Gisborne, Victoria. -d.4 May 1927 Toolern Vale, Vic. - B.Gisborne
HUNTER, William Edward Thomas -b.2 Feb 1881 Melton, Vic. - (m.Vic Rosa MINNS) - d. Jul 1957 Bacchus Marsh
HUNTER, George - b.25 Oct 1882 Melton, Vic. (Elizabeth PENALUNA)- d.9 May 1965 Deer Park, Vic.
HUNTER, Margaret Jane - b.20 May 1884 Melton -(m.Vic. Joseph BEASLEY_) -d.9 Jun 1943
HUNTER, Lillian -b.30 Nov 1885 -1897 Melton, Victoria
HUNTER, Thomas - b.1887 -1888 Melton, Victoria
HUNTER, Ada Sabina - b.6 Sep 1888 Melton (m.Vic. William McCORKELL) -d.1981 Melton
HUNTER, Annie Jane - b.3 Dec 1889 Melton -(m.Vic. George LANders) - D.17 Nov 1986 vIC.
HUNTER, John Thomas - b.22 May 1892 Melton, Vic. (m.Vic. Charlotte GRANGER) -d.1973 Berwick, Vic
HUNTER, James Edward -b.13 Feb 1895 Melton, Vic. - (m.Vic. Lucille MILLS) - d.4 Jun 1941 Swan Hill, Vic
HUNTER, Violet Victoria - b.9 Aug 1896 Melton -(m.Vic. Stephen MILES) -d.1 Sep 1964
Footscray, Vic.
HUNTER, Ruby Florence -b.20 Jan 1898 Melton, Vic, (m.Vic. John RENNIE) d.7 Aug 1921
Carlton, Vic.

HUNTER, John Joseph - b. 20 Nov 1855 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Vic. - son of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON - (m.Vic. Lydia GAUDION) -d.9 Jul 1919 Wandin Yalloak
HUNTER, Lydia GAUDION - 1856 Yering-Coldstream, Vic. -daughter of Nicolaus GAUDION & Marie Le PAGE - d. 28 Aug 1923 Wandin Yallock - Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery - see GAUDION
HUNTER, John Nicholas -b.16 Aug 1882 Wandin Yalloak -(m.Vic Rhoda SUTTON) -d. 1959
Fitzroy, Vic.
HUNTER, Rhoda SUTTON -b.1871 Box Hill, Nunawading- dghtr of - -d.1946 Wandin yallock
HUNTER, Emily Jane - b.31 Dec 1883 Wandin Yalloak - (m.Vic. Leonard SIBLEY) -d. 2 Oct 1953 Ringwood, Vic. - see SIBLEY
HUNTER, Charles Thomas -b.10 Jan 1887 Wandin Yalloak, Vic.- (m.Vic. Doris MARSH) -d. 8 Apr 1941 Fitzroy, Vic.
HUNTER, Doris MARSH -b.4 Oct 1901 Mt Duneed, Geelong - -daghtr of - d.30 Dec 1976
Parkdale, Melbourne - see MARSH
- HUNTER, Irene Victoria -b. 26 Jul 1905 Wandin Yalloak -(m.Vic. Clarence BOYS) d. - see BOYS
HUNTER, Lydia Mary -b.23 Mar 1889 Wandin Yalloak -(m.Vic. Leslie FOSTER) -d.12 Feb 1973 Malvern, Vic
HUNTER, Frances - b.4 Feb 1897 Wandin Yalloak, Vic, - b. 1 Jun 1969 Glen Iris, Vic.
HUNTER, Elsie Victoria - b.23 Oct 1899 Wandin Yalloak, Vic - (m.Vic. Herbert HOGG) - d. 17 Dec 1975 Wangaratta, Vic. - see HOGG

HUNTER, James - b.1 May 1858 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Vic. - son of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON - d.8 Dec 1858 Heidelberg, Vic.

HUNTER, George -b. 11 Aug 1859 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Vic. - son of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON - (m.Vic. Emmma BURTON) - d. 7 Feb 1939 -Ivanhoe-on-Yarra, Victoria
HUNTER, Emma BURTON - b.1 Jul 1856 Burnley, Lancashire, Eng. -dghtr of Worthington, Lancashire-born William BURTON & Burnley, Lancashire-born Margaret KNOWLES - of Toolern Vale, nr Gisborne, Victoria. d.11 Dec 1921 Gardenvale, Melbourne - Buried: Brighton, Vic.
HUNTER, George -b.7 May 1883 Fitzroy, Vic. (m.Vic. Mary WALL) d.7 Aug 1968 Drouin, Vic.
HUNTER, Mary Agnes WALL -b.1883 Lilydale, Vic. - d. 1965 Morwell, Vic
HUNTER, Thomas Edward - b.30 Jun 1884 Toolern Vale, Vic. -(m.Toolern Vale, Vic. 7 Apr 1909 Ellen Nellie REID) -d.1 Dec 1941 Heidelberg, Vic
HUNTER, Ellen Nellie REID - b.18 Jan 1886 Narrawong, Vic.- d.9 Oct 1973 Ivanhoe, Vic.
HUNTER, Emma - b.9 Mar 1886 Ballan, Vic. (m.Vic. Richard BISHOP) -b.22 Sep 1967 Ivanhoe, Vic.
HUNTER, William - b. 14 Oct 1887 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.21 April 1920 Annie ROSE) - d. 17 Apr 1980 Frankston, Vic,
HUNTER, Annie ROSE - b.31 Jan 1897 Wandin Yallock - daughter of Rowley Regis, Staffordshire-born John ROSE & Rowley Regis, Staffordshire-born Sarah Ann DYER of Wandin Yallock - d.5 Aug 1966 Ringwood, Vic. see ROSE
HUNTER, Margaret Esther - b.7 Jun 1890 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. Robert PERRY) - d. 3 Mar 1979 Glen Waverley, Vic.
HUNTER, Jane Pattison - b.16 Mar 1892 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. James RAMSAY) - d. 22 May 1979 Hawthorn, Vic.
HUNTER, Annie May - b. 9 Jan 1894 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. George SCOTT) - d.16 Mar 1984 Heidelberg, Vic.
HUNTER, Evelyn Pearl - b.3 Sep 1904 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. Harold ROGERS) - d. 19 Jan 1995 Heidelberg, Vic.

HUNTER, Martha Jane Anne - b.25 May 1861 Maltravers Estate, Ivanhoe-on-Yarra, Heidelberg, Vic. - dghtr of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON - (m.Vic. William JOHNSON) - d.25 Feb 1929 Wandin Yallock - see JOHNSON

HUNTER, James Henry - b. 26 May 1864 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Vic. - son of Edward HUNTER & Jane PATTISON - m.Vic. Bridget WALLACE) - d. 4 Nov 1927 East Melbourne
HUNTER, Bridget Johanna 'Hanna' WALLACE -b.1871 Hotham, North Melbourne - daughter of Robert WALLACE (1842–1897) & Joanna FLANNIGAN (1847–1885) - d.1948 Carnegie, Melbourne
HUNTER, Harold Robert -b.14 Jun 1897 Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic. Laura MORRIS) d.1962 Macleod, Vic.
HUNTER, Laura MORRIS - b.1902 - d.1980 Dandenong, Victoria
HUNTER, Lauris Evelyn -b.21 Oct 1900 Wandin Yallock – d.5 Sep 1906 Wandin Yallock
HUNTER, Clarice May -b.4 Apr 1909 Wandin Yallock – (m.Vic. Eric LOFT) -d.
HUNTER, Wallace Reginald -b.3 Aug 1910 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. Mary MAWSON) – d.11 Aug 1974 Footscray, Vic.
HUNTER, Mary MAWSON -b.25 May 1910 Ballan, Vic. Daughter of Charles Frederick MAWSON - -d.11 May 1992 Vic

HURST, Edward died 9th Febryary 1889 @ Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, leaving an estate valued at £21,628 to his three surviving sons and one daughter.
HURST, Ann WHITEHEAD ((1843 York, England ~ 1867 Victoria)
HURST, Daniel Whitehead (b. 1851 Running (Olinda) Creek (lived near Port Fairy in 1889) had land at White's Corner d. 21st January 1918 (Reg. Lilydale)@ Gilderoy, Yarra Valley as a Fruitgrower & Grazier - leaving his estate of 268 acres at Three Bridges to his Nephews and Nieces
HURST, Anne b. 1852 Collingwood
HURST, John Edward b. 1854 Belfast /Port Fairy [married Emma CLEGG b. 1855] - 3 children born in Toorak, Prahran and Ballan, Victoria(lived in Ballan in 1889 - later of 'Montagu House' Beccles, Suffolk, England)
HURST, Mary Ann b. 1856 Collingwood
HURST, Robert William b. 1858 Eumeralla, Portland
HURST, Joseph Richard b. 1859 Collingwood (lived in Ballan in 1889 - later of 'Eumeralla' Skene Street, Geelong, Australia)
HURST, Mary Ann b. 1861 Prahran (later Mrs Harry PULFORD of 'Clayton' Wickham, Harracks, Sussex, England)

HURST, the Teacher's mother - in residence at Wandin Yalloak South 1878 - 1879 - or HIRST
HURST, Eva Elizabeth - or HIRST ? - South Wandin schoolteacher 1878 - Victorian Teacher Registration Number 8463 -in residence at Wandin Yalloak South 1878 - 1879

HUSTON, John - b.abt 1852 Coleraine, Derry (Londonderry), County Derry, Ulster, Northern Ireland (m.Vic.1879 M.Atkinson) d. 23 September 1934 Lilydale @ 82 Yrs (son of John HUSTON & Mary Ann LITHGOW of Coleraine, Derry, Ireland & the Yarra Valley)
HUSTON, Mary ATKINSON b.1857 Geelong (p. John ATKINSON & Bridget CARROLL) -Mrs J.Huston m.1879 Vic.
HUSTON, Nora - b. 1880 Sth Wandin Yallock/Liydale Vic. (Mrs J.T.PHILLIPS 1905)
HUSTON, Eva - b. 1882 Warburton, Vic.
HUSTON, Ada Elsie - b. 1883 Warburton, Vic. (Mrs W.R.CASEY 1911)
HUSTON, Mary Ann -b.1885 Warburton,Vic.(Mrs John Thomas BRIGGS m.1907) d.1961 Croydon @ 76 yrs
HUSTON, Alice - b.1887 Warburton, Vic.(m.1919 Arthur BRIGGS) d.1960 Lilydale @ 73 yrs
HUSTON, Ashley b. 1888 Warburton, Vic. (m.1915 Ethel Maud Treloar)
HUSTON, Ethel Maud TRELOAR (Mrs Ashley Huston)
- HUSTON, Kenneth
- HUSTON, Ivan
HUSTON, John - b. 1890 Warburton, Vic.
HUSTON, David - b. 1893 Sth Wandin Yallock/ Lilydale

HUTCHINSON, Mr Alfred Francis, Sth Wandin Schoolteacher 1888 [Reg No.10026] - b.1865 Ballarat - son of Alfred HUTCHINSON & Caroline BRADBURY - d.1889 Armadale, Prahran @ age 24

HUTCHINSON, Frederick William Compton - Silvan. Farm hand 1926 [d.1973 Glen? Vic. @ 69yrs - son of William Morris HUTCHINSON & Annie FORSYTH

HUTT, Alexander b.abt 1864 (son of Andrew HUTT & Catherine LAING) d.1940 Heidleberg @ 76yrs
HUTT, Jane Ann Cameron KEOGH or ROACH d.1922 Brunswick & 57yrs (daughtr of James & Ann KEOGH or ROACH)
HUTT, Andrew Alexander b.1892 Preston, Vic - d.1970 Seaford @ 81yrs
HUTT, Gilbert James b.1893 Inverleigh (m.1914 Ann Agnes CORRIGAN) d.1934 Melb @ 41yrs
HUTT, George (1894-1895) Inverleigh
HUTT, Jessie Anne b.1902 Wandin Yallock (m.1926 Thomas Edgar NANKERVIS)

INGHAM, Thomas Samuel - (m. Florence May POTTER) Wandin Yallock
INGHAM, Arthur Ponder - b.1914 Wandin Yallock

INGRAM, John William -b.1851 Adelaide, South Australia, son of Edward Ingram & Elizabeth Hannah Welch who moved to Mt Gambier, SA > a Blacksmith @ SW by 1914
INGRAM, Augusta Anna BRACKSTON b. 1853 Somersetshire, Eng (married 1873 Victoria)
INGRAM, Maryann - b. 1875 Dundas, Vic (Mrs MORROW)
INGRAM, Edward George Haskin b. 1876 Coleraine, Vic.
INGRAM, Frederick Henry Thomas b. 1878 Coleraine -(m.Vic.1906 Elizabeth Ann Hans LUKE)
INGRAM, William Charles b. 1880 Coleraine (m.Vic.1908 Emmie Elizabeth GAYLARD)
INGRAM, Herbert Harold b. 1882 Horsham (m.Vic.1906 Alice Mary O'BRYAN)
INGRAM, Eva Emily b. 1884 Horsham, Vic. (m.1908 Sth Wandin to Claude Rowland MUDGE) - see MUDGE
INGRAM, Albert Ernest b. 1885 Horsham, Vic.
INGRAM, Walter Leonard b. 1888 Horsham (m.Vic.1913 Florence Olive GAYLARD) -
INGRAM, Arthur James b.1890 Pimpinio, Vic.
INGRAM, Alexander Sydney b. 1893 Cairncross (m.Vic.1919 Ida Harriet HAND) - Carpenter, Silvan 1917 - see HAND
INGRAM, Ida Harriet HAND
INGRAM, Myrtle Alvina b.1895 Wycheproof, Vic. - (m.Vic.1920 Theodore William HAND) - see HAND

INNES, Alexander (m.Vic.1851 Elizabeth FURPHY)
INNES, Elizabeth FURPHY, -b. Tanderagee, County Armagh, Ireland - Daughter of John FURPHY &
INNES, Isabella - b.1854 Kangaroo Ground
INNES, William - b.1855 Heidelberg

IRVINE, Alexander Grenville b.1873 Scarsdale, Vic. (son of William IRVINE & Caroline Georgina AUSTIN - of Newtown, Geelong (m.1912 Helen Louisa COOK) - Silvan Farmer by 1913
IRVINE, Helen Louisa COOK -b.1890 Hazelwood, Morwell, Gippsland (daughter of Joseph COOK & Elizabeth Janet KNIGHT)-Monbulk by 1913
IRVINE, Izma Helen b. 1913 Carlton (m.1935 Leslie Wm GARNHAM) d.1940 Carlton @ 27yrs
IRVINE, Elsie Mabel b.1914 Emerald
IRVINE, Frank b. 1916 Emerald (m.1937 Marj Ruth VIGGERS)
IRVINE, Henry Alexander b.1917 Emerald (m.1940 Edith May GOLLOP)
IRVINE, Joseph Edward b.1920 Emerald

IRWIN, Edward Thomas (m.1918 Lily Jane McAllister) d.1961 Bairnsdale @ 79yrs (son of John IRWIN & Susannah WARE)
IRWIN, Lily Jane McALLISTER- Silvan 1920, 1926

IZETT, Andrew b.13 October 1805 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland - Brewer & in 1856 - Occupation: BUILDER with a Franchise: Freehold Land & Tenements in Nelson & Izett Streets, Prahran. d.19 July 1867 in Prahran
IZETT, Ann RODGERS b.1806 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland ~d.1849 in Glasgow, Lanarks
IZETT, Margaret b.1834 Glasgow, Scotland, of Prahran, Vic. (m.Robert Chisholm WATSON of Carlisle, Cumberland, England< Prahran, Vic. and Queensland - parents of Florence 'Flo' WATSON - wife of William James PARKER of South Wandin - d.7 March 1888 Prahran,
IZETT, James -b.4 Dec 1835 Glasgow, Lanarks - d.12 March 1918 Wellington, New Zealand
IZETT, David -1837-1839 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
IZETT, Annie - b.1840 Glasgow, Scotland via Izzett St, Prahran - daughter of Andrew IZETT (1805-1867), Brewer and Alderman, of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and Municipal Councillor of Prahran and his wife Ann RODGERS of Glasgow, Scotland. (Note: Izett Street, Prahran) (Married 5th Dec 1863 to Charles BEURLE St Edmunds, Prahran. d.1935 17 Cressy street, Malvern, Prahran - See BEURLE above
IZETT, Andrew -b.1842 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland ~ d.1920 NZ or Australia

JAAKKOLA- Lauri Sikstus - see JACKOLA

JACK, William John 'Donald' - born 1854 Ashby, Geelong (son of Donald JACK & Margaret HOWE) - - from 25 Feb 1885 - proprietor of Lot 62, abutting the Woori Yallock Creek, in the Parish of Wandin Yallock. d.1935 Newtown, Geelong @ 83 yrs
JACK, Harriet Eliza HARMAN -/ HANNAN b. Hamilton, Vic. daughter of Robert Harman & Anne Williams (m.1878 - Mrs W.J. JACK) d.1930 Brighton, Vic. @ 69 yrs
JACK, Georgina Harriet Howe - b. 1878 Collingwood, Vic.- 1879
JACK, William Robert Still - b. 1880 Kilmore, Vic. (m.1917 Esther May BAKER) d.1931 Melb. East @ 50 yrs
JACK, Albert Sydney, b.1882 Fitzroy, Vic. -South Wandin fruitgrower by 1903 (m.1916 Dorothy Maud GRAY) d.1862 Hughesdale, Vic. @ 80 yrs
JACK, Dorothy Maud GRAY
- JACK, Albert Gordon b. 1917 Bendigo
- JACK, Reginald Leland b. 1919 Bendigo
JACK, Arnold McDonald b. 1883 Fitzroy Vic. (m.1912 Alice Maud WILLIAMS) d.1943 Newtown, geelong @ 60 yrs
- JACK, Leonard McDonald b. 1917 Armadale, Prahran
- JACK, Leila Allison b. 1920 Williamstown, Vic.
- JACK, Ian McDonald b. abt 1922 - berry farmer - Burleigh
JACK, Letitia Priscilla Howe b. 1885 Fitzroy, Vic. (m.1914 Albert Samuel MASTIN)
- MASTIN, Vera Joyce Ulysses b. 1915 South Melbourne
JACK, Alexander Douglas b. abt 1886 - d.1965 Lilydale @ 79 yrs
JACK, Leslie Raymond b.1892 Essendon, Vic
JACK, Donald Clive b.1894 Essendon, Vic - d.1895 Wandin Yallock @ 1yr
JACK, Clarence Courtney b. 1899 Wandin Yallock (m.1927 Ethel Jessie SPENDLOVE) - d.1977 Geelong @ 78 yrs
JACK, Harold - (1901-1901) Wandin Yallock - Lilydale, Vic.
JACK, Keith Harman - b. 1903 Lilydale (m.1929 Alfred Beulah Kathleen McKENZIE)

JACK, John Alexander - labourer, Silvan (son of Richard JACK & Barbara HARVEY) d.1931 Hastings, Vic. @ 68 yrs

JACKOLA, Lauri Sikstus, son of Jahan & Erika Jaakkola was born Lauri Sikstus JAAKKOLA on the 6th August 1898 at Pälkäne, Suomi, FINLAND. Pälkäne is 144 km north of Helsinki, Finland. - Jackola arrived per the ship "ORVIETO" on 28th August 1924 at Sydney, NSW. Naturalised 1939 at Warburton, Vic. Later he was a Farmer at Burleigh, Silvan Sth.
JACKOLA, Anna Maria MALMI VUORI b. 6 Feb 1899 Finland. m.24 Aug 1835 Melbourne, Vic. (Mrs Lauri Jackola)
JACKOLA, Sirkka Anneli b.1937
JACKOLA, Maÿa Lüsa b.1938

JACKSON, Helen Gray -from Edinburgh, Scotland (Mrs Spiers)

JACOB, Elie - b.abt 1837 Canton De Vaud, Switzerland - (m.Vic.1868 Barbara Elisabeth WEBER) - d.1920 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 82yrs
JACOB, Barbara Elisabeth WEBER - b.abt 1836 Annet, Switzerland -daughter of Johann Rudolph WEBER & Elisabeth KUIKER - d.1924 Wandin Yallock @ 88yrs
JACOB, Ellen - b.1869 Batesford, Geelong -daughter of Canton De Vaud, Switerzerland-born, Elie JACOB & Annett, Switzerland-born, Barbara WEBER (m.Vic.1897 Frederick Jacob CORNELL) see CORNELL
JACOB, Philipp - b.1871 Geelong - d.1956 Highton, Geelong @ 85yrs
JACOB, Barbara -b.1873-d.1873 Batesford -
JACOB, Friedrich - b.1875 Leigh Road, - Batesford, Geelong - (m.Vic.1902 Emily Martha KENNY) - d.1952 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 76yrs
JACOB, Emily Martha KENNY - b. Richmond, Vic. - daugher of George W KENNEY & Emily - d.1960 Lillydale @ 86ys
- JACOB, Norman Philipp - b.1903 Wandin Yallock - (m.1.Vic.1924 Doris Ada FINNIGAN) - widowed - (m.2.Vic.1926 Mabel Olive HOWES) - d.1930 Morwell @ 26yrs
- JACOB, Mabel Olive HOWES
- JACOB, Friedrich Rudolph -b.1906 Wandin Yallock ( m.Vic.1941 Doris Norma Amelia HENDRIE)
- JACOB, Doris Norma Amelia HENDRIE
- JACOB, Georg b.1911 Wandin Yallock -
JACOB, Jane Elisabeth - b.1878 Batesford, Geelong - (m.Vic.1906 David Welsh STEWART of Wandin Yallock ) -d. 1958 Ferntree Gully @ 79yrs - see STEWART

JAMES, George Henry - Goldfields (m. Agnes Gerte Collings)
JAMES, Getrude Elizabeth Galbraith - b.1901 South Wandin Yallock
JAMES, John -1903-1903 South Wandin Yallock
JAMES, Henry David Steel -b.1905 South Wandin Yallock

JAMES, Casimir Walker 'Cass' -b.1896 Omeo, Victoria (of Welsh roots - son of Thomas William JAMES & Margaret TREACY)
[m. 1930 Doris Lyla JOHNS] d. 1965 Box Hill
JAMES, Doris Lyla JOHNS - b.1904 Menzies Crk -d.1987 Monbulk
JAMES, Kevin Casimir (1931 Burleigh, Silvan– 2003 Monbulk
JAMES, Barrymore Thomas 'Barry' (1934 Burleigh, Silvan – 1977 Monbulk
JAMES, Murray Lyle (1937 Burleigh, Silvan– 1991 Monbulk
JAMES, Ian Leslie b.1942 Burleigh, Silvan
JAMES, John Maxwell b.1948 Burleigh, Silvan

JANS, JØRGEN 'John' b.1843 Ketting, Sonderjylland, Denmark – son of Christian Konstantin Friedrich JANS of Tonenning, Schleswig-Holstein (which was fought over between Denmark & Germany in the Prusso-Danish Wars between 1848 & 1864) & Anna Maria GRAU of Sebbelev, Sonderjylland, Denmark. Died 1929 Traralgon, Gippsland
JANS, Louisa Maria HANSEN b.1865 Starvation Creek, Upper Yarra, Vic -dghtr of Friedrich Wilhelm Johann Georg HANSEN & Maria CLARK – d.1923 South Melbourne
JANS, Johann Wilhelm 'John William' -b.1882 Warburton -(m.Vic. Nancy 'Bella' Isabell BERRY)- widowed - (re-married Vic.1939 Ethel May SHELDRAKE) – d.1950 Ormond
JANS, Nancy 'Bella' Isabell BERRY (1883 – 1933)
- JANS, Carl Willam - b.1911 Coburg
- JANS, Leonard George - b.1914 Coburg
JANS, Herald Johann 'Harry' b.1884 Reefton, Warburton (m.1908 Henrietta 'Hetta' COSHAM) At Silvan by 1922 - d.1969 Mernda, Vic.
JANS, Henrietta 'Hetta' COSHAM b.1885 Melbourne (daughter of Surrey-born Thomas COSHAM & Hobart-Town-born Emma Letitia MAKER) d.1935 Whittlesea, Vic.
-JANS, Ethel Henrietta (1911-1912) Port Melbourne
-JANS, Maudie Fedora b.1912 South Melbourne (m.1932 Andrew Robert HOWARD) -See HOWARD
-JANS, Lillian Victoria 1914 Melbourne (m.1936 Ronald BROWN)
-JANS, Norman Victor 1915 Warburton – 1980 Maffra, Gippsland
-JANS, Harry Ronald 1917 Warburton –(m.1941 Olive Isabel BROADWOOD)
-JANS, Helga Adeline b.1920 Warburton (m.1937 Charles Suckling HOLLIS 1915–2004) d.1991 Chirmside, Brisbane, QLD - see HOLLIS
-JANS, Raymond George 1923 Lilydale – 1932 Lilydale, Yarra Valley
JANS, Louisa Maria -b.1886 Warburton – 1942 St. Kilda
JANS, Friedrich Christian -b.1888 Warburton -(m.Vic.1919 Henrietta (Ettie) BEASLEY) – 1942 Morwell
JANS, Henrietta 'Ettie' BEASLEY (1891-1970)
JANS, Alice Maude -b.1890 Warburton –(m.Vic.1910 George Freeman SPARKS) d.1958 Mt Waverly
JANS, Janet Katherine -b.1895 Warburton (m.Vic.1922 William Frederick McGOWAN)– d.1985 Elsternwick
JANS, Arthur Samuel -b.1897 Warburton –(m.Vic. Lillian Pearl Melynda COLGRAVE) 1934 Sale, Gippsland
JANS, Lillian Pearl Melynda 'Pearlie' COLGRAVE
JANS, Robert Georg -b.1899 Warburton – 1984 Ferntree Gully

JANS, Andreas - b.1848 Augustenbørg, Tønnening, Schleswig Holstein, Deutschland / or Denmark - son of Christian Konstantin Friedrich JANS (1815–1901) & Anna Maria GRAU [Brother of the Above]
(1821–1899) - - (m.Warburton, Vic.13 Feb 1888 to Eleanore Theresa HANSEN) - d.1908 Warburton, Vic.
JANS, Eleanor Theresa HANSEN -b.1868 Warburton, Vic. - daughter of Friedrich Wilhelm Johan Georg HANSEN (1833–1911) & Maria CLARK (1844–1925) - d. 3 June 1950 Warburton [Sister of the Above]
JANS, Frederick Christian Albert -b. 1882 – 1945
JANS, 'Andrew ' Andreas -b. 1884 – 1940
JANS, Fanny Ruby Elise - b. 1886 –
JANS, Alice Maudie -b.1887 –
JANS, Eleanore Theresa -b.1889 – 1891
JANS, Annie Georgina -b. 1891 – 1965
JANS, Anna Maria 'Annie' -b.1892 –
JANS, Albert Norman -b.1895 – 1963
JANS, Rose Nellie -b.1897 –

JEEVES, Isaac -b. Foulmere, Cambridgeshire, - via Geeveston, Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) [or GEEVES]
JEEVES, Ann THEOBALD -- from Tasmania (Mrs Isaac Jeeves)
JEEVES, Ellis Theobald b. 1855 Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land (married Eliza Henrietta HAND 1888 Olinda Creek)
JEEVES, Eliza Henrietta HAND - b.1867 Lillydale, Olinda Creek Valley - daughter of Thomas HAND & Eliza ERITH - - d.16 November1943 Kalorama, Mt Dandenong
-JEEVES, Frederick William -b.1886 Olinda Creek, South Wandin – d.1 August 1918 on the Western Front, WW1 France.
-JEEVES, Winifred Mabel 1889 – 1889 Olinda Creek, South Wandin
-JEEVES, Annie Edith 1890 – 1891 Olinda Creek, South Wandin
-JEEVES, Walter Thomas 1891 Olinda Creek, South Wandin – 1960 Ferntree Gully
-JEEVES, Albert 1893 – 1893 Olinda Creek, South Wandin
-JEEVES, Hubert Ellis -b.14 Jan 1895 Olinda Creek, South Wandin (married 10 March 1926 Daisy ROWSE) d.19 Nov 1991 Blackburn, Vic. - See also ROWSE
-JEEVES, Daisy ROWSE - b. 15 July 1895 in Ashby, Geelong - Dghtr of William Giles ROWSE & Margaret HADLOW - -d.27 September 1976 in Blackburn - see ROWSE
-JEEVES, Lilian Gladys 1897 Olinda Creek, South Wandin – (m.Vic.1940 Walter Linton JONES)
-JEEVES, Norman Leslie 1899 Olinda Creek, South Wandin – (m.Vic.1924 Evelyn Adelaide WORLAND) 1981
-JEEEVES, Evelyn Adelaide WORLAND b.1890 Warrnambool, Vic. - d.1980 Croydon
- - JEEVES, Irene 1925 – 1981
-JEEVES, Florence Mabel 1903 Olinda Creek, South Wandin –(m.Vic.1931 Charles Beattie HENRY) - d.1993 Vic.
-JEEVES, Harold Theobald 1907 Olinda Creek, South Wandin -(m.1939 Hazel Jean MACKAY) – d.1983 vic.
-JEEVES, Hazel Jean MACKAY -b.1911
-JEEVES, Marjorie Evelyn 1910 Olinda Creek, South Wandin -(m.1936 Peter HENDERSON) – d.1993 Vic.
JEEVES, Martha -b.1857 Hobart Town, VDL Tasmania - Registered as GEEVES - (m.1875 Mrs Matthew Francis CHILD) - d.1926 East Melbourne see also CHILD
JEEVES, Isaac - b.1858 Franklin (Geeveston), VDL (Tasmania) - (m.Vic.Scoresby North 26 May 1886 to Selina Mary Ann LEACH) -d.23 Jan 1932 Kalorama, Mt Dandenong
JEEVES, Selina Mary Ann LEACH - b.abt 1858 - d.26 September 1931 'Shiloah' Kalorama
- JEEVES, Elsie Edith -b.1887 Olinda Creek, Mooroolbark –
- JEEVES, Arthur George -b.1889 Olinda Creek, Mooroolbark –
- JEEVES, Stanley Isaac -b.1895 Olinda Creek, Mooroolbark –(m.Vic.1920 Gwendoline Catherine CLEGHORN) - d.1974 Blackburn
--JEEVES, Gwendoline Catherine CLEGHORN - b.abt 1893 - dghtr of Richard CLEGHORN & Jeanie Brand THOMPSON - d. 8 Dec 1927 South Camberwell @ 32yrs
JEEVES, Joseph b. 1860 Franklin, VDL Tasmania d. 1861 Olinda Crk
JEEVES, Ophelia Eliza b.1862 Sth Mooroolbark (Mrs James HOUGHTON)
JEEVES, William - b.1864 Olinda Creek, The Mountain, Vic.
JEEVES, Arthur - b.1867 Olinda Creek, The Mountain, Vic.

JENNER, Hastings - b.abt 1855 Gloucestershire - son of Nathaniel & Jane JENNER - (m.Vic.1886 Annie SMITH) - d.1935 Box Hill @ 80 yrs
JENNER, Anastasia 'Annie' SMITH - b.1861 Italian Gully, Central Goldfields - d.1945 Box Hill @ 84yrs
JENNER, Daisy Victoria - b.1887 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1921 Rodger Abner TOMLINSON)
JENNER, William Hastings - b. 1888 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1915 Elsie Mabel BROOKS) - d.1982 Nunawading @ 93yrs
JENNER, Elsie Mabel BROOKS -b.abt 1893 dght of Robert BROOKS & Elisabeth Ann LEAN- d.1967 Parkville @ 75yrs
JENNER, Ernest Martin - b.1892 Burwood - (m.Vic.1921 Laura Elsie FARMILO)
JENNER, Laura Elsie FARMILO - b.1893 Ringwood - dghtr of Peter Henry Harry FARMILO & Alice Ann THOMPSON -
JENNER, Ethel Mary - b.1897 Burwood - (m.Vic.1920 Stanley YOULDEN) - d.1975 Merr? @ 78yrs
JENNER, Annie Ivy - b.1899 Burwood - (m.Vic. Eduard Mawley LEMKE)
JENNER, Rosa Alexandra - 1904 Burwood - (m.Vic.1927 Kenneth Ross CUTTLE)

Children of William JERREMS and Elizabeth nee CLARKE
JERREMS, Elizabeth (1810-1899) daughter of William JERREMS & Elizabeth CLARKE - (Mrs Thomas SMALL) died 1899 San Remo, Vic. @ 89 yrs

JERREMS, Thomas Clarke (1814-1866) -b.Lincolnshire d.1866 Richmond,Vic.@ 51 yrs
JERREMS, Elizabeth JEPSON (Mrs T.C.Jerrems)
JERREMS, Robert Cane - from Lincolnshire d. 1888 Richmond @ 39 yrs
JERREMS, Alice RIGG (Mrs R.C. Jerrems)
JERREMS, Arthur Reginald - from Lincolnshire , Richmond, Vic.
JERREMS, Henrietta HARRISON (Mrs A.R.Jerrems)

-JOHNS: In Hwlffordd, Dyfed, Wales, the family surname was JOHN - or, in the Welsh: IEUAN. James JOHN was born in predominantly Welsh goldfields in the Ballarat hinterland, where his family spoke Welsh as well as English. The name was changed to JOHNS by the children to assuage the pain of having to constantly correct the many English-eared mistakes. Here, James Johns is seen as a old man, shortly before his death, which sadly came about when he was attacked and gored on the horns of his own Jersey bull on the Johns farm at Wiseman Road, Burleigh.

JOHN, James - b.1872 Sebastopol, Ballarat - son of Hwlffordd-born John JOHN & Cenedlaethol Arfordir-born Martha BANNER who left Dyfed, Penfro - or Pembrokeshire, West Wales in 1861 via Liverpool on the ship 'CHARIOT OF FAME' to marry on the Ballarat Goldfields, and later became Dandenongs pioneers on The Ridge above the Emerald Diggings on Johns' Hill, Menzies Creek. (JOHNS) (m.1908 Rosamund Jane BAILEY) d.1948 Wiseman Rd, Burleigh
JOHNS, Rosamund Jane 'Rose' BAILEY 1880 Wandin Yallock (daughter of John Bailey Jnr and Margaret Anne Farquhar)– d.1950 Wiseman Rd, Burleigh
JOHNS, Reginald James -b.1901 Menzies Crk (m. Beatrice M Andrews)
JOHNS, Elsie Irene Rosamund 'Rene - b.1903 Menzies Crk
JOHNS, Doris Lyla - b.1904 Menzies Crk (Mrs Cass James)
JOHNS, Lawrence Arnold - b.1906 Menzies Crk (m. Alice Knoll)
JOHNS, Hilda Margaret - b.1907 Emerald, Vic. (Mrs A.M. Hollow) Schoolteacher @ South Wandin / Silvan & Silvan South [Registration No. 24706]
JOHNS, Florence Martha - b.1912 Berwick, Vic.
JOHNS, Eleanor Pearl 'Nel or Nellie' b.1915 South Wandin Yallock
JOHNS, David Lloyd - b. 1917 South Wandin Yallock
JOHNS, Evan Alwyn - b. 1922 Silvan, Vic.

The James Johns Family, about 1921. From left: Lawrence, Reginald, David, Hilda, Mr Jim Johns, Florence at front, Doris behind, Mrs Rosamund Johns, Rene & Nellie Johns. - before Evan was born

JOHN, Richard Lewis - b.1868 St Issels, RHÔS County, Penbro, WALES -son of Daniel JOHN & Mary Ann HOPKINS - (m.Vic.1895 Jessie Maria McLEAN) - d.9 August 1911 East Melb. @ 43yr - Buried: Maldon
JOHN, Jessie Maria McLEAN - South Wandin 1905 Home Duties - b.24 Sept 1868 Springdallah, nr Ballaraat, Vic. - dghtr of frank Etherington McLEAN & Jessie Cathill BROWN - d.21 Jan 1952 Prahran @ 83yrs - see McLEAN
JOHN, Harold McLean - b.1896 Richmond - (m.Vic.1919 Jessie Carr Redsull GIBSON) - d.1963 Preston @ 66yrs
JOHN, Jessie Carr Redsull GIBSON b. Ulverstone, Tasmania
- JOHN, Roy McLean - b.1920 St Kilda
JOHN, Jessie Constance - b.1898 Hawthorn - d.1975 Caulfield @ 76yrs
JOHN, Lilian Hildreth -b. 1900 Hawthorn - (m.Vic.1929 Leonard Charles DAVIS)
JOHN, Keith Laurence - b.1902 Woods Point - d.1985 Ballarat @ 82yr
JOHN, Geoffrey Richard - b.1908 Carlton -- d.1908 Yarra Glen

JOHNSON, Joseph b.1824 Muskham North, Nottinghamshire, England - son of James Johnson & Hannah Fotherly - earlier a Settler at Heidelberg @ Queens Road by 1869 d.1890 Wandin Yallock
JOHNSON, Alice ASLING b.1830 Bennington, Lincolnshire - daughter of Edward ASLING & Elizabeth RAGSDALE d.1912 Wandin Yallock
JOHNSON, Rebecca b.1853 Nottinghamshire, England (m.1872 Patrick REARDON)
JOHNSON, William (b.1854 Long Bennington, Lincolnshire, m.1879 Martha J.A.HUNTER d.1936 Wandin Yallock
-JOHNSON, Martha Jane Anne HUNTER 1861 Heidelberg – 1929 Wandin Yallock
--JOHNSON, Edward William 1880 Wandin (m.1906 Berta Martha Beatrice SCHRÖDER) d.1941
--JOHNSON, Alice Maud Mabel 1882 Wandin Yallock– 1910
--JOHNSON, Jane Temperly 1884 Wandin – 1944 Clifton Hill
--JOHNSON, George Robert 1885 Wandin (m.1911 Harriet Lily AITKEN) –d.1958 Wandin
--JOHNSON, Martha Hunter 1887 – 1890
--JOHNSON, Gertrude Letitia 1898 Wandin (m. Duncan CAMPBELL) – d.1984
JOHNSON, Edward b.1860 Nottinghamshire, England (m.1884 Sarah Anne COXON) d.1921 Wandin Yallock
-JOHNSON, Sarah Anne COXON b. 23 July 1856 Adelaide, SA - d. Nov.1950 Coburg
--JOHNSON, Joseph Edward b.1885 Wandin Yallock
--JOHNSON, Benjamin 1888 – 1908 Wandin Yallock
--JOHNSON, Frederick James 1890 – Wandin Yallock
--JOHNSON, Rebecca May 1892 – Wandin Yallock
--JOHNSON, Esther Adelaide 1896 –Wandin Yallock
--JOHNSON, Elsie Victoria 1897 – 1897 Wandin Yallock
--JOHNSON, Osbourne Allan 1900 – Wandin Yallock
JOHNSON, James C b.1974 Heidelberg, Vic. ~ d.1913 Wandin Yallock
JOHNSON, Anne b.1877 Heidelberg, Vic. m.1887 William Edward SAUNDERS (1867–1925)~ d.1918 Wandin Yallock - see Saunders

JOHNSTON, George b.1834 Barragh, Ashfield, County Cavan, Ireland -son of George JOHNSTON & Sarah SHARP -(m.Eliza ROBERTSON At Sea 1862 on the "Mistress of the Sea" out of Liverpool bound for Australia) d.1924 Wandin
JOHNSTON, Eliza ROBERTSON b.1842 ? County Cavan, Ireland (daughter of David ROBERTSON & Mary Ann GARDNER) d.1921 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
JOHNSTON, Sarah Ann b.1863 St Huberts, Yering–d.1937 Melb. (Mrs William Thomas HILL of Lilydale (1851 – 1928)
JOHNSTON, George (1866 Yering – 1949 Dromana) (m.1896 Sophia HARRISON)
JOHNSTON, David b.1867 St Huberts, Yering –d.1956 Wandin (m.Susan ROUGET)
- - JOHNSTON, David Arthur -b.1919 Wandin Yallock
JOHNSTON, Thomas (1871 Lilydale, – 1944 Fitzroy )
JOHNSTON, Henry William b.1876 Wandin Yallock
JOHNSTON, Edward b.1876 Wandin Yallock (m.1913 Jane Elizabeth Eva LORD) –d.1961)
-JOHNSTON, Jane Elizabeth Eva LORD
JOHNSTON, Lancelot b.1883 Wandin Yallock– 1902 Lilydale, Vic.

JOHNSTON, James Charles b.1844 Dublin, Eire (son of Francis Henry JOHNSTON & Arabella Louisa COFFEY) (m.1874 Vic. Georgina HOLLOWAY) Took up Lot between Hunter & Queens Roads, Wandin. d.1908 Brunswick East
JOHNSTON, Georgina HOLLOWAY b.18 March 1851 Melbourne, Port Phillip -daughter of Josiah Morris HOLLOWAY (1812–1874) & Susan Maria BIBLE (1829–1865) d. ?
JOHNSTON, Francis Henry b. 1875 Brighton, Vic - d.1951 Minyip
JOHNSTON, James O'Hara Edward JOHNSTON b.1877 Wandin Yallock
JOHNSTON, Albert Morris b.1879 Torrumbarry - d.1890 Flemington-
JOHNSTON, Georgina 1881 Gunbower – 1881 Echuca
JOHNSTON, Septimus Julius b.1885 Gunbower - d.1954 in Victoria
JOHNSTON, Walter Ormond Leonard b. 1888 Gunbower

JOHNSTON, John George
JOHNSTON, Florence May 1880-1881 South Wandin Yallock @ 8 months

JOHNSTON, Susan - Arrived by 1914

JOHNSTONE, John James McPhail - b.1862 Richmond, Vic - son of William McFail JOHNSTONE & Joanna STEVENS - -(m.Vic.1886 to 'Anna' Johanne Elisabetha SCHILLING) d.1903 Melb.East @ 41yr
JOHNSTONE, 'Anna' Johanne Elisabetha SCHILLING b.1871 Richmond, Vic. - dghtr of Joseph Johann SCHILLING & 'Carolina' Karoline SPITZNAGEL - d.1912 Collingwood @ 42yrs
JOHNSTONE, James John McPhail -b.1888 Carlton - (m.Vic.1910 Ruby Violet Hortens CLINNICK)
- JOHNSTONE, Reuben James McFAll-b.1912 Collingwood
JOHNSTONE, Johanne Elise - b.1890 Abbotsford, Collingwood - (m.Vic.1911 Alan Arthur DAVIDSON)
JOHNSTONE, CHarles Joseph - b.1892 Richmond, Vic - (m.Vic.1924 Barbara Findlay PARK) - d.1979 Wantirna @ 87yr
JOHNSTONE, Elizabetha Mary - b.1894 Collingwood
JOHNSTONE, Alice Maud b.1896 Collingwood, Vic. - daughter of Richmond-born, John James McPhall JOHNSTONE & Melbourne-born, Anna Elisabeth SCHILLING - (m.Vic.1919 Richard Heinrich BOLDT) d.1956 Lilydale @ 60 yrs - see BOLDT
JOHNSTONE, Annie - b.1897 - d.1899 Collingwood
JOHNSTONE, Alfred William - b.1901 - d.1902 Collingwood
JOHNSTONE, Walter George - b.1899 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1939 Alma Una Jessie GREEN)
JOHNSTONE, 'Harry' Henry b.1903 Collingwood - son of Richmond-born, John James McPhall JOHNSTONE & Melbourne-born, Anna Elisabeth SCHILLING - labourer at Silvan - (m.1933 Elizabeth May GINN) - d.1965 Tecoma @ 61yrs
JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth May GINN , South Silvan
JOHNSTONE, Annie - b. 1907 Carlton
JOHNSTONE, Doreen Mavis BOLDT - b.1917 Collingwood

JOKINEN, Evert Toivo or Tovio - b. 1889 Lahti, FINLAND (son of Carl & Akelia Jokinen) Naturalised 1934. - farmer at East Wandin d.1975 Prahran @ 86 yrs
JOKINEN, Vaino Einar [m.1935 Christina Emily WOOLSCOBB] (aka JOKI)

JOKINEN, Juho Unno Werner b. 21 March 1892 Lahti, Horloba, Finland. Lahte is 103 km northeast of Helsinki, Finland. arrived December 1910 at Sydney, NSW.

JONES, Edith Mary(1885-1945)[Mrs NEWMAN] @ Sth Wandin 1912 d.Ballarat

JONES, Llewellyn Joseph - b. abt 1863 ? maybe Wales, Great Britain - son of William JONES & Rebecca WILLIAMS- (m.Vic.1899 Annie AITKEN) - d. 1922 in Preston, Melbourne
JONES, Annie AITKEN - b.1872 Carlton, Melbourne - daughter of William Smith AITKEN & Margaret Mary BROWN of Wandin Yallock- d.8 Nov 1947 Preston, Melbourne - see AITKEN
JONES, Gertrude Margaret- b.1901 Preston - [m.Vic. William Frederick MITCHELL (1899 –1965) of Wandin Yallock]– 1983 - see MITCHELL
JONES, Annie Llewellyn Aitken -b.1903 Preston -(m.Vic. Thomas STEPHENS) – d.1984
JONES, Lily Rebecca -b. 1905 Fitzroy Nth –
JONES, William Llewellyn -b. 1907 Preston – d.27 November 1939 Buried: Lilydale, Vic.
JONES, Myrick James -b.1909 – 1909 Preston, Vic.

JONES, Walter Charles Edwin- b.1878 Clunes, Vic. -son of Charles Edwin JONES & Emma Jane COOMBE - (m.Vic.1901 Mary McINTYRE)- at Silvan, Orchardist 1917 -d.1953 Sth Melbourne @ 75yrs
JONES, Mary McINTYRE b.1876 Wodonga, Victoria - dghtr of John McINTYRE & Elizabeth JACK - at Silvan 1917 - d.1960 Melb. @ 84yrs
JONES, Whittenbury Walter -b.1902 Wodonga, Vic. (m.Vic.1925 Daisy Pearl Sophia WILKEN) - labourer at Silvan by 1919 - d.1969 Bentleigh @ 67 yrs
JONES, Daisy Pearl Sophia WILKEN
JONES, Bruce Marmaduke -b.1903 Wodonga, Vic. (m.Vic.1937 Ivy Isabel KNIGHT)
JONES, Park Beech -b.1906 Melbourne South, Vic.

JONES, Ella Gertrude - @ Silvan 1917 - b.abt 1862 from Sale, Gippsland - dghtr of the Tasmanian, John William JONES & Mary Ann JAMES - d.1951 Carlton @ 89yrs

JONES, John Erwin Anderson - b.1864 St Kilda, Vic. - son of John Christmas JONES & Mary SPOTTISWOOD - (m.Vic.1889 Esther Ann LIOT) d.1929 Heidelberg @ 65yrs
JONES, Esther Ann LIOT (or LEIOT) - b.abt 1866 Jersey, Channel Isle, - dghtr of Victor Francis LIOT & Mary Ellen BARROTT - d.1930 Olinda Vale @ 64yrs
JONES, Bertha Louisa -b.1889 Windsor, Prahran (m.1910 Claude Samuel PENN)
JONES, Esther Alice Mary -b.1891 Richmond (m.1915 William Carrington SMITH)
JONES, Lillian May -b.1893 Richmond (m.1915 William MOORE)
JONES, Victor Charles JONES -b.abt 1897 -son of John Erwin Anderson JONES & Esther
Ann LILION - (m.1925 Vera Dorothy May WINSTANLEY) d.1965 Bonbeach @ 68yrs
JONES, John James -b.1899 Hawthorn (m.1927 Marie Elisabeth SCHOENFELDER)
JONES, Agnes Jane -b.1900 Hawthorn (m.1921 Robt Wm Thomas FERGUSON)

JOPE, Mr Richard Edwards -b.abt 1845 Cowes, Isle of Wight, England - son of John JOPE & Annie ROSE (m.Vic.1876 Mary Anne RHODES) - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1890 [Teacher Registration No. 4991] - d.1924 Balwyn @ 78yrs
JOPE, Mary Ann RHODES -b.abt 1844 -dghtr of John RHODES & Lucy Ann WARD - [Teacher Registration No. 1502] - d.1935 Surrey Hills @ 91yrs
JOPE, Annie Elizabeth -b.1877 Ararat, Vic. (m.1908 Charles Graham WORSLEY) d.1966 Hawthorn @ 88yrs
JOPE, Arthur John -b.1879 Ararat ~ d.1888 Morwell @ 9yrs
JOPE, Gertrude Mary b.1880 Traralgon ~ d.1928 Surrey Hills @ 47yrs
JOPE, Norman Richard b.1882 Traralgon (m.Vic.1919 Mary Francis HAMBROOK) d.1964 Heidelberg @ 82yrs
JOPE, Mary Ann b.1884 Morwell
JOPE, Albert Ernest b.abt 1885 Maryvale Gippsland (m.Vic.1912 Grace Elizabeth HARRIS) - d.1952 Parkville @ 67yrs
JOPE, Carrie Carol Leah b.1887 Morwell (m.1912 Thomas Henry CHAMBERLAIN) d.1970 Bendigo @ 84yrs

JORDAN, Andre Richard (m.QLD 5th August 1872) Anna Gertrude Auguste PAAR)
JORDAN, Anna Gertrude Auguste PAAR
JORDAN, Andrew Richard b.1879 Carlton
JORDAN, Isla Ann Louise - b.1880 Phillip Is. Vic. - daughter of Andrew Richard JORDAN & Anna Gertrude Auguste PAAR (m.1.Vic.1902 John Armitage HOLT (m.2.1911 Ethelbert Gladstone SMITH)
JORDAN, Arthur Melville b.1883 Sandhurst, Bendigo (m.Vic.1910 Victorian-born Elizabeth BATH)
JORDAN, Elizabeth BATH, b. Victoria
-JORDAN, Annie Florence 1910-1911 Bendigo
-JORDAN, Andrew Richard b.1915 Bendigo

JOUGHIN, John Kerruish b. 1859 Boroondara, (later Templestowe) [son of Daniel Joughin, orchardist & Mary Ann Porteous] Victoria - farmer @ Evelyn - Sth Wandin by 1913
JOUGHIN, Alice GORDON b. Ballarat - Sth Wandin by 1913
JOUGHIN, Dorothy Gordon -b.1901 Williamstown (Mrs Leslie Geo PARRY m.1926]
JOUGHIN, Mona Beryl -b.1904 Burwood [Mrs Harold Alex JONES m.1924]
JOUGHIN, Reita Alice -b.1905 Balwyn
JOUGHIN, Queenie Irene Zelma -b.1908 Box Hill [ Mrs James Wilson GRAY m.1941]
JOUGHIN, Jack Maxwell -b.1910 Box Hill
JOUGHIN, Elsie May -b.1913 Lilydale

JOY, 'Jack' John Robert -b. abt London, Eng. son of John Robert JOY & Mary ann PALLETT - (m.Vic.1896 Helen Esther DAVIDSON) - Olinda Vale -d.1921 Elsternwick @ 64yrs
JOY, Helen Esther DAVIDSON -nee AGER - Nurse, - b. London, England - widow of Robert Davidson by 1896.
DAVIDSON, Robert - b. Belfast, Ireland, (m.Vic.1889 Helen Esther AGER) d.1891 East Melbourne @ 35yrs
DAVIDSON/ JOY, Stanley Theodore b.abt 1891 - d.1955 Parville @ 64yrs
DAVIDSON, Olive Gladys -b.1890 Richmond, Vic. (m. THOMSON) d.1969 Surrey Hills @ 79yrs
JOY, George Edward -b.1897 Whittlesea (m.1923 Ivy Agnes FALL)
JOY, Ivy Agnes FALL b.1895 Melb.Sth. -Dghtr of Albert Edwd FALL & Marth Mathilda FERGUSO - see also FALL

JOYNER, George Dixon - b.1860 Nunawading-Melbourne - son of James JOYNER & ELizabeth Mary GLADSTONE -(m.Vic.1889 Sophia SEBIRE) -d.1941 New Zealand @ 81yrs
JOYNER, Sophia SEBIRE -b. Collingwood - d.1931 New Zealand @ 77yrs - see SEBIRE
JOYNER, Elisabeth Sophie - b.1890 Mitcham, Nunawading
JOYNER, Lucy Gladstone - b.1892 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
JOYNER, Henrietta Renouf -b.1894 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale

JOYNER, James - b.1866 Nunawading (Box Hill) - son of James JOYNER & ELizabeth Mary GLADSTONE - (m.Vic.1894 Mary Jane BREEN)
JOYNER, Mary Jane BREEN - b.1875 Little Ferntree Gully, Dandenong -daughter of William Henry BREEN & Mary Ann WILSON - - - see BREEN
JOYNER, Elizabeth Mary -b.1896 Outtrim, Sth Gippsland
JOYNER, Vera Eleanor Gladys -b.1898 Sherbrooke-Monbulk
JOYNER, Iris Hannah - b.1900 Sherbrooke-Monbulk
JOYNER, Annie - b.1903 Sherbrooke-Monbulk
JOYNER, Mary Jane -b.1906 Richmond
JOYNER, Herbert Henry -b.1907 Outrimm, Sth Gippsland

KALLIO, Jaakko 'Jack' b. 21st January 1899 at Jalasjärvi, south of Vaasa, Finland. Jalasjärvi is 88 km from the Gulf of Bothnia on the northwest coast of Finland, & 352 kilometres nor-nor-west towards Vaasa from Helsinki. It was also the birthplace of Kallio's neighbour 'Frank Maki.' Arrived per the "S.S.ORMOND" on the 4th October 1924 at Port Melbourne. Kallio was a Farmer, in the island of Wiseman and Monbulk Seville Roads, Burleigh.
KALLIO, Tyyne Mathilde b. 24 Dec 1903 at Lohja, Finland. (60 km west of Helsinki)
KALLIO, Peter Jaakko Allan b. 1936 Melbourne
KALLIO, Kalevi Lauri Raymond b. 1938 Melbourne

KARLSINGER, Nils Nilsen - labourer, Silvan Road

KEDDELL, Richard - b.1870 Queenscliff, Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria - son of Salisbury, Wiltshire-born William KEDDELL (1831 – 1881) and Kilmurry, Kilkennny, Irish-born Mary nee FANNING (1834 – 1882) of Queenscliff, Vic. - on Electoral Roll at Wandin Yallock as FARMER and SETTLER from 1911-1955 - with Mary Ann KEDDELL - d.1955 Wandin East, VIC.
KEDDELL, Mary Ann GOE or GOW - b.abt 1860 ? dghtr of Harpley and Hannah Goe ? in Wandin Yallock by 1911 till hospitalized and death- d.1918 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Vic.

KEDDELL, Thomas Hailes --b.28th June 1867 Queenscliff, Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria - son of Salisbury, Wiltshire-born William KEDDELL (1831 – 1881) and Kilmurry, Kilkennny, Irish-born Mary nee FANNING (1834 – 1882) of Queenscliff, Vic. - -Elder brother of the above- Resident at Lilydale and Wandin Yallock in the 1890s then returned to the Bellarine Peninsula and elsewhere -(married Vic.1892 to Annie lAUGHER)- Resident 1936 in Bridport Street, South Melbourne - Occupation; JOURNALIST. - d.12 July 1939 in Queenscliff, Vic.
KEDDELL, Annie LAUGHER -b. 1871 Bright, The Ovens Goldfields, Victoria - dghtr of James LAUGHER and Sarah nee HILL - Resident at Lilydale and Wandin Yallock in the 1890s and the Federation period, then elsewhere - d.1938 Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
KEDDELL, Elsie -b.1892 South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria - d.1920 Portarlington, Bellarine Peninsula, Vic.
KEDDLE, Charles Chisolm -b.1896 Lilydale, Upper Yarra valley, Victoria - Resident 1936 in Bridport Street, South Melbourne - Occupation; Postal employee - d.1966 Alberton, South Gippsland,
KEDDELL, Ruby Gladys MILLS -b.1891 Bendigo, Sandhurst Goldlfields -dghtr of William Henry MILLS and Bendigo born Sarah Beatrice BOTTEN - (m. Vic. to Charles Chisolm KEDDELL) - d. 1975 Murchison, Goulburn Valley
KEDDELL, Sarah Ida -b.1899 Bellarine, Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria

KELLY, Anthony - b.abt 1835 Donegal, IRELAND - -(m.Vic.1871 Margaret MATTHEWS) - d.1892 Prahran @ 57yrs
KELLY, Margaret MATTHEWS - b.abt 1855 - daughter of ? MATTHEWS & Margaret McCASEY -d.1954 Coburg, Vic. @ 98yrs
KELLY, Mary Ellen-b.1872 Melb. - d.1886 Vic @ 14yrs
KELLY, John -b.1874 South Yarra, Melb. - (m... Mary Elizabeth GREEN)
KELLY, Mary Elizabeth GREEN
--KELLY, John Anthony -b.1913 Prahran
KELLY, Alice -b.1876 South Yarra, Melb.
KELLY, Anthony Thomas -1878 -1882 South Yarra, Melb.

KELLY, Hugh - b. 1858 in Ireland - son of Sarah KELLY - d.1906 in Collingwood @ 48yrs
KELLY, Alice KELLY b.1859 Ireland - dghtr of Hugh KELLY & Mary LYNN - d.1915 Collingwood @ 55yr
KELLY, Mary Elizabeth b.1879 in Ballymoney, Ireland (m.Vic.1898 William GOWLING) - d.22 January 1948 Wandin @ 67yrs - see GOWLING
KELLY, Sarah - b.1882 Collingwood, Vic. (m.Vic.1907 Alfred GOWLING) d. 1955 in Preston, Vic. @ 73yrs - see GOWLING
KELLY, James - b.1884 - 1884 Collingwood @ 4mn
KELLY, Mabel -b.1886 Colingwood (m.Vic.1914 Henry Morgan WRIGHT) d.1962 Caulfield @ 74yrs
KELLY, Alice - b.1888 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1917 Ernest Percival ESKELL) -d.1937 Richmond @ 48yrs
KELLY, Jane Catherine Irwin - b.1890 Richmond - (m.Vic.1915 Norman Ernest THORP) -d.1971 Montrose @ 81yrs
KELLY, Hugh - b.1894 Lilydale -(m.Vic.1917 Ellen C KELLY) -d.1966 Abbotsford @ 71yrs
KELLY, Ellen Catherine KELLY -
- KELLY, William Hugh -b.1919 Malvern

KELLY, Richard Bonynge b. 1834 Kings Co. Ireland - Victoria Civil Servant: Field clerk and draftsman by 1865- from Kew, Vic. J.P.(Croydon 1912); d. 1919 Ringwood (Res. Wicklow Hills, Croydon)
KELLY, Caroline Louisa 'Carrie' DUNCAN b. Kings County, Ireland (Mrs R. B. Kelly m.1861 Vic.) d. 20th May 1921, Aged 83, at "Wicklow Hills" Croydon, Vic.
KELLY, Richard Franklin - b.1865 Port Albert, Gippsland (lithographic draughtsman) Res. Wicklow Hills, Croydon, Vic.
KELLY, Agnes Gardner AITKEN b. 1865 Castlemaine, Vic.(Mrs R.F. Kelly)
KELLY, Charles Bonynge - b. 1868 Sth Melb. (Draper, of Sackville St, Kew, Vic)
KELLY, Lydia Frances TREADWAY b. 1871 Williamstown (Mrs C.B. Kelly)
KELLY, Horace Gratten - b. 1870 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb.
KELLY, Mary Ethel TREADWAY (Mrs H.G. Kelly)
KELLY, Florence Amina b.1872 Emerald Hill/Sth Melb (Mrs Wm Stnly Walker)

KENNEDY, William Patrick, Silvan, Grocer - b.abt 1877 -son of John KENNEDY & Margaret MULLENS - d.1940 Melbourne @ 63yrs
KENNEDY, Isabella Agnes KEIT - Silvan - b.abt 1888 dghtr of William KEIT & Mary Ann THOMAS - d.1959 Box Hill @ 71yrs
KENNEDY, Phillip James, farmer, Silvan
KENNEDY, Margaret

KENNY, Thomas Horton "SUNNY POINT" Silvan Rd, gardener - b.1869 Windsor-Prahran (son of Richard KENNEY & Johanna JONES)
KENNY, Elizabeth KENNEDY b. Victoria (m.1898 Thomas Horton KENNEY)
KENNY, Walter Reginald b. 1909 Kew Boroondara - berry grower, Silvan (m.1930 Thelma Pretoria CRICHTON)
KENNY, Violet May b.1912 Kew, Boroondara
KENNY, Charles Richard Kennedy b.1915 Sandringham -"SUNNY POINT" Silvan Rd, gardener (m.1941 Joan Elizabeth DENTRY)
KENNY, Albert Andrew Lloyd b.1917 Hawthorn "SUNNY POINT" gardener
KENNEY, Walter

KENT, William Joseph - (m. Marjorie Sarah HIAM) - b.abt 1885 - son of James Henry KENT & Lydia THOMAS - d.1970 Seville @ 85yrs
KENT, Marjorie Sarah HIAM - b.abt 1886 - dghtr of Tailor Charles HIAM @ Marjorie KAY - d.1952 Lilydale @ 66yrs
KENT, Marjorie Lydia -b.1914 - Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1940 Harold Arthur DUCK)
KENT, Charles William - b.1916 Wandin Yallock
KENT, Dorothy Jean - b.1918 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1939 Alex Cecil BETHUNE)
KENT, Unnamed - 1925-1925 registered Belgrave

KENTISH, Allan Sebastian - b.1 Feb 1865 Goodwood Road, Adelaide, SA (m.1904 Ada WEBB) d.1925 Lilydale @ 60 yrs (son of Henry KENTISH & Fanny WEBB)
KENTISH, Ada WEBB b.1864 Sandhurst, Bendigo Silvan Rd, Retired/ d.1953 Lilydale, @ 89yrs (dghtr of George WEBB & Emma NORTHOVER)
KENTISH, Olive Florence b.1905 Newport, Vic. (m.1933 Edward William WATKINS)

KERR, MATTHEW 1793 Dromore, Co.Down, Ireland– 1862 Woodend, Victoria
KERR, Jane COPLETON 1804 Dromore, Co.Down, Ireland – 1873 West Melbourne, Victoria

KERR, Matthew(1831-1880) b.Dromore, Co .Down, Ireland via Woodend & Melb. [son of Matt & Jane Kerr above]. d.1880-Yarra Valley
KERR, Honoria BERKLEY b.1833 Newport, C. Down (m.1854 Collingwood, Matthew Kerr) d.1872 Melbourne
KERR, Honoria Jane (1855 Woodend -1925 Brisbane, QLD )
KERR, Margaret (1857-1880) Woodend
KERR, Matthew (1860-1860) Woodend
KERR, Matthew b.1861 Woodend
KERR, Louisa Carolina (1863-1865) Mebourne
KERR, Robert (1864-1864) Woodend
KERR, Robert (1866 Woodend -1957 Adelaide, South Aust)
KERR, Alfred Ernest (1868 Woodend -1918 Terowie, South Aust.)
KERR, Agnes Victoria b.1870 Melbourne - d.1891 Pitfield, Vic.
KERR, wife 2, Annie MAXWELL (m.1879)

KERR, Joseph b.1844 Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland (son of Matt & Jane above) via Springdallah, d.18 June 1901 Ballarat, Vic.
KERR, Nancy REID b.1846 Dingwell, Ross, Scotland Daughtr of James REID & Mary McCRAE (m.1865 Joe Kerr) d.1880 Melb.
KERR, Mary (1866-Springdallah- 1919)
KERR, Joseph b.1868 Piggoreet, Vic (m.1892 Clara BROWN) d.1928 Skipton
KERR, John (1870-Springdallah - 1924 Broken Hill, NSW)
KERR, Matthew b.1873 Springdallah -
KERR, George Reid (1876 Boroondara -1924 Broken Hill, NSW)
KERR, James (1880 Naroghid, Camperdown - 1898 Ballarat)
KERR, wife 2 - Mary 'nee WOOD' CRANE (m.1882)

KERR, Robert Forbes took a subdivision of the Benjamin Bath> Enoch CLEGG > Angell ELLIS Allotment in Central SoutH Wandin (Queens Road-township area)

KERR, George William - b.abt 1846 -son of David KERR & Angnes SIMPSON - d.1894 Wandin Yallock @ 47yr

KERR, Margaret - @ Sth Wandin by 1912

KERR, George William - (son of David Kerr & Agnes Simpson) d.1894 Sth Wandin Yallock @ 47 yrs

KIDD - of KIDD'S BRIDGE on the Woori Yallock Creek, Emerald Diggings
KIDD, John - b. abt 1824 ? - - (m.Vic.1852 Independent (Congregational) Church, Collins Street, Melbopurne. - D. ?
KIDD, Marianne - or Mary Ann - ABRAHAMS - b. abt 1822 - dghtr of Georg ABRAHAMS & Katherine GILL - d.1898 Prahran @ 76yr
KIDD, Georgina Catherina Jane - b.1853 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1889 Mark Blake DALY)
KIDD, Wilhelmina - b.1855 Bass Rise, Western Port - (m.Vic.1884 John RYAN - b. Tipperary)

KIDD, William Hepburn the younger-b. 1889 in Evandale, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia - son of Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland-born Robert Wood KIDD (1851 – 1929) and Scotland-born Jessie BARTLE, and grandson of Scottish-born William Hepburn KIDD the Elder (1824 – 1892) of Evandale, Tasmania - (married 16 November 1915 Sunbury, Victoria to Ada Dorothy LETHBRIDGE) - Residence 1919 at Sunbury, and also at 64 Miller street, Essendon, Maribyrnong, Victoria, Australia -Occupation : WOOL CLASSER - He was Wool classer at Queens ROad, Wandin Yallock in the 1920s and 1930s -Listed on the 1924 and 1931 Electorial roll listed at Queens Road, Wandin / Silvan. Wandin Yallock, Lilydale, Indi, Victoria, Australia - WOOL CLASSER -with Ada Dorothy Kidd, HOME DUTIES - d. 5 May 1971 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
KIDD, Ada Dorothy LETHBRIDGE -b.1891 Beechworth, The Ovens, Victoria - dghtr of Robert Wellesley LETHBRIDGE (1857–1936) & Ada Thomson MERCER (1863–1917) Resident in Wandin Yallock 1920s and early 1930s RESIDENT FROM 1936 Cadorn st, Mowbray, St Leonards, Bass, Tasmania, Australia - with Willam Hepburn KIDD, Wool Classer - d.8 June 1972 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
KIDD, Robert William KIDD -b.1918 11 December 1918 in Sunbury, Macedon District– d.1926 Wandin Yallock
KIDD, Dorothy Jean KIDD -b.1 January 1921 in Evandale, Launceston, [m.1946 Launceston, Tas. to Oswald Alexander CONNELL (1916 – 1986 )] – d.6 Sep 2002 in East Devonport, Tasmania
KIDD, Jessie Marie KIDD -b.28 October 1925 in Wandin Yallock

KILDARE, Douglas Patrick - b.1904 - - d.1973 Burleigh @ 60yrs

KILPATRICK, William James - Silvan 1920 Orchardist

KING, Alfred Henry b.1872 Clarendon, nr Ballarat, Western Victoria. Arr. Sth Wand 1912 - Fruitgrower @ Sth Wandin in 1913
KING, Caroline Agnes CROSS b.1873 Apollo Bay -or Newtown, Geelong, Victoria - daughter of George Thomas CROSS & Ann DIBELL
KING, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' - Arr. 1912 from Krambuk
KING, Ethel May b.1898 Ballarat East, Victoria - Arr. 1912 from Krambuk (m.1916 Roy Joseph TAYLOR) -see below
KING, Henry George b. 1900 Krambuk, Western District - Arr. 1912 from Krambuk [m. m.1920 Florence Victoria Adelaide TRAFFORD] d.1941 Healesville
-KING, Joyce Evelyn
KING, Annie Rose b.1901 Krambuk, Western District - Arr. 1912 (m.1918 Robert HUNTER)
KING, Mary Jane b. 1903 Krambuk, Western District - Arr. 1912
KING, Myra b. 1904 Ballarat East [Mrs Percy A. D'ARGAVILLE m.1920]
KING, Alfred Henry b. 1906 Krambuk [m.Jean Catherine POYNTON & Hazel PARKER] - See POYNTON - See PARKER
KING, James Walter b. Krambuk, Western District
KING, William Ernest - born 1913 Sth Wandin

KINGS, Richard Tamplin -b. 24 June 1833 Lydney, Gloucestershire, England - son of Thomas Cottarell KINGS & Mary TAMPLIN - (m.Vic.1859) A.E.Borley) Storekeeper at Wandin Yallock - Proprietor from 1886 of allotment 9 in the township of Wandin Yallock. -d.8 May 1914 Hotham East, North Melbourne, Vic.
KINGS, Anne Eliza BORLEY - b.17 March 1835 Bere Ferris, Devonshire, England - dghtr of William BORLEY & Sarah ELLIOTT - d. 5 July 1919 Wandin, Lilydale @ 84yrs
KINGS, William Thomas -b.1860 Heidelberg, Vic (m.1883 Minnie KÖBEL) - d.1018 Richmond @ 58yrs
KINGS, Wilhelmine Minnie KÖBEL 1861 Yarraberg, Richmond, Vic. -daughter of Johann Franz, from Austria Johanne Luise PETSCHACK from Prussia - d.18 Oct 1906 Richmond
-KINGS, Wilhelm Thomas b.1883 Bethanga (m.1909 ELizabeth COUSINS) – d.1963
-KINGS, Elizabeth COUSINS -
- - KINGS, Doris Minnie b.1910 Hawthorn
-KINGS, Ada Elizabeth b.1886 Wandin Yallock (m.1907 Edward COWAN)
-KINGS, Henry Elliot b.1888 Wandin Yallock (m.1920 Violetta PATTERSON)
-KINGS, Charles Herbert b.1894 Hawthorn, Boroondara
-KINGS, Daisy Edith b.1892 Hawthorn, Boroondara (m.1917 William Phillip SHINGELTON)
-KINGS, Ernst Alfred b.1896 Wandin Yallock – 1947
-KINGS, Stanley b.1902 Hawthorn, Boroondara
KINGS, Richard Tamplin b.1862 Alphington, Vic. (m.1898 Agnes THOMSON)
-KINGS, Selena -b.1901 Lilydale
KINGS, Edwin Elliott b.1864 Heidelberg, Vic. - (m.1889 Ann Ellen COX ) - (m.1894 Matilda KING)
KINGS, Ann Ellen COX b.abt 1864 - dghter of Richard C. COCKS & Margaret KENNEDY - d.1891 Wandin, Lilydale @ 26yrs
-KINGS, Edith Elma b.1890 Lilydale
-KINGS, Edwin Elliott -b.1891 Lilydale
-KINGS, Majorie Lillian -b.1900 Lillydale
KINGS, Mary Edith Emily b.1867 Wandin, Lilydale (m.1893 Charles George NEEDHAM)
KINGS, Alfred Ernest b.1870 Lilydale
KINGS, Sidney Herbert b.1874 Lilydale

KIRKLAND, Robert James -b.abt 1858 SCOTLAND - son of Robert James & Eva Frances KIRKLAND- - (m.Vic.1888 Elizabeth Emily 'Lizzie' PARKER)-Occupation 1914 -: PAINTER -d.1924 Prahran @ 65yrs
KIRKLAND, Elizabeth Emily 'Lizzie' PARKER - b.23 Dec 1859 Widford, Hertfordshire - daughtef of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & South Wandin Yallock -(m.1888 Robert James KIRKLAND) d.1940 Armadale, Prahran -see PARKER
KIRKLAND, Eva Frances -b.1889 Windsor, Prahran – 1960 Carlton, Melb.
KIRKLAND, Jeanie Elizabeth -b.1891 Armadale, Prahran -(m.Vic.1913 Harold Hampton PARKER) –d.1973 Cheltenham, Port Phillip -see PARKER
KIRKLAND, Robert James 'Rob' -b.1893 Windsor, Prahran –(m.Vic.1923 Edna Muriel DAVEY) - d.1951 East Malvern @ 58yrs
KIRKLAND, Edna Muriel DAVEY - b.1896 Sandhurst, Bendigo - daughter of William DAVEY & Agnes CHAMBERS - d.1979 Maffra @ 83yrs

KIRKPATRICK, William - b.abt 1808 County Down, Ireland - (m. Sarah KENNEDY) - d.1892 Richmond @ 83yr
KIRKPATRICK, Sarah KENNEDY - b.abt 1810 Ireland - d. 18882 Berwick, Vic. @ 71yr
KIRKPATRICK, Jane - b.County Down, Ireland - (m.Vic.1867 John Trumbull WARD) - see WARD
KIRKPATRICK, Mary - b. abt 1838 Melbourne, Port Phillip, - (St James Anglican Registration) - (m.1855 William STUART of Emerald Diggings) -d.
KIRKPATRICK, William - b. 1842 St James, Melbourne
KIRKPATRICK, Matthew - b.1846 Kinlochewe, Beveridge, Vic. -
KIRKPATRICK, Elizabeth - b.1847 St James, Melbourne - (m.Vic.1870 William Francis McMINN)
KIRKPATRICK, Matthew - b.1850 St James, Melbourne -( m.Vic.1870 Priscilla WATSON) -
KIRKPATRICK, Priscilla WATSON - b. - of Macclesfield - - see WATSON
-KIRKPATRICK, John - 1870 Dandenong
-KIRKPATRICK, William - 1873 Dandenong
-KIRKPATRICK, Mary Jane - 1875 Dandenong
-KIRKPATRICK, Elizabeth - 1878 Dandenong
-KIRKPATRICK, Matthew James - 1881 Dandenong
-KIRKPATRICK, Sarah 1883 Macclesfield, Gembrook
- KIRKPATRICK, George 1886 Macclesfield, Gembrook
KIRKPATRICK, Robert - b.1852 St James, Melbourne

KIRKWOOD, Jane FURPHY, -b. Tanderagee, County Armagh, Ireland
KIRKWOOD, William, - b.1855 Kangaroo Ground
KIRKWOOD, John - b.1859 Lancefield

KLINGENBERG, Friedrich 'Fritz' - b.abt 1862 Deutschland - son of Friedrich KLINGENBERG & ? - - (m.Vic.1891 Eleanor FOSTER) d.1935 Pt Melb @ 72yrs
KLINGENBERG, Eleanor 'Ellen' FOSTER - b. Melbourne - - d.1923 Melb.East @ 56yrs
KLINGENBERG, Luise Friedericke -b.1891 Williamstown - (m.Vic.1916 John COE)
KLINGENBERG, Auguste Henriette -b.1893 Darnum, West Gippsland - (m.Vic.1922 William Stephen GLEESON)
KLINGENBERG, Heinrich Friedrich - b.1895 Darnum, West Gippsland- (m,Vic.1930 Lelia Isabel JARDINE) - d.1960 Mont albert @ 64yrs
KLINGENBERG, Lelia Isabel JARDINE - b.abt 1908 - daugtr of Robert JARDINE & Florence HAYDEN - - d.1954 Melbourne @ 46yrs
KLINGENBERG, Olga Myrtle -b.1897 Carlton - (m.Vic.1922 Thomas Archibald PASH)
KLINGENBERG, Charlotte Eleanore - b.1904 Port Melb. - (m.Vic.1923 Edmund Michael KELLY)
KLINGENBERG, Hermann Luis -b.1906 Port Melb. - d.1920 Melb.East @ 13yrs
KLINGENBERG, Amanda Johanne - b. 1913 Port Melb. -(m.Vic.1931 Leonard Oswald Thomas john WEATE) -

KLIX, Otto Richard Emil -b.abt 1850 Deutschland - son of Ferdinand KLIX & Emilie Christiane KLAUS - d.1904 Footscray @ 54yrs
KLIX, Auguste KRUEGER - b.abt 1850 Deutschland - daughter of Gottlieb KRUEGER & Christiane HELLMER - d.1903 Footscray & 53yrs
KLIX, Ferdinand Wilhelm - b.abt 1863 Deutschland - son of Ferdinand KLIX - - d.1962 Wandin Yallock @ 99yrs
KLIX, Ernstine - - d.1953 Lildyale @ 94yrs
KLIX, Karl Ernst Ferdinand - b. abt - - d.1971 Blackburn @ 88yrs
KLIX, Paul August - b.1875 Collingwood, Vic. -(m.Vic.1903 Emma Louisa PARKIN) - d.1935 Ringwood @ 60yrs
KLIX, Emma Louisa PARKIN
KLIX, Robert - b.1876 Melbourne -(m.Vic.1898 Eliza WILLIAMS) d.1950 Sunshine @ 70 yrs
--KLIX, Robert Emil 1899 - 1900 Footscray
--KLIX, Wilhelm Johann - b.1901 Footscray
KLIX, Emma Auguste - b.1879 Footscray - (m.Vic.1902 John Nicholas MARTIN)
KLIX, Elise Eliza - b.1880 Footscray
KLIX, Ferdinand Emil - b.1882-1882 Footscray
KLIX, Johanne Maria 'Annie Marie Hanne' -b.1885 Footscray (m.Vic.1908 William Thomas PARKIN)
KLIX, Richard Erich Eduard - b.1890 Maidstone

Mrs Ada Hollis Knoll & daughter Olive Ada Jane Knoll by the cherries @ the original Knoll farm 'Hohenheim', Parker Road, Wandin South (silvan)

KNOLL, Karl Wilhelm - b. 1870 Thalhausen, nr Markgröningen, Kreis Neckar, in the Kingdom of (Königreich) Württemberg, Deutschland - son of Johann Jakob KNOLL & Anna Maria 'Marie' KÖRNER (KOERNER) - Within his first year of life the Königreich Württemberg was no more, incorporated in 1871 into the greater Deutsch Reich with a capital in the Prussian power centre of Berlin. NOTE: The KNOLL family can be traced intact in the Neckar Valley for 500 years, at Markgröningen, before that at Möglingen, and previously at Walheim-Am-Neckar, Württemberg. K. Wilhelm KNOLL's great grandfather, J. Heinrich KNOLL is on record in the Evangelische Kirche (Lutheran) at Möglingen in about the late 1700s as a 'Citizen and Vinedresser.' - Wilhelm KNOLL's family were graziers, cropping farmers, Vinegrowers and horticulturalists on the Glems River, a tributary of the Neckar River, itself a branch of the Rhine. Today the Glems river below Markgröningen sports a walking trail which features the ruins of the many old Waterwheel-driven flourmills along the descending white cascades of that stream. The hills and valleysides above the Glems & Neckar valleys are still covered in Vineyards. K Wilhelm Knoll Emigrated from the port of Bremerhaven, Bremen on the steamship 'KARLSRUHE' arriving in Melbourne in April 1893. (m.1897 in South Wandin to Ada Jane HOLLIS). In April 1897 he bought a section of land off George PARKER and built a house on the hilltop on Parker Road, South Wandin and called it 'HOHENHEIM' meaning 'High Home.' The property is now Gordon & Linda CHAPMAN's 'Four Winds.' Wilhelm KNOLL died in January 1953 at Silvan
KNOLL, Ada Jane HOLLIS b.1873 Fitzroy South, Yarra Valley - daughter of Hubert John HOLLIS & Eliza SUCKLING of Wandin South -1948 Silvan - see HOLLIS
KNOLL, Karl Allan - b.1898 Sth Wandin (m.Silvan Methodist Church 1922 to Mary Estella CHAPMAN) -widowed 1942 (m.1943 Barbara HOLLIS) - d. 1982 Yarra Junction
KNOLL, Mary Estella CHAPMAN 1903 - daughter of William CHAPMAN & Stella HUNTER -1942 Wandin South-Silvan - see CHAPMAN - see HUNTER
- KNOLL, Eileen Mary 'Eily' - b.1924 Burleigh- (m.1843 Donald Lorimer WHITTINGHAM)
- KNOLL, Ernest William 'Bill -b.1925 Burleigh - (m.Vic.1950 Eleanor HILLI)
- KNOLL, Ronald Stanley - b.1926 Burleigh- (m.Vic.1950 Laurel May JACKEL)
- KNOLL, Allan Cedric -b.6 Dec 1927 Burleigh - d.16 Jan 1929 in a Tragic Accident
- KNOLL, Gladys Norma -b.26 June 1929 Burleigh - d.2 Dec 1930 Melb,
- KNOLL, John Alexander 'Jack' b.1931 Burleigh(m.Vic.1955 Roberta Ada McDOWELL)
- KNOLL, Harold Arthur b.1932 Burleigh (m.Vic.1955 Margaret May WELLER)
- KNOLL, Audrey Rosalie b.1939 Burleigh, - (m.Vic.1962 Bruce Albert LAWRENCE)
KNOLL, Charl Arthur b.1900 Sth Wandin (m. Mabel BRIGGS) (m. Kit THOMPSON)
KNOLL, Mabel BRIGGS - d. 1931 Burleigh, Silvan South - see BRIGGS
KNOLL, 'Kit' Catherine Winifred THOMPSON - see THOMPSON
KNOLL, Olive Ada Jane b. 1902 Sth Wandin (Mrs D. WHITTINGHAM) - see WHITTINGHAM
KNOLL, Barbara b.1907 Sth Wandin (Mrs Cliff SHAW) - see SHAW
KNOLL, Alice Marie Eliza b.1910 Sth Wandin (Mrs Lawrence JOHNS) - see JOHNS

KNOWLES, Richard b.abt 1891 ? - (m.Vic.1917 Ruby May RIKY) - at Valinda Hills- Olinda vale, Evelyn d.1966 Mt Evelyn @ 75yrs
KNOWLES, Ruby May RIKY - b.abt 1893 - dghtr of Bertie Peter RIKY & Elizabeth E. WILLIAMS - d.1965 Lilydale @ 72yrs
KNOWLES, Alfred George Benjamin -b.1918 Coburg
KNOWLES, June Ellen May -b.1920 Prahran

KNOWLES, Eva - b.1866 Melton, Vic. - dghtr of William Thomas KNOWLES & Jane FRASER - (m.Vic.1890 James DUCROW) - see DUCROW
KNOWLES, Henrietta MANN - b.1889 Wandin Yallock - d.1889 Footscray @ 6m

KÖBEL, Johann Franz b.17 Marz 1816 Pritzlitz, Vienna, Austria (m.Vic.20 Dec 1854 Johanne Luise PETSCHACK) - d.13 April 1881 Lillydale, Vic.
KÖBEL, Johanne Luise PETSCHACK 1832 Pommerzig, Prussia – daughter of Gottlob PETSCHACK & Christiane REDLICH - d.25 Sept 1914 Lilydale, Yarra Valley, Vic.
KÖBEL, Franz Johann 1855-1857 Yarraberg, Richmond, Vic.
KÖBEL, Luise Maria 1857 Yarraberg, Richmond (m.Sofala, NSW 4 Jan 1875 to Essex-born, Arthur PORTER (1841-1925) The Porters went from Sofala, NSW to Auckland, New Zealand where four children were born and then to Utah, USA with an eventual thirteen children- d.5 Feb 1939 Rexburg, Madison, Idaho, USA
KÖBEL, Anna Katharine 1859 Yarraberg, Richmond (m.Vic.1885 to Michael Coleman COLLINS from County Clare, Ireland)- The Collins went to the vineyards of Bethanga, Rutherglen, had ten children - then went north across the border d.1946 Lambton, NSW
KÖBEL, Minnie Wilhelmine 1861 Yarraberg, Richmond, Vic. (m.Vic.1883 William Thomas KINGS) d.18 Oct 1906 Richmond
KÖBEL, Johann Franzis 1862 Yarraberg, Richmond, Vic.– 1950
KÖBEL, Susannah Emilie Amelia 1864-1868 Yarraberg, Richmond, Vic.
KÖBEL, Carl Eduard 1867 Yarraberg, Richmond, Vic.– 1918
KÖBEL, Elisabeth Susanah 1871 Yarraberg, Richmond, - 1887 Wandin Yallock
KÖBEL, Ernst Wilhelm 1874 Lilydale, Yarra Valley – 1956

KÖLLING, Louis b. Emerald Hill, Melb.Sth - son of Heinrich Christian Luis-Ludwig KÖLLING (who was Naturalised in 1871) & Isabella NEHREN - - (m.Vic.1892 Mary Ellen BURGI)
KÖLLING, Mary Ellen BURGI - b.186 Yering-Stobies Nob, Lillydale district - daughter of Swiss-born Johannes BURGI & Irish-born Mary TYNE
KÖLLING, Emily Teresa Alice - b.abt 1893 - d.1894 Wandin Yallock @ 9m
KÖLLING, Edwin - b.1895 Clifton Hill
KÖLLING, Louis = b.1904 Clifton Hill

KÖRSTEN, Franz Hermann - Lewis Road, South Wandin, labourer. Naturalised 1909 Victoria. [KOERSTEN]
KOERSTEN, Thelma Courtney HUGHES [m. 1910] - Lewis Road, South Wandin [daughter of Evan Hughes & Bessie Platt d.1949 Parkville @ 62 yrs
KOERSTEN, Marie Gladys Luise b.1911 Hastings - Lewis Road, South Wandin,
KOERSTEN, Winifred Bessie b.1912 Hastings - Lewis Road, South Wandin, [m. 1939 Leonard Ernest Alfred MARTIN]
KOERSTEN, Gladys Courtney b. 1914 Hastings - Lewis Road, Sth Wandin

KÖSTER, Johann Heinrich -(aka John Henry KOSTER) b.1883 Carlton - son of Berendt 'Bernard' KÖSTER & Sophie Margaretta MEIER or MEYER - (m.Vic.1908 Evangeline Christina DOWNING) - d. 1961 Box Hill @ 77yrs
KÖSTER, Christina Evangeline 'Eva' DOWNING -b.1884 Talbot, Amherst, Vic. - daughter of Jeremy DOWNING & Christina Maria MORROW- - d.1967 Box Hill @ 83yrs
KOSTER, Edna Elsie Sophia -b.1910 Richmond -(m.Vic.1937 Stuart James MATTHEW)
KOSTER, Albert Henry -b.1911 Lal Lal, Vic. -d.1928 Belgrave @ 17yrs
KOSTER, Leslie Berendt - b.1913 Richmond -(m.Vic.1941 Ethel Kathleen FROHLICH)-d.1957 Box Hill @ 44yrs
KOSTER, Arthur JAmes -b.1917 Richmond -(m.Vic.1942 Johanne FELDMANN) -d.1978 Box Hill @ 62yr

KUNZ, Ferdinand - b. 1871 St Gall, Switzerland to Silvan Rd, Labourer (son of Heinrich Kunz & Marie Alther) Died 1948 @ 77 yrs Lilydale, Vic.
KUNZ, Elsie Julie nee GEMPERLE b. 1875 - d.1971 @ 96 yrs Boronia, Vic.

LABY, Annie TOVELL b.abt 1835 England -dghtr of Edward TOVELL & Annie WILSON - at South Wandin in 1903 - Home Duties - Second wife & widow of Essex-born, William Hayward LABY of Ararat & Stawell who died at Ararat in 1891 @ 65yrs Vic. Annie Laby died in 1913 at Mordialloc @ 78yrs.
LABY, William Hayward (1826-d.1891 Ararat @ 65yrs, son of James LABY & Elizabeth Corlyn HAYWARD
LABY, 1st wife married in Victoria in 1871 to Charlotte Eliza HAZELWOOD nee STOCKWELL (1839 Buckinghamshire - d.1879 Stawell, Vic. - daughter of Isaiah STOCKWELL and Ann MOWBRAY. - and sons by his first wife who were raised by Annie LABY after marrying W.H.Laby in Victoria in 1881.
LABY, Thomas Corlyn -b.1872 Ararat
LABY, Phillip Hayward b.1874 Ararat
LABY, Joseph Nelson -b.1876 Stawell
LABY, Oswald Stawell -b.1878 Pleasant Crk- Stawell

La FONTAINE, Jules -b. abt 1830 Quebec, CANADA - d.1899 Yarrawonga @ 68yrs

LAIDLOW, William -b.abt 1822 Cumberland, Eng. - son of Thomas LAIDLOW & Margaret SCOTT (m. Margret SHAW) - d.1880 @ 57yrs
LAIDLOW, William - b.1861 Inglewood, Loddon Goldfields (m.Vic.Elizabeth HALDSWORTH)
LAIDLOW, Violet Myrtle b.1898 South Yarra
LAIDLAW, Elspeth McGeachin - b.1899 sth Yarra
LAIDLAW, William George - b.1901 Sth Yarra

LAISTER, George Harold
LAISTER , Frances Lunetta Isabella 'Fanny' SIMCOX - b. England ? - - widow of Thomas WILLIAMS- d.1899 Wandin) - remarried Vic- - See WILLIAMS
LAISTER, William George Melbourne - b.1902 Melbourne

LAMBOURN, Edward Henry - b.1866 Bruthen, Gippsland, son of William James LAMBOURN & Mary Ann CLOTHIER -(m.Vic.1900 Setchen MAria BAADE) d.1938 Bruthen @ 72yrs
LAMBOURN, Setchen Marie BAADE -b.1883 Sale, Gippsland, Vic. daughter of Holstein-born, Bernhardt Ernst BAADE & Wiltshire-born, Sarah GIBBS - d.1971 Bairnsdale @ 81yrs
LAMBOURN, Henry Edward - b.1900 Bruthen - (m.1926 Agnes Irene Myrtle Oats McMASTER) - d.1962 Morwell @ 61yrs
LAMBOURN, William John -b.1902 Bruthen (m.1934 Helen HODGE)
LAMBOURN, Vine Maud b.1904 Bruthen -(m.1926 Ronald John KEY)-d.1968 ROsedale, Gippsland @ 64yrs
LAMBOURN, Isabel Mary -b.1905 Bruthen (m.1926 Victor Roy WOODHOUSE)
LAMBOURN, Ernst James Thomas b.1907 Bruthen (m.1931 Violet Isabella Field BARKER) - d.1982 Bruthen @ 73yrs
LAMBOURN, Violet Edith May -b.1909 Bruthen (m.1931 Phillip John FARMER)
LAMBOURN, John Albert - b.1911 Bruthen (m.1940 Edna May BRITT) - d.1973 Sale @ 61yrs
LAMBOURN, Roy Charles -b.1913 Bruthen
LAMBOURN, George Stanley -b.1915 Bruthen
LAMBOURN, Dorothy Joan b.1926 -at South Silvan State School 1931

LAMING, Richard John - b. Salisbury, S.A. (Jane B Meekison m.1882 Vic)
LAMING, Jane MEEKISON, died 1888 Wandin Yallock @ 28 yrs (dau of Edward Meekison & Margaret Ann Blair)
LAMING, James -b. 5 Dec 1883 New Glenelg, South Australia

LANGE, Sophia Emma b.1872 Craigie-Majorca, Vic. - daughter of Luis Heinrich Lange & Emma Jurgens (Mrs Stephen Herbert Wilken)

LANNING, Albert Arthur - b. 22 October 1872 Richmond, Vic. -son of English-born, Henry LANNING & Edinburgh-born, Isabel WATKINS - (m.Vic.14 June 1905 to Emma Amelie Wilhelmine SCHRÖDER) - d. 20 July 1955 Royal Melbourne Hospital
LANNING, Emma Amelie Wilhelmine SCHRÖDER b. 12 August 1876 Hannover, Deutschland, Germany - dghtr of Wilhelm Friedrich SCHRÖDER & Caroline Christiane Conrandine RÖHRS - d. 10 May 1950 Geelong see SCHRÖDER
LANNING, Wilhelm Henry - b. 1906 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1929 Mary Agnes Fulton ANDERSON) -- Remarried 1966 Elsie CHICK) d.25 Jan 1980 Croydon, Vic.
- LANNING, William Fulton b.1939 – 1997
LANNING, Elsie CHICK 1902 – 1983
LANNING, Gustav Leslie -b. 1907 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1939 Kathleen Phyllis ERREY)
LANNING, Kathleen Phyllis ERREY
- LANNING, Phillip Edward b.1947 – 1955
LANNING, Alma Louise - b.1909 Wandin Yallock - d.Aug 1989 Tumut, New South Wales
LANNING, Albert Claude - b.1912 Wandin Yallock - d.2004 Wantirna
LANNING, Francis Adolphus - b.1914- Wandin Yallock - d.1914 Seville
LANNING, Elsie Caroline - b.1919 Seville, Lilydale - d.1984 Geelong Hospital

LAPWELL, Reginald -Silvan 1937 Farmer
LAPWELL, Leonard b 1924 attended South Silvan

LARDNER THE SURVEYOR : - Frontier Surveyor of Wandin Yallock & nearby Districts
LARDNER, John - b.1839 Galway, IRELAND -son of Thomas LARDNER & Maria CAVANAGH - - Previously lived in New Zealand - Arrived in Victoria 1866 -(m.Vic.1872 Ann COSGROVE) - d.1931 Leongatha @ 92yrs
LARDNER, Ann COSGROVE -b.abt 1842 Meath, Ireland - daughter of Patrick & Margaret COSGROVE - d.1917 Leongatha @ 74yrs
LARDNER, John Thomas - b.1873 Melbourne Nth - - d.1938 Leongatha @65yr
LARDNER, James Cosgrove -b.1874 - d.1875 Richmond
LARDNER, Margaret May -b.1876 Richmond - d.1970 Leongatha @ 94yrs
LARDNER, William Patrick -b.1878 Richmond - d.1940 Leongatha @ 61yrs
LARDNER, Annie -b.1878 - d.1879 Caulfield
LARDNER, Ellen Jane -b.1881 Essendon - d.1940 Leongatha @ 64yrs
LARDNER, Annie Veronica -b.1883 Essendon - d.1862 Richmond @ 79yrs

LARKING, James Styles - b.1854 Brighton, Port Phillip - son of James LARKING & Rebecca PARR- from Lilydale (m.Vic.1882 Emma PARR) - d.1939 Croydon @ 82yrs
LARKING, Emma PARR b.1863 Prahran - daughter of William PARR & Jane AXFORD - d.1942 Torumbarry, Vic @ 78yrs
LARKING, Eliza Jane -b.1883 Prahran (m.Vic.1905 Levi Thomas BOTT)
LARKING, William James -b.1884 Lilydale - d.1963 Bentleigh @ 78yrs
LARKING, Ernest Albert 1885-1886 Lilydale
LARKING, Alfred Henry b.1997 Lilydale ~ d.1938 Eaglehawk @ 50yrs
LARKING, Frederick Charles -1889-1889 Camberwell
LARKING, Emily May -b.1892 Lilydale
LARKING, Victoria Rebecca -b.1897 Lilydale (m.1926 Hector Thomas LAMONT)

LARTER, Alfred Ernest - - farmer, Whites corner, Monbulk by 1919 - b.1889 Collingwood - son of William Joseph Orton LARTER & Louisa Mary BARTLETT -(m.1913 Besie HARBOUR) d.1964 Heidelberg @ 75yrs
LARTER, Bessie HARBOUR b.abt 1885 -dghtr of Samuel HARBOUR & Mary Ann MORRIS - d.1940 Prahran @ 55yrs
LARTER, Victor -1914-1914 Kensington Hill
LARTER, Mary Louise b.1915 Kensington
LARTER, Alice Edith b.1920 Ferntree Gully
LARTER, Walter James -b.abt 1929 - d.1952 Sth Melb. @ 21yrs

LARTER, Henry 'Harrie' Alfred, Queens Road, Schoolteacher 1924 [Teacher Registration No. 20370] - b.1900 Northcote - son of English-born, Harrie William David LARTER & South-Melbourne-born, Susan Jane BYSOUTH, who married in Victoria in 1900. - (m.Vic.1928 Isabel JOHNSTON) - widowed - (remarried Vic.1942 Myrtle Olive WARREN) - d.1976 Castlemaine, Vic. @ 75yrs
LARTER, Isabel JOHNSTON - [Teacher Registration No. 23193] - b.abt 1906 - dghtr of John Percy JOHNSON & Elizabeth BROWN- d.1941 Castlemaine @ 35yrs
LARTER, Myrtle Olive WARREN - - b,abt 1906 -dghtr of Warren WARREN & Minnie Ada WILKINSIN - d.1879 Castlemaine @ 73yrs

LATTO, Giovanni? 'John' - labourer in the Wandins, 1906
LATTO, Charlotte - In the Wandins, 1906

LEA, Ann (Mrs Abe Stoddart) d. 1909 South Wandin @ 80 yrs

LEACH, Robert Ware b. abt 1820 (m.Vic.1855 Sarah LEE) - d.1907 South Wandin Yallock @ 88 yrs
COOPER, Sarah LEE - b.abt 1835 - - d. 1923 Geelong @ 88yr
COOPER, Sarah Ann - b.1857 Geelong
COOPER, Charlotte Elizabeth - b.1860 Chilwell, Geelong - (m.Vic.1885 Frederick Mead CANNINGTON) - d.
COOPER, Agnes -b.1862 Chilwell, Geelong
OOPER, Reginald - b.1866 Chilwell, Geelong - (m.Vic.1895 Jemima Amelia FREEMAN)
COOPER, Matilda - b.1868-d.1869 Chilwell, Geelong
COOPER, Matilda II b.1870 - 1871 Chilwell, Geelong
COOPER, Laura - b.1873 Geelong
COOPER, Ellen - b.1876 Geelong

LEACH, Selina Mary Ann (Mrs Isaac Jeeves Jnr)

LEACH, James - b.1861 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1887 Susanna HARMAN)
LEACH, Susanna HARMAN - b.1863 Lilydale -dghtr of Robert HARMAN & Mary Ann WILLIAMS - see HARMAN
LEACH, Lilly May -b.1887 Geelong
LEACH, Elsie Grace -b.1889 Lilydale
LEACH, Edna Evelyn Gertie - b.1891 Lilydale
LEACH, John Robert - b.1894 Lilydale

LEADBEATER, John 1831-1888 died Melbourne (The Bird Stuffer and Chief Taxidermist for the Museum of Victoria) had a field 'bird-stuffer's' hut on the Wandin Yallock Creek above Robert Briety's 'Steele's Flat Station. On the 10th May 1856 Robert Brierty wrote and complained that Leadbeater the bird -stuffer had erected a hut on his "Steeles Flat' run. The Leadbeater Possum was named for him by Frederick McCoy, who was the Director of the National Museum at the time.
LEADBEATER, ELiza (1841-1888) [Mrs J. Leadbeater] died Melbourne

LEARMONTH, David -b.1874 Mt Prospect, Creswick, Victoria - son of Roxburghshire, Scotland-born David LEARMONTH & Alva, Stirlingshire-born Mary KING- (m.12 Aug 1909 Brunswick, Vic. to Katie Jane McCLELLAND) -d.1955 Yarra Junction
LEARMONTH, Kate Jane McCLELLAND -b.1881 Fitzroy- daughter of early Melbourne, Port Phillip-born James McCLELLAND & County Tyrone-born Matilda BLAIR -of South Wandin Yallock, Vic. (Mrs David LEARMONTH) d.1956 Yarra Junction See McCLELLAND
LEARMONTH, Marjorie -b.1910 Yarra Junction – 1994
LEARMONTH, Harold Keith -b.1912 Yarra Junction –
LEARMONTH, Lewis Malcolm -b.1913 Yarra Junction – 1989
LEARMONTH, Reginald Walter -b.1917 Yarra Junction – 2006
LEARMONTH, Dorice Matilda -b.1919 Yarra Junction –

David & Kate Jane McClelland LEARMONTH Family, Yarra Junction circa 1920

LE HURAY, Albert Alexandre - b. abt 1846 ? St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Isles - son of James Jakob LE HURAY - (m. Anna Maria McLEAN) - of South Melbourne & Williamstown, Vic. - d.1891 Williamstown @ 44yrs
LE HURAY, Anna Maria McLEAN - @ Sth Wandin 1910 - b. abt 1844 - dghtr of Donald * Anna Maria McLEAN- d.1913 Northcote @ 69yrs
LE HURAY, Melinda Anna - b.1875 Emerald Hill - d.1883 Williamstown, Vic. @ 8yrs
LE HURAY, Donald McLean b.1876 Williamstown - Fruitgrower @ Sth Wandin 1910 d. 1916 Kew @ 40 yrs
LE HURAY, Albert Alexander - b.1878 Williamstown - d.1881 W'mst'n
LE HURAY, Eloise Ethel - b.1881 Williamstown (m.Vic.1903 James DEMPSEY)
LE HURAY, Eirene Sara - b.1883 Williamstown - d.1968 Northcote @ 84yrs
LE HURAY, Bertram James - b.1886 Williamstown (m.Vic.1913 Ruby Blanche Hilda CUSWORTH) -( re-married Vic.1932 Rosetta May GRIFITHS / GIBSON) - d.1967 Melb. @ 83yrs
LE HURAY, Ruby Blanche Hilda CUSWORTH - d.1930 Hastings @ 44yrs -dghtr of George CUSWORTH & Gina PLANT
LE HURAY, Amy Eirena -b.1915 Northcote, Vic. (m.Vic.1940 William Gordon KELLAS)

LE PAGE, Jéan 'John' b.24 Mar 1827 The Câtel, St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Isle, son of Samuel Le PAGE & Margueritte CARRÉ -(m. 12 Oct 1851 Vale Church, Guernsey, to Betsey SEBIRE) - d. 14 April 1899 in Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 71yr
LE PAGE, Betsey Elisabeth SEBIRE - b.14 Dec 1830 St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Isles - daughter of Daniel SEBIRE & Elisabeth RUSSELL - d.11 October 1898 in Wandin Yallock, Lillydale @ 68yr
LE PAGE, Betsey -Elisabeth -b.1853 Collingwood
LE PAGE, John b. 9 March 1854 i Collingwood - (m.Vic.1881 Hannah WILLIAMS) - d. 27 July 1917 in Seville, Wandin Yallock
-LE PAGE, Elisabeth Maria -b.1882 Lilydale
-LE PAGE, Ernest Alfred -b.1844 Lillydale
-LE PAGE, Arthur Alexander b.1886 Lillydale
-LE PAGE, Myrtle May - b.1889 Wandin Yal
-LE PAGE, Ruby Ethel - b.1892 Wandin Yallock - 1900 Carlton Hosp.
-LE PAGE, Olive Eileen - b.1896 Lillydale
LE PAGE, Rachel Helen -b.1856 Yarra Valley
LE PAGE, James - b.1856 Collingwood / Yering, Lillydale - (m.Vic.1885 Agnes MURPHY)
LE PAGE, Charles -b.1857 t, Upper Yarra Valley, - d.1943
LE PAGE, Sophia - b.1859 Wandin , Lilydale - (m.Vic.1892 John CLARKE)
LE PAGE, Samuel - b. 1860 Yarra Valley
LE PAGE, Eliza -b.1862 Lillydale
LE PAGE, Maria - b.1865 Yering, Lillydale
LE PAGE, Julia -b.1867 Lilydale - d.1875 Wandin Yallock
LE PAGE, Jane -b.1868 Lillydale district
LE PAGE, Peter -b.1871 Lillydale - d. 1912
LE PAGE, Caroline 'Carrie' b.1877 (m.Vic.1909 David Brown WATT)

LETCH, Martha d. 1902 South Wandin @ 66 yrs (Mrs James PARKER) -see PARKER

LEVINY, Ernst 'Ernest' of 'BUDA' Castlemaine, Victoria b.abt 1818 Buda on Danube, Hungary (Buda-Pesht) Austro-Hungarian Empire - son of Andreas LEVINY & Judita NAPKO -d.1905 Castlemaine @ 87yrs
LEVINY, Augusta RECKLEBEIN - (First wife) of 'BUDA' Castlemaine, Victoria
LEVINY, Ernst - b.1857 Castlemaine
LEVINY, Bertha HUDSON b.abt 1845 -dghtr of James John HUDSON & Maria KIPPING - d.1923 Castlemaine @ 77yrs
NOTE: after their father died in Castlemaine in 1905, the LEVINY offspring spent many Summers during the 1early 1900s until about 1932 at their Retreat in South Wandin - Silvan
LEVINY, Louis Ernest -b.1866 Castlemaine - (m.Vic.1888 Emma MATTHEWS) - d.
LEVINY, Alfred Eugen - b.1867 The Loddon - d.1872 Castlemaine
LEVINY, Mary Florence -b.1869 The Loddon, Castlemaine d.1939 Castlemaine @ 69yrs
LEVINY, Ernest Arthur - b.1871 Talbot, Amherst, Vic. (m.Vic.1899 Alba Rutherford CULTS) d.
LEVINY, Franz Herbert -b.1874 Amherst -d.1876 Castlemaine
LEVINY, Ilma Edith - b.1875 Castlemaine (m.Vic.1901 James Livingstone THOMPSON) -d.
LEVINY, Beatrice Kate -b. 1877 Castlemaine d.1965 Castlemaine @ 87yrs
LEVINY, Gertrude Olga Louise -b.1879 Castlemaine -d,1869 Castlemaine @ 89yrs
LEVINY, Bertha Dorothy - in Silvan 1920 with sisters -b.1881 Castlemaine - children of Ernst LEVINY & Bertha HUDSON - of 'BUDA' Castlemaine, Victoria - - b.abt 1882 Castlemaine - dghter of Ernst LEVINY & Bertha HUDSON - d.1968 Castlemaine @ 86yrs
LEVINY, Hilda Geraldine - b.1883 Castlemaine

LEVERSHA, Ellen Jane(1860-1952) d.Alphington, Vic.(Mrs W. Binstead)

LEWIS, John - from Tipperary, Ireland d. 1910 South Wandin @ 92 yrs
LEWIS, Johanna Mary - b.1847 County Tipperary (Mrs Wm STRAKER) - see STRAKER
LEWIS, Anna Maria b. 1849 Tipperary d. 1937 Brighton,
LEWIS, John Thomas 'Tom' - b. 1860 Prahran from Caulfield-Brighton, Victoria (m. Kate Griffin)
LEWIS, William Joseph -b. 1863 Caulfield,Vic. (m. Marg Aitken)
-LEWIS, Mary (1908-1908) South Wandin Yallock
-LEWIS, John William 1909 South Wandin Yallock
-LEWIS, Margaret Laura b.1914 South Wandin
-LEWIS, Marion Martha b.1916 South Wandin
LEWIS, 'Jack' John James b. 1868 Caulfield, Vic. (m. Mary Aitken) - Fruiterer 1903-1905
-LEWIS, Mary, b. 1900 South Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
-LEWIS, Margaret Isabella b.1902 South Wandin Yallock
-LEWIS, John William b. 1904 South Wandin Yallock
-LEWIS, Frank Thomas b. 1905 South Wandin Yallock
-LEWIS, Ann Evelyn b. 1911 South Wandin Yallock

LIDDY, Walter Adam b. 1857 Melbourne [son of James LIDDY, (born 1800 Armargh, Ulster. Irish ex-convict, and proprietor of the 'Adam And Eve Hotel' in Little Collins St, Melbourne, and, formerly, proprietor of the 'Adam And Eve Hotel,' New Town, Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land) & Ann HAMPTON nee DALE, and so, a half-brother of Rosanna Dale Hampton HUNTER, wife of Robert Hunter, of Wandin Yallock). Walter Adam Liddy was a Baptist Minister & Rechabite Missioner in Melbourne and also in Wandin and districts. He died in 1889 at age 30 in Flemington, Melbourne. Buried: Old Baptist Section, Melbourne General Cemetery. On his untimely death his wife Catherine nee READ subsequently remarried, in 1894 to Dunolly-born, William PHILLIPS, and later they went to Sydney with her daughter.
LIDDY, Catherine READ b. 1863 Dunolly, Vic. daughter of William Read (1829-1892) of Nottinghamshire & Sarah nee Barnett, settlers and Rechabites @ Wandin Yallock-Seville (Mrs W.A.Liddy m.1880) d. 1928 Petersham, Sydney NSW

LIDDY, Sarah May b. 1882 Wandin Yallock, Vic ~ NSW

LIDDY, Walter Norman b. 1884 Hawthorn, Victoria, at a time when his parents moved between Wandin and Melbourne. Walter Norman Liddy emigrated at age 19 and arrived in the USA from Sydney in 1904, by which time he was already a clergyman. He became the Baptist Reverend Liddy, an acclaimed preacher and pastor in USA, serving Baptist congregations such as in Crawford, Pennsylvania where he was in 1910. In about 1907 he was married, probably in Crawford, Pennsylvania, and his wife became Bessie F Liddy. Their first son, Walter Wakefield LIDDY was born on the 1st September 1909 at Crawford, Pennsylvania. He then served as pastor, in Conning, Buffalo, New York State, where he was in 1914; in Suffolk, New York State where he was in 1917; in Franklinville, Cattaraugus, New York State, where he was in 1920; and again in Conning, Buffalo, Upstate New York where he was in 1925.
Reverend Walter Norman Liddy, as pictured on his 1925 US Passport

On the 22 April 1925 he departed the Port of San Francisco, California on the ship "TAHITI'to visit relatives in Australia - via Tahiti & Wellington, N.Z.

He returned to the USA on the ship "NIAGRA" via Auckland, New Zealand in late 1925.
Signature of 1925.
In 1930 he was serving as pastor in Kittanning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania. Walter Norman Liddy died in 1969 in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida, USA.

LITHGOW, James White -b.1794 in Coleraine, Derry, Ulster EIRE - - married abo0t 1818 about Coleraine, Derry to Hester or Esther BROWN) Emigrated to Australia. Early European Pioneers of the Upper Yarra Valley, with land at Yering, Lilydale, Mt Evelyn and a Miners Right on the Olinda Creek at Southeast Parish of Mooroolbark, near Silvan Dam. Died 10 July 1880 Yering, Lillydale
LITHGOW, Hester or Esther BROWN 1794 Derry – d.15 August 1865 Yering, Lillydale,
LITHGOW, Robert 1820 Derry – 1899
LITHGOW, John 1822 Derry – 1894
LITHGOW, James White 1825 Derry – 1904
LITHGOW, Mary Ann 1826 Derry – d.1893 Lillydale, (Mrs John HUSTON) - see HUSTON
LITHGOW, David 1828 Derry – 1897
LITHGOW, Hester 1830 Derry – 1894
LITHGOW, Thomas 1833 Derry – 1910
LITHGOW, Jane -b.1838 Derry –(m.Vic.1864 Thomas EWART) d.1904 Launching Place - see EWART
LITHGOW, Susannah 1838 Derry – (m.Vic.1865 Alexander BOYLE) d.1870 Lillydale, Vic,

LITTLEWOOD, John b. 1880 Collingwood - Labourer @ Sth Wandin 1908 d. 1953 Cheltenham, Vic.
LITTLEWOOD, Frances WILLIAMS b. 1877 Hobart, Tasmania (Mrs Jn Littlewood m.1901) @ Sth Wandin 1908 d.1963 Box Hill
LITTLEWOOD, Dorothy Frances b.1901 Carlton, Vic
LITTLEWOOD, John George b.1902
LITTLEWOOD, Dorothy Frances b.1903
LITTLEWOOD, Charles Leonard b.1904
LITTLEWOOD, Irene Annie b. 1905 Box Hill, Vic
LITTLEWOOD, Lillian Kate b. 1910 Vic
LITTLEWOOD, Gwendolne Florence b. 1915 Collingwood
LITTLEWOOD, Charles Henry b. Prahran (m.1910 Ethel Ros BINDING)

LOCK, parents of Florie

LOCKHART, James -b. abt 1805 Yorkshire - d.1885 South Wandin Yallock @ 79 yrs
LOCKHART, James - b. abt 1827 -(m.Vic.Margaret LOGGAN /LOGAN) - d.1907 Brunswick, Vic. @ 80yrs
LOCKHART, David - b.abt 1830 -(m.Vic.1865 Jane REID) - - d.1907 Bendigo @ 77yrs
LOCKHART, Jane REID - b.abt 1843 - dghtr of Gilbert REID & Mary McMILLEN = d.1888 Sandhurst, Bendigo
LOCKHART, Mary Ann LOCKHART - b.abt 1831 Yorkshire - daughter of James LOCKHART - (m.abt 185? Yorkshire? to Thomas BEDFORD) d.1880 Victoria, Australia @ 49yrs - see BEDFORD

LOCKHART, Edward George - b.abt 1866 - son of William Edward LOCKHART & Emma CASTLETON - d.1952 Elsternwick @ 86yrs
LOCKHART, Rachel McKEOWN - @ Sth Wandin by 1913, 1917 - b.abt 1871 - dghtr of William McEWAN (or McKeown) & Ellen COOPER - d.1945 Northcote @ 74yrs
LOCKHART, May Ethel -b.1888 Fitzroy
LOCKHART, Eduard George -1890-1891 South Fitzroy
LOCKHART, William John -1891-1891 Fitzroy South
LOCKHART, Edward Norman -1892-1893 Fitzroy Sth
LOCKHART, Norman Castleton -b.1894 Fitzroy Sth

LONG, John Cahillton, Manager @ South Wandin

LONG, Edwin - b.1864 Maldon, Vic. - d.1900 Longwood, Vic. @ 36 yrs [son of William Long & Jane Jessie Billingham)
LONG, Mary Robertson SIMPSON b.1861 Collingwood (dgtr of James Simpson & Lillias Watson of the Caledonia Diggings, Queenstown - St Andrews) [m.1892 Mrs Edwin LONG] -fruitgrower 1908, 1913 [b.1860 d.1935 Kew, Viv. @ 75 yrs-
LONG, May b.1893 Longwood, Vic (m.1920 Herbert William EMBERSON) d.1974 Blackburn, Vic. @ 80 yrs
LONG, William Hubert b. 1894 Longwood, Vic.
LONG, Lilias Jane b.1896 Longwood, Vic. - d.1963 Melbourne @ 67 yrs
LONG, Daisy Emma b. 1900 Euroa, Vic. - d.1973 Canterbury, Vic. @ 73 yrs

LORD, Robert Brown - b.1859 Aitkens Gap, Mt Aitken, Couangalt - son of Archibald LORD & Jane Prudence THURSTON - (m.Vic.1884 Jessie McALPINE) - d.1941 Wandin / Lilydale @ 83yrs
LORD, Jessie McALPINE -b.1859 West Melbourne - daughter of Alexander McALPINE & Jane nee BROWN of Gisborne, Victoria. - d.1947 Wandin / Lilydale @ 87yrs
LORD, Archibald Brown -b. 1884 Romsey, Vic. -(m.Vic.1908 Agnes CAMPBELL) – 1951
LORD, William Robert -b. 1886 Footscray –(m.Vic.1916 Pearl MITCHELL) 1957
LORD, Pearl MITCHELL - b.1894 Albert Park - dghter of James Milne MITCHELL & Helen Liddle BROWN - of Wandin Yallock
- LORD, Peggy -b.1917 Newport
LORD, Jane Elizabeth Eva -b.1887 Williamstown, Vic. – (m.Vic.1913 Edward JOHNSTON of Wandin Yallock (1876–1961)) - d.1959 Lilydale - see JOHNSTON
LORD, Victor Claud -b. 1890 Williamstown, Vic. – 1949 Mildura
LORD, Henry Albert -b. 1891 Williamstown, Vic. (m.Vic.1920 Lucy COX) – 1962
LORD, Lucy COX -
LORD, Frederick Stanley b.1893 Williamstown, Vic. -son of Robert Brown LORD & Jessie McALPINE - (m.Vic.1919 Martha HUNTER) d.1978 in Moe, Latrobe Valley
LORD, Martha HUNTER -b.2nd Jan 1900 Wandin Yalloak - dghtr of Edward HUNTER & Eliza BUCK - d. 5th June 1983 Dandenong
- LORD, Percival David -b. 23 Sep 1919 Lilydale, Victoria
- LORD, Ronald Arthur -b. 29 Aug 1921 Lilydale, Vic. (m.Vic. Shirley MOON
- LORD, Shirley MOON
- LORD, Leonard Stanley -b. 15 Jul 1923 Lilydale, Vic. (m.Vic.1952 Marjorie JOHNSON
- LORD, Marjorie JOHNSON =
- LORD, Daisy Laurence -b. 21 Dec 1925 Lilydale, Vic.
- LORD, Janette Martha -b.29 Dec 1932 Lilydale, Vic. (m.Vic. Franco 'Frank' DODERICO)
LORD, Agnes Jessie -b. 1897 Williamstown, Vic. (m.Vic.1921 Reginald Alexander HERCULES)– 1970
LORD, Ada Isabell -b. 1903 Footscray –(m.Vic.1922 George COOK / COOKE) 1980 Footscray

LORD, James Henry - b - - d.
LORD, Elizabeth Isobel AIRD - b. -dghtr of James B AIRD & Sarah Ann EDWARDS d.1968 East Ringwood @ 90yrs
LORD, Winifred Aird -b.1903 Ringwood
LORD, Harold Neville b.1905 Ringwood (m.Vic.1934 Annetta Ida SEBIRE) -d.3 Sept 2000 Salford Park, Wantirna< Vic. @ 95yrs
LORD, Annetta Ida SEBIRE, -b.1907 Wandin Yallock -daughter of William Josiah SEBIRE & Frances Louisa QUAYLE - d.21 Jan 2005 Salford Park, Wantirna, Vic. @ 97yrs


LOW, James Lindsay (son of James Lindsay Low & Anne Parish Scott) farmer Sth Wandin by 1913 ~ d.1942 Lilydale @ 67 yrs
LOW, Bella MACKIE (1883-1962) (Mrs J.L.Low) d. Croydon, Vic.
LOW, James John Joseph Lindsay b. 1912 Carlton
LOW, Robert James b. 1914 Wandin South d.1979 Heidelberg
LOW, John Mackie - b. 1916 Wandin South d. 1978 Ringwood
LOW, Emma Erson b. 1917 Wandin South
LOW, Arthur Stanley b. 1919 Wandin South

LOWE, Genetta Louisa b.1867 - d. 1939 Mordialloc @ 72 yrs

LUCAS, William - from Hampshire, England - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
LUCAS, Catherine Mary CHILD - b. Hampshire, England
LUCAS, Dorothea - b. 1888 Sth Wandin (Mrs C.P. Child)

LUCAS, Demitrius Spiro 'Denis John'
LUCAS, Lottie Charlotte- b.1905 Fitzroy Sth
LUCAS, Demitrius John -b.1907 Hotham, West Melbourne - (m.1.Vic.1931 Millicent Emily GAY) - widowed-(m.2Vic. Hazel PARKER) d.3 June 1992 Victoria
LUCAS, Millicent Emily GAY - b.1909 Collingwood - dghtr of Edward Stephen GAY & EmilY GAGG - d.
-b.2 June 1912 Burleigh, South Wandin Yalloak - daughter of Albert Charles PARKER & Janey MARTIN- - d.21 April 2002 in Victoria see PARKER
LUCAS, Horace Cuthbert William -b.1908 Warracknabeal
LUCAS, Alexander Edward-b.1910 Horsham
LUCAS, August -b.1911 Horsham

LUCKHURST, Daniel son of Daniel Edward Luckhurst (1872-1969) 'The Glen' Silvan 1924 - Labourer d. Mt Evelyn ( Son of Edward Luckhurst)Arr: Age 39, Nov 1912 'MARATHON' from Europe
LUCKHURST, Ann Rose ' The Glen ' Silvan Arr: Age 40, Nov 1912 'MARATHON' from Europe
LUCKHURST, Amy Minnie Norah (1901-1983) Mrs Vic BENHAM / CAMPBELL m.1923
LUCKHURST, Mary ( Amy ?) Arr: Age 11, Nov 1912 'MARATHON' from Europe

LUMLEY, Edward Garnet fruitgrower @ Sth Wandin 1906

LYTTON, Thomas James - labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1912

MACKIE, Bella (1883-1962) daughter of John Mackie & Mary Gall(Mrs J.L.LOW) d. Croydon, Vic.

MACKIN, Herbert - - Olinda Vale 1907

MADDEN, Charles -b. Heidelberg-on -Yarra (m.Vic.1886 Margaret 'Maggie PULBROOK)
MADDEN, Margaret 'Maggie PULBROOK - b.1862 Collingwood - daughter of John Thomas PULBROOK & Mary KENNEDY -see PULBROOK
MADDEN, John JAmes - b.1886 Lillydale, Upper Yarra
MADDEN, Charles James b.1889 Lillydale, Upper Yarra
MADDEN, Mary Ellen -b.1901 Lillydale, Upper Yarra
MADDEN, William Kennedy -b.1892 Lillydale, Upper Yarra
MADDEN, Daniel -b.1894 Lillydale, Upper Yarra
MADDEN, Bernice Beatrice -1898-1898 Lillydale, Upper Yarra
MADDEN, Margaret Kathlenn - b.1900 Lillydale, Upper Yarra

MADDEN, James J -b. Van Diemen's Land, Tasmania (m.Vic.1888 Alice BALLDECKER = farmer - Fruitgrower - d. 30 May 1901 Gruyere / Wandin Yalock - WILL -PROBATE
MADDEN, Alice Hannah BALLDECKER - b.1872 Golden Point, Mt Blackwood, Lerderderg River - daughter of Raphael BALLDECKER & Annie O'BRIEN - d.
MADDEN, Ethel May - b.1888 Hotham, North Melb. - dghtr of James J MADDERN & Lerderderg-born, Alice BALDECKER -(m.Vic.1908 Arthur Edward 'Ted' CHILD of Olinda Creek) d.1970 Shoreham, Mornington Peninsula - see CHILD
MADDEN, James - b.1890 Hotham West, North Melb. (m.Vic.1907 Mary CURRIE)
MADDEN, Marie Maria b.1891 Maidstone, Footscray -dghtr of James MADDEN & Alice BALDECKER - (m.Vic.1910 Hubert 'Bert'CHILD) - remarried 1929 William John SEARLE - d.1973 Box Hill @ 83yrs - see CHILD
MADDEN, Alice May -b.1894 Hotham West, North Melb. -(m.Vic.1913 Alexander John DOIG))
MADDEN, Daniel - b.1896 Hotham West, North Melb.
MADDEN, Gladys -b.1899 Hotham West, North Melb.

MADDEN, Claude Reginald - labourer, Silvan

MADDOCK, Joseph b, Nottingham, Eng. d.1929 Glenhuntly @ 67 yrs (son of Joe & Mary Ann Maddock)
Mary Jane McGRATHb. Nottingham, Eng.- fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903 d.1944 Glenhuntly @ 82 yrs (p. John McGrath & Mary Kelly) [Mrs J. Maddock m.1889 Vic.)
MADDOCK, Agnes Mary b. 1895 Collingwood, Vic.

MAHONEY, John - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1910
MAHONEY, James, - Silvan Sawmiller 1924/ 1926

Frank MAKI, was born Iisak HAKATAIVALMAKI, son of Niko HAKATAIVALMAKI, 9th May 1900 at Jalasjärvi, Finland. Jalasjärvi is 88 km from the Gulf of Bothnia on the northwest coast of Finland, & 352 kilometres nor-nor-west towards Vaasa from Helsinki. It was also the birthplace of Jaakko 'Jack' Kallio. 'Frank' Iisak Haka Taivalmaki emigrated from Finland via the freedom of England and embarked there at the Port of London on the vessel "ORMONDE" to arrive in Australia at the Port of Melbourne on 21st November 1924. Before arriving in Silvan he spent a year in Camperdown, a year in Yallourn, a year in Clare, South Australia. He then returned to Victoria, and was in Somerville for eighteen months, and then a further three years in Melbourne and so arrived in Silvan in about 1932. Frank Isak Hakataivalmaki Maki died 1983 at Boronia @ 83 yrs.
MAKI, Irene Nellie Doris NEWELL - b. 1910 Burnley, Victoria, (daughtr of Andrew & Helen May Newell) Mrs Frank Maki) d.1980 @ 70 yrs Melbourne.
MAKI, Raymond Alfred 'Ray' b.1935 Melbourne
MAKI, James Reginald 'Jim' b.1938 Melbourne

MALMBERG, Franst Erhardt, son of Kustaa Malmberg was born on the 7th January 1898 at Turku, Karinainen Provinz, FINLAND. Arrived n the 3 February 1925 per "S.S.ORMONDE" at Port Melbourne. Resided at: Birchip, Mildura, VIC; Narromine, Ungaria, NSW; Queensland & New Zealand. Naturalised 27 August 1932 @ Long Pocket, Ingham, QLD > Silvan South, farmer

MALMIVUORI, Anna Maria b. Finland. (Mrs Lauri Sikstus JACKOLA)

MARK, Arthur Heine - labourer 'Devon' Main Rd, Silvan
MARK, Mary Olive May - 'Devon' Main Rd, Silvan

MARSH, Edmund - b.1864 Launceston, Tasmania - @ Sth Wandin by 1906
MARSH, Aeneasina Sinclair nee STEVENSON b.1874 Mt Rouse (Penshurst) Victoria
MARSH, Edmund John - b. 1898 Frankston Victoria
MARSH, Doris - b.1901 Mt Duneed , nr Germatown, Geelong (Mrs Poyser)

MARSHALL, John 'JOCK' "LAMMER MUIR' Orchardist, Mt Evelyn

MARTIN, Janet - Silvan Schoolteacher 1921 1924 [Teacher Registration No. 2914]

MARTIN, Alfred Ernest, b. Vic, Married 1907 to Lillian Carol Agnes GAY. - Queens Rd, Farmer
MARTIN, Lillian Carol Agnes GAY b.1883 Collingwood [daughter of Charles William GAY, from Gloucestershire & Anna Maria SIMCOX, from Staffordshire]
MARTIN, Ada Lillian May - b.1908 Bellarine - d. 1915 @ 8 yrs Clifton Hill
MARTIN, Edith Carol Ann - b. 1910 'Sherbrooke' North Monbulk [m.1933 Gordon Savage]
MARTIN, Hilda Mavis b. 1912 Collingwood [m.1933 John Samuel Anderson]
MARTIN, Leonard Ernest Alfred b.1914 Emerald/ Nth Monbulk - farmer, Silvan [m.1939 Winifred Bessie Koersten]
MARTIN, Allan James William, b. 1917 'Sherbrooke' Nth Monbulk - farmer, Silvan
MARTIN, Edna Jean b. 1920 Northcote (m.1940 Leslie Colin SCHRAM)
MARTIN, Lilian Clara b. 1925
MARTIN, Sylvia Dawn (1929-1930) d. Lilydale

MARTIN, John Curran ( m. Ellen Watkins ROSE
MARTIN, Ellen Watkins ROSE
MARTIN, John Curran - b. 1914 Wandin Yallock

MARTINDALE, Frank - farm labourer, Silvan

MASSINA, Alfred Henry - b.1834 London, England - son of Jean Charles Domenica Antoine Paul Masséna (b.1783) & his wife Susannah Reynolds (b.1802) of Paris and London.
[Printer, Publisher, Herald Newspaper Board, Newspaperman ]

MASSINA, Frances Hemming BRIDGES b.Eng.(Mrs A.H. Massina) d.1893 Richmond, Victoria

- children: -
MASSINA, Alfred Lionel - b.1853 London, Eng. d.1898 Boroondara, vic
MASSINA, Christina Alice POOLE (Mrs A.L.Massina m.1882 Vic.)
MASSINA, Edward Henry - b. 1855 London, Eng, d. Melbourne
MASSINA, Janet Jessie Martin NICOL (Mrs E.H. Massina m.1882 Vic)
MASSINA, Henry b. 1856 Richmond, Vic.
MASSINA, Euphemia WEBSTER (Mrs H. Massina m.1882 Vic.)
MASSINA, Frances b.1858 Richmond,Vic. (Mrs Edwd GREEN m.1884)
MASSINA, William - b. 1862 Richmond, Vic. d.1902 Brighton, Vic.
MASSINA, Margaret KERWIN (Mrs W. Massina m.1889 Vic.)
MASSINA, Alice - b. 1865 Richmond, Vic. (Mrs Michael J. Keane m.1886)
MASSINA, Eleanor - b.1967 Richmond, Vic. d.1890 Richmond, Vic.
MASSINA, Kate - b.1871 Richmond, Vic. (Mrs Robt Anderson THOMPSON)

MATHESON, Helen Ross, Silvan

MATTHEWS, Ralph - b.12 Nov 1868 Cambell Town, Tasmania, Australia - dghtr of Richard FLEMING (1835–1903) & Eliza BARWICK (1839–1914)- (m.Vic,19 Feb 1892 Jane Margaret FLEMING) - d.22 February 1903 in Kew, Boroondara, Vic.
MATTHEWS, Jane Margaret FLEMING -b.11 Oct 1872 Oatlands, Midlands, Tasmania -(m.Vic.19 Feb 1892 Ralph MATTHEWS) - widowed 1903 (-re-m.Vic.1905 Walter Mould Anderson BOYS) - d.July 1943 Chelsea, Victoria - see FLEMING - See BOYS
MATTHEWS, Harold Wilfred -b.5 July 1894 Williamstown, Vic. (m.Vic.1914 Jessie Jane STANLEY) – d.8 November 1975 Adelaide, South Australia
MATTHEWS, Jessie Jane STANLEY -b. 1888 St Kilda, Vic. - daughter of Samuel Charles STANLEY & Mary Jane STEPHENS - d. see STANLEY
MATTHEWS, Beatrice Mercy -b.26 June 1896 Williamstown, Vic. –(m.Vic. Clarence Vincent ROUGET) -d.1982 Ringwood, Vic. -see ROUGET
MATTHEWS, Ralph -b.1901 –
MATTHEWS, Constance -b.1902 Williamstown, Victoria – 1904Williamstown, Vic.

MATTINGLEY, John Thomas b. 1809 Stanford-in-the-Vale, Reading (Brewer / Cabinet Maker) d.1876 Hotham, Nth Melbourne
MATTINGLEY, Elizabeth Anne 'Bessie' LONG b. 1812 Readingd d. 1881 Hotham, Nth Melb.

MATTINGLEY, Thomas James Gairns -b.1844 Henley On Thames, Oxfordshire ENG. Queens Road by 1868 (went to Gippsland, then the Darling Downs, Queensland- d. 1914 Drayton, QLD
MATTINGLEY, Ruth Rebecca DALE b. 1845 Yass, NSW (Mrs Thomas Mattingley m.1864 Warwick, QLD) More children born Gippsland & QLD
MATTINGLEY, John Thomas - b. 1866 Yarra Valley
MATTINGLEY, Alice Maude b. 1868 Yarra Valley
MATTINGLEY, William Dale b. 1870 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale, Yarra Valley
MATTINGLEY, Thomas James b. 1873 Yarra Valley
MATTINGLEY, Albert Ernest b.1875 Yarra Valley
MATTINGLEY, Charles Lightburn b. 1878 Traralgon, Vic.

MATTINGLEY, Charles b. 1832 Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire - Queens Road by 1868 (Occupation: SCHOOLMASTER) d. 1878 Yarra Valley
MATTINGLEY, Jane Louisa McCREADY (1844-1908) m. 1863 Mrs Charles Mattingley d. Geelong
MATTINGLEY, Charles Ernest - b. 1863 Heidelberg, Vic.
MATTINGLEY, Percival Montem Edward b. 1865 Heidelberg, Vic.
MATTINGLEY, Albert James b. 1968 Heidelberg, Vic.
MATTINGLEY, Alfred b. 1870 Heidelberg, Vic.
MATTINGLEY, Mary Jane b. 1876 Heidelberg, Vic.
MATTINGLEY, Margiorita b. 1879 Heidelberg, Vic.

MATTINGLEY, Alfred Joseph -b.1842 Henley, Thames, Oxfords. Eng. - Queens Road by 1868
MATTINGLEY, Emma Elizabeth SCOTT b. Bristol, Eng. (Mrs A.J.Mattingley)
MATTINGLEY, Ellen Maud - b. 1874 Hotham West, North Melbourne
MATTINGLEY, Edward James b. 1876 Melbourne North Farmer @ Sth Wandin 1910 Blacksmith (m.1901 Mary TANNER)
- MATTINGLEY, Vera Annie Elizabeth -b.1902 Longwood (m.1923 Allan Edward HERMON)
- MATTINGLEY, Doris May -b.1903 Longwood - (m.1925 Edward Percival BOWMAN of Nathania Springs)
- MATTINGLEY, Alfred Edward John b.1905 Wandin Yallock
- MATTINGLEY, Florence Mary -b.1907 Wandin Yallock (m.1927 John Alexander BOWMAN of Nathania Springs)
- MATTINGLEY, Myrtle Sarah - b.1912 Wandin Yallock ~ d.2003 Wantirna
MATTINGLEY, Miriam Hancock - b. 1877 Wandin (Mrs A.R. DUCK)
MATTINGLEY, ELizabeth Ann b. 1878 Hotham, North Melbourne
MATTINGLEY, Susan Butler - b. 1880 Wandin (Mrs W.J. WEBB)
MATTINGLEY, Alfred Joseph - b. 1883 Wandin Yallock
MATTINGLEY, Elizabeth May McDONALD (Mrs A.J. Mattingley jnr)
- MATTINGLEY, Bessie Emma b. 1913 Sth Wandin Y. (Mrs Les SESSIONS)
- MATTINGLEY, Jean Caroline b. 1916 South Wandin Yallock
- MATTINGLEY, Keith Malcolm b. 1918 Silvan-Sth Wandin Yallock
- MATTINGLEY, Grace b. 1921 Silvan /South Wandin Yallock
- MATTINGLEY, Bruce John b. 1925 Silvan
- MATTINGLEY, Rene ELizabeth b. 1928 Silvan
- MATTINGLEY, Gwenda A. b 1931 Silvan
MATTINGLEY, Minnie b. 1885 South Wandin Yallock
MATTINGLEY, Amelia Fanny b. 1888 South Wandin Yallock
MATTINGLEY, Robert William (1891-1908) South Wandin Yallock

MATTINGLEY, Montem Edward b. 1847 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire d. Monbulk
MATTINGLEY, Mary KIRKPATRICK (formerly Mrs STUART) (1840-1922) d. Monbulk

MAY, Frank b. England (m.1895 Sarah Amelia Rosella MONOHAN)
MAY, Sarah Amelia Rosella MONOHAN b.Collingwood
MAY, Dorothy Louisa b.1895 Hawthorn (m.1917 Johann 'John' SCHENK)
MAY, Olive Jean b.1896 Northcote (m.1920 Lionel Herbert DANIEL) d.1984 Numurkah @87yrs
MAY, Madeleine Ethel b.1899 Brunswick East (m.Ernest Noble FRANCIS)

MAYNARD, Isaac - - @ Sth Wandin by 1912 plumber - b. abt 1868 - son of ISaac MAYNARD & Mary MORGAN - d.1943 Greensborough @ 74yr

MAYO, Charles - b. 1861 Lal Lal, Yendon, Ballarat goldfields- son of Enoch MAYO & Eliza CLARKE- (m.Vic.1885 Marion Martha HALL) -
MAYO, Marion Martha HALL - b. Richmond
MAYO, Winifred Harriet Eva - b. 1886 Prahran -(m.Vic.1911 William John AUGER) - d.1951 Essendon @ 60yrs - see AUGER
MAYO, Ethel MArion - b. 1890 Prahran - (m.1932 Harold Raymond SCOTT) - d. 1980 Canterbury @ 85yrs
MAYO, Ada Gladys - b.1894 Thorpdale, Gippsland

MAYSTON, Robert Sydney - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 - b.1886 Hawthorn - son of b. abt 1850 - son of London-born, Robert Sidney MAYSTON who d.1942 Malvern @ 91yr & Adelaide, S.A.-born, ELizabeth THOMPSON - (RoObert Sydney Mayston died 1923 Malvern @ 37yrs

McALEESE, Benjamin - b.abt 1830 Antrim, Ulster, IRELAND -son of Thomas McALEESE & Rose WHITE - (m. Mary DAVIDSON) - d.1907 Wandin Yallock @ 77yrs
McALEESE, Mary DAVIDSON -b.abt 1834 - dghtr of Edward DAVIDSON & Annie MONEY - d.1923 Wandin Yallock @ 89yrs
McALEESE, John - b. abt 1856 - son of Benjamin McALEESE & Mary DAVIDSON - d.1936 Wandin Yallock @ 80yrs
McALEESE, Thomas - b.1857 Heidelberg-1858 Bulleen Bulleen
McALEESE, Annie - b.1859 Bulleen_Bulleen - (m.Vic.1887 Heinrich August KELMKE) - d.1942 Williamstown @ 82yrs
McALEESE, Thomas - b.1862 Bulleen-Bulleen - (m.Vic.1895 Sarah WALLACE) - d.1902 Wandin Yallock @ 40yrs
-McALEESE, Thomas James - b.1896 Lang Lang - -- - d.1968 Williamstown @ 72yrs
-McALEESE, Margaret -b.1897 Lang Lang
-McALEESE, Eva Jane - b.1899 Lang Lang
-McALEESE, Sarah - b.1901-1901 Lang Lang
McALEESE, Rose - b.1864 Lilydale - - (m. BRICE) - d.1930 Lilydale @ 65yrs
McALEESE, George -b.1865 Bulleen - (m.Vic.1890 ISabella Marion BRUNT)
McALEESE, Isabella Marion BRUNT - d.1892 Echuca @ 19yrs - dghtr of Ralph BRUNT & Isabella COWAN
-McALEESE, George Henry - b.1891 Echuca
McALEESE, Hannah - b.1867 Wandin-Lilydale - dghtr of Benjamin McALEESE & Mary DAVIDSON - d.1930 Wandin Yallock
McALEESE, Thomas - b.1869 Eltham - (m.Vic.1898 Ann Elizabeth TIERNEY) - d.1908 East Melb @ 38yrs
-McALEESE, Albert William - b.1899 Box Hill, Nunawading
-McALEESE, Margaret Davidson -b.1902 Heidelberg
McALEESE, William - b.1870 - (m.Vic. Ada Florence EVANS) - - d.1960 Clifton Hill @ 89yrs
-McALEESE, William Thomas - b.1895 Heidelberg
-McALEESE, Rose Florence - b.1897 Heidelberg
-McALEESE, Gertrude Ada - b.1899 Heidelberg
-McALEESE, George Davidson -b.1901 Heidelberg
-McALEESE, Alan James - b.1905 Heidelberg
-McALEESE, Jean May - b.1908 Heidelberg
-McALEESE, Alma Mary - b.1911 Heidelberg
McALEESE, Edward - b.1871 Lillydale - - d.1935 Lilydale @ 64yrs
McALEESE, Rose White -b.1873 Heidelberg - (m.Vic.1908 Gilbert Andrew PAUL) -d.1947 CAMEBRWELL @ 73YRD
McALEESE, Benjamin - b.1874 Lillydale - d.1874 Lilydale
McALEESE, Mary - b.1876 Lillydale - - d.1959 Lilydale @ 83yrs
McALEESE, Benjamin - b.1880 Lillydale - -d.1959 Lillydale @ 79yrs

McALEESE, James - b.abt 1832 Antrim, Ulster, Ireland - son of Thomas McALEESE & Rose WHITE (m. Frances DAVIDSON - d.1910 Eltham @ 78yrs
McALEESE, Fanny DAVIDSON - - dghtr of Edward DAVIDSON & Annie MONEY -
McALEESE, Rose White -b.Antrim, Ireland - (m.Vic.1889 Henry William ROLLEY)-d.1945 Williamstown @ 85yrs
McALEESE, Thomas - b.1865 Bulleen Bulleen - d.1926 Brighton @ 61yrs
McALEESE, John -b.1865 Eltham - - - d.1913 East Melb. @ 46yrs
McALEESE, George - b.Bulleen - (m.Vic.1891 Margaret BRUNT) - d.1948 Dandening @ 85yrs
McALEESE, Margaret BRUNT -
-McALEESE, Herbert Leslie - b.1894 Kyabram
-McALEESE, Isabella Fanny -b.1896 Kyabram
-McALEESE, Jack Arnold -b.1907 Tatura
McALEESE, Jane -b.1869 Eltham
McALEESE, James -b.1872 Eltham - 1873 Eltham -
McALEESE, James II -b.1873 Eltham - - d.1950 Parkville @ 75yrs
McALEESE, Mary - b.1876 Lilydale

McALEESE, William - b.abt 1840 Antrim, Ulster, Ireland (m.Vic.1878 Mary Ann FOLEY) - d.1891 Heidelberg @ 50yrs
McALEESE, Mary Ann FOLEY - b.abt 1855 -dghtr of James FOLEY & Rose GRACE - d.1913 Heidelberg @ 57yrs
McALEESE, Lilly Christina -b.1879 Heidelberg - - d.1952 Doncaster @ 75yrs
McALEESE, Hannah - b.1881 Heidelberg - (m.Vic.1911 William Edmund FORCRED)
McALEESE, Mary - b.1883 Heidelberg - - (m. SCOTT) d.1947 Heidelberg @ 63yrs
McALEESE, Benjamin - b.1885 Heidelberg - - -d.1945 Melb. @ 58yrs
McALEESE, James - b.1887 Heidelberg - - -d.1961 Fitzroy @ 73yrs
McALEESE, Jane - b. 1888 - 1890 Heidelberg
McALEESE, Joseph - b.1892 Heidelberg - - -d.1966 Heidelberg @ 74yrs
McALEESE, Eliza -b.1895 Heidelberg

McALEESE, Agnes - b.Antrim, IReland - (m.Vic.1887 Henry Broomhall LINCOLN)

McALISTER, Patrick - b.abt 1856 - son of Edmund McALISTER & Catherine - d.1920 North Monbulk / Sherbrooke @ 73yr

McALLISTER, James Alfred - b.abt 1855 Adelaide, South Australia- - (m.Vic.1884 Lily Jane PARK) - d.1937 Monbulk - reg.Belgrave @ 82yrs
McALLISTER, Charles Edward - b.1884 Footscray
McALLISTER, John William - b.1886 -1889 Footscray
McALLISTER, Caroline Jane - b.1887-1889 Footscray
McALLISTER, George Henry - South Wandin mill hand by 1914 - b.1892 Footscray - son of James Alfred McALLISTER & Lily PARK - (m.Vic.1915 Almyra Victoria STREADER) -d.1975 Melb. @ 82yr
McALLISTER, Almyra Victoria STREADER - b.abt 1896 - dgtr of Herbert STREADER & Margaret MURRAY - d.1978 Dandenong @ 84yr
McALLISTER, Myrus May -b.1916 Hawthorn
McALLISTER, Phyllis Lorraine -b.1917 Hawthorn
McALLISTER, Audrey Ilma -b.1923-123 Bass
McALLISTER, Robert Walter - b.1893 Footscray- d.1982 FTG @ 88yrs
McALLISTER, Harold Duncan - b.1897 Footscray (m.Myrtle Adelia STREADER)
McALLISTER, Berry MArgaret - 1933-1932 Belgrave
McALLISTER, Leslie Richard - b.1900 Footscray - d.1939 Prahran @ 38yrs
McALLISTER, Clarence Roy - b.1910 Monbulk Nth/Sherbrooke

McALPINE, Daniel, - Queens Rd, Wandin Sth , 1917, bitter pit investigator - b.abt 1851 - son of James McALPINE & Mary NICHOL - d.1932 Cohuna @ 83yr
McALPINE, Isabella Jamieson WILLIAMSON, Queens Road, Wandin Sth 1917
McALPINE, Constance Jamieson, Queens Road, Wandin Sth 1917 - (m,Vic.1932 James McDOUGAL) -d.1972 Surrey Hills @ 87yrs
McALPINE, Claudine - b.abt 1882 - (Mrs CAMERON) - d.1953 Mont Albert, Box Hill, @ 70yr
McALPINE, Erica Inverclyde -b.1895 Armadale, Prahran - @ Queens Road, Wandin Sth 1917 - (m.Vic.1822 John Walter King WEDGE)
McALPINE, Veronica - b.1898 Frankston, Vic. (m.Vic.1924 Alfred George CHENERY)
McALPINE, Isabel Williamson, Queens Road, Wandin Sth 1917 - d.1952 Canterbury, Boroondara @ 71yr

McASKELL, Murdoch - b.1856 Durinisk Gaelic, Inverness, Scotland - Director @ Fernydale Try Boys Reform Farm (m.Sarah McEwin)
McASKELL, Christina Sarah - b.1882 Sth Wandin, Vic.
McASKELL, Bessie Regina - b. 1884 Sth Wandin, Vic.

McASKELL, Roderick b.1856 Durinisk Gaelic, Inverness, Scotland, twin? brother to Murdoch d.1903 Surrey Hills @ 47

McCARTHY, Daniel - farmer @ Sth Wandin 1903

McCARTHY, John Albert -(1867 Collingwood ~ 1948 Wandin) son of John McCarthy & Ann Elizabeth Quigley of Williamstown
McCARTHY, Jessie Casley BREWER (Mrs J.A. McCarthy m. 1887 )
McCARTHY, Jessie Beatrice b. 1890 Drouin (Mrs William Thomas WALLACE m.1906)

McCARTHY, JOHN & CATHERINE both from Co. Kerry, Ireland (m. 1867 Vic)
McCARTHY, Alexander John b. 1870 Melbourne (m.Vic 1897 Louisa Bennett)
McCARTHY, Catherine b. 1872 Melbourne (Mrs John Finn m.1893)
McCARTHY, Florance Patrick b.1874 Hotham, Nth Melb> Nth Monbulk by 1909, 1924 - d.1944 Windsor, Vic.
McCARTHY, Catherine FITZGERALD - d. 1969 Nth Monbulk @ 79 yr
McCARTHY, Charles John b.1875 Melbourne
McCARTHY, John Jeremiah b. 1879 Melbourne farmer, Nth Monbulk by 1924
McCARTHY, Mary BRADY - Nth Monbulk by 1909, 1924 - d.1941 Belgrave @ 80 yrs
McCARTHY, Julia b. 1881 Melbourne

McCARTHY, Denis b.1854 Co. CORK, Ireland [son of Jeremiah McCarthy & Mary Sullivan)- Mary BRODIE m. 1883 Vic) - farmer, Nth Monbulk by 1909, 1924 (d. 1929 Belgrave)
McCARTHY, Mary BRODIE - b. Co. CLARE, Ireland
McCARTHY, Florence - b. 1884 Carlton ~ d. 1977 St Kilda
McCARTHY, Michael John b.1886 Melbourne - Nth Monbulk by 1909 (Christina Stevenson m.1896) d.1977 St Kilda
-McCARTHY, John William - b. 1898 Prahran
McCARTHY, Mary - b. 1888 Footscray (Mrs McDEAN)
McCARTHY, Nellie - b. 1890 Footscray (Mrs TIERNAN)
McCARTHY, Jeremiah - b. 1893 Footscray ~ d.1928 Gisborne
McCARTHY, Jane - b. 1896 Lilydale
McCARTHY, Charles Lewis b.1900 Sherbrooke/North Monbulk d. 1980 FTG
McCARTHY, Mona Emmeline McCRAE b.1905 Omeo, Vic(Mrs Charlie McCarthy m.1928)

McCLACHARTY, George, builder & decorator, Silvan 1917 - b.abt 1864 - son of Alexander McCLACHARTY - ( Sarah Adelaide) - d.1938 Malver @ 74yrs
McCLACHARTY, Sarah Adelaide, Silvan 1917
McCLACHARTY, Doris - (m.Vic.1925 Arthur Francis FLECKNOE)
McCLACHARTY, Douglas George - b.abt 1901 -(m.Vic.1926 Jessie Tabitha PALMER) d.1982 Ashwood, vic.
McCLACHARTY, Jessie Tabitha PALMER - b.abt 1904 - dgtr of Thomas W PALMER & Jessie PRICAL- d.1985 Aschwood @ 81yrs

McCLELLAND, James - b.25 July 1841 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, NSW (later Victoria) -with Presbyterian Registration - - son of James McCLELLAND & Margaret Ann SMYTHE - (m.Melbourne 25 March 1864 to Matilda BLAIR) - d.1884 South Wandin Yallock @ age 44
McCLELLAND, Matilda BLAIR -b.1846 Cooktown, County Tyrone, Ireland - dghtr of John BLAIR & Anne McCLELLAND - d.3 January 1926 Port Melbourne
McCLELLAND, Mary - b.1864 Melb. d.1880 South Wandin
McCLELLAND, Margaret Ann 'Maggie' -b.1866 Melbourne (Mrs George HOOK) - see HOOK
McCLELLAND, Matilda Elizabeth 'Lizzie' b.1871 Fitzroy (Mrs McPherson)
McCLELLAND, Emily Clara -b.1869 North Fitzroy (Mrs F.A.POWELL Lilydale) - See POWELL
McCLELLAND, James - b.1876 Fitzroy -(m.Vic.1900 Ethel Emily HACKING) - ?
McCLELLAND, Ethel Emily HACKING - b.1898 Collingwood - -d.1941 Footscray
- McCLELLAND, Vera Gladys -b.1901 Collingwood, Vic.
McCLELLAND, Helen Gertrude - b.1874 Collingwood
McCLELLAND, Frederick John Cavalier -b.1878 Fitzroy (m.Vic.1903 Maria Myra Theresa PEARSON) - d.1960 Melb.
McCLELLAND, Maria Myra Theresa PEARSON -b.1878 - d.1915 Vic.
McCLELLAND, Kate Jane -b. 1881 Fitzroy (m.Vic.1909 David LEARMONTH) Yarra Junction - See LEARMONTH
McCLELLAND, Ada Beatrice - b.1883 South Wandin Yallock (m. Vic.1919 Thomas Douglas EDGAR (1879-1947) d.1954 Yarra Junction

Katie Jane McCLELLAND of South Wandin, later Mrs David Learmonth, of Yarra Junction

McCRAE, Mona Emmeline b.1905 Omeo, Vic(Mrs Charlie McCARTHY m.1928)

McCULLY, Archibald, Queens Rd, 1920 Orchardist - b.1872 Warrnambool - son of James McCULLY & Mary CROSS (m. Jean ) - d.1938 East Melb. @ 67yrs
McCULLY, 'Jean' Jane HENDERSON - 'The OAKS' Queens Rd - b.abt 1877 - dghtr of Magnus HENDERSON & Georgina Elizabeth SMITH - d.1948 Wandin Yallock @ 70yrs

McGALLAN, Catherine (Mrs C.G.E. WINBERG m.1890)

McDONALD, Donald - Journalist


McDONALD, Thomas - (m. Lucy DAVIES)

McDONALD, Henry - Farmer @ Sth Wandin 1910

McDONALD, John 'Forest House' Evelyn labourer, 1917

McDONALD, David, Evelyn, labourer 1917

McDONALD, Walter - Silvan 1926, LABourer

McEWIN, Joseph Nash - b.1828 Balcary, Rerrick, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland -- son of Greenock, Renfrewshire-born, John McEWIN &
Margaret Hester DANIEL of Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland - Emigrated to Arr. Melbourne 6 Nov. 1839 - (m.Melbourne 1851 to Bessie COULSTON) - d.30 November 1914 Terang, Vic. - Buried 1 Jan 1915 Lilydale Cemetery.
McEWIN, Bessie CLOUSTON -born 1825 Deerness, Orkney Isle, Scotland - daughter of Joseph CLOUSTON of Firth and Stenness, Orkney, and Elisabeth EDMUND of Deerness, Orkney. (Mrs J.N.McEWIN) - d.1897 Wandin South
McEWIN, John -b.16 Jan 1853 Heidelberg, Vic. - (m.Vic.1876 Elizabeth MYERS) - immigrated west as a farmer at Cookernup, West Aust. - d.17 Aug 1909 Bunbury, Western Aust.
McEWIN, Elizabeth MYERS -b.19 April 1852 Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland - daughter of - d. 14 November 1938 Narrogin, Western Australia
-McEWIN, Amy Elisabeth -b.1876 Fitzroy, Vic.(m.1899 Fremantle, Walter Richard Edwin POWELL) 1910 Cookernup, WA
-McEWIN, Joseph Nash -b.1878 Doncaster, Vic. –(m.1911 Bunbury, Amy Bothia MURDOCH) 1975 West Aust.
-McEWIN, Edward Myers -b.1881 Sth Wandin,Lilydale –
-McEWIN, John -b.1882 Sth Wandin,Lilydale –(m.1906 Harvey, WA Alice M GOODALL) d.1960 Perth, WA
-McEWIN, Agnes Jane -b.1885 Sth Wandin,Lilydale -(m.1912 WA Matthew Nicholas Rogerson ANDERSON) – 1970 Perth, WA
-McEWIN, Beatrice Ruth Violet -b.1887 Sth Wandin,Lilydale -(m.WA 1906 Thomas Henry SCAMBLER) –d.1970 Camberwell, Vic.
-McEWIN, Florence Emily -b.1890 Sth Wandin,Lilydale (m.Joseph CLINTON)– 1922 Perth, WA
McEWIN, Sarah Jane - b.1854 Heidelberg, Vic- (M.Vic 1894 to Murdoch McASKELL of the Fernydale TRY BOYS Training Farm at South Wandin) - d.1934 Hawthorn - see McASKELL
McEWIN, Elizabeth b.1855 Heidelberg (m.Vic.1884 John Alexander BIRRELL of Lillydale district and Prahran) - d.1894 Berwick - see BIRRELL
McEWIN, Joseph - b.1857 Heidelberg, (m.Heidelberg 3 April 1896 to Alice Maud BROOKS) - d.1925 Fremantle, Western Australia
McEWIN, Alice Maude BROOKS - b.14 July 1868 Moama, New South Wales -dghtr of Abraham Gainsworth BROOKS from Tamworth, Staffordshire & Susannah BAKER from Bridgeend, Warwickshire - d.1948 Subiaco, Perth, WA
-McEWIN, Alexander Joseph -b.6 Apr 1897 Wandin Yallock - d.20 Nov 1944 NSW
-McEWIN, Susannah Baker -b.1 Oct 1898 Wandin Yallock- - d.1954 Western Australia
-McEWIN, John Clouston -b.7 May 1900 Wandin Yallock - - d.1954 Western Australia
-McEWIN, David Keith -b.1902-1903 Cookernup, Western Australia
-McEWIN, Leslie Eric -b.14 Oct 1905 Cannington, Western Australia
McEWIN, Agnes -b. 1858 Heidelberg, Vic. (m.South Wandin 9 Sept 1888 Frank Thomas HARRISON formerly of Dandenong Creek, then South Wandin Yallock) -d.1942 Belgrave, Vic. see HARRISON
McEWIN, Sarah - b.1860 Heidelberg
McEWIN, Emily - b. 1863 Templestowe, Vic. (m.Vic.1888 William Henry GOSSE of South Wandin and Richmond ) - see GOSS
McEWIN, Jessie Patterson - b.1864 Templestowe, Vic. - - d.1932 Malvern, Prahran
McEWIN, Annie - b.1867 Templestowe, Vic. (m.Vic.1894 Eli WESTLEY of the Yarra Valley) - d. 1934 Morwell, Latrobe Valley - see WESTLEY
McEWIN, George Edmund - b.1871 Templestowe (m.Vic.1895 Louise Frances FRYER) - d.1922 Hotham East, Nth Melb.
McEWIN, Louise Frances FRYER -b.7 May 1872 Ballarat - dghtr of Pembrokeshire, Wales-born John Robbins FRYER, and Curry, Somersetshire-born, Jane TRUMP of the Ballarat Diggings - d.1948 Essendon, Vic.
-McEWIN, Rhoda Esther Elisabeth -b.1896 Wandin Yallock
-McEWIN, George Arnulf -b.1898 Wandin Yallock
-McEWIN, Evangeline Ruth -b.1902 Essendon
-McEWIN, Adah Olive - b.1904 Essendon
-McEWIN, Mephen Mackenzie b.1910 Essendon
McEWIN, Robert Hamilton b.1874 Templestowe - @ Sth Wandin 1903 (m.Templestowe, Vic.1899 Christina Elizabeth SMITH) - d. 2 Oct 1955 Launceston, TAS.
McEWIN, Christina Elizabeth SMITH -b.11 Jan 1869 Templestowe, Vic. -daughter of Dolphinton-born, David SMITH & London-born Anne FERGUSON of Bulleen-Bulleen & Templestowe- d.21 Feb 1943 Launceston TAS
-McEWIN, Effie Jean - b.1900 Wandin Yallock
-McEWIN, Marjorie Douglas -b.2 Aug 1906 Lilydale, TAS. - - d.31 July 1999 Toowoomba, QLD
-McEWIN, Robert Hamilton -b.1908 Beaconsfield, Tasmania - d.1970 Melbourne

McFARLANE, Snodgrass -Emigrated March 1854 @ age 18 per ship "FOREST MONARCH"
McFARLANE, Elizabeth GARDINER b.abt 1844 Dghtr of Robert GARDINER & Barbara MILLER -d.1934 Sth Melb. @ 90yrs
McFARLANE, Jean b. ? - d.1891 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb. @ 18yrs
McFARLANE, James Snodgrass b.1876 Emrld Hl, Sth Melb. - d.1959 Greensborough @ 83yrs
McFARLANE, Margaret Day b.1878 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb.
McFARLANE, Robert Brown Southberg 1880-1882 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb.
McFARLANE, Napier b.1883 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb.

McGILL, Charles Brown -b.1871 Kyneton, Vic - son of James McGILL & Hanna DORAN - (m. Elizabeth WORDSWORTH)
McGILL, Elizabeth Sapphire WORDSWORTH - b.1876 Ross Creek, nr Smythesdale, Ballarat Goldfields- dghter of William WORDSWORTH & Catherine Caterina Hannah O'HARE -
McGILL, William Stanley - b.1917 Wandin Yallock

McINTYRE, Thomas the Elder -b.1806 Hull, Yorkshire, England - (m.Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 4th Feb 1833 to Jane Ellen BURN) - d. 21 November 1861 in "Nutcandera", Yering, Upper Yarra Valley
McINTYRE, Jane Ellen BURN -b1810 in Northumberland, England, Great Britain - daughter of Gilbert BURN (1769 – 1824) & 'Ellen' Eleanor YOUNGER (1769 – 1804) - d.8 June 1888 Yering, Lillydale, Upper Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia @ 78 yrs - see YOUNGER, - see BURN
MACINTYRE, Thomas the younger -b.1833 Sydney, NSW - son of Thomas MACINTYRE & Jane Ellen BURN - (m.Richmond, Vic. 18 Oct 1850 Mary Ann DUCK) d.16 Oct 1897 Lillydale, Upper Yarra Valley,
MACINTYRE, Mary Ann DUCK - b.2 Feb 1844 Calne, Wiltshire, England - daughter of Henry DUCK (1815–1899) & Elizabeth SCOTT (1815–1863) - d.13 Feb 1914 Lillydale, Vic. - see DUCK
MACINTYRE, Jane Ellen -b.1866 Richmond, Melb. - d.6 May 1894 Lillydale, Vic.
MACINTYRE, Elizabeth Ann -b.1868 – 1927
MACINTYRE, Thomas Henry -b.1870 Yering, Upper Yarra – 1920 Yering, Upper Yarra
MACINTYRE, William Alfred -b.1873 – 1873 Yering, Upper Yarra
MACINTYRE, Gilbert Burn the younger -b.1874 – 1874 Yering, Upper Yarra

McINTYRE, Gilbert Burn -b.5 March 1835 in Sydney, New South Wales (m.Hawthorn, Boroondara, 1866 Honora ROURKE of Lilydale) - d25 November 1887 in Lillydale, Upper Yarra Valley, Victoria McINTYRE, Honora ROURKE -b. - see ROURKE







McINTYRE, John - b. Beechworth, Vic. (m.Vic.1910 Nellie Flo MITCHELL)
McINTYRE, Nellie Florence MITCHELL - b. NSW - see MICHELL
McINTYRE, John Richmond b.1911 Richmond
McINTYRE, Jean Myra Florence b.1913 Richmond
McIVER, John Hector -b.1813 Lochcarron, Ross & Cromarty Shire - (m. )- First Schoolteacher @ South Wandin by 1880- [Teacher Registration No.6431] d. Northcote, Vic.
McIVER, 'Marjory' Margaret McLEAN -b.1821 Ross & Cromarty Shire, Scotland - daughter of Duncan McLEAN & Marion McQUARRY - d.1881 South Wandin Yallock @ 70 yrs
McIVER, Donald -b.1837 Stornoway, Ross & Cromarty Shire, Scotland< br />McIVER, Margaret -b.1838 Barvas, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
McIVER, Alexander -b.1845 Barvas, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
McIVER, Norman - b.1846 Stornoway, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
McIVER, Jane Dolina -b.18 Mar 1849 Lewis Uig, Ross & Cromarty Shire, Scotland, [ Schoolteacher Registration No.6695] - (Married 19 Aug 1881at South Wandin to Duncan McPHERSON) -d.10 Dec 1891 Brunswick, Melbourne - see Duncan McPHERSON
McIVER, Roderick -b.1853 Lochcarron, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
McIVER, John - b.1857 Lochcarron, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
McIVER, Margaret b.1859 Lochcarron, Ross & Cromarty Shire, Scotland
McIVER, Donald II -b.1861 Lochcarron, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland

McKAY, Samuel - b.abt 1817 County Antrim, Ireland - son of Hugh & Esther McKAY - (m.abt 1843 Antrim -Mary 'McMullen' McMEIKIN) - resided in the Yarra Valley from abt 1850. In 1856 he was on the a Carlton Estate, at Bulleen, Templestowe, South Bourke, Victoria, Australia as a Leasehold FARMER - like the nearby HUNTER, BAKER, JOHNSON, McEWIN, BULLER, MITCHELL, QUAYLE, WEBB and other families who later settled up the Yarra Valley in the Wandins. - d.1888 Karramomus, Goulburn Valley
McKAY, Mary 'McMullen' McMEIKIN -b.abt 1920 County Antrim, Ireland - d.1904 Shepparton, Goulburn Valley
McKAY, Ellen - b. 1845 County Down, Ireland – (m.Vic.1868 Samuel BREADY) d.1925 Bacchus Marsh
McKAY, Alexander -b.1848 County Antrim, Ireland - (m.Vic.1871 Harriet Matilda SCOTT)– d.1917 Deans Marsh, Biregurra
McKAY, Harriet Matilda SCOTT
McKAY, Samuel b.1851 Melbourne, Port Phillip– ?
McKAY, Hugh James McKAY, b.1853 Anderson Creek- Warrandyte - parents from Antrim, Ireland - (m.Vic.1879 Esther TOOLEY of Wandin)
McKAY, Esther TOOLEY b.1863 Yering, Yarra Vly raised at Lilydale & Wandin - dghtr of John TOLLEY of Wicklow, Ireland & Jane HADDRILL - - See TOOLEY
McKAY, Margaret Jane b.abt 1880 Lilydale (m.Vic.1902 Alexander McDONALD)
McKAY, Jacob - b.1881 Lillydale/ Warrandyte (m.Vic.1908 Mary Jane SMITH)
McKAY, Hugh James - 1883-1883 Shepparton
McKAY, Samuel Alexander - b.1886- 1888 Karramanous, Vic.
McKAY, Mary Ann Louisa McKAY - b.1888 Polly McQuinns, Euroa, (m.Vic.1911 Robert Thomas STEVENSON) d.1968 Healesville @ 80yrs- see STEVENSON
McKAY, Hugh Ernest -b.1891 Lillydale - (m.Vic.1912 Kath TOOLEY) - See TOOLEY
McKAY, Henry Edward - b.1896 Lillydale
McKAY, Samuel H -b.1855 Bulleen-Bulleen– ?)
McKAY, Joseph Henry -b.1856 Templestowe, Bulleen - (m.Vic.1888 Hannah Dunn 'Annie' SHARP) – d.1914 Colac, Corangamite-
McKAY, Hannah Dunn 'Annie' SHARP
McKAY, Samuel McCoy b.1857 Heidelberg-on Yarra– ?)
McKAY, Esther - b.1858 Upper Yarra - (m.Vic.1878 John TOOLEY) - See TOOLEY

McKIBBIN, Percy Alexander - "BROOKWOOD" McKillop Rd, Axeman, - b.abt 1896 - son of Alexander McKIBBON & Edith TYDEMAN - d.1968 East..? @ 71yr
McKIBBIN, Eva Ellen KILLINGTON - "BROOKWOOD" McKillop Rd, - b.abt 1896 - - d.1975 Prahran @ 78yrs

McKILLOP, John - from Edinburgh, Scotland - d.? 1902 Fairfield @ 64yrs [ or else - d.1948 South Yarra @ 80yrs?]
McKILLOP, Elizabeth WISE (1842-1895) dgtr of William WISE & Mary McDONALD - d.1895 Wandin, Lilydale @ 57 yrs

McKILLOP, Archibald - d.1951 Sunshine @ 68yrs
McKILLOP, Catherine Frears McGregor KENNEDY
McKILLOP, Olive Ilena - b.1893 Yarragon
McKILLOP, James Harold - b.1895 Yarragon
McKILLOP, Gladys Nereda - b.1896 Yarragon
McKILLOP, Reginald Arthur - b.1908 Yarragon
McKILLOP, Mary Josephine - b.1900 Scoresby - d.1906 Warburton
McKILLOP, Leslie Robert Francis - b.1904 Launching Place
McKILLOP, Doreen Veronica - b.1907 Warburton

McKILLOP, Leslie John b. 1903 Sth Wandin Yallock

McKIRDY, Archibald James - b.1874 Daylesford - son of Rothsay, Minnesota,U.S.-born, Archibald McKIRDY & Susanna Elizabeth REYNOLDS who was born at Sea. - (m.Vic.1901 Mary Ellen CARR) - d.1933 Surrey Hills, Vic. @ 59yr
McKIRDY, Susan Ellen CARR - b.1871 Mt Egerton, Ballarat Goldfields - dghtr of Alfred CARR - d.1950 Mont Albert @ 77yr
McKIRDY, Archibald Keith - b.1903 Blue Mount, Trentham - (m.Vic.1929 Elizabeth Florence DUMMELOW) - d.1967 Box Hill @ 64yrs
McKIRDY, Elizabeth Florence DUMMELOW = b.1907 Surrey Hills - dghtr of Charles Henry DUMMELOW & Caroline Amelia HOGG-
- McKIRDY, Neil - b.1930
McKIRDY, Alfred Neil Stewart - b.1905 - d.1906 Daylesford
McKIRDY, Leila Mary - b. 1907 Daylesofrd - (m.Vic.1932 Claude Leonard Melville JONES)
McKIRDY, Kathleen Joyce - b.1910 Shepparton - (m.Vic.1937 Edwin Charles LUGG)
McKIRDY, Ian James b.1916 Daylesford - - (m.Vic.1941 Joan Mary CROSSLAND) - d.1975 Wandin @ 59yrs

McLEOD, Norman Leslie John - Monbulk Rd, farmer 1917 - b.1882 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb. - son of John McLEOD & Hannah Laverick NUNN - (m.Vic.1905 Susan Annie JAMES / JONES)
McLEOD, Susan Annie JONES - Monbulk Rd, 1917 - b.1875 Collingwood/Fitzroy - dgtr of William John Thomas JONES & Martha Theresa HIGGINS - d.1958 Kalorama @ 84yrs
McLEOD, Hector Norman - b.1906 Richmond, (m.Vic.1921 Ruby Vinetta Hetta ADAMS)
McLEOD, Albert Leslie John - b.1907 Preston, Vic.
McLEOD, Hannah Susan - b.1916-1916 Malvern

McLEOD, Martin - Silvan, groom 1924/ Monbulk North 1926 -NIL - b.abt 1845 - son of Marthin McLEOD & Helen McRAE - d.1930 Northcote @ 85yr

McLEAN, Francis Etherington - b. 8 March 1829 in Ontario, Canada -son of Muck, Argyllshire-born Archibald MacLEAN & Gainsborough, Lincolnshire-born Sarah Elizabeth Frances RAYNES - (m.Vic.1857 -Jessie Cuthill BROWN) - Died. 16 December 1907 in Lilydale,Vic (South Wandin Yallock)
McLEAN, Jessie Cuthill BROWN b.1835 Airth Castle, Stirlingshire, Scotland - dghtr of Henry BROWN & Ann NICOL of Stirlingshire, Scotland - - d.25 May 1893 in Fitzroy, Melbourne
McLEAN, Archibald Mourehouse - b.1857 Ballarat -d.1864 Ballaraat
McLEAN, Henry Raynes -b.1859 Ballarat - South Wandin farmer by 1905 - -d.1928 St Kilda @ 69yrs
McLEAN, Francis Addington - b.1861 Smythesdale - South Wandin farmer by 1905 - (m.Vic.1911 Christina McLENNAN) - d.1934 Lismore @ 73yrs
McLEAN, Christina McLENNAN -b.abt 1868 - dghtr of Murdoch McLENNAN & Mary McLEAN - d.1934 Camperdown, Vic.
McLEAN, Charles Edward - b.1864 Scarsdale, Vic - d. 4 December 1882 Hillston, NSW
McLEAN, Ann Brown - b.1866 Scarsdale, Vic. - d.24 Sept 1898 Prahran
McLEAN, Jessie Maria -b.1868 Springdallah, Vic - (m.Vic.1895 Richard Lewis JOHN) - d.1952 Melb. @ 83yrs - see JOHN
McLEAN, Ida - b.1870 Ballarat - d.1929 St Kilda @ 58yrs
McLEAN, Sarah Barbara - b.1873 Ballarat - d.1952 Kew, Boroondara @ 77yrs
McLEAN, Walter Catnam - b.1875 Bungaree- 1876 Bendigo

McLEAN, John Benjamin Buchanan - South Wandin farmer by 1905 - b.1868 Clunes, Vic - son of John McLEAN & Isabella BUCHANAN - (m.Vic.1901 Ada PEARCE) - d.1951 Elsternwick @ 83yr
McLEAN, Ada PEARCE - by 1905 - b.1871 Dunolly, Vic. -dghtr of Henry James PEARCE & Eliza TUCKETT - d.1956 Cheltenham @ 86yr
McLEAN, Jack Anthony - b.1906 Footscray -d.1927 East Melb. @ 21yr

McMAHON, George Henry - b.16 Sep 1908 Scoresby Nth - son of Patrick McMAHON & Ellen DELANEY - (m.Silvan Vic.28 Oct 1932 Myrtle Sarah MATTINGLEY) - d.1970 Prahran
McMAHON, Myrtle Sarah MATTINGLEY, Silvan - b.1912 Wandin South - daughtr of Edward James MATTINGLEY & Mary TANNER - d.24 April 2003 Wantirna - : 3 McMahon chldrn

McMILLAN, Samuel - b.abt 1840 -son of Samuel & Janet McMILLAN - d.1924 Wandin Yallock

McPHERSON, John -b.18 April 1826 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland - Occupation: COOPER. (m.31 Dec 1850 Paisley Renfrewshire, Scotlnd, to Marion Agnes DOBIE) - d.1908 Pakenham, West Gippsland
McPHERSON, Marion Agnes DOBBIE -b.1827 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland (Mrs Jn McPherson) - d.1904 Sandridge, Port Melbourne
McPHERSON, James -b.1858 Adelaide, South Australia (m.Pt Melb.1881 to Annie Eliza LEE) d. Dec 1923
McPHERSON, Annie Eliza LEE - –d.1945
-McPHERSON, William Dobbie -b.1882 Port Melb.– 1959
-McPHERSON, Albert Leslie -b.1884 Port Melb.– 1947
-McPHERSON, Francis Leo -b.1885 Lillydale – 1930
-McPHERSON, Marion Minnie -b.1888 Preston – 1953
-McPHERSON, Reginald Kerr -b.1890 Preston – 1949
-McPHERSON, Lancelot Rowland -b.1892 Tarwin Lower –
-McPHERSON, Eileen Mary -b.1896 Tarwin Lower– 1973
-McPHERSON, Emma Beatrice b.1900 Kinglake – 1990
McPHERSON, John -b.1859 Sandridge, Pt Melb. - d.1933 Fitzroy @ 74yrs
McPHERSON, Joseph - b.1859-1860 Sandridge, Pt Melb.
McPHERSON, William b.2 December 1860 Sandridge, Pt. Melb - (m.Vic.1883 Margaret Christina WILSON)
McPHERSON, Margaret Christina WILSON
- McPHERSON, William - b.1886-1886 Melbourne
- McPHERSON, John - b.1886 Melbourne
- McPHERSON, Emma b.1904 Pt. Melb
- McPHERSON, Evelyn Clara -b.1906 Pt. Melb
- McPHERSON, Elsie May -b.1907 Pt. Melb

McPHERSON, Alexander - b.1862 Sandridge, Port Melbourne, (m.1893 Fitzroy to Lizzie McCLELLAND) - d.1931 Kew, Boroondara
McPHERSON, Matilda Elizabeth 'Lizzie' McCLELLAND - see McLELLAND
-McPHERSON, Gertrude Amy -b.1895 Port Melb.
-McPHERSON, Reginald James -b.1896 Sth Melb.
-McPHERSON, Gordon Alexander -b.1898 Melb. South
-McPHERSON, Kathleen Margaret b.1904 Pt Melb.
-McPHERSON, Myra Emily - b.1908 Pt Melb.
McPHERSON, Amelie Stewart -b.1865-1866 Sandridge, Pt Melb.
McPHERSON, Robert b.1867 Sandridge, Pt Melb. - d.1954 Parkville, Vic.

McPHERSON, Duncan -Duncan Mcpherson, husband of Jane McIver, was born in 1848 Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland. His mother was Mary Mcpherson, born in 1828 Callander, Perthshire, Scotland. He was illegitimate. (m.10 Aug 1881 South Wandin, to 'Jeanie' Jane Dolina McIVER) - d.22 September 1934 Albury, NSW
McPHERSON, 'Jeanie' Jane Dolina McIVER b.18 March 1849 in Lewis Uig, Ross & Cromarty, Ross Shire< Scotland - dghtr of John McIVER & Marjery McLEAN - d. 10 Dec 1891 Brunswick, Vic. - see McIVOR
-McPHERSON, Duncan Jr. 'Mac' -b.2 Oct 1883 South Wandin -(m.Brunswick,Vic.4 Oct 1935 Clarice Ethel GLASSON) - d.29 May 1952 Albury, NSW
-McPHERSON, Clarice Ethel GLASSON (1903 Nathalia – 1977 Hawthorn, Vic.)
- -McPHERSON, Ian Duncan -b.24 Feb 1937 Albury, NSW - d.2 Nov 2006 Melb.

McPHERSON, William Jennings - Silvan 1926, Farmer - b.1890 Collingwood- son of Henry McPHERSON & Mary JENNINGS - (m.Vic.1920 Doris Adelaide REILLY) - d.1979 Macleod, (or Macclesfield?) @ 89yr
McPHERSON, Doris Adelaide REILLY - Silvan 1926 - b.1897 Ascot Vale - dghtr of Matthew Henry REILLY & Adelaide Howard BUNKIN - d.1964 Camberwell @ 66yr-

McVICAR, Angas John - Mounted Police - Police Constable at Silvan 1929 - also Yarra Junction 1931
McVICAR, Edith Isabella - also Yarra Junction

MEEKISON, Jane Blair b.1860 Geelong (Mrs Laming) d.1888 @ 28 yrs South Wandin

MEIER, Alfred Gottfried - b.1870 Nunawading - later Box Hill - son of Aargau, Switzerland-born Jakob Johnannes MEIER & Rheinfelden, Canton Aargau, Switzerland-born Marié Theresé SCHREIBER -(m. Catherina BURGI) d.
MEIER, Catherina BURGI - b.1876 Wandin Yallock - daughter of Swiss-born Johannes BURGI & Irish-born Mary TYNE
MEIER, Marie Ena - b.1906 Ringwood
MEIER, Georg Albert - b.1910 Croydon
MEIER, Theresa Maria - 1913 Box Hill

MEIER, Peter Albert -b.1865 Collingwood - raised in Nunawading - later Box Hill - son of Aargau, Switzerland-born Jakob Johnannes MEIER & Rheinfelden, Canton Aargau, Switzerland-born Marié Theresé SCHREIBER - (m. Vic.1920 Lilly Margaret BURGI) - d.1926 Malvern, Vic.
MEIER, Lily Margarette BURGI - b.1881 Wandin Yallock - daughter of Swiss-born Johannes BURGI & Irish-born Mary TYNE -

MELLOR, Allan Robert -b.abt 1883 - son of Benjamin Fox MELLOR & Catherine Lavinia DAWSON - (m.Vic.1919 Olive HOLTUM) - d.2 July 1920 Wandin Yallock @ 37yrs
MELLOR, Olive HOLTUM - b.abt 1890 - dghtr of Richard HOLTUM & Mary Ellen FENTON - d.1978 Parkville, Melb. @ 87yrs
MELLOR, Margaret Holtum - b.1910 Prahran

MERTENS, Gustav Adolph Christian b. Maldon, Vic. (son of Gustav Adolph Mertens & Margaret O'NEIL) d. 1945 @ 80 yrs Surrey Hills
MERTENS, Louisa Sarah SMALL b. Carlton - m.1894 d.1945 @ 7p yrs Hartwell
MERTENS, Leslie Adolph b. 1895 Richmond [m. 1927 Merle MITCHELL] d.1878 @ 83 yrs Ballarat
MERTENS, Winifred Sophia b. 1898 Ascot Vale [m.1927 Victor CLINCH] d.1980 Melb.

MEWTON, Roydon Harley b.1900 Kew, Boroondara - son of William Arthur MEWTON & Violet May RATCLIFFE-FORD - Queens Rd, Silvan Orchardist d.1964 Melbourne @ 63yrs [or MEUTON]
MEWTON, Mrs Eileen Marjorie Maude NEWING (m.1933) - Queens Rd, Silvan

MICELI, Guiseppe b. 20 Sept 1896 - farmer at Burleigh, later Werribee & Monbulk d.1972 @ 76 yrs Olinda
MICELI, Senora
MICELI, Grazia 'Grace' b.1924

MILTON, Samuel Charles, Farmer, Burleigh -(son of Samuel Thomas MILTON & Annie Mary McALISTER) d.1971 @ 72 yrs Ringwood
MILTON, Catherine Florence CLANCY,m.1923 - Burleigh (dghtr of Daniel & Florence CLANCY) d.1982 @ 79 yrs Ringwood
MILTON, Frederick Charles b. 1925 > Burleigh
MILTON, Thelma Joyce b. 1926 > Burleigh
MILTON, Raymond Samuel b. 1929 > Burleigh

MITCHELL, William -b.June 1830 Keithhall, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - son of New Miln, Keithhall, Aberdeenshire-farmers, William MITCHELL & Jane nee MILNE - (m.18 May 1865 Doncaster, Vic to Mary Ann CLAY) - d.9 Jan 1890 Selby Farm, Wandin Yallock
MITCHELL, Mary Ann CLAY -b.31 October 1839 Petrockstowe, Devonshire, England - daughter of Templestowe farmer, John CLAY & his wife Agnes MOASE of Devonshire & later of Templestowe & Doncaster, Victoria. d.18 Mar 1932 Wandin Yallock - see CLAY
MITCHELL, AAgnes Jane -b.29 May 1866 Nunawading, Vic. - (m.Wandin Yallock 30 July 1884 Daniel Henry GAUDION) -d.30 April 1885 Wandin Yallock - see GAUDION
MITCHELL, Eliza Kate Milne b.2 Sept 1868 Nunawading – (m.Wandin Yallock 1887 Alfred ROUGET)- d.28 Nov 1950 St Kilda, Vic. - see ROUGET
MITCHELL, Mary Helena -b.14 September 1870 Nunawading, Vic. (m.Wandin Yallock, Vic.17 May 1888 to Thomas GAUDION) –d.11 Sept 1914 Wandin Yallock - Buried: Lilydale see GAUDION
MITCHELL, William Frederick -b.1873 Nunawading, – 22 Sept 1885 Wandin Yallock - Buried: Lillydale Cemetery

MITCHELL, Robert John -b.15 Oct 1875 Selby Farm, Wandin Yallock – (m.Methodist Church, Wandin Yallock 10 march 1897 to Priscilla BLANKSBY) d.13 Jan 1961 Ardrossan, Hull Road, Croydon
MITCHELL, Priscilla BLANKSBY -b.4 July 1876 Hawthorn, Boroondara, daughter of Norwood-Burwood blacksmith from Matlock, Derbyshire, England, John BLANKSBY & Gardiner's Creek, Port Phillip-born, Priscilla SMITH. d.23 July 1935 Prince Henry's Hospital, Melbourne. Buried: Lilydale Cemetery. - see also BLANKSBY
- MITCHELL, Elise Priscilla 1898 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1925 John Aubrey Houston TAGGART) – d.1976 Fitzroy
- MITCHELL, William Frederick 1899 Wandin Yallock (m.1924 Gertrude Margaret Aitken JONES) – d.1965 Wandin Creek Road, Wandin
- MITCHELL, Gertrude Margaret Aitken JONES b.28 Decr 1900 Fitzroy -dghtr of Llewllyn Joseph JONES & Ann AITKEN - d.1983 Croydon
- - MITCHELL, Donald William - 1928 – 1972
- - MITCHELL, Robert James Aitken - 1930 – 1986
- MITCHELL, Doris Victoria 1901 Wandin Yallock – (m.Vic.1937 Alexander George BROWN) - d.1987 Thornlands, QLD
- MITCHELL, Annie Millicent 1904 Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic.1924 Ernst Friedrich PETRUSCH) d.1971 Rosebud, Vic.
- MITCHELL, Violet Agnes 1906 Wandin Yallock – 1929
- MITCHELL, Wilhelmina Lillian b.5 Feb 1909 Wandin Yallock (m.20 Sept 1930 Wandin Yallock Methodist Chruch to Stanley Victor GAUDION) - -d.1995 Croydon - See GAUDION
- MITCHELL, John Robert Edwin -b.1914 Wandin Yallock -(m.Korumburra 1948 to Isobel May WILLMOTT) -d.1976 Beenak Road, Wandin
- MITCHELL, Helena May -b.1915 Wandin Yallock -daughter of Robert John MITCHELL & Priscilla BLANKSBY -(m.Vic.1934 Edgar Frederick PROUT) - d.9 Febmitchell 2000 - Buried: Springvale - see PROUT

MITCHELL, James Adam - b.2 Feb 1878 Selby Farm, Wandin Yallock - (m.Wandin Yallock 1900 to Lily Maud Mary READ)– d.5 Aug 1937 Centre Dandenong Road, Dingley. Buried: New Cheltenham Cemetery, Sandringham -
MITCHELL, Lily Maud Mary READ -b. 1 Jan 1878 Lilydale - dghtr of Frederick READ & Mary Ann HUSSEY - d.21 June 1950 Dingley, Victoria see also READ
- MITCHELL, Mary Eileen Kate -b.1900 Howlong, NSW –(m. Percival John Samuel WATSON) 1991 Dandenong
- MITCHELL, Florence Isabel Emily -b.1902 (m.Vic.1927 John Wilfred EVANS) – 1976
- MITCHELL, Margaret Willamina -b.1903 Seville (m.1941 Stanley Trenwith ARMSTRONG) – d.1990
- MITCHELL, Dora Lillian Nellie -b.1904 Seville (m.Vic.1927 Frederick James BAPTIST – d.1985 Croydon
- MITCHELL, Elsie Olive May -b. 1905 Anderson Creek – 1907 Clifton Hill
- MITCHELL, Ethel Hilda -b. 1907 – 1908 Anderson Creek
- MITCHELL, Frederick Francis b.1909 –d.1909 Anderson Creek
- MITCHELL, William James -b. 1910 Anderson Creek – 1982 Dandenong
- MITCHELL, Robert Edwin - b.1912 Warrandyte – d.1937 Alfred Hosp. Prahran
- MITCHELL, Arthur Herbert -b.1913 m.Vic. Phyllis Edna BENSTEAD) – d.1996 Vic.
- MITCHELL, Phyllis Edna Benstead 1915 – 1956
- MITCHELL, Thomas Leslie -b. 1915 Anderson Creek –
- MITCHELL, Ruby Constance -b. 1923 – 2003 Dingley

MITCHELL, Isabella Clare - b. 1880 Wandin Yallock - d.1891 Wandin Yallock @ 11yrsBuried: Lilydale Cemetery
MITCHELL, Edwin Charles - b. 1884 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1910 Edith Elizabeth DIKE) –d. 1965 Heidelberg. Buried: Lilydale Cemetery
MITCHELL, Edith Elizabeth DIKE - b.1886 Kew, Victoria - dghtr of George Henry DIKE & Elizabeth SNELL - d.1975 Fitzroy, Victoria
- MITCHELL, Keith Edwin George -b.2 Oct 1911 Kew - d.12 March 2004 Vic.
- MITCHELL, Elma Edith May Mitchell - b.1916 – 1990
MITCHELL, Wilhelmina Emily - b.27 Oct 1886 Wandin Yallock 0 ( Aitken Road, Wandin Yallock 27 Apr 1920 to Harold BLANKSBY) –d.17 Sept 1971 Wangaratta - Buried: Lilydale - see BLANKSBY

MITCHELL, James Milne 'Scotty' b.abt 1865 Glasgow - - Commission Agent. Married 1889 Victoria - Died 1938 age 72 Ringwood (son of Thomas Mitchell & Margaret MILNE)
MITCHELL, Ellen Helen Liddle BROWN - b. New Jersey, U.S.A. wife of J.M.Mitchell snr (Daughter of James Crowe Brown & Christina Thompson) died 1934 Wandin Yallock @ age 64.
MITCHELL, James Milne b. 1899 Carlton - (m.Vic.1922 Daisy Irene ANGELL) - died 1969 age 70 Glen... Vic
MITCHELL, Christina Helen Hosie 1889 South Melb. (m.Vic.1910 George RUSSELL) - see RUSSELL
MITCHELL, Marie Stuart b. 1892 Albert Park - (m.Vic.1911 Hugh Omar SINCLAIR) - d.8 Feb 1947 Melbourne
MITCHELL, Pearl b. 1894 Albert Park - (m.Vic.1916 William Robert LORD) - see LORD
MITCHELL, Ruby Nellie Peel - b.1897 Albert Park - (m.Vic.1914 Henry LYDSTER)
MITCHELL, Robert Peel b. 1901 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1923 Mary Matilda BROWN) - d.
MITCHELL, Eileen Catherine b. 1904 Wandin Yallock - - (m.Vic.1929 Thomas William JOHNSTON) -
MITCHELL, William Thomas b. 1907 Armadale - d. 1908 Wandin Yallock - - d.13 Jan 1908 - Victoria
MITCHELL, Jean Brown b. 1907 Armadale - (m.Vic.1926 Leslie Raymond SMITH) - d.

MITCHELL, Robert Peel- b.abt 1867 Glasgow - (son of Thomas Mitchell & Margaret MILNE) - brother of the above- -Berry Fruit Processor & Jame Factory Proprietor of Wandin East. Married Victoria 1916 -Edith Kate JENKINS) - d. 1933 Kew Boroondara @ 65yrs
MITCHELL, Betty Milne - b.1918 Kew, Boroondara

MITCHELL, Nellie Florence (daughter of Mitchell & Ellen Sweeney) - Olinda Creek 1907 - born NSW - married John McINTYRE (born Beechworth) 1910 Victoria - died 1961 Warragul @ age 75
MITCHELL, Roy Leslie - b. 1907 Carlton
MITCHELL, Lawrence Arthur - b.1909 Carlton

MITCHELMORE, Willis John b.1904 Cape Colony, South Africa to parenst from Victoria, Australia, John MITCHELMORE & Mary Ellen WILLIS)
MITCHELMORE, Jessie Lillian AITKEN (1906 – 1992)
MITCHELMORE, Leilia Amy b. 1908 Brunswick (dughtr of John MITCHELMORE & Mary Ellen WILLIS) (m.1929 William Robert AITKEN (1905-1981) d.1993

MONEY, Kyle Earle Aubrey - Fruit Farmer McKillop Rd
MONEY, Arthur Gambier Kyrle -b.abt 1853 Herefordshire - son of Kyrle Earle Aubrey MONEY and May SMITH (m.Vic.1892 Isabell Allan Annie SHERARD) - died 1906 Wangaratta @ 53yrs
MONEY, Isabell Allan Annie SHERARD = b. Buninyong
MONEY, Edward
MONEY, Edward Russell Kezia Qyrle, - McKillop Rd, Evelyn Farmer 1920 - b.abt 1875 - d.1965 Parkville @ 90yrs - son of Edward MONEY & Georgina SMYTH
MONEY, KEZIAH, MAJOR -b.abt 1885 d.1969 Mentone @ 84yrs

MONTGOMERY, William Henry - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1910 - b.1880 Collingwood -son of John Henry MONTGOMERY & Mary Elizabeth PORTER (later BOX) - (m.Vic.1918 Rosina Marian BOX) d.1941 Yarra, @ 60yrs
MONTGOMERY, Rosena Marian BOX - b.1896 Drouin, Gippsland - dghtr of Alfred BOX & Mary Matilda BETTS - d.1961 Yarram @ 63yrs
MONTGOMERY, Francis William -b.1919 Yarram, Gippsland -

MOON, Reginald Graham b. 1907 Kew - 1983 Wandin Nth
MOON, Amy Christina CHAPMAN (1914 – 2008) Wandin

MORGAN, Owen Benjamin - b.1879 Woodford, Warrnambool, Vic. - son of Benjamin MORGAN & Annis Catherine DAVIS - (m.Vic.1903 Alice Mary BOYD) - d. 1911 South Wandin @ 32 yrs
MORGAN, Alice Mary BOYD - b.1878 Pomborneit, Colac, Vic. - dghtr of James Alexander BOYD & Mary Louisa COOPER - d.1949 Mildura @ 70yrs
MORGAN, Annie Louisa - b.1904 Camperdown, Vic.

MOROSO, Valentino - Naturalised at Silvan 1932
MOROSO, Angela Silvia (wife)
MOROSO, Bruno - Scholar at Silvan PS 1928

MORRIS, Samuel Alfred - b.abt 1843 Portsmouth, Eng. - son of Samuel Morris (m.Vic.1883 M.A.BOWLEY) Land - Lot 12, township of Wandin Yallock, 1886 - d.1895 Dandenong @ 53yrs
MORRIS, Mary Ann BOWLEY b.abt 1837 -dghtr of Thomas BOWELLY & Amelia RICHARDSON - d.1900 Oakleigh @ 63yrs

MORRISON, Daniel McNeil b.1867 Bylands, Kilmore, Vic. -son of William MORRISON & Margaret McNEIL - Fruitfarmer - Olinda Vale 1907 [m.Vic.1900 Luise Rosanna HAAG] d.1931 Lilydale @ 64yrs
MORRISON, Luise Rosanna HAAG b.1876 Oakleigh – dgtr of Johannes HAAG & Emma Martha HAYNES d.1 February 1946 Lilydale - see HAAG
MORRISON, William Aleric McNeil -b.1901 Lilydale, Wandin Yallock (m.) – 1962 Seymour
MORRISON, Muriel May 1902 Lilydale, Wandin Yallock –(m.1933 Basil Baden-Powell WALLER) d.1970 Fairfield
MORRISON, Norman John b.1905 Lilydale, Wandin Yallock – 1964 Mount Evelyn, Vic.
MORRISON, Augustus - Mt Evelyn Labourer 1937
MORRISON, Daniel Harold 1918 Lilydale, Wandin Yallock – 1972 Mount Evelyn, Vic.

MORRISON, Scott -b.1855 Williamson, Vic. -son of William MORRISON & Ann MORREGHAN/ MONAGHAN (or MONAHAN -b. c1831 County Sligo, Ireland)- (m.Vic.1886 Fanny Jane ADAMSON) - d.1945 Heathcote, Vic.@ 89yrs
MORRISON, 'Fanny' Jane ADAMSON b.1862 Heathcote, Vic. - dghtr of William Gustavus ADAMSON & Honora 'Hannah' KELLY(b. 1835 at Kilfenora, co. Clare, Ireland) - d.1943 Heathcote, Vic.
MORRISON, John William Adamson - 1887-1887 Essendon
MORRISON, Mary Francis - b.1888 Essendon -(m.Vic.1929 Anthony Stanislaus DEVINE) - d.1959 Gardenvale, Vic.
MORRISON, Louisa Florence -b.1890 Moonee Ponds, Essendon - (m.Vic.1922, Philip Francis KENNEDY) - d.1983 Beechworth, Vic.
MORRISON, Annie Monica -b.1891 Moonee Ponds, Essendon - (m.Vic.1920 James Hay REID) - d. 1947 Caulfield Vic.
MORRISON, Marion Winifred -b.1892 Essendon - (m.Vic.1914 Garret Cyril KENNY) -d.1957 Kew, Vic.
MORRISON, Fanny Teresa -1893 Moonee Ponds -1893 Essendon
MORRISON, Scott Andrew - 1895 Moonee Ponds -1896 Essendon
MORRISON, Alexander -b.1898 Moonee Ponds,Essendon - son of Scott MORRISON & Fanny Jane ADAMSON- Silvan Nurseryman, 1917 1924 (m.Vic.1929 Eliza FITZCLARENCE) - d.190 Heidelberg @ 62yrs
MORRISON, Travers Vincent-b.1899 Moonee Ponds, VIC - Founder & Proprietor of Heathcote Nursery, Wandin - 1937 (m.Vic.1930 Hilda Gertrude O'BRIEN) - d.1967 Wandin @ 67yrs - son of Scott MORRISON & Fanny Jane ADAMSON
MORRISON, Hilda Gertrude O'BRIEN-b.1902, Daylesford, Vic. > Heathcote Nursery, Wandin 1937
MORRISON, Honora Clare - 1901 Moonee Ponds - 1901 Essendon
MORRISON, Jean Elizabeth, b.1904 Moonee Ponds -(m.Vic.(1)1929 John DANIEL - & then (2)Vic. c.1958 Charles Clifford CORNEY) - d. 1966, East Kew,
MORRISON, Alan Michael -1906Moonee Ponds - 1906 Essendon

MORROW, James Thomas - Wandin by 1906 - b.1870 Ondit, Beeac, Colac, Vic. Son of County Cavan-born, Thomas MORROW & Hampshire-born, Harriet COOPER - (m.Vic.1905 Mary Ann INGRAM) d.
MORROW, Mary Anne INGRAM (Mrs J. T. Morrow) - b. Coleraine, Vic. @ Sth Wandin by 1906
MORROW, James Thomas Braxtone - b.abt 1907 - d.1926 Warragul @ 19yrs
MORROW, Elvena Venetia - b. 1908 South Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1928 Richard Walker WATSON)
MORROW, John William Ernest b.1910 South Wandin Yallock
MORROW, Stella Mary b.1912 South Wandin Yallock

MOSCA, Pietro 'Peter'
MOSCA, wife
MOSCA, Enio b. 14 October 1937
MOASCA, Elio Antonio b. 12 February 1939 - Naturalised 1955/1957
MOSCA, Maria - b.12 April 1942
MOSCA, Emilio - b. 1946

MOSCHETTI, George Alexander b.1884 Timor, Maryborough, Vic. - son of Savoy, Lombardy-born Pietro MOSCHETTI & his Castlemaine-Goldfields-born wife, Mary STAPLETON, of the Timor Goldfields near Maryborough ~ 1949 Lilydale
MOSCHETTI, Daisy May BARNED b.1890 Dunolly, Vic. - daughter of Ballarat-born, John William BARNED & Alma-Reef-born, Elisabeth Ann GOSS -(Mrs G.A.Moschetti m.1910 Vic.) d. 1933 Melbourne, Vic.
MOSCHETTI, Herbert Alexander b.1910 Timor ,Maryborough, Vic. (m.Hazel Victoria Rosalind Hampton)
MOSCHETTI, Arthur George (1912-1914) Victoria
MOSCHETTI, Vera May b. 1918 Maryborough, Vic. (Mrs Wm Leslie NEWMAN m.1939)
MOSCHETTI, Olive Rose - b. 1920 Alexandra, Vic.
MOSCHETTI, Ronald Sydney b. 1923 Silvan ~ d.1963 Shoreham, Vic.
MOSCHETTI, Frederick William b. 1925 (m. June HUNTER)
MOSCHETTI, Henry James b. 1926 Silvan ~ d. 1969 Hawthorn, Vic.
MOSCHETTI, Joseph Patrick b. 1929 Silvan ~ 1938 Silvan

MOSCHETTI, Herbert John b.1886 Timor, Maryborough, Vic. - son of Savoy, Lombardy-born Pietro MOSCHETTI & his Castlemaine-Goldfields-born wife, Mary STAPLETON, of the Timor Goldfields near Maryborough -
MOSCHETTI, Annie Therese BARNED b.1895 Maryborough - daughter of Ballarat-born, John William BARNED & Alma-Reef-born, Elisabeth Ann GOSS - (Mrs H.J.Moschetti m.1911 Vic.) d.1952 Dunolly
MOSCHETTI, Elizabeth Belinda 1912 Maryborough~1978 Greensborough, Vic.(Mrs R T. Keenan)
MOSCHETTI, Dulcie Irene b.1913 Ararat, Vic. (Mrs Sydney Arthur Pearce m.1932)
MOSCHETTI, Jean Angelina b. 1915 Jamieson, Vic. (Mrs Arthur James SEVERINO of Monbulk)
MOSCHETTI, Herbert John - b. 1919 Alexandra, Vic.
MOSCHETTI, Reginald Eric b. 1920 Alexandra, Vic.

MOULD, John Alexander Frederick King -b.1869 Hamptworth, Wiltshire, England - son of George Henry MOULD & Ann KING - EMIGRATED: per the ship "DEMOSTHENES" to arrive Melbourne August 1912 @ age 40 -(m.England abt 1902 Mabel Beatric HOLLINGDALE) – d. 17 April 1934 Wandin Yallock @ 65yrs
MOULD, Mabel Beatrice HOLLINGDALE b.abt 1880 - EMIGRATED: per the ship "DEMOSTHENES" to arrive Melbourne August 1912 @ age 31 - in Wandin Yallock by abt 1925 - d.?
MOULD, Percival John 'Percy' -b.abt Aug 1904 Reigate, Surrey, England - EMIGRATED: per the ship "DEMOSTHENES" to arrive Melbourne August 1912 @- age 7 -(m.Vic.1932 Myrtle Phoebe ELLIOTT) - d. 1979 Melbourne - Buried: Lilydale
MOULD, Myrtle Phoebe ELLIOTT
MOULD, Winifred May -b. Oct 1907 Riegate, Surrey, England - EMIGRATED: per the ship "DEMOSTHENES" to arrive Melbourne August 1912 @ age 4 - (m.Vic.1928 Osmond Albert HAAG) - d.3 Sept 1968- - see HAAG
MOULD, Thelma Laurain - b.1915 South Melbourne, Vic. (m.Vic.1942 Ernest Henry Samuel FOOT) - d.1985 Boronia, Victoria

MOUNSEY, John Lorymmer /Lorimer b.22 August 1868 in Grunthal (later Verdun), nr Hahndorf, South Australia - son of Morton, Dumfries-shire, Scots-born David Lorimer MOUNSEY (1843 – 1869) & Autchyfordle Gate, Lanarkshire, Scots-born Ann AITKEN (1844 – 1922) of Scotland, South Australia, and Victoria, Australia - (m.Adelaide,SA 16 August 1890 to Florence Isabel Botten COCKER) Widowed 1913 -so Immigrated to Wandin, Victoria RES. 1924 Seville, Wandin Yallock, LABOURER - RES.1937: Wandin, lia - LABOURER - with daughter Edna May MOUNSEY, NURSE- d.June 1942 Wandin, Lilydale, VIC
MOUNSEY, Florence Isabel Botten COCKER b.? England, Great Britain (OR unrecorded? said to be 22 March 1871 in North Adelaide, SA) - daughter of Thomas COCKER –d.25 March 1913 in Adelaide, SA

MOUNSEY, Norman John Edwin -b.6 March 1891 in North Adelaide, South Australia -son of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) -d. 30 Nov 1955 South Australia,

MOUNSEY, Gilbert Charles b.24 April 1892 Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia -son of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) - WORLD WAR ONE SOLDIER -d.9 August 1916 Egypt - WW1

MOUNSEY, Dorothy Elizabeth Annie Florence -b.4 April 1893 North Adelaide, South Australia -dghtr of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) -(m.Adelaide, Sa 28 March 1921 to George William HOUSE 1894 – 1969) -d.8 Febry 1975 South Australia

MOUNSEY, Clarice Ruby -b.27 June 1894 North Adelaide, South Australia -dghtr of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) -Ocupation: NURSE - RESIDENCE 1919 Seville, Wandin Yallock, Lilydale, Flinders, Victoria, Australia - HOME DUTIES- Residence 1937 E,S & A BANK, Koo Wee Rup, Flinders, Victoria, Australia - NURSE ; residence 1942 16 Nirvana Street, Malvern East, Henty, Victoria, Australia - NURSE - d.1942 Malvern, Vic.

MOUNSEY, Lilly Victoria -b.1896 North Adelaide -dghtr of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) -d.1899 North Adelaide, SA

MOUNSEY, Allan Lorrymer -b.2 April 1898 in North Adelaide, SA -son of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) -d.13 April 1975 Sydney, New South Wales,

MOUNSEY, Melba Kathleen -b.17 December 1899 in North Adelaide, SA -dghtr of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) - (m.2 May 1924 Percival George TULLY of Doncaster) - widowed- (re-m.1942 Manly NSW to (m.2 May 1924 Willian John SHANKIE 1900 – 1965 ) -d.1985 Syndey, New South Wales, Australia

MOUNSEY, Rankin Collin -b.17 August 1901 in North Adelaide, SA -son of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) -d.31 January 1980 in South Australia

MOUNSEY, David Stewart/Stuart -b.3 December 1904 North Adelaide, South Australia -son of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) - (m.12 April 1930 Murrumbeena, to Eileen Agnes Florence HOLBERN (1907 – 1976) - d.28 April 1973 Box Hill, Nunawading, Vic.
MOUNSEY, Eileen Agnes Florence HOLBERN b.4 Mar 1907 Armadale, Prahran - dghtr of William Squires HOLBERN (1882–1962) & Helen Eliza SEATON (1886–1962) - d.21 March 1976 in Springvale, Melbourne
MOUNSEY, Joy -b.1931 Melbourne, Victoria
MOUNSEY, Bruce Keith -b.1933 Seville, Wandin Yallock, Lilydale –d.July 1949 Melbourne, Victoria
MOUNSEY, Jennifer -b.1935 Melbourne, Victoria

MOUNSEY, Baden Claude -b.7 Sept 1906 in North Adelaide, SA -son of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) -d.5 August 1907 in North Adelaide, SA

MOUNSEY, Edna May -b.10 August 1908 North Adelaide, South Australia -dghtr of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) - Occ: NURSE in Lilydale and Box Hill, Residence 1931 Wandin Yallock, Victoria, Australia - NURSE - with father John L. Mounsey, LABOURER; - (married 1946 to John Leoden PORTER, Accountant, and Hospital Administrator, of Box Hill (1888 Ballan – 1963 Box Hill) - Residence 1954 56 Main Street, Box Hill, Deakin, Victoria, Australia - NURSE - d.May 1975 in Fitzroy, Melbourne

MOUNSEY, Keith Malcolm -b.16 November 1910 North Adelaide, South Australia -son of John Lorimer MOUNSEY (1868-1942) & Florence Isabel Botten COCKER (1871–1913) - - d.June 1929 Seville, Lilydale, Vic.

MOUNTAIN, William John - chainman @ Sth Wandin-Evelyn by 1913 - (m.Vic.1861 Margaret Watson FRASER) - - d.
MOUNTAIN, Margaret Watson FRASER
MOUNTAIN, William John -b.1863 Melbourne (m.Vic.1884 Helen WILSON) - (m.2.Vic.1889 Julia Ann WALLIS) - d.1929 Essendon @ 65yrs
MOUNTAIN, Ethel May - b.1885 Ballarat
MOUNTAIN, Leslie William b.1887 Ballarat
MOUNTAIN, Julia Ann WALLIS - nee DRAPER - dght of William DRAPER & JAnet THOMPSON - d.1942 Essendon @ 81yrs

MUDGE, Claude Rowland - b.6 oct 1883 Brentwood, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - son of James MUDGE & Margaret Lowry GOSS - (m. Sth Wandin 1912 Eva Emily INGRAM)
MUDGE, Eva Emily INGRAM b. 1884 Horsham, Vic. daughtr of John William INGRAM & Augusta BRACKSTONE - - see INGRAM
MUDGE, LIndsay Rowland - b.1909 Newport
MUDGE, Raymond Brackstone -b.1913 Sea Lake, Viv.

MUIR, James Kennedy - b.abt 1833 Ayrshire, Scotland - son of George Taylor MUIR & Jane Hannah KENNEDY - (m.Janet Jeannie GRAHAM) Proprietor of Lot 22, in the township of Wandin Yallock 1885 - d.1924 Flemington @ 90yrs
MUIR, Janet Jessie GRAHAM b.abt 1833 Ayrshire? Scotland -dghtr of William GRAHAM & Margaret MUTER - d.1927 Flemington @ 96yrs
MUIR, George Taylor b.abt 1859 Ayrshire, Scotland- d.1911 Hotham East, Nth Melb @ 51yrs
MUIR, William Graham b.abt 1862 Ayrshire, Scotland(m.Vic.1885 Mary Ewing HARDIE) -d.1935 Mildura @ 73yrs
MUIR, Thomas McLeod b.abt 1864 Ayrshire, Scotland (m.Vic.1888 Esther MacBETH) - d.1909 Essendon @ 45yrs
MUIR, Jessie Graham b.abt 1867 Ayrshire, Scotland -d.1934 Toorak @ 67yrs
MUIR, James Kennedy b.abt 1869 Ayrshire, Scotland -d.1949 Parkville @ 79yrs

MUIR, Cornelius -b.abt 1829 -son of Willim MUIR & Elizabeth SOMERS (m.Vic.1855 A.Valentine) d.1896 Richmond @ 67yrs
MUIR, Anne VALENTINE -b.abt 1828 dghtr of James VALENTINE & Ann EDWARDS - d.1910 Surrey Hills @ 82yrs
MUIR, Elizabeth Symms b. 1856 Melbourne - at 1920 1922 Silvan d. 30 June 1923 Silvan
MUIR, James Valentine 1858-1875 Melbourne
MUIR, William Edward 1859-1860 South Yarra
MUIR, David Ross 1861-1864 South Yarra
MUIR, John Giles 1862-1862 Melbourne
MUIR, Mary Edward b.1864 Melbourne
MUIR, Hector Ernest 1867-1868 Melbourne
MUIR, Edward Alexander b.1868 South Yarra (m.Vic.1900 R.C.BOYCE) d.1938 Mentone @ 72yrs
-MUIR, Rose Constance BOYCE -nee JENKINSON -b.abt 1856 - dghtr of Richard Napoleon Jenkinson & Sarah Ann Trickers-Lamb - d.1922 Mordialloc @ 65yrs
MUIR, Jessie Cooper -b.1869 Sandhurst, Bendigo - at Silvan 1924 (Sisters) - d.1947 Dandenong @ 75yrs

NAISH, Frank - Queens Road, farmer 1924 - b.abt 1893 - son of Edward James NAISH & Emma POPE - d.1970 Hunt..? @ 77yrs
NAISH, Walter, - Queens Road, farmer 1924 - b.abt 1896 - son of Edward James NAISH & Emma POPE - d.1964 Montrose @ 68yrs

NAISMITH, Thomas Wiseman b.1858 Sandhurst (son of Thomas Naismith & Margaret Irwin Wiseman) d.1907 Brunswick East @ 49yrs
NAISMITH, Jane EXELBY b.1863 Sandhurst, Bendigo - dghtr of Sampson Exelby & Margaret Robertson (m.1887 T W Naismith) - > Silvan
NAISMITH, Gertrude Margaret Thomasina b.1888 Sandhurst (Mrs Wm Stwt PARSONS 1915) d.1955 Caulfield @ 65 yrs

NATION, Robert - b.Somerset, Eng. - d. 1906 South Wandin Yallock
NATION, Jane ROBINSON b.1858 Cavan, Ireland [Mrs Rbt Nation Snr] (Lot 129)
NATION, Robert Strong (Coachman) - b. Kew, Boroondara - son of Robert NATION & Jane ROBINSON -
NATION, Christina VARTY b.1890 Chltnhm, Vic.(m.1907 Mrs R.S.NATION)
NATION, Charles Robert b.1908 South Wandin, Lilydale (m.1937 Ivy Lucy SMITH)
NATION, Harold Evelyn b.1910 South Wandin (m.1922 Amy Alice Elizabeth STOREY)
NATION, Alfred William Strong b.1911 South Wandin (m.1938 Annie Marie MORRISON)
NATION, Richard Walter - b.1912 South Wandin (m.1938 Pearline Francis JENSEN)
NATION, Ivy Ella Audrey b.1913 (South Wandin Yallock - d.1915 Carlton
NATION, Ivy Ella - b.1914 Lillydale
NATION, Henry James - b.1915 Lilydale (m.1940 Eileen Lucy MORRISON)
NATION, Ian Allen - b.1918 Sherbrooke/Monbulk (m.1941 Edith Caroline HUIE)
NATION, Elsie Christina -b.1919 Box Hill (m.1941 John WATTS)
NATION, Henry Evelyn - b.1889 Lilydale /South Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1920 Doris ROBERTS)
NATION, Elsie Annie - b.18 Nov 1895 South Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1921 Allan Owen GILMOUR)

NEALE, George William
- b.1886 Pyramid Hill, Vic. -son of William NEALE & Mary Jane CHENERY - (m.Vic.1912 Agnes Octavia STEWART)
NEALE, Agnes Octavia STEWART - b. Sth Melb.
NEALE, Alan Stewart - b.1913-1913 Doncaster
NEALE, George Sinclair - b. 1915 Kew, Boroondara

NEEDHAM, Plunkett -from Colac, Victoria b.1858 Larp, Colac - -son of William NEEDHAM & Margaret CAREY - (m.1889 Annie VALENTINE) - d.1933 Dandenong @ 74yrs
NEEDHAM, Annie VALENTINE - from Newcastle-on Tyne - b. abt 1855 dgtr of James & Jane VALENTINE(Mrs P Needham) - d.1935 Springvale, Vic @ 80yrs
NEEDHAM, Ethel Valentine - b.1890 Numurkah - (m.1914 Albert O'GORMAN) d.1954 Melbourne @ 64yrs
NEEDHAM, Ida Maldon - b.1891 Marungi, Vic.
NEEDHAM, Daisy Margaret - b.1893 Marungi, Vic. - (m.1923 Frederick Joseph GILBEE) -d.1967 Dandenong @ 72yrs
NEEDHAM, Garfield Leslie - b.1895 Maldon, Vic - d.1962 Morwell @65yrs
NEEDHAM, Garnett Wesley -- b.1898 Kyneton, Vic. - d.1970 Mirboo @ 73yrs

NELSON, John(pre-goldrush pioneer on Stringybark Creek
NELSON, Mary Ann QUINN - (Mrs John Nelson) - -- children all registered at St Francis Roman Catholic Church, Melbourne.
NELSON, Henry - b. 1844 Stringybark Creek, Yarra Valley
NELSON, Emma - b. 1846 Stringybark Creek, Yarra Valley
NELSON, James - b. 1848 Gardiner's Creek, East of Melbourne
NELSON, John - b. 1849 Brighton, Port Phillip Bay

NEWING, Arthur Luke Bowles b. Carlton North - son of Charles Arthur NEWING & Hannah Rachel JOHNSON - (m.Vic.1903 Constance Maud Alberta GILL) d.1931 Lilydale @ 55yrs
NEWING, Constance Maud Alberta GILL - b.1875 Caulfield, Vic. - dghtr of Edwin GILL & Selina LANGFORD - d.1957 Elsternwick @ 82yrs
NEWING, Eileen Marjorie Maude b.1904 Brighton, Vic. (m.1933 Roydon Harley MEWTON - Queens Rd, Silvan [or MEUTON]
NEWING, Dulcie Leila b.1905 Brighton, (m.Vic.

NEWMAN, Frederick William b.1889 St Kilda, Vic. -son of George NEWMAN & Elizabeth Ann GLEW - Carrier) Silvan 1924
NEWMAN, Margaret Ursula 'Madge' BOWMAN (1887 Mt Hooghly ~ 1959 Footscray) - dghtr of Wiliam BOWMAN & Annie DONOVAN - see above (Mrs F.W.Newman m.1912 Vic.) Silvan, 1924
NEWMAN, Marjorie May b.1914 St Kilda
NEWMAN, Eva - b.1917 St Kilda

NEWMAN, Arthur Garibaldi (1891-1954)- Silvan farmer 1917 d.Essendon (son of Charles NEWMAN & Isobel MANUEL)
NEWMAN, Ellen Anna WRIGHT (1880-1955) (m.1913 Vic) - Silvan 1917 d. Brighton (dghtr of Charles WRIGHT & Hannah PRESTON)
NEWMAN, Arthur John b.1914 Prahran
NEWMAN, Helen Winifred b.1916 Prahran (m.1941 George Brinton MEIDECKE)
NEWMAN, Charles Albert b.1918 Prahran
NEWMAN, George William b.1920 Elsternwick

NEWMAN, Walter Herbert (1882-1947) Orchardist @ Sth Wandin by 1912 d.Melbourne Vic. -son of John NEWMANN & Clara Ann HART
NEWMAN, Edith Mary JONES (1885-1945) @ Sth Wandin by 1912 d. Ballarat
NEWMAN, Constance Clara Elle b.1909 Colac, Vic.
NEWMAN, Violet Lillian b. 1910 Carlton,. Vic.
NEWMAN, Walter John b. 1911 Lilydale, Vic.
NEWMAN, Edith Mary b. 1912 Lilydale, Vic.

NICOL, John Benjamin -orchardist, Wiseman Rd, Burleigh - d.1947 Lilydale @ 67yrs - son of John Glover NICOL & Elizabeth BARBER

NOEL-CAREY, Deane - McKillop Road, Evelyn, farmer 1917
NOEL-CAREY, Elsie - McKillop Road, Evelyn 1917
NOEL-CAREY, Mary -McKillop Road, Evelyn 1917

NOLEN, John - b.abt 1832 - -(m.Vic.1863 Marjory McMILLAN) -d.1915 Melb.Sth @ 83yrs
NOLEN, Marjory McMILLAN - b.abt 1840 - d. 5 May 1906 Wandin Yallock - INQUEST
NOLEN, John George Farrell -b.1863 Clunes - (m.Vic.1891 Mary Ellen GLASHEEN)
NOLEN, Charles Aloysius -b.abt 1865 Amherst/ Clunes (m.Vic.1896 Frances GLASHEEN)
NOLEN, Thomas Maitland - b.1866 Clunes -(m.Vic.1897 Mary Ann O'REILLY)
NOLEN, Daniel - b.1871 Amherst
NOLEN, Elizabeth Emma - b.1873 Clunes
NOLEN, William Talbot - b.1876 Clunes/ Amherst
NOLEN, Margaret Joseph - b.1880 Glenloth
NOLEN, Ulrick - b.1882 Glenloth
NOLEN, Agnes Daisy - b.1888 Charlton

Doctor T P NOONAN of Collins St, Melbourne, Malvern and Toorak, with the family 'Retreat' at cnr Hollis Road & Wiseman Road, Burleigh NOONAN, Thomas Patrick - Dr. M.B. b.abt 1874 ~ d.12 August 1951 @ No.31 Heyington Place, Toorak, Victoria @ 77yrs
NOONAN, Edith Kathleen LLOYD b.1889 South Yarra -dghtr of Thomas William LLOYD & Maria LUBY (m.Vic.1914 to T.P. Noonan)d.1943 Malvern @ 55yrs
NOONAN, Patricia b. East Malvern (Mrs E. R. TRENCHARD)
NOONAN, John Patrick Lloyd b.1918 East Malvern (Doctor)

NORRIS, Henry James - b.1875 Malmsbury Vic. -son of William Henry NORRIS & Lavinia POOK - (m.Vic.1899 Edith Josephine DOLAN) - d.1974 Carrum @ 74yr
NORRIS, Edith Josephine DOLAN - b.1878 Seymour, Vic. - dghtr of Michael DOLAN & Margaret Jane McVEIGH
NORRIS, Alfred Henry - b.1900 Wandin Yallock
NORRIS, Frederick William - b.1901 Murchison - d.1901 Carlton Centre

NORTON , Annie (Mrs Carl Ludvig ARNESEN)

NOSEDA, Phoebe nee MILLER (daughter of Isaac Miller a Licensed Hawker (maybe originally Mueller) & Mary Knight)and mother of Isaac, next -) b. Staffordshire, England, Died 1859 Victoria @ 47 yrs
NOSEDA, Isaac (1838-1916) - from Wolverhampton, Eng. via Richmond Publican /Hotelier. d. Richmond @ 78 yrs (son of Francis NOSEDA & Phoebe MILLER. Francis Noseda, a London-born, Tinplate Manufacturer and Brewer employing 4 men in Wolverhampton, was the son of Guiseppe Noseda, a London-based Jewish-Italian Pedlar and Hawker born in the Como district, Lombardy, Italy.)
NOSEDA, Eliza Beth O'REGAN - born Ireland, m. 1858 Melbourne
NOSEDA, Mary Jane b. 1858 Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, Isaac b. 1861 Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, David Francis b.1863 Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, Phoebe b. 1866 Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, Annie b. 1868 Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, Rose (1870-1879) Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, William Richard b. 1872 Richmond, Vic< br />NOSEDA, Florence Madleline (1874-1875) Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, Ernest Albert b. 1876 Richmond, Vic< br />NOSEDA, Arthur b. 1878 Richmond, Vic< br />NOSEDA, Joseph Eduard b. 1881 Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, Percival Henry b. 1883 Richmond, Vic
NOSEDA, Letitia Cecilia b. 1885 Richmond, Vic

NOTTRIDGE, William George Henry -b.abt November 1891 Wandsworth, Battersea, Surrey, London, England - son of William NOTTRIDGE & Emily COOMBES -(m. ? Emily ) - Residence on English Census 2 April 1911 at 3 Hafer Road, Clapham Junction, S W Battersea, London, England, Occupation: CLERK - Residence 1931 1. Wellington Road, Wandin Yallock, Croydon, Indi, Victoria, Australia - FARM WORKER - & 2. 'BRIM BALL, SHoreham. Dromana. GARDENER, - with Elsie Jessie NOTTRIDGE, HOME DUTIES - d.1934 in Heidelberg, Melbourne, VIC. 1867 –
NOTTRIDGE, Elsie Jessie - b.abt 1894 in London, Surrey, England - sister of the ABOVE -dghtr of William NOTTRIDGE & Emily COOMBES - - Residence on English Census 2 April 1911 at 3 Hafer Road, Clapham Junction, S W Battersea, London, England, Occupation: DRESSMAKER - Residence 1931 1. Wellington Road, Wandin Yallock, Croydon, Indi, Victoria, Australia - HOME DUTIES - & 2. 'BRIM BALL, SHoreham. Dromana. - with William George NOTTRIDGE, HOME DUTIESunknown d.?

NUNAN, George Phillip b.1896 -farmer - Wiseman Rd, Burleigh (son of Denis NUNAN & Sarah JONES) d.1976 Macleod @ 79yrs
NUNAN, Gwendolen Elizabeth BEST - Wiseman Rd, Burleigh (m.1928 G P Nunan)
NUNAN, Phyllis b.1929 - attended Silvan South Primary School
NUNAN, Shirley b.1932- attended Silvan South Primary School

O'BRIEN, Ellen (Mrs John Collier) - Olinda Creek

OCKWELL, Jonathan - b.abt 1839 Roudes, Wiltshire, England - son of John OCKWELL & Elizabeth ARMAN - d.6 Sept 1902 Balwyn, Boroondara, Vic. @ 69yrs
OCKWELL, Susanna Little FLOWERS - b.14 March 1835 Roudes, Wiltshire, England - dghtrof John LITTlE FLOWERS - d.9 January 1906 Healesville, Vic.
OCKWELL, Henry - b.1854 Wiltshire? - d.1936 Heidelberg @ 82yrs
OCKWELL, George - b.1858 Boroondara -d.1860 Boroondara
OCKWELL, Emma -b.1869 Boroondara - d.1879 Boroondara
OCKWELL, William -b.1863 Boroondara - (m.Vic 1888 to Jane HOWELL) - d.1920 Healesville @ 57yrs
-OCKWELL, Alethea Ann - b.1888 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1914 Dougall McDOUGALL)
-OCKWELL, William Herbert -b.1890 Healesville, Vic. (m.1914 Linda May LONG) – d.1952
- OCKWELL, Dorothy May - d.1914 Yarra Junction (m.1935 Frank Allister CAMERON)
- OCKWELL, William Herbert Charles b.1916 Yarra Junction (m.1938 Nancy Ivy MORRIS)
- OCKWELL, Sidney Laurance b.1920 Yarra Junction
-OCKWELL, Elizabeth Ellen -b.1892 Healesville, (m.Vic.1916 Charles Wolfender MAYS) – d.1977
-OCKWELL, Bertha Amelia -b.1894 Healesville, Vic. (m.1914 Nathan BURROWS) – b.1972
-OCKWELL, Alfred John b.1896 Healesville (m.Vic.1936 Claire Collier HITCH) – d. 1917
-OCKWELL, Lesley Malvern b.1897 Carlton (m.Vic.1919 Linda May HODGES) – d.1962
- OCKWELL, Reginald Leslie -b.1919 Yarra Junction
-OCKWELL, Arthur James b.1899 Healesville (m.Vic.1925 Violette Doris HILL) – d.1969
-OCKWELL, Percival Francis b.1901 Healesville (m.Vic.1923 Ivy Myrtle PARKINSON) – d.1975
-OCKWELL, Susan Sarah Jane b.1903 Healesville, (m.Vic.1923 William Albert WORLLEY) – d.1975
-OCKWELL, Harold Jonathan b.1904 Healesville (m.Vic.1929 Kate Emily Ellen POWELL) – d,1984
-OCKWELL, Evelyn Gracedale b.1905 Healesville (m.Vic.1929 Frank William BIRD) – d.2002
-OCKWELL, Allan Richard b.1908 Healesville (m.Vic.1940 Winifred Carol HUNTER) – d.1989
-OCKWELL, Oswald Murray b.1911-1917 Healesville, Vic.
OCKWELL, Mary Ann - b.1865 Boroondara (m.Vic.1885 John OCKWELL)
OCKWELL, Minnie Jane - b.1867 - 1883 Boroondara, Hawthorn
OCKWELL, Anna Maria - b.abt 1870 - (Mrs SANDERS) - d.1939 Surrey Hills @ 69yrs
OCKWELL, Alfred John -b.1873 Boroondara (m. Vic. Elisabeth Sarah PHILLIPS) -d.1951 Woori Yallock
OCKWELL, Amelia Louisa -b.1874 Boroondara (m.Vic.1902 Harry LEVIEN) - d.1944 Flemington @ 69yrs
OCKWELL, Walter Charles - b.1877 Hawthorn, Boroondara - d.1886 Balwyn

O'HANNIGAN, Patrick 'Big Pat' - Early Miner on Emerald Diggings, Hutsman on Woori Yallock Creek

OKE, Walter Howard b.6 December 1865 Hartland, Devonshire, England, Great Britain - son of agricultural labourer Richard OKE (1832–1907) & Norah HOWARD (1837–1924) of Hartland, Devon -(m.Vic.26 Oc.1899 Ruth ARMSTRONG) -d. 2 February 1939 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Buried : Lilydale Old Cemetery
OKE, Ruth ARMSTRONG b.15 November 1868 Manchester, England (daughter of William ARMSTRONG & Martha TAYLOR) d.22 June 1936 Lilydale @ 66yrs
OKE, Lewis Armstrong b.1900 Wandin Yallock (m.1930 Florence Emma SEBIRE) - d.1971 Lilydale
OKE, Florence Emma SEBIRE -b. -daughter of Alfred Henry SEBIRE (1880–1934) & Ethel Mary Tamsen REED (1879-1932) -d.1990 in Hawthorn, Boroondara, Victoria, Australia @ 86 yrs. - see SEBIRE
OKE, son b. abt 1932
OKE, Ethel Ruth b. 1905 Wandin Yallock (m.1926 to Brighton-born Fraser LUDBROOK, draper of Yarram & Caulfield ) - see LUDBROOK
OKE, Ruby Gertrude b.1909 Wandin Yallock (m.1937 Roy William ANKER) -d.18 February 2005 in Ringwood, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia - see ANKER - England, Great Britain

OLIVER, Richard -b.h 8 April 1869 in Ballarat goldfields son of Ludgvan, Cornwall-born, Sampson Morris OLIVER & Camborne, Cornwall-born, Genepher 'Jennifer' ROBERTS– -(m.Vic.28 Jan 1897 Edith Bertha TAFFS) d. 16 March 1944 in Lilydale, Yarra Valley
OLIVER, Edith Bertha TAFFS - b. 3 August 1876 South Wandin Yallock -daughter of William TAFFS & Faith CLEGG - - see TAFFS - see CLEGG
OLIVER, Richard Leslie Rankin -b.13 Feb 1898 Outtrim, South Gippsland (m.Vic.1922 Alice Mabel GOWLING) – d.20 November 1983 Boronia, Vic.
OLIVER, Ernest Selby -b. 14 Oct 1899 Lilydale –(m. Ada May COOPER) -d.30 Sept 1985 Lilydale, Victoria
OLIVER, Ada May COOPER - b. 7 May 1905 Heidelberg Victoria -dghtr of Oxfordshire-born Jesse COOPER & Christchurch, New Zealand-born, Kate HAGGARTY - d. September 1974 Lilydale,
OLIVER, Rita May -b. 1901 – 1902 Lilydale
OLIVER, Edith Ruby May -b. 12 January 1903 Lilydale (m.18 May 1929 Methodist Church, Castella St, Lilydale to Clonmel-Ireland-born Ernest Noel DOWSETT) – d.11 May 1987
OLIVER, Stanley Herbert -b.11 November 1906 Lilydale –(m.Vic.1927 Sarah Jane MORTON) -d. 10 November 1993 Lilydale
OLIVER, Sarah Jane MORTON -b. 4 January 1907 Lilydale - - d.17 Oct 1994 Lilydale, Vic.
OLIVER, Clarence Everard -b. 10 August 1908 Lilydale –(m.Vic.1931 Floris Ada MUNDY) - d.8 May 1983
OLIVER, Floris Ada MUNDY - b.16 Oct 1910 Templestowe, Victoria - d.20 Feb 2005
OLIVER, Elsie Lilian -b. 1911 – (m.Vic.1935 Alfred John COOPER) -d.

O'NEILL, Arthur Patrick - d.1960 St Kilda @ 92yrs - son of Henry O'NEILL & Sophia HELLIER -
O'NEILL, Ivy Maud BALLANTYNE - d.1964 Mont..? @ 89yrs - dgtr of William BALLANTYNE & Esther HAINES
O'NEILL, Henry Ballantyne b. 1897 St Kilda, Vic. (son of Arthur Patrick O'Neill & Ivy Maud Ballantyne)- Silvan farmer 1924 - d. 1941 @ 44 yrs Lilydale
O'NEILL, Elsie Matilda HANDMER m.1924 Vic. - d.1975 Glen ? Vic @ 79 yrs (dghtr of Charles Handmer & Emily Aylett)
O'NEILL, Dorothy Aylett b. 1925 Yarra Vly, Vic.
O'NEILL, John Ballantyne b. 1927 Yarra Vly, Vic.
O'NEILL, Elaine b. 1929 Yarra Vly, Vic.
O'NEILL, Charles Henry b. 1930 Yarra Vly, Vic. d.1974 Goornong

O'NEILL, Frank Willestrah - Silvan orchardist by 1924 - b. 1898 St Kilda, son of Arthur Patrick O'Neill of St Arnaud & Ivy Maud Ballantyne of Benalla - (m.Vic.1926 Ethel Myrtle BAIN)
O'NEILL, Ethel Myrtle BAIN - b.1895 Footscray - dgtr of John BAIN & Winifred Lousia JONES - d.
O'NEILL, child?

O'NEILL, Mildred Olive -b.1895 St Kilda (dgtr of Arthur Pattick O'NEILL & Ivy Maud BALLANTYNE -d.1902 St Kilda
O'NEILL, Amy Haines - b.1903 St Kilda - as above - d.1962 Elsternwick @ 58yrs

ORCHARD, Elizabeth - in the Wandins, 1906

O'REGAN, Eliza Beth - born Ireland (Mrs Isaac NOSEDA)

ORENSHAW, Edward - b. abt 1818 in Derbyshire, England. Sentenced, Derby 1844 to transportation for seven years to Van Diemen's Land. Ship was divert from Hobart town and arrived on later 1846 at Williamstown, Port Phillip bay (Melbourne), NSW on the convict transport ship 'MAITLAND'. ( m. Sarah Muskett). Occupationi England: Confectioner & Shoemaker
ORENSHAW, Sarah MUSKETT - b. abt 1818 - 1899 Northcote, Vic.
ORENSHAW, Frances Elizabeth b.1854 Hawthorn, Vic. (m.1874 Jacob Christoph GÜNTHER) d.1950 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill, Vic.
ORENSHAW, John 'Jack' - b.1856 Boroondara, Hawthorn, gold miner on the Macclesfield / Emerald Diggings with a fossicker hut on the Woori Yallock Crk, Miner at Warburton in 1914 and 1919. Died 1922 at Heidelberg, Vic.
ORENSHAW, Frederick
ORENSHAW, Charles - b.1854 Boroondara, Hawthorn, Vic. - Fruitgrower at Wandin Yallock - He took out Patents on Improvements to farm cultivating Implements in 1930. - d. 1934 Malvern, Vic
ORENSHAW, Ellen Jane ATKINSON (m.1889 Mrs.C.Orenshaw) -fruitgrowers 1924 - (1868-1946) died Leongatha
ORENSHAW, Arthur Charles b.1893 Prahran - 1914 A.I.F. Soldier - Engine Driver @ Leongatha in 1931. d.1972 Heidelberg
ORENSHAW, Anna Louisa (m.1924 Mrs A.C.Orenshaw) Leongatha 1931
-ORENSHAW, Charles Herbert b.1925 Leongatha
-ORENSHAW, Stanley Arthur b.1927 Leongatha
ORENSHAW, Leslie Atkinson b.1897 Prahran - d.1976 Hoddles Creek, vic
ORENSHAW, Edith Violet MARKLEY - (m.1915 L.A. Orenshaw) d. 1976 Wandin Yallock @ 78 yrs
-ORENSHAW, William Raymond - b.1925 Lilydale, Vic.
ORENSHAW, William Henry b.1898 Prahran (Blacksmith, Beenak Rd, Seville. Enlisted in A.I.F. - Killed in action 19 July 1916 France.

ORMISTON, Christian Gwen -from Scotland (Mrs H.Henderson)

ORR, Archibald -b. Scotland - (m.Vic.1900 Agnes HOLZGREFE - nee GARDINER)
HOLZGREFE, Wilhelm - b.abt 1856 Hannover, Deutschland - son of Christoph HOLZGREFE & Dorothea BUNGE (m.Vic.1886 Agnes GARDINER) - d.1897 Sheep Hills @ 53yrs
ORR, James Christopher HOLZGREFE - b.1887 Buln Buln
Wilhelm Robert Otto HOLZGREFE - b.1890 Sheep Hills - (m.Vic.1912 Jeanette Sinclair STEVENSON)
- HOLZGREFE, Jeanette - b.1913 Mooroopna
ORR, Hilda HOLZGREFE - b.1892 Sheep Hills - d.1905 Kaniva @ 12yr
ORR, Bertha Janetta HOLZGREFE- b.1895 Sheep Hills
ORR, Agnes Adeline HOLZGREFE - b. 1897 Sheep Hills (m.Vic.1922 William Thomas GAUDION) - see GAUDION
ORR, Archibald - b.1900 Warracknabeal
ORR, Jessie Ailsa - b.1902 Warracknabeal
ORR, Lilian Margaret - b.1905 Warracknabeal
ORR, Annie Isabell - b.1907 Warracknabeal

ORTH, James b.1866 Bendigo (son of 'Henry' Heinrich ORTH & Kane SMITH)~ Nurseryman, Macclesfield Rd, North Monbulk d.1941 Belgrave, Vic
ORTH, Julia Madoline SHELDRAKE b. Echuca, Vic. m.1894 d. 1959 Dandenong
ORTH, James Frederick b. 1895 Barwon, Vic
ORTH, Vera Margaret Helene b.1897 Barwon
ORTH, Frank Alexander b. 1899 Barwon
ORTH, Cecil Barton b.1901 Barwon, Vic. > Macclesfield Rd, Nrth Monbulk
ORTH, Neva Madoline (1903-1903) Barwon, Vic
ORTH, Reginald John b. 1910 Barwon, Vic.

OSBORNE, Henry 'Harry' b.abt1865 (son of Henry Osborne & Mary Lacy) d.1924 Lilydale @ 58yrs
OSBORNE, Mary HEANEY (Daughter of Henry & Mary Heaney) d.1928 Melb East @ 62yrs
OSBORNE, Harriet b.1895 Wandin Yallock
OSBORNE, Bertie Henry b.1899 Lilydale (m.Vic..1927 Margaret Mary RICHARDS)
OSBORNE, Emma b. 1901 Lilydale (m.1924 Charles Henry JOHNSON)
OSBORNE, Henry Robert b. 1905 Lilydale
OSBORNE, Winifred Fredericka Ivy b.1907 Lilydale (m.1935 Noel Wilbur WRIGHT)

O'SHANNESSY, William Francis - labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 -b.abt 1869 Ballingeich, nr Warranmbool, Vic. - son of County Clare-born, James O'SHANNESSY & Margaret MUIRY or MURRIHY - (m.Vic.1901 Bridget Anastasia KENNA) - d.1947 Warragul @ 78yrs
O'SHANNESSY, Bridget Anastasia KENNA - @ Sth Wandin by 1912 - b.1877 Ballanheich, Warrnambool, Vic. - daughter of Cornelius KENNA & Margaret NISDALE
O'SHANNESSY, Eileen -b.1901 West Melb. - d.1913 Carlton @ 18
O'SHANNESSY, Leslie James - b.1907 Melton, (m.Vic.1926 Eva May SARGEANT)
O'SHANNESSY, Roy Francis -b.1909 Mortlake
O'SHANNESSY, Ivan Francis -b.1915 Yarragon (m.Vic.1937 Jean Copeland McMILLAN)

OSTERMAN, Bror Sven 'Jack' b.6 April 1904 Jeppo, Finland - son of August Sven OSTERMANN & Hilde BLOMQUIST - Arrived abt 1924 - (m.30 March 1929 Methodist Church, Silvan to Rosalyeen Alvina AYLETT) - Naturalised at Silvan 1930. DIVORCED about 1939 - (re-married VIC abt 194? to Ivy Francis BULLER, daughter of Yarra valley pioneers) widowed 1974 - (re-married Vic abt 198? to Emma Agnes HOLLIS - widow of Edvard Jakob HILLI) and grandaughter of Wandin South pioneers - d.1993 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale, Upper Yarra Valley.
OSTERMAN, Rosalyeen Alvina AYLETT b.17 March 1911 Sassafras, Tasmania, Australia - daughter of Mark AYLETT (1873–1939) & Amanda Florinda Agnes HARRIS (1881–1930) - (m.30 March 1929 Methodist Church, Silvan to become Mrs B.S.Jack OSTERMAN) - DIVORCED B.S OSTERMAN abt 193? - and remarried VIC.1948 to William George Harry SKINNER - d. 1965 - see AYLETT
OSTERMAN, George Stanley b.1930 Wandin Yallock, Vic. (m. Joyce Doris ? – Residence 1954 Wandin East, Occupation: FARMER - Occupation: 1963 Police Constable, St Albans, Victoria. (re-married abt 1960 VIC. Rosemary Rose Philomena Mary REED) -- (Remarried abt 1970 Vic. Leila Allison?) d. 2 June 1991 Victoria One time Mayor of Sunshine
OSTERMAN, Joyce Doris ? -
OSTERMAN, Rosemary Rose Philomena Mary REED -b. ?
OSTERMAN, Leila Allison ?

OSTERMAN, Ivy Francis BULLER -b.1904 Launching Place -Daughter of Edward James BULLER (1864 Heidelberg-1933 Yarra Junction) & Catherine Helena SPEERS (1871 Hoddles Creek-1934 West Warburton – Wandin Yallock Post Mistress - (m.Vic. Bror Sven 'Jack' OSTERMAN (1904 – 1993)) d.1 January 1974 Wandin Yallock - see BULLER

OSTERMAN, Emma Agnes 'Aggie' HILLI nee HOLLIS-(1913 Cape Town, South Africa - daughter of South Wandin-born son of pioneers, Edward Arthur HOLLIS (1878–1945) & Emma Alice Elizabeth KOOPMANN nee REID (1889–1969)– the widow of Jack OSTERMAN's good friend and fellow 1920s emigrant from Finland Edvard Jakob HILLI - d.1999 Hoddles Creek, Upper Yarra Valley) - see HILLI - see HOLLIS

OSTERMAN, August Bernhardt 'Benni' b.1900 Jeppo, Finland - son of August Sven OSTERMANN & Hilde BLOMQUIST - Arrived 1932 Naturalised 1944-1847 Interned. d. 1971 Footscray, Vic.
OSTERMAN, Winifred Florence 'Winnie' HOLLIS - b.1911 South Yarra, Victoria, Australia -daughter of South Wandin-born Edward Arthur HOLLIS (1878–1945) & Emma Alice Elizabeth KOOPMANN nee REID (1889–1969) Resident: 1911-1924 Cape Town, South Africa – 2001 Footscray - see HOLLIS
OSTERMAN, Ruth Selina b.1940 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. Stanley George HUNTER -b. 11 May 1913 Wandin Yallock son of George Alfred HUNTER & Mary Agnes WALL -d.2 April 1986 Drouin, West Gippsland ) - r d. ? see HUNTER -d.
OSTERMAN, Bernard Hugh b.1942 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. Beverley REES)
OSTERMAN, Beverley REES -b.



In his book 'Forty Years in the (Australian) Wilderness' the teamster-carter & and later, Hardware-Storesman, John CHANDLER (1838-1921) refers to the OUSEY family several times, being within the circle of friends and associates of his family, and fellow travellors of his church. For the Chandler's and Ousey's were devout independent Baptist religionists. Chandler's memoir includes a number of occasions of his faith attentions. "I and another young man started on the Sunday morning to walk (from Preston) into the old Ebenezer (a Baptist Church in Hawthorn, Boroondara), about seven miles. We got into the prayer-meeting, which was held at ten o'clock. The following well-known members were amongst those assembled: Dear old Mr Rogers, Juniper, Matthews, Cranwell, Vincent and Ousey. O how I did love them." -(pp.128). (There was then, no other Ousey family in Melbourne district, so Chandler is refering to this family).

Later Chandler writes of times in about 1863 when the punt on the Saltwater River (the Maribyrnong) was washed away and he had to go back by way of Keilor, after bring the team from Geelong way, saying : "I always stopped at Mr Rogers, he was a dear, kind friend, and we made his house our home, and were always welcome. Many times I have sat and enjoyed the conversation, when Mr Ousey, Day, Cranwell, or McGavin, or some dear old saint has been staying there." pp. 178.

Chandler also writes of his fellow experience of the Wandin country: " As the winter came on trade got very slack, (probably about 1862) and Messrs Newnham, Harvey, Sessions and self (John Chandler) formed a company, intending to start new mills at Dandenong Ranges. We looked for an engine, and brought stores and tools, and went up to fix a site. The Government promised us a licence. We had two or three days examining some of the finest country for soil and timber that ever I saw. One tree could have taken a team of bullocks inside, it was 21 feet through. Some that were down, you could drive a horse and cart down the butts, for they were higher than our heads as they lay on the ground, and quite sound through. - We surveyed a road up the Mount, and there was a large swamp. We thought we could make a corduroy road over. after thinking it well over in my own mind, I came to the conclusion that we could never make it pay, as we should have to borrow a lot of money and pay interest, and in the winter the roads would be impassable for heavy loads... I may state, here I broke my axle three times, through taking too heavy loads..."-
- pp.172-1732 - Forty Years in the Wilderness, John Chandler. Edited by Michael Cannon, 1929. -
I had my own attention drawn to this work by my uncle, the Reverend John Harvey Newnham (1922 Wangaratta-2011 Bendigo) and, at one time Methodist Minister at Cockatoo (1960s), and later, Uniting Church Minister at Seville (1980s) and a descendant of the frontier writer John Chandler.
OUSEY, Mr James b.1807 Manchester, England - Res. 1851: No.255 Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire, England - d.1870 Victoria @ 62yrs
OUSEY, Harriet MEASHAM (1807-1888) b.1807 Manchester, Lancashire, England, Great Britain -(daughter of Thomas MEASHAM & Sarah WATSON) - RES 1851 No.255 Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire, England - died 1888 Wandin Yallock, age 81 yrs
OUSEY, Harriet -b.abt November 1837 in Manchester, Lancashire, England, Great Britain -daughter of of James OUSEY & Harriet MEASHAM - REs. 1851 No.255 Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire, England Relation: Daughter - Occupation: Music Teacher- -d. 1922 in Lillydale, Upper Yarra Valley, Victoriia, Australia
OUSEY, Joseph (1840-1913) b. abt August 1840 in Salford, Manchester, Lancashire, England -son of James OUSEY & Harriet MEASHAM - -Res.1851 No.255 Deansgate, Manchester, Lancashire, England (m.18 August 1864 Stieglitz, north of Geelong, Vic. to Maria GOULDEN) - Residence: 20th April 1891 "IRWELL GRANGE" Wandin Yallock; Residence 1909 Clarke Street, Lilydale, Mernda, Victoria, Australia - Journalist - with sister, Harriet Ousey, Music Teacher - [ Occupation: JOURNALIST - AKA 'Bilous Marksman' for the Evelyn Observer, and South and East Bourke Record (Vic. : 1882 - 1902) ] - d.1913 Lilydale @ 73 yrs -
OUSEY, Maria GOULDEN -b. abt 1843 - daughter of Benjamin & Charlotte GOULDEN of Stieglitz (wife 1.) - d.?
OUSEY, Alfred Oswald Benjamin b.1864 Hawthorn, Boroondara - (m. ? Dorothy ? ) -occupation: Labourer, Netherby, Nhill, Orchardist, Nyah West- Res. Colac, Clerk - Death 1945 in Korongvale, nr Wedderburn, Loddon Valley, Victoria
OUSEY, Dorothy ?
OUSEY, Francis John -b.21 September 1901 in Netherby, Nhill, Wimmera, Victoria, Australia - Residence 1936: 22 Frederick Street, Brunswick West, Bourke, Victoria, Australia - TRAMWAY EMPLOYEE - with Alfred OUSEY - (m.Vic. Elma Grace ?)
OUSEY, Elma Grace /
OUSEY, Alfred Dominic -b. abt 1903 Nhill, Victoria - (m. Vic. Mary Margaret WATTS) - d.
OUSEY, Mary Margaret WATTS -b. ?
OUSEY, Herbert Charles James b.1867 Hawthorn, Boroondara - (m.1906 Sydney NSW to Elizabeth KAVANAGH – 1931 ) - d.1941 Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
OUSEY, Elizabeth KAVANAGH -b. ? - daughter of Patrick & Margaret KAVANAGH – d. 1931 Waverley, Sydney, New South Wales

OUSEY, Margaret Harriet GERECHTY (wife 2. m.1877 Vic.) b. abt 1836 in London, England, Great Britain - d.1922 Lilydale, Yarra Valley @ 86 yrs.

OVERTON, William Joseph - b.15 Dec 1812 Wrangle, nr Boston, inside The Wash, Lincolnshire - son of Thomas OVERTON & Mary LAWRENCE -(m.28 Aug 1838 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, New South Wales to Elizabeth James RULE) - - d.1898 Northcote, Melb. Vic. @ 86yrs
OVERTON, Elisabeth James RULE - b. 21 April 1822 Portreath, Cornwall, Great Britain - daughter of James RULE & Mary May GLIDDON - d.1892 Clifton Hill @ 70yrs
OVERTON, Elizabeth -b. 25 June 1839 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, NSW - (m.Vic.1867 Charles Henry TOCKNELL) - d.1905 Melbourne, Vic.
OVERTON, William James -b.1841 Melbourne, Port Phillip District, NSW - (m.Vic.1869 Catherine HALL) - d.24 May 1905 Clifton Hill, Melb.
OVERTON, Catherine HALL - b.abt 1849 Glasgow, SCOTLAND - daughter of David HALL & Rebecca PATTERSON - d.1877 Victoria, Australia @ 27yrs
-OVERTON, Rebecca Margaret Lune -b.1871 River
OVERTON, Henry Edward -b.1843 Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW (Methodist Wesleyan Registration)- (m.Vic.1866 Emma Matilda PHILBRICK) - d.1884 Ballaraat @ 40yrs
OVERTON, Emma Matilda PHILBRICK - b.1847 Essex, England - daughter of George Thomas PHILBRICK & Mary Ann WARD - - d.1920 Frankston, Port Phillip Bay
-OVERTON, Harold George -b.1867 Brighton, Vic. - (m.Vic.1894 Violet Breadsaty RALPH) - d.1953 Frankston @ 83yrs
-OVERTON, Violet Breadstay RALPH
-OVERTON, Charles Hector -b.1869 Brighton, Vic. -(m.Vic.1894 Elizabeth GRUNDY)
-OVERTON, Alice May Ermina -b.1871 Brighton, Vic.
-OVERTON, Emma Florence -b.1874 Caulfield, Vic.
OVERTON, Emily -b.1845 Melbourne, Port Phillip, New South Wales (Methodist Wesleyan Registration) - (m.Vic.1867 George NORTON)
OVERTON, John Alfred -b.1847 Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW (Methodist Wesleyan Registration) - d. 22 February 1932 Wandin Yallock
OVERTON, George Edmund - b.1850 Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW (Methodist Wesleyan Registration?) - son of William OVERTON & Elizabeth RULE - (m.Vic.1879 Mary PARR) Origin: Wrangle, Linc. Eng. - d.23 August 1936 Wandin Yallock
OVERTON, Mary Jane PARR -b.28 Oct 1859 Nunawading -dghtr of William PARR (1832–1905) & Jane AXFORD (1839–1912) -d. 14 October 1927 Lillydale - see PARR - see AXFORD
-OVERTON, George Frederick William -b.1880 South Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1902 Florence Catherine GRAHAM) d. 17 Jan 1939 Prahran
-OVERTON, Florence Catherine GRAHAM - b.abt 1888 New Zealand - daughter of Thomas Robert GRAHAM & Emily Ann PATEN - d.1930 Prahran & 52 yrs
- -OVERTON, George Percival -b.1903 East Brighton - (m.Vic.1926 Alice Grace PERCIVAL)
- -OVERTON, Herbert Edmund -b.1905 East Brighton -(m.Vic.1934 Helene Eleonore USENIG)
-- OVERTON, 'Nellie Ellen' Helene Eleonore USENIG
- -OVERTON, Beatrice Emily -b.1907 East Brighton - d.1909 Prahran
- -OVERTON, Arthur William -b.1910 East Brighton, (m.Vic.1931 Ellen Gretchen NORTHEY)
- -OVERTON, Myrtle Florence Gerte -b.1911 East Brighton - (m.Vic.1941 Henry ALWAY)
- -OVERTON, Jessie Lillian -b.1916 East Brighton -(m.Vic.1932 Eric Raymond WINDBANKS)
-OVERTON, Ernest Alfred -b.1883 South Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1908 Eleonore Nellie RUSSELL of Wandin Yallock) - d. 25 October 1947 Wandin
-OVERTON, Eleonor Nellie RUSSELL - b.1890 Wandin Yallock - daughter of Henry RUSSELL & Ellen WALLACE - d.1913 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale @ 23yrs -see RUSSELL - see WALLACE
-- OVERTON, Daisy May -b.1908-d.1909 Wandin Yallock
- -OVERTON, Henry Robert -b.1909 Carlton -d.1909 Lillydale
- -OVERTON, Beatrice Alice -b.1910 Carlton - (m.Vic.1931 Brougham Deen WHYTE)
- -OVERTON, Eleanore Nellie -b.1913 Lillydale - (m.Vic.1939 Raymond Robert ROUGET) - see ROUGET -
-OVERTON, Beatrice Mary -b.1886 Lilydale - - 1 June 1906 Bendigo,
-OVERTON, Gertrude Lillian -b.1890 Wandin Yallock - - d.18 Sept 1972 Brighton, Vic.
-OVERTON, Florence Evelyn -b.1893 Wandin Yallock - -d.8 Feb 1984 Brighton, Vic.
-OVERTON, Henry Charles -b.1897 Wandin Yallock - d. 21 Jan 1898 Lillydale, Vic.
-OVERTON, Arthur Stanley-b.1898 Lillydale -(m.Vic.1922 Lillian Isabella WHITE) - d. 16 Aug 1959 Yering, Lillydale
-OVERTON, Lillian Isabella WHITE - b.abt 1898 - daughter of John WHITE & Margaret MOODIE - d.1977 Templestowe, Vic @ 79yr
OVERTON, Mary Armina -b.1852 Melbourne, Port Phillip, Victoria (Methodist Wesleyan Registration) - d.1854 Melbourne @ 1yrs
OVERTON, Ernstine - b.1855-1855 Melbourne, Victoria

PAGE, W. Mrs - Olinda Vale 1907

PALLISER, Thomas - b. abt 1851 - son of William PALLISER & Jane COOKE - d.1937 Lilydale
PALLISER, Anne PEAK - b.abt 1850 - dghtr of Thomas William & Ann PEAK - d.1940 Lilydale @ 90yrs
PALLISER, Hannah -b.abt 1874 - d of Tom & Ann (Mrs BROWN) d.1947 Mitcham @ 73yrs
PALLISER, Anne Jane b.abt 1875 d of Tom & Ann - (Mrs SPENCE) -d.1935 Richmond @ 60yrs
PALLISER, William - Silvan Storekeeper 1926, 1932 - b.abt 1877 - son of Thomas PALLISER & Anne PEAK - (m. ELizabeth Taylor SPENCE) d.1975 Kew, Boroondara
PALLISER, Elizabeth Taylor SPENCE - Silvan 1926 - b.abt 1873 - dgtr of James SPENCE - d.1956 Deepdene, Boroondara @ 83yrs
PALLISER, Thomas Peak - b.abt 1882 - s of Tom & Ann - d.1962 Parkville @ 80yrs
PALLISER, James - b.abt 1884 - Tom Pallister & Ann Peak - d.1944 Mitcham @ 60yrs
PALLISER, Henry - b.abt 1887 - son of Thomas PALLISER & Anne PEAK - d.1937 Lilydale
PALLISER, Wilfred b.abt 1889 - s of Tom & Ann -d.1939 Warragul @ 50yrs

PARKER, George Walter - b.23 May 1824 Widford, Herts, England - son of James PARKER & Rachel SUCKLING -(m.1 Sept 1857 @ St Philip, Stepney, London to Ann Hampton WISEMAN). Emigrated on the ship ROXBURGH CASTLE' to arrive December 1857 in Melbourne. - d.1 June 1919 'White Gums', Silvan South, Wandin Yallock.
PARKER, Ann Hampton WISEMAN - b.9 Dec 1829 Widford, Hertfordshire - dghtr of William WISEMAN & Mary HAMPTON - Emigrated on the ship ROXBURGH CASTLE' to arrive December 1857 in Melbourne. d. 18 May 1911 @ 'White Gums' South Wandin Yallock.
PARKER, George Arthur (1859-1859) Yarra St, Abbotsford, Collingwood

PARKER, Walter Robert - b.1861 Collingwood - son of George Walter PARKER & Ann Hampton WISEMAN - (m.Vic.1884 Emily Grace JENKINS) - d.1929 Heidelberg
PARKER, Emily Grace JENKINS b.1861 Buckingbong Station, Narrandera, Murrumbidgee District, New South Wales - daughter of Kent-born Francis Frank JENKINS of Buckingbong & Berrima- NSW-born Mary Ann HIGGINS – d.1935 Mordialloc, Vic.
PARKER, Walter George 1884 Prospect, Adelaide, SA – (m.Vic.1906 Roseanna Victoria GODFREY 1887 – 1906) see also GODFREY -d.1953 Mitiamo, Vic.
PARKER, Roseanna Victoria GODFREY
- PARKER, Mary Grace 1907 South Wandin (m.Vic. Vincent Anthony SHORTIS) –d.1973 Lakes Entrance
- PARKER, Myrtle Rose 1910 South Wandin – 1973 (m.Vic.1940 Giovanni 'Jack' NELLA)
- PARKER, Ronald J. b.1911 Perth, WA
- PARKER, Emily Joan 1922 South Wandin (m.Vic.1942 Rex Alfred GOTTS) –d.1988
PARKER, Francis Wiseman 'Frank' b.11 May 1886 in Knightsbridge, Norwood, SA – 1953 Heidelberg, Vic.
PARKER, William Marcus b.3 Aug 1887 Sth Aust d.15 Nov 1889 Sth Wandin Yallock @ 2 yrs
-PARKER, Sydney Edwin 1888-1888 Adelaide, South Australia,
PARKER, Grace Muriel Emily 1889 New Glenelg, Adelaide, SA (m.Vic.1914 Maurice Patrick MOLONEY d.1972) d.1983 Macleod, Vic.
PARKER, Myrtle Winton b.19 Aug 1893 Kensington, Adelaide,SA - (m.Vic.21 Feb 1920 St Colombus C of E, Hawthorn to Albert Henry ROBERTSON of Monbulk -1896–1977) d.18 May 1990 The Nobbies, Phillip Island, Vic.
PARKER, Felix Hampton b.23 Aug 1895 Holder Village Settlement, Murray River, SA – d.1974 Doncaster, Vic.
PARKER, Ridley Thomas 1898 South Wandin – 1978 Parkville, Melb.
PARKER, Thelma Harriett 1900 South Wandin – 1978 Heidelberg, Vic.
PARKER, Dorothy Mary b.1902 South Wandin – (m.Vic.1921 William Daniel O'BRIEN of Melbourne) d.1982 Macleod, Vic.

PARKER, William James 'Will' - b.1863 Collingwood - son of George Walter PARKER & Ann Hampton WISEMAN - (m.16 Mar 1887 Presbyterian Church, Toorak, to Florence 'Flo' WATSON) - d.2 August 1941 in Melbourne
PARKER, Florence 'Flo' WATSON b.5 Sept 1864 Gayndah, QLD -daughter of Robert Chisholm WATSON of Carlisle, Cumberland, England and Queensland & Margaret IZETT of Glasgow, Scotland and Prahran, Vic. – d.13 July 1930 Lilydale, Vic.
PARKER, Harold Hampton 1888 South Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic.1913 Jeanie Elizabeth KIRKLAND) - Councillor of Lillydale Shire & Shire President d.1959 Melbourne
PARKER, Jeanie Elizabeth KIRKLAND
- PARKER, 'Jack' John Harold b.1914 Essendon - d.abt 2002 Pakenham, Vic.
- PARKER, Robert Leslie 'Bob' b.1919 Prahran -(m. Edna ROUGET) d.abt 2000 Lilydale
- PARKER, William George 'Bill' b.abt 1923 Vic.
PARKER, Hilda Constance b.1891 South Wandin Yallock (m.Silvan Hall 1922 William Henry LEWIS) –
PARKER, Leslie Wiseman b.1893 South Wandin Yallock – 1967 Wonthaggi, Gippsland
PARKER, Florence Ann b.1895 South Wandin Yallock –(m.Vic.1917 Frank Robert ELSWORTH
1894–1982)-d.1981 Ringwood, Vic.

PARKER, Elizabeth Annie 'Lizzie' -b.1865 Yarra St, Collingwood - dghtr of George Walter PARKER & Ann Hampton WISEMAN - (m.Vic.1887 Edwin Thomas 'Ted' REEVES) d.1951 Warrnambool, Vic. - see REEVES

PARKER, Harriet Mary -b.1868 Yarra St, Collingwood - dghtr of George Walter PARKER & Ann Hampton WISEMAN - (m.Vic.1891 Francis Neave 'Frank' WISEMAN 1866 – 1934) - d.11 September 1941 Brisbane, QLD - see also WISEMAN

PARKER, Thomas Suckling - b.18 Dec 1829 Widford, Herts, England - son of James PARKER & Rachel SUCKLING - [Proprietor from 3 June 1895 of part Lot 38A of 20 acres at Wandin South, from William Robert Easdown] d.8 Mar 1903 St Kilda, Victoria

PARKER, Hannah b.15 Jan 1832 Widford, Herts, England - daughter of James PARKER & Rachel SUCKLING (m.1864 Melbourne, Victoria to Albert WISEMAN of Widford, Herts.) d.22 Aug 1920 Glenroy, Broadmeadows, Vic. - see WISEMAN

PARKER, James 'Jim' - b.2 Apr 1834 Widford, nr Ware, Hertforshire, England - son of James PARKER & Rachel SUCKLING -(married 1858 Widford, Eng to Martha LETCH) Emigrated -on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. - d. 20 Dec 1910 South Wandin @ 76 yrs
PARKER, Martha LETCH b.1835 Widford, Hertfordshire - [dghtr of Robert LETCH 1795–1859 & Mary DEDMAN 1804–1875] - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. - d.7 Jan 1902 South Wandin Yallock

PARKER, Elizabeth Emily 'Lizzie' b.23 Dec 1859 Widford, Hertfordshire - daughter of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. (m.1888 Robert James KIRKLAND) d.1940 Armadale, Prahran -see KIRKLAND

PARKER, George Robert b.2 June 1861 Widford, near Ware, Hertfordshire -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - (m.Edmonton, London, England July 1885 to Agnes Susan ROGERS) Remained in England when Parker parents and most siblings emigrated. -Occupation 1901: BUS DRIVER @ Liverpool Rd, Islington, London. EMIGRATED abt 1910 Occupation 1914: - LABOURER @ 11 Gladstone St, Windsor, Prahran. Occupation 1931: -LABOURER @ 'Macpa' Silvan, Wandin Yallock d.1943 Silvan Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 83 yrs
PARKER, Agnes Susan ROGERS -b.abt Feb 1866 Islington, London - dghtr of William ROGERS & Agnes SAMPSON -d.1914 Melbourne East, Victoria, Australia
PARKER, William George -b.1887 Mile End Old Town, Islington, London –
PARKER, Agnes Martha -b.1889 Liverpool Rd, Islington, London (m.Vic.1913 John Joseph MORTON) – d.1940 Heidelberg, Melbourne
PARKER, Arthur Charles -b.20 Oct 1890 Islington, London, England -(m.Vic.1913 Miriam Anne 'Sis' PRECEY) – d.1955 Boronia, Fentree Gully Shire
PARKER, Miriam Anne 'Sis' PRECEY - b.abt 189? - d.1973 Glen..? Vic. @ 76yrs
- PARKER, Ernest Arthur George -b.1914 Prahran -(m.Vic.1939 Mary Esma Theresa MICHAEL) –
- PARKER, Edward Frederick -b.1915 Prahran -(m.Vic.1940 Dorothy MYALL) –
- PARKER, Miriam Susan -b.1917 Prahran
- PARKER, Albert Henry -b.1919 Prahran – 1919 Prahran
PARKER, Arthur C PARKER 1892 –
PARKER, Edward Robert 'Ted' -b.12 Dec 1896 Liverpool Rd, Islington, London – -(m.Vic.1922 Christina May 'Tina' McDONALD) - d. - Silvan, Vic.
PARKER, Christina May 'Tina' McDONALD -b.1892 Natimuk, Wimmera - daughter of Alexander John McDONALD & Jessie SHERIDAN - d.1981 Mont Albert
- PARKER, Ian George -b.11 Aug 1923 Silvan, Wdn Y -(m.Vic. Betty Margaret CHEESEMAN) – 1982 Channel Rd, Silvan, Vic. @ 89yrs
- PARKER, Betty Margaret CHEESEMAN b.1923 –

PARKER, Arthur Thomas b.6 Aug 1863 Widford, Herts, England - Baptized: 17 May 1863 Harpenden, Hertfordshire -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock -Remained in England when Parker parents and most siblings emigrated. -Occupation England Apprentice PASTRYCOOK -?????

PARKER, William James 'Will' b.2 Sept 1865 Widford, Herts, Eng. --son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. (m.Vic.1888 Mary Jane THOMAS) Residence 1919 @ 268 Sydney Road, Coburg Occupation: - d.6 July 1936 Coburg, Vic.
PARKER, Mary Jane THOMAS -b.1867 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Banyule - dghter of St Lythans Parish, Cardiff, WALES-born Thomas THOMAS & Warmley, Gloucestershire-born May LEWIS - d.June 1941 Coburg, Vic.
PARKER, Arthur Thomas -b.7 Feb 1890 Richmond, Vic. –(m.Vic.1915 Florence Lillian DUCK)- Occupation 1919 PASTRYCOOK residing at 76 Campbell St, Coburg. - COBURG Councillor & Sometime MAYOR OF COBURG - Residence 1954 6 Bona St, Ringwood, Vic. -d.20 February 1963 Ringwood, Vic.
PARKER, Florence Lillian DUCK - -b.25 Aug 1892 Wandin Yallock -dghtr of Thomas DUCK (1849–1928) & Mary Jane ALBURY (1849–1928) of Redlands, Beenak Road, Wandin – 1973 Prahran see DUCK -
--PARKER, Edna Lillian -b.1916 Coburg, Victoria -(m.Vic.1941 Ronald Edward QUAIFE) see QUAIFE
--PARKER, Arthur Louis -b.1917 Coburg, Victoria - (m.Vic.1942 Gladys Esma MATTHEWS)
--PARKER, Ruth Gwenifer -b.1919 Coburg, Victoria - (m.Vic.1941 Stephen Robert SPURWAY)
--PARKER, June Florence -b.1921 Coburg, Victoria -
--PARKER, Reginald William b.1923 Coburg – 1983
PARKER, Elizabeth Victoria Mildred -b.1892 Richmond, Vic. (m.Vic.1925 Charles Anderson ALLAN)
PARKER, Ethel May -b.1894 Richmond, Vic. – (m.Vic.1929 Leslie Francis WILLIAMS)
PARKER, Ewart William -b.1897 Richmond, Vic. –
PARKER, Eric James -b.1901 South Wandin, Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1923 Daisy May EVENDON) –
PARKER, Irene Doris -b.1905 South Wandin, Wandin Yallock – (m.Vic.1927 Horace Frederick HAMMON) d.

PARKER, Jessie Rose b.3 January 1868 Widford, Hertfordshire, Eng. -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. (m.Vic.1890 Victor Walter CALLCOTT) -d.1904 East Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne @ 37yrs -leaving her children orphaned see CALLCOTT

PARKER, Edward b.30 Jan 1870 Widford, Hertfordshire, Eng. -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884 (m.Vic.1896 Margaret McMAHON) d.1937 East St Kilda -
PARKER, Margaret McMAHON - b.1868 Mansfield, Victoria - daughter of James McMAHON & Jane BOYD) - d.1950 Melbourne, Vic.
-PARKER, Helena SHIRLEY b.1897 East St Kilda– (m.Vic.1927 Sydney Howard WEBSTER) -d.
-PARKER, Lillian Dorothy -b.1897 East St Kilda– (m.Vic.1928 Thomas Henry POWELL) -d.
-PARKER, Winifred Muriel -b.1906 Prahran –

PARKER, Annie Mary - b.15 April 1873 Widford, Hertfordshire, Eng. -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. - (m.South Wandin,Vic.1915 James Edward WHITE) - d.1961 Fairfield, Melb. see WHITE

PARKER, Francis 'Frank' b.6 June 1874 Widford, Hertfordshire, Eng. -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. -(m.Vic.1903 Susannah BISSELL) - d.1953 South Melbourne
PARKER, Susannah BISSELL - b.1881 Anakie, Vic. - daughter of Exetor, Devonshire-born William BISSELL & Devonshire-born Emily TUCKER who married in Victoria in 1878. - d.1950 St Kilda, Victoria
PARKER, Martha Emily 'Mattie' -b.28 July 1904 Prahran -(m.Vic.1932 George Henry TRELOAR) – d.28 Sept 1973 Elsternwick
PARKER, John Francis 'Jack' -b.1910 Prahran-(m.Vic.1933 Mary Elizabeth MATTHEWS) -d.1949 East St Kilda @ 38yrs

PARKER, Albert Charles - b.13 Feb 1877 Widford, Hertfordshire, Eng. -son of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock - Emigrated -on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. - (m. Jane Frances MARTIN) died 5 June 1942 @ 'Widford' Wiseman Road, Burleigh, Silvan South
PARKER, Janie Frances MARTIN b.25 January 1883 in Malvern, Prahran dist. - daughter of Thomas Richard Wilson 'RIchard' MARTIN of Monbulk (1856–1943) & Martha KENNY (1858–1941) - d.13 January 1957 in Burleigh, South Silvan
-PARKER, James Albert 'Jim' b.1904 South Wandin Y. (m.1937 Lucy Evelyn FRANKLAND)
-PARKER, Beryl - b.1905 South Wandin Y. (m.26 Oct 1926 Ernest Albert 'Ern' CHAPMAN)
-PARKER, Edith Martha 'Judy' - b.1906 South Wandin Y. (m. Eric Hallet WRIGHT)
-PARKER, Rowland Richard 'Joe' -b.1908 South Wandin Y. (m.1935 Eva Ellen TURNER)
-PARKER, Hazel -b.1912 South Wandin (m.1938 Lionel Harold Fulford SMITH) - see SMITH
-PARKER, Amy Beatrice -b.1916 Sth Wandin (m.1934 Percy Henry WOODHOUSE) - (m.2. Arthur REEVES) see REEVES -d.
-PARKER, Jean Frances -b.1918 South Wandin Yallock (m.abt 1947 Claude Christopher WRIGHT)

Albert Charles Parker as a young man.

PARKER, Edith May 'Edie' b.2 Feb 1879 Widford, Hertfordshire, Eng. -daughter of James 'Jim' PARKER (1834–1910) & Martha LETCH (1835–1902) - of Widford & later South Wandin Yallock -- Emigrated on the ship "Port Jackson" to arrive Melbourne January 1884. -(m.SoutH WAndin 1900 Joseph 'Joe' HUNTER of SoutH Wandin) d.24 May 1968 @ No 6 Wiseman Street, Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia --see HUNTER

PARKER, Elizabeth -b.25 May 1836 Widford, Herts, England - dghtr of James PARKER & Rachel SUCKLING (m.31 Dec 1859 Melbourne, Vic. to Arthur Ernest WISEMAN of Widford, Herts.) - d.1910 Glenroy-Cambellfield, Vic. -- see WISEMAN

PARKYN, Richard - b.August 1828 Kilkhampton, North-east Cornwall (in Cornish: Tregylgh)- son of Richard PARKYN & Martha BARNETT -(m.Cornwall.1859 Ann REYNOLDS) - d.13 Nov 1899 Wandin Yallock @ 70yrs
PARKYN, Ann REYNOLDS - b.abt 1829 -dghtr of Thomas REYNOLDS - d. 1906 Armadale, Prahran @ 87yrs

PARR, James - from Fordham, Cambridgeshire, England
PARR, Jane AXFORD b.1839 Phillipstown, Brunswick, Port Phillip, NSW (1855 Mrs Jim PARR)
PARR, William - from Cambridgeshire, England
PARR, Elizabeth Barbara b.1856 Mulgrave (Mrs Joe CLEGG) see below
PARR, Susannah Isabella b. 1858 Oakleigh
PARR, Mary Jane - b.1859 Nunawading (Mrs G. E. OVERTON) see below
PARR, Sarah - b.1861 Oakleigh (Mrs T.TURNER)
PARR, James William (1862-1863) Nunawading
PARR, Elvina - b.1863 Prahran d. 1882 South Wandin Yallock
PARR, Emma - b.1863 Prahran (Mrs J.L.S. LARKING)
PARR, William James (1865-1866) Prahran
PARR, Georgina - b.1866 Prahran
PARR, Thomas Henry - b.1869 Oakleigh, Vic
PARR, Charles b.1872 Prahran Vic [Olinda Ck fruitgrower 1906 d.1927 FTG
PARR, Ruth (1874-1874) South Wandin Yallock, Lillydale
PARR, David b.1875 Sth Wandin [Olinda Crk fruitgrower by 1906]
PARR, Henrietta Maud - b.1877 Sth Wandin Yallock, Lillydale
PARR, Evaline Amelia - b.1879 Sth Wandin Yallock, Lilydale

PARSLOW, Henry - b.abt 1835 Cornwall, Great Britain - son of Luke PARSLOW & Annie SCRATCHLEY - ( to Ellen TUDOR) - d.1908 Wandin Yallock @ 75yrs
PARSLOW, Ellen TUDOR - b.abt 1862 ? dghtr of Christopher TUDOR & Mary Ann Teresa SULLIVAN) - d.1925 Wandin Yallock @ 63yrs
PARSLOW, Henry Luke -b.1882 St Kilda - (m.Vic.1910 Eleanor Ruby MOREY) - d.
PARSLOW, Eleanor Ruby MOREY -b.abt 1885 - dghtr of James MOREY & Sarah Cottingham BLUNT - d.1973 Bendigo @ 88yrs
- PARSLOW, Alan James - b.1911 Melb.Sth
- PARSLOW, Harold Edward -b.1913 Melb.Sth
PARSLOW, George Albert - b.abt 1884 - d.1949 Shepparton @ 64yrs
PARSLOW, Ellen Maud -b.1886 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1910 Leonard Heinrich STAFF)
STAFF, Leonard Heinrich
- STAFF, Ellen Frieda - b.1911 Yarra Junction
- STAFF, Leonard Henry - b.1913 Condah
- STAFF, Evelyn Daphne - b.1915 Condah
PARSLOW, Eli James - b.1891 Wandin Yallock - - d.1955 Richmond @ 64yrs
PARSLOW, Christopher Joseph -b.1894 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1922 Margaret McIver CURRIE)
PARSLOW, William Alfred - b.1896 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1922 Rubie Lillian SMITH)
PARSLOW, Rubie Lillian SMITH
PARSLOW, Frederick Stephen - b.1899 Wandin Yallock - - d.1962 Benalla @ 63yr
PARSLOW, Emma ELizabeth - b.1901 Wandin Yallock - - (m.Vic.1919 Stanley Webb WORLEY)
WORLEY-WEBB, Stanley Webb -
- WORLEY-WEBB, Linton Darrell - b.1914 Yarragon
- WORLEY-WEBB, Norman Oliver -b.1915 Colac
- WORLEY-WEBB, Gordon Maurice- b.1917-1917 Colac
- WORLEY-WEBB, John Henry Stanley -b.1920 Wandin-Lilydale

PARSONS, William Stewart - Wiseman Rd, Burleigh (1890 Richmond- 1939 Belgrave) @ 48yrs - son William Joseph PARSONS & Lily Isabella Davis STEWART) of Richmond, Vic.
PARSONS, Gertrude Margaret Thomasina NAISMITH b.1888 Bendigo (m.1915) - Wiseman Rd, Burleigh ( daughter of Thomas Wiseman NAISMITH & Jane EXELBY) d.1955 Caulfield @ 65yrs - see NAISMITH

PARTRIDGE, George -b.abt 1825 - son of Joseph PARTRIDGE & Eliza LEWIS - d.1910 Pakenham @ 84yrs
PARTRIDGE, Henry - b.1850 Pt Henry, Corio Bay (Christ Church, Geelong) - (m.Vic.1881 Elizabeth Jane JONES)
PARTRIDGE, George - b.1850 Pt Henry, Corio Bay (Christ Church, Geelong)(m.Vic.1906 Elizabeth McKAY)
PARTRIDGE, Mary - b.1851 Clifton Springs, Bellarine
PARTRIDGE, James - b.1853 Pt Henry, Corio Bay (Christ Church, Geelong)
PARTRIDGE, Jane - b.1855 Geelong (Christ Church, Geelong) -(m.Vic.1876 James JOHNSON) -d.
PARTRIDGE, William - b.1860 Point Henry -d.1861 Mooroobool

PATON, William Alexander Gordon (1884~1969 Mornington)- Queens Road, 1926 Orchardist - son of David Mongomery PATON & Catherine STEWART-
PATON, Constance Grace PAYNE - Queens Road, 1926 (1892-1038) d.Brighton - (dghtr of Charles William & Minnie PAYNE)
PATON, William Graham Mongomerie b.1920 Malvern

PATTISON, John Lee b.1862 Mt Do? Geelong (son of John Lee PATTISON (1830~1902 Broadford) & Maria Ann Jane CRAIG - d.1948 Warburton
PATTISON, Maria Jane CRAIG (1866-1958) dghtr of Samuel CRAIG & Jane Susan TICKNER - d.Northcote
PATTISON, John Henry b.1889 Seymour, Vic. (m.1914 Beryl WATKINS)
PATTISON, Maria Jane Mary b.1893 Broadford, Vic. (m.1911 Chas Hy WATERS)
PATTISON, Susan Bridget Catherine b.1895 Shepparton (m.1918 Eric Harold Lee GLOVER)
PATTISON, Michael Clarence b.1898 Shepparton (m.1926 Olive May Box)
PATTISON, Francis Patrick b.1901 Broadford (m.1926 Muriel Ethl Hilton Sandiford)
PATTISON, Jane Susan b.1904 Brunswick (m.1920 Percy Wilfred ISAAC)
PATTISON, Theodore (1906-1906) Coburg

PAUL, Henry William- - b.abt 1838 - son of Andrew PAUL & Helen ARMOUR - (m.Vic.1864 Jane GRAY) - Yering & Lillydale District Roads Board, Shire officer - - d.1911 Lillydale @ 73yes
PAUL, Jane GRAY - - b.abt 1835 - daughter of Andrew GRAY & Mary BURNS - -d.1917 Lillydale @ 82yrs
PAUL, Mary Helen Ellen b.1865 Hawthorn, Boroondara - (m.Vic.1887 John FERGUSON)
PAUL, Henry William -b.1867 yering, Lillydale- d. 1883 Lillydale
PAUL, Andrew Gray -b.1868 Lillydale
PAUL, Edward Armour ==b.1869 Lillydale - (m.Vic.1891 Ellen CHISHOLM)
PAUL, Jane Gray -b.1871 Yering, Lillydale
PAUL, Isabella Margaret-b.1873 Yering, Lillydale (m.Vic.1896 Hugh Davies EVANS)
PAUL, Gilbert Alexander -b.1877 Yering, Lillydale - (m.Vic.1908 Rosa White McALEESE)
PAUL, Rosa White McALEESE - - see McALEESE-
PAUL, David Andrew -b.1880 Lillydale - d.1883 Lillydale

PAULIN, Leonard Sydney - b.1914 Port Melbourne - son of Norman Green PAULIN & Isabella Grant SOUTHEY - d.1980 Burleigh, Silvan South @ 65yrs

PAULY, Joseph Ferdinand (Naturalised 1861) & Jane BIRRELL m.1863 Melbourne.
PAULY, Heinrich Jakob 'Henry James (1864-1935) d. 1935 CarltoN North @ 71 yrs
PAULY, Joseph Louis Ferdinand (1871-1948) - labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 . Died 1848 Fitzroy @ 78 yrs
PAULY, Alexander Friedrich John (1871-1943) Labourer Wandin by 1913 . Died 1943 Prahran @ 71 yrs.

PAYDON, John Alexander, Esquire - or PEYDON - b. New York, USA, son of Alexander PEYDON & Margaretta GRAHAM - Arrived @ age 27 January 1853 per ship :LADY ARABELLA" [Furniture Removals Van Proprietor & sometime Estate Agent, Richmond, Vic.] (Also, an 1875 member of the Ministerial Stationing Committee of the United Methodist Free Churches: - with Mr Ellingworth, Rev. T. A. Bayley, & Rev. J. Bayley, & Mr Beatty)- See The Mercury, Fitzroy, Sat. 20 Deb 1875] Died: 1890 Richmond @ 64 yrs.
PAYDON, Frances Anna 'Fanny' McLENNAN [Arrived from New York, USA per ship "WINDWARD" in April 1855]
PAYDON, Anna Margaretta - born New York, USA [Arrived with her mother from New York, USA per ship "WINDWARD" in April 1855] (eldest daughter of Alexander Paydon, married to Stephen George PONTIN, Esq. on the 24th January 1879 at Richmond, Victoria, by the Rev. John WESTACOTT of the United Methodist Free Church)
PAYDON, William John Hamilton b. 1856 Richmond, Vic - see below
PAYDON, Frances Louise b.1857 Nth Melbourne - 1857 Melbourne)
PAYDON, Anne Maria b.1861 Richmond, Vic. (m.1894 Peter TINSLEY)
PAYDON, Eva Jane b.1865 Richmond, Vic.
PAYDON, Henry Arthur b. 1867 Richmond, Vic.~ d.1889 East Melb. @ 22 yrs

PAYDON, William John Hamilton b.1856 Richmond, Vic (son of New York, American-born, John Alexander PAYDON, Esquire, & Frances Anna McLENNAN - above) -d.1926 Cranbourne @ 68yrs
PAYDON, Maria Hannaford CROUT (Mrs W.J. Payden daugheter of Moses CROUT & his wife Elizabeth Crout nee HUSBAND, of Richmond - married 6th September 1876 Richmond, Vic. By Rev. J. Barton of the United Methodist Free Churches ) - d.1924 Dandenong @ 68yrs
PAYDON, William John Alexander b. 1877 Richmond (m.1903 Mabel ROACH)
PAYDON, Albert Ernest b. 1879 Richmond (m.1905 Catherine HUNTER)
PAYDON, Leslie Hanneford b. 1881 Richmond (m.Vic.1919 Elizabeth Jane LONG)
PAYDON, Elizabeth Jane LONG
PAYDON, Edna Maria Eliza (1883-1887) Richmond
PAYDON, Frank Husband b. 1886 Richmond (m.1906 Edith Ellen VINES)
PAYDON, Ruby McLennan b. 1888 Richmond (m.1911 John Wm SONSEE)
PAYDON, Lily Graham - b.1891 Richmond
PAYDON, Pearl Hamilton b.1893 Richmond
PAYDON, Aleck Arthur b. 1896 Dandenong - (m.Vic.1916 Edith Ellen VINES)
PAYDON, Bertie Earle b. 1898 Dandenong _(m.Vic.1920 Ella Dora KENNEDY)

THE PAYNE FAMILY -linked with the ROSE FAMILIES -both from the BLACK COUNTRY
PAYNE, Thomas b.1831 Rowley Regis, an Iron town in 'the Black Country' of Staffordshire, England -son of 'Nailer'- Ironworks Nailmaker - Joseph PAYNE & Elizabeth BRAZIER -Thomas Payne was working as an Agricultural Labourer in Rowley Regis in 1851 - d. April 1902 Wandin Yalloak
PAYNE, Maria ROSE b.1830 Clifford, Gloucestershire, Eng. - daughter of Ironpits Ironworks Forge-labouring family, Joseph & Mary ROSE (m.July 1857 Dudley, Staffordshire). Freshly married, Thomas and Maria Payne emigrated on the ship 'MONARCH OF THE SEA' arriving in Melbourne in November 1857. In Wandin Yallock by 1873. Died: 1904 Wandin Yallock.
PAYNE, Elizabeth 1858 Prahran (m.1891 Daniel Henry GAUDION) d.1896 Wandin Yalloak - see GAUDION
PAYNE, Joseph (1860 – 1861) Prahran
PAYNE, Thomas Henry 1862 Prahran – (m.1893 Mary Annie GOWLING) d.1925 Wandin Yallock
-PAYNE, Mary Ann GOWLING b.1868 St Kilda, Melb. -dghtr of Henry Gowling & ELizabeth Rutherford - see GOWLING - d.1955 Kalorama
-PAYNE, Thomas Henry 1894 Wandin Yallock – 1963 Parkville, Melb.
-PAYNE, William 1895 Wandin Yallock – 1972 Croydon, Vic.
-PAYNE, John Frederick 1897 Wandin Yallock – died in action as a WW1 Soldier, AIF -d.31 August 1918 Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France
-PAYNE, Elizabeth Rose (1901–1901) Wandin Yallock
-PAYNE, George 'twin' (1902–1911) Wandin Yallock
-PAYNE, Mary Ellen 'twin' 1902 Wandin Yallock (m.1934 Daniel Henry AITKEN)– 1969 Sale, Gippsland
-PAYNE, Alfred (1908– 1909) Wandin Yallock
PAYNE, Ann b.1864 Prahran (m.1888 John Brown WALLACE) -d.1922
PAYNE, John (1874 – 1874) Wandin Yallock

PAYNTER, - 'Solitude Station' Woori Yallock Creek

PENDLEBURY, Peter William b.1879 Horsham, Vic. (son of Thomas P. & Fanny Baker) - Olinda Vale 1907
PENDLEBURY, Louisa Alice HOBSON b. Sale, Gippsland (m.1903) - @ StH Wandin by 1908
PENDLEBURY, Leonard William b. 1903 Sale, Gippsland
PENDLEBURY, Sylvia Alice b. 1905 Sale, Gippsland
PENDLEBURY, Fanny Marie b. 1907 Lilydale
PENDLEBURY, Olive Louisa b. 1909 Lilydale, Vic.

PENNING, Edward - b.abt 1842 - Emigrated to arrive Melbourne in April 1888 on the ship "MELANOPE" at age 46 - d.1900 Wandin Yallock @ 58yr

PERRY, Robert George -b.abt 1889 - son of Frances Robert PERRY & Mary WATKINS - 'Fairlands' Queens Rd, 1920 Electrician - d.1970 Glen Waverley @ 81yrs
PERRY, Margaret Ester HUNTER - b.7th June 1890 Wandin Yallock - daughtr of George HUNTER & Emma BURTON - @ 'Fairlands' Queens Rd, 1920 - d.1979 Glen Waverley @ 88yrs
PERRY, Gladys Lillian -b.1914 Prahran
PERRY, Keith Robert -b.1917 South Yarra

PERTZEL, Herbert Joseph (son of Albert Ferdinand Pertzel & Pauline Pumpa) b.1902 Germantown (now Holbrook), NSW- Wiseman Rd, Burleigh Died @ 79 yrs 1982 Wodonga, Vic.
PERTZEL, Mrs Patricia Mary RYAN (dghtr of Michael Andrew & Nora Ryan) m.1938 Vic. d.@ 69 yrs 1984 Wodonga
PERTZEL, Bernadette Patricia b.1939 Vic, Died @ 35 yrs 1976 Wodonga.
PERTZEL, Robert Joseph b.1941 Vic.

PERYMAN, Walter James - Silvan Rd, Labourer

PETCH, William - b.abt 1854 - d.1953 Bairnsdale, Gippsland @ 89yrs
PETCH, Selina Ann JORDAN -b. abt 1878 - dghtr of Edward JORDAN - d.1948 Warragul, Gipplsand @ 70yrs
PETCH, William George - b.1899 Thorpdale, Gippsland - d.1906 Carlton @ 7yr
PETCH, Ruby Beatrice - b.1901 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1920 Robert Bossisto / Bosesto MITCHELL) - d.
PETCH, Florence Jane - b. 1903 Warburton - d.1916 Warburton @ 16yrs
PETCH, Rose May - b.1907 Warburton - d.1916 Warburton @ 9yrs
PETCH, Selena Anne -b.1909 Warburton - d.1912 Clifton Hill @ 3yr
PETCH, Albert Edward - b.1911 Warburton (m.Vic.1933 Camille Elisabeth MATTHEWS) - d.1972 Hawthorn @ 61
PETCH, Henrietta Louisa - b.1912 Warburton - d.1976 Bairnsdale @ 63yr
PETCH, George Robert - b.1914 Warburton - d.1985 East Ringwood @ 69yrs
PETCH, Dorothy Grace-b.1916 Warburton -d.1916 Carlton
PETCH, Leonard James - b.1917 Warburton
PETCH, Frederick John - 1919-1919 Carlton

PETERSÖN, Franz 'Frank' b. (m.1879 Margaret Mary COLLISON)
PETERSÖN, Margaret Mary COLLISON b. daughter of Thomas COLLISON & Judith GREEN -d.1931 Kew, Boroondara @ 82yrs
PETERSÖN, Emma - b.1880 Wandin Yallock (Mrs John NAPIER)
PETERSÖN, Maria Mary b. 1883 Wandin Yallock
PETERSÖN, Frank Franzis b.1885 Wandin Yallock
PETERSÖN, Annie b.1887 St Arnaud

PETERSEN, Peter 'The Swede' - Fossicker in Emerald Diggings- Woori Yallock Creek by 1856. A hermit on Olinda Creek for fifty years. Born Sweden. died 1947 Olinda Creek.

PETRIS, Nikola Cetinic - b.abt 1903 son of Andriya Cetinic PETRIS & Maria GRBIN - (m.Vic.1938 Marija Separovich Buda) - d.1985 Heathmont @ 82yrs
PETRIS, Marija Separovich BUDA
PETRIS, Janos b.1939

PETTY, Henry Percival - b. 1886 Yarra Flats (Yarra Glen), Vic., (son of John Hicks PETTY & Maria BYRNE m.1864 Victoria) d.1956 Mt Evelyn @ 70 yrs
PETTY, Catherine SKINNER b. Maldon, Vic. daught of William Skinner & Elizabeth REES [m. 1908 Vic.] d.1959 Melbourne @ 73 yrs
PETTY, Percival William (1908-1908) Ivanhoe-on Yarra, Vic.
PETTY, Kathleen Mary b. 1914 South Wandin
PETTY, Norman Edward b. 1918 Lilydale - d.1981 Prahran @ 62 yrs
PETTY, Ronald b. 1920 Lilydale


PHILLIPS, James Thomas - b.1854 Ballarat -son of James PHILLIPS & Mary DICKSON (or DIXON) - (m.Vic.1886 Catherine I. COOTE) - d.1918 Lilydale @ 64yrs
PHILLIPS, Catherine Isabella COOTE - b.abt 1860 Dublin, Ireland - daughter of William COOTE & Hannah BEALE - d.1898 Lilydale @ 37yrs
PHILLIPS, Kathleen Irene - b.1887 Lilydale -(m.Vic.1920 Ralph Edward GOODE) - d.1969 Lilydale @ 81yr
PHILLIPS, Vera Maud - b.1891 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1917 Frederick John BARTON) - d.
PHILLIPS, Estella Rose - b.1893 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1916 Jean Friedrich RIGALDI) - d.1974 Bendigo @ 80yrs

PHILLIPS, Hannah - from St Kilda (Mrs Angell Ellis)
PHILLIPS, Maurice Mondle b.1870 St Kilda, Vic.- son of Phillip David PHILLIPS & Rose ASHER - OCCUPATION: - lawyer, Barrister - President of the Australian Natives' Association, University of Melbourne Councillor, President of the Melbourne Shakespeare Society - see Australian Dictionary of Biography ADB ONLINE
PHILLIPS, Rebecca ELLIS, (aka 'RAY ELLIS) - 'RAY PHILLIPS') - writer, novelist, memorialist
PHILLIPS, Rose Angela - b.1895 Armadale, Prahran - d.1896 St Kilda

PHILLIPS, Sir Philip David Q.C. - b.1897 Armadale, Prahran ~son of Maurice Mondle PHILLIPS & Rebecca ELLIS- d. 1970) Royal Commissioner - see Australian Dictionary of Biography ADB ONLINE

PHILLIPS, Arthur Angell -b. 1900 Armadale, Prahran -son of Maurice Mondle PHILLIPS & Rebecca ELLIS -1985 (Teacher, Wesley C. Writer & Critic) - - see World Catalogue - ONLINE -
A._A._Phillips : Challenger-Inventor of the Phrase ' The Australian Cultural Cringe see WIKIPEDIA

PHILPOTT, Philpott's, a then old house without approach roads beyond Hollis Rd, above the Woori Yallock Creek, towards Macclesfield, was demolished by K.A.Knoll in about 1940.

PINCHIN, Frederick John Clarence, b. 1909 Footscray (son of Mark PINCHIN & Martha MILLIGAN) farmer, Silvan
PINCHIN, 'Betty' Elizabeth May WHITE (dghtr of James Edwin WHITE & Annie Mary PARKER) m.1937

PISPALA, Elis Reino b. Finland - See Elis Reino RAE

PLUMMER, Robert John, - Sth Wandin labourer by 1908 -
PLUMMER, Emma Jane GREEN -b.abt 1858 ? - dgtr of William GREEN - d.1945 Richmond @ 87yrs
PLUMMER, May Maria - b.1875 NZ - (m. ROBINSON) - d.1954 Oakliegh @ 79ys
PLUMMER, Charles William Richmond - b.1877 NZ -(m.Vic.1901 Emma SIMMS) d.1951 Korumburra @ 74yrs
PLUMMER, Emma SIMMS - b. Port Melbourne - dgtr of Thomas D SIMMS & Mary CLAYTON - d.1958 Korumburra @ 75yrs
- PLUMMER, Albert Edward -b.1901 Mt Dandenong (m.1932 Alice Muriel Daisy LYONS)
- PLUMMER, William Leo - b.1903 Sherbrooke, Monbulk - d.1985 Korumburra @ 82yrs
PLUMMER, Robert Edward- b. NZ - (m.Vic.1907 Catherine Emily BARDWELL)
PLUMMER, Arthur Bloomfield b. NZ - (m.Vic.1900 Jessie TOWNSEND)
PLUMMER, William John -b.1882 Newcastle, NSW - d.1953 Cheltenham @ 71yrs
PLUMMER, Ethel - b.1884 Wilton, QLD? - (m.Vic.William Lesden COOPER_ - d.1963 Melb. @ 79yrs
PLUMMER, Emma F. b.1886 Bisbane Waters, NSW
PLUMMER, Margaret Catherine -b.1888 Campbelltown, NSW - (m. SPRY) -d.1935 Richmond, Vic. @ 46yrs
PLUMMER, Ruby Florence -b.1890 Kangaroo Ground (m.Vic.1910 Randell William John HOLDEN) d.1967 Melb. @ 77yrs
PLUMMER, Maud May -b.1892 Heidelberg, Vic.
PLUMMER, Lillian Sarah -b.abt 1893 NZ? - (m. SMEETON) - d.1966 Surrey Hills @ 73yrs
PLUMMER, Irene Gertrude b.1897 Sherbrooke, Monbulk (m.1922 William George Arthur CROKER) - d.1974 Cheltenham @ 76yrs

POMEROY, John (1832 Hartland, Devonshire – 1920 Hartland, Devonshire)
POMEROY, Jane FULFORD (1832 – 1878 Hartland, Devonshire)
- children-

POMEROY, James William - b. 1855 in Hartland, Devonshire - OCCUPATION: 1871 Apprentice Blacksmith with Uncle John BRITTON] Seville: BLACKSMITH/ IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURER] -(m.Bideford, Devon 1878 Emma J BURNARD) d.21 February 1925 in Australia
POMEROY, Emma J BURNARD - b.1857
- POMEROY, John Bernard -b.1884 Horsham, Vic. (m.Vic.1914 Edith Mabel HAND)
- POMEROY, Edith Mabel HAND -b.1888 Wandin Yallock -daughter of John HAND & Eliza CAMPBELL - - see HAND
- POMEROY, Eliza Jane -b.1888 Wandin Yallock
- POMEROY, William Bramwell - b.1890 Wandin Yallock

POMEROY, Richard 1857 Hartland, Devon -(m.Vic.1889 Sarah Carmichael DRUMMOND) – d.1947 East Brunswick, Vic @ 90yrs
POMEROY, Sarah Carmichael DRUMMOND - b.abt 1866 -dghtr of Archibald DRUMMOND & Catherine CARMICHAEL - d.1948 East Brunswick @ 81yrs
- POMEROY, Henrietta Christina -b.1890 Warracknabeal – (m.Vic.1915 Francis Ethelbert HOSKING) - d.1974 Cheltenham @ 84yr
- POMEROY, Alfred John -b. 1893 Beulah – (m.Vic.1920 Bertha Jean BRAMLEY)
- POMEROY, Katherine 'Katie' -b.abt 1895 (m.Vic.1919 Randolph Leslie BARKMEYER) - d.1972 Kilsyth @ 77yrs
- POMEROY, Mabel Millicent -b.1897 Beulah – (m.Vic.1920 Wilson EVANS) d.1967 Dandenong @ 69yr
- POMEROY, Sarah 'Sadie' -b.1900 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1924 Robert Charles BLACKWELL) d.1928 Cheltenham
- POMEROY, Martha - b.1902-1892 Warracknabeal
- POMEROY, Stanley David -b.1903 - (m.Vic.1936 Dorothea Lillian STRAUB)
- POMEROY, Dorothea Lilian STRAUB

POMEROY, Margaret Fulford Hartland, Devon- b.1859 –
POMEROY, Thirza -b.23 January 1861 in Hartland, Devonshire – d.3 March 1937 in New Zealand
POMEROY, Jane 1863 Hartland, Devonshire

POMEROY, John - b. 1 September 1864 Hartland, Devon –(m.Barnstaple 1 Sept 1888 Devon to Annie Lucretia WALTER) -Emigrated @ age 24 on the ship 'ORMUZ' arriving Melbourne Nov 1888- d. 20 November 1952 South Melbourne
POMEROY, Annie Lucretia WALTER -b. 8 September 1866 in Barnstaple, Devonshire - dghtr of Richard WALTER & Elizabeth VANSTONE --Emigrated @ age 21 on the ship 'ORMUZ' arriving Melbourne Nov 1888- - d.2 August 1942 Narwin North, Sea Lake, The Mallee, Vic.
- POMEROY, Gertrude Ethel 'Gerte' -b.1890 Wandin Yallock– -(m.Vic.1911 Alfred Rouse WALLACE) -d. 1964 - see WALLACE
- POMEROY, Alfred Spencer -b.1892 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1921 Margaret Else GILLARD)– d. 1946 Pascoe Vale
- POMEROY, Margaret Else GILLARD
- POMEROY, Evelyn May -b.1898 Wandin Yallock–-(m.Vic.1920 Robert Bransby PRENTICE)- 1997
- POMEROY, Edith Florence -b.1902 Wandin Yallock _(m.Vic.1925 Clarence Lyall O'SHEA)– d.1970 Melb.
- POMEROY, Gladys Ellen -b.1905 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1926 George Maynard ELLEN) – 1983

POMEROY, Jonathan Fulford -b.1866 Hartland, Devon– -(m.Vic.1895 Beatrice Jane BAKER) Immigrated to New Zealand - - d. 9 Dec 1953 New Zealand
POMEROY, Beatrice Jane BAKER - b.1871 Wandin Yallock -daghtr of James BAKER & Hannah HOBSON -- d.1943 New Zealand - see BAKER
- POMEROY, Elsie Mildred -b.1896 Wandin Yallock/Lilydale
- POMEROY, Doris May -b. 1899 Wandin Yallock– (m.Vic.1935 Thomas GRAY)
- POMEROY, Arthur Leslie -b.1900 Wandin Yallock –
- POMEROY, Ida Lucy -b.1904 –

POMEROY, David - b.1869 Hartland, Devon– d.1 Mar 1936 Ballarat, Victoria
POMEROY, William - b.1869 Hartland, Devon– d.1958 Launceston, Tasmania

POMEROY, Septimus William -b.1871 Hartland, Devon–(m.Southwark, Surrey 13 Feb 1892 Jane MARTIN) d.1939 Sunbury, Vic.

POMEROY, Michael 'Walter' - b.1873 Hartland, Devon – Emigrated at age 17 on the OROTAVA arriving Melbourne Nov 1890. (m.Wandin Yallock 1899 Mildred Caroline BAKER) - d
POMEROY, Mildred Caroline BAKER -b.1873 Wandin Yallock - daughter of James BAKER & Hannah HOBSON d.1966 Warrnambool, Vic. - see BAKER
- POMEROY, Nellie Christina - b.1901 Charlton -(m.Vic.1923 Leslie James HOPKINS)
- POMEROY, Francis Raymond b.1903 Port Melb. (m.Vic.1938 Elsie Victoria GILL)
- POMEROY, Elsie Victoria GILL
- POMEROY, Walter Harold - b.1904 Springfield Station, Vic. - d.1926 Merbein, Vic @ 21yr
- POMEROY, John Edward - b.1906 Charlton (m.Vic.1939 Joyce Margaret Adelaide BRADBURY) - d.1974 Hampton @ 68
- POMEROY, Joyce Margaret Adelaide BRADBURY
- POMEROY, Florence Lucy - b.1908 Kew, Boroondara -(m.Vic.1933 Harry BAKER) - see BAKER
- POMEROY, Gordon Edgar - b.1912 Brighton, Vic.

POMEROY, Walter -b.1873 Hartland, Devon– d.1923 Frankston, Mornington Pen. Vic.
POMEROY, Thomas Henry -b.1878 Hartland, Devon –

POMEROY, John Alexander - widowed -b.abt 1859 - son of John POMEROY & Ellen CORBETT (Re-m.Vic.1919 Frances WATTS) - d.1941 Mrtoa @ 82yr
POMEROY, Nellie Helen- b.1883 Horsham, Vic. -(m.Vic.1909 William Bernard JONES) -d.1969 Geelong @ 87yrs
POMEROY, Elsie - b.1885 Horsham, Vic. - (m.Vic.1911 Henry John OSBOURNE)
POMEROY, Alice - b.1886 Horsham, Vic. -(m.Vic.1907 Stanley Robert Shaie ANDERSON)
POMEROY, William James - b. abt 1888 - d.1947 Heidelberg @ 59yrs
POMEROY, Lily May - b.1889 Horsham -(m.Vic.1914 Alfred John WILSON)

POWELL, Frederick Arthur -b.2 October 1866 Auckland, New Zealand - son of Frederick Arthur & Elizabeth POWELL - (m.Vic.1893 Emily Clara McCLELLAND) - d.1951 Victoria,
POWELL, Emily Clara McCLELLAND -b.1869 North Fitzroy - dghtr of early Port Phillip-born James McCLELLAND & Cooktown, County Tyrone, Ireland-born Matilda BLAIR, of South Wandin Yallock - d.26 Nov 1949 Sandringham See McCLELLAND
POWELL, Vera Constance -b.1895 South Wandin, Lillydale - d.1929 Geelong
POWELL, Arthur Stanley -b.1897 Monbulk/Sherbrooke/Sth Wandin, - d.1972 Heidelberg
POWELL, Frederick Charles -b.30 September 1899 Malvern, Vic. - d.1965 Melbourne
POWELL, Dorothy -b.1903 Collingwood, - d.1904 Sandringham, Pt Phillip
POWELL, Gertrude Mary -b.1915 Sandringham, Pt Phillip
POWELL, Margaret Lesley -b.1910 Sandringham, Pt Phillip

POYNTON, William Thomas / James - b.20 Feb 1883 Deloraine, Tasmania - son of Henry POINTON & Catherine GAVIN - -(m.22 May 1907 Deloraine Tasmania Ethel Jane WALSH - -d.5 Dec 1929 Deloraine, Tasmania
POYNTON, Ethel Jane WALSH - b.21 October 1881 Deloraine, Tasmania -- daughter of Thomas WALSH & Jane Alexandra CUMMINGS -Resident in Silvan 1930 d.1978 Heathmont, Vic, @ 91yrs
POYNTON, Henry George John - b.23 March 1908 Riana, Tasmania - immigrated 1930 - (m.Vic.1933 Alma May BINSTEAD) - see BINSTEAD
POYNTON, Alma May BINSTEAD - of Silvan
POYNTON, Keith William - b.5 May 1910 Elizabethtown, Tasmania - - d.1935 Healesville, Vic. @ 25yr
POYNTON, Eric Douglas - b.20 July 1912 Flowerdale, TAS - -d.1982 Windsor, Prahran @ 69yr
POYNTON, Reginald James - b.2 Dec 1914 Deloraine, TAS- -(m.Vic.Julia ARNOTT)
POYNTON, William Charles - b.16 Geb 1918 Elizabethtown, TAS
POYNTON, 'Jean' Jane Catherine - b.24 Sept 1919 Elizabethtown, TAS - -(m.Vic.1937 Alfred Henry KING) - d.1937 Lilydale, Vic. - see KING

PREBBLE, Esther WILLIAMS - b.abt 1828 -dghtr of Joseph WILLIAMS & Sarah REASTON - d.26 May 1913 Wandin Yalloc - INQUEST

PRESTON, Sarah - b.Eng.(Mrs Jabez Richardson) d. Olinda Ck

PRETTY, George -b. 9 August 1832 in Norfolk, England (aka PRETTIE) - son of Matthew PRETTIE & Mary BAKER – Baptised 14 Oct 1832 in Burgate, Suffolk, England – Emigrated with parents and seven sibling to arrive 16 April 1840 at Port Adelaide, South Australia, on the ship “MORELY” from Southampton, England – (m. Adelaide, South Australia 17th June 1855 to Mary LYAS) – Immigrated to the Victoria Goldfields – then to Warburton Road, Lilydale abt 1890, By 1903 a FRUITGROWER on the Wandin Roads - d. 31 January 1916 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Victoria,
PRETTY, Mary Elizabeth LYAS –b.13 Septmbr 1835 Southwark, London (aka LIAS)–daughter of Frederick LYAS & Mary Elizabeth MELHUISH - (m.1855 Adelaide to George PRETTIE) - on Warburton Road, Lilydale, 1903 Home Duties – d. 19 September 1910 Croydon, Victoria,

PRETTY, William George –b. 1862 Epsom, Bendigo Goldfields, Victoria, Australia – son of George PRETTY & Mary E. LYAS- -(m.Vic. Anne Marie DAVIES ) – d. 1902 Melbourne
PRETTY, Anne Marie DAVIES –b. abt 1859 - d. 1946 St Kilda, Melbourne, Vic.
PRETTY, George Alfred –b. 1895 Melbourne –(m.Vic.1915 Susie Matilda ISLES) - -d. 1952
PRETTY, Susie Matilda ISLES -b.1895 Melbourne, Victoria, – 1 PRETTY DAUGHTER & 9 PRETTY SONS born @ SOUTH MELBOURNE - d.1979 Aspendale, Port Phillip
PRETTY, Amelia Irene Myrtle –b.1896 Melbourne, Vic. -(m.Vic.1916 Alexander McRAE) - 3 McRAE children born South Melbourne 1917-125 - d. 1930 East Melbourne
PRETTY, William John -b.1899 Lillydale, Upper Yarra Valle - (m. ? Ellen Janet SIMMONS) - farmer at Huon, Yackandandah, Dairy Farmer at East Wangaratta, Farmer, resident of Caulfield, Vic. - d. 1972 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria
PRETTY, Ellen Janet SIMMONS -b.1892 Albury NSW - dghtr of John & Annie E. SIMMONS– d.1982 Dandenong, Victoria,
- - PRETTY, Harry -b. abt 1931 Albury - Cabinetmaker - d.20 November 2004 Freemasons Hospital, Melbourne, Vic

PRETTY, Frederick Matthew –b. 1865 Epsom, Bendigo Goldfields, Victoria, Australia – son of George PRETTY & Mary E. LYAS- – (m. Vic. 1892 Frances Clara EVANS)- – Occupation: Farmer & Dairy Farmer @ Jindivick. Dairy Farmer @ Buln Bulm & Yallock, via Koo-Wee-Rup. Then Orchardist at Mooroopna – d. 17 September 1945 in Royal Park, Melbourne, Victoria
PRETTY, Frances Clara EVANS –b. 22 November 1866 Nerring, Long Gully, Bendigo Goldfields – dghtr of John Brown EVANS & Clara FARROW – d. 28 November 1952 Melbourne, Victoria
PRETTY, Albert George -b. 18 June 1893 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1920 Mabel Maria PETSCHACK – Occupation: Farmer, Neerim – d. 29 January 1977 Melbourne,
PRETTY, Mabel Maria PETSCHACK – b. 1894 Buln Buln, West Gippsland - dghter of Germantown-Geelong-born Johann Heinrich’John Henry’ PETSCHACK & Ballarat-born Hanna Maria COOK – d. 1 February 1980 Neerim, West Gippsland, Vic.
PRETTY, Hilda Amelia Marian –b. 22 June 1896 Melbourne, Victoria – (m.1920 Lillydale, Vic Edward Walter LANE 1890 – 1972) –two LANE children born 1922 Melborune & 1925 Mooroopna - d. December 1958 Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia
PRETTY, Frederick William –b. 1900 in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia-(m. Lilydale Vic. 1926 to Eva Amenda KNIGHT ) – Occ: ORCHARDIST @ Mooroopna in 1931 – d. ?
PRETTY, Eva Amenda KNIGHT –b. 1901 Violet Town, Victoria, Australia - dghtr of George KNIGHT & Clara Alice HOUNSLOW- – 1982 Caulfield, Melb.
PRETTY, Annie Amelia –b. 1867 Bridgewater, Loddon Goldfields, Victoria, Australia – dghtr of George PRETTY & Mary E. LYAS-– (m.11th December 1895 Auckland, New Zealand to James Walter BULL) – Three BULL children born New Zealand 1897-1904 – d. 28 Decmbr 1921 Gisborne, New Zealand

PRETTY, John Melhuish –b. 1870 Inglewood, Loddon Goldfields, Victoria, Australia – son of George PRETTY & Mary E. LYAS- – d. ??

PRETTY, Mr Horace James –b.1873 Inglewood, Loddon Goldfields, Victoria – son of George PRETTY & Mary E. LYAS-– WANDIN YALLOCK’ BANDMASTER 1897 - (m.Vic.1902 Eliza SADLIER ) Warburton Road, Lilydale, 1903 Labourer –d. 1959 Cheltenham, Port Phllip Bay,
PRETTY, Eliza SADLIER -b. 1874 St Kilda, Vic. – dgtr of Stephen SADLIER & Elizabeth WELLAN – (m.1902 Horace James PRETTY) Warburton Road, Lilydale, 1903 Home Duties - d. 1934 Croydon, Victoria, Australia
PRETTY, Arthur Edgar-b. 1903 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia – (m.abt 1926 Mary Ellen BROADLEY 1887 – 1948)
PRETTY, Mary Ellen BROADLEY –b. 1887 – d. 1948
PRETTY, Florence Mary –b. 12 March 1905 Lilydale, Victoria – (m.Vic.1928 Ernest Allan DEVENISH 1901 – 1982) –[one son Allan Graeme DEVENISH b.1930 Melbourne] –d. 1982 Kew, Boroondara

PRETTY, Albert Armitage –b. 1879 Bridgewater, Loddon Goldfields, Victoria, Australia – son of George PRETTY & Mary E. LYAS- . – d. 11 May 1888 Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia. Buried: Cranbourne

PRETTY, Ruth –b.abt 1865 – d. 19 Apr 1901 Lilydale, Upper Yarra. - Buried. Lillydale

The PRICES of the Emerald Diggings & Woori Yallock Creek, Old Gippsland Road, The Upper Yarra Goldfields, & the Yarra Track

PRICE, John -b. Herefordshire, England
PRICE, Helen 'Ellen' SPENCER -b.abt 1825 Herefordshire, England - daughter of Edward & Maria SPENCER -d.1897 Launching Place, Upper Yarra

PRICE, Helen Eliza 'Ellen' - b.1858 Ballaarat - -dghtr of John PRICE & Ellen SPENCER of the Yarra Track- (m.Vic.1880 Arthur Gilbert BURR) - d.1943 Yarra Junction @ 85 yrs
BURR, Arthur Gilbert - b.abt 1833 London, England - son of James BURR & Annie HALE- d.1902 Launching Place @ 68 yrs
--BURR, Edwin Spencer -b.1881 Lillydale - (m.Vic.1912 Catherine Leary MARTIN)
--BURR, Catherine Leahy MARTIN -b.South Melbourne
--BURR, Edith Mary -b.1885 Warburton

PRICE, Edward John - b.1860 Ballaarat -- son of John PRICE & Ellen SPENCER of the Yarra Track- -d.1917 Fitzroy Sth @ 57 yrs

PRICE, Robert William -b.1862 Ballaarat - son of John PRICE & Ellen SPENCER of the Yarra Track- - (m.Vic.1896 Jane Mercy Alice ERRY) - d.1950 Yarra Junction @ 88 yrs
PRICE, Jane Mercy Alice ERRY
--PRICE, Leslie Robert John -b.1901 Launching Place
--PRICE, Gilbert Thomas -b.1905 Yarra Junction
--PRICE, William Henry -b.1907 Yarra Junction
--PRICE, Evelyn Elizabeth -b.1910 Lillydale

PRICE, Mary Ann -b.1866 Yarra Track, Marysville -dghtr of John PRICE & Ellen SPENCER of the Yarra Track- - d.1937 Lilydale, Upper Yarra @ 70 yrs

PRICE, Jane Maria -b.1869 Lillydale, Yarra Valley -dghtr of John PRICE & Ellen SPENCER of the Yarra Track- (m.Vic.1891 James SLATER) - d.1940 Melbourne @ 70 yrs - see SLATER


PRICE, Edward JOSEPH the Elder -b.abt 1835 - son of Edward PRICE & Mary DUFFELL - (m. Johanna DWYER ) - d.1893 Murrumbeena @ 57 yrs
PRICE, Johanna O'DWYER or DWYER -b.abt 1829 - d.1922 Murrumbeena, Victoria @ 93 yrs

PRICE, Edward Joseph the Younger - b.1862 Brunswick, Vic. - son of Joseph PRICE & Johanna DWYER who married in Victoria in 1861- -(m.Vic.1892 Annie ROSS) - - LAND: - Application No.1687 – PRICE, Edward Joseph – of Dandenong Road, Caulfield - on 30th July 1894 –for LOT 1/ Sctn 1 –Parish of MOOROOLBARK [DANDENONG STATE FOREST] Olinda Creek, Mt Dandenong 1908 -ALSO, the first selection in Mooroolbark mountain farm village scheme, at LOT 1 of Section 1 of abt 10 acres, beside E.T.JEEVES at Kalorama, turned to freehold title from provisional lease on 22nd Feb 1905 -d.1942 Kew, Boroondara @ 80 yrs - see JEEVES
PRICE, Annie Ada ROSS -b.abt 1861 Garden Gully, Vic. -daughter of Charles ROSS & Annie McALOON - Olinda Creek, Mt Dandenong 1908 - d.1933 Northcote @ 74 yrs
PRICE, Charles Joseph -b.1893 Caulfield - (m.Vic.1922 Catherine Elizabeth KIVLIGHON) - d.
PRICE, Catherine Elizabeth KIVLIGHON
PRICE, Kathleen Nathalie Caroline -b.1895 Malvern (m.Vic. GARDINER) - d.1951 Geelong @ 55 yrs
PRICE, Edward John - b.1899 Armadale, Prahran - (m.Vic.1930 Beatrice Myra Louise WILSON) - d.1974 Kalorama, Mt Dandenong
PRICE, Beatrice Myra Louise WILSON

PRICE, William Alexander -b.1864 Berwick Vic. - son of Joseph PRICE & Johanna DWYER who married in Victoria in 1861- (m.Vic.1900 Mary Elizabeth WATSON) - d.1946 St Kilda @ 82 yrs
PRICE, Mary Elizabeth WATSON - b.abt 1875 - daughter of John WATSON & Jane Elizabeth HILLARD - d.1939 St Kilda @ 63 yrs
--PRICE, Cyril -b.1902 Prahran -d.1902 Prahran
--PRICE, Thelma Joy -b.1907 St Kilda - (m.Vic.1927 Tainton Edward Albert EDWARDS) - (m.Vic. BRABENDER) - d.1970 St Kilda @ 63 yrs

PRICE, Mary Ann - b.1867 Oakleigh -- dghtr of Joseph PRICE & Johanna DWYER who married in Victoria in 1861 (m.Vic.1892 Alexander Edmund EWART
PRICE, John Francis -b.1868 Dandenong -- son of Joseph PRICE & Johanna DWYER who married in Victoria in 1861 (m.1.Vic.1888 Elisabeth Francesca JACQUES) - - LAND : - Application No. 3756 – PRICE, John F. of 46 Chapel Street, Windsor –on the 19th Nov 1894 -for LOT 62 / Sctn 1 DANDENONG FOREST -Parish of MOOROOLBARK - - (m.2.Vic.1900 Mary STEWART)
PRICE, Elisabeth Frances JACQUES -b. Richmond, Vic. -daughter of Alfred JACQUES & Frances Ann ROWLANDS - d.1956 Murrumbeena @ 89 yrs
--PRICE, Alfred Edward -b.1889 Lillydale - (m.Vic.1915 Mary REILLY)
--PRICE, Charles Harold -b.1892 Richmond - (m.Vic.1923 Vera Emily WILLIAMS)-d.
--PRICE, Frank Clifford -b.1894 Richmond
--PRICE, George Arthur -b.1897 - d.1968 Prahran @ 71 yrs

PRICE, Caroline Rebecca - b.1872 Dandenong - dghtr of Joseph PRICE & Johanna DWYER who married in Victoria in 1861 (m.Vic.1906 Thomas John McALOON)

PRIEST, Thomas Martin b. 1880 Echuca - son of Thomas PRIEST & Rosanna BALDOCK - (m.1916 Ruby Jane SIMPSON) - d.1939 Lilydale @ 59yrs
PRIEST, Ruby Jane SIMPSON - b. - dgtr of John SIMPSON & Harriet Jane ROSIER - (Re-married Harold McArthur BELLETTE b.22 Aug 1894 Spring Bay, Tasmania)
PRIEST, Martin John - b.1917 Lilydale
PRIEST, Neil Thomas b. 1919 Sth Wandin Yallock
PRIEST, Jack Werilda - b. 1920 Liydale
PRIEST, Juliet Harriet -b.1923 Lilydale (m. KELLY) d,1977 Fiyzroy @ 54yrs
PRIEST, Marjorie Louise b. 1923 Lilydale (m. GARDEN) - d.1981 Scoresby @ 57yrs

PRIMER, Archibald William Coleby - Sth Wandin – labourer by 1908 -b. abt 1883 son of Edward Coleby PRIMER & Annie Louisa DUFF - (m.Vic.1913 Helena Matilda MILLER) d.1962 Parkville, Melb. @ 78 yrs
PRIMER, Helena Matilda MILLER - d.1971 Cast..? VIc. @ 90yrs - dgtr of Rowley MILLER & Ann Eliza HAMLING

PROCTOR, William - b. 1835 Preston, Lancashire - son of John PROCTOR & Betsey Elizabeth RYDING (m.abt 1857 Lancashire -Margaret Alice FLINTOFF) d.1886 Fitzroy, Melbourne
PROCTOR, Margaret Alice FLINTOFF b.Preston, Lancashire, Daughter of Henry FLINTOFF - (Mrs W.Proctor) d.1923 Silvan, Wandin Yallock @88

PROCTOR, John James 'Reverend'(Baptist) - b.1858 Preston, Lancashire, Eng. -(m.Vic.1899 Emily ALice NEWELL) - Baptist Minister at Koroit & South Wandin & Lilydale Queens Rd Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1909)
PROCTOR, Emily Alice NEWELL -b.1860 Richmond,Vic. - daghter of Henry NEWELL & Elizabeth Alice REEVE - d. 28 Sep 1928 Lilydale, Vic. Buried: Lilydale
- PROCTOR, Margaret Alice -b.1903 Tower Hill, Koroit, Victoria

PROCTOR, William Henry - b.1861 Ballaraat East, Vic.
PROCTOR, George Edward b.1962 Ballarat, Victoria
PROCTOR, Elizabeth Annie -b.1865 Ballarat, Victoria (m.Vic.1892 John Edward BOOTH) d.1935 Fairfield, Vic.
PROCTOR, Arthur Ryding b.1867 Ballaraat East, Vic. - (m.Vic.1893 Fannie Francis EARLS) -d.1934 Fitzroy, Melbourne,
PROCTOR, Fannie Francis EARLS
- PROCTOR, Dulcie Irene - b. 1893 – 1965 Melbourne
PROCTOR, Margaret Alice - b.1869 Ballarat East, Victoria - (m.Vic.1892 George Arthur HUDSON) - d. 1944 Dromana, Mornington Peninsula
PROCTOR, Francis Percival - b.1871 Ballarat, Queens Rd Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1909 -d.1928 Wandin Yallock - Lilydale
PROCTOR, Ernest Albert Harcourt - b.1874 Ballaraat East, Vic.

PROCTOR, Henry - b. Preston, Lancashire, England,- son of John PROCTOR & Betsy Elizabeth RYDING - > - (m.Ballaraat East, Vic. 17 Sept 1882 Caroline GROUBE) - d. 6 Sept 1918 Hay, Riverina, New South Wales,
PROCTOR, Caroline GROUBE - b.26 June 1844 Taranaki, New Plymouth, New Zealand - dghtr of ? - d. 6 May 1900 Hay, Riverina, New South Wales
PROCTOR, Annie - b.1873 Ballaraat East, Vic. - d. Hay, Riverina, New South Wales
PROCTOR, Marion - b.1875 Ballaraat East, Vic. - d.22 May 1953 Hawthorn, Boroondara. Vic.
PROCTOR, Horatio Jonathan Ray 'John' - b.11 July 1877 Ballarat East, Vic. (m.15 March 1907 Hay, Riverina, NSW to Hebe HEWS) - d. 4 July 1963 Croydon, Vic
PROCTOR, Hebe HEWS - b.22 April 1884 Hay, Riverina, New South Wales - daughter of Joseph HEWS from Bridgwater, Somerset, Great Britain & Alice nee BARKER from Westminster, Jefferson, Colorado, United States Of America - (Mrs H.J.R.Proctor)
- PROCTOR, 'Jack' John Huntly - b.1908 - (m. Silvan 4 October 1939 Lillian Emerson COLLISHAW) - d.
- PROCTOR, Hebe Joyce -b.1910
- PROCTOR, Maxwell Hay - b.abt 1912
- PROCTOR, Betsey Caroline b.abt 1914
- PROCTOR, Ralph Groube - b.1bt 1916
PROCTOR, Evelyn Sarah - b.1880 Ballarat, Goldfields, Vic - d.1942 Hay, NSW
PROCTOR, William George b.1882 - 1883 Ballarat, Goldfields

PROǗST, Julés / Julius b.abt 1825 Sieur De Rhin, Paris, FRANCE - son of Renétt PROǗST & Melainé RENARD -(married Victoria 1853 Victoriné Eugenié CALIN) d.1900 Collingwood, Vic @ 75yrs
PROǗST, Eugenié Victoriné CALIN -b. abt 1822 ? FRANCE - d.1898 Collingwood, Vic. @ 76yr
PROǗST, Julia Eugenié -b.1853 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1879 Réné DUBOIS) -d.1937 Edenhope, VIc, @ 82yr
PROǗST, Victoriné - b.1854 Melbourne - d.1878 @ 24yrs
PROǗST, Jüles Orené - b.1856 Eastern Hill, Melbourne - d.1956 @ 4m
PROǗST, Mareé Mary - b.1858 Abbotsford - 1959 Collingwood @ 1yr
PROǗST, René Alphonse - b.1860 Abbotsford - (m.Melbourne 27 Oct 1884 to Frances Howard JONES) d.
PROǗST, Frances Howard JONES - b.1857 Collingwood - dghtr of Richard JONES & Mary Ann MacGREGOR
PROǗST, Alexandré - b.1862 - 1962 Abbotsford
PROǗST, Marié Melainé - b.1867 Yarraberg - Collingwood - -(m.Vic.1899 Oscar John WILSON) - d.1931 Collingwood @ 61yr

PROUT, Frederick John - b.1877 Pleasant Creek, Stawell - son of Cornish miner, John Pearce PROUT & Elizabeth FERRIS - (m.Vic.1909 - Rose Jane BRITTON) - d.1953 Healesville @ 75yr
PROUT, Rose Jane BRITTON - b. 6 Apr 1882 Hartland, Devonshire, Great Britain - dghtr of Jabez BRITTON & Margaret HOPPER - d. 22 April 1951 Seville, Lilydale @ 69yrs see BRITTON
PROUT, Clifford John - b.1909 - d.1910 Wandin Yallock
PROUT, Doris May - b.1910 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1936 Raymond Watson SMITH)
PROUT, Emily Blanche - b.1911 Wandin Yallock - d.1953 Parkville, Melb. @ 41yr
PROUT, Edgar Frederick - b.1912 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1934 Helen May MITCHELL) -d.28 Feb 1953 Coopers Plain, Queensland
PROUT, Helena May MITCHELL -b. 1915 Wandin Yallock -daughter of Robert John MITCHELL & Priscilla BLANKSBY - d. 9 February 2000 - Buried: Springvale - see MITCHELL
PROUT, Ronald John - b.1918 Wandin Yallock

PROWD, John - b.1856 Dandenong Creek/ Mulgrave/ Oakleigh -son of William PROWD & Mary DOONE- (m.Vic.1884 Catherine Maud Charlotte ROWLEY) - d.1939 Carnegie @ 79yr
PROWD, Catherine Maud Charlotte ROWLEY -b. abt 1865 Tasmania - dghter of Thomas ROWLEY & Catherine THOMAS - d.1938 Wandin Yallock @ 73yrs
PROWD, Esther Mary -b.1885 Oakleigh - (m.Vic.1905 James Henry LOTHIAN)
PROWD, Albert William -b.1887 Oakleigh
PROWD, John Nicholas - b.1888 Oakleigh - (m.Vic.1912 Ellen SPICER)
PROWD, Leslie Mongomery - b.1890 Oakleigh
PROWD, Violet Maud - b.1892 Oakleigh
PROWD, Alice May - b.1893 Oakleigh - (m.Vic.1914 William Thomas CHEEVERS)
PROWD, Myrtle - b.1895 Prahran
PROWD, Charles James - b.1901 Elsternwick

PROWD, Olive Marian PROWD - b.1900 Euroa -dgtr of James Charles PROWD & Florence Margaret JOHNSTON - (m.1927 Reginald Alfred BROWN of South Wandin) d. 1979 Ringwood

PRYOR, Ellis - Missionary b.1871 Butterhump, Eltham, Vic. d. 1951 Broadford, Vic. @ 78 yrs [son of Ellis Pryor & Mary Robinson) m. Louise Hunt

PRYOR, Richard - b.abt 1834 - son of Joseph PRYOR & Haply THOMAS - (m.Vic.1863 Christina DUNSTAN) - d.1889 Fernihurst @ 55yrs
PRYOR, Annie - b.1866 - 1869 Chewton, Vic.
PRYOR, Richard b. 1867 Chewton, Victoria -son of Cornish-born Richard PRYOR & Christina DUNSTON - d.1950 Surrey Hills @ 83yrs
PRYOR, Edith Ann JONES b.1871 Chewton, Vic. -dghtr of Lewis Thomas JONES & Jane RICHARDS (Mrs R. PRYOR m.1897 Vic) d.1928 Swan Hill @ 47yrs
- -PRYOR, Edith Ivy - b.1898 Castlemain (m.1926 Andrew Samuel FERGUSON)
- -PRYOR, Richard Leslie b.1901 Castlemaine -(m.1937 Hilda Olive HOWARTH) - d.1967 Cast..? Vic @ 66yrs
- -PRYOR, Olive Christina b.1909 Wandin Yallock
PRYOR, Anna Maria -b.1870 Chewton
PRYOR, Edith Emily -b.1873 Faraday, Chewton - (m.Vic. ELLIOTT) - see ELLIOTT
PRYOR, Thomas James - b.1875 Chewton (m.Vic.1901 Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON)
PRYOR, Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON)
PRYOR, Ellen - b.1879 Wychitella
PRYOR, William Alfred - b.1880 Wychitella - d.1882 Fernihurst
PRYOR, Alice Maud Mary -b.1883 Fernihurst, Boort
PRYOR, William Alfred E = b.1887 Fernihurst, Boort

PULBROOK, John - b.abt 1820 - son of Thomas PULBROOK & Ann GRAINGER - (m.St Francis RC CHurch, Melbourne 1852 Mary KENNEDY) - d. 1 Jul 1896 Gruyere - Gentleman -
PULBROOK, Mary Elizabeth KENNEDY - b.1819 - daughter of James KENNEDY & ELiza O'MARA- - d.1901 Lilydale @ 82yrs
PULBROOK, Thomas - b.1853 Yarra Valley - d.1931 Lilydale @ 77yrs
PULBROOK, Annie - b.1854 Eltham, Yarra Valley-
PULBROOK, Eliza -b.1857 Kangaroo Ground, Yarra Valley-
PULBROOK, Mary Ann 'Mariane' - b.1859 Queenstown-St Andrews, Yarra Valley- (m.Vic.1883 Edward Thomas LEE) -d.1935 Richmond @ 80yrs
PULBROOK, John Thomas -b 1860 Yarra Valley - Grazier d.1 Jan 1889 Gruyere, Yarra Valley - WILLs- PROBATE
PULBROOK, Maggie Margaret -b.1862 Fitzroy-Collingwood - (m.Vic.1886 Charles MADDEN) - d.1931 Lilydale @ 69yrs - see MADDEN
PULBROOK, James b.1863 Yering, Yarra Valley- (m.Vic.1884 Emily Louisa CROFT)
PULBROOK, Olive - b.1885 Lillydale
PULBROOK, Louisa -b.1887 Lillydale
PULBROOK, Valentine James - b.1888 Yarra Flats
PULBROOK, Hazel May -b.1892 Wandong
PULBROOK, Thomas Percy -b.1893 Kilmore
PULBROOK, Adrian Lewis -b.1895 Yea

PULLAR, David - b.9 January 1827 Dundee, Angus-Shire, Scotland- son of James PULLAR & Margaret WHYTE - (m. Vic.1855 Jessie BARRON) -d.1871 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @ 43yrs [
PULLAR, Jessie BARRON -b.abt 1831 Perry Porton Craig, Tayport, Fifeshire, SCOTLAND - daughtero f ? & Janet BARRON - Returned to Scotland - -Residence 1881 Montrose, Angus, Scotland Resdience 1901: Monifieth, Angus, Scotland
PULLAR, Jessie - b.1856 Melbourne -dghtr of David PULLAR & Jessie BARRON -(m. 1855 Victoria, Australia to David PULLAR ) - Emigrated back to Scotland Residence 1881: Montrose, Angus- shire, Scotland - Resdience 1901 Monifieth, Angus-shire, Scotland
PULLAR, Margaret Whyte -b.1858 Hotham, Nth Melbourne - Emigrated back to Scotland - Residence 1881 No.46 Mansfield Rd, St Pancras, London -Residence 1901 Aberdeen West, Aberdeenshire -d.1922 Dundee, Scotland
PULLAR, Helena -b.1861 Melburne -- Immigrated interstate or Emigrated NZ
PULLAR, David -b.1863 Melbourne -- Immigrated interstate or Emigrated NZ
PULLAR, James - b.1866 Hotham, Nth Melbourne - - Immigrated interstate or Emigrated NZ

PULLAR, Maria - - - (m.Vic.1864 Wright SHOVELTON) - see SHOVELTON

PULLAR, Helen - - - (m.Vic. Francis 'Frank' BROWN) - see BROWN

PULLMAN, Francis Richmond – Sth Wandin fruitgrower by 1908 - d.1968 Caulfield @ 88yrs - son of Edwin Pullman & Emily Bailey
PULLMAN, Olive Beatrice Elizabeth Ella ROGER - d.1968 Caulfield @ 83yrs - dghtr of Alexander ROGER & Mary JONES
PULLMAN, Kenneth Richmond b.1914 SurreyHills - d.1985 Cheltenham @ 70yrs
PULLMAN, Valerie Beatrice - d.1822 Box Hill
PULLMAN, Linda Gertude – Sth Wandin by 1908

PYM, William - Farmer @ Sth Wandin 1909
PYM, Ada Gertrude - Farmer @ Sth Wandin 1909

QUAIFE, Christopher - b.1857 (Macedon?) Raglan, Ararat Goldfield - son of Catsfield, Sussex-born Frederick QUAIFE & Ann QUAIFE formerly resident at Pentridge Village & at Brighton, Vic.- (m.Vic.1878 Sarah Ann THOMPSON) - d.
QUAIFE, Sarah Ann THOMPSON b. Keilor, Vic.
QUAIFE, Christopher -b.1879 Macedon, Vic. - d.1913 Drouin
QUAIFE, William Alexander -b.1882 Macedon, Vic
QUAIFE, Charles Henry - b.1883 Drouin
QUAIFE, Phillip Edward b.1885 Drouin - d.1908 Drouin
QUAIFE, Elsie Hilda -b.1888 Drouin
QUAIFE, Stanley Gordon -b.1890 -d.1892 Drouin
QUAIFE, Lambert Louis b.1892 Drouin, West Gippsland ~ d.1964 Melbourne - farmer at South Wandin (Signed Last Will & Testament of Angell Ellis @ Wandin, 1915)
QUAIFE, Maude Louisa Ann McDONALD b.1894 Hynam, nr Naracoorte, Sth Aust. d. 1937 Carlton
- QUAIFE, Lambert McDonald b.1913 Drouin, Gippsland ~ d. 1969 Essendon
- QUAIFE, Mavis Alma b.1915 Fitzroy North
QUAIFE, Cecil Royal -b.1894 Drouin - - printer @ Silvan 1917
QUAIFE, Eva May - b.1896 Drouin
QUAIFE, William Alexander - b.1898 Drouin, - Labourer @ Silvan 1917
QUAIFE, Arthur -b.1899 Drouin
QUAIFE, Vera Grace - b.1901 Drouin

QUAYLE: The Manx QUAYLE Family
QUAYLE, Thomas b.28 August 1828 Douglas, Isle of Man, Great Britain - son of Thomas & Ann QUAYLE - (m.abt 1847 Isle of Man to Margaret MYLES) -EMIGRATED per the ship 'STEBONHEATH' out of Plymouth, embarking on 9 Sept 1851 -to arrive Williamstown, Hobsons Bay on 16 Dec 1851. Early Australian Residences: 1. Langhorne's Station, Laverton; 2. at Spring St, Melbourne -working as a teamster and Carrier to & from the Goldfields; 3. as Tenant Fruitgrower at Warringal Park, Heidelberg; 4. Own Selection @ Wandin Yallock - d.29 March 1896 in 'Rose Hill', Wandin Yallock - Buried: Old Lilydale cemetery
QUAYLE, Margaret MYLES b. abt 1827 in Douglas, Isle of Man, Great Britain -dghtr of William MYLES or MILES & Margaret KNEALE - -EMIGRATED per the ship 'STEBONHEATH" from Plymouth, embarking on 9 Sept 1851 -to arrive Williamstown, Hobsons Bay on 16 Dec 1851. - d. Feb 1896 'Rose Hill', Wandin Yallock - Buried: Old Lilydale cemetery
QUAYLE, Ellen Jane b.1848 Kirk Andreas, Isle Of Man (Mrs G.A.Webb) - -EMIGRATED per the ship 'STEBONHEATH" from Plymouth, embarking on 9 Sept 1851 -to arrive Williamstown, Hobsons Bay on 16 Dec 1851.- (m.Primitive Church, Melbourne on 1 Feb 1866 to George Albert WEBB) - d. 1889 Heidelberg-On-Yarra, Vic. @ 41yrs - see WEBB
QUAYLE, Margaret Anne -b. 1855 Eaglemont-on-Yarra, Heidelberg –(m.Heidelberg 1876 David Tamblyn COUCH) -d.1924 Camberwell, Boroondara - see COUCH
QUAYLE, Elizabeth Mary -b.1857 Heidleberg-on-Yarra – d.1882 Wandin Yallock, Vic. @ 25yrs - Buried: Old Lilydale Cemetery
QUAYLE, William Henry -b.1860 Heidelberg-on-Yarra -(m.Vic.1888 Alice MORLEY) –d. 1910 Port Melbourne, Vic. @ 50yr
QUAYLE, Thomas Albert -b.1863 Heidleberg-on-Yarra -(m.Vic.1886 Christina SCOLLAY) – 1920 Port Melbourne @ 57yr
QUAYLE, Frederick James -b.1865 Heidleberg-on-Yarra -(m.Vic.1897 Jane Eliza SOUTER) – d.1928 Wandin Yallock
QUAYLE, Jane Eliza SOUTER b.abt 1860 - dghtr of David SOUTER - d.1947 Wandin Yallock
QUAYLE, Frances Louisa -b.1867 Heidleberg-on-Yarra –(m.Wandin 1897 William Josiah SEBIRE) -d. 1958 Hawthorn, Boroondara - see SEBIRE

RABEN-LEVISTZON, Peter Detlev - retired farmer, Bamfield Rd. d.1951 Parkville, Melb @ 79 yrs.
RABEN-LEVISTZON, Marie Carina b. 1913 Essendon, Vic.

RAE, Elis Reino, born as Elis Reino PISPALA on the 21st April 1901 at Rautjärvi, Viipurin Laarni, Finland. Rautjärvi is 308 road km east-nor-east of Helsinki, Finland. Arrived in Australia n 1924 at Sydney NSW. Naturalised at Silvan South in June 1940.
RAE, Anni Edita b. 1 Dec 1897 Rantasalmi, Finland. (Mrs Reino RAE)
RAE, Elsi Aino b. 1934 Melbourne
RAE, Nina Anni b. 1934 Melbourne
RAE, Reino Yrjo b. 1938 Melbourne

RAGNO, Luigi 'Luis' - b. 10 May 1904 Silvano D'Orba, Piemonte, Italia - Arrived 1928. (married Victoria - to Angelina LANTERI - d.1964 Wiseman Road, Burleigh
RAGNO, Angelina LANTERI - b.15 July 1913 Cassaro, Provinze of Siracusa, Sicily, Italy - d.1980 Lilydale
RAGNO, Rosina Grazia - b.1951 Essendon (m, Alan EDWARDS)
RAGNO, Giovanni 'John' 'Johnny" - b.1952 Victoria

RANKIN, Rob Roy Malcolm b.1892 Norwood, Burwood, Nunawading parish - son of London-born, Francis Thomas Exenor RANKIN (1848 – 1944) and Nunawading-born, Marie Sophia KLEINFELDT (1859 – 1938) - Lewis Road 1926 Carrier - d.1968 Glen Waverley
RANKIN, Rose Telford MISKIN -b.1888 Fitzroy - dghtr of Nicholas MISKIN & Margaret TELFORD - (m.1912 R.R.M. Rankin) Lewis Road, 1926 - died 1964 Wandin
RANKIN, Florence Thelma Malcolm b.1912 Carlton
RANKIN, Rob Roy Malcolm b.1914 Berriwillock, Vic.
RANKIN, Keith Charles Malcolm b.1920 Hawthorn
RANKIN, David Colin b. 1922
RANKIN, Frances b.1925

RATCLIFF, William Thomas b.12 May 1842 England - EMIGRATED from Australia -to Arrive 31 August 1884 Blaine, Washington, United States of AMERICA - - RESIDENCE 1901: Delta, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada - RESIDENCE 1920: - Seattle, King County, Washington State, USA - d. Canada or USA
RATCLIFF, Emma AXFORD b.3 July 1847 Abbotsford, Collingwood, Yarra River, Melbourne - EMIGRATED from Australia -to Arrive 31 Aug 1884 Blaine, Washington, USA - - RESIDENCE 1901: Delta, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada - d. Canada or USA
RATCLIFF, Henry Thomas (1872-1872 Prahran, Victoria, Australia
RATCLIFF, Walter Ernest b.1873 Prahran, Victoria, Australia - ? EMIGRATED from Australia -to Arrive 31 Aug 1884 Blaine, Washington, USA- -d.Canada or USA
RATCLIFF, Emma Louisa b.1874 Prahran, Victoria, Australia - Occupation: SCHOOLTEACHER - EMIGRATED from Australia -to Arrive 31 Aug 1884 Blaine, Washington, USA- - RESIDENCE 1920: - Seattle, King County, Washington State, USA - d.Canada or USA
RATCLIFF, Henry Claud b.1876 Prahran, Victoria, Australia - EMIGRATED from Australia -to Arrive 31 Aug 1884 Blaine, Washington, USA- -d.Canada or USA
RATCLIFF, Shem (1878-1878) Hawthorn, Boroondara, Victoria, Australia
RATCLIFF, Eva Maud b.1880 Prahran, Victoria, Australia- EMIGRATED from Australia -to Arrive 31 Aug 1884 Blaine, Washington, USA - RESIDENCE 1901: Delta, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada - RESIDENCE 1920: - Seattle, King County, Washington State, USA - -d.Canada or USA
RATCLIFF, Albert Edward b.1882 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale, Upper Yarra Valley, - EMIGRATED from Australia -to Arrive 31 Aug 1884 Blaine, Washington, USA - RESIDENCE: 1901 Delta, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada -d.Canada or USA
RATCLIFF, Maryann M -b. Washington State, USA - RESIDENCE 1901: Delta, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada - d.Canada or USA

RATCLIFFE, Kelesy Malcolm - Wiseman Rd, 1926, Farmer

READ, William b. 1820 Balderton, Nottinghamshire, England (son of Matthew READ & Mary TIERMAN) m.24 July 1845 at Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchestor, Lancashire to Sarah BARNETT. Died 6 August 1892 Wandin, Lilydale district
READ, Sarah BARNETT b.1827 Eccles, Manchestor, End. (daughter of Stephen BARNETT & SUsan WHIP)– d.1882 Lilydale district
READ, Edward John b.1846 in Lancashire, d.24 August 1912 Rushworth, Vic.
READ, William (1848-1849) Lancashire, England
READ, Mary Jane b.1849 Manchester, End - d.2 February 1932 in Brighton, Vic.
READ, William II, b.1851 Manchester - d.June 1874 Vic. Australia
READ, Frederick b.1854 Manchester, Lanc - (m.1877 Mary Anne HUSSEY) d. 23 July 1922, Wandin, Lilydale district
READ, Mary Anne HUSSEY b. 1851 Melbourne (daughter of William HUSSEY & Mary Ann SHIPPEN)- d. 1937 Lilydale district
-READ, Lily Maud Mary b.1878 Wandin(m.1899 James Adam MITCHELL) d.1951 Springvale
-READ, Emily Mary Jane b.1879 Wandin (m.1899 Thomas GOWLING) d.1952 Hampton, Vic.
-READ, Catherine May b.1881 Wandin, Lilydale - d.1930 Yarra Junction
-READ, William 'Bill' b.1883 Seville, Wandin Yallock - d.1961 Mont Albert
-READ, Frederick James b.1886 Lilydale - d.1965 Surrey Hills, Vic.
-READ, Edward 'Ep' b.3 June 1889 Coldstream, Lilydale - d.10 December 1971 Boronia
READ, Charles b. 1858 Dunolly, Victoria (m.1885 Margaret Ann CAITHNESS) - d. 3 November 1921 Beenak Rd, Wandin Yallock, Seville,
READ, Margaret Ann CAITHNESS b. 1861 Dunolly, Vic. (daughter of James Robertson CAITHNESS b.1832 Dundee, Angas, Scotland - d.1885 Willianstown, Vic. and Georgina SMITH b.1842 Nelson, New Zealand - d.1900 Fitzroy, Vic.) Margaret Ann Read died 16 August 1934 Seville, Wandin Yallock.
-READ, Florence Jennie b.1886 Fitzroy (m.1918 John Osborne AITKEN) d.1966 Prahran
-READ, Eva Georgina b. 1888 Williamstown - d.1971 Croydon, Vic.
-READ, George Leonard 'Len' b.1890 Seville (m. Elsie May DUCK) d.1952 Parkville, Melb.
-READ, Hubert Lindsay b. 26 May 1892 Seville, Wandin (m.1922 Anna DONALDSON) d. 3 April 1969Kew, Melb
-READ, Una Margaret b.30 April 1895 Wandin Yallock (Mrs KEENAN) -d.1974 Croydon, Vic
-READ, Roy Stirling b.1903 Wandin Yallock - d. 1991 Kew, Vic.
READ, Alfred, b. 12 August 1861 Dunolly, Vic. -d. 1942 North Perth, WA
READ, Catherine b. April 1863 Dunolly, Vic. (m.1880 Walter Adam LIDDY) see Liddy above - (m.1894 William PHILLIPS) - d. 20 May 1928 Petersham, Sydney, NSW
READ, Matthew Henry b. 1867 Lilydale, Yarra Valley - d. 1937 Prahran

REEVES, Edwin 'Ted' - b.Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CANADA
REEVES, Elizabeth PARKER b.Collingwood (dau.of Geo & Ann Parker)
REEVES, Clarence Lee - b.1892 Vic. (m.Flo May Storer) "Oak Forest" Silvan South
-REEVES, Clarence Arthur b. 1918 "Oak Forest" Silvan South
-REEVES, Edwin Athol b.1920 "Oak Forest" Silvan South
-REEVES, Lola b.1928 "Oak Forest" Silvan South

REID, Richard Lewis - b. 1860 Hamilton, Vic. - son of Alexander REID & Emma BILSTON - (m. Vic.1885 Isabella SINEL ) - d.
REID, Isabella Jane SINEL - b.14 Jan 1866 Kaladbro, Mt Gambier, South Australia - dghtr of George SINEL from the Isle of Jersey & Marian McPHIE -

RENOUF, Sophia - b. St Sampson, Guernesy - (m.Vic.1853 Henry SEBIRE - see SEBIRE

RENOUF, Nicholaus - b. Guernsey, (m.
RENOUF, Margaret Mia MAIE / MICHE - b, Guernsey
RENOUF, James Thomas b.1859 Sunbury, Vic 0 son of Nicolaus RENOUF & Margaret Mia MICHE - (m.Vic.1897 Ellen MARTIN) - -labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 - d.1951 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 93yrs
RENOUF, Ellen MARTIN -b. Drysdale, Bellarine, Geelong - d. 1932 nr Lilydale @ 74yrs
RENOUF, Maria Irene--b.1898 -1898 Northcote
RENOUF, Nicholas James Thomas -b.1900 Carlton -(m.Vic.1923 Eleanor Nellie RENOUF)- d.
RENOUF, Eleanor Nellie RENOUF

RENZOW, Rupert Victor b.1894 Geelong, Vic.(son of Heinrich Franz Adolph 'Frank' Renzow & Mathilde Luise Adler) Farmer, Silvan South later a Timber Worker d. 1961 Swifts Creek,
RENZOW, Victoria Ella HANSEN m.1920
RENZOW, Norma Lily b.1922
RENZOW, Frank Rupert
RENZOW, Leonard Owen

REVILLE, David D. - born Hobart Town, Tasmania
REVILLE, Mrs Flora nee McDONALD b.1860 Tarraville, Gippsland - farmer 1913
REVILLE, John - b.1885 Tarraville, Gippsland
REVILLE, Laurence -b.1888 Alberton, Gippsland - (m.1908 Georgina B. WORSLEY)
REVILLE, Mary - 1917 Silvan

REXTER, William James b. Putney, Surrey, Eng. - Orchardist @ Evelyn Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1923 Collingwood @ 84yrs (son of James Rexter)
REXTER, Elizabeth AXFORD (dghtr of Shem & Mary Ann AXFORD) d.1928 Collingwood @ 84yrs
REXTER, Selina Rose (1867-1867) Prahran
REXTER, William Ernest b.1868 Prahran - (m.Vic.1902 Bertha GOLDING) Labourer - Evelyn - d.1917 @ 50 yrs
-REXTER, Bertha GOLDING -(dghtr of John Golding & Katherine Heywood) 1917 @ Wandin/ Evelyn d.1967 Prahran @ 56yrs
REXTER, Edwin Henry b.1870 Prahran- gardener @ Wandin (m.Vic.1895 Elizabeth Alice BISHOP) - Evelyn by 1913 - d.1942 Melb. @ 72yrs
-REXTER, Elizabeth Alice BISHOP (dghtr of George Bishop & Mary Ann Palmer - d.1938 Melb. @ 68yrs
REXTER, Elizabeth Mary (1872-1874) Prahran
REXTER, Herbert b.1874 Balaclava, St Kilda - (m.Vic.1907 Ellen DUNSWORTH)
REXTER, Clara Maud b.1876 Prahran (m.1897 John William TEGART)
REXTER, Florence Louisa b.1880 Lilydale (m.Vic.1901 Michael NAUGHTON)
REXTER, Evelyn Evaline b.1882 Lilydale (m.Vic.1902 Stanley Edward Cousins MOORE)


RICHARDSON, Jabez - from Essex, England via Hotham, North Melbourne
RICHARDSON, Sarah PRESTON - b.Eng.(Mrs Jabez Richardson) d. Olinda Ck
RICHARDSON, Martha b. 1853 Saffron Walden, Essex (Mrs Meadow BIRD)
RICHARDSON, William John b.1857 Nth Melb. (m.Jeanie Green)
RICHARDSON, Reuben William - b. 1900 Olinda Creek, The Mountain
RICHARDSON John Jabez- b.1902 Olinda Creek, The Mountain
RICHARDSON Jeanie Elisabeth Green b.1910 Olinda Creek, The Mountain
RICHARDSON, Sarah Ann - b. 1861 East of Melb. (Mrs George Barber)

RIDDINGTON, Steven Walter - Mine Manager- Silvan 1917 / 1919 - b.1864 Yackandandah - son of Walter Raymond RIDDINGTON & Annie SMYTHE -(m.1889 Amy DENNY) d.1936 Yackandandah @ 72yrs
RIDDINGTON, Amy DENNY - b.abt 1869 - dgtr of John DENNY & Catherine POOLE - d.1955 Yackandandah @ 86yrs
RIDDINGTON, Amy Bell - b.1890 Yackandandah
RIDDINGTON, Annie @ Sth Wandin 1917 - b.1891 Yackandandah - d.1972 Yackandandah @ 92yrs
RIDDINGTON, Walter Ward -b.1893 Yackandandah - (m.1921 Lillian SIMCOX) - d.1954 Yackandandah @ 60yrs
RIDDINGTON, Agnes May - b.1896 Yackandandah (m.1920 William Ewart CLARKE)
RIDDINGTON, Olive -b.1899 Yackandandah -(m.1920 Hugh Finlay McCAY ) d.1980 Neerim South @ 81yrs

RILEY, Michael, - Burleigh labourer - b.13 Nov 1866 Deloraine, Tasmania - son of Peter RILEY & Ann RODGERS - (m.Vic.1901 Selina Catherine ABURROW) -d.1947 Northcote, Vic. @ 81yrs
RILEY, Selina Catherine ABURROW -b.1882 Sandhurst Goldfields, Bendigo- dghtr of francis William ABURROW & Catherine BARNES
RILEY, Harold Frederick- b.1903 Richmond
RILEY, Annie - b.1905 Prahran
RILEY, Lucy Kathleen -b.1909 Korumburra (m.Vic.1940 Robert Darling LEE)
RILEY, Arthur - b.1911 Korumburra
RILEY, Alfred Michael b.1913 Korumburra - @ Silvan, labourer (m.Vic.1939 Flora Evelyn BUCHANAN)

RISEBOROUGH, David - b.23 July 1876 Dalkey, nr Balaklava, Mid-North, South Australia - son of William RISEBOROUGH & Mary MITCHELL -(m.Burnie, Tasmania 22 March 1910 Selina Ellen BRITTON) - d.1947 Wandin Park @ 71yrs
RISEBOROUGH, Selina Ellen BRITTON -b.abt 1882 - dghtr of Phillip BRITTON & Maria MUGFORD - d.1967 Box Hill @ 84yrs
RISEBOROUGH, Violet Grace b.29 April 1912 Smithton, Tasmania -(m.Vic.1939 Frank Ronald GAUDION) Wandin Yallock
RISEBOROUGH, Lucy Caroline - b.28 April 1913 Smithton, Tasmania, Australia
RISEBOROUGH, Victor George -b.1 Sept 1915 Smithton, Tasmania (m.Vic.1940 Mavis Alma HENDERSON) -d.
RISEBOROUGH, Herbert Walter -b.29 June 1917 Smithton, Tasmania
RISEBOROUGH, Ruth Minnie b.1920 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1942 Arthur Livingstone SECOMB) d.
RISEBOROUGH, Ivy Mavis - b.1923 - d.1923 Carlton
RISEBOROUGH, Stanley Phillip b.abt 1926 Wandin Yallock - d.1951 Box Hill @ 24yrs

ROACH, Nellie - b.abt 1920 - dghtrof John COUZEN & Lena AUSTIN - d.1969 Burleigh @ 49yrs

ROBINSON, Samuel - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
ROBINSON, Mary TREEN (Mrs Sam Robinson) by 1903 - dghtr of Thomas & Elizabeth TREEN - d.1914 Coburg @ 64yrs
ROBINSON, Thomas b.abt 1872 - d.1927 Murrumbeena @ 54yrs
ROBINSON, Mary b. abt 1874 - d.1958 Glen ?, Vic. @ 83yrs
ROBINSON, Sarah b. abt 1876 - d.1952 Ferntree Gully @ 75yrs
ROBINSON, William b. abt 1880 - d.1949 Ivanhoe @ 69yrs
ROBINSON, Henry (1884-1884) Caulfield, Vic.
ROBINSON, George Herbert b.1885 Geelong - son of Samuel Robinson & Mary Treen - (m.1911 Rubina A M Tonkin) d.
ROBINSON, Rubina Annie Margaret 'Ruby' TONKIN b.1886 Northcote, Vic. -dghtr of William Garland Tonkin & Annie Redpath (m. George Herbert ROBINSON) d.1981 Hawthorn @ 94yrs
ROBINSON, Mavis Annie - b. 1912 South Wandin Yallock (m.1932 Robert Adrian SEYMOUR)
ROBINSON, Stanley b. 1915 Esternwick, Vic.
ROBINSON, Cyril George b.1917 Elsternwick, Vic.
ROBINSON, Harold Frederick b.1889 Echuca (m.1915 Ada May POWELL)
ROBINSON, Frank Edmund (1891-1891) Swan Reach
ROBINSON, Rupert Clement b.1902 Swan Reach (m.1915 Lily Rebecca THOMAS) d.1948 Heidelberg @ 55yrs
-ROBINSON, Rupert Clement Charles b.1916 Coburg

ROBINSON, Joseph Bostock b.abt 1868 England - son of John ROBINSON & Sarah WRAY - d.1963 Chelsea @ 95yrs
ROBINSON, Minnie Lily Alice TOOGOOD b.1879 Camperdown -dghtr of George TOOGOOD & Sarah BARROW d.1939 Mitcham @ 60yrs
ROBINSON, Arthur Wray b.1899 Box Hill (m.1921 May HOPPER)
ROBINSON, Hubert George b. 1901 Box Hill (m.1932 Laura Nellie BUCKMASTER)
ROBINSON, Margaret Alice b.1905 Box Hill (m.1924 William Baden Ernst BRAGG)
ROBINSON, Reginald John - b.1907 Wandin Yallock (m.1936 Mavis Merle TOOGOOD) d.1940 Box Hill @ 35yrs
ROBINSON, Frank Leslie - b.1910 Pakenham (m.1942 Ivy Melva MAGEE)
ROBINSON, Gerte Emily- b.1912 Ringwood (m.1936 Charles John BUCKMASTER)
ROBINSON, Keith Vanwell b.1917 Ringwood

ROBINSON, George Ernest - b.1891 Lal Lal, Vic. - son of Frederick Albert Daniel ROBINSON & Josephine ALMANS - (m.Vic.1913 Jessie Amelia Maude BEALE) d.1972 Surrey Hills @ 80yrs
ROBINSON, Jessie Amelia Maude BEALE - b.1892 Blue Mountain, Trentham-Blackwood, Vic. - dgtr of Andrew William BEALE & Christian Hanna HYATT - d.1984 Caulfield @ 92yrs
ROBINSON, George Ernest - b.1914 Wandin Yallock
ROBINSON, Charles Richard Beale - b.1918 Malmsbury

ROBSON, Adam - b.abt 1860 Scotland - son of James ROBSON & ? KITCHEN - (m.Vic.1888 Harriet MURRAY) - Well-kwnon Gardener on the South Wandin ROad - d.1935 Royal Park, Melb @ 75yrs
ROBSON, Harriet MURRAY - b.abt 1853 Scotland - dghtr of Alexander MURRAY & Mary MIMMOT - d.1938 Royal park, Melb. @ 85yrs
ROBSON, Mary Ann Murray -b.1880 Port Melbourne - d.1894 Children's Hospital

ROGASCH, Emilie Anna b. South Australia (m.Vic.1890 Karl Friedrich BÖCK) - see BOECK

ROGER, J. South Wandin Schoolteacher 1912

ROGER, Thomas Innes -b.1861 Palm? Vic. (son of Thomas ROGER & Elizabeth THOM of Armadale, Prahran) Fruit Grower @ Sth Wandin by 1909 Clerk 1913 d. 1837
ROGER, Alexander Thomson b. Sandhurst, Bendigo (son of Thomas ROGER & Elizabeth THOM of Armadale, Prahran) Fruit Grower @ Sth Wandin
ROGER, Mary Sophia JONES (m.1882 Alex Thomson ROGER), landowner 1913
ROGER, Walter Frederick Thomson b. 1883 Sale, Gippsland
ROGER, Olive Beatrice Ella -b. 1884 Violet Town, Fruit Grower @ Sth Wandin by 1909 (m.1913 Francis Richmond/Redmond PULLMAN)
ROGER, Arthur Stanley -b.1887 Hawthorn, vic. -Fruit Grower @ Sth Wandin by 1909/ 1917
ROGER, Ella Muriel Hope (1893-1894) Armadale
ROGER, Norman John -b. 1888 South Yarra, labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 (m.1912 Minnie Standing SHIELDS)
-ROGER, Minne Standing SHIELDS
- ROGER, Minnie Gerte b.1914 Yarragon
- ROGER, Myrtle Irene b. 1916 Warragul
- ROGER, Clarice Standing b. 1919 Warragul
ROGER, Freda Gerte b. 1896 Armadale (m.1920 Charles Walter RIVETT-CARNAC)

ROGERS, Frederick Tomkins b. Ireland
ROGERS, Elizabeth STRANGE - LOISEAN - b. N.S.W. (m.1887 Vic) - McKillop Rd, 1920
ROGERS, Frederick Walter (1888-1888) Geelong
ROGERS, Olive May (1892-1892) Geelong
ROGERS, Leslie William -b.1891 Geelong - McKillop Rd, Farmer, 1920 (m.1917 Annie Lydia CARVOSOE) d.1942 Melb. @ 52yrs
ROGERS, Annie Lydia CARVOSOE - McKillop Rd, 1920

ROGERSON, James - b.abt 1826 Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Scotland -son of William ROGERSON & Ann SADLIER - (m.Vic.1862 Helen RICHARDSON) - d.1898 Nar Nar Goon @ 71yrs
ROGERSON, Helen RICHARDSON - b.1898 Stirlingshire, Scotland -daughter of Henry RICHARDSON & Helen FORRESTER - d.6 Dec 1906 Monbulk-Sherbrooke
ROGERSON, Helen Forrester - b.1863 Glenaroua, Kilmore, Vic. (m.abt 1885 Arthur WATSON from New Zealand) d.1945 Campbellfield
ROGERSON, James - b.1865 Glenaroua, Kilmore, Vic. -son of James Rogerson & Helen Richardson- (m.Vic.1903 Ada Louise YOUNG) - Fruit Grower @ Sth Wandin by 1909 - d.
ROGERSON, Ada Louise YOUNG b.1885 Mordialloc Mentone, Vic. - daughtr of Henry Young & Sophia Connell - (m.1903 Jas Rogerson) - Fruit Grower @ Sth Wandin by 1909 - d.1967 Franskton @ 83yrs
ROGERSON, Mary Tregall Forester -b.1904 Nar Nar Goon - d.1915 Emerald
ROGERSON, Wilfred Henry james b.1909 Prahran
ROGERSON, Helen Elisabeth Sophie b.1910 Wandin Yallock
ROGERSON, Ada Emily Isabella b.1911 Sherbrooke, Monbulk - d.1915
ROGERSON, John Godfrey Fisher b.1914 Monbulk, Emerald
ROGERSON, Jean -b. Kilmore (m.Vic.1894 Joseph HAYNE from Norfolk -of The Patch see HAYNE

ROSE, James - b.1866 Old Hill, Rowley Regis, (The Black Country), Staffordshire, England -son of Joseph ROSE & Mary WESTWOOD - and nephew of Maria (nee ROSE) PAYNE of Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1896 Rosine DEPPELER ) - d.1929 Wandin Yallock @ 63yrs
ROSE, Rosine DEPPELER - b.1870 Gherangap, Batesford, Geelong - daughter of Friedrich DEPPELER & Rosina WEBER -(later Rosine ZOEBEL) from Berne, Switzerland- - d.1960 Croydon @ 90yrs
ROSE, Alice May -b.1897 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1928 Alfred James BONFIELD)
ROSE, George Frederick - b.1899 Wandin Yallock - -d.1925 Lilydale @ 26yrs
ROSE, Austin Thomas - b.1901 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1935 Evelyn Mary BAILEY)
ROSE, Evelyn Mary BAILEY - b.1903 Wandin Yallock -dghtr of John BAILEY & Harriet ROBINSON - d.1980 Armadale @ 77yrs see BAILEY
ROSE, James Stanley -b.1903 - 1904 Wandin Yallock
ROSE, Albert Edward - b.1906 Wandin Yallock - -d.1925 Hawthorn, Vic.@ 19rs
ROSE, Edith Matilda - b.1909 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1934 Lance Oswald Dudley KING)
ROSE, Horace Dudley -b.1914.Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1938 Ester Lily WALLACE)
ROSE, Ester Lily WALLACE -b.1814 Wandin Yallock -b.1914 Seville, Wandin Yallock - dghter of Edward Henderson WALLACE & Eva Georgina READ - see WALLACE

ROSE, John b. abt 1868 Old Hill, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, (The Black Country) England - son of Joseph ROSE & Mary WESTWOOD -and nephew of Maria (nee ROSE) PAYNE of Wandin Yallock - (m.abt Feb 1889 Dudley, Staffordshire to Sarah Jane DYER) d. Victoria
ROSE, Sarah Jane DYER - b.abt 1867 Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, (The Black Country) England - daughter of Coalminer Thomas DYER & his nailmaker wife Mary Ann ? - - d.15 July 1944 Wandin Yallock @ 77yrs
ROSE, Mary - b.1890 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic. KENNEDY) - d.1975 Box Hill @ 85yrs
ROSE, Joseph - b.1892 Wandin Yallock - d.1908 Melb.East @ 16yrs
ROSE, Florance -b.1895 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1923 James Douglas CRUIKSHANK) - d.1960 Warragul @ 64yr
ROSE, Annie - b.31 Jan 1897 Wandin Yallock - (m.21 Apr 1920 William HUNTER 1887-1980) - d.15 Aug 1966 Ringwood @ 68yr - see HUNTER
ROSE, Alfred James - b.1899 - d.1899 Wandin Yallock - - -d.1960 Lilydale @ 53yrs
ROSE, Thomas William -b.1899 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1927 Gladys Irene Wallace PALMER)
ROSE, Gladys Irene Wallace PALMER
ROSE, Edward John - b.1901-d.1901 Wandin Yallock
ROSE, Sylvia Lillian - b.1903 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1924 James Thornton TWITE)
ROSE, Frederick John - b.1906 Melb.WeST - d.Melb.East
ROSE, Alfred Edward - b.1907 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1932 Ethel Irene CLEMENTS)
ROSE, Stanley John - b.1911 Lilydale - d.1911 Wandin Yallock
ROSE, Bessie Brenda - b.1913 Lilydale - Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1933 Clifford Quinton JACKSON)

ROSIER, Harriet - wife of John Simpson

ROSS, John -b.abt 1827 - son of John ROSS - - - d.1913 Wandin Yallock @ 86yrs

ROSSITER, John Norman(1849-1919)Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1913 d. Hawthorn, Boroondara
ROSSITER, Frances Ada Crichton SEMPLE b.1868 Collingwood~1934 Belgrave, Vic. (Mrs J.N.Rossiter m.1885 Vic)
ROSSITER, Ruth Mary (1886-1971) b. Cheltenham, Vic.
ROSSITER, Arthur John b.1887 Cheltenham, Vic.
ROSSITER, Robert Leslie (1889-1967) b.Cheltenham, Vic. - Silvan 1917
ROSSITER, Florence
ROSSITER, Ida Norma b.1893 Cheltenham, Vic.- Silvan 1917

ROSSITER, Edmund John (1896-1986)b. Scoresby, Vic.
ROSSITER, Frances Edith DUCKHAM (1899-1962)b.Tiverton, Devonshire, Eng. (Mrs Edmund John Rossiter m.1919 Vic.)
ROSSITER, Joan b. 1920
ROSSITER, Ronald Curtis (13/12/1921-2001) b. Silvan South, Vic
ROSSITER, John Francis b.1921
ROSSITER, Marjorie Irene b.1923

ROUGET, Jéan 'John' -b.26 May 1824 St Peter Port, St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands -son of Henri ROUGET & Susanne QUERTIER - - (m.15 Octobre 1851 The Câtel, St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands) - d. 17 Sept 1914 Wandin Yallock
ROUGET, Susanne Le PAGE 0-b.26 Feb 1826 The Câtel, St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands - daughter of Samuel Le PAGE & Marguerite CARRE – d.Sept 1870 Wandin YAllock
ROUGET, 'John' Jéan Avoca -b.1855 -(m.Vic.1876 Susannah BRUHN) -d.1934Cheltenham,
ROUGET, Susannah BRUHN b.1856 Amberst, Goldfields, Victoria, - daughter of Oskar BRUHN - d.1914 Wandin Yallock

ROUGET, Thomas Henri b.2 Oct 1857 De Castella's Station on the Yarra, Yering-Gruyere Victoria, (m.Wandin Yallock 18 May 1893 Jane HOGG ) d.28 April 1939 Lilydale,
ROUGET, Janet HOGG - b.1861 St Kilda, Melbourne - dghtr of Thomas HOGG & Mary DODDS - d.Christmans Day 1896 Wandin Yallock see HOGG
-ROUGET, Susan -b.1884 – (m.Vic. David JOHNSTON) d. 1968 - See JOHNSTON
-ROUGET, John -b.1885 - (m. Ellen Doris BELCHER
1885 – ? ) d.– 1966
-ROUGET, Ellen Doris BELCHER b.1885 –
-ROUGET, Mary -b.1886 – - (m.Vic.1912 John Henry Arthur Wilhelm FRANZ (1889 – 1955)) - d.1983 Surrey Hills, Vic.
-ROUGET, Ada Emily -b.1887 – 1973
-ROUGET, Thomes Henry -b.1888 –(Hilde Dorothea UEBERGANG m.East Doncaster, Vic.4 Oct 1922) - d.1970
-ROUGET, Hilde Dorothea UEBERGANG - b.21 May 1900 East Doncaster - dghtr of Carl Heinrich UEBERGANG & Sarah Constable BUCK - d.18 July 1984 North Croydon
-ROUGET, Arthur James -b.1889 – - (m.Vic. Elsie GAUDION) -d.1940
-ROUGET, Clara May -b.1891 – 1902
-ROUGET, Albert Mark -b.1896 – 1921

ROUGET, Samuel David b.– 1858- Running or Olinda Creek, Upper Yarra valley – d.1909 Mooroopna Hospital, Goulburn Valley,Victoria, Australia [from Myrtleford North?]

ROUGET, Margarette Susan b.1861 Yering, Yarra Valley - (m.Wandin Yallock 1899 John DOWNHAM) - see DOWNHAM

ROUGET, Alfred -b. 21 Feb 1864 Yering, Upper Yarra valley -(m.Vic.1878 Elizabeth Kate Milne MITCHELL) d.January 1931 Lilydale, Upper Yarra valley
ROUGET, Elizabeth Kate Milne MITCHELL - b.1868 Nunawading - dghtr of William MITCHELL & Mary Ann CLAY - d.1950 St Kilda, Vic.
-ROUGET, Alfred Edwin - b.1887 –-(m.Vic.1918 Annie Jean RATCLIFFE) 1964
-ROUGET, Elisabeth Kate - b.1889 – 1926
-ROUGET, Samuel James - b.1895 – (- d.1917
-ROUGET, Frank William - 1895 – 1917
-ROUGET, May Clara - 1895 – 1917
-ROUGET, George Albert 1897 – 1975
-ROUGET, Eva Hilda - b.1899
-ROUGET, Caroline Esther - b.1901 – 1989
-ROUGET, Isabel Margaret - b.1903 - d.1973
-ROUGET, Rosa Victoria - b.1906
-ROUGET, Gladys Honour -b.1908 –
-ROUGET, Florence Marion - b.-1911 – 1995

ROUGET, James -b.1866 Yering, Upper Yarra Valley - (m.Wandin Yallock - 1894 Anne BLANKSBY) – January 1931
ROUGET, Anne BLANKSBY -b.1872 Norwood, Hartwell, Boroondara - dghtr of John BLANKSBY & Priscilla SMITH - d. 31 May 1941 Wandin Yallock - - see BLANKSBY -ROUGET, Clarence Vincent -b.1897 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic. Beatrice Mercy MATTHEWS
) – 1960 Wandin Yallock
-ROUGET, Beatrice Mercy MATTHEWS - b.26 June 1896 Williamstown - dghter of Ralph MATTHEWS & Mary Jane FLEMING - later Mrs BOYS) - d.1982 Ringwood - See MATTHEWS - see BOYS - see FLEMING
-ROUGET, Caroline Ester -b. 1901 Wandin Yallock–

ROURKE, Denis - b.abt 1802 Ireland -son of Patrick & Mary ROURKE - d.1887 Lillydale, Vic. @ 84yrs
ROURKE, Ann BOLTON - b.abt 1806 - dghtr of William BOLTON & Ann GRAHAM - d.1885 Lillydale @ 78yrs
ROURKE, Hugh - b.1819 Ireland - (m.Ireland- Eliza KEARNEY) - d.1856 Dandenong Creek @ 36yrs
ROURKE, Elizabeth Eliza KEARNEY - b.abt 1816 - d.1880 Lillydale @ 64yrs
ROURKE, Patrick- b.1841 Shingy Bar, The Dandenongs
ROURKE, Jane -b.1843 Corangwarrabul Creek
ROURKE, Denis -b.1845 Dandenong Creek - (m.Vic. Mary Ann BRICE)
- ROURKE, Henry John Thomas -b.1871 Lilydale
ROURKE, Thomas Henry - b.Dandenong Creek - (m.Vic.1887 Jane DEVINE)
ROURKE, Mary Theresa -b.1847 Dandenong Creek (m.Vic.1877 William DOHERTY)
ROURKE, Maggie - Dandenong Creek - (m.Vic.1870 William Morico TURNBULL)
ROURKE, Eliza -b.1850 Dandenong Creek - (m.Vic.1883 John RYAN) -d.
ROURKE, Hugh - b.1856 Brushy Creek, Vic.- d.1905 Geelong @ 48yrs
ROURKE, James - b.1860 Brushy Creek, Vic.
ROURKE, Catherine -b.1864 Brushy Creek, Vic. - d.1889 Rochester, Vic @ 25yrs
ROURKE, John Thomas - b.1834 Ireland -son of Dennis ROURKE & Ann BOLTON - (m.Vic.1871 Olivia SULLIVAN) - d.1920 Ivanhoe-on-Yarra @ 86yrs
ROURKE, Olivia SULLIVAN - b.abt 1849 Louisiana, United States of America - dghtr of Alexander SULLIVAN & Frances TEXADA - d.1921 Collingwood @ 71yrs
ROURKE, Laura Olivia -b.1872 Lilydale -(m.Vic.1896 Robert William GURR)
ROURKE, Alick Henry -b.1874-1874 Lilydale
ROURKE, Arick Bolton -b.1876 Lilydale
ROURKE, Alice Sullivan -b.1879 Lilydale -(m.Vic.1896 Charles John BARNFATHER)-widowed- (re-m.Vic.1901 Robert G. BALDOCK)
ROURKE, John Stanley -b.1880 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1907 Mary Helena 'Lena' CONWAY)
ROURKE, Mary Helena 'Lena' CONWAY
- ROURKE, Eric Francis -b.1908 Hotham Wets, Nth Melb.
ROURKE, Eileen Alma -b.1882 Lilydale - d.1906 Melb.East @ 24yr
ROURKE, Frances Marion-b.1885 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1910 Charles Edgar KELLETT)
ROURKE, Harold Lindsay Gordon -b.1887 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1908 Elsie Violet WATKINS)
ROURKE, Olive Highton -b.1889 Geelong - (m.Vic.1916 Smith MURDOCH)
ROURKE, Emily - -dghtr of Dennis ROURKE & Ann BOLTON - (m.Vic.1871 James Texada SULLIVAN son of Alexander SULLIVAN & Frances TEXADA from Louisiana, United States of America -

ROUSE, John - b. abt 1841 - d.1918 Lilydale @ 77yrs

ROWSE, William Giles b.1861 Creswick, on the Goldfields of Victoria (son of Cornishman, William ROWSE & his Cornish-born wife, Mary Jane GILES m.1860 Vic.) ~ d.1935 Croydon, Vic. @ 73yrs
ROWSE, (wife 1) Mary Ellen Helen NICHOLAS b.1857 Ballarat [dghtr of William NICHOLAS & Elizabeth Helen HOLMAN] (m.1887 William Giles Rowse) d.1889 Warragul @ 32yrs
ROWSE, William Norman b. 1888 Warragul, Vic.
ROWSE, Mary Robina b.1889 Warragul - 1890 Maryborough, Vic.
ROWSE, (wife 2) Margaret HADLOW b. 1863 Mtta, Wimmera, Vic. (dghtr of Joseph HADLOW & Jane RANKIN) (m.1892 W. G. ROWSE) ~ d.1935 Lilydale @ 72yrs
ROWSE, Daisy b.1894 Geelong (m.1926 Hubert Ellis JEEVES) d.1976 Blackburn @ 82yrs
ROWSE, Clinton Giles b. 1897 Geelong, Vic. (m.1936 Ethel BATSON) - d.1965 Warragul @ 68yrs
-ROWSE, Ethel BATSON b.1913 Camberdown, Vic. (dghr of Charsle William Batson & Mary Jane Gillies)
ROWSE, 'Ted' Edward Hadlow b.1902 Geelong, Vic. (m.1934 Constance Agnes ANSTEY) - d.1974 Warragul @ 71yrs
-ROWSE, Constance Agnes ANSTEY b.1912 Footscray (Dghr of William Frank ANSTEY & Elizabeth Olive SCOTT)

RUDD, 'Norm' Wimmera Stanley Norman -Farm labourer @ Burleigh - b. 1892 Horsham, The Wimmera, Victoria (the son of John George Edward Rudd & Matilda Herbert) Died: @ 82 yrs 1975 Box Hill

RUSSELL, William - farmer by 1914, 1917 1924
RUSSELL, Marie - by 1914, 1917, 1924

RYAN, Charles Frederick - In Wandin South abt 1900 - Manager in the Wandins 1906 - - b.1865 Cheltenham - Brighton (Market Gardens), Vic. son of Joseph Charles RYAN & Mary Forrest FORAN- (m.Vic.1888 Louisa McINTOSH) - d.1914 Wandin Yallock @ 49yrs
RYAN, Louisa McINTOSH - b.abt 1868 -dghtr of George McINTOSH & Matilda SMITH - d.1957 Melbourne @ 88yrs
RYAN, Louisa Matilda - b.1890 Hotham East, Nth Melb. - (m.Vic.1910 to Geelong-born, William Joseph SMYTH) -d.1971 Elsternwick @ 81yrs
RYAN, Vera - b.1898 Hotham East, North Melbourne (m.Vic.1921 Leslie Herbert ADAMS) - d.1960 Heathmont @ 61yrs
RYAN, Charles Forrest - b.1901 Hotham East, Nth Melb. (m.Vic.1923 Rita Madeline Florence McLEAN) - d.1967 Melb. @ 66yrs
RYAN, Rita Madeline Florence McLEAN
RYAN, Edgar William - b.1904 Hotham East, Nth Melb. ( m.Vic.1929 Lilian May McKENZIE) -d.1957 Melb.@ 53yrs
RYAN, Norman Leslie - b.1905 South Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1940 Martha Muriel HOLCOMBE) d.1966 Caulfield @ 59yrs
RYAN, Martha Muriel HOLCOMBE

RYAN, Martin - Stone Breaker for Mr Goodall. Died after falling into his campfire by his tent. Rev Green rescue him and took him to Lilydale. Sent by the milk train from Lilydale to Melbourne but died enroute. b.abt 1841 - son of Timothy RYAN & Catherine BRENNAN - - d.1890 - registered at East Melbourne @ 49yrs - see GOODALL

SALKELD, James -b.1867 Duck Ponds, Geelong -son of Thomas SALKELD & Kate Catherine DINGWALL - Orchardist @ Sth Wandin by 1912 - (m.1890 Mary WILSON) d.1960 Moe @ 95yrs
SALKELD, Mary WILSON - b.1861 Beechworth, Vic. -dghtr of Christopher WILSON & Mary Ann WHITE - @ Sth Wandin by 1912 - d.1961 Newborough, Vic. @ 99yrs
SALKELD, Martha b. 1893 Melbourne South
SALKELD, Mary Olive b.abt 1894 - d.1924 Hawthorn @ 30yrs
SALKELD, Sarah Hazel b.abt 1895 Melb.South (m.1928 John Stewart McCALL)

SARDELICH, Petar b. 16 May 1906 Dalmatia
SARDELICH, Petrica b. 29 June 1910 Dalmatia
SARDELICH, Petro -b.1932 Dalmatia - via Western Australia
SARDELICH, Vjero b.1937 Dalmatia - via Western Australia

SAUNDERS, William Edward b. 7 September 1867 in Collingwood, Victoria, son of Thomas SAUNDERS & Catherin U'REN. Died September 1925 in Kew, Boroondara, Victoria.
SAUNDERS, Annie JOHNSON (1867-1918 Wandin Yallock)
SAUNDERS, 'Kate' Catherine U'ren 1888 Wandin Yallock d.1865 Sydney NSW [m.1910 James Thomas Bernard O'ROURKE (1888 – 1965)]
SAUNDERS, Alice 1890 Wandin Yallock - d.1976 Frankston [m.1909 Mrs Edwin Watkin WYKES]
SAUNDERS, Annie 1892 Wandin Yallock,
SAUNDERS, Alma Edith b. 1895 Wandin Yallock [m.1917 Leopold Francis HENDERSON] d. 1965
SAUNDERS, Frances Amelia 'Fanny' 1898 Wandin Yallock - d.1989 Frankston [m.1921 Robert Andrew SHERLOCK (1887 – 1976)]
SAUNDERS, Hannah Vera SAUNDERS 1900 Wandin Yallock – d.1992
SAUNDERS, Ivie Thelma 1902 Wandin Yallock - d. 1941 Croydon [m.1927 William Francis McGIVERN (1897 – 1956)]
SAUNDERS, Lilla Edna 1905 Wandin Yallock [M.1925 William PHELAN]
SAUNDERS, Phyllis Gwendoline 1908 Wandin Yallock - d.1977 [m.1941 Thomas Henry USHER]

SAUNDERS, Annie Anderson b.Portsmouth, Eng. (Mrs Neil CAMPBELL m.1883 Vic)

SCHNEEBERGER, Karl Friedrich -b.25 March 1832 in Eisenbach-am-Glan, in then Bavarian Rheinland, Germany -now the Rheinland-Pfalz or in English-form, the Rhineland Palatinate) Deutschland - son of Friedrich SCHNEEBERGER & Katherina KLEIN. - Emigrated 1856. Note: Karl Friedrich SCHNEEBERGER prospected on the Emerald Diggings, at Gembrook, as well as at Beenak. He also grew fruit with his brother in law Jakob Christoph GÜNTHER who was also in Wandin Yallock, married as he was to Frances Elizabeth ORENSHAW. K.F. Scheeberger was also the proprietor of a Crown Grant of land in the Parish of Woori Yallock adjacent Wandin Yallock at Parslows, (now Yellingbo). d.16 November 1905 Collingwood.
SCHNEEBERGER, Phillipine GÜNTHER b.1834 Cusel, in the Bavarian Rhineland [now Kusel, Rheinland Pfalz, Deutschland] -daughter Valentin GÜNTHER & Karolina GEYER - d.17 Sept 1924 Hotham, North Melbourne - see GÜNTHER
Phillipina GÜNTHER married in Melbourne in 1859 to Jakob OBERDORF who died in China in 1862 - and so she remarried in 1863 to K.F.Schneeberger -
OBERDORF, Jakob b.1830 Deutschland - Occupation: Musician, - (m.Vic.1859 P.Guenther) d.1862 China
OBERDORF, Carl Albert -b.1856 in Geelong - d.1925 Cheltenham, Vic.
OBERDORF, Eugen Victor -b.1860 Hobart, VDL, Tasmania - d.1941 Preston, Vic.
OBERDORF, Catherina Phillipina -b.1862 Waldau, Bulleen (Doncaster) (m.Vic. Theodore Adolf HANSEN 1863 – 1936) - d.1945 Cheltenham
SCHNEEBERGER, Friedrich -b.1864 Yering Rd, Stringybark Crk, Lillydale -(m.Vic.1887 Ellen FITZGIBBON) d.1943 Prahran
SCHNEEBERGER, Ellen Eizabeth FITZGIBBON -b.1866 Koroit, Tower Hill, Warrnambool- - (dghtr of Michael FITZGIBBON & Mary FITZGERALD who married in Victoria in 1863 though both came from County Cork, Ireland). - d.1932 Cheltenham
-SCHNEEBERGER, Leslie Carl -b.1888 Tower Hill, Warrnambool (m.1915 Violet POOLE) - d.1959 Cohuna
-SCHNEEBERGER, Georg Albert -b.1891 Wandin Yallock (m.1922 Bertha Gladys HOWARD) d.1963 Mordialloc
SCHNEEBERGER, Carolina -b.1867 Wandin Yallock -
SCHNEEBERGER, Phillip -b.1 Dec 1871 Collingwood (m.Vic.1901 Eleanor SAUNDERS) - d.1945 Euroa
SCHNEEBERGER, Eleanor SAUNDERS -b.1872 Hamilton, Vic. - dghtr of Alfred SAUNDERS & Selina MORRIS – 1960 Parkville, Melb.
-SCHNEEBERGER, Carl Eric -b.1903 Richmond - 1989 Geelong
-SCHNEEBERGER, Leopold Hermann -b.1908 Clifton Hill – 2000 Euroa
-SCHNEEBERGER, Philipp -b.1909 Clifton Hill – 1986 Euroa
-SCHNEEBERGER, Greta Eugenie -b.1911 Clifton Hill– 1996 Maffra
-SCHNEEBERGER, Frieda Eleanore -b.1913 Euroa – 2002 Victoria
GÜNTHER - SCHNEEBERGER- OBERDORF. Note: Schneeberger means literally, Snow-Mountain. Karl F Schneeberger arrived in Australia in 1856 aboard the clipper ship Lightning, which had sailed from Liverpool in the then record time of 68 days & 10 hours. In 1863, he married Phillipina (nee Gunther )the widow of Jakob Oberdorf. He raised the 3 children of Phillipina's 1st marriage as his own, & he & Phillipina went on to have 2 sons of their own, Frederick in 1864 & Phillip in 1871. He lived at 37 Mollison St, Abbotsford with his son-in-law, Thomas Hansen who had married Catherina, the youngest of the 3 children of the Oberdorf union. Their daughter Alma went on to become an Oxford don & private scretary to Prime Minister Lloyd George. Little is known of Karl's occupation in Melbourne, except a letter from his son Phillip to an American cousin in 1991 mentions that that due to a severe recession at that time, he had gone "into the country looking for gold". At that stage he would have been 65 years of age.

SCHRAM, Ernst Alfred (1882 Deans Marsh, Winchelsea – 1954 Hastings, Vic) [a son of Johannis Jantz SCHRAM - of Bambra - Deans Marsh, Western Victoria (b.1836 Den Hoorn, Isle of Texel, Nord Holland, Netherlands - d. 1910 Geelong, Victoria, Australia), and Ruth Elisabeth SCHRAM nee CHALLIS (b.1849 Elmdon, Essex, England - d.1937 Geelong, Victoria, Australia) ]
SCHRAM, Sophia PARKER (1887 Bambra – 1948) m. 1908 Vic.
SCHRAM, Helena May b. 1909 Deans Marsh, Vic (m.1935 Francis Robt BERNARD)
SCHRAM, Cecil James b. 1911 Deans Marsh, Vic. (m.1942 Dora GALE)
SCHRAM, Clara Florence b.1912 Deans Marsh [m.1934 Charles Eric CHAPMAN]
SCHRAM, Mary Beatrice b. 1914 Deans Marsh, Vic. (m.1940 Ivan Edwin CLISSOLD)
SCHRAM, Leslie Colin b. 1916 Winchelsea [m.1940 Edna Jean MARTIN]
SCHRAM, Evelyn Elsie b. 1918 Deans Marsh, Barwon Valley, Victoria
SCHRAM, Sophia Thelma b. 1919 Birregurra, Barwon Valley, Victoria
SCHRAM, William (1922-1922) Birregurra, Victoria, Australia
SCHRAM, Irene Margaret (1926 Birregurra, Vic. – 2002 Vic.)
SCHRAM, Ernest Jonathan SCHRAM (1927 – 1932) Kyabram, Victoria, Australia

THE SCHRÖDERs emigrated as a family out of Deutschland via the Port of Bremen on the ship 'POTOSI' arriving in Melbourne on the 15th August 1880.
SCHRÖDER, Wilhelm Friedrich 1842 Luneberg, Königreich Hannover, Deutschland -son of Karl Ludwig Ferdinand SCHRÖDER & Luise Marie Dorothea ROHRS - (m.Machingen, Hannover 15 April 1873 to Caroline Christiane Conrandine ROHRS) – died: 7 February 1923 in Wandin Yallock
SCHRÖDER, Caroline Christiane Conrandine ROHRS b.12 December 1845 in Celle, Königreich Hannover, Deutschland - daughter of Heinrich Wilhelm August ROHRS & Christiane Friedericke Amelie SCHULZ – Died: 2 October 1916 in Seville, Wandin Yallock
SCHRÖDER, Georg 'Schroeder' SCHRÖDER 1874 – 1876 Hannover Provinz, Deutschland–
SCHRÖDER, Emma Amelie Wilhelmine b. 12 August 1876 Hannover, Deutschland, Germany - dghtr of Wilhelm Friedrich SCHRÖDER & Caroline Christiane Conrandine RÖHRS - (m.Vic.14 June 1905 Albert Arthur LANNING) d.10 May 1950 Geelong see LANNING
SCHRÖDER, Gustav Georg Carl -b.1879 Hannover Provinz, Deutschland– d.1906 Wandin Yallock
SCHRÖDER, Bertha Martha Beatrice b.14 April 1881 Fitzroy (m.Vic.1906 Edward William JOHNSON of Wandin Yallock) -d.27 July 1952 Wandin Yallock - see JOHNSON

SCHUSSLER, Julius Peter - Reverend? b.? Deutschland. Methodist Home Missioner at Wandin & South Wandin. Naturalised 1899/1900 residing at Taggerty, Alexandra. In 1916 he was a Presbyterian Missionary at Brunswick, Vic. He died in 1945 at Parkville, Melbourne, aged 72.
SCHUSSLER, Edith Florence THORNTON (m.1913 Mrs J.P.Schussler) d.1965 Brighton @ 85 yrs
SCHUSSLER, Margaret Ruth b. 1915 Geelong

SCOTT, Daniel Fergus -Olinda Vale 1907 - b.8 october 1853 Tasman Peninsula? Tasmania - son of Daniel or Donald Fergus SCOTT & Elizabeth CHISOLM - (m.Vic.1889 Adeline Kate BULL) - d.1922 Lilydale @ 68yrs
SCOTT, Adeline Kate BULL - b.24 Dec 1861 Launceston, Tasmania - dgtr of William BULL & Elizabeth Ann JORDAN -
SCOTT, Donald Fergus - b.1890 StH Fitzroy - d.1967 Kew, Boroondara @ 77yrs

SCUDERI, Carmelo b.12 Januar 1896 Italy - son of Giacomo SCUDERI & Rosa PAGLIA -Naturalised 10 May 1934 -Pirchased land in Wandin Yallock in 1940 - later, in 1945 purchased property in Mourilyan North, QLD - d.1974 Melbourne
SCUDERI, Ada Eliza Isabel WILLIAMSON - Silvan Road 1934 - d.1951 Mordialloc
SCUDERI, Norman Gweneth (1930-1935) d. Fairfield

SCURRAH, John - No Occupation, Wiseman Rd, Burleigh (son of John SCURRAH & Alice PLEWS) died 1972 Cheltenham, Vic. @ 99 years. Father of Mrs Phillip CONSTANTINE
SCURRAH, Anne DENT d. 1940 Royal Park @ 71 yrs
SCURRAH, Anne Lord - (Mrs Phillip CONSTANTINE) d.1973 Ferntree Gully @ 77 yrs
SCURRAH, John, died 1924 East Melbourne @ 26 yrs

SCURRY, William Charles Jnr b.1895 Carlton Nth (son of William Charles Scurry & Bessie Preston) 'Dunluce, Silvan, orchardist 1926 Died 1964 Croydon @ 68 yrs
SCURRY, Doris Agatha BARRY (m.1920 Mrs W.C. Scurry)daughter of John BARRY & Johanna CROLL d. 1968 Glen ? Vic. @ 77 yrs

SEAMER, Mrs Maria BAKER (widow of Hy Seamer) (Mrs Thos McDonald)
SEAMER, Emma Elizabeth b. Kent, Eng. (Mrs David HILL m. 1900 Vic) (Mrs Frank Severino m. 1918)
SEAMER, Doris May b. 1899 South Wandin/ Sherbrooke (Nth Monbulk )
SEAMER, Emma Elizabeth ( Mrs Severino) d.1956 Melb.
SEAMER, Maria (Mrs Morgan) d. 1932 Belgrave, Vic
SEAMER, George William - b. 1889 Dandenong (roots Kent) d. 1954 Melb.
SEAMER, Sarah Eva SMITH (daug. of H. B. Smith) -[Mrs Geo W Seamer m.1909]
SEAMER, Alice May - b. 1909 South Wandin Yallock
SEAMER, Annie Ella b. 1912 South Wandin Yallock (Mrs D.R.L.Martin)
SEAMER, Thelma May b. 1910 Prahran, Vic.
SEAMER, Ruby O'Dell b. South Wandin Yallock (Mrs Geo Gray)
SEAMER, Coral Daphne b. 1915 Silvan (Mrs Jack Anderson)
SEAMER, Albert Frederick b.1916 Sth Wandin Ylck d. 1979 FTG
SEAMER, Eva Gladys b. 1917 South Wandin Yallock (Mrs Frank Anderson)
SEAMER, Dulcie b. 1919 'Sherbrook'(Nth Monbulk )
SEAMER, Harold George (1922-1979)

SEARLE, Jacob b.1852 England- son of James SEARLE of Sussex, England & Elizabeth Jane BOWLES of Dover, Kent who emigrated with his family to the Victorian Goldfields. He married 25 January 1878 Mary Jane NELSON @ St James Church, Creswick, Victoria) d. 6 May 1929 South Melbourne
SEARLE, Mary Jane 'Connie' NELSON (1853 Adelaide, Sth.Aust -dghtr of Edward CORNELIUS 'Charles Nelson' and Grace COWLING ~ d.1923 Emerald) Buried: 16 Jul 1923 Macclesfield-Nangana Cemetery
SEARLE, Arthur b.1878 Kingston?-d.1879 Rocky Lead, Bungaree
SEARLE, Elizabeth (1879 Bungaree~1925 Wonthaggi) (Mrs James Alfred WARD)
SEARLE, Jack John b.1881 Bullarook
SEARLE, James b.1882 Barkstead - 1992 Daylesford
SEARLE, William b.1883 Rocky lead, Daylesford (m.1911 Grace Mabel BROWN)
SEARLE, Mary Jane b.1885 Musk ~ d.1889 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale
SEARLE, Grace b.1887 Muskerry, Dayslfd (m.1907 Edward CREATON)
SEARLE, Alice May b.1890 Wandin Yallock (m.1912 William Henry EDBROOKE)
SEARLE, George b.1892 Wandin Yallock (m. Bessie Thompson RICHARDSON)

SEARLE, Mrs Josephine Helen -Olinda Vale 1910 Schoolteacher [ Reg. No.10647]

SEBIRE FAMILIES - children of - Jéan 'John' SEBIRE (1798 – 1871) & Judith TORODE (1797 – 1867) - of St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands

SEBIRE, Judith - b. 27 June 1824 Guernsey, Channel Islands (m.St Sampson, Guernsey 9 Jan 1847 to Jéan Thomas TOUZEAU) d. 10 Aug 1894 Wandin Yallock, Vic. see TOUZEAU

SEBIRE, Henri 'Henry' - 13 Aug 1828 St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands -- son of Jéan 'John' SEBIRE & Judith TORODE - (m.1. St Peters Church, Melbourne 1853 to Sophie RENOUF) - widowed 1855 (m.2.Vic.1856 Martha RIHOY d.10 July 1902 Wandin Yallock,
SEBIRE, Sophie RENOUF b. Guernsey, Channel Islands - d. 1855 Melbourne, Vic.

SEBIRE, Sophie - b.27 Apr 1854 Collingwood, (m.Vic.1889 George Dixon JOYNER) - d.1931 New Zealand

SEBIRE, Martha RIHOY -b.15 Dec 1835 St Sampson Guernsey -daughter of Jéan 'John' RIHOY & Susanne RENOUF - d.23 June 1909 Wandin Yallock @ 73yrs

SEBIRE, Mary Ann Judith - b.1858 Pentridge Village, Vic. - (m.Vic.1884 William HENDERSON d.27 Mar 1944 Wandin Yallock - see HENDERSON

SEBIRE, Henry Torode - b.1860 Lethbridge - (m.Vic.1889 Wilhelmina MATHESON) - widowed? - (re-married - m.Vic.1923 Matilda CHAPMAN)
SEBIRE, Wilhelmina MATHESON - b. Victoria
SEBIRE, Matilda CHAPMAN - - b.abt 1882 - dghtr of Charles CHAPMAN & Matilda HARRISON - d.1957 Macleod @ 75yrs

SEBIRE, Jéan 'John' b. 1862 Lethbridge - (m.Vic.1889 Christina ROBBINS) -
SEBIRE, Christina ROBBINS - b.1864 Sandridge, Pt Melb. dght of Frank ROBBINS & Cecilia Mary COUCH - d.1948 C'field @ 84yr
- SEBIRE, Francis Henry -b.1890 Port Melbourne - (m.Vic.1916 Flora Margaret McINNES)
- SEBIRE, Flora Margaret McINNES
- - SEBIRE, Paul Francis - b.1917 Richmond, Vic.
- SEBIRE, Irene Beatrix -b.1893 Shepparton - (m.Vic.1919 Claud Victor JANES)
- SEBIRE, Vera Theresa -b.1896 Shepparton, Vic.

SEBIRE, William Josiah -b.1865 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1897 Frances Louisa QUAYLE
SEBIRE, Frances Louisa QUAYLE b. Heidelberg - dght of Thomas QUAYLE & Margaret MYLES - d.1958 Hawthorn @ 90yrs - see QUAYLE
- SEBIRE, son - b. 1898 Wandin Yallock
- SEBIRE, Hilda Rihoy -b.1899 Wandin Yallock - d. 1906 Wandin Y
- SEBIRE, Eva Myles - b.1901 Wandin Yallock - d.1964 Warburton @ 63yr
- SEBIRE, Olive Adelaide -b.1905 Wandin Yallock
- SEBIRE, Annetta Ida -b.1907 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1934 Harold Neville LORD)

SEBIRE, Wandin Thomas -b. 1867 Wandin Yallock-Lilydale - (m. Emily Ada BRIGGS) - d. 20 Dec 1960 Wandin Yallock - Buried: Lilydale
SEBIRE, Emma Ada 'Emily' BRIGGS - b.1881 Wandin Yallock-Lilydale - dught of Thomas Christopher BRIGGS & Maria HOUGHTON -d. 7 Sept 1957 Wandin Yallock - See BRIGGS - see HOUGHTON
- SEBIRE, Henry Thomas - b.1903 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1926 Ruby Alice ATKINSON)
- SEBIRE, Percival John -b.1904 Wandin Yallock- (m.Vic.1928 Eileen Cecilia TULLOCH)
- SEBIRE, Eileen Cecilia TULLOCH
- SEBIRE, Leonard George -b.1906 - (m.Vic.1930 Gladys Mary NEWELL)
- SEBIRE, Gladys Mary NEWELL
- SEBIRE, Edgar Ronald - b.1915 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1937 Beryl BAKER)
- SEBIRE, Beryl BAKER -b. 1919 Wandin Yallock - daughter of Arthur BAKER & ELisabeth Waltom ASTLE - - see BAKER

SEBIRE, Lily Martha - b. 1870 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale

SEBIRE, Thomas -b.4 Jan 1873 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m.Vic.1902 Linda Caroline FAIRLESS - Wandin Yallock - widowed - remarried - (m.Vic.1922 Nellie GAUDION)
SEBIRE, Linda Caroline FAIRLESS - b.abt 1870 - dghtr of William FAIRLESS & Mary Ann MARTIN - d.1917 Wandn Yallock Parish @ 47yrs - see FAIRLESS
- SEBIRE, Reginald Thomas -b.1906 - (m.Vic.1929 Gwendoline Mary QUAYLE) - d.1963 Lilydale @ 57
- SEBIRE, Gwendoline Mary QUAYLE- - see QUAYLE
- SEBIRE, Edna Linda Mavis - b.1908 - (m.Vic.1939 George Alfred ANDREWS) - see ANDREWS
- SEBIRE, Mervyn Arthur Wesley - b.1914 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1939 Jean Violet FLANAGAN)
- SEBIRE, Jean Violet FLANAGAN -
SEBIRE, Nellie GAUDION - -b.1892 - dghtr of Thomas GAUDION & Mary Helena MITCHELL - d.1981 Croydon @ 89yr

SEBIRE, Alfred Edward - b.1877 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale

SEBIRE, William Joseph - b.18 Feb 1841 St Sampson, Guernsey - son of Jéan 'John' SEBIRE & Judith TORODE - (m.Vic.1874 Mary Anna RIHOY) - d.26 Oct 1909 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale - Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery
SEBIRE, Mary Ann RIHOY - b.18 Sept 1852 St Sampson, Guernsey - dghter of Jéan ROIHY & Susanne CORBET - d. 27 Nov 1926 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale

SEBIRE, William John - b. 1875 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - (m.Vic.1898 Esther Christina Carol COOK)
SEBIRE, Esther Christina Caroline COOK - b.1879 Echuca, Vic. - dghtr of Henry Conroyd COOK & Elizabeth DANIELS - d.1976 Neerim @ 97yr
- SEBIRE, William Henry Conroyd -b.1900 Lilydale - d.1977 Syndal @ 77
- SEBIRE, Hector John - b.1903 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1938 Bertha Frances JENKINS) - d.1973 Lilydale @ 70
- SEBIRE, Bertha Frances JENKINS -
- SEBIRE, Louise Mary Isabella - b.1910 Lilydale
- SEBIRE, Colin Albert - b.1914 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1942 Sylvia Irene EASON) - d.1983 Heidelberg @ 69
- SEBIRE, Sylvia Irene EASON -
- SEBIRE, Irene Irma Alys -b.1916 Lilydale - d.1917 Lilydale @ 1yr

SEBIRE, Lucy 1876 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale – 1878
SEBIRE, Adelaide 1879 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale– 1888

SEBIRE, Alfred Henry 1880 – Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - (m.Vic. Ethel Mary Tamsin REED
SEBIRE, Ethel Mary Tamsin REED - b.abt 1879 dghtr of Richard Louis REED & Clara ElizabetH CURRIE - d.1932 Lilydale @ 53yr
- SEBIRE, Florence Emma -b.1904 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1930 Lewis Armstrong OKE) - d. - see OKE
- SEBIRE, Alfred Louis Harvey -b.1909 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1938 Edna Gertude REED) - d.
- SEBIRE, Edna Gertrude REED - see REED
- SEBIRE, Elva Mavis -b.1912 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1938 Samuel Wilfred Charles MAUGER) d.

SEBIRE, Emma May Mary 1882 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale – (m.Vic. Mrs Alfred Ernest BRIGGS) d.1949 West Footscray - see BRIGGS

SEBIRE, Albert b.1885 – Wandin Yallock, Lilydale

SEBIRE, Arthur B. b.1888 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - (m.Vic.1913 Mary Ann LEE
SEBIRE, Mary Ann LEE - b.1890 - dghtr of John LEE & Isabelle McLENNON d.1968 Parkville, Melb. @ 78
- SEBIRE, Arthur William -b.1914 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1939 Vera Alive PRICE)
- SEBIRE, Vera Alice PRICE
- SEBIRE, Lillian May -b.1916 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1938 Richard MILLAN) - d.
- SEBIRE, Lucy Irene - b.1917 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1942 John Henry BATTICA/ BATTIES)

SEMPLE, James - b. Scotland
SEMPLE, Elizabeth McKAY
SEMPLE, Margaret - (m. George BELL) - see BELL
SEMPLE, Arthur - b.1858 Pentridge Village on Merri Crk
SEMPLE, Mary Elizabeth b.1860 Pentridge Village on Merri Crk

SEMPLE, John Jnr - b.1819 Edinburgh, Scotland - son of Robert SEMPLE & Catherine Angelina CARSS - d.15 May 1881 Sth Fitzroy @ 62yrs
SEMPLE, Ada Frances Crichton - b.1868 Collingwood- (m.Vic.1885 John Norman ROSSITER) - see ROSSITER
SEMPLE, Alice Mary Victoria - b.1869 Collingwood

SESSIONS, Beryn - b. Bendigo (m.1903 Elizabeth ANKER)
SESSIONS, William Edward- b.1887 Violet Town, - son of Goldfields Bendigo-born Benjamin SESSIONS & Violet-Town-born, Emily WHITE -(m.Vic.1911 Margaret Sarah RUSSELL) - d.1955 Greta @ 68yrs
SESSIONS, Margaret Sarah RUSSELL - 1891 - dgtr of John RUSSELL & Mary TAYLOR - d.1968 Beechworth @ 77yrs
SESSIONS, Reginald William - b.1912 Benalla
SESSIONS, Russell Benjamin - b.1916 Benalla
SESSIONS, Leslie Charles b.1917 Benalla - (m. MATTINGLEY) -
SESSIONS, Benjamin Ebenezer - b.1895 Strathbogie North, nr Benalla, Vic. - son of Goldfields Bendigo-born Benjamin SESSIONS & Violet-Town-born, Emily WHITE - (m.Vic.1920 Hilda Lydia Maud ESSENHIGH) Carpenter @ Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1972 Parville @ 77yrs
SESSIONS, Hilda Lydia Maud ESSENHIGH -b.1892 Highlands, Benalla, -daughter of Adelaide-born John ESSENHIGH & Beechworth-born Elisabetha Luise DAUBENTHALER (Mrs B.E.Sessions) - d.1981 Benalla @ 88yrs
SESSIONS, Elizabeth -
SESSIONS, Leslie Charles - -son of Benjamin SESSIONS & Emily WHITE - d.1983 Ferntree Gully @ 85 yrs

SEVERINO, Frank Thomas 'Francisco' b.1879 Amherst, Talbot, Victoria (son of Portuguese-born goldminer & vigneron, Joaò SEVERINO (b.1829 in Tavira, Faro, Algarve, Portugal - d.1904 in Amherst, Talbot & his English-born wife Emma WAKEFIELD -b.1841 Mountnessing, Essex – d.1933 Amherst, Talbot.
SEVERINO, Emma Elisabeth SEAMER,
SEVERINO, Arthur James b.1917 Monbulk (m.Angelina Moschetti)
SEVERINO, Florence Marjorie b.1920 Ferntree Gully
SEVERINO, Frank Lyall
SEVERINO, Margaret Peggy

SEWELL, Richard Blamire - from Williamstown, Vic. -Patternmaker and Engineer- Locomotive Inspector of Victorian Railways, Inventor and designer of Patent articles such as a device for the improved traspoert of Butter (1892); d. 1915 St Kilda @ 78 yrs (son of Wm Sewell & Harriet Buckle)
SEWELL, Emma COTTRILL - from Williamstown, Vic. (Mrs R.B. Sewell m. 1859) d. 1922 Caulfield @ 80 yrs (p. Robt Cottrill & Emma Hughes)
SEWELL, William Henry -b.1860 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb. - (m.Vic.1887 Eliza SERJEANT)
SEWELL, Richard Charles - b.1862 Williamstown - (m.Vic.1887 Frances Maria GILBERT) - d.1900 Geelong @ 38yr
- SEWELL, Mabel Fanny Emma -b.188 Williamstown
SEWELL, George Frederick -b.1864 - (m.Vic.1884 Frances Louisa BODEN)
SEWELL, Frances Louisa BODEN
- SEWELL, Sydney George -b.1885 Melbourne
- SEWELL, Emma Frances Lousia - b,1886 Ascot Vale
SEWELL, Arthur Edgar -b.1865
SEWELL, Emma Caroline - b.1867
SEWELL, Frank Blamire - b.1869 - (m.Vic.1894 Caroline Olivia LEE) - d.1905 East Melb. @ 36yr
SEWELL, Caroline Olivia LEE
SEWELL, Alfred Buckle - b.1873 - (m.Vic.1897 Ella HUMPHRIES)
SEWELL, Peter Cottrill -b.1876
SEWELL, Ellen Harriet -b.1878 - d.1879 Ballarat
SEWELL, Sydney Valentine - b.1880 Ballarat
SEWELL, Mary May - b.1881-1881 Ballarat

SHAW, Janet - Home Duties @ Sth Wandin by 1909

SHAW, 'Cliff' George Clifford - from Traralgon, Vic. - son of George & Eva SHAW - (m.Vic.1927 Barbara Florence Knoll) - d.1981 Mooroolbark @ 78yrs
SHAW, Barbara Florence KNOLL
SHAW, Frederick Clifford b.1928

SHAW, George William -b.1910 Yarra Glen - son of Melbourne-born Timothy Roger SHAW & Warrnambool-born Anna Elisabetha SALTAU (m.1940 Sylvia Lilian Garlick ) - d.1978 Silvan @ 68yrs
SHAW, Sylvia Lilian GARLICK - b.abt 1922 Broadford, Vic.- (dgtr of Lyonville-born John William GARLICK & Reedy Creek-born Emma GREEN) - d.1979 Caulfield
SHAW, Berverlee Anne b.1941 - attended Silvan South Primary School
SHAW, Daryl George b.1943 - attended Silvan South Primary School
SHAW, Rhonda Jean b.1945 - attended Silvan South Primary School
SHAW, Valma May b.1948 - attended Silvan South Primary School
SHAW, John b.1951 - attended Silvan South Primary School

SHELL, Albert James b.1867 Lethbridge - Bunguluke, nr Geelong - son of Somersetshire-born, Alfred SHELL, & Cornwall-born, Ann Maria HARRIS - (m.Vic.1888 Martha Ann GROVES) - d.1928 Lillydale @ 61yrs
SHELL, Martha Ann GROVES b.1872 Steiglitz, Victoria - dghtr of Northamptonshire-born George GROVES, & Lansashire-born, Martha FOSTER - d.1944 Kew, Boroondara @ 72yrs
SHELL, Rose Christina - b.1889-1889 Meredith, Vic.
SHELL, Horace Albert Edwin -b.1890 Meredith, Vic (m.Vic.1910 Mary BEARD) - d.1953 Lilydale @ 63yrs
SHELL, Mary BEARD - b.abt 1893 - dghr of William Charles BEARD & Jane OSBOURNE - d.1932 Warracknabeal @ 39yrs
-SHELL, Clarabell Rose -b.1910 Ballarat -(m.Vic.1927 Georg Stanley PEDERSEN) - d.1958 Glen..? @ 49yrs
-SHELL, Horace Albert William -b.1912 Olinda Vale, Lilydale - (m.Vic.1946 Thelma Margaret HOWARD) - d.1962 Glen..? @ 51yrs
-SHELL, Nellie Alma - b.1913 Lillydale - (m.Vic. COLOSIMO) - d.1968 Hawthorn @ 55yrs
-SHELL, Norman Leslie -b.1915 Olinda Vale, Lillydale - d.1916 Hotham East, Nth Melb
-SHELL, Leslie Norman James Walter - b.1917 Olinda Vale, Lillydale - (m.1940 Kathleen Mary HOLLAND) -d.1975 Preston @ 58yrs
-SHELL, Dorothy June - b.1826-1927 Warracknabeal
SHELL, William WALTER b.1891 Meredith - (m.Vic.1914 Lillas McBeth THURROWGOOD)
-SHELL, Lorna Ruth -b.1915 Olinda Vale, Lilydale (m.Vic.1941 Avon Douglas FALKINGHAM) - see FALKINGHAM
-SHELL, Ada Robina -b.1917 Olinda Vale, Lilydale (m.Vic.1935 John Henry BOLGER)
SHELL, John Henry Leslie -b.1892 Meredith, (m.1915 Sarah Elizabeth LOWNE) -d.1951 Geelong @ 59yrs
SHELL, Sarah Elizabeth LOWNE - b.abt 1896 - dghtr of Richard LOWNE & Ellen - d.1981 Geelomng @ 84yrs
-SHELL, John Leslie b.1916 Olinda Vale, Lillydale - (m.Vic.1938 Marie Ellen BURROWS)
-SHELL, Rita Marjorie -b.1919 Geelong
-SHELL, William Walter -b.1922 Mt Evelyn - d.1984 Ballarat
-SHELL, Roy Edward -b.abt 1931 - d.1944 Geelong
SHELL, Charles Francis -b.1894 Meredith -(m.1919 Grace Lily McFARLANE)-d.1956 Heidelberg @ 62yrs
SHELL, George Samuel -b.1896 Meredith -(m.1920 Lena Monica Annie HAMILTON) - d.1943 Melb. @ 47yrs
SHELL, Lena Monica Annie HAMILTON -
SHELL, Robert James -b.1897 Meredith (m.1921 Alfreda Katherine GRIFFITHS)
SHELL, Alfred Katherine GRIFFITHS
SHELL, Percy Herbert -b.1899 Meredith -(m.Muriel Ivy Christina McLEAN)- d.1960 Caulfield @ 60 yrs
SHELL, Muriel Ivy Christina McLEAN
SHELL, Leslie Eric -b.1905 Meredith -(m. Vic.1933 Thelma Louise FITZGERALD) - d.1948 Melb.@ 43yrs
SHELL, Rose Evelyn Maria - b.1908 Meredith, Vic. - dghtr of Albert J SHELL & Martha Ann GROVES -(m.Vic.1927 THURROWGOOD, William Edwin) d.1972 Croydon @ 63yrs -see THURROWGOOD

SHEPPARD, Benjamin - b. abt 1828 England - son of George SHEPPARD & Maria ROGERS -(m.Vic.1890 Josephine RYAN) - d.1900 Wandin Yallock @ 71yrs
SHEPPARD, Josephine 'Josine' RYAN - b. Victoria
SHEPPARD, Benjamin Joseph - b.1890 Fitzroy STH - d.1931 Fitzroy @ 40yrs

SHERWOOD, Edward William - b. England (m.Vic.1886 Mary Ann BELL) - d.
SHERWOOD, Mary Ann BELL -b.1850 England - -dghtr of Edward BELL & Harriet HARTLAND -home @ Sth Wandin by 1912, 1913, 1914 - d.1939 Black Rock, Port Phillip @ 89yrs

SHERWOOD, William Thomas b.1863 Ballarat
SHERWOOD, Hetta Eliza APTED b. Bendigo (m.1887 Mrs W.T.Sherwood) d.1919 Fitzroy
SHERWOOD, William Apted b.1887 Richmond, Vic.
SHERWOOD, Frank Apted b.1891 Richmond, Vic (m.1916 Bertha Cath Mary SMITH) - d.1960 Pascoe Vale @ 66yrs
SHERWOOD, Bertha Catherinesherwood
SHERWOOD, Ada Edith b.1903 Sherbrooke (Nth Monbulk)

SHOVELTON, Wright -b.abt 1840 - son of James SHOVELTON & Mary CRITCHLEY - - (m.Vic.1864 Maria PULLAR) - d.1902 Carlton @ 62yrs
SHOVELTON, Maria PULLAR - b. Scotland - - see PULLAR
SHOVELTON, Mary - b.1865 Collingwood - d.1865 @ 9m
SHOVELTON, Jessie -b.1866 Melbourne
SHOVELTON, Maria -b.1871 Melbourne North - (m.Vic.1908 John FLETT)
SHOVELTON, Margaret -b.1872 Melbourne
SHOVELTON, Clara -b.1875 Melbourne - (m.Vic. FAIRLESS) - d. - see FAIRLESS
SHOVELTON, Jane -b.1877 Melbourne
SHOVELTON, Carol - b.1880 Carlton - (m.Vic.1902 Peter McCLAREN)
SHOVELTON, Alfred -b.1883 Carlton - (m.Vic.1909 Ellen COSKELL)
- - SHOVELTON, Ernstine Evaline -b.1910 South Yarra
SHOVELTON, Florence -b.1885 Numurkah

SIER, William son of William SIER & Eliza BARRETT - d. 1906 Sth Wandin @ 60 yrs
SIER, Eliza Emma b. 1879 Richmond (m.1904 George RUSSELL)
SIER, Kate Caroline b. 1880 Box Hill
SIER, ELizabeth Mary (1883-1885) Box Hill
SIER, George William b.1885 Box Hill - d.1947 @ 61 Melbourne

SIES, Karl 'Charles' b.1857 Strasburg, Alsace Deutschland (m.1884 Leah Clegg) Died 1822 Mildura @ 65 years. (pronounced: ZIESS)
SIES, Leah CLEGG b. Collingwood, Melb. d.1899 @ 36 yrs East Melbourne, Vic. - dgtr of Joseph CLEGG & Ann PARKER - see CLEGG
SIES, Leah b.1888-1889 Footscray, Vic. -
SIES, Joseph - b.1896 South Wandin Yallock -In 1926 there is an Application for Letters Patent for an invention by Joseph Sies , titled - Improved self positioning cultivating attachments chiefly for orchard and vineyard implements -(m.1926 Florence Mabel BULLOCK) - d. 1953 ? Queensland
SIES, Florence Mabel BULLOCK -
SIES, Catherine -Queensland

SIMMELL or SIMMILL, Frederick Herbert -b.18 Sept 1878 in Staffordshire, England, G.B. - son of Samuel SIMMELL b.1838 & Charlotte Duignan HOLDEN b.1843 – (m.Melbourne, Victoria 1901 to Alice Clara COX (1875 – 1956)) - RESIDENCE: 1909- Lilydale, Mernda, Victoria, Australia - CARPENTER -with Alice Clara Simmell, H/d; RESIDENCE: 1914 Yalloak, Lang Lang, Flinders, - CARPENTER - wth Alice Clara Simmell, Home Duties ; RESIDENCE: 1931 Wandin Yallock, Croydon, Indi, Victoria, Australia - ENGINEER - with Alice Clara Simmell. - d. 3 Sept 1964 in Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, VIC.
SIMMELL or SIMMILL, Alice Clara COX -b.7 April 1875 in Colac, Corangamite, VIC. dghtr of Cambridge, English-born Arthur James COX (1849-1923) and Colac-born Mary Jane BAKER (1852-1921) - d. 18 May 1956 in Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, VIC.
SIMMELL or SIMMILL, Elsie Holden -b.8 June 1902 Fitzroy, Melbourne - - d.3 August 1972 Mornington, Victoria
SIMMELL or SIMMILL, Doris Irene 'Rene' -b.7 Sept 1904 in Lang Lang, Victoria

SIMPER, William - pensioner @ Sth Wandin 1903, 1914. Died 1825 Northcote @ 86 yrs - son of Henry Simper & Ann Nightingale.

SIMPSON, Henry Millar - from Great Britain via Daylesford, Victoria - by 1871
SIMPSON, Jane SPALDING d. 1916 Hawthorn @ 89
SIMPSON, John MIllard b. 1854 - 1920 Camberwell
SIMPSON, Alexander Lockhart b. 1856 Hepburn d.1933 Cheltenham
SIMPSON, John -b.1858 Wombat, Daylesford (m.Harriet Rosier 1891 Vic)
-SIMPSON, Ruby Jane b. 1894 Wandin South
-SIMPSON, Lillian 1898 Wandin
SIMPSON, George b. 1859 Wombat, Daylesford d.1940 Williamstown
SIMPSON, Sarah MOORE (Mrs G.Simpson m. 1883 Vic)
-SIMPSON, Lucy Mary b. 1883 Wandin south
-SIMPSON, Henry Alfred b. 1885 Wandin South
-SIMPSON, George Charles b. 1887 Wandin South
-SIMPSON, Alec Alexander b. 1893 Collingwood
-SIMPSON, Eliza Florence b. 1897 Bunyip South
SIMPSON, William -b. 1861 Hepburn - 1864
SIMPSON, Jessie Jane b. 1863 Daylesford (Mrs Alex Dick m.1891 Vic)
SIMPSON, Agnes b.1865 Daylesford d.1945 Warragul (Mrs R.O.Hope m.1882 Vic)
SIMPSON, William Dawson 1870 - Farmer 1905 - 1927
SIMPSON, Margaret Elizabeth 1872 - 1940
SIMPSON, James Spalding 1973 Wandin Yallock - 1953

SIMPSON, Annie (Mrs William Simpson) 1905

SIMPSON, Thomas William -b.1857 Bruthen, Vic. -son of Thomas SIMPSON & Anna Nash CONNOR - (m.Vic.1889 Emilie Anna Auguste Johanne KUEH ) - Schoolteacher @ Sth Wandin 1909 [Schoolteacher Registration No. 4723] - d.1916 Melbourne @ 59yr
SIMPSON, Emilie Anna Johanne Auguste KUEHN -b. 1867 Warrnabool, Vic. daughter of Julius Johannes KUEHN, from Saxony, Deutschland & Catherine MORRIS, from Kings County, Ireland. - @ Sth Wandin by 1909 [Schoolteacher Registration No.3400] - d.1919 South Wandin, Lillydale @ 52yrs
SIMPSON, Irene Mary -b.1892 Warnambool - 1898 Warburton
SIMPSON, Gerald James - b.1893 Warburton - 1898
SIMPSON, Albert Thomas - b. 1897 Warburton - 1901 Warburton
SIMPSON, Eileen Agnes - b. 1897 Warburton, Vic. (m.Vic.1935 Vivian George Edmund DUMMETT)
SIMPSON, Mary Frances Ann - b.1899 Warburton
SIMPSON, Amy -b.1903 Yinnar, Gippsland -(teacher Registration No.16085] - d.1857 Melb. @ 45yr
SIMPSON, Geraldine - b.1905 Dunolly, Vic. - (m.Vic.1924 Frederick James FORD)

SINCLAIR, Hugh Omar Evelyn, Railway Employee by 1914
SINCLAIR, Marie Stuart by Evelyn,

SINCLAIR, Lizzie Slater -b.1880 Richmond- Wandin South by 1914 d.1968 Oakleigh, Vic. @ 87 yrs - dghtr of John Kerr SINCLAIR & Mary ANDREWS

SKOKANDICH, Antunov 'Tony' son of Marin & Marija Skokandich was born on 29 August 1903 at Žrnovo, Korčula Island, Dalmätia. Arrived: 10th May 1926 per "ORSAVA" at Port Melbourne. Naturalised 13th February 1932 at Silvan, Vic.
SKOKANDICH, Genoveva b.1902 Žrnovo, Korčula Island, Dalmäciya.
[Note: Žrnovo is a village on the Adriatic island of Korčula now administered under the rule of Croatia. Korčula is an island in the on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea and now belongs to the Dubrovnik–Neretva County of Croatia.]

SKOKANDICH, Kristo 'Chris' son of Marin & Marija Skokandich b. 13 September 1908 at Žrnovo, Korčula Island, Dalmäcia. Arrived in Australia per ship "ORANA" on the 15th December 1924 at Port Melbourne. Naturalised at Silvan on 2nd January 1931 when working as a Labourer. Died in 1983 at Lilydale @ 74 yrs.

SLATER, Eleanor 'Ellen' BRIGGS
SLATER, Mary -b.1855 Portland, Vic. (m.Vic.1874 James McDONNELL)
SLATER, John b.1856 Collingwood- (m.Vic.1879 Janet PAUL) d.1881 Lilydale @ 25yrs
-SLATER, Eleanor Mary -b.1880 Lilydale
-SLATER, John -b.1884 Lilydale
SLATER, Sarah Ann -b.1857 Collingwood (m.Vic.1885 William JONES)
SLATER, Thomas -b.1862 Collingwood
SLATER, Hannah -b.1858-1858 Collingwood

SMALL, William (1801-1860) (son of Thomas Small & Elizabeth Harpham) -died Victoria @ 59 yrs
SMALL, Elizabeth JERREMS (1810-1899) daughter of William JERREMS & Elizabeth CLARKE - died 1899 San Remo, Vic. @ 89 yrs

SMALL, Jabez William (1840-1891) - died 1891 Balwyn, Vic. @ 51 yrs
SMALL, Emma Augusta NEWSHAM (m. Jabez Wm Small)
SMALL, Reginald Herbert b. 1887 Essendon, Vic.

SMALL, Thomas Stephen (1836-1912) from Richmond/Malvern (son of William SMALL & Elizabeth nee JERREMS SMALL) d.1912 San Remo, Vic @ 76 yrs
SMALL, Zilpha BURCHETT (1837-1903) (m.1860 Mrs T.S.Small) from Richmond /Malvern- (daughte rof George BURCHETT & Zilpha nee HIGGINS) d. 1903 Caulfield, @ 63 yrs
SMALL, Evalina Leonora b. 1860- 1862 Richmond, Vic.
SMALL, Zilpha Elisabeth b. 1863-1864 Richmond, Vic.
SMALL, William George b. 1864 Caulfield
SMALL, Joseph Harold b. 1865 Richmond
SMALL, Charles Herbert b. 1867 Richmond, Vic.
SMALL, Thomas Stephen (1867-1867) Richmond, Vic.
SMALL, Edgar Stephen b. 1869 Malvern,
SMALL, Edith Augusta Evaline - b. 1873 Malvern
SMALL, Alfred Jabez b. 1874 Malvern
SMALL, Zilpah Lizzie b. 1876 Malvern
SMALL, Gertrude b. 1877 Malvern
SMALL, Florence Mary b. 1879 Hawthorn, Vic.
SMALL, Jesse Harold b. 1881 Malvern - 1881 Melb South
SMALL, Marion Winifred b. 1883 Hawthorn, Vic.
SMALL, Edward Ernest b. 1886 Hawthorn, Vic

THE William & Sarah SMITH FAMILY of Wandin South
SMITH, William - b.abt 1830 Stourbridge, Worcester Eng. - son of Christopher SMITH (1807–1877) & Elizabeth EVERS (1810-?) - (m.abt 1852 England Sarah Anne HIDER) - [OCCUPATION: Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England - COMMISSION AGENT (which probably means a Bookmaker ?) Thosin] - -EMIGRATION: Age 38 on embarkation on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain to arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne -- LAND 1: 1889 Crown Allotment 132, Parish of Wandin Yallock - south, of 200 acres [1 August 1899] Finalised after 10 years: 1 August 1899 - at South end of the parish of Wandin Yallock - on the Belgrave- Lilydale Road, next to Monbulk d.1903 Richmond, Vic. LAND 2: 1892 - 20 July 1903 Crown Allotment 131, Parish of Wandin Yallock, abt 321 acres - next souwest of Albert Wiseman [1892- Finalised 20 July 1903]- In the name of Sarah A. SMITH - administration of W. Smith -
SMITH, Sarah Anne HIDER -b.abt 1830 Seal, Kent, England - daugher of George Horatio HIDER & Mary Sarah EDWARDS - (m.abt 1852 Mrs William SMITH) -EMIGRATION: Age 38 on embarkation on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain to arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne - d.16 May 1905 Richmond, Vic. Australia - see HIDER

SMITH, George -b.1853 Stourbridge, Worcestershire -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER - - Arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain - Age 15 on embarkation

SMITH, Henry - b.1854 Stourbridge, Worcestershire -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER - Arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain - Age 13 on embarkation

SMITH, William Hider -b.abt 1856 Stourbridge, Worcestershire -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER - -Arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain - Age 12 on embarkation i (m.Vic.1882 Janet Keir SUTHERLAND)
SMITH, Janet Keir SUTHERLAND - b.1868 Richmond, Vic. -dghtr of John SUTHERLAND & Agnes FRASER who married in Victoria in 1855) -d.
-SMITH, Agnes -b.1883 Richmond
-SMITH, Caroline Hider -b.1885 Richmond
-SMITH, Hider -b.1886 Richmond
-SMITH, Ella Sutherland -b. Richmond
-SMITH, Percival -b.1880-1880 Richmond

SMITH, Arthur -b.1858 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England - -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER - - Arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain - Age 11 on embarkation -(m.Vic.1883 Sarah Selina Woodrow COLLINS) - d.1919 Mordialloc
SMITH, Sarah Selina Woodrow COLLINS - b. Jan 1859 Tiverton, Devonshire, England - dghtr of Samuel COLLINS (1832-1920) & Sarah REDWOOD (1834-1919) -d.3 July 1943 Chelsea, Vic.
-SMITH, Arthur Samuel Hider -b.1885 Richmond – 1890 Richmond
-SMITH, Hugh Harold -b.1887 Richmond–
-SMITH, Frederick Woodrow -b.1892 Richmond– – 1901 Richmond
-SMITH, Beate Muriel Sarah -b.1895 Richmond– (m.Vic.1920 Carl Heinrich METHER) – d.1973 Edithvale, Vic.
-SMITH, Cecil Collins -b.1897 Richmond– –

SMITH, Douglas Whiteman -b.1859 Stourbridge, Worcesters, Eng. -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER -Arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain - Age 9 on embarkation - d.1930 Wandin Yallaok, Lilydale

SMITH, Oliver Gold b.1863 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, Eng. -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER --Arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain -Age 5 on embarkation - (m.Vic.1895 Elizabeth Jane LLOYD) -d.1940 Prahran
SMITH, Elizabeth Jane LLOYD -b.1866 Richmond, Vic, - daughter of Thomas Abel LLOYD & Louisa THOMPSON -d.1896 Richmond, Melbourne
-SMITH, Hazel Eleanor Nellie -b. 1896 Richmond – 1896 Richmond
-SMITH, Olive Elizabeth -b.1896 Richmond – 1896 Richmond

SMITH, Agnes Sarah -b.1861 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England -Arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain -Age 7 on embarkation - d.1880 Richmond, Victoria, Aust. @ 19 yrs

SMITH, Harold Belgrave b.14 Jan 1865 Seal, Sevenoaks, County of Kent, England -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER - -EMIGRATION: Age 7 on embarkation on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain to arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne - (married Richmond 20 Dec 1888 to Polly U'REN) - later Divorced - d.18 July 1938 Monbulk-Belgrave, Vic. - Buried: Lilydale Old Cemetery
SMITH, Polly U'REN -b.22 May 1867 Linkenhorn, Cornwall G.B. -daughter of Edward William U;REN & Mary FRAMPTOM - d.5 November 1952 Monbulk, Belgrave - see U'REN
-SMITH, Miriam Lilian b.1889 Richmond Vic. (m.Vic.1915 James Henry HUNTER of Wandin Yallock ) -d.17 July 1965 Kyneton, Vic. -see HUNTER
-SMITH, Sarah Eva - b.1891 Richmond, Vic (m.Vic.abt 1910 George SEAMER) - d.14 November 1984 Monbulk, Vic. see SEAMER
-SMITH, Beatrice Pauline Lawer b.1894 Richmond - (m.Vic.24 Oct 1918 Edmund Frederick Douglas CORNELL) widowed- (m.2.Vic.1938 Walter Leslie HORNE) -d.24 Augt 1970 Murchison, Goulburn Valley -see CORNELL, also see HORNE
-SMITH, Lionel Harold Fulford -b.17 Nov 1899 Richmond, Vic.- (m.Gospel Hall, Burleigh, Silvan South 16 July 1938 Hazel PARKER) d. 12 July 1968 Kallista, Vic.- see PARKER
-SMITH, Hazel PARKER - b.12 June 1912 Sout Wandin Yallock - d.21 Apr 2002 FTG
--SMITH, Kathleen Rosalie -b30 Sep 1939 Ferntree Gully - d.11 Nov 2000

SMITH, Ethelbert Gladstone -b.1867 West Bromwich, nr Birmingham, ENG. -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER - -Arrived Jan 1869 in the Port of Melbourne on the ship "SOUTHERN EMPIRE" from Great Britain - Age 1yr on embarkation -(m.Vic.1911 Isla Ann Louise HOLT - nee JORDAN) - d.1946 Burleigh, Silvan, Wandin Yallock
SMITH, Isla Ann Louise JORDAN - b.1880 Phillip Is. Vic. - daughter of Andre Richard JORDAN & Anna Gertrude Auguste PAAR (widow -m.1.Vic.1902 John Armitage HOLT) - d.1970 Prahran see JORDAN - see HOLT

SMITH, Edgar Cobden, b.1869 Richmond, Vic. -son of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER - d.1935 Yarra South, Victoria

SMITH, Fanny Rebecca b. 1873 Richmond, Vic. -dgtr of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER - -d.1945 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale Shire, Yarra Valley

SMITH, Miriam Kamden -b.1875 Richmond -dgtr of William SMITH & Sarah Anne HIDER -d.1876 Richmond @ 1yr

SMITH, Christopher -b.1833 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, Eng. - son of Christopher SMITH (1807–1877) & Elizabeth EVERS (1810-?) (m.Stourbridge, England 24 April 1859 to Mary Ann YOUNG)- EMIGRATED abt 1863 - widowed - (re-m. High Street, St Kilda 17 Dec 1884 to Delia Mary POWER ) - d. 25 December 1911 St Kilda, Melb
SMITH, Mary Ann YOUNG -b.abt 1835 Maryport, Cumberland, England - dghtr of Charles Young - - d.1880 Melbourne @ 45yrs
SMITH, Walter Joseph -b.1860 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, Eng. -d.1875 Melb @ 15yrs
SMITH, Sydney James - b.1862 Stourbridge, Worcestershire, Eng. -d.1970 Melbourne @ 8yrs
SMITH, Florence -b.1864 Melbourne
SMITH, Selby Christopher -b.abt 1867 Melbourne - son of Christopher SMITH & Mary Ann YOUNG - Monbulk Road, Labourer 1917 -- THE HERMIT OF SOUTH WANDIN about 1920 - d.1925 Bacchus Marsh @ 58 yrs
SMITH, Annie - Monbulk 1917
SMITH, Bertha Elisabeth -b.1869 Brunswick - (m.Vic.1896 William Thomas BRYANT)
SMITH, Isabel Beatrice -b.1871 Melbourne (m.Vic.1904 James Callender CAMPBELL)
SMITH, Julia Ellen -b.1873 West Melb.
SMITH, Charles Young -b.1874-1874 West Melb. @ 6w
SMITH, Lillie -b.1876-1876 Hawthorn @ 6dys
SMITH, Mabel Marion-b.1878 - 1878 Hawthorn @ 5m
SMITH, Delia Mary POWER -b.26 April 1844 Buninyong, Vic. - Daughter of Dublin-born, Dr. Richard POWER (1806– 1852) & Meath-born Mary FLOOD (1808– 876)-of Frontier Ballaraat. -d.26 August 1890 Brighton Road, St Kilda
SMITH, Evelyn Mary SMITH 1885 Melbourne – 1935 11 Jan 1935 Malvern
SMITH, Henrietta Frances SMITH 1887–1887 St Kilda, Melbourne

SMITH, Elizabeth -b.Stourbridge, Worcestershire, Eng. -(m.Vic.1868 John Edward IRELAND)

SMITH, John Thomas - b.16 Apr 1843 St Marylebone, Westminster, London, England - son of James Frederick SMITH (1812 Lond.– Melb) and Charlotte BAKER (1813 – Melb.) Occupation: Brassfounder - (maried 8 Aug 1864 Hawthorn to Fanny Elizabeth HOLLIS) - d.1928 Prahran, Melbourne, VIC. Buried: St Kilda Cemetery
SMITH, Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' HOLLIS -b.March Quarter 1843 in Long Crendon, near Thame, Buckingham-Oxfordshire, England -daughter of John Frederick HOLLIS and Frances Elizabeth 'Fanny' CLOASE -Fatherless: Jan.1854 -ORPHANED 1860 and declared a WARD of the state under Mr Septimus Martin J.P. of Richmond - (married 8 August 1864 @ Hawthorn, Melbourne -with a declaration forwarded from the Guardian of Minors to the London-born Brassfounder, John Thomas SMITH of Clifton Hill) - FIVE SMITH CHILDREN BORN COLLINGWOOD OR RICHMOND - Later Resident at Windsor, Prahran. d.1928 Armadale, Prahran, @ 85 yrs - Buried with husband 4 August 1928 @ St Kilda Cemetery, Dandenong Rd, St Kilda East - See HOLLIS -
SMITH, Rosa Frances -b.16 October 1865 Collingwood, Victoria - (married Victora Markets Fruit and Vegetable Produce Agent and Merchant, Thomas STOTT (1863 – 1925)) - NOTE: The STOTT PRODUCE AGENCY was used by the Wandin South families and many other families in Wandin Yallock to sell produce in Melbournes markets for about six decades - Six STOTT children - d. 1928 in St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC. - see STOTT -
SMITH, Amy Charlotte -b.6 Decmbr 1868 Collingwood - (m.1896 Vic. Edward JOHNSON (1867 – 1929) Divorced from Edward Johnson 1903 Supreme Court of Victoria, Melbourne) see JOHNSON children born St Kilda - d.1955 St Kilda, Melbourne
SMITH, Alfred John -b.11 June 1870 Collingwood - (m.Vic. Mary Ann STEPHEN) -d.1962 Fitzroy, Melbourne,
SMITH, Mary Ann STEPHEN -b.1871 Lapu, Grahamstown, New Zealand -dghtr of James Malcolm STEPHEN & Susan CARR - –d.1946 East Melbourne, VIC.
- SMITH, Alfred Hollis -b.1901 Clifton Hill, Melb.– – d.1974 Melbourne
- SMITH, Arthur -b.1903 –d.1903 Clifton Hill, Melb.–
- SMITH, Evelyn Carr -b.1904 – d.1904 Clifton Hill, Melb.–
- SMITH, Evaline -b.1905 –d.1909 Cilfton Hill, Melb.–
- SMITH, Henry William -b.1906 Clifton Hill, Melb.– – d.1984 Heidelberg, Vic.
- SMITH, Mary Florence 'Flo' -b.1908 Clifton Hill, Melb.– – 1999
- SMITH, Arthur Thomas -b.1909 Clifton Hill, Melb.– – 1967 Preston, Melb.
- SMITH, Malcolm John -b.1912 Clifton Hill, Melb.–
SMITH, George Hubert -b.1914 Cilfton Hill, Melb.– d.1976 Sydney, NSW
SMITH, Arthur James -b.10 April 1873 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1900 Johanna Sarah RICHARDSON) -d.1932 Brighton, Melbourne
SMITH, Johanna Sarah RICHARDSON b.1875 Willianstown, Vic. - dghtr of Thomas Patrick RICHARDSON & Mary Anne COFFEY – d.1928 Prahran, Vic.
- SMITH, Josie -b.1901 – 1901 St Kilda, Vic.
- SMITH, Mary Eveline 'Alma' -b.1902 Albert Park, Melb. (m.1929 Clarence Richard WHITE (1905–1973)) -d.2006 Glenroy
- SMITH, Elizabeth Kathleen -b.1904 Albert Park, Melb. –
- SMITH, Amy Josephine Theresa -b.1906 South Melbourne
- SMITH, Iva Julia -b.1909 Armadale, Melbourne–
- SMITH, Eveline Cecelia Alice -b.11 November 1877 Collingwood - (m.Vic. Feb.1901 Harry PIGGINS) -d.2 September 1901 Collingwood, Victoria,

SMITH, Elizabeth Margaret (Mrs ? Smith) , Silvan, h/d 1917

SMITH, Miss Emma - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1894 (Teacher Registration No.10584]

SMITH, William Henry b.12 Aug 1838 Shoreditch, London, England - son of Richard John SMITH (1865–????) & Emily EVANS (1866 – (m. Esther E Robarts, sister of Mrs Walt Chapman)
SMITH, Esther Eleanore ROBARTS -b.1872 Bung Bong, Avoca, Vic, - daughter of Charles Thomas ROBARTS & Catherine Mary GILSENAN - d.1959 Surrey Hills, Box Hill
SMITH, Nathalie Seville - b.1900 Sth Wandin Yallock (named for Nathalie Leuba/Robarts) - (m.Richmond, Vic.1924 Ernest Harry Lanfear COLHOUN (1897–1980) - d.21 July 1996 Brisbane, QLD
SMITH, Wilfred Harcourt - b.1905 South Wandin Yallock - d.1909 Cheltenham
SMITH, Wilbur Desmond -b.1911 Brighton, Victoria 0 (m.Vic.1941 Bessie Ethel LAMBLE)
SMITH, Bessie Ethel LAMBLE -b. Vic.

SMITH, James Henry - b.1876 Pleasant Creek, Stawell, Vic. -son of Daniel James SMITH & Mary Jane PASCO - (m.Vic.1905 Elizabeth Margaret HISCOCK)
SMITH, Elizabeth Margaret HISCOCK b.1886 Newstead, Loddon Valley, Vic. - dghtr of Louis William HISCOCK & Mary Ann RIDLEY - d.1968 Heidelberg @ 81yrs
SMITH, Colin James - b.1905 Maldon, Vic. (m.Vic.1933 Sadie SPENCER) -
SMITH, Raymond Daniel - b.1908 Bendigo - 1909 Kanagaroo Flat
SMITH, Edna Margaret -b.1916 Wandin Yallock

SMITH, Herman Tasman -b.24 November 1877 in Boswell, Goulds Country, Tasmania -son of Benjamin SMITH [1835 – 1927] & Frances BOTTOM [1835 – 1903] - (married Melrose, Tasmania, Australia 1900 to Agnes Phoebe JEFFREY) -immigrated to Victoria abot 1922 - Occupation by 1931 FARMER at Burleigh, South Silvan - d.5 June 1958 in St Vincent's Hospital Fitzroy, Melbourne - late of Wandin Yallock, Victoria, Australia - BURIED; Lilydale Pioneer Cemetry
SMITH, Agnes Phoebe JEFFREY -b. 3 April 1876 in Port Sorell, Tasmania, Australia - dghtr of Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland-born Robert Lusk JEFFREY (1845-1876) and Launceston, Tasmanian-born Mary Temperance DUKE (1844-1925) (m.1900 Melrose Tasmania to Hermann Tasman SMITH) - d. 11 April 1958 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
SMITH, Darrall Norman -b.13 Octbr 1900 Melrose, Tasmania, Australia - (m.Wandin Tallock or Lilydale, Vic. 30 July 1927 to Agnes Pearl GAUDION of Wandin Yallock)
SMITH, Agnes Pearl GAUDION - b.2 June 1907 Wandin Yallock - dghtr of Thomas GAUDION [1867 – 1958] and Mary Helena MITCHELL [1870 – 1814] - (m.1927 to Darrall Norman SMITH) - d. 15 Octbt 2007 Lilydale, VIC. - see GAUDION -
- SMITH, Shirley Agnes -b.abt 1928 Wandin Yallock - Comptometrist
- SMITH, Norma Rae -b.2 March 1929 Wandin Yallock - d. 24 June 1983 Narre Warren, Victoria
- SMITH, Laurie Darrall - b.abt 1932 Wandin Yallock - maRKET GARDENER
SMITH, Leslie Raymond -b.24 Decmber 1901 Melrose, Tasmania - (married 1 june 1926 South Melbourne, Vic. to Jean Brown MITCHELL of Wandin Yallock) Occuaption: - d. 8 Oct 1958 in Parkville, Melbourne,
SMITH, Jean Brown 'Alice Robina?'MITCHELL -b.1907 Armadale, Prahran - dghtr of Glasgow-born James Milne 'Scotty' MITCHELL (1866 – 1938) & US-born Helen Liddle BROWN (1870 – 1934) of Wandin Yallock - d.1969 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, VIC. - see MITCHELL -
SMITH, Jean -b.abt 1924 Wandin Yallock
SMITH, Joy Betty -b.abt 1926 Wandin Yallock
SMITH, -b.abt 1928 Wandin Yallock
SMITH, -b. abt 1930 Wandin Yallock
SMITH, Frances Margaret 'Madge' - b.abt 1903 Melrose, Tasmania - (m.6 Dec 1924 Lilydale to William BAILEY (1901–1979) of Wandin Yallock - d.17 Octbr 1952 Parkville, Melbourne - see BAILEY -

SMITH, Sydney Alfred - Silvan, farmer 1919 - b.abt 1873 - son of Alfred SMITH & Matilda WRIGHT - d.1953 Ringwood @ 79yrs
SMITH, Helen Elizabeth, 1919

SMITH, Heartle Walter Gordon - b.13 June 1898 Wynyard, Tasmania -son of Emu Bay, Tasmanian- born Henry Robert SMITH & Alvina Ada Amelia HARRIS - (m.Vic.1929 Dorothy Martha Margaret AITKEN) - d.14 Dec 1963 Heidelberg, Victoria
SMITH, Dorothy Martha Margaret AITKEN - b.1903 Nth Fitzroy - dghtr of James Nelson AITKEN & Martha Rose HUNTER of Wandin Yallock - d. 7 June 1969 Heidelberg
SMITH, Valma Jessie Beatrice - b.11 Feb 1913 Marrawah, Tasmania - daughter of Emu Bay, Tasmania-born Henry Robert SMITH & Alvina Ada Amelia HARRIS (m.Vic.26 Oct 1935 Alexander Nelson AITKEN - son of James Nelson AITKEN & Martha Rose HUNTER of Wandin Yallock) d.22 Nov 1975 Wandin Yallock

SMITH-BAGSHAWE, Ida Emily - @ Sth Wandin by 1912

SNELL, William - b.1863 Burnham, Somerset, England - son of the Master Carpenter-Joiner & Local-Preacher, William SNELL (1822-1896) & his wife Mary Ann WILLIAMS (1827-1891) - Emigrated per ship 'Wilcannia' - to arrive Melbourne July 1889 (m.Vic.1893 Robinia GREEN)
SNELL, Robinia GREEN b.1866 Glasgow, Lanarkshire - dgtr of David GREEN & Jeanie WILSON of South Wandin - d.1943 Surrey Hills, Vic. -see GREEN
SNELL, David William Green - b.1895 South Wandin Yallock (m.1922 Ethel SMITH) -d.1951 Melbourne
SNELL, Elizabeth Graham Green - b.26 June 1900 South Wandin Yallock (m.11 Mar 1924 Alfred Charles DAYNES) b. 30 August 1986 Melbourne
SNELL, William Walter Green b.1904 Melbourne (m.1937 Florence May Elizabeth DUGGAN) 1961 Kew, Boroondara

SNOWDEN, Sarah Caroline b. Burrow on the Hill, Leicester (Mrs Storer) see STORER

SPEEDIE, Charles Sheridan -b.1877 South Yarra - son of Peter Henderson SPEEDIE & Sarah DEVINE - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903 (m.Ethel M Taffs) - d.1955 Mentone @ 78yrs
SPEEDIE, Ethel May TAFFS -b.1 March 1881 Wandin Yallock - daghter of William TAFFS & Faith CLEGG - d.14 March 1964 Fairfield @ 83yrs - see TAFFS - see CLEGG
SPEEDIE, Ronald Gordon b.1902 South Wandin Yallock - (m.1945 Orange, NSW to Nance Elsie SPEEDIE) - d.4 Jan 1952 Potts Point, Sydney, NSW
SPEEDIE, Allan Augustus b. 1904 South Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1928 Hilda Stephenson WOODS) - d.1967 Hughesdale @ 63yrs
SPEEDIE, Hilda Stephenson WOODS - b.abt 1904 - dghter of George WOODS & Hilda STEPHENSON - d.1979 Mornington @ 75yrs
SPEEDIE, May Mary b. 1904 - 1904 South Wandin Yallock
SPEEDIE, Charles Reginald Peter b.1906 South Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1933 Ivy WOODS) -d.1979 Yannathan @ 73yrs
SPEEDIE, Ivy WOODS -b.abt 1907 dghter of George WOODS & Hilda STEPHENSON - d.1977 Pakenham @ 70yrs
SPEEDIE, Owen Stanley b.1912 South Wandin Yallock

SPENCER, Thomas William Barnett -b.1863 Flemington Vic. Postmaster @ Sth Wandin 1904[Son of Thos Wm Spencer & Eliza Page]
SPENCER, Eliza Emma - b.1855 Newtown, Geelong Vic, (sister)
SPENCER, Lydia Martha -Spencer b.1858 Ashby, Geelong (sister)
SPENCER, Emily Sarah - b. 1860 Gran? Vic. Sth Wandin Boarding House keeper (sister)

SPIERS, Archibald - b. abt 1872 New Zealand -son of James SPIERS & Elizabeth DOUGLAS - by 1905 fruitgrower (m.Vic.1908 Helen Grey JACKSON) - d.1948 Lilydale @ 75yrs
SPIERS, Helen Gray JACKSON -b.abt 1878 Edinburgh, Scotland -dghtr of James anderson JACKSON & Elizabeth HENDRY - (Mrs A Spiers) - d.1939 Lilydale @ 61yrs
SPIERS, Elizabeth Bessie- b.1909 - 1909 Prahran
SPIERS, Elisabeth Evelyn b.1910 South Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1935 Cyril Thomas SPROULE)
SPIERS, Elsie Douglas b.1913 South Wandin Yallock [(m.Vic.1939 Edward Barry HUMPHREY)
SPIERS, James Jackson b. 1915 Wandin South

STANFIELD, Robert Percy - b.24 April 1860 Clarence, Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) p son of Daniel STANFIELD & Elizabeth Arah MORRISBY - (m.25 Mar 1891 Hobart, Tasmania to Mabel Florence ROBERTSON) - d.7 June 1919 Wandin Yallock @ 58yrs
STANFIELD, Mabel Florence ROBERTSON - b.3 March 1868 Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) - dghtr of James ROBERTSON & Margaret TOLMY -
STANFIELD, Marguerite Elizabeth - b.15 Sep 1891 Richmond, Tasmania - (m.Vic.1914 Walter Henry ROPER) - d.1932 Richmond, Vic. @ 38yrs
STANFIELD, Kathleen Isabella -b.24 Oct 1899 New Norfolk, Tasmania

STANICH, Georg b. Postira, Island of Otok Brač, Dalmatia - Naturalised 1931 Silvan Farmer
STANICH, Mrs - Postira, Island of Otok Brač, Dalmatia
STANICH, Francis 'Frank' b. 1932

STANLEY, Samuel Charles -b. abt 1865 Philadelphia, USA- son of John STANLEY & Jane CURTIS - (m.Vic.1887 Mary Jane STEPHENS) - d.1904 Heidelberg, Vic @ 39yrs
STANLEY, Mary Jane STEPHENS - b.Ballarat, Vic - widowed - (re-married 1920 Edward BALDWIN)
STANLEY, Jessie Jane - b.1888 St Ki8lda - (m.Vic. Harold Wilfred MATTHEWS) - d.1959 Pacoe Vale @ 69yrs - see BOYS / MATTHEWS
STANLEY, Alice - b.1 1890 Richmond
STANLEY, May - b.1896 Carlton - (m.Vic.1914 Horace Hermann EVANS) - d.1930 Carlton @ 34yr
STANLEY, Samuel Cutts - b.1898 Carlton - d.1905 Carlton @ 6yr
STANLEY, Doris Mary - b.1901 Richmond
STANLEY, Olive - b.1904 - 1904 Collingwood

STANLEY, John - b.1864 Raywood, Ravenswood, Sandhurst Goldfields -son of John STANLEY & Mary Ann KING (m.Vic.1889 Sarah Elizabeth BLAKEY) -d.1940 Prahran @ 76yrs
STANLEY, Sarah Elizabeth BLAKEY - b.1866 Collingwood - daughter of Robert BLAKEY & Annabella DOYLE - - d.1953 Box Hill @ 87yrs
STANLEY, John Leslie Doyle - b.1890 Echuca - d.1891 Huntley @ 7m
STANLEY, Robert Ernest - b.1892 Goorong, Bendigo (m.Vic.1914 Violet Winifred PETERSON) -
STANLEY, Francis Arthur - b.1893 Huntly (m.Vic.1916 Harriet Emma HALSTEAD) -d.
STANLEY, Irene May -b.1896 Huntly - (m.Vic.1918 Emin Pasha GRANGER) -
STANLEY, Ruby Evelyn - b.1897 Huntly - (m.Vic.1919 George Alfred WOODWARD)
STANLEY, Albert James -B.1899 Huntly - (m.Vic.1926 Margaret HOWDEN)
STANLEY, Annabella Violet -b.1901 Echuca (m.Vic.1921 Walter James TILLER) - see TILLER
STANLEY, Ethel -b.1902 - d.1902 Castlemaine
STANLEY, Doris Hope -b.1903 Castlemaine - (m.Vic.1927 Andrew Brown RIACH)
STANLEY, Ivy Pearl - b.1905 Hawthorn, Vic. (m.Vic.1926 Alan William EDWARDS) see EDWARDS
STANLEY, Eva Winifred -b.1908 Sandringham -(m.Vic.1933 Thomas Alexandre LE GUIER)
STANLEY, Phyllis - b.1910 Sandringham - (m.Vic.1935 Harold James HAMILTON)

STAPLETON, Hugh Bernard, b.1890 South Melbourne ( son of Hugh STAPLETON & Jane CONWAY) - Queens road, Silvan 1926 bootmaker
STAPLETON, Sarah Louisa Mcleod BROWN b.1890 Brunswick - dghtr of Robert Stephen BROWN & Margaret Louisa GREATHEAD (m.1911 Vic Hugh B Stapleton) - Queens Road - 1926 -
STAPLETON, Bernard Theodore b.1911 Carlton (m.1938 Winifred Grace WALDEN)
STAPLETON, Thelma May b.1912 Fitzroy North
STAPLETON, Robert James b.1915 Collingwood (m.1942 Mavis Mary Margaret RICHARDSON)

STARR, - Olinda Vale

STAVES, Joseph -b.abt 1860 England - son of John STAVES & Eliza BOULTON - -(m.Vic.1899 Emma Jane DOUTHIE) - Farmer in the Wandins, 1906 - - d.1942 Yarra Junction @ 82yrs
STAVES, Emma Jane DOUTHIE -b. Wandin Yallock -daughter of John DOUTHIE & Mary GREY - d.1958 Woori Yallock @ 90yrs - see DOUTHIE
STAVES, Eliza Mary -b. 1900 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1942 John MOSES)

STEEL, David -b.1876 Horsham, Vic. -son of Thomas Heron STEEL & Isabella Nimmo HART -- (m.Vic.1911 Ethel Marion DAVIES of Toorak, Malvern & Wandin East) - d.1961 Malvern @ 84yrs
STEEL, Ethel Marion DAVIES -b. South Yarra-Toorak - see DAVIES
STEEL, Thomas Heron -b.1912 Malvern
STEEL, John Hart -b.1912 Malvern
STEEL, David -b.1913 Brunswick
STEEL, Alfred Robert -b.1914 Malvern
STEEL, Frances Mary Isobel -b.1915 Malvern
STEEL, Francis Donald -b.1919 Malvern
STEEL, Thomas Heron -b.1872 Creswick, Vic. -son of Thomas Heron STEEL & Isabella HART - (m.Vic.1919 Emily May Vivian DAVIES of Toorak, Malvern & Wandin East) - d.1942 Glen Iris @ 64yrs
STEEL, Emily May Vivian DAVIES -b. Malvern - - see DAVIES
STEEL, William Howard-b.1920 Camberwell

STEERS, John b. Manchester -of Prahran - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
STEERS, Ann ETHEL - b. Manchester of Prahran
STEERS, Emma b.1856 Manchester (m.1878 Herbert CLIFFORD) d.1940 @ 84yrs
STEERS, Sarah Isabella b.1862 Hawthorn, Vic (Mrs NEIL d.1959
STEERS, Caroline b.1865 Armadale, Prahran (m.1888 Jas Jn Alex WIGHTMAN)
STEERS, Elisabeth Alice b.1867 Armadale, Prahran (m.1890 Frank Herbert VINE)
STEERS, Annie Gertude b.1868 Armadale, Prahran (m.1891 William MARTIN)
STEERS, John Henry (1872-1883) Prahran
STEERS, Agnes Ethel b.1874 Prahran
STEERS, Harriet May b.1875 Prahran (m.1899 William Herbert TAFFS)

STEERS, John - b. (m.20 June 1883 Deloraine, TAS to Cordelia WALKER)
STEERS, Ada Anna Elizabeth -b.13 Dec 1883 Port Sorrell TAS
STEERS, John William -b.28 Oct 1887 Port Sorrell, TAS
STEERS, Henry Richard - b.15 May 1888 Mersey, Tasmania
STEERS, Mary Ann Merriline - b.21 July 1891 Mersey, TAS
STEERS, Amelia - b.4 April 1893 Mersey, TAS
STEERS, Ameraline - b.4 April 1893 Mersey, TAS
STEERS, Charles Whiten - b.22 April 1896 Sheffield, TAS
STEERS, Minnie Elizabeth - b.23 Dec 1898 Sheffield, TAS
STEERS, Frank -b.17 Mar 1900 Sheffield, Tasmania - son of John STEERS & Cordelia "Delia' WALKER - (m.1927 Hawthorn Vic, while living at Silvan, Tasmanian-born
Bertha Eileen AYLETT) d.April 1938 Melbourne
STEERS, Bertha Eileen AYLETT -b.17 Sept 1903 Wynyard, Tasmania - dgtr of Mart AYLETT & Amanda Florinda Agnes HARRIS - d.9 August 1974 Yarra Junction, - 3 STEERS children - see also AYLETT
STEERS, Louisa Hanna - b.16 Dec 1902 Claud Rd, Sheffield, TAS
STEERS, William Henry - b.28 Nov 1904 Dasher, Tasmania (m.Lilydale, Vic.1921 Edna Frances AYLETT)
STEERS, Edna Frances AYLETT b.1912 Sassafras, Tasmania - dghter of Mark AYLETT & Amanda Florinda Agnes HARRIS -d. - see AYLETT

STENNER, Arthur Thomas (m.Vic.1940 Janet Margaret JOHNSON) Macclesfield Rd - b.abt 1915 Coburg, Vic.- son Thomas STENNER & Gertrude STURGESS - d.1983 Mt Eliza @ 68yr
STENNER, Barry Thomas

STENNER, Winifred Gertrude - dghter of Thomas STENNER & Gertrude STURGESS - (m.Vic.,1936 Glen Huntly CARLSEN) - see CARLSEN

STEVENS, Henry Alfred -b.1869 Gisborne, Vic. son of Richard STEVENS & Catherine MADIGAN - (m.Vic.1899 Ada Rebecca AVERY) - @ South Wandin-Monbulk North by 1906. = died 1931 Ferntree Gully @ 65yr - see also MADIGAN?
STEVENS, Ada Rebecca AVERY - b.abt1872 England - dghtr of David AVERY & Hanna? - d.1913 South Wandin, Lilydale @ 40yr
STEVENS, Catherine - b.1899 - d.1899 Richmond
STEVENS, Ada - b.1902 Hotham East, Nth Melb. (m.Vic.1926 Noel JUDD) - d.
STEVENS, Hilda May -b. 1804 ? - d.1966 Melbourne @ 62 yrs
STEVENS, Vera -b.1906 Melbourne West, (m.Vic.1927 Francis King HEWITSON)
STEVENS, Henry Alfred Stephen - b.1908 SoutH Wandin -Lilydale -(m.1934 Bessie MaBEL gould) - D.
STEVENS, David Robert - b.1910 Emerald Diggings Road, - (m.Vic.1937 Mary Bridget SHEEHY)
STEVENS, Richard - b.1912 WandiN Sth- Lilydale

STEVENS, Ernest - Farmer Sth Wandin-Macclesfield by 1909, 1194
STEVENS, Mary - Sth Wandin-Macclesfield (Silvan Downs) by 1909, 1914

STEVENS, Horace --Olinda Vale 1907

STEVENSON, Robert Thomas - b.1885 Kangaroo Ground - son of Yarra Flats-born, Robert STEVENSON & Caithnesshire-Scotland-born, Ellen ARMSTRONG - (m.Vic.1911 Mary Ann Louise McKAY) - d.1963 Parkville, Melb. @ 76
STEVENSON, Mary Ann Louisa McKAY - b.1888 Polly McQuinns, Euroa, Vic. -daughter of Warrandyte-born, Hugh James McKAY & Yering-born, Wandin Yallock-raised, Esther TOOLEY - d.1968 Healesville @ 80yrs
STEVENSON, Henry George - b.1911-1911 Kangaroo Ground
STEVENSON, Robert Hughie - b.1912 Bacchus Marsh (m.Vic.1934 Edna May ALLEN) - d.1979 Forest Hill @ 66yr
STEVENSON, Myrtle Isabella - b.1915 Lilydale - d.1915 Lilydale
STEVENSON, Ray Victor - b.1916 Kangaroo Ground

STEVENSON, John -b.18 July 1868 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland - son of John STEVENSON & Margaret MILLER - (m.abt 1890 Scotland to Jeanie' Jane Barr STEWART ) - Residence 1901 69 High Street, Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland [ Occ: Cabinetmaker] - d.1942 Belgrave @ 73yrs
STEVENSON, Jeanie' Jane Barr STEWART - 17 Feb 1868 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland - dghtr of John STEWART & Agnes Crawford YOUNG - d. 23 Aug 1956 in Lilydale, Yarra Valley,
STEVENSON, John -b. 1893 Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland (m. ?) – d.1970 Healesville, Vic.
STEVENSON, Agnes Young -b.1895 Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland – 1991 (m.Vic.1923 Alexander THOMSON) - d.29 Sept 1991 Wandin East, Vic. - see THOMSON
STEVENSON, Andrew John -b.1897 Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland– d.1958 in Noble Park, Vic.
STEVENSON, Margaret 'Maggie' -b.1900 Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland–
STEVENSON, Thomas 'Tom'
STEVENSON, William Young b.abt 1905 Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland - - (m.Vic.1933 Catherine Wilson SOUTTER) - d.1954 Deer Park, Vic

STEVENSON, Walter Henry -b.1872 Maryborough, Vic. son of Edward STEVENSON & Eliza PENKETT - (m.1.Vic.1903 Georgina Mabel KNIGHT) - widowed - (m.Vic.1936 Janet Mary STEVENSON) - d.1957 Maryborough Vic. @ 87 yrs
STEVENSON, Georgina Mabel KNIGHT -b.abt 1880 Maryborough - dghtr of George KNIGHT & Mary Jane PRICE - d.1923 Brighton, Vic. @ 43yrs
STEVENSON, Robert Walter -b.1904 Maryborough, Vic.
STEVENSON, Janet Mary STEVENSON - nee SMITH - b.1885 Adelaide Lead, nr Maryborough, Vic.- dghtr of Basil SMITH & Julia PLUMRIDGE (m.1.Vic.1917 Frederick William STEVENSON) - widowed- (m.2.Vic.1936 Walter Henry STEVENSON) - d.1953 Maryborough, Vic.
STEVENSON, William Frederick - b.abt 1870 Maryborough - son of Edward STEVENSON & Eliza PENKETT - d.1933 Maryborough

STEVENSON, Mary REID (REED)- b.abt 1893 - dghtr of James REED & Marion GRAHAM - d.1942 Wandin Yallock
STEVENSON, John Stewart - b.1920 Balwyn, Vic.

STEVENSON, Jeanie DONELLY -b. abt 1868 - dgtr of John DONELLY & Agnes YOUNG - d.1956 Lilydale @ 88yrs

STEVENSON, William John -b.1887 Lillimur, Wimmera, Vic.- - son of Charles Turner STEVENSON & Mary Margaret McPHERSON d.1964 Lilydale -@ 76yrs

STEVENSON, John Albert -b.abt 1869 - son of John STEVENSON & Margaret MILLER - d.1942 Belgrave, @ 73yrs

STEWART, Albert b.1868 Hokitika, Westland, New Zealand - son of James Blackshaw STEWART & Annie O'SHANNASSEY. James Blackshaw STEWART had a younger brother, and Albert's Uncle, John Stenhouse STEWART, who by 1856 was a Storekeeper- Owner Occupier, in Murphy's Paddock, South Yarra, Prahran. Albert STEWART met mand married in Prahran, Vic. in 1903 to Emily Florence HOLLIS of south Wandin) Occ: Steam Engineer - remarried 1920 to Louisa Margaret GARRETT - d. 1943 Bendigo
STEWART, Emily Florence HOLLIS b.1871 Yarra Valley - dgtr of Hubert John HOLLIS & Eliza SUCKLING - owned property in Wiseman Road, Burleigh, Wandin South d.1907 Campbell's Creek, Vic. @ 37yrs
STEWART, Ronald Albert b.1904 – 1908 Campbell's Creek, Vic

STEWART, Peter -b.31 Sept 1821 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland - - - d.9 May 1848 St Kilda, Victoria
STEWART, Margaret SMITH - b.1820 Dumfries, Dumfries-shire, Scotland - - - d.1854 St Kilda, Victoria
STEWART, Andrew Welch - b.9 Feb 1848 Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW - (m.Vic.1860 Ann ROSS)
STEWART, Ann ROSS - b.21 Sept 18852 Edenkillie, Invernesshire, Scotland - dghter of John ROSS & Margaret McINTOSH - d.6 March 1933 Wandin Yallock

STEWART, John Ross - b.1870 Mooroolbark - - son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS (m.Vic.1898 Annie BROWN) d.1946 Wandin Yallock Lilydale
STEWART, Annie BROWN - b.1870 Doncaster - dghtr of George BROWN & Mary MARKS- d.1942 Wandin Yallock
- STEWART, Frederick John -b.1900 Wandin Yallock – 2000
- STEWART, Jack Merton -b.1902 Wandin Yallock– 1934
- STEWART, Maggie -b.1903 Wandin Yallock– 1981
- STEWART, Jessie -b.1905 Wandin Yallock
- STEWART, Winifred 'Marnie' -b.1907 Wandin Yallock– 1998
- STEWART, William Henry George -b.1909 Wandin Yallock– 1938
- STEWART, Roy Alister -b.1911 Wandin Yallock–

STEWART, Andrew Peter - b.1871 -- son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS - d.1938

STEWART, Alfred Edward - b.1873 -- son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS - d.1954

STEWART, David Welsh b.1875 Warrandyte-Lillydale - son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS (m. Elisabeth Jane JACOB)
STEWART, Jane Elisabeth JACOB
- STEWART, Valma Barbara -b. 1907 Wandin Yallock – 2001
- STEWART, Jean - b. 1909 Wandin Yallock
- STEWART, Annie Elisabeth - b.1910 Wandin Yallock
- STEWART, Ellen Irene -b.1919 Wandin Yallock
- STEWART, David Andrew - b.1915 Wandin Yallock
- STEWART, Mary May -b.1917 Wandin Yallock

STEWART, Charles Leopold - b.abt 1886 - son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS d.1893 Wandin Yaloock @ 7yr

STEWART, James Mackintosh - b.1876 - - son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS - - d.1953

STEWART, Margaret Annie - b.1878 Wandin Yallock -- dghtr of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS - d.1959

STEWART, Norman Alister -b.1880 Wandin Yallock - son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS

STEWART, Douglas Sidney -b.1881 Wandin Yallock -- son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS d.1981

STEWART, Alexander George - b.1882 Wandin Yallock -- son of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS d.1883

STEWART, Matilda Constance - b.1883 Wandin Yallock - - dghtr of Andrew Welch STEWART & Ann ROSS (m.Vic1917 Walter C GRANT)

STEWART, Nellie Helen (Mrs S.C.BRADLEY m.1912 Vic) - see BRADLEY

STINTON, Thomas - b.abt 1849 Cambridgeshire, England - son of Thomas STINTON & Mary Ann BEAUMONT - (m.Vic.1879- Emily Ann PALMER) - d.1933 Northcote
STINTON, Emily Ann PALMER - b.1859 Collingwood - dghtr of Henry PALMER & Elizabeth WEST - d.1926 Melb.East. @ 66yrs
STINTON, Florence Elizabeth -b.1880 South Yarra - d.1933 CliftonHill @ 52yr
STINTON, Ernest Beaumont -b.1882 Melb - d.1932 Melb.East @ 49yr
STINTON, Thomas Albert - b.1884 Melb. - (m.Vic.1941 Olive Ida ROBILLIARD) - d.1973 Ivanhoe, Vic. @ 89yr
STINTON, Edith Emily - b.1887 Melb. (m.Vic.1917 Albert Andrew KERR) - d.1932 Fairfield @ 44yr
STINTON, Eveline Muriel -b.1891 Clifton Hill (m. BELCHER) d.1969 Croydon @ 78yrs
STINTON, Hilda Irene Mabel -b.1893 Fairfield, Vic. -(m.Vic.1915 Gordon Verner CUNNINGHAM)
STINTON, Ivy Marion - b.1896 Clifton Hill - (m.Vic.1922 Alfred Norman HARGREAVES)

STODDARD, Lucy Helen - b.Scotland (Mrs S.V.WINTER) - see WINTER

STODDART, Ann LEA - d. 8 August 1910 @ Frith Lea, South Wandin Yallock
STODDART, Abraham Lea - b. Manchester, Eng.
STODDART, Emma Jennie FRITH - Boarding House Keeper
STODDART, Eva Frith Lea - b. 1882 Hawthorn, Vic.
STODDART, Ruby Frith Lea - b. 1886 Hawthorn, Vic.

STOKES, John Hunter - from England - Music Teacher @ South Wandin 1905
STOKES, Annie Abbot nee CARLETON -from England(Mrs J.H.Stokes)
STOKES, Zoe Hunter -b.1882 Kew, Boroondara, Vic.

STONE, Frank b.abt from Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England Arr Silvan abt 1928
STONE, Jane Howieson Lawrie SMAIL b.1864 – d.1939 Box Hill, Vic.
STONE, Francis Thomas 'Frank' STONE 1889 (m. Dorothy Matilda– 1984
STONE, Dorothy Matilda
STONE, Herbert Lawrence 'Lawrie' - b.1892 Richmond, Vic. (m.Alice M.MOON )d.1976 Kilsyth, Vic
STONE, Alice Maud MOON -b.1919 Kew, Boroondara - daughter of Louis Phillip MOON & Elizabeth Ann PARKER - d.1973 in Melbourne, Vic.
STONE, Bertram Howieson -b.1894 – 1894
STONE, Jean Margaret -b.1897 –
STONE, Harold Leslie -b.1900
STONE, Isabel Coralie - b.1901 Hawthorn, Vic.
STONE, Henriette Irene 'Hetta' -b.1903 –

STONEMAN, Alfred - springmaker, from Devonshire, England
STONEMAN, Helen PAPE b. 1851 died 1923 Silvan, Vic
STONEMAN, Arthur Alfred b. 1876 Richmond
STONEMEN, Alfred Henry b. 1875 Richmond
STONEMAN, Thomas George b. 1879 Williamstown
STONEMAN, Blanche Mary b. 1880 Williamstown > Sth Wandin by 1912
STONEMAN, Leslie George b. 1886 Williamstown
STONEMAN, Della Beatrice b. 1888 Williamstown >Sth Wandin by 1912 (Mrs TENNANT resided Sth Wandin / Nth Monbulk/ Sherbrokke)

STORER, William Thomas B. 1857 Leicester, England (Chemist & Fruitgrwr by 1908)
STORER, Sarah Caroline SNOWDEN b. Burrow on the Hill, Leicester (Mrs Storer)
STORER, children of W.T.Storer & Rebecca Barrows remained in England
STORER, Florence May (Mrs Clarry REEVES) by 1908
STORER, Ruby Leila

STORMONT, Donald -@ THE GLEN Sth Wandin by 1913, 1916 - d.1961 Glen? Vic.@ 86yrs (son of Alexander Stormont & Barbara Brown)
STORMONT, Grace Marion BROWN - Sth Wandin by 1913 d.1960 Heidelberg, Vic. @ 89yrs (daughter of Wm Brown & Una Page)
STORMONT, Dorothy Grace b.1904 Goulburn, NSW (m.1941 Walter Thomas TONKIN)
STORMONT, Maidee McDonald b.1905 Goulburn, NSW (m.1936 John Clarence LEE)
STORMONT, Donald H. b.1907 Goulburn, NSW - d.1932 Pakenham, Vic. @ 25 yrs (son of Donald Stormont & Grace Brown)
STORMONT, Hector b? abt 1911 Goulburn, NSW

STOTTs of the Melbourne Markets -NOTE: The STOTT PRODUCE AGENCY, cousins of the HOLLIS family of South Wandin, was used by the Wandin South families and many other families in Wandin Yallock to sell produce in Melbournes markets for about six decades
STOTT, Thomas -b.1863 Collingwood, Melbourne - son of London-born plasterer, and later merchant, John STOTT (1827 – 1889) of Melbourne and his St Pancras-London-born wife, Mary Ann DUNT(1830 – 1899) - (married 1886 Clifton Hill to Rosa Frances SMITH)- - Occupation: PRODUCE MERCHANT / PRODUCE MARKET AGENT -d.1925 25 in Windsor, Prahran. Buried: St Kilda Cemetery
STOTT, Rosa Frances SMITH -b.16 October 1865 Collingwood, Victoria -daughter of John Thomas SMITH (1843-1928 and Fanny Elizabeth HOLLIS (1843 - 1928) (married Victora Markets Fruit and Vegetable Produce Agent and Merchant, Thomas STOTT (1863 – 1925)) - - - d. 1928 in St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC. - see SMITH - see HOLLIS -
-STOTT, Hubert Thomas -b.1888 Clifton Hill, Melb. - (married Clifton Hill, Vic. 1912 to Gertrude GIBBARD) Occupation: PRODUCE MERCHANT -Residence: 1 Seacombe Grv, Brighton, Victoria.– d.1943 Middle Brighton, Vic
-STOTT, Gertrude GIBBARD -b.1889 Clifton Hill, VIC.–dghtr of Charles William Frederick GIBBARD (b.1860–) & Julia Box GROVES (1857 – 1914) - Res, Clifton Hill & Brighton - - FOUR STOTT SONS, born Clifton Hill and Brighton, VIC. - d.1957 Brighton, Victoria
-STOTT, Harold Arthur -b.1889 Clifton Hill, Melb. - (m.10 August 1917 Clifton Hill to Paulina Jane TERDICH) Occupation: PRODUCE MERCHANT –d.1980 Patterson Lakes, Carrum,
-STOTT, Paulina Jane TERDICH -d.14 August 1885 Clifton Hill –dghter of Lovrana, Austrian-born Johann Severio TERDICH (1841 – 1923) & Penzance, Cornish-born Charlotte Pasco PASCOE (1859 – 1923) - FOUR STOTT SONS, born BRIGHTON, VIC.- d.9 August 1965 in Brighton, VIC.
-STOTT, Victor Hollis -b.1891 Clifton Hill, Melb. - (married 1915 Auckland, NZ to Ivy Agnes MURPHY) Occupation: ACCOUNTANT - -d.1968 Ringwood, VIC.
-STOTT, Ivy Agnes MURPHY -b.1891 ? -dghtr of John MURPHY & Mary McCRYSTAL - d.1951 Ringwood, Melbourne
- - -STOTT, Rose -b.1915 Auckland, NZ > Ringwood
- - -STOTT, Eric Hollis -b.1916 Auckland – 2003 Altona West, Vic.
-STOTT, Amy Beatrice -b.1893 Clifton Hill, Melb. - (m.28 Sept 1918 St Andrews Church of England, Clifton Hill to Ballarat-born, Creswick-originating Produce Inspector, William James CADDY [1893 – 1986]) -d.
-STOTT, Sydney Joseph -b.1895 Clifton Hill, Melb.- (m.Melbourne 1929 Kathleen Murray Frances McCALL) Occupation: Weights and Measures, - Agricultural Produce Inspector - d.1959 Melbourne,
-STOTT, Kathleen Murray Frances McCALL -b.1899 Melbourne -dghtr of John McCALL & Margaret O'DONNELL – 1974 Brunswick,
-STOTT, May Blanche -b.1897 Clifton Hill, Melb -d.1983 in Brighton, Melb.

STRACHAN, Mary - b.27 April 1840 in Brechen, Forfarshire, Scotland - daughter of James & Barbara STACHAN - (m.1858 Mrs Wm BAILEY) d.1886 Wandin Yalloak @ 46 yrs

STRACHAN -or STRAHAN, Mrs - owner of the old Hollis farm - Burleigh

STRAKER, James Joseph - from Caulfield b. 1848 Brighton, Vic. - of Irish heritage (m. Johanna Mary LEWIS)
STRAKER, John Thomas - b. 1874 Caulfield
STRAKER, James Joseph - b. 1876 Brighton, Vic.
STRAKER, Albert Ernest - b.1878 Brighton, Vic. Commercial Travellor @ Sth Wandin 1903
STRAKER, William Lewis b. 1878 Brighton, Vic.
STRAKER, Charles Daly - b.1881 Brighton, Vic. - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913
STRAKER, Amy Mary Josephina - b. 1883 Cheltenham, Vic - Sth Wandin 1913
STRAKER, Eileen Annie - b. 1886 Cheltenham, Vic
STRAKER, Kathleen Cecilia - b. 1888 Cheltenham, Vic

STRATTON, James - b.abt 1833 - son of William S STRATTON & Sarah CLEMENTS - (m. Anne LLOYD) - d.1900 Seymour, Vic @ 66yrs
STRATTON, Sarah Ann - b.1856 Richmond, Vic. -(m.Vic.1886 George Arthur LANCEY)
STRATTON, William - b.1858 - 1858 Nunawading
STRATTON, Thomas - b.abt 1860 Yering, Lilydale - (m.Vic.1888 Rachel BARKER)
STRATTON, Eliza - b.1863 Nunawading
STRATTON, Minnie Maria - b.1868 Wandin - Lilydale - (m.Vic.1902 Bartolomeo BANADEO)
STRATTON, Lucia Lucy - b.abt 1870 Yering, Lilydale -(m.Vic.1893 Edward DAVIDSON)
STRATTON, James - b.1874 Lilydale

STRATTON, Thomas Norton - b.abt 1812 - son of Thomas Norton STRATTON & Ann BOULANGAM - (m. Emily DAVIES) - d.1887 Lilydale District @ 75yrs - WILL / PROBATE - Farmer d.11 Dec 1887 Wandin Yallock
STRATTON, Emily DAVIES - b.abt 1843 - dghtr of David DAVIES & Emily BALLENGER - d, 1911 Richmond, Vic @ 67yrs
STRATTON, Edward Thomas - Tarrawarra, Yarra Valley -(m.Vic.1897 Sarah Ann BOYD) -
STRATTON, Sarah Ann BOYD - b.abt 1876 Bromley,
STRATTON, John Arthur - b.1868 Richmond, Vic - 1870 Richmond
STRATTON, Alexander James - b.1875 Richmond - (m.Vic.1898 Mary Elizabeth Dalrymple WRIGHT)
STRATTON, Mary Elizabeth Dalrymple WRIGHT
STRATTON, Emma Louisa Annie - b.1878 Richmond - (m.Vic.1908 Victor Emmanuel COLLUM)
STRATTON, Arthur John - b.1883 - 1884 Richmond
STRATTON, Frank Albert Day - b.1885 Lilydale
STRATTON, Ethel Harriet - b. 1888 Wandin-LIlydale - (m.Vic.1908 Henry Herbert HOLT)

STRONG, Arthur Vale b.abt 1882 Geelong - orchardist - Main Rd, Silvan 1926 - died 1964 Kew @ 82yrs (son of James STRONG & Deborah WIGGS)
STRONG, Carrie Clara HAWORTH b.abt 1882 Geelong - Main Road, Silvan 1926 - died 1963 Brighton, Vic @ 81yrs - dghtr of John HAWORTH & Teresa HAGEN
STRONG, Minnie b.1907 Geelong ~ d.1913 Lara
STRONG, Una Clara b.1906 Geelong

STYNES, Walter James White - b.abt 1849 Kilmore - son of James & Mary STYNES - (m.Vic.1870 Margaret Jane BEVIS) - d.1922 Prahran @ 72yrs
STYNES, Margaret Jane BEVIS - b.abt 1848 London, ENG. - daughter of John BEVIS & Jane HILLARD - d.1911 Prahran @ 63yrs
STYNES, William John - b.1871 -d.1874 St Kilda
STYNES, Lilliam Alice - b.1874 St Kilda - (m.Vic.1899 George Charles STEVENTON)
STYNES, Walter Percy - b.1876 St Kilda - (m.Vic.1899 Emily LOMAS)
STYNES, Walter Percy - b.1902 Coburg
-STYNES, Ernest Frederick -b.1904 St Kilda
-STYNES, Albert George - b.1907 St Killda
-STYNES, Leonard Richard - b,1910 St Kilda
-STYNES, Stanley Gordon -b.1913 St Kilda
STYNES, Adeline Mary - b.1877 St Kilda - (m.Vic.1898 Charles Gerard TROMP)
STYNES, Arthur Hillard - b.1880 St Kilda - (m. Alice Jane ) - d.1920 Heidelberg @ 39yr
-STYNES, Jack -b.1904 Carlton - d.1906 St Kilda
STYNES, Annie Evelyn - b.1882 Prahran - (m.Vic.1904 David BOTHWELL)
STYNES, Harold Herbert - b.1887 St Kilda - (m.Vic.Janet Carol DOWNIE
STYNES, Janet Caroline DOWNIE
- STYNES, Lorna Margaret - b.1913 Prahran

SUCKLING, Elizabeth, 1834 Widford, Herts. - daughter of Charles SUCKLING & ELiza RISTE - Ladies maid, and Personal Assistant to the Wiseman Family, Dressmaker, Milliner and later a shopkeeper in Prahran – d.1933 Glen Eira Road, Elsternwick, Vic. @ 99yrs

SUCKLING, Eliza -b. 1839 Widford, near Ware, Hertfordshire, England - daughter of blacksmith, Charles SUCKLING & Eliza RISTE - Parents both died in an epidemic in about 1848. The children were place in the Poor House - the Union at Ware, and later went into service in London. Emigrated with her sister Elizabeth, and was later joined here by her brother Charles SUCKLING- a brass-founder of Prahran and South Yarra.(married 1867 Gertrude St, Fitzroy to Hubert John HOLLIS ) d.11 February 1924 Burliegh, South Silvan)

Eliza Suckling Hollis (1839 Widford - 1924 Silvan)

SUCKLING, Charles -b.1842 Widford, Herts. son of Charles SUCKLING & ELiza RISTE - Metalsmith, Brassfounder & occasional visiting Blacksmith of South Wandin, with a workshop in Greville Street, Prahran d.28 August 1891 at 49 Barry St, South Yarra, Vic.
SUCKLING, George Alfred Charles b.1872 Islington, London - son of George SUCKLING & (nephew of the above & Eliza Hollis & Resident @ Wandin South from 1888-1891) d. 1966 Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia

SWALE, Thomas - b.1867 Camperdown, Corangamite- son of Richard SWALE & Kerrenhappuch SAVAGE - -(m.Vic.1894 Jessie GUILD) - d.1912 Nhill, Wimmera @ 45yrs
SWALE, Jessie GUILD -b.1868 Seymour, Vic. - daughter of Alexander GUILD & Eliza MEDLAR - d.1945 Belgrave, Vic @ 77yrs
SWALE, 'Tom' Thomas Guild - b.1894 - (m.Vic.1934 Minnie Irene ANDERSON) -d.1960 Mordialloc @ 66yr
SWALE, Jean Guild -b.1896 Casterton, Vic. - (m.Vic.1926 William Finbar NUNAN) - d.
SWALE, Kerrenhappuch Guild -b.1899 Casterton, Vic. - (m.Vic.1926 Gerald James DOUGLAS) - d.1963 Kal..? @ 64yrs
SWALE, Richard Guild- b.1902 Casterton - d.1902 Seymour, Vic.
SWALE, 'Jack' John Guild- b.1903 Casterton- (m.Vic.1942 Nellie Louise Jane DYKES) -d.
SWALE, 'Aleck' Alexander Guild - b.1903 Casterton, - d.1940 Seymour @ 40yr
SWALE, Elizabeth Elsie Guild - b.1906 St Kilda (m.Vic.1940 William Robert WRIGHT)
SWALE, Frances Bowkell - b.1907 - d.1907 Nhill, Wimmera

TACEY, James - b.abt 1835 Manchester, Midlands, England- (m.25 Oct 1865 Evandale, Morven, Tasmania to Emma DAVIS - He aged 30; she aged 22 ) -d.abt 1882 Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Melbourne @ 45yrs
TACEY, Emma DAVIS - - b.3 August 1843 Launceston, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)- daughter of Richard Theodore DAVIS & Elizabeth TONKIN - (m.25 Oct 1865 Evandale, Morven, Tasmania to James TACEY - He aged 30; she aged 22.) -widowed 1882 (m2.Vic.1883 George GILBERT) widowed 1884- (m.3.Vic.1887 George Henry TUCKER) - d.1890 Lilydale, Vic. @ 46yrs - - See DAVIS - see GILBERT - see TUCKER

TAFFS, William - b. 1836 Rothwell, Northamptonshire, England - son of Thomas TAFFS & Ann BAXTER -(m.15 May 1872 Wandin to Faith CLEGG) - d.19 Dec 1902 Wandin Yallock
TAFFS, Faith CLEGG b. Dec 1853 Halifax, Yorkshire - dghtr of Joseph CLEGG & Ann PARKER - d.20 Feb 1914 Wandin Yallock - see CLEGG
TAFFS, William Herbert b.1874 South Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1914 Harriet May STEERS) - d.1961 Perth, Western Australia
TAFFS, Harriet May STEERS -b.1875 Armadale, Prahran - dghter of John STEERS & Anna ETHELL - d.1965 Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia - see STEERS
TAFFS, Edith Bertha - b.1876 South Wandin Yallock (m.1897 Mrs Richard OLIVER) d.3 May 1967 Vic. - see OLIVER
TAFFS, Ethel May - b.1 Mar 1881 South Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1901 Charles Sheridan SPEEDIE) d.14 March 1964 Fairfield, Vic. - see SPEEDIE
TAFFS, Arthur Leslie - b.1883 South Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1911 Janet Morton SHAW)
TAFFS, Janet Morton SHAW 1892 St Kilda -dghtr of Angus SHAW & Janet McGALLAN – d.1980 Oakleigh - see SHAW
- - TAFFS, Janet Lillian -b.1912 Lilydale, Vic. (m.Vic.1938 Charles Richard James TILLING)
TAFFS, Horace Everard - b. 1885 South Wandin Yallock (m. Mary PATERSON)
TAFFS, Mary PATERSON 1885 Ireland? dghtr of William PATERSON & Mary Jane JENKINS – d. 1968 Warragul,
-TAFFS, Winifred Mary b.1914 Wandin Yallock– (m.Vic.1940 Hector Joseph Thomas DOWNING)
-TAFFS, Edith Mary -b.1915 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1933 Edward DRYDEN)
-TAFFS, John Everard -b. 1917 Wandin Yallock–
-TAFFS, Robert Leslie - b.1918 Wandin Yallock –
TAFFS, Ernest Edgar - 1887~1889 Sth Wandin Yallock @ 2 yrs

TAGGERT, David Oscar - Queens Rd, Silvan, labourer 1931 - died 1978 Tullamarine @ 70yrs - son of David Oscar Taggert & Emma Elizabeth Webb

TAIVALMAKI, Iisak HAKA b. 9th May 1900 Jalasjärvi, Finland, - see MAKI, Frank -

TALENT, James Leonard b.1879 Musk Creek, Daylesford, Vic. - son of James TALENT & Emma Elizabeth WILSON - (m.1901 Mary Tryphenia WHYTE) - carter @ Sth Wandin by 1913 -d.1964 Mora..? @ 85yrs
TALENT, Mary Tryphena WHYTE b. Cheshire, England - Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1951 Campbellfield @ 69yrs - dughter of James WHYTE & Mary HARRIS
TALENT, Albert Andrew b.1905 - died 1980 Ivanhoe, Vic. @ 73yrs
TALENT, James Godfrey b.1907 Richmond, Vic. - died 1980 Bundoora @ 73yrs

TARRAN, Francis - b.16 Feb 1869 Port MacDonnell, South Australia - son of Alutius Sheldon TARRAN & Elizabeth VEAL (m.Vic.1892 Mary HARRISON) - d.1943 Camberwell, Vic. @ 74yrs
TARRAN, Mary Nancy HARRISON -b.abt 1869 - dghtr of Anthony HARRISON & Sophia HINGSTON - d.1959 Frankston @ 90yrs
TARRAN, Winifred Florence - b.1893 South Wandin - (m.Vic.1920 Andrew Stephen GLEESON) - d.1977 Frankston @ 84yrs
TARRAN, James Harrison - b.1894 Mitcham - (m.Vic.1919 Beatrice May LEACH/LEECH) - d.1969 Heidelberg @ 75yrs
TARRAN, Beatrice May LEECH
- TARRAN, Jeanne Mary - b.1920 Coburg, Vic.
TARRAN, Antonia Veronica - b.1902 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1928 John Aloysius NUGENT) - d.1962 Fitzroy @ 60yrs
TARRAN, Mary Lillian - b.1907 Brunswick - (m.Vic.1935 William Teague Pascoe WEBB)

TAYLOR, Major Theophilus, b.1873 Ballarat Goldfields, - son of William TAYLOR & Sarah LORD, at Silvan 1917 'Gentleman' (m.1913 Isabella Dora Harricks)
TAYLOR, Isabella Dora HORRICKS - Silvan 1917 - d.1956 Richmond @ 85yrs - dghtr of William Harricks & Mary Griffin

TAYLOR, Henry John b. Ballarat (m.1897 Vic Elizth Mary Nolan)
TAYLOR, Elizabeth Mary NOLAN b.1877 (daughtr of Wlm Nolan & Julia Wilson) d.1945 Hamilton @ 68yrs
TAYLOR, Roy Joseph b.abt 1896 - son of Henry John TAYLOR & Elizabeth Mary NOLAN - sawmill hand 1919 (m.1916 Ethel May KING) d.1937 Prahran @ 41yrs
TAYLOR, Ethel May KING b. Krambuk
-TAYLOR, Elsie May b. 1917 Wandin Yallock
-TAYLOR, Phyllis Violet b.1919 Lilydale
TAYLOR, Ethel May b.1898 Healesville- d.1904 Yarra Glen @ 5yrs
TAYLOR, Henry John -b.1900 Healesville, Vic. - Silvan Sawmill Hand 1919
TAYLOR, Elizabeth Laura b.1902 Healesville (m.1921 Franz Ferdinand Heinrich HERRMANN)
TAYLOR, James Walter b.1904 Healesville
TAYLOR, Bertie Stanley b.1905 Healesville
TAYLOR, Idra Amelia b.1908 Healesville (m.1939 Harry Heinrich FELLENBERG)
TAYLOR, Samuel Edward b.1910 Yarra Glen
TAYLOR, Alfred William b.1911 Northcote
TAYLOR, William Robert b.1912 Yarra Glen

TAYLOR, Howard b.1875 Eaglehawk, Bendigo - son of Joseph Taylor & Anne HOWARD - Engine Driver on Silvan Dam construction - Silvan Cafe 1931
TAYLOR, Georgina Camilla Bairnsdale TURNER - ROGERS b.1891 Bairnsdale daughtr of Francis TURNER & Caroline NORTON - widow of George Thomas ROGERS of Toongabbie (1887-1911) with Rogers stepson - @ Silvan Cafe 1931 d.1972 Thornbury @ 82 yrs-
ROGERS, George Thomas b.1910 Traralgon - d.1990 Dandenong
TAYLOR, Howard Lemuel - (1915-1978) [m.1936 Ada Louise Chapman]

TELENTA, Antunov 'Toni' b. abt 1907 Blato, Korčula Island, Dalmatia.
TELENTA, Vica b. 1907 Blato, Korčula Island, Dalmatia
TELENTA, Mary b. 1931 Lilydale
TELENTA, Thomas Michael b. 1932 Lilydale
TELENTA, Agnes b. 1934 Lilydale
[NOTE: Blato is a town on the Adriatic island of Korčula now administered under the rule of Croatia. Korčula is an island in the on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea and now administratively belongs to the Dubrovnik–Neretva County of Croatia.]

TELFORD, Isabella - b. 1892 Mooroopna - daughter of John Ridley TELFORD & Josephine Rebecca AUBURN - Pioneer Schoolteacher at Wandin East PS - [Teacher Registration No.10102]

TENNANT, Frederick Joseph (m.1913 Della B. Stoneman)
TENNANT, Grace Ellen - b. 1913 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk
TENNANT, Ruby Alice b. 1914 Northcote
TENNANT, Frederick b. 1916 Northcote
TENNANT, Leslie Alfred b. 1918 Northcote
TENNANT, Della Beatrice b. 1920 Northcote

THEOBALDS, Ann - from Tasmania (Mrs Isaac Jeeves)

THOMAS, Charles - 1908 Wandin South North Monbulk 1924, 1931 fruit grower
THOMAS, Harriet - 1908
THOMAS, Evelyn - North Monbulk home duties

THOMAS, James 'The Orchardist' -b.1854 Thomastown, North of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - son of Francis 'Honniball' THOMAS (1823–1910) & Margaret CRAIG ?- -(m.VIC.1880 Marian 'Mary Ann' REEVES) - orchardist at Croydon 1903; Orchardist in the Wandins by 1908; - Orchard Manager at Hastings 1919 d. 1943 in Hastings, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia @ age 88 yrs
THOMAS, Marian / Marion 'Mary Ann' REEVES -b. abt 1853 in Surrey, England, Great Britain - dghter of Charles Thomas REEVES (1820–1890) & Bithiah Frances MOULTON 1818–1880) - in the Wandins by 1904 till about 1918 - d.1920 in Hastings, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

THOMAS, Bessie Craig 'Elizabeth' -b.January 1883 in Epping, north of Melbourne district, Victoria, Australia -dghtr of James 'The Orchardist' THOMAS & Marian REEVES - (m.Wandin Yallock 1901 to Robert 'Storekeeper' CAMERON) - two CAMERON children both born in Olinda Creek: Bessie Marion CAMERON (1902 Lillydale -)& Alan Lindsay CAMERON (1904 Lillydale-1989 Sydney, NSW) - d. ? - see CAMERON -

THOMAS, Frederick James, Reverend -b.1884 Preston, Victoria, Australia -son of James 'The Orchardist' THOMAS & Marian REEVES -From 1895-1908 resident at Mooroolbark and Wandin Yallock. In 1909 a MISSIONARY at Violet Town, Victoria. In 1914 at Theological Seminary' 209 Royal Parade, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - STUDENT- PRESBYTERIAN MINISTER -(m.Vic.1915 Elsie Mary HILL) - Missionary to Kuchang, Korea from 1916-1922, = Reverend Minister from October 1922 at Kergunyah, Wodonga, In Devonport, Tasmania 1925, 1926 etc; Moderator of the Presbyterian church of Tasmania 1932; Minster at Skipton, Victora 1935-1939. Moderator of the Presbyterian church of Victora. Later Minister at Tecoma, The Dandenongs 1949' - d. 1963 Tecoma, The Dandenongs, Victoria
THOMAS, Elsie Mary HILL -b.1886 in Portland, Victoria, Australia - daughter of Portland-born Schoolmaster Edwin Paxton Hood HILL (1855–1929) & Portland-born Lavinia TRICKEY (1856–1935) Her father was school teacher at Portland, Winslow, Woorndoo, Dunolly, Ballarat East, Golden Square, and in Brunswick - and she took up the chalk, and by she was a School Teacher. (m.1915 F. J. Thomas) Occupation: Teacher - d. 1980 in Kerang, Mid-Murray valley, (or Kew, Boroondara, Melbourne), Australia
THOMAS, Jack (R.A.N) -b. 8 March 1917 in Kuchang, Korea -(m.4 Nov 1940 Geelong Thelma Lilly WATKINS) -d.
THOMAS, Thelma Lilly WATKINS -b. -
THOMAS, Son -b. 26 February 1920 in Kuchang, KOREA

THOMAS, Arthur Leslie -b. February 1886 in Preston, Melbourne district, Victoria, Australia -son of James 'The Orchardist' THOMAS & Marian REEVES -- (m.VIC.1914 May Gerte Gertrude HILL) - Occupation: STOREKEEER & GROCER: 1914 at Curdie's River, Cobden, Corangamite, Victoria; 1919 Bayne Street, Terang, Corangamite, Victoria, Australia - Main street , Grocer; abt 1923-1937 Port Campbell, Corangamite, Victoria, Australia - Storekeeper; 1943-1963 ? Main Street, Croydon, Victoria, Australia - SHOPKEEPER with wife, two children working in store -d. ? Croydon, Vic.
THOMAS, May Gerte Gertrude HILL -b.1890 in Terang, Corangamite District, Victoria, Australia - dghtr of Bristol, English-born Alfred John HILL (1825–1907 Terang) & Lillydale, Upper Yarra-born Annie WEBB (? – 1934 Terang) -d. Croydon, Vic. - see WEBB
THOMAS, John Arthur -b. Terang > Storekeeper at Croydon by 1943
THOMAS, Thelma Lily -b.Terang > Storekeeper at Croydon by 1943

THOMAS, Charles William -b. 1890 in Preston, Victoria, Australia -son of James 'The Orchardist' THOMAS & Marian REEVES -?

THOMAS, Annie Reeves -b. 1892 in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -dghtr of James 'The Orchardist' THOMAS & Marian REEVES -- Resident at Wandin Yallock 1904- 1917 - (m.1922 HAstings, Vic to Ernest ROBINSON) - d. 1963 in Hastings, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

THOMAS, Nina -b.1893 in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -dghtr of James 'The Orchardist' THOMAS & Marian REEVES -- Resident at Wandin Yallock 1904- 1917 -(m.VIC. 1918 Herbert STOCKTON orchardist of Hastings, Vic.) d.1965 in Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Victoria @ age 72 yrs

THOMAS, George Edward North Monbulk, retired

THOMAS, William -b.abt 1867 (son of Thomas & Mary Emily JONES) Silvan, Gardener 1917 / 1919 - Died 1944 at Wandin @ 77yrs
THOMAS, Alice Amelia STOWE -b.abt 1867 (dghtr of Thomas William STOWE & Hannah Edith KERRIDGE) Queens Rd, Silvan 1919 Died 1933 Lilydale @ 66yrs
THOMAS, Edgar William - Silvan, poultryman, 1917 (m.1922 Victoria Violet Osborne BROWN) - d.1929 Heidelberg @ 38yrs
THOMAS, Victoria Violet Osborne BROWN
THOMAS, Emma - Queens ROad,

THOMAS, George Frederick
THOMAS, Emma BAKER parents of Angela, Donald & Joan
THOMAS, Angela Margaret - b.1920 South Melb.
THOMAS, Joan Emsie - b.1920 South Melbourne
THOMAS, Donald b.

THOMAS, William James - Wandin orchardist 1924 - WILLS/ PROBATE - Fruit Grower d. 4 Jan 1925 Wandin Yallock
THOMAS, Edith Emily STOW (m.Vic.1913 W.J.Thomas) d.1967 Footscray @ 85yrs -Daughter of Arthur Joseph STOW & Sophia Helena ERNEST
THOMAS, Iris May b. 1914 Williamstown
THOMAS, Ailsa Helena Annistatia b.1918 Williamstown

THOMPSON, Jonas -b.abt 1805 Lincolnshire (m.Vic. 1873 Eliza SHAW)- died 1886 Wandin Yallock Age 80 yrs
THOMPSON, Eliza SHAW - nee TRIMBY - b.abt 1825 Somersetshire - daughter of Sampson TRIMBY & Anna MINTZ - d.1912 Fitzroy South, Melbourne @ 87yrs
THOMPSON, William - b.1868 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale - d.1943 Wandin Yallock @ 75yrs
THOMPSON, Walter -b.1870 Wandin Yallock, Lillydale (m.1895 Catherine Letitia McMILLAN) - d.1950 Traralgon @ 79yrs
THOMPSON, Catherine / Kathleen Letitia McMILLAN
- THOMPSON, William Theodore - b.1896 Mitcham
- THOMPSON, Ida Victoria - b.1898 Launching Place
- THOMPSON, Evelyn Ruth - b.1899 Launching Place
- THOMPSON, Samuel Walter -b.1901 Launching Place
- THOMPSON, Thomas James Poole - b.1903 Wandin Yallock
- THOMPSON, Henry Victor Laurie - b.1906 Wangaratta/ Wandin Yallock

THOMPSON, William - fruitgrower in the Wandins, 1906
THOMPSON, Eliza - in the Wandins, 1906

- Joseph Thompson (1809-1885): father of Margaret, Agnes, John Henning and Thomas Kenny Thompson.
THOMPSON, 'JOSEPH' John Joseph -b.abt 1808 Scotland, Great Britain (m. Scotland, Great Britain to Margaret Ann HENNING) ---- RESIDENCE 1851: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England, Great Britain - Age: 40; Relation: Head- Banker's Clerk -EMIGRATED: arrived in Melbourne 1853 - d. 1885 in Avoca, Victoria, Australia @ 75 yrs
THOMPSON, Margaret Ann HENNING -b. abt 1809 Scotland, Great Britain - daughter of John HENNING & Margaret McPHERSON - RESIDENCE 1851: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England, Great Britain - Age: 40; Relation: (Banker's Clerk's) Wife- - d.1881 Brighton, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia @ 71 yrs

THOMPSON, Margaret -b. abt 1833 Scotland, Great Britain - - (m. ? HANNAY) - d. ?

THOMPSON, Joseph -b.abt 1835 Scotland, Great Britain - son of John Joseph THOMPSON & Margaret Ann HENNING - -Residence 1851: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England, Great Britain - Age: 16; Relation: Son - EMIGRATED 1853 ? (m.? Victoria, Australia ?) - d. 1880 in Victoria, Australia @ age 44 yrs

THOMPSON, Agnes -b.abt 1836 Scotland, Great Britain - daughter of John Joseph THOMPSON & Margaret Ann HENNING - -Residence 1851: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England, Great Britain - Age: 15; Relation: Daughter - EMIGRATED 1853 ? - (married in Victoria, Australia ?) - d. Australia

John Henning Thompson as a young man
THOMPSON, John Henning M.A. J.P. b.1844 St Pancras, London, England - son of John Joseph THOMPSON & Margaret Ann HENNING - -Residence 1851: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England, Great Britain - Age: 7; Relation: Son - EMIGRATED 1853 ?- One of the earliest graduates of Melbourne University and, so, a collegiate, academic fellow and friend of fellow-graduate Dr GRAHAM of Richmond and South Wandin - (Pioneer Headmaster of Kew High School) Married 1875 Louisa Elizabeth GRATTAN) Founder of the Kew Grammar School- Magistrate, Justice of the Peace at Parker Road, South Wandin (Silvan) -d. 1936 in Hawthorn, Boroondara District, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @ age 90 yrs
THOMPSON, Louisa Elizabeth GRATTAN -b.1839 Ulster, Northern Ireland, EIRE -dghtr of Thomas GRATTAN & Isabella FISHER (1816 – 1881) - EMIGRATED 1858 at age 19 per the per ship "WHITE STAR" - (m.Melbourne, Vic.1875 John Henning THOMPSON) -She died 1910 in Wandin South (Later Silvan), Wandin Yallock, Lilydale District, Victoria, Australia aged 71 yrs
- Mr & Mrs J H Thompson, under the Mulberry Tree, Kew High School

Mrs J.H.(Louisa Elizabeth) Thompson and son Val.

THOMPSON, Isabella Grattan - b. 1876 Richmond ~ d. 1966 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - age 90

THOMPSON, John Grattan - b. 1877 Boroondara, Kew, Vic. -Occupation : DENTIST (m.VIC.1906 Honora 'Nora' Catherine MEAGHER)- Residences: Hawthorn, Kew d.1950 in Middle Park, South Melbourne, Victoria,

John Grattan Thompson fishing, Yarra River, about 1895

THOMPSON, Honorah 'Nora' Catherine MEAGHER -b.1882 Belfast, (Port Fairy), Victoria, Australia -dghtr of John MEAGHER & Hannah BOURKE - d.

THOMPSON, Kenneth Grattan -b. 1903 Malvern, Kooyong District, Victoria -(m.1932 Hester Lily A. ?) - Occupation: Broadcaster - A.B.C. (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Anchorman - d. 1973 Sydney, New South Wales, Austalia
THOMPSON, Hester Lily A. ?- b. NSW

THOMPSON, John Joseph Meagher -b. 20 December 1907 Kew, Boroondara, East of Melbourne, Victoria - Occupation: book editor, poet, radio announcer, radio producer, soldier, Journalist, war correspondent A.B.C.Australian Broadcasting Commission) Anchorman - (m.4th June 1938 Registry office, Westminster, London, England to Patricia Drakeford COLE ) -d.19 July 1968 in Darlinghurst, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia THOMPSON, Patricia Drakeford COLE
- John Joseph Meagher Thompson & Thomas Grattan Cochrane on the verandah at "LARNOO" South Wandin, October 1910

Broadcaster, John Joseph Meagher Thompson of the A.B.C. Sydney, 1960

THOMPSON, Joseph Valentine 'Val' Grattan b.1879 Kew ~ d. 1900 Yarra River, Kew - @ age 21 yrs
- - Val (Valentine) Thompson and Cecil Crespin starting for Kew from (Larnoo) South Wandin, abt 1898 - 'Nunky's Rover' in background.

THOMPSON, May Grattan - b. 1881 Kew, Boroondara (M.Vic.1903 Thomas 'Schoolmaster' COCHRANE) Three COCHRANE children -d.978 in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia - see COCHRANE
Nora Catharine Thompson (nee Meagher) and May Grattan Cochrane (nee Thompson) with babies in front of the verandah at 'Larnoo' Wandin South, c.1908

- Thomas Kenny Thompson as a young man

THOMPSON, Thomas Kenny - b.1845 St Pancras, London, England, G.B. son of John Joseph THOMPSON & Margaret Ann HENNING --Residence 1851: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England, Great Britain Age: 5; Relation: Son - EMIGRATED 1853 ? - (m.Vic. 1881 Isabella Victoria GRATTAN, (sister of his brother's wife) in Melbourne, Australia)- Occupation 1900-1924 South Wandin: farmer, fruitgrower- d.1924 in Hawthorn, Boroondara District, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - age 79
THOMPSON, Isabella Victoria GRATTAN -b. Ulster, Northern Ireland, EIRE -dghtr of Thomas GRATTAN & Isabella FISHER (1816 – 1881) - EMIGRATED 1858 at age 21 per the per ship "WHITE STAR" she died 1897 Wandin South @ 56 yrs

The brothers Thompson, John Henning and Thomas Kenny Thompson and their wives. Group at 'Larnoo' Wandin South.

THOMPSON, Thomas - b.1889 Cheshire, Bebington, England - son of Thomas Thompson & Elizabeth Wilkerson- (m.1915 Hope McKenzie WAYCOTT) Residence: Wiseman ROad, Burleigh - d.4 Jan 1958 Burleigh, Silvan
THOMPSON, Hope McKenzie WAYCOTT - b. 16 March 1888 in Schnapper Point, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia (Daughter of Richard WAYCOTT & Ada TAPP who was born in 1861 in Gabo Island, off East Gippsland, Vic. - widowed 1958 - (Remarried Vic.1962 Oliver John Joseph GOLDSMITH (1893–1968)- d.1969 Wiseman Road, Burleigh, Silvan South
THOMPSON, Catherine Winifred 'Kit' b. 6 November 1915 South Yarra - Education: at Silvan Primary School till 1926 - A pioneeer pupil at Silvan South Primary School from 7 May 1926. (m.1933 South Yarra Mrs Charles Arthur KNOLL)- d.2006 Knolls Lane, Burleigh, Silvan South - Buried: Beenak cemetery - see KNOLL
THOMPSON, Thomas Richard 'Dick' -b.25 May 1918 Cheltenham, Vic. - of Wiseman Road, Burleigh (m.Vic. Elsie ) -Pioneering flower grower & plant breeder. Creator of the 'Magnifique' cultivar of Daffodils. d.2012 Mornington Peninsula, Vic.
THOMPSON, Allen Roy - b.30 May 1921 Cheltenham, Vic. - (m.Vic. Alice COOMBE)
THOMPSON, Alice COOMBE - b. Mia Mia, Redesdale, Kyneton, Vic
THOMPSON, Norma E -b. 1924 Lilydale, -(m. US Soldier) - > Iowa, USA
THOMPSON, Faye -b. 1932 Burleigh, Silvan South - (m. Engineer, John BRACE)

THOMPSON, Ellis Joseph b. 1884 Richmond, Vic. (son of Arthur Rowbottom Thompson & Martha Mary Hartley) d.1877 Silvan @ 93yrs
THOMPSON, Clara Alberta CADMAN (dghtr of Edwin A Cadman & CLara Grey) - Silvan 1919 d.1958 Silvan @ 66yrs
THOMPSON, Ellis Frank - b.1919 Kew, Vic

THOMSON, Alexander -b. 11 August 1892 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland -son of Alexander THOMSON & Elizabeth BRUNT - (m.Vic.1923 - Agnes Young STEVENSON) - d.6 June 1971 in Wandin East, Vic
THOMSON, Agnes Young STEVENSON -b.20 March 1895 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland - dghtr of John STEVENSON (1868 – 1942) & 'Jeanie' Jane Barr STEWART (1868 – 1956) - d. 29 Sept 1991 Wandin East - see STEVENSON
THOMSON, Alexander John 'Alec' THOMSON - b.9 May 1924 Melbourne (m. Methodist Church, Silvan 1948 to Heather STONE) d.1981 Silvan South, Vic
THOMSON, Heather STONE- b. 11 Set 1925 Surrey Hills dghtr of Herbert Lawrence STONE & Alice Maud MOON - d. 2009 Healesvill
THOMSON, Jeanie - b.abt 1926

THORBURN, William - b. Glasgow, Scotland d. 1921 Brunswick East @ 71yrs
THORBURN, Sarah Mary BRADLEY - b. London, England at "HIGHGATE" silvan 1926 (daughter of Joseph Samuel BRADLEY & Elizabeth WARRINGTON) [m.1877 Vic. to W.Thorburn] d.1929 Lillydale @ 81yrs
THORBURN, George MacIntosh b. 1878 Fitzroy, Vic. - d.1890 Geelong @ 12yrs
THORBURN, William b. 1880 Sandhurst, Bendigo - d.1902 Geelong @ 22yrs

SURVEYOR N. THORNLEY - surveyor of Wandin Yallock & nearby districts
- b.abt 1836 - son of James THORNLEY & ELizabeth PRESTWICK -Occupation SURVEYOR- - d.1903 Tower Hill, Koroit, @ 66yrs
THORNLEY, Edith Theresa -b.1869 Camperdown -(m.Vic.1894 William BOYD)
THORNLEY, Florence Elaine Louisa -b.1871 Hamilton -(m.Vic.1898 Alex Morrison NICHOLSON)
THORNLEY, Edmund Ashworth-b.1873 Hamilton (m.Vic.1909 Christine LOUGHRON)
THORNLEY, Violet Mary -b.1874 Hamilton -(m.Vic.1917 Herbert LILLIES)
THORNLEY, Vera Beatric -b,1876 Brighton
THORNLEY, Geoffrey Prestwick-b.1884 Kew, Boroondara

THORNTON, Richard Henry Gordon, labourer, Silvan, 1931 - d.1974 Croydon @ 74yrs - sn of Collins & Mary Anne JOLLY
THORNTON, Alice Victoria DAVIS, home-duties, Silvan, 1931 d.1964 Box Hill @ 63yrs - dghtr of Henry DAVIS & Emma FRANCIS

THURROWGOOD, Frederick William b.1860 Mt Duneed, Geelong -son of George THURROWGOOD & Emily Maria CHAPPELL - (m.1886 Vic. to Emily Louisa HARRIS) – Arr. 1899 Lilydale labourer
THURROWGOOD, Emily Louisa HARRIS b. Geelong - daughter of William HARRIS & (Mrs F.W. Thurrowgood) d.1949 Heidelberg @ 84yrs
THURROWGOOD, Florence Ada - b.1887 Geelong - (m.1929 John William CAIRNS)
THURROWGOOD, Laura Edith b.1888 Murroon, Birregurra - (m.George Thomas AXFORD)
THURROWGOOD, Freda Emily - b.1890 Biregurra - d.1940 Brunswick @ 49yrs
THURROWGOOD, William Harris - b.1892 Biregurra
THURROWGOOD, Lillias Macbeth - b.1894 Biregurra
THURROWGOOD, Raymond Louis - 1896-1897 Geelong
THURROWGOOD, Gwendoline Louise -b.1898 Geelong (m.1926 Leslie Andrew WADE)
THURROWGOOD, Dulcie Miriam b. 1900 Lilydale - (m.1937 William James HAMILTON)
THURROWGOOD, George Harold - b. 1902 Lilydale (m.1931 Stella Victoria DUNSTAN) - d.1976 Donvale @ 73yrs
THURROWGOOD, Stella Victoria DUNSTAN - b.abt 1900 - dgtr of Thomas DUNSTAN & Margaret Ellen JAMES - d.1975 Box Hill @ 75yrs
THURROWGOOD, 'Fern Hill' OLinda Creek, Mt Evelyn Road

THURROWGOOD, Edwin Charles - b.1870 Murroon, Barwon Downs -son of George THURROWGOOD & Emily Maria CHAPPELL - - (m.Vic.1897 Mary BONELLI) - d.1953 Lilydale @ 84yrs
THURROWGOOD, Maria Mary BONELLI b.1871 Maldon - daughter of Pietro BONELLI, of Lombardy, Italy & Margaret WILLIAMS of Glamorgan, Wales who married in Maldon in 1868. - d.1957 Surrey Hills @ 85yrs
THURROWGOOD, Olive May Bonelli - b.1898 Birregurra - 'Fern Hill' OLinda Creek, Mt Evelyn Road (m.1923 Edward James HAMILTON)
THURROWGOOD, Caroline - b.1900 Birregurra (m.1923 George MACUMBER)
THURROWGOOD, William Edwin - b.1903 Colac (m.1927 Rose Evelyn Maria SHELL) - d.1965 Lilydale @ 61yrs
THURROWGOOD, Rose Evelyn Maria SHELL - b.abt 1911 - dghtr of Albert J SHELL & Martha ann GROVES - d.1972 Croydon @ 63yrs - See SHELL
- THURROWGOOD, Ada Joy - 1828-1928 Lilydale
THURROWGOOD, Herbert Joseph - b.1906 Maldon (m.1936 Mary Elizabeth WATKINS) -see also WATKINS
THURROWGOOD, Arthur Charles - b.1908 Newstead, Vic.
THURROWGOOD, Ivy Maud - b.1910 Maryborough - d.1960 Vermont @ 49yrs

THURROWGOOD, George Walter b. Barwon Valley -son of George THURROWGOOD & Emily Maria CHAPPELL - -- (m.Vic.1900 Rose Frier DAY) (m.1903 his deceased wife's sister Maud Alice DAY) - d.1952 Parkdale, Melbourne @ 77yrs
THURROWGOOD, Rose Frier DAY b.abt 1880 - dgtr of William Benton DAY & Charlotte WRIGHT - d.1902 Colac @ 22yrs
THURROWGOOD, Maud Alice DAY - b.abt 1877 - dgtr of William Benton DAY & Charlotte WRIGHT - d.1945 Mentone, Vic. @ 62yrs
THURROWGOOD, Lizzie Ann Frier - b.1903 Geelong
THURROWGOOD, Ernest William -b.1905 Geelong - (m.1931 Gerte Alice WELLS) - d.1970 Bagshot @ 65yrs
THURROWGOOD, Leslie Walter -b.1908 Steiglitz - d.1935 Drouin @ 26yrs
THURROWGOOD, Muriel Rose -b.1912 Murchison - (m.1938 Mervyn Francis MOONEY)
THURROWGOOD, Beatrice Amy -b.1918 Yarragon (m.1940 Arthur John SHEARMAN)

THURROWGOOD, Albert Frank - b.Geelong -son of George THURROWGOOD & Emily Maria CHAPPELL - (m.1905 Una Blanche SAUNDERS)
THURROWGOOD, Una Blanche SAUNDERS - b. Geelong - (m.Vic.1909 Charles Albert TAINTON)

THURROWGOOD, Cecil Thomas - b.1881 Mt Moriac, Geelong -son of George THURROWGOOD & Emily Maria CHAPPELL - (m. Rose Ellen HOCKING)
THURROWGOOD, Rose Ellen HOCKING - b. Geelong
-THURROWGOOD, Alan Stewart - b.1912 Geelong - (m.1939 Grace SHARP)
-THURROWGOOD, Charles Lester - b.1914 Geelong

TILLER, Walter James -b.1899 -son of Charles TILLER & Annie LAURIE (m.1921 Annabell Violet STANLEY) brother-in-law of Allan EDWARDS, Carrier - d.1968 Geelong @ 69 yrs
TILLER, Annabell Violet STANLEY b. -d.1979 Geelong @ 77yrs -dgtr of John STANLEY & Sarah BLAKEY
TILLER, Winifred - b.1922 - at SSSS 1930

TOBIN, Michael - -b.1833 Ireland, EIRE – son of -? _ (m. Richmond, VIC 1856 to Bridget BOURKE) widowed 1886 - (remarried in Australian about 1889 to MARY ? -d. 16 May 1904 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale @ 70yrs
TOBIN, Bridget BOURKE – b. abt 1826 Ireland, EIRE- daughter of John & Bridget BOURKE - - d. 1886 Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @ 60yrs
TOBIN, James –b. 1857 Richmond, Vic. – 1883 Richmond, Vic.
TOBIN, Mary Ann - -b. 1858 Richmond, Vic.(m. Vic. 1878 Frederick Thomas BROOKS 1853 – 1932) –Five BROOKS children born Richmond, Victoria. 1878-1886 - d.1886 Richmond, Vic.(
TOBIN, Johanna –b. 1860 Richmond, Vic.–
TOBIN, Margaret Ellen–b. 1861 Richmond, Vic.– d. 1929 Prahran, Vic.
TOBIN, Mary –b.?????

[Children of Joseph TONKIN & Elizabeth Jane WEYMOUTH. He married at age 23 and she at age 19 on the 27 Sept 1852 St James Church, Blakiston, Adelaide South Australia]
TONKIN, Joseph

TONKIN, James Charles b. 5 July 1855 Inverbrackie, Onkaparinga, South Australia - son of Joseph TONKIN & Elizabeth Jane WEYMOUTH - (married 1884 Wentworth, New South Wales to Rose SPARKES) d.1934 Kyabram, Vic. @ 81yrs
TONKIN, Rosa Anne SPARKES b. NSW - d.1908 Echuca @ 51yrs (dghtr of Edwin SPARKES)
TONKIN, Alexander James Charles b.1884 Wentworth, NSW -(m.1920 Jessie OGLE) d.1965 Heidelberg @ 80yrs
TONKIN, Frederick James - b.1887 Prahran
TONKIN, Emily Jane - b.1888 South Wandin Yallock ~ d.1943 Heidelberg @ 54yrs
TONKIN, Joseph Henry - b.1890 Sth Wandin Yallock (m.1913 Mary Ann Sarah Jane BRERETON) d.1968 Moor..? Vic. @ 77yrs
TONKIN, Mary Ann Sarah Jane BRERETON d.1978 Kyabram @ 83yrs (dghtr of John Brereton & Mary Reddrop)
-TONKIN, Edna Mahalah Winifred b.1902 Clifton Hill
TONKIN, Violet Annie - b.1892 Sth Wandin Yallock ~ d.1974 Beechworth @ 82yrs
TONKIN, Francis William - b.1893 Sth Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m.1919 Queanbeyan, NSW to Wilhelmina WHITE)
TONKIN, Clara Elizabeth - b.1896 Sth Wandin Yallock (m.1920 Tocumwal NSW to Ernest GREEN) d.1955 Tocumwal NSW
TONKIN, Herbert Edward - b.1898 Sth Wandin Yallock (m.1919 Wallsend, NSW to Agnes KRIMMER)
TONKIN, Harold (1899-1899) Sth Wandin Yallock
TONKIN, Evelyn Mary b.1901 Sth Wandin Yallock (m.1930 Henry William John LEAR)

TONKIN, Joseph Henry b. 24 December 1856 Bays Water, Onakaparinga, Nain district, South Australia - son of Joseph TONKIN & Elizabeth Jane WEYMOUTH - Joseph Henry Tonkin married Maria Louisa Harriet Bellamy on 12 Nov 1879 at the residence of his father, Joseph Tonkin, Victor Harbour, South Australia. He was a farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1908 - died 1935 Hawthorn East, Vic. @ 78yrs
TONKIN, Marie Louisa Harriet BELLAMY (Mrs J.H.Tonkin) died 1922 Surrey Hills, Vic. @ 61yrs - dghtr of Humphrey Lycett BELLAMY & Eliza SAMPSON
TTONKIN, Jane Eliza - b. 28 Nov 1880 Port Victoria, South Australia (m.1904 Vic. to George William SWEETLAND)
TONKIN, Maria Maud - b. 6 Nov 1882 New Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia (m.1909 Vic. to Joseph Thomas FRITH)
TONKIN, Henry Lycett b. 9 Sept 1884 Kent Town, Adelaide, Sth Aust. (m.1912 vic. to Ida Victoria BALL)
TONKIN, Ida Victoria BALL -
- TONKIN, Henry Ball b. 1913 St Kilda, Vic.
TONKIN, Francis Ernest Victor b. 1886 Windsor-Prahran, Vic. (m.1909 Fanny Emily WELLS) d.1954 Ferntree Gully @ 67yrs
-TONKIN, Fanny Emily WELLS died 1968 Mitcham, Vic.@ 86yrs - dghtr of Charles WELLS & Eliza STERRITT
- TONKIN, Kenneth Victor (1910-1910) Hawthorn
- TONKIN, Nancy b.1912 Flemington
TONKIN, Herbert Weymouth b. 1889 Brunswick, Vic. (m.1919 Dorothy Eileen CLOSS)
TONKIN, Dorothy Eileen CLOSS - d.1962 Heidelberg @ 72yrs - dghtr of William CLOSS & Annie SHORT
TONKIN, Edna Mahalah Winifred Adelaide b. 1902 Clifton Hill, Vic. (m.1921 Robert Wallace McLEAN)

TONKIN, Ephraim Weymouth b.20 March 1858 Inverbrackie, Onkaparinga, South Australia son of Joseph TONKIN & Elizabeth Jane WEYMOUTH

TONKIN, William Garland b.10 July 1859 Millbrocke, Woodside, Nain district, South Australia - son of Joseph TONKIN & Elizabeth Jane WEYMOUTH - fruitgrower by 1903 - died 1951 Parkville, Melb. @ 91yrs -
TONKIN, Annie REDPATH - b. England - (m.1885 Vic. to Wm Garland TONKIN) - d.1942 Glenhuntly, vic. @ 80yrs - dghtr of Thomas REDPATH & Annie AIREY
TONKIN, Rubina Annie Margaret b.1886 Northcote, Vic. (m. George Herbert ROBINSON) d.1981 Hawthorn @ 94yrs

TONKIN, Joseph b. 12 Dec 1860 Inverbrackie, Onkaparinga, South Australia - son of Joseph TONKIN & Elizabeth Jane WEYMOUTH

TOOLEY, John - b.1813 in Spelsbury, nr Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England (or Wicklow, Ireland) - m.? ? Oxfordshire, England to Jane HADDRIL - d.1881 Kew, Boroondara
TOOLEY, Jane Elizabeth HADDRILL - b.1818 in Chadlington, nr Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire - - d.1870 Yering, Yarra Valley,
TOOLEY, John Haddrill -b.1854 Kew Nth, Boroondara-Bulleen - son of John TOOLEY & Jane HADDRILL -
(m.Vic.1878 Esther McKAY) - d. -
TOOLEY, Esther McKAY - b,1858 Upper Yarra Valley - -daughtr of Samuel McKAY & Mary 'McMullen' McMEIKIN -- see McKAY
-TOOLEY, Mary Jane - b.1879 Wandin-Lilydale
-TOOLEY, Emma - b.1881 Polly McQuinns, Euroa (m.1904 James HOWARD)
-TOOLEY, George John - b.1886 Karramomus, Shepparton
-TOOLEY, Esther - b.1886 Karramonus, Goulburn Valley
-TOOLEY, Nellie - b.1891 Terang
-TOOLEY, Edith -b.1893 Arcadia, Terang (m.1912 Hugh Ernest McKAY)
-TOOLEY, Jessie -b.1898-1898 Murchison, Vic.
TOOLEY, Jonathon - b.1856 The Loddon Goldfields - son of John TOOLEY & Jane HADDRILL -
TOOLEY, Esther - b.1863 Yering, Yarra Valley - (m. Hugh James McKAY) - see McKAY
TOOLEY, Jacob - b.1861 Yering, Lillydale - son of JOhn TOOLEY & Jane HADDRILL - (m.1883 Mary Ann DOUTHIE)
-TOOLEY, Henry -b.1993-1883 Lillydale
-TOOLEY, Frederick Jacob -b.1884 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1910 Caroline WALKER)
-TOOLEY, Emily b.1885 Wandin Yallock - (m.1907 William Hardidge SMITH)
-TOOLEY, Albert John - b.1998 Lilydale - (m.Vic.1912 Adelheide Theresia AUCKENS)
-TOOLEY, Emily - b.1889 Wandin-Lilydale -
-TOOLEY, Robert Andrew Grey -b.1892 Wandin Yallock
-TOOLEY, Ruby Mary Jane - b.1894 Lilydale
-TOOLEY, Esther May - b.1896 Lilydale
-TOOLEY, Isabella Annie - b.1900 Lilydale
-TOOLEY, Ivy Marianne - b.1903 Lillydale

TOSELAND, George Alfred Montague -b.1871 Melbourne -son of Edward TOSELAND & Frances Charlotte GROVER (m.Vic.1892 Mary Ann LUMBERS)
TOSELAND, Mary Ann Lumbers HINTON -b. Prahran - d.1930 West Melb. @ 64yrs - dghtr of William Lindsay HINTON & Ann LUMBERS
TOSELAND, Frances -b.1892-1892 Malvern
TOSELAND, Edward Lindsay b.1894 Prahran - (m.Vic.1925 Florence Hill TICKNER) - d.1970 Warragul @ 76yrs
TOSELAND, Florence Hill TICKNER - d.1984 Trafalgar @ 75yrs - dgtr of Edward & Sarah Ann TICKNER -
- TOSELAND, Albert Edward - 1926-1926 Seymour
TOSELAND, George Alfred - (m.Vic.1935 Vera Constance LYONS)
TOSELAND, Florence May - b.1896 Essendon - d.1981 Balwyn @ 85yrs
TOSELAND, Mabel Florence - b1898-1898 South Yarra
TOSELAND, Charles Archibald George -b.1904 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic.1933 Constance HAWKE) - d.1982 Warragul @ 78yrs
TOSELAND, Constance Gloria HAWKE - d.1976 Morwell @ 64yrs - dgtr of Edgar Alfred HAWKE & Ada Alice CARNEY
- TOSELAND, Clive - b.abt 1935 - d.1985 Newc..? @ 50yrs

TRAFFORD, Albert Edward b.1875 Brunswick -son of Emanuel TRAFFORD & Isabella HALL - (m.1898 Marg M JOYCE) d.1955 Parkville, Melb. @ 81yrs
TRAFFORD, Margaret Ann JOYCE b.1876 Williamstown, Vic. - d.1942 Brunswick @ 66yrs
TRAFFORD, Frederick (1899-1899) Hotham West, Nth Melb.
TRAFFORD, Florence Victoria Adelaide b.1900 Hotham East, Nth Melb. [m.1920 Henry George KING] d.1976 Lilydale @ 76yrs - see above
TRAFFORD, Bernard Leslie b.1902 Brunswick East - 1926 labourer- Silvan. d.1964 Parkville, Melb. @ 62yrs (son of Albert Trafford & Margaret JOYCE)
-TRAFFORD, Nancy Adelaide JAMES (m.1928. B.L Trafford)
TRAFFORD, Rita May b.1904 Brunswick East (m.1928 Alexandre MARANZANA)
TRAFFORD, Violet Pearl b.1908 Brunswick East (m.1925 James Tregellas Finlay DICKSON) d.1942 Kew @ 33yrs
TRAFFORD, Elsie Phyllis b.1913 Brunswick East

TRAFFORD, Thomas Ruby b.1877 Springdallah - -son of Joseph TRAFFORD & Mary McGARRITY - d.1942 Belgrave @ 66yrs

TUCK, Charles - Wandin South Postmaster 1896 - d.1923 Box Hill @ 67yrs (son of Charles TUCK & Jane CHANDLER)

TUCKER, George Henry -b. Lintons, (m.Vic.1887 Emma GILBERT nee TACEY nee DAVIS)
TUCKER, Emma DAVIS -b.3 August 1843 Launceston, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)- daughter of Richard Theodore DAVIS & Mary Ann Elizabeth TONKIN - (m.25 Oct 1865 Evandale, Morven, Tasmania to James TACEY of Wandin Yallock- He aged 30; she aged 22.) -widowed 1882 (m2.Vic.1883 George GILBERT of Wandin Yallock) - widowed 1884- (m.3.Vic.1887 George Henry TUCKER) d.1890 Lilydale, Vic. @ 46yrs - - See DAVIS - see GILBERT - see TACEY

TULLOCH, Eubulus Robert William, b.1867 Sandhurst, Bendigo - son of John Thorold Tulloch & Mary Ann SMITH - at Monbulk, bookbinder 1931 - d.1943 Cohuna @ 75yrs


TURNBULL, Elizabeth Mather RIGBY b.abt 1886 - home duties, Silvan, 1931 - d.1967 Essendon @ 81yrs - daughter of ? RIGBY & ? BUTLER)

TURNER, William Hector b. 1808 of Maltby, Yorkshire – son of THomas TURNER & Catherine BROWN - (m. 1847 t James old Church of England Cathedral, Melbourne, Port Phillip District, New SoutH Wales, (later Victoria) to Margaret Jane KILLEAN) d. 1 July 1893 Yarra Valley - Ringwood,
TURNER, Margaret Jane KILLEAN -b.1825 Ulster, Ireland, - daughter of Patrick KILLEAN & Bridget O'GRADY - d. 5 December 1882 Lilydale, Mooroolbark
TURNER, Thomas -b.1847 Melbourne - -son of William Hector TURNER (1808–1893) of Maltby, Yorkshire & the Yarra Valley, and Margaret Jane KILLEAN (1825–1882) of Ulster, Ireland, and Lilydale. - from Wandin Yallock, (m.1884 Sarah PARR) - d. 18 November 1932 Croydon, Vic.
TURNER, Sarah PARR b.1861 Oakleigh - dgtr of William PARR & JAne AXFORD - d.7 September 1939 Croydon - see PARR
TURNER, Thomas William James - b.1884 Hotham-1885 Lilydale @ 4m
TURNER, Thomas William - b.1886 Lillydale - d.1950 Richmond
TURNER, Sarah Rebecca - b.1887 Lillydale (m.1906 Isaac David DAVIES)
TURNER, Janet b.1889 Lilydale (m.1909 Thomas Oliver HEWISH 1883–1982) d.1945 Melb.
TURNER, Catherine Louisa 1890 Lilydale – 1924 Prahran
TURNER, Rose 1894 Lilydale – 1968 Blacburn
TURNER, Alexander Reginald 1898 Brunswick – 1978 Wonga Park
TURNER, Bessie Christina 1903 Brunswick (m.1826 Reginald William GILL –d.1986
TURNER, Dorothy May 1903 Brunswick, Melb. (m.Donald Digby BROCK) – d.1936 Fitzroy

TURNER, William John Grey - b.29 Jan 1857 Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia - son of William Beatty TURNER & Jane BEAMISH (m.1885 Eleanor Ann DOHERTY) - (m.2.Vic.1891 Esther Louisa McKENZIE) -d.1939 Heidelberg @ 82yrs
TURNER, Eleanor Ann DOHERTY -b.1858 Richmond, Vic. - dghtr of Edward DOHERTY & Amarantha La Motte RYAN - d.1888 St KIlda @ 20yrs
TURNER, William Edward Doherty - b.1888 St Kilda - d.1889 Upper Macedon @ 27days
TURNER, Amarantha La Motte Dorman - b.1886 St Kilda (m.1925 Walter LETHBRIDGE)
TURNER, William John Bayley (m.1914 Vic. Lillian Lydia BARKE ) - see also BARKE
TURNER, Lillian Lydia BARKE, b.1879 Prahran - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1912
- TURNER, Margaret Lilian - b.1915 Northcote
- TURNER, Jean Mary - b.1917 Northcote
TURNER, Eleanor Olive - b.1887 St Kilda - (m.1915 Horace Charles BARKE ) see BARKE
TURNER, Esther Louisa McKENZIE b. Woodend, Vic.
TURNER, Phyllis Hannah -b.1895 Heidelberg, Vic. (m.1922 Malcolm Cameron McCALLUM)
TURNER, William Alfred - b.1893 Malvern, Vic. (m.1920 Doris Miriam WISEMAN)

TURNER, William Henry
TURNER, Jessie Kennedy McCREDIE - d.1944 @ 94yrs (daughter of Andrew McCREDIE & Janet McSKIMMING)
TURNER, Jessie Catherine b. 1873 Albury NSW - d.1957 Hawthorn, Vic. @ 83yrs
TURNER, Charles Lacey b. 1871 Benalla, vic.
TURNER, Henry Moffet b.1875 Benalla, Vic
TURNER, William John (1877-1887) Benalla
TURNER, George A. b.1878 Albury NSW
TURNER, Henrietta b.1880 Albury NSW - d.1975 Hawthorn @ 95yrs
TURNER, John Gilmour - b.1883 Albury NSW - d.1977 Melbourne @ 94yrs
TURNER, Gertrude Barbara b.1885 Albury NSW - d.1964 Camberwell @ 99yrs (Mrs COOK)
TURNER, Robert Mitchell b. 1887 Kew, Vic. - d.1960 Heidelberg @ 72yrs
TURNER, Edith Charlotte b.1889 Albury NSW - d.1970 Melbourne @ 80yrs (Mrs DUMBRELL)
TURNER, Arthur Donnes of Burleigh -b.1893 Albury NSW - d.1968 Box Hill @ 75yrs (son of William Henry TURNER & Jessie Kennedy McCREDIE)
TURNER< Phyllis Anna Coade REDGEN (m.1937 Vic, A.D.Turner)

TWISS, Thomas (1871~1953) (Engineer) at Silvan by 1914 d. Murrumbeena
TWISS, Jane Ellen GARTON (1872~1949)@ Silvan by 1914 d. Murrumbeena

U'REN, Polly (Mrs H.B.SMITH) - b.22 May 1867 in Linkenhorn, Cornwall, Great Britain - daughter of Edward William U'REN & Mary FRANTOM - d. 5 November 1952 Monbulk, Belgrave @ 85yrs

VALANTINE, Allan McCallum, Silvan 1917 Gentleman - b.1894 Armadale, Prahran - son of John VALANTINE & Christina Rose McCALLUM -

VALENTINE, Anna - from Newcastle-on Tyne (Mrs P NEEDHAM)

VALLANCE, James Alexander -labourer, Olinda Camp, Sth Wandin by 1913 - b.1883 Learmonth, Vic. -son of Alexander Vallance & Elizabeth Blair - (m.Vic.1921 Annie McCRUM) - d.1953 Creswick @ 68yrs
VALLANCE, Annie McCRUM b.abt 1891 - dgtr of John McCRUM & Beatrice FORREST - d.1961 Creswick, Vic @ 70yrs

VAN LIER, Julie - @ Sth Wandin by 1912 - b.abt 1868 Netherlands? - [dghtr of Rapiport Bear Van LEAR & Marie Louise MARKS] - d.1953 St Kilda @ 85yrs

VANRENEN, Henry Pohlman - b. Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
VANRENEN, Mary Ann SHRIBBS - b. Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land
VANRENEN, Albert James - farmer in the Wandin 1908 - b.1861 Lethbridge, Vic son of Henry Pohlman VANRENEN of the Cape of Good Hope and Mary Ann SCHRIBBS from Hobart Town, VDL - (m.Vic.1882 Jessie Louisa Boddington EAST) - d.
VANRENEN, Jessie Louisa Boddington EAST - in the Wandin 1908 - b..1857 St Kilda - dghtr of Jessie Boddington EAST & Louis COE or COX -
VANRENEN, Louis Albert Henry - b.1893 St KIlda

VARTY, John (1852-1929) from Cumberland, Eng. via the East Brighton~Cheltenham Market Gardens
VARTY, Christina WHITE (1856-1920) (Mrs John Varty m.Vic. 1877)
VARTY, Joseph b.1876 Cheltenham (Market Gardener) d.1954 Mt Evelyn
VARTY, Florence Edith PARKER (Mrs Joe Varty)
VARTY, Henry b. 1875 Cheltenham - @ Sth Wandin by 1913 d.1906 Lilydale
VARTY, William John (1883~1946) b.South Brighton, Vic. - Olinda Vale 1907
VARTY, Walter b. 1884 Cheltenham, Vic
VARTY, Charles Edward b.1886 Cheltenham - Labourer @ Sth Wandin 1913, d. 1935 @ Yarra Junction
VARTY, Christinab.1890 Chltnhm, Vic.(m.1907 Mrs Robert Strong NATION)
VARTY, James Alfred Henry Thomas b.1892 Dandenong @ Wandin Sth by 1913

VENESS, Edmund -b.28 December 1828 in Dallington, Sussex, England, Great Britain - son of John VENESS & Sarah NOAKES - (m.VIC.14 Dec 1876 Elizabeth Ann JOHNS) - - RESIDENCE 1903, 1909 Seville, Wandin Yallock Occupation; frutgrower -d.1916 in Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Victoria, Australia
VENESS, Elizabeth Ann JOHNS -b.1848 or 1852 in St.Column Minor, Cornwall, Great Britain - dghter of Charles JOHNS(1820–1893) & Elizabeth DARKE (1821–1909) -Married Edmund VENESS in Melbourne 14 december 18760 - RESIDENCE 1903, 1909 Seville, Wandin Yallock Occupation; frutgrower's wife - d.1923 in Kew Boroondara, Victoria, Australia @ 75 yrs?
VENESS, Elizabeth Eleanor -b.1877 in Macedon, Victoria, Australia - (m. Seville 1 January 1903 William Thomas BOUNDY) two BOUNDY children born Kalgoorlie, WA. - d.1963 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia
VENESS, John Edmund -b. 1879 in Macedon, Victoria, Australia - RESIDENCE 1903, 1909 Seville, Wandin Yallock Occupation; frutgrower - (m.Seville, Vic. 1919 to Ann Flora WALLACE) - d.1950 Frankston, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia
VENESS, Ann Flora WALLACE -b. 1887 in Wandin Yallock, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia - dghter of James WALLACE (1859–1942) & Mary Jane HENDERSON (1861–1936) -RESIDENCE 1903, 1909 Seville, Wandin Yallock Occupation; fruitgrower's daughter - d.16 December 1955 in Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - see HENDERSON - see WALLACE
VENESS, Mabel Grace-b.abt 1913 Seville, Wandin Yallock
VENESS, Mary Helene - b.1881 in Macedon, Victoria, Australia - RESIDENCE 1903, 1909 Seville, Wandin Yallock Occupation; frutgrower's daughter-(m.Vic.1910 Louis Edgard COIFFIE0 - d.
VENESS, Sarah Mary -b.1881 in Macedon. Victoria. Australia -d.1903 Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @ age 22.
VENESS, Hilda -b.1887 Macedon, Victoria, Australia (m.Perth, WA 1919 Walter J. BIDDIS -d.1966 Fremantle, WA age 81) - d. 1938 Perth, Western Australia
VENESS, John Gage -b. 1890 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia (m.Presbyterian Church, Macedon, Victoria, Australia 1918 Mabel Jessie RIDGE) - RESIDENCE 1937 Australia - Railwayman d.1937 in Newmarket, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
VENESS, Mabel Jessie RIDGE

VENN, Henry or VINN, 'Harry'- South Wandin Labourer 1903, 1905, 1912 -b.abt 1884 - son of Harry - d.1964 Caulfield @ 80yrs

VENN, Ronald Warrender b.1911 Prahran - son of Bendigo-born, Frederick Alfred James VENN & Isabella REID - (m.1936 Edna May Louise BRADLEY)
VENN, Edna May Louise BRADLEY - b. 1914 Carlton- dghtr of Sydney Cousins BRADLEY & Nellie STEWART -d

VENN, James Millan - b.1889 Collingwood -son of Fryerstown-born, Thomas Edward VENN & Penniston-born, Agnes Jane McMILLAN - (m.Vic.1900 Gertrude Fanny WRIGHT)
VENN, Gertrude Fanny WRIGHT -b. Footscray - dghtr of William Norton WRIGHT & Fanny BULLER - d.1952 Melb. @ 69yrs
VENN, Gertrude Agnes - b.1900 Richmond - (m.Vic.1917 Amos MADLER)
VENN, Victor - b.1903 Richmond - (m.Vic.1925 Vera ELizabeth BUCK)
VENN, Arthur Frederick - b.1905 Richmond - (m.Vic.1925 Eliza Jean DOUGHTY)
VENN, Thelma Rose - b.1906 Richmond - d.1914 Prahran @ 7yrs
VENN, James Millan - b.1909 Richmond - (m.1933 Isabel Wylie CHAPMAN)
VENN, Alexander - b.1912 Richmond -(m.Vic.1933 Renie Isabel HUTCHINSON)-d.1981 Rosebud @ 69yr
VENN, Edward Thomas - b.1914 Richmond - (m.Vic.1939 Nellie Victoria CHAPMAN)
VENN, Stanley -b. 1916 Richmond (m.Vic.1941 Ethel Pauline GAUDION) - d.1962 Moon..? Vic @ 46yrs
VENN, Allan George -b.1924-1923 Carlton

VIRGO, Adam - Fernydale, Sth Wandin - 'Reformatory Officer 1905

VOICE, William b.1872 son of James VOICE & Jane PREVETT - Arrived age 39 Melbourne with wife July 1912 on ship 'SOMERSET' - Manager @ Fernydale, Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1953 Ringwood @ 81yrs
VOICE, Elizabeth Ann TULLY, b. 1881- Dghtr pf William TULLY & Mary Ann JONES -Arrived age 36 Melbourne with husband July 1912 on ship 'SOMERSET' - Cook @ Fernydale, Sth Wandin by 1913- d.1954 Ringwood @ 73yrs
VOICE, Minnie Elisabeth b.1917 Prahran

VON BIBRA, 'Ben' Charles Benedict b.1881 Calcutta, India -(of a very early Pioneer Australian family who arrives in Van Diemens Land in 1822. He was son of Charles Friedrich VON BIBRA, born 1844 at Perth, Swan River Settlement, Western Australia - died Bolah Gap, Quirindi, NSW & Catherine Ada SHEPHARD)- Charles Benedict 'De Bibra' died 1966 Noble Park, Dandenong [The family used the name De BIBRA to escape witless enmity and hazardous persecution during the extended period of the anti-German wars]
VON BIBRA (spouse 1) Eva Margaret TATE (1884 Melb. – 1912 Riccarton, nr Christchurch, NZ) children to 1912
VON BIBRA, Kathryna 1906 Christchurch, NZ
VON BIBRA, Charles Frederick 1908 Christchurch NZ
VON BIBRA, Beatrice Sophia 1910 Christchurch, NZ ~ 1985 Noble Park (Mrs Adams)
VON BIBRA, Mabel Esterre 1911 Christchurch, NZ (Mrs Richard E Kirby) Bunyip
VON BIBRA, Georg Carl - 1912-1913
VON BIBRA, Conrad 1912-1913
VON BIBRA, Florence Eleanor TWEDDELL [De BIBRA](1885 Prahran -1963) d. Melbourne
VON BIBRA, Margarett Louise 'Peggy' [De BIBRA] (schoolteacher & Headmistress of the Anglican Martyrs Mission School, PNG) b.1917 ~ d.1952 Mt Lamington Volcano,PNG
VON BIBRA, Phyllis Elisabeth [De BIBRA] b.1920 Armadale, Vic. (Mrs Frank ROBINSON)

WAITE, parents of Betty

WALKER, Robert - Allotment in Wandin Yallock of Sept 1880

WALKER, John & Elizabeth (Pioneer Yarra Surveyor)
WALKER, Charles b. 1848 Yarra Survey
WALKER, Mary Anne b.1851 Yarra Survey

WALKER, James (1837-1898) -son of James WALKER & Elizabeth THORNTON - d.1898 Lilydale @ 60 yrs
WALKER, Susan LOCK, (1834-1913) dghtr of Frederick Lock & Mary Jones (m.1862 Vic. James Walker)d.1913 Lilydale @ 79yrs
WALKER, Henry George b. 1863 Fitzroy, Vic. (m.1889 Eva Fanny HAND) d. 1919 in Lilydale
WALKER, Eva Fanny HAND b.1863 Prahran
- WALKER, Violet Alice b. 1891 Lilydale
- WALKER, William Henry b. 1895 Lilydale
- WALKER, Alfred Frederick b.1902 Lilydale
- WALKER, Myrtle Eva b.1907 Olinda Creek, Mount Dandenong
WALKER, William James b.1864 Doncaster
WALKER, Richard b.1866 Nunawading
WALKER, Sarah Elisabeth b. 1868 Nunawading Box Hill
WALKER, Clements Robert b.1870 Nunawading
WALKER, Susan b. 1872 Box Hill, Nunawading
WALKER, Frederick Charles b.1873 Box Hill, Nunawading
WALKER, Mary Jane b.1880 Lilydale

WALKER, William - Accountant 'Valinda; - 1908 - b. County Clare, Ireland (m.Vic.1881 to Clara Emma SAYCE) - d.
WALKER, Sarah Emma SAYCE - 'Vallina' 1908 - b.abt 1868 Enfield ? - dghtr opf Edward SAYCE & Debrah Ann SMITH - d.1949 Hampton Vic.@ 89yr
WALKER, Gertrude Mabel - b.1882 Hawthorn
WALKER, Muriel Deborah - b.1884 Hawthorn -(m.Vic.1917 Rupert Horton SIMMONS) - d.1921 Hotham East, Nth Melb. @ 36yrs
WALKER, Doris Edith - b.1887 Hawthorn - in teh Wandins 1908
WALKER, Basil George - b.1896 Surrey Hills - (m.Vic.1922 Gwendoline Edith Kneller JONES) - d.1923 Bendigo @ 27yrs
WALKER, Joyce Lillian -b.1898 Surrey Hills

WALKER, Miss - teacher @ Wandin South 1908

WALLACE, Thomas - b.1899 Newburgh, Fifeshire, Scotland - (m.Scotland Helen BROWN) - d.9 May 1864 in Collingwood, Vic.
WALLACE, Ellen Helen BROWN - b.1823 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland -(m.Vic.1878 Henry Joseph RUSSELL) - d.24 October 1907 in Collingwood, Vic. - see RUSSELL
WALLACE, Thomas -b.1856 Collingwood ( m.Vic.1890 Annie Louise LAPPIN) - d.30 June 1945 Box Hill @ 93yrs
WALLACE, Annie Louise LAPPIN- b. 11 October 1865 Queensland, Australia -dghtr of Bernard LAPPIN & Emily BULLOCK - d.19 March 1943 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, James Sydney -b.1891 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Emily Frances - b.1894 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Alice May - b.1898 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Elizabeth Magdalene - b.1905 Wandin Yallock - d.1905 Carlton
WALLACE, William - b.1856 Collingwood
WALLACE, Helen - b.1857 Collingwood
WALLACE, James b.19 December 1859 Collingwood (m.Vic. Mary Jane HENDERSON) - d.21 April 1942 in Seville, Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Charlotte Ellen - b. 1889-1889 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Robert Stanley - b.1890-1894 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Charles Henry - b. 1892 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Perrin Norrris -b.1894 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Frances Lily - b.1895 -1895 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Leslie Arthur -b.1901 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, John Brown -b.1863 Collingwood, (m.Vic. Annie PAYNE
WALLACE, Annie PAYNE -b. - d. - see PAYNE
WALLACE, Helen Maria - b.1888 Collingwood
WALLACE, Florence Rose -b.1890 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Bessy Ada - b.1892 Wandin Yallock

WALLACE, Alfred Rouse
WALLACE, Edna May -b.1914 Wandin Yallock

WALLACE, William Thomas
WALLACE, Jessie Beatrice McCARTHY
WALLACE, Mavis Jean -b.1918 Wandin Yallock
WALLACE, Jessine Myrtle -b.1920 Wandin Yallock

WALLACE, Perrin Norris
WALLACE, Margaret Elsie -b.1920 Wandin Yallock

WALSH, James - farm manager at South Wandin / farmer labourer- died 1890 in a cart accident on the South Wandin Road, -b.abt 1848 - son of John WALSH & Mary RYAN - d.1890 Lilydale registered. @ 42yrs

WALSH, Richard - Silvan 1926 Motor driver

WALTERS, William James -b.1869 Kangaroo Ground, Vic. -son of James WALTERS & Jane SCOTT - proprietor of Lot 10 of 9 acres in the township of Wandin Yallock 1886 - (m.Vic.1892 Mary Walkingshore Alexandra SHARP
WALTERS, Mary Walkingshore Alexandra SHARP - b. England, G.B. -dghtr of David SHARP & Eliza DAVEY - d.1942 Kew, Boroondara @ 72yrs
WALTERS, William James -b.1893 Kangaroo Ground (m.1919 Myrtle Evelyn SMITH) d.1971 Brighton @ 79yrs
WALTERS, Florence Amelia b.abt 1895 (m.CROWE) -d.1968 Kew, Boroondara @ 73yrs
WALTERS, Ada Jane b. abt 1898 (m.TAYLOR) d.1973 Yarra Valley @ 76yrs
WALTERS, Arthur David -b.1902 Kangaroo Ground (m.1930 Gerte Victoria DUGDALE)
WALTERS, Lois Evelyn -b.1906 Yarra Glen (m.1926 James Walter Noel TAYLOR)
WALTERS, Frederick Childs b.1909 Yarra Glen (m.1940 Nancy May JOHNSON)
WALTERS, Maggie Isabella b.1912 Lilydale (m.1934 Percival Rupert BUCKLE)

WANNOP, Christopher - b.abt 1834 Cumberland, England - don of Christopher & Agnes WANNOP - (m.Vic.1869 Esther MASON) - widowed - (remarried Vic.1882 Sarah SKEWES) - - d.1913 Malvern, Vic @ 79yrs
WANNOP, Esther MASON - b.abt 1839 - dghtr of John MASON & Mary FORBES - d. 1881 Essendon, Vic.
WANNOP, Sarah SKEWES - b.abt 1853 - dghtr of Richard SKEWES & Joanna WASLEY - d.1900 Malvern @ 46yrs
WANNOP, Arthur Chritopher - b.1883 - d.1884 Echuca
WANNOP, Violet Esther Sarah - b.1885 Echuca - (m. Vic.1922 Ralph Ledger WILSON)
WANNOP, Percy Christopher - b.1890 Echuca - d.1895 Malvern
WANNOP, Hector Norman Richard - b.1893 Williamstown - d.1895 Malvern, Vic.

WARD, John Thomas Trumbull - b.1836 Dublin, Ireland - (m.Vic.1867 Jane KIRKPATRICK) - d.1909 Richmond @ 72yr
WARD, Jane KIRKPATRICK - b.1838 County Down, Ireland - daughter of William KIRKPATRICK & Sarah KENNEDY - d.1905 Richmond @ 67yr - see KIRKPATRICK
WARD, Grace Trumbull - b.1858 - 1858 Melbourne @ 2m
WARD, Henry Robert - b.1858 - 1859 Melbourne
WARD, Emily Sarah - b.1861 Melb. - d.1869 Melboure @ 8yr
WARD, John Robert - b.1864 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb.
WARD, William Henry - b.1866 Richmond - (m.Vic.1887 Eliza Ann HALL) - d.1912 Richmond @ 46yr
WARD, Eliza Ann HALL
WARD, Henry Edwin b.1868 Richmond, Vic. - "HIGHGATE - Monbulk - farmer - d.1947 Monbulk, Belgrave @ 79yrs - son of John Thomas WARD & Jane KIRKPATRICK
WARD, Amy Amelia - "HIGHGATE" - Silvan, -
- WARD, Robert- Orchardist, Monbulk north
WARD, James Alfred - b.1871 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1899 Elizabeth SEARLE) - d.1908 Richmond @ 37yr -
WARD, Elizabeth SEARLE - see SEARLE
- WARD, Alfred John Henry - b.1899 Richmond - (m.Vic.1924 Daphne Ivy PARKER) - d.
- WARD, Emily Jane - b.1901 Richmond - (m.Vic.1924 John Marchant SELLAR)
- WARD, James Henry - b.1905 Emerald - (m.Vic.1924 Margaret Cecilia THOMAS)
- WARD, Caroline Elizabeth - b.1907 Emerald - (m.Vic.1931 James HIDGCOCK)
WARD, Robert Ernest -b.1973 - d.1874 Richmond @ 1yr

WARE, Charles - b. Vic. (m.Vic.1901 Annie Anastasia Josephine McGEE) - in the Wandins by 1908
WARE, Annie Anastasia Josephine McGEE - b.1877 Emerald Hill, Sth Melb. - dghtr of Owen McGEE & Anastasia BYRNE - d.1968 Elsternwick @ 90yrs
WARE, Anastasia - in the Wandins 1908
WARE, Joseph Charles - b.1903 Essendon - - d.1968 Windsor, Prahran @ 65yrs
WARE, Hazel - b.1905 Port Melbourne (m.Vic.George Samuel TAIT)
WARE, Thomas William -b.1908 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1835 Elva Maude Beatrice LONGNEY) - d.1972 Preston @ 63yrs
WARE, Cyril Alfred - b.1913 Port Melb.
WARE, Elma Joyce - b.1920 Port Melb.
WARE, Elizabeth Jane - in the Wandins 1908

WARING, Joseph James Arthur b. Richmond, Vic. (m.1903 Vic) - Wandin 1908 fruitgrower
WARING, Mary Anna DOWNHAM - Wandin 1908
WARING, Francis William b.1904 Wandin Yalloak (m.1928 Ada Liln WATSON)
WARING, Amy Estelle b.1907 Wandin Yalloak (m.1933 Wm Bernrd WALL)
WARING, Charles Downham b.1910 Wandin Yalloak (m.1934 Dorothy Gerte Rae FLUCK)
WARING, Albert Owen, Wiseman Rd, berry grower
WARING, Hester Agnes HAYWARD (m.1935 Vic.)

WARNER, William Ruffeel
WARNER, Marrianne Christina Stewart DUNBAR- @ Olinda Creek by 1912 - d.1922 Belgrave @ 72yrs - dgtr of John DUNBAR & Sarah MUTER
WARNER, John Dunbar - - Farmer @ Olinda Creek by 1912 - b. abt 1881 - d.1963 Heidleberg @ 84yrs
WARNER, William George - Farmer @ Olinda Creek by 1912 b.abt 1879 - d.1950 Ferntree Gully @ 71 years - son of William Ruffeel WARNER & Marianne Christina Stewart DUNBAR

WATERMAN, William b.1875 Abbottsford, Collingwood (son of William WATERMAN & Priscilla "COX" WRIGHT) - bricklayer- North Monbulk 1926 - d.1965 Kew - buried in the Old Lilydale Cemetery
WATERMAN, Amy Louise McBAIN b.1875 Richmond- North Monbulk 1926 (m.1896 Vic) d.1965 Sandringham, Vic.
WATERMAN, William b. 1898 Hawthorn - Occ: Minister of Religion, Missionary (m.abt 1924 Sichuan, China to Grace METZENTHEN) C.I.M. Missionary. Died: 17 Jul 1933 Heuilichow, Szechuan, China
-WATERMAN, Grace METZENTHEN - b.1898 Nelson, N.Z. -- daghter o Johann Ernst Reinhold METZENTHEN b. Barossa valley, SA (and from Harkaway, Berwick, Vic.) and Lucy DEE DWYER of Nelson, New Zealand
- WATERMAN, Winsome b. Sichuan, China
- WATERMAN, Joan b. Sichuan, China
WATERMAN, Gilbert b.1899 Collingwood (m.1921 Florence Matilda NORLEY) d.1977
-WATERMAN, Florence Matilda NORLEY
- WATERMAN, William David (1937-1997) Melbourne
WATERMAN, George Wilfred b.1902 Elsternwick (m.1924 Myrtle Rose Meyer CANTWELL) d.1978 Kew - Buried: Lillydale Cemetery, Vic.
-WATERMAN, Myrtle Rose CANTWELL, b. Berwick, Vic.
WATERMAN, Eunice Hazel b.1911 Northcote (m.1929 William Henry ELLIS) d.1988
'Grandpa' William Waterman died in 1965 and was buried in the Old Lilydale Cemetery

WATKINS, Thomas & Martha
WATKINS, Thomas - d. 1895 @ 43yrs Sth Wandin Yallock

WATKINS, Ernest Edward James - b. Tasmania (m.Vic.1902 Mary HOCKING)
WATKINS, Mary HOCKING b. New Zealand
WATKINS, Edward William b.1903 St Kilda - (m.Vic.1933 Olive Florence KENTISH) - d.1980 Boronia @ 77yrs
-WATKINS, Graeme
WATKINS, Mary Elizabeth -b.1906 St Kilda (m.1936 Herbert Joseph THURROWGOOD) - see THURROWGOOD
WATKINS, Alice Darcy -b.1907 St Kilda (m.1933 William GREEN)

WATSON, Robert Chisholm -b.1836 in Carlisle, Cumberland, England, Great Britain -son of James WATSON (1813-1851)& Mary CHISHOLM (1815-?) - - (m.1st June 1857 Scots Church, South Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Margaret IZETT) - d. 1885 in Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia
WATSON, Margaret IZETT b.1834 Glasgow, Scotland, of Prahran, Vic. - daughter of Andrew IZETT (1805–1867) & Annie RODGERS (1806–1849) - - (m.Robert Chisholm WATSON of Carlisle, Cumberland, England< Prahran, Vic. and Queensland - parents of Florence 'Flo' WATSON - wife of William James PARKER of South Wandin - d.7 March 1888 Prahran, Vic.
WATSON, Andrew Izett -b.2 August 1858 in Forest Creek, Castlemaine Goldfields, Victoria, Australia –(m.VIC.Elizabeth Mary Purser PADLEY) - d.1918 in Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
WATSON, Elizabeth Mary Purser PADLEY (1843-1914)
WATSON, Robert Chisholm the Younger -b. 26 May 1860 in Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – d.1892 in South Yarra, Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
WATSON, Harry Percy -b.1862 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – d.1938 in Woollhara, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
WATSON, Florence 'Flo' - from Prahran -b.5 September 1864 Gayndah, Queensland, Australia –(m. 16th March 1887 Presbyterian Church, Toorak, Prahran District, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia William James "Will' PARKER of Wandin South) - d.13 July 1930 in Lilydale, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia see PARKER
WATSON, Charles James -b. 1866 Gayndah, Queensland, Australia– -d.31 May 1945 in Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
WATSON, Margaret -b.1868 in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia – d.1958 in Camberwell, Boroondara District, Melbourne, Victoria
WATSON, Sydney Herbert -b.h 19 December 1870 in Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia –9m.VIc.1893 NEW Agnes Elizabeth MUIR) - d.23 October 1962 in Vermont, Nunawading District, Melbourne, Victoria
WATSON, NEW Agnes Elizabeth MUIR -b.

WATSON, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs Samuel COTTINGHAM) - see COTTINGHAM

Jimmy & Sarah Ann WATSON's Pioneer Family of the Emerald Diggings, Yellingbo-Macclesfield
WATSON, James - of Emerald Diggings - b.1818 Helions, Bumpsteqad, Essex, England - son of William WATSON & Catherina HYMAS - d.21 Auguts 1898 Emerald Diggings, Macclesfield
WATSON, Sarah Ann BRADY - b.1822 Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, England - daughter of George BRADY (or BRADDY) of Little Thurlow, Suffolk and later Little Wilbraham, Cambridge, and Mary Braddy of Bottisham & Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire - d.28 Jan 1890 Macclesfield, Emerald Diggings
WATSON, Lucretia - b.1846 Cambridgeshire, England - (m.Vic.1865 George HUNT - of Emerlad DIggings - later Macclesfield - d. 1898 Macclesfield
WATSON, Selina - b.1848 Cambridgeshire - d.1851 - Buried: Will Will ROok cemetery, Broadmeadows
WATSON, Jemima b.1850 Melbourne - d.11 March 1851 Pentridge Village
WATSON, Priscilla -b.1850 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1870 to Matthew KIRKPATRICK of Macclesfield) - d.1927 Macclesfield
WATSON, Catherine -b.1852 - see KIRKPATRICK
WATSON, Rosina -b.1854 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1885 Wilson Henry CORNWALL of Gembrook ) - d.1945 Melbourne
WATSON, Christina b.11 Aug 1856 St Kilda - (m.1877 to James OAKES of Macclesfield) d.1936 Pt Melb
WATSON, Rubina b.1858 Melbourne - (m.Vic.1874 Dandenong to William John SMETHURST of Macclesfied) - d.1898 Emerald
WATSON, Absalom - b. 6 July 1862 Emerald Diggings, Dandenong - (m.Vic.1886 Emily Amelia GAUDION)
WATSON, Emily Amelia GAUDION -b.1860 Yering, Yarra Valley - daughter of Nicolaus GAUDION & Marie Le PAGE of Wandin Yallock - d.1927 Balwyn @ 66yrs - see GAUDION
-WATSON, Robert - b.1886 - 1886 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist.
-WATSON, Nicholas James - b.1886 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. - d.1934 Canterbury @ 46yr
-WATSON, Amy Mary -b.1890 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. - (m.1938 Reginald Claude WARR)
-WATSON, Sarah Emily -b.1891 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. (m.1926 Ernest HUTTON) - d.1966 Canterbury @ 75yr
-WATSON, Albert -b.1893-1894 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist.
-WATSON, Ada Lilian - b.1894 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. - d.1973 Ferntree Gully @ 78yr
-WATSON, Clara Rose - b.1896 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. -d.1976 Ferntree Gully @ 80
-WATSON, John - b.1897 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist.
-WATSON, Minnie Lydia - b.1899 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. (m.Vic. FRANKLIN) - d.1978 Emerald @ 79yr
-WATSON, Thomas Alfred -b.1901 - Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. d.1902 Lilydale @ 2yr
-WATSON, William Henry - b.1904 Emerald Diggings, Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. - d.1957 Box Hill @ 52yr
WATSON, Walter b.1862 Emerald Diggings, Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. - (m.Vic.1888 Alice Lawler BRIGHTWELL - a sister of Mrs Carl Axel NOBELIUS) - d.1898
WATSON, Alice Laura BRIGHTWELL -b. Hawthorn, Boroondara
- WATSON, Ivy Gertrude - b.1889 Berwick (Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist.)
- WATSON, Ethel May - b.1890 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist.
- WATSON, Walter Harold - b.1892 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist.
- WATSON, Myrtle Doris - b.1898 Macclesfield, Gembrook Dist. - d.1902 Melb,
- WATSON, Elsie Emma -b.1904 Emerald
- WATSON, Doris Rose -b.1907 Fitzroy, Vic.
WATSON, Abner b.1865 - d.1865 Emerald Diggings, Macclesfields/ Dandenong
WATSON, Emerald - b.1866 Emerald Diggings, Macclesfield - (m.Vic.1885 James LEGG - of Macclesfield ) d.25 May 1940 Macclesfield @ 74yrs

WATSON, Joseph -b. London, Eng. (m.Vic.1895 Mabel Emmeline CHILD) d. Lilydale
WATSON, Mabel Emmeline CHILD - b.1875 South Wandin - Daughter of Francis Matthew CHILD & Martha Theobold JEEVES - d.1935 Lilydale @ 60yrs - see CHILD
WATSON, Mabel b.1895- 1895 Lilydale
WATSON, Earl Francis -b.1899 Lillydale (m.Vic.1935 Jean PREWETT)-d.1953 Melb @ 54yrs
WATSON, Jean PREWETT b. abt 1912 - dghtr of Stephen & Lily PREWETT - d.1983 Burwood @ 71 years - (remarried THOMAS)

WATT, Joseph - - South Wandin fruitgrower 1913
WATT, Donald Thomas - Monbulk North, BlacksmitH 1920

WATTS, Joseph Henry - South Wandin fruitgrower 1905 - b.abt 1856 Wales (son of Henry WATTS & Phoebe ELiza ARLETT, of Warrnambool by 1863 - (m.Vic.1885 Maria Richard DAVEY ) d.1924 Northcote @ 70yrs
WATTS, Maria Rickard DAVEY
WATTS, Marion Olive - b.1886 Yawong, Vic
WATTS, Joseph Percival -b.1888 Yawong, Vic.
WATTS, Ellen Avice -b.1890 Yawong - d.1900 St Arnaud, Vic.
WATTS, William Cecil - b.1902 Yawong
WATTS, Elsie May - b.1894 Yawong
WATTS, John Davy - b. 1896 Yawong

WATTS, Eliza Ann - South Wandin fruitgrower (Mrs J.H.Watts)

WAYCOTT, Hope McKenzie - b.1889 Sth Yarra (Mrs T.Thompson)

WEBB, George Albert (1844-1903) b. Woolsery, Exeter, Devon, Eng. @ Queens Road 1868 d. South Yarra
WEBB, Ellen Jane QUAYLE b.1848 Kirk Andreas, Isle Of Man ~ d. 1889 Heidelberg, Vic.
WEBB, Frederick Albert b.1866 Heidelberg d.
WEBB, Louisa Ann Hallett THOMAS (m. 1891 Mrs F.A.Webb) 1868 – 1944
-WEBB, George Cleveland (1893 Melbourne -1993)
-WEBB, Frederick Albert James (1898 Sth Melb. -1982)
WEBB, Beatrice Violette Amelia b. 1868 Templestowe, Vic. (Mrs David Etheridge m.1888)
WEBB, Adelaide Louise b. 1871 Heidelberg ~ 1872 Heidelberg
WEBB, Margaret Ann Jane b. 1878 Heidelberg, Vic.
WEBB, Frances Ada b. 1882 Heidelberg, Vic (Mrs Connolly)

WEBB, William John -b.1890 Bishopston, Glamorgan, WALES (son of John & Mary Eileen Webb) - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1909 Coach Proprietor d.1960 Heidleberg
WEBB, Susan Butler MATTINGLEY - e @ Sth Wandin by 1912
WEBB, William Edward b. 1911 Fitzroy, - 1972 Melb.
WEBB, Alan b. 1914 Wandin Yallock

WEBB, Andrew 'Andy' of Wiseman Road, (cousin of Ted Campbell) - - b.1901 Collingwood - son of London-born James WEBB & Collingwood-born Sarah SHANNON 1860-? (- dgtr of Thomas SHANNON & Margaret McPHERSON) who married in Melbourne in 1888. - d.1959 Wiseman Road, Burleigh, South Silvan @ 57 yrs

WEBER, Johann Jakob - b.abt 1832 Switzerland - son of Johannes Rudolph WEBER & Elisabetha KEIKER - d.1891 Leigh Road, Geelong @ 58yrs
WEBER, Rosine Johanne b. abt Switzerland - of Johannes Rudolph WEBER & Elisabetha KEIKER - - (m.Vic. Freidrich DEPPELER) - widowed - (m.2.Vic. Heinrich ZOEBEL) d. Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - see DEPPELER - see ZOBEL
WEBER, Abraham - b.1834 Switzerland - - son of Johannes Rudolph WEBER & Elisabetha KEIKER - d.1914 Stawell @ 79yrs

WEEKS, John b. abt 1832 in Wiltshire, England - son of William WEEKS (1796-?) & Isabella PALMER (1801-?) of Wiltshire. Early settler on the Yarra at Heidelberg & the Upper Yarra - ( 1857 Annie Phoebe McNEIL) - d.1918 Lillydale District
WEEKS, Annie Agnes Phoebe McNEIL b.1834 -dghtr of John McNEIL & AGnes WOODS – d.1898 Lillydale District
WEEKS, Emily b.1858 –
WEEKS, William 1859 Heidelberg – 1885 Lillydale Dist.
WEEKS, Isabella 1860 – 1861 Heidelberg
WEEKS, William John 1863 Heidelberg (m.Vic.1895 Sarah Ann FITCHES_
WEEKS, Sarah Ann FITCHES b. Heidelberg
WEEKS, Annie Elizabeth 1865 Heidelberg – (m.Vic.1884 John HOUGHTON of Wandin & Lillydale)
WEEKS, Caroline Margaretta 1867 Heidelberg-– (m.1893 William James WALKER of Heidelberg & Lillydale ) -
WEEKS, Robert John 1873Heidelberg- –(m.Vic.1900 Emily Elizabeth Ann RICHARDS) d.1952 RIchmond
WEEKS, Emily Elisabeth RICHARDS
-WEEKS, William John - b. 1901 Lillydale dist.

WEEKS, William Wiltshire, England - son of William WEEKS (1796-?) & Isabella PALMER (1801-?) of Wiltshire. Early settler on the Yarra at Heidelberg & the Upper Yarra - (m. Jane UZZEL) - THE WEEKS Emigrated on the svessell SAM ARANG" arrived JUly 1855 died - either 1902 Fitzroy Nth @ 82yrs - OR- 1917 Geelong @ 86yrs
WEEKS, Jane UZZELL b. Durham - d.1876 Victoria
WEEKS, Son - b.1856- 1856 'Cleaveland', Eaglemont, Heidelberg @2days (where the WEEKS were with the BAKER & HUNTER families)
WEEKS, Sarah Ann - b.1858 Heidelberg- Evelyn - (m.Vic.1879 Thomas RONALD) -
RONALD, Thomas
-RONALD, Mabel Victoria- b.1885 Fitzroy
-RONALD, Edith Mary - b.1887 Fitzroy
WEEKS, William Henry - b.1869 Heidleberg - (m.Vic.1895 Sarah Ann FITCHES
WEEKS, Sarah Ann FITCHES b. Collingwood
-WEEKS, William Henry -b.1897 Carlton
-WEEKS, Ada Myrtles b/1899 Fitzroy Nth
-WEEKS, Robert Edward Francis -1901-1901 Fitzroy Nth

WEGENER, Carl Johann Georg Justus 'Charles' - born 1835 Tetterow, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg, Prussia -son of Diedrich Theodor Emanuel WEGENER & Elise Von HAGEMANN. He married in 1869 to Melbourne-born, Margaret LIVINGSTONE at the German Lutheran Church, Eastern Hill, Melbourne. He died at Romsey in 1912 at age 77.
WEGENER, Margaret Tait LIVINGSTONE she is one among the earliest European births in the Colony b.1841 Deep Creek, Maribynong River, Port Phillip District of New South Wales - renamed Victoria in 1851 - Daughter of Gilbert LIVINGSTONE & Mary SHARP - She was at South Wandin by 1905, 1912 d.1930 Cheltenham @
WEGENER, Karl Georg 'Charles' b.1870 (m.1895 Maria NICHOLLS) - family in the Wandin Yallock - Upper Yarra region from abt 1900 until 1925. Died 1930 - East Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, W.A.
WEGENER, Maria NICHOLLS b.1870 Carlton (daughter of Joseph Benjamin NICHOLLS & Janet Baxter LIVINGSTONE) – 1967 Bairnsdale
-WEGENER, Norman Charles b.1896 Bendigo - 1980 Bairnsdale, Vic.
-WEGENER, Iris Neville b.1897 Castlemaine - 1952 Melbourne
-WEGENER, Neil Eugene b.1899 Deniliquin, NSW - 1979 Sandringham)
WEGENER, wife 2.Mabel Amy WIGZELL (1877 Adelaide Hills -1937 Kalgoorlie)
WEGENER, August Gilbert Gottlieb,b.1872 Collingwood - Sth Wandin labourer 1905, 1912
WEGENER, Gilbert James b.1873 Richmond - 1874 Lancefield
WEGENER, Margaret Anne b.1876 Richmond - 1877
WEGENER, Anna Elise Marie b.1877 Richmond (m.1908 John BELL)
WEGENER, Elisabeth b.1882 (m.1904 Richard McKEOWN)
WEGENER, Jeanie b.1884 Richmond
WEGENER, Edith May b.1997 Richmond (m.1908 Charles Gordon BABIDGE) - see above
WEGENER, Alexander Eduard b.1880 Richmond (m.1900 Ada MORLEY)
- -WEGENER, Albert Edward Charles (1900-1901) Hawthorn
- -WEGENER, Ernst Alexander b.1901 Hawthorn
- -WEGENER, Lillian Alice Ada b.1906 Surrey Hills
- -WEGENER, Flossie Amanda Margaret b.1913 Hawthorn
WEGENER, Albert Ernst (1894-1895) Richmond

WELLINGTON, Cecil Henry Bayer - Lilydale-Emerald Rd, 1922 - b.1888 Malvern, Vic. - son of NSW-born, Henry Samuel WELLINGTON & London-born, Jessie Rose BOUTS - (m.Vic.1928 Blanche Kathleen ARMSTRONG) -d.1979 Frankston @ 90yrs
WELLINGTON, Blanche Kathleen ARMSTRONG - b.1892 Albert Park, Vic. - dghtr of Samuel ARMSTRONG & Anna Maria DOD - d.1977 Dandenong @ 85yrs

WELSH, Mr Edward William - Schoolteacher @ Silvan 1924 [Reg. 17624]
WELSH, Mary Catherine - State School, Silvan 1926

WHITE, James Edward - labourer @ Sth Wandin by 1906 1909, Sth Wandin 1913

WHITE, Henry James - Schoolmaster in the Wandins 1906
WHITE, Sarah Anne - in teh Wandins 1906

WHITE, Thomas Henry - Monbulk Rd, Sth Wandin by 1913 - d.1931 Surrey Hills
WHITE, Mary CAFFYN - Monbulk Rd, Sth Wandin by 1913 - b.abt 1865 Dghtr of William CAFFYN & Sarah ? - d.1948 - registered Belgrave - @ 82yrs
WHITE, Annie b. 1885 Balwyn - (m.Vic.1925 Patrick John COLEMAN) d.1929 Yea, Vic. @ 44yr - see COLEMAN
WHITE, Florence Emma - b.1888 Balwyn - (m.Vic.1909 Charles Alfred GUILDFORD) - d.1949 Melb @ 60yr
WHITE, Violet - b.1891 Balwyn - (m.Vic.1912 Joseph Frederick PRICE)
WHITE, Ivy - b.1893 Surrey Hills, Vic.
WHITE, Daisy - b.1898 Surrey Hills

WHITE, Richard James - farm labourer Silvan 1926 - b. 1885 Tower Hill, Koroit, Warrnambool son of Fermanagh-county-born, Michael WHITE & Lincolnshire-born, Sarah Jane LANE -(m.Vic.1918 Jane GAIRNS) d.1960 Warr...? @ 75yr
WHITE, Stanley McPherson - b.1917 Warrnambool

WHITE, James Edwin -b.abt 1879 - - of White's Corner, North Monbulk (m. Annie Parker) - Died 1969 @ 89 yrs Box Hill, Vic
WHITE, Annie Mary PARKER - (1873 Eng.– 1961 Fairfield)
WHITE, Elizabeth Mary 'Betty' WHITE (1917 – 2000) [Married Fred PINCHIN]

WHITE, Alfred Thomas (m.1942 Lorna Rose WHITE)
WHITE, Geoffrey Thomas b.1946 - attended Silvan South Primary School
WHITE, Lynette Dawn b.1956 - attended Silvan South Primary School
WHITE, Susan Lorraine 1959 - attended Silvan South Primary School

WHITEHEAD, Ann b. Saddleworth, Yorkshire (Mrs Edward HURST)d. Fitzroy
WHITEHEAD, Joseph b. 1814 Saddleworth, Yorkshire (m.1843 Melbourne) Squatter - died 20 December 1892 @ 17 Young St, Fitzroy, Victoria
WHITEHEAD, Elizabeth PICKUP ROSTRON (in 1892 of 17 Young St, Fitzroy)
WHITEHEAD, Mary Caroline - born 1843 Melbourne district
WHITEHEAD, Elizabeth Anne - born 1845 East of Melbourne, Yarra Valley
WHITEHEAD, Joseph Booth b. 1846 Running (Olinda) Creek married Sarah, Children: Gerald, Ernest, Samuel, Margaret Josephine RYAN [in 1892 he was a merchant in Charters Towers, Queensland) died 6 May 1920 @ 71 Park St, Moonee Ponds, Victoria leaving an estate of £80,127 to his children & grandchildren.
WHITEHEAD, William Rostron - born 1849 Running (Olinda) Creek -
WHITEHEAD, Alice - born 1851 Running (Olinda) Creek
WHITEHEAD, Gerald - born 1853 Belfast / Port Fairy
WHITEHEAD, Lawrence Rostron - born 1856 Belfast, Port Fairy, Squatter
WHITEHEAD, Samuel Radcliff b. 1858 Belfast, Port Fairy, Victoria
WHITEHEAD, Eleanor Jane - born 1862 Belfast, Port Fairy, Victoria
WHITEHEAD, Lucy Emilie b. 1864 Belfast, Port Fairy, Victoria

WHITELAW THE SURVEYOR OF DANDENONG - Pioneer Surveyor in The Wandins
WHITELAW, William - b.abt 1838 IRELAND - - son of James WHITELAW & Elizabeth THOMPSON -(m.Vic.1870 Margaret O'HARA) -d.1931` Heidelberg @ 73yrs
WHITELAW, Margaret O'HARA -b.abt 1838 County Cavan, IRELAND -dghtr of Owen O'HARA d.1922 Dandenong @ 83yrs
WHITELAW, Margaret Sarah -b.1871 Melbourne
WHITELAW, William Middleton -b.1873 Dandenong - d.1873 Dandenong
WHITELAW, Robert Annesley -b.1874 Dandenong
WHITELAW, Frances Maud -b.1875 Dandenong
WHITELAW, Herbert Middleton - b.1881 Dandenong

WHITTINGHAM, Dare Lorimer 'Dick' b.23 Aug 1898 Hendon, London, Eng. -son of James Henry WHITTINGHAM & Amy ROACH- (m.3 Sept 1921 Olive Ada KNOLL) 1926 Fruitgrower, 1930 Coach Proprietor-1933 Fisherman, - Divorced abt 1935 - (Re-m.Vic.1942 Eveyn Louise LEITCH) - d.5 Dec 1976 Lakes Entrance, Vic.
WHITTINGHAM, Olive Ada KNOLL - 1926 Silvan
WHITTINGHAM, Joy Olive b.1923 Burleigh, Silvan (Mrs Noel Robert JACKSON) d. Kilsyth
WHITTINGHAM, Donald Lorimer b.1924 Burleigh, Silvan
WHITTINGHAM, Leslie Hugh -b.1926 Burleigh, Silvan - 2008 Gippsland
WHITTINGHAM, Evelyn Louise LEITCH nee HORT- b.1898 Warragul- dghtr of John Samuel HORT & Ellen Louisa NOBLE- widow of 1930 of Frederick Vernon LEITCH - d.1956 Melb @ 59 yrs

WIDGER, James b. Tasmania - (m.Tas.26 Mar 1879 Emu Bay, Tasmania to Elizabeth ELLIOT)
WIDGER, James Abel - b. 2 January 1882 Emu Bay, Tasmania, -son of James WIDGER & Elizabeth ELLIOT SHIRES - (married 20 March 1924 at St Georges Church, Burnie, Tasmania to Isabell Mary Shires) - labourer at Burleigh 1930 d.1933 Prahran @ 51yrs
WIDGER, Isabell May SHIRES b.16 July 1900 Wynyard, Tasmania - dgtr of Thomas SHIRES & Catherine MANNING
WIDGER, James Albert - b.1924 Victoria - d.1964 Box Hill @ 40yrs
WIDGER, Ida Alice - b.8 Jan 1901 Wynyard, Tasmania (m.Silvan? 1930 William Tanjore ALLARDYCE)
WIDGER, Elliot- b.13 Sept 1906 Wyena, Tasmania

WIGLEY, 1913

WILDMAN, Charles Aubrey -b. - son of John WILDMAN & Sarah JACQUES - d.1889 Warburton @ 77yrs
WILDMAN, Thomas Coote - b. AT SEA - (m.Vic.1878 Anne ABBERLEY) - d. 1913 Clifton Hill @ 67yrs
WILDMAN, Annie ABBERLEY - b. Adelaide, Sth Australia -dghtr of John ABBERLEY & ELisabeth Betsy ASLETT - d.1934 Hampton @ 83yrs
WILDMAN, Lucy Ethel -b.1879 Wandin Yallock (m.1916 William Gordon DANES)
WILDMAN, Aubrey George - b.1881 Wandin Yallock
WILDMAN, Ernest Frederick -b.1883 Wandin Yallock - d.1913 Chill @ 29yrs
WILDMAN, Blanche Alice -b.1884 Wandin Yallock (m.1907 John Bathurst SWAN)
WILDMAN, Ruby Beatrice -b.1888 Warburton (m.1914 John Patrick SMITH)

WILDMAN, John Chappel b. AT SEA - (m.Vic.1883 - Mary Ann ABBERLEY) - d.1906 East Melb @ 61yrs
WILDMAN, Mary Ann ABBERLEY b.1860 Inglewood, Vic. -dghtr of John ABBERLEY & ELisabeth Betsy ASLETT - - d.2932 Brunswick @ 71yrs
WILDMAN, Leslie Chappell -b.1884 Wandin Yallock (m.1913 Clara Ellen ANDREWS)
WILDMAN, Herbert Frederick -b.1887 died 1887 Wandin Yallock, aged 3 mnths
WILDMAN, Victor George -b. 1889 Warburton
WILDMAN, Adrian Cecil -b.1900 Warburton

WILKEN, Stephen Herbert - from Bungaree Vic. - Olinda Vale 1907
WILKEN, Reuben Charles Herbert b.1894 South Wandin Yallock (m.1925) Elizabeth Stoakes STEER - Silvan - d.1972 Kew @ 77yrs
WILKEN, Elizabeth Stokes STEER b.1894 Swan Hill, Vic. dgtr of Henry Thomas STEER & Isabella CALLENDER - at Wilken's Lane, Silvan
- WILKEN, Lois Elizabeth b.1927 Burleigh, Silvan South
- WILKEN, Jack John Herbert b.16 Feb 1928 Burleigh, Silvan South ¬ d.2009
- WILKEN, David b.1931 Burleigh, Silvan South
WILKEN, Walter Bernard - b.1896 Sth Wandin (m.1923 Edith May LEWIS) d.1971 Port? @75yrs
WILKEN, Edith May LEWIS b.1888 Cavendish, Vic. -dgtr of George LEWIS & Johanna MACKIE -d.1975 Pt Melb. @ 87yrs
WILKEN, Daisy Pearl Sophia - b.1899 Sth Wandin (m.1925 Whittenbury Walter JONES)
WILKEN, 'Lottie' Charlotte Nadine Victoria - b.1901 Sth Wandin
WILKEN, Dorothea May Cassandra Josephine b.1904

WILKIN, James - Orchardist @ Sth Wandin by 1912 -b.1871 The Loddon, Castlemaine, Vic son of William WILKIN & Emma ALLEN - (m.Vic. 1894 Edith Ellen Wellman) - d.1956 Ferntree Gully @ 84yrs
WILKIN, Edith Ellen WELLMAN - @ Sth Wandin by 1912 -b.1873 Ballarat -dgtr of James WELLMAN & Jessie WATSON - d.1948 Canterbury @74yrs
WILKIN, Harry Victor - b.1896 Kerang - d.1926 Swift's Creek @ 29yrs
WILKIN, Jessie Clarice -b.1897 Kerang (m.1924 James Robert CUNNINGHAM) d.1950 Parville @ 52
WILKIN, Edith Marvel -b.1900 Kerang (m.Vic.1919 John Thomas CAMPBELL)
WILKIN, Lorna Edna -b.1903 Kerang (m.1924 David Wallace Hope FYFE) d.1957 Mont @ 54
WILKIN, Frederick John -b.1907 Kerang (m.1932 Doris Freda HARRIDGE) d.1862 Parkville
WILKIN, Raymond James -b.1913 Lilydale (m.1939 Ruth REID / REED) d.1973 Canterbury

WILLIAMS, Thomas James - b.1853 Nunawading, Vic. Baptised at St James Old Church of England, Melbourne 1853, Registered at Richmond - son of James WILLIAMS & Fanny JOHNSON - (m.Vic.1876 Maria CLAYTON) - d.1899 Wandin Yallock @ 45yr
WILLIAMS, Ann Maria CLAYTON - b.1856 Little Eltham, Vic - dghtr of Abel CLAYTON & Mary MITCHELL -
WILLIAMS, Emily Martha - b.1877 Lilydale
WILLIAMS, Thomas Percy -b.1879 Lillydale - (m.Vic.1907 Edith Jane HINSON)
- WILLIAMS, Elsie Muriel - b.1913 Kerang
WILLIAMS, Vincent - b.1886 Lillydale
WILLIAMS, Eva Eliza Frances -b.1888 Lilydale

WILLIAMS, Thomas - b.abt 1854 - ? - son of James WILLIAMS & Fanny JOHNSON - (m. ? _ ? Fanny Lunetta Isabella SIMCOX) - d.1899 Wandin Yallock - @ 45yrs
WILLIAMS, Frances Lunetta Isabella 'Fanny' SIMCOX - b. England ? - - widowed - remarried George Harry LAISTER - - See LAISTER
WILLIAMS, William Hughes - b.1883 Collingwood
WILLIAMS, Fanny Caroline Isabella - b.1888 Collingwood - (m.Vic.1920 Charles William MATTHEWS) - see BOYS / MATTHEWS
WILLIAMS, Ernest William James - b. 1891 Collingwood
WILLIAMS, Annie Gertrude -b.1893 Wandin South
WILLIAMS, Percy England - b.1893 Lilydale

WILLIAMSON, Albert - b.1874 Hotham, Nth Melbourne - son of Liverpool-born, Thomas WILLIAMSON & Somersetshire-born, Jane WHITE - (m.Vic.1903 Nellie DOUTHIE) - d.1959 Malvern @ 85yrs
WILLIAMSON, Nellie DOUTHIE -b.1878 Lilydale - dghter of John William DOUTHIE & Mary Ann GRAY - d.1964 Sunshine @ 86yrs - see DOUTHIE
WILLIAMSON, Ethel Jane - b.1903 Ringwood - (m.Vic.1938 William Henry REEVES)
WILLIAMSON, Nellie - b.1905 Yarra Junction (m.1928 Eustace Alwyn Ulrick ROWLANDS)
WILLIAMSON, Albert John - b.1907 Wandin Yallock (m.1939 Sylvia Helen Cecilia BERRY)
WILLIAMSON, George Thomas - b.1909 Yarra Junction -(m.1941 Hazel Clara PERRETT)
WILLIAMSON, Violet Theresa - b.1912 Yarra Junction - (m.1940 Wallace MORE)
WILLIAMSON, Doris Mary - b.1914 Wandin Yallock - (m.1941 Arthur Weston H LEVINS)
WILLIAMSON, William Arthur -b.1917 Yarra Junction
WILLIAMSON, Isobel Jean -b.1919 Yarra Junction - (m.1942 Donald Malcolm SMITH)

WILLIS, George Matthew - b.abt 1840 London, ENG. -son of Cornish, William Luke WILLIS & Rachel DAVIS - (m.Vic.1876 Mary TANIAN) - d.1919 Carlton Nth @ 79yrs
WILLIS, Mary TANIAN - -b.1852 McIvor, Heathcote, dghtr of William TANIEN & Mary KELLY or KEELY or KIRBY - d.1920 Wandin Yallock @ 68yr
WILLIS, Rachel - b.1872 Eaglehawk - (m.Vic.1891 Alexander McDONALD)
WILLIS, John - b.1874 Nerring - 1874 Eaglehawk, Vic
WILLIS, George Matthew - b.1884 Heathcote
WILLIS, William John Mason - b.1887 Poowong

WILSON, Jeannie - from Scotland -(Mrs David GREEN)

WILSON, Joseph -b.abt 1819 -(m.abt 1843 LOndon, ENngland -Caroline COLLARD)- d.1882 in Melbourne General Hospital, Melbourne,
WILSON, Caroline COLLARD b.21 July 1826 in London, Middlesex, England, dghtr of Magnus COLLARD - d.1880 Melbourne
WILSON, Susanna - b.1843 Melbourne
WILSON, William Henry - b.1846 Melbourne, Port Phillip, NSW - son of Joseph WILSON & Caroline COLLARD - (m.Vic. 1871 Martha AXFORD) - d.1925 Melbourne
WILSON, Martha AXFORD b. Heidelberg - dghtr of Shem AXFORD & Mary Ann HURLEY - d. 1918 Balwyn, Vic. - See AXFORD
WILSON, Emily Martha - b.1872 S/Y, Melb. (m.1905 James Charles MATHIESON) -d.1950 Camberwell
WILSON, Edith Caroline Mary -b.1873 South Yarra
WILSON, William Henry -b.1875 Prahran - son of William Henry WILSON & Martha AXFORD - (m.1900 Rhoda Burton) d.1949 Camberwell @ 74yrs
WILSON, Rhoda BURTON b.1884 Ballarat - dghtr of George BURTON & Elizabeth Jane JENNER - d.1961 Camberwell @ 87yrs
- WILSON, Ernest William -b.1900 South Wandin Yallock -(m.1928 Elsie May SLINGO) - d.1943 C'field @ 41yrs
- WILSON, Dorothy May -b.1903 Wandin, Lillydale
- WILSON, Harold Edward - b.1906 Wandin Yallock
- WILSON, Ethel Rhoda - b.1908 Balwyn
WILSON, Alice Amelia - b.1876 Wandin,Lilydale - d.1948 Canterbury
WILSON, Florence Eliza - b.1878 Wandin, Lilydale (m.1909 Edwin Percy Kent HOTCHIN)
WILSON, Bertha Louisa -b.1880-1883 Wandin,Lilydale
WILSON, Ernest Alfred - b.1881-1882 Wandin,Lilydale
WILSON, Ethel Daisy -b.1883 Wandin, Lilydale (m.1911 Charles Frederick HUNT)
WILSON, Winifred Mary -b.1887 Wandin,Lilydale - d.1963 Box Hill
WILSON, Susanna II -b.1846 Melbourne
WILSON, James Thomas - b.1848 Melbourne,
WILSON, Samuel John -b.1854 South Yarra, Prahran-son of Joseph WILSON & Caroline COLLARD - (m.Vic.1881 Helena Maria COLLIER) - Olinda Creek - d.1940 Surrey Hills, Nunawading
WILSON, Helena Maria COLLIER -b. Coburg, Vic. - see COLLIER -
WILSON, Hilda Augusta -b.1884 Lilydale
WILSON, Samuel Arthur - b.1885 Lilydale
WILSON, Caroline Alsie M. -b.1887 Lilyda;le
WILSON, Norman Stanley -b.1889 Lilydale
WILSON, Walter Edgar -b.1891 Lilydale
WILSON, Oswald Boyd -b.1893 Lillydale
WILSON, Aubrey Harold -b.1895-1896 Lilydale
WILSON, Alfred Ebenezer - b.1856 South Yarra, Prahran

WILSON, John -b.1865 Scarsdale, Ballarat Goldfields -son of Joseph WILSON & Mary STRATTON - (m.Vic.1893 Helena Frances COOMBE)
WILSON, Helena Frances COOMBE -b.1866 Maryborough, Vic. - dghtr of James COOMBE & Emily Ann RENDALL or RANDALL
WILSON, Leslie - b.1894 Haddon, Ballarat dist.
WILSON, Harold William - b.1897 Ballarat
WILSON, Florence Emily Mary -b.1903 Carlton Nth
WILSON, Eric Edgar -b.1907 Wandin Yallock

WILSON, Charles Dickenson,b.abt 1871 Eversly, - son of John WILSON & Fanny FARMERY - - (m.Vic.1910 Alice Eveleen Digby) - at Silvan, Carpenter 1919 - d.1961 Hawthorn @ 90yrs
WILSON, Alice Eveleen DIGBY -b. Port Fairy, Vic. -dghtr of Joseph W DIGBY & Sarah LINCOLN - - @ Silvan 1919 - d.1975 Prahran @ 88yrs
WILSON, Lawrence John Digby -b.1912 Powlett River, Vic. (m.1938 Ethel Victoria HOMES)
WILSON, Archibald Dickenson - b.1918 Wandin South, Lillydale
WILSON, Evelyn Farmery - b.1920 Richmond

WILTON, Arthur Reginald Osborne -b.1878 Heathcote, Vic. -son of Alfred Leonard WILTON & Margaret Maria OSBORNE - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913
WILTON, Marguerite Louisa RIDGE - @ Sth Wandin by 1912 -b.6 Aug 1887 Adelaide, Sth Australia -d.1947 Albert Park @ 59 yrs - dghtr of William Bligh RIDGE & Mary HENNESSY
WILTON, Barbara Jean -b.1911 Wandin Yallock
WILTON, Arthibald Ridge -b.1912 Wandin Yallock (m.1942 Edith Grace NASH)

WINBERG, Carl Gustav Emil -b. Sweden [bootmaker-blacksmith @ North Monbulk 1908]
WINBERG, Catherine McGALLAN (Mrs C.G.E. Winberg m.1890)
WINBERG, Carl Oscar Emil b. 1891 Carlton, Vic
WINBERG, Johann Alfred b. 1894 St Kilda
WINBERG, Olga Gertrude Josephine b.1898 Prahran

WINSTANLEY, William -b.abt 1877 ? son of William WINSTANLEY & Ann WARD - d.1963 Lilydale @ 86yrs
WINSTANLEY, Alice HOUGHTON b.abt 1886 -dghtr of John & Elisabeth HOUGHTON - d.1983 Croydon @ 97yrs
WINSTANLEY, Vera Dorothy May b. abt 1905 ? (m.Vic.1925 Victor Charles JONES) d.1981 Chelsea @ 76yrs
WINSTANLEY, Claude William John -b.abt 1908 ? - d.1928 Warburton @ 20yrs
WINSTANLEY, Keith Houghton -b.1917 Warburton
WINSTANLEY, Cyril Arthur b.1920 Warburton


Samuel Vincent Winter - the Historic MAYOR OF RICHMOND -and 'Retreat' Resident ibn the Stringybark Creek, South Wandin

WINTER, Samuel Vincent ' STORMY WINTER' - b.23 March 1843 Polly McQuinns, Euroa - son of Samuel WINTER(1809–1861) & 'Ally' Alice O'SULLIVAN (1818–1905) - - (Newspaperman, - (m.Vic.1863 Lucy Helen STODDART) - d.16 Oct 1904 South Yarra, Melb. Pioneer & Mayor of Richmond, Catholic Activist)

WINTER, Lucy Helen STODDART - b.abt 1846 - daughter of James STODDART -married Melbourne 1863 at age 17 - d.1882 Richmond, Melb. @ 35yrs
WINTER, Mary -b.1863 -1864 Richmond, Vic.
WINTER, Lucy Helen -b.1865 Richmond, Vic. -(m.Vic.1899 James Henry DODDS) - d.1941 Melbourne
DODDS, James Henry
- DODDS, James Winter -b.1904 Hawthorn, Vic. -(m.Vic.1928 Brenda WOOD)
- DODDS, Brenda WOOD
WINTER, Samuel Stoddard -b.1867 Richmond, Vic. (m.Vic.1889 Ellen BARRY) - widowed - (re-m.Vic.1915 Catherine BROOKS) - d.15 January 1933 Queensland, Australia
WINTER, Ellen BARRY -b.1866 Sebastapol, Ballaraat Goldfields- daughter of David BARRY & Ellen BROUGHAM -(Mrs S.S.Winter 1889) - d.30 July 1913 Clifton Hill, Vic.
-WINTER, David Vincent Stoddart -b.1891 Richmond --(m.Vic.1915 Alice Rose DUFFY) - d.1st Dec 1936 Coburg, Vic.
-WINTER, Samuel Vincent - b.1893 Wandin Yallock -(m.Vic.1915 Ina ROBERTSON) - d.4 July 1955 Ashburton, Vic.
- -WINTER, Samuel James - b.1916 Nth Fitzrpy
- -WINTER, Irene May -b.1918 Clifton Hill
-WINTER, Harold Vincent - b.Oct 1895 South Wandin Yallock - d.26 Dec 1895 Lilydale
WINTER, William Vincent Thomas Rupert -b.1869-1869 Richmond, Vic.
WINTER, Joseph Stoddart -b.1871 Richmond, Vic. - (m.Vic.1904 Deborah SCOTT) - d.
WINTER, James Stoddart -b.1874-1874 Richmond, Vic.
WINTER, John Samuel Stephen Stoddart -b.1877 Richmond, Vic. - (m.Vic.1899 Mary BARRY)
-WINTER, Doris Irene -b.1902 Coburg -(m.Vic.1836 John Howell ROURKE)
-WINTER, Samuel John -b.1909 Carlton Nth
-WINTER, Elaine Catherine -b.1913 Brighton

WINTER, Joseph (1844 -1915) - b.26 Oct 1844 Melbourne, Port Philip, NSW - son of Samuel WINTER(1809–1861) & 'Ally' Alice O'SULLIVAN (1818–1905) -(m.Vic.1885 Delia Euphrasia DARGON) - - d.2 Dec 1915 Richmond, Vic.
WINTER, Delia Euphrasia DARGAN b. abt 1856 - daughter of Thomas DARGAN & Margaret O'SULLIVAN - d.1942 Dandenong, Vic.
WINTER, Irene Margaret -b.1886 Hawthorn, Boroondara -(m.Vic.1924 William Hugh LENNON)
WINTER, Mary Alice -b.1888 Hawthorn, Boroondara
WINTER, Blanche May -b.1896 Hawthorn, Boroondara (m.Vic.1923 John Cahill GORMAN)


WISEMAN, Ann Hampton - b.1829 Widford, Herts. -daugher of William WISEMAN & Mary HAMPTON of Widford, Hertfordshire (Mrs George Walter PARKER) married London, England - see PARKER

WISEMAN, Arthur Ernest -b.1835 Widford, Herts. Via Collingwood -son of William WISEMAN & Mary HAMPTON of Widford, Hertfordshire - d.1892 Widford Street, Glenroy, Vic.
WISEMAN, Elizabeth PARKER b.1836 Widford, Herts. m.1859 Melbourne, Vic. - d.1910 Caulfield, Vic.
WISEMAN, Arthur George (1861 Windsor, Prahran – 1862 Melbourne)
WISEMAN, Ernest Albert (1863 East Collingwood - 1926 Balwyn, Vic.)
WISEMAN, Frank Neave- b.1866 Widford, Herts.(his parents, Arthur & Elizabeth Wiseman formerly lived in Collingwood - returned for business reasons to England where he was born and then once again came back to Victoria, Australlia ) Married Harriet PARKER. Died 1834 Sydney, NSW.
WISEMAN, Harriet PARKER, --daughter of George W PARKER & MAary Hampton WISEMAN - Lived on Property which is now inside the Silvan Reservoir enclosure, opposite Parker Road & Anthony Tesselaars.
WISEMAN, Annie Rose (1868 East Collingwood, – 1952 Brisbane QLD) Mrs T.P.STRICKLAND]
WISEMAN, Lillian Maria (1869 Collingwood – 1951 Glenroy, Vic.) [Mrs E.G.STRICKLAND]
WISEMAN, Flora (1871 Sawbridgeworth, Herts.– 1928 Moonee Ponds, Vic.)[Mrs J.P.BEATTY]
WISEMAN, Minnie (1872 Sawbridgeworth, Herts.– 1955 Warragul, Vic.)
WISEMAN, Harry Walter (1874 Sawbridgeworth, Herts.– 1934 Heidelberg, Vic.)
WISEMAN, Alice (1878 Sawbridgeworth, Herts. – 1944 Warragul, Vic.)

WISEMAN, Albert -b.1838 Widford, Herts. -son of William WISEMAN & Mary HAMPTON of Widford, Hertfordshire - to East Collingwood> St Kilda > Lower Hawthorn, Vic. d. 1906 in Widford Street, Glenroy, Vic.
WISEMAN, Hannah PARKER b.1832 Widford, Herts.– m.1864 Melbourne - d. 1920 Widford Street, Glenroy, Vic.
WISEMAN, Minnie Rose (1865 Collingwood – 1895)
WISEMAN, Arthur Edward (1867 – 1868) Collingwood
WISEMAN, 'Bert' Albert Thomas (1869 Collingwood – 1935 Hawthorn)
WISEMAN, Laura Mary (1870 Collingwood – 1938 Brunswick) Mrs BARRETT
WISEMAN, Arthur Ernest (1873 St Kilda – 1938 Trafalgar)
WISEMAN, Annie Constance (1875 Lower Hawthorn – 1938 Widford Street, Glenroy)

WISEMAN, Walter - b.1846 Widford, Herts. -son of William WISEMAN & Mary HAMPTON of Widford, Hertfordshire - (m.Vic.1871 Katherine 'Kate' EASDOWN) d. 1902 Wiseman Street, Lower Hawthorn, Victoria
WISEMAN, 'Kate' Katherine EASDOWN b. Kent, Eng. m.1871 Melbourne, Vic. d. 1887 Melbourne
WISEMAN, Albert William b.1871 Collingwood - 1910 Diamond Creek, Vic.
WISEMAN, Walter Arthur b. 1873 East Collingwood - 1941 Norbury, Shropshire
WISEMAN, Lizzie Mary b.1876 Lower Hawthorn - 1953 Camberwell, Vic.
WISEMAN, Nellie Kate (1878-1878) Lower Hawthorn, Vic.
WISEMAN, Ethel Kate (1879-1880) Lower Hawthorn, Vic.
WISEMAN, Elsie Grace b. 1881 Lower Hawthorn - 1969 Camberwell, Vic.
WISEMAN, Harry George b.1882 Lower Hawthorn - 1884 England
WISEMAN, Beatrice (1887-1887) Melbourne, Victoria
WISEMAN, Margaret Dallas BELL (Walter's 2nd Wife) b.1849 Forres, Moray, Scotland m. ? d. 1931 Hawthorn, Vic.
WISEMAN, Hubert Dallas b. 1889 Widford St, Glenroy - d. 1957 Melbourne, Vic.

WITHY, Arthur Hillas - b.1856 Emerald Hill, Melbourne South - son of Arthur WITHY & Matilda CHAPMAN - (m.Vic.1907 Mary Jane STOWERS) - Farmer @ Sth Wandin by 1912 - d.1951 Fitzroy @ 96yrs
WITHY, Mary Jane McHardie STOWERS - nee McDONALD - b.1856 Geelong - dgtr of Adam